2-1-98 - VISION - I was in a restaurant. People with little children were being seated throughout the whole restaurant. I started to see flowers of many colors and they were brought close to me. They were very small in bouquets. They seemed like dried flowers and close up they seemed like stars of many colors.

The scene faded, then started again and repeated the restaurant scene and then the flower scene. Then a thin woman appeared. She said, "We are giving you a black child."  She came much closer so I could see her eyes gleam white, and she said, "Are you ready?"

NOTE:  See 2-15-98 - This might be the child.

2-2-98 - DREAM - (Cannot remember the dream itself, but my impression is that it was about the web page and providing UFO sightings for each state individually and each country. The number 60 was important. I KNOW that's how many files of sightings I have stored on my hard drive right now.)

2-2-98 - DREAM - I was working in downtown Milwaukee. My boss was a woman.  I was privy to some very special private information. I had a good friend who knew even more TOP secret information. She told me not to tell anyone, but she told me that the company was going to provide helicopter rides to the Pfister Hotel in October. I got so excited, I started to shriek out loud from the thrill of it and I thought about doing it myself. It was SO thrilling.

2-4-98 - DREAM - (Real, but symbolic)  I was participating in the creation of a "web page", but we were standing around a large table like 'bumper pool'. There were 12 couples = 24 people, 3 couples to a side. On the table were gold pegs spaced evenly. This creation was done mentally and even after I woke up, I could see that these gold pegs were duplicating themselves and were 3" tall and 1" across.

This creation was done in a huge garage-like area. The walls, ceiling, and floor were all gray. It was brightly lit, but I couldn't see where the light came from.

There was an opposing force involved, a secretive, evil-type group and 3 men who came and placed an explosive bomb in a black bag under the table and we had to be careful not to disturb it so it wouldn't go off.

These men were known to me and I didn't feel as though they were enemies, more like I knew them well, and this was their part in the creation process.

After we finished our partipation in this creation; we were going to go home which was upstairs in this tall, tall, building. I don't know what the total number of floors was, but my male partner, who I cannot name, pressed the button for 100 and I knew the building was much taller than that.  We were only supposed to be going to the 10th floor and I felt the sensation of going up very fast.

This part is confusing to me because the other two couples from our side of the creation were waiting on the 1st floor to also go up to the 10th floor.

Though my partner pressed the button for 100 and I needed to go to #10 which was home, when the door of the elevator opened, were on #1 - like thought was what made the reality we were at without actually physically going somewhere, when the door opened, we were there already.

2-5-98 - DREAM - I saw a web page of dreams. It sorted itself alphabetically and then by keyword. I then saw the words. THIS IS IT

2-5-98 - DREAM - I was seeing pages of dreams. The names of the types were arranged in a ring around a large circle, then another ring around a circle below it.  I had obviously used the idea which someone else had but they didn't want to use.

The dream was that I took a pizza coupon that belonged to the lady across the hall that she wasn't going to use.

2-6-98 - DREAM - I spent the night at the computer, working on a web page. I took a file from Joe's computer and attached it to mine. They told me that the file I needed was as rare as Chinese pastry. They showed me how to attach the file and rearrange the list. (I don't know what the subject of the file is)

2-6-98 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin. My husband was remodeling the car. It was supposed to be shorter, but there were 3 sets of doors on it. (The 3rd set of doors was added by the driver's wheel - farther forward in the car.) He left for work and took all the money with him. The kids wanted some ice cream so I looked in my wallet and had only small change, but I had the withdrawal card from the bank, so I said we could all go and I'd stop at the bank and get some money.

I still had laundry to do and by the time I got back outside from the basement, all the kids had left to go do something else.

The car was parked sideways in the garage to work on it, but I didn't have any trouble getting it out and going to town.

I drove into town and spotted my daughter riding her tricycle, but when I got around the corner, she was gone. I also saw the boys on their bicycles but they all went their own way before I got to them.

I decided to go home again because we were in a hurry to get rid of things as Joe and  I were getting ready to move to Tennessee to his brother's place before winter set in.

2-5-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were writing a book. One of the chapter titles down towards the bottom was 'Janus'. It was about chapter 7or 8. The chapter above Janus could have been something about crop circles. (not sure) There were more chapters after Janus.  (Janus was the God of Gates and Doorways, the god of good beginnings of the day and of the agricultural year. His chief temple is in Rome - It runs East and West, where the day begins and ends and had two doors, between which stood his statue with two faces, one young and one old.

On one of the web pages I was working on was a chart of comparisons with numbers .

2-7-98 - DREAM - I was dreaming I was posting a dream abut a white wolf and many dreams about water. I thought this was unusual because I didn't think there were so many dreams about water. I was careful to delete any superfluous information in the dream. All that mattered was the water part.

In dreams of animals I deleted everything but the name of the animal and its action, like wolf-snarling.

2-7-98 - DREAM - I was working in a parking garage type place and seemed to be in charge of parts. An ugly black woman came up to me and handed me two crescent moon shaped door handles and said she had broken them off. I treated her with disdain and handed her two rectangular pieces of dried out brown pizza crust to pry her doors open with.she went away to try it. I told her, "This probably won't work but try it anyway. "

She came back a few minutes later to complain that it didn't work and she was going to turn in a formal complaint against me for treating her badly.

I realized I had done wrong and handed her silver crescent moon door handles back to her and told her that if she took them to the parts man, he would replace them with new ones.

Joe and I and my son Mike then went to a park-like area in the country to look for water. We were walking down a hill and came to a place where I saw a wet area. I brought it to Joe's attention and as we watched a stream of water appeared, squirting out of the cliff. As we watched, the area squirted harder and harder. I started to be afraid and decided we had to run away to save ourselves from a flood.

My son ran the wrong way and ran downhill. I hollered at him, he was going the wrong way, and he turned around and came up hill with us. The water was spouting higher and higher into the air and just as I thought it was going to explode out of control, it fizzled down to nothing and stopped. I felt very relieved.

2-7-98 - DREAM - As I was sitting in the recliner, a woman with long dark hair came and started talking to me, but I couldn't understand what she was saying. Then, a man came, bringing light with him, and I could see the glow of light growing stronger as he came nearer.

2-7-98 - DREAM - (I was so cold from drafts blowing through the house by my computer, I crawled under the blankets, shivering. Eventually, I closed my eyes.) In the dream, I found myself on the 2nd floor of a house. A man, dressed all in black came running up a stairway to get me to come back to the computer and work. I saw him coming and ran down a different stairway and woke up -(I  dressed in twice as many clothes and went back to the computer to work.)

2-7-98 - VISION - (I had to go to bed because I was feeling dizzy and my head felt weird.) No sooner did I close my eyes and I was presented with  a box of purple jewelry and a purple looking-glass mirror. (It was beautiful)

2-8-98 - DREAM - I was looking at two web pages with links to Richard Hoagland's pages. I then got out a box of computer disks. Inside the box were 3 large 5 1/4" disks that were of Richard Hoagland and below that was 3 small 3 1/2" disks called "Circle of Light".

2-8-98 - DREAM - I met Joe at the hardware store but we were driving separate cars.  I was following him down the street, driving a brown station wagon. We turned right at the next intersection and I thought, "It doesn't make sense to keep on driving two cars. We should meet again at the hardware store and share one car from now on."

2-9-98 - VOICE - Just as I was going to sleep, I heard the word "Jewels" but then I could sleep and got up for another hour.

2-9-98 - DREAM - I was playing bit parts in a comedy movie. It seemed at first it was called "Dream Time". At first it was Jack Lemon it seemed, but also seemed like Joe. He was married to another woman and we were sneaking around so she wouldn't find out about me. After a few scenes, it seemed like we were playing the movies scenes in reverse order and sometimes I was male and playing the Jack Lemon part where the woman was sneaking out on her husband and other times I was the female. In one scene I had to change clothes in a bedroom where there was a huge closet as big as another room where hundreds if not thousands of costumes were hung up to choose from. In this room too, they wanted to test me to see how strong I was and had multiple types of weight training equipment and a smaller room in which a fake football team was standing all in costume and I was supposed to see how many I could know their heads off with a baseball bat.

Before I came home, I had a confrontation with the other wife while I was female. Her really tall, good looking husband was telling me she was acting crazy and she would dart forward, present one personality or another. He never knew which one she was going to be. Her child's diaper was disgustingly full of poop and she was too lazy to change his diaper.

I told her before I left that I could do it for her, but I had my own child to get home before he did the same thing to himself and I carefully stepped down from a stage-like area, to keep my balance and take my child home.

2-10-98 - DREAM - I was moving. (again?)  Even the woman who was moving into my apartment came to help pack and carry things to the truck. I was showing her the apartment. The livingroom was huge. It got even bigger as I looked at it and there was  grand piano in the corner. On one wall there was a glass wall of doors with an equally large lobby. I told her I had always wanted to open those doors and expand my livingroom into the lobby, but there was a lot of traffic going through there on their was to the elevator.

I went back to packing and moving things. I even got down on my knees under the table to get things cleaned out that were hidden. I discovered that the many people who were helping only worked when I worked. When I took a break or slowed down, so did they. I had to work to get them to work too.

Two women were in charge of vacuuming the floor when we had everything out. The vacuum cleaner was not working well and the women brought it to me to complain about it. I looked at it. It looked somewhat like a bicycle and had a huge hose that bobbed up and down on the floor like 9" wide sucking hole, but it didn't have good sucking power.

I told the women I'd go with them and request a new vacuum cleaner from the management. We went down the hall to the elevator and woke up. As I was waking up, I saw the reflection of the back of my hair. It was brilliant purple.

2-11-98 - DREAM - This dream was like a dream, yet not because before I feel asleep I was seeing light inside my head like when I was abducted last, but more so, and I saw a tall grey wearing a red, white, and black cowboy type shirt with blue jeans. He towered over my head like he was 7or 8 feet tall. I didn't see his face.

I was having trouble falling asleep because Joe's son T.J. had come over in the dark and knocked on the window and my heart was pounding hard because I was stressed out at the interruption just as I was falling asleep. So, I was praying like I do when I start meditating because it relaxes me real fast.

My heartbeat slowed down dramatically and suddenly I found myself outside in the dark, wearing my white granny nightgown and barefoot just like I was dressed in bed. In this whole dream, it was dark outside and I was dressed in my nightgown and barefoot and I walked from place to place.

It seems to me I was there as an unwilling witness to events that really happened.

When the dream started, I was outside in the dark and was feeling hungry, so I walked to this store-like place that had the lights on and went inside. I didn't have any money so I wouldn't have been able to buy anything, but I walked in and didn't see anyone. I walked up and down a couple aisles looking for something I could eat and not pay for. Suddenly the lights went out and it was really dark. I rather panicked and headed for the door at the end of the aisle. I knocked over a bag of potatoes that was on the floor leading against the counter. The bag must have been open because potatoes went rolling across the floor ahead of me towards the door. The door was wide open and there were still no people around. I kind of senses there were probably hidden cameras around and  I didn't want to get arrested, so I started hollering, "Store Manager, Store Manager" as I went out the door. I saw a couple men in dark suits coming my direction and I was thinking, "Oh! Oh! They're going to arrest me for stealing something, so I continued to holler, "Store Manager, Store Manager". One of the guys got to me first, and he said, "What's going on?" I said, "I knocked over some potatoes in the store and the manager isn't there, so again I hollered, "Store Manager, Store Manager," and the guy just walked away. So, deciding I wasn't going to get arrested afterall, I shut up and walked around the building to my right.

I really got a shock, because I saw this big white jet airplane coming my direction, it's wings were folded up and it was taxiing slowly inbetween some large warehouses or hangars. I could see what looked like a cork in each of it's front air intakes, and I was thinking, "Those are silencers, otherwise the plane would be making a loud whining sound. "

The plane came to a stop and a door folded up at the back and a ramp came down. Suddenly a white car came rolling out of the plane and drove quickly across the tarmac to what looked like a warehouse or hangar in the distance.

This whole thing seemed rather ominous so I turned and went back the other way around the store and suddenly a young woman came running around the building from the other warehouse area, carrying a small blonde child in her arms.

I really felt nervous at this point because I knew I was seeing something that was supposed to be a secret.

Just as she passed, and went between two buildings, I again saw a dark suited man standing by the corner of a building.  Again I feared arrest, so decided I'd pretend I was sneaking out in the dark to see my lover and hiked up my nightgown up to my knees and tiptoed quickly past the guy and went into the first open doorway I came to. I must have looked convincing because he didn't try to stop me.

I now found myself in a rather small room and there was a mattress on the floor along the wall. There was a young man standing on top of the mattress on a flat board the width of a bed slat. He looked familiar enough but I don't know for sure who he was.  That was rather strange as there were other boards across the mattress but not evenly spaced.

He warned me, "Don't trip and fall", and helped me walk across the boards and then we went outside through another door into what looked like a backyard of a house.

In fact, it looked like the area where 4 yards would come together with a fence along each lot line like a +  . The strange thing was that there were smashed hollow pumpkins strewn all along the fence like there had been a pumpkin war. Some of the pumpkins were green and some were orange and they weren't all the same size.

I knew I shouldn't be here either and I turned to go back inside the building and saw a young man by the doorway and guy upstairs. The guy upstairs dropped a barrel of water down on the other guy's head. I thought for sure he would be dead and I ran over there and felt that the water was warm and he seemed to be okay. The guy upstairs on the balcony said something to the guy below but I didn't catch what it was.

I again saw some guys in dark suits heading my way. I thought I was in trouble so I ducked down behind the slatted fence and hurried along towards a gate I saw. I could see too, along this area, there was a high cyclone fence right up against the wooden slatted fence, but I couldn't immediately determine if I was inside the fence looking out or outside the fence looking in.

I got to the gate just as the man in the dark suit got there and there was another man behind him. This gate was arched, all wire fencing like the cyclone fence.

I again feared arrest, but the front man in the blue suit was carrying two young girl children about ages three and five or four and six. I then saw the same blonde woman from before right behind him.

As we met at the gate, we had to pass each other closely and I tried to be really friendly and praised the little girl's beauty and said to the woman, "Little children are so precious". She beamed a smile back and agreed with me.

She nodded to some people I hadn't seen behind me, sitting on a bench. It looked like two women. They were bent over crying. The blonde woman said, "They just found out that they are losing their jobs. When we take over, they won't be managing this place anymore, we're going to be managing it from the city."

I didn't know where I was but since I had 11 years of management experience, I thought to myself, "Gee! I could have applied for the job if I'd known it was gong to be open."

I pass through the gate then and suddenly found myself laying in bed under the covers, still dressed the same.

2-11-98 - DREAM - I was playing "Home Sweet Home" on a keyboard. Then my daughter took over from me and was playing some music I didn't recognize.She was playing really fast. I couldn't recognize any particular type of music either.There were 9 knobs on the right side, each one looked like a different type of flower and a flat knob on the right edge she could hit to cancel the current tone and change it quickly.

As the music was ending she sort of raised up in the air like on a platform and I could read the word "Oklahoma" on the bottom of the keyboard. It was written in yellow.

2-11-98 - DREAM - I was talking to a man on the phone. I agreed to meet him. He said he lived at 20th and Buford, but I had no idea where that was. But I knew he worked in the basement of the building where my high school was on 12th and Center, so I went there, thinking I might find his little shop in the corridor somewhere.

First though, I stopped in the art room on the 1st floor and saw there was a large room where people could gather and do their art. The female teacher came in and I was about to leave. I made an excuse, but she said, "Let me show you something new I just got." She took out a large portfolio type thing and opened a folder that had pictures in it with tracing paper over. I told her it was a great idea because I had wanted to draw something several days earlier and I could have used tracing paper to make it so much easier.

2-12-98 - DREAM - I was on a computer a long time, looking at screens on which were descriptions of scenes. Where the word 'tree' was, I would visualize a tree, where the word 'house' was, I would visualize a house. The descriptions became more and more detailed and I was able to use my imagination to visualize very complicated and beautiful scenes in my mind just from seeing the words. I seemed to spend many hours doing this as the screen scrolled down. At the end, I wanted to see it again, I imagined the screen going back to the top and it did. And I did the whole process again.

2-12-98 - DREAM - I was in a land of strange and beautiful creatures. I cannot remember the dream itself, but at the end, I was introduced to the fastest male and female runners in the world. I introduced them to each other. They were at least 10 feet tall. The woman looked into the males eyes and I could see she was 'thrilled to the core' to meet this 'tall' man.

2-12-98 - DREAM - I was working as a manager in a very large building with many offices. It seemed I was in charge of maintenance supervision which kept me on the run a lot of the time checking up on the men's work. I carried a huge ring of Master keys out in the open so everyone knew who I was on sight.  I was walking down the first floor hallway and met some very old women with white hair, all dressed in patel outfits. They were having an employee's reunion. One of the women stopped me to ask if I had some larger notepaper to write on as she had none after her few sheets were gone from her small pad. It wasn't part of my job, but I told her I would get her some.

When I started walking back to my office, I decided it would be closer to go across the street and buy some at Sears and Roebuck even if it did cost me money to get it.

So, I went outside into the sunny street through some big glass doors, turned left and crossed street and went to the huge mall that Sears was a part of.

I went inside and was dismayed. The inside of the mall was very dim, the halls were immense, and there were many stores but the store show windows were very dim also. Even worse, I could 'see' the air. The air quality in the mall was so poor with pollution, I could actually see it.

I decided right then and there to get out and go back to my office. At the exit  I chose, it seemed to be where deliveries were made. I was confused to where I actually was. I knew I had only crossed one street, but it seemed I was way down the block from where I originally crossed. The street name started with M like Masters but I'm not certain what it really was.

When I got outside, I could feel my heart pounding very hard like I needed more iron in my blood, but it didn't hurt.  Right where I was, I decided to take a shortcut down a hill and I looked down this large area where I could see tiny houses and vehicles and trees and even tinier people. Not as small as ants, but VERY small. The vehicles were rushing around trying to make repairs to areas where some children of my species (human) were playing on the edge of a cliff where their world ended.

I was amazed that these two worlds were coinciding precariously and we were creating havoc in their world with our carelessness and allowing our children to destroy their world. I wondered how long it would take the adults of our world to stop the children form being destructive to their world. I saw no one who cared.

NOTE:  2-13-98 - There was a major evacuation of a nut factory because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The town was nearby and started with the letter M.

2-12-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office where I was doing some typing. I seemed to be working in an office where reporters came in and needed their reports typed up quickly. I was told that the woman I would be typing for normally came back with 35 pages of notes.

The envelope came to me and I pulled out the reporters notes and opened them up along with a cassette tape of more notes she had made. She had obviously already typed up most of her own notes and they just had to be entered into the typesetting system of th newspaper. I glanced at her notes and immediately started laughing. I knew I was going to enjoy working for this woman because she wrote with a sense of humour and not grumble like her previous typists had done.

The problem was there wasn't any typing paper and the typewriter was ancient and not electric. I knew a guy who worked in an office on the 4th floor so I decided to go up there and borrow some typing paper.

As usual in other dreams, I got on the elevator and pressed 4, but the door opened on 2 and I had to walk up the rest of the way.  I walked into my friend's office. I had worked with him before. He was a thin man with a moustache. I don't know his name. His job was to interview people for jobs in the company.  I asked to borrow some typing paper. He aid, "I might as well give you everything I have because you'll be back again and again because your office doesn't supply anything you need."

He began taking out big sheets of newspaper that had printing in Green. I think it was the _____Post. About 50 sheets of typing paper was between each wrapped sheet of newspaper. He was true to his word and gave me all the typing paper he had , right down to the package it originally came in.

I thanked him and walked across the office to speak to two cleaning women. These were two lesbians who were so close to each other, they seemed to be one person. They moved in unison with every movement. Their faces were obviously different, one more feminine, one more masculine. They looked familiar. I said, "Don't I know you when I worked in "Marshall?" They responded, "Yes! We remember you well," and they smiled. "That was 5 months ago," they said.

I started to tell my male friend that these two women had come to work with a baby strapped to the woman's chest. They shushed me because they were still doing that and showed me in secret. They said, "The baby is 11 months old now." They were so happy together. I smiled at them and left the office to go back to my own.

I went downstairs and went to my desk. I put the firs sheet of paper into the typewriter. The paper was so thin, it was like spider's web threads woven together.

I pulled out a drawer to my left to put the paper in and the whole desk was broken and started to fall apart. I was thinking to myself that this newspaper was so poor that they couldn't provide decent furniture nor paper for their employees.

2-13-98 - DREAM - I was at the computer composing a web page with several colorful books in my hands. Joe came up to ask me if I ever saw any cookbooks with a prayer at the beginning of them. I said "Yes!" He said, "good! Can you find them for me, I'm going to need them by Monday!"

2-14-98 - DREAM - I was living in the city. My husband wanted me to go to the store with him. We actually got through and I said I needed to go to the bathroom first before we went up and down the aisles to pick out the food.

But, when we pulled up to the store, I found out my test score for something electronic. My score was 1.63.  had something belonged to my boss and I had to take it upstairs before I shopped. I excused myself and took the electronic object upstairs. As soon as I got there, the phone rang, and Laura (An ex-co-worker) was expecting me to start working right then. I didn't even know I was scheduled.  had to put her off for 5 minutes, so I could go back downstairs and tell my husband I had to work.

When I got downstairs, I heard some co-workers say they were going to interview S. B. for the Manager's job. I blurted out. "Oh! S.B.? I know him. (He has preceded me in one job and got fired and I replaced him. In the next job where I was Manager, he was hired to manage another building for the same company) They wanted to ask me what I knew about him.  But I had to go upstairs and work, so I went back upstairs.

In the hallway, outside my door, numerous people were sitting on the floor gambling and playing card games. Right up against my door, they had piled garbage which I had to help someone move before I could in the door. The door was glass rather than wood. I just barely got inside my door and my bosses showed up and walked right in. I had no privacy at all.

2-14-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer all night working on a web page. At one point, Ruth IMd me and asked on the IM, "Do you think we can IM in Heaven?"

2-15-98 - DREAM - I was watching people in canoes, floating down river. They came to a city and went into a theatre. Inside the theatre was a game show going on. The theatre and the audience was really large. It was impossible to finish the game show all in one day, so I was asked to make an announcement to the people to get them to stay overnight and finish the game the next day. They gave me a deck of blue playing cards. There were 57of them and each card represented a prize. There were many more than 57people, but I fanned the cards out in front of the people to entice them to stay until the next day and win a prize. Nobody got up to leave that I could see. The people were going to be able to pick their own choice of card from the deck.

I then went into another room where there was a long brown table. I was sitting at the end of the long brown table. There were other people in the room, both men and women. An old, old, black woman came into the room carrying a little black girl child who in turn was carrying a tiny baby black girl child.

One of the other women in the room tried to take the child out of the arms of the old black woman but she wouldn't go to the new woman.

The old black woman sat down to my right, around the corner of the table and offered the child to me to hold. The child was terrified and clutched tightly to her own little child which she too carried.

We placed a child's sized rocker on top of the table in front of us and eased the child onto the rocking chair. She was held onto the chair with a brown seat belt. The old black woman and I both had our hands on the child. I was rocking the chair gently with my foot somehow to soothe the child. The old woman and I were talking to the child softly and telling her she was going to be okay and she was safe and we pointed out that she couldn't fall out of the chair because of the seat belt. The child gradually became more calm and we could see the fear leave the child's eyes. Gradually then, the old black woman removed her hands from the child while mine continued to hold her securely on the chair.

Then, right in front of us, the old woman fell over and died.

I was as shocked as anyone to see the old woman die. We turned the child's rocker around so she couldn't see the old woman's body and some other people prepared a schoolroom type event at the other end of this long table where they had glass enclosed cages filled with white animals with the babies of every species imaginable.

They were all white and jumping around like baby animals do. The test was for the girl child now to name the animals one by one.

Because there were so many animals we removed the common ones in the front like puppy, kitten, and bunny rabbit because they were so common and were also the largest and blocked the view of the others. I wiped the glass clean and took up a long pointer to point to each animal so she could name them.

2-16-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web-page. The words were written such that the outline formed a football.  

I saw the football open up into the second shape.

2-17-98 - DREAM - This was a short dream and I was almost knocked out to give it to me. In the dream, I was on the computer painting the mouse to two colored squares like on my condo page. I was told to hurry and upload something there because 'the changes are coming.' One of the squares was pink.

2-18-98 - DREAM - I was on my web page and making a connection to a subject called "prelife" or something like that.

2-18-98 - DREAM -  I went on the Internet and found several files about pre-life and got them on my pages.

2-18-98 - DREAM - I was 5 p.m. and I was anxious to see Joe at his new apartment. I called him on the phone at 874-5374 = (11) and got Robin (an old friend) I then tried 874=5323 = (11) and still didn't get him.  So, I went to his apartment and found his clothes all over the place. I started helping Joe pick up the clothes. Joe was in the bathroom when I got there. We hung his clothes in the closet. There was something large in the center of his closet under a yellow blanket, but hung the clothes on either side of it.

Several of Joe's friend came in to thank me for helping him and hugged me.

NOTE:  Joe had a very similar dream at the exact same time about doing his laundry and having trouble with it and needed help because his clothes were all over the place.

2-18-98 - DREAM - Two short computer dreams about past-life memories and connection to this life and our life plan.

2-18-98 - DREAM - I got into a car to go somewhere. I seemed to be sitting was y too high on the seat and had a hard time seeing what I was supposed to from there. I turned my lights on so everyone could see me. Everyone else, the cars, trucks, busses, seemed to watch out for me and I didn't get hit, but after going through a huge intersection where vehicles were gong every which way, my little car turned into a small, green bicycle like I had when I was about 10 years old. I was way too big for the bicycle. The screen on the front wheel came off and the wheel came loose and I had to get off and walk. I decided to lean the little bicycle right there because it was no longer of any use to me. So, I went on without it.

2-19-98 - DREAM - I was just leading a normal every day existence like every one else, doing good deeds here and there. I was invited to a local political forum. It was led by a middle-aged black woman. I was seated on a couch rather jammed up against the right arm. A young black man was jammed up against me though there would have been plenty of room for him to move over and give me more space. Over to the right on a straight chair was the black man's father who intimidated all of us and to his right was a white woman with a young boy named Billy. The apartment belonged to another white woman who flitted in and out, say a word, and flit back out There was no conversation going on because each person was intimidated by someone else. I said, "I have plenty to say, but just not here."  I looked at the clock. It was 20 minutes to 11. We expected to be done by 11, but the mother of Billy said she had to leave. Billy complained that he didn't have anything to wear because the crotch of his pants was ripped out. His mother had two other pair of his pants with the crotch ripped out too. I had my sewing kit with me and pulled out some blue thread and a needle and volunteered to sew the ripped seams. The woman who owned the apartment had a sewing machine, but I was going to sew the seams shut by hand even though it meant I had to prick m finger with every stitch. I said, "At least I have some value this way."

2-15-98 - DREAM - I had a short computer page on which there was kind of a game page and a square on which you could click "Yes!" for Jesus, or "No!" if you were against him.

2-15-98 - VISION - I saw a little garden area with a small picket fence.There were colorful balloons tied to the fence and people were bring their little children there. One man put his two year old child across the fence into the garden with the flowers.  Across from me was a large expanse of lawn and the street beyond.

A very studious young priest wearing plain glasses came and stood by me and then I saw many other old priests arriving, greeting each other warmly, some were getting out of long black limousines. Over to the right was a huge building, very old, and it  had steps going up the hill to the building where there were more steps leading up to a terrace or porch of the building with big concrete pillars. We were all going to go up there and into the building. That had a very somber feeling to it.

2-19-98 - NOTE: Today and yesterday.A miracle occurred which made a previous dream come true.  See 12-16-97.

When Joe woke up this morning. Joe heard a dream voice say to put the music, "On The Sunny Side of the Street" onto the web page 'Positive Co-creation". (Dee and Joe worked on this project to get the music and the words and at 5 am. Dee was too tired to continue working and went back to bed at 9:30 a.m. to take a nap.) As Dee woke up she heard a loud beep in her ear which told her a message was going to be given to her. She then heard one beautiful musical chord - which was followed by a move type film of  a street scene of one side of the street with the sun shining on it and the rest of the scene was dark. Again, it was the "Sunny Side of the Street."

2-19-98 - VISION - I was seeing a series of silver objects which had previously been shown to me in dreams The one outstanding object was 4 square grids or screens with square holes moving along a long distance. They all had silver handles on them or posts perhaps they were.

2-19-98 - DREAM - I was moving out of an apartment and we had completely and perfectly cleaned and painted it when we left. The landlady tried to complain to the painter that we had put bookcases behind the couch by showing him a different apartment that there were electrical outlets and heat controls there. The painter looked at the wall and said,"There is nothing wrong with putting bookcases behind the couch."

2-20-98 - VISION - There were some objects floating down river. They were referred to as 1.58 fractals.

2-20-98 - VISION- I lay down to take a nap and I saw something fly by like a dark angel. The voice said, "And here's the news." A screen presented itself and one the screen I saw what looked like 3 huge winged planed, shaped like dragonflies more or less with long swept back wings which were disjointed. Then the next scene came up and showed me that each joint on the previous plane was a stealth bomber or some kind of bomber like we used in the gulf war. and I knew war was imminent.

2-20-98 - DREAM - I was starting a new job. My apartment was huge but that's also where I worked. My bosses office was right outside the door and to the left and his secretary worked on a balcony above the others.

They were moving in live potted trees so everyone had a lot of greenery around them. I met several of the other secretarys. One's name was Janice and I knew her from some other previous job. She sat down and put her head back. She looked exhausted.

I had a brand new television set. It was like picture in picture but it was also screen sensitive so I could change channels by touching the screen in specific places. There were soap operas and comedy shows on when I looked at it. I didn't have time to look at it long though because people were coming through my apartment like it was a major hallway and sitting down and counceling with each other. I didn't have any privacy at all.

My front door had been removed and it was at least triple-wide much more than double-wide. I could see it used to have a door, so I asked what seemed to be my manager who looked like Tony Robbins, the enthusiastic entrepreneur and motivator. He told me I could have a door hung but it couldn't touch the floor. I told him that was fine, just so I could shut it to thru-traffic.

Then Alyse (my friend and ex-co-worker) brought me the files and mail. It was enough to fill a complete file drawer stuffed full. The file folders were unusual because they were triangular on the extension and not straight across. It was almost overwhelming to start with but I had done that many times before.

I spent some time covering some of the chairs with coats so people wouldn't just sit down and start conversing while I was trying to work. I went into the back room and met some other people there. One guy, dressed in brown gabardine pants and shirt was a dancer. He said he had seen me out dancing last Sunday night in my high heeled shoes and I didn't look very loose.

Meanwhile he was demonstrating dancing masterfully in a double jointed way. I tried explaining to him how my muscle pain feels by telling him to remember how it feels to have pneumonia and influenza at the same time. He started to say he remembered and he morphed into a purple hippopotamus with two human heads - each different and facing forward and backward. He didn't look so agile in THAT BODY.

2-21-98 - DREAM VOICE - "The 'FUBAR' shot the enemy in his camp. This is not part of the swift change."

I saw two dark computer boards in a file cabinet like Joe's. The small one said, "Web Browser".

2-21-98 - NOTE: Joe and  I saw down to do a special worldwide meditation with a candle to send good energies to Saddam Husein in an effort to stop the war in the Middle East. We both fell asleep. This is my dream.

DREAM - Joe and I were in a theatre on National television. WE were all sending little pink or yellow light like E.T. had a light on the end of his finger. Bob Hope was the moderator of the show and told the story of a beautiful little baby boy that had been born and then called the little boy out on stage to show him how to send light to Saddam Hussein. The little boy came out on stage. We were surprised to see that he was 3 or 4 years old. He was wearing a sweat shirt and had his hands tucked under his shirt. Bob Hope tried to explain to the little boy what we were doing. The little bo y pulled his hands out from under his shirt and 'flipped the bird' with his hand.

2-22-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer all night. After I woke up and heard a loud beep in my ear, I saw two pages where  I saw an introduction of David Wilcock which at first looked like I wrote them myself and the date of the meeting with him was Feb. 2, 1997.

I got very upset because I was now conscious and I didn't even know Joe until July, so I couldn't have known David before that. Then, the introduction appeared again and now they had the name Walter and Wally as the writer. That made more sense, but after I got up there was nothing on the computer with his name.

Later, I saw David's face. He looked tall and thin, blondish or light brown hair, long thin face.

Here's his real pic.  David  We received this pic from him in May of 1998.

2-22-98 - VISION - I saw a sentence about economy and transcending.

I then saw a sentence about Astara and alignment in red and white.

2-23-98 - DREAM - I was in my apartment with a couple of men friends and perhaps co-workers. They wanted to go out for a fish fry because they were hungry and agreed to go down to the street to a bar that started with the letter N. I wasn't ready to go so they sad they'd go ahead and I could follow. One of the guys told me not to forget my marker so I could play bingo. I saw some popcorn on the floor so I picked up a couple pieces from the floor to take with me. I grabbed my purse and my shoes and ran after them but they had already gone down the elevator and left me behind. I figured I'd find them even though I couldn't remember the name of the bar. There couldn't be many down the street starting with the letter N. So, I went down the elevator, out the door and started walking down the street.

There were a lot of people outside in the dark. I felt a little apprehensive outside but not really afraid. I got down into the next block and came to a hotel of sorts.There was a doorman there who looked familiar. I think his name was John. He saw me and said he would walk with me the rest of the way and make sure I was safe. I said, "Okay!" and he put his arm around my waist. I felt very safe. We walked in step and it felt good. We walked about another block when I looked down and realized I hadn't gotten dressed. I was naked under my red robe that was inside out. It was even too large for me and dragged on the ground about 4 feet too long and it wasn't belted either. I was clutching it shut with my hands in which I was still carrying my white shoes and purse.

I thought, "Oh my God! I have to go home and get dressed." So, I stopped walking and told the man I was with that I had forgotten something at home and needed to go get it. He said, "Okay! I'll walk with you and make sure you get home safe."

So, we turned and went back towards home. Again, we were walking in step and John had his arm around my waist and I felt perfectly comfortable and safe except now I realized I was naked under an inside out bathrobe and was inappropriately dressed.  We got to his apartment building where he was supposed to be on duty by the elevator and there was a pretty girl waiting for him down in a hole in the street where the elevator was. I told John there was a girl waiting for him. He said it was more important to make sure I was safe and continued to walk with me another block to my building.

When we got to my door, he said, "As soon as you are ready, I'll walk back with you and keep you safe." But he couldn't be seen with me where there were people I knew, so he acted really weird and disappeared from view before I could even protest. There were a lot of people coming into my building and off the street I felt safe by myself. There was a series of elevators to go upstairs. The first one had a door that was about 4 feet up from the floor and I saw foreign dressed people with cloth suitcases climbing up into that one. The man would crawl up and then pull their wives and luggage up after them. I was glad I didn't have to go into that elevator. Being all alone, I knew I couldn't climb that high easily.

The next elevator was 3 feet up, and the next was 2 feet up.  The last one, where I was going was about 1 foot up, which was bad enough because I was carrying my shoes and purse and clutching my robe shut.  My elevator door was glass and see-thru. It was a brilliantly lit elevator, really large, but very few people, unlike the small elevator where the foreign people went up which was small and crowded and darker.

But there were a few people getting on my elevator which was for the 'rich' people. I assumed I must be 'rich' because this was the elevator I was taking. Another woman was having trouble getting into the elevator even though it was only a foot high and was losing her balance so I put my shoes and purse down to give her a hand, then climbed up into the elevator myself. There was a sudden scramble of people and I saw the back of the head of a black woman I thought I recognized as Evelyn (a woman I knew in Milwaukee) who I used to live near. She grabbed my white purse and ran off with it. I thought, "Oh! No!" My purse has all my tranquilizers, credit cards, and I.D. in it. Everything I AM is in that purse. I have to get it back."

So, I chased after the woman, out of the building and back out onto the dark street, clutching my inside out robe around me, barefoot, and leaving my white shoes behind on the elevator.

I called her name, "Evelyn, Evelyn" but she was gone.  I got to the 1st corner. There was a little black girl there. she heard me call out Evelyn's name. The little girl said she knew where Evelyn lived, so I followed the little girl down the dark side street. I was accosted by a drunken guy but he was too drunk to keep up with me.

The little girl showed me the door to Evelyn's building. The doorway was pitch dark. I asked the little girl which was Evelyn's apartment. She said it was underneath the parking garage and it was #1. I peered inside the hallway. There were several people int he hall and I felt very uncomfortable. I was glad Evelyn lived in #1 because it was right in front. I saw the #! on the door but there was no outside handle; you had to knock and be let in from inside.

I knocked and was let in. There were a lot of people inside, al parting, drunk, and on drugs of various kinds. I saw Evelyn sitting on a couch with some other people. I walked over to her and got down on my knees at her feet and begged her to give my purse back. I said, "Didn't I help you take care of your baby when you needed me?", reminding her that we had been friends and I was there for her when she needed me.

The man next to her made a remark about my chest. He said, "She looks like she used scented oil on her to make love."

I looked at Evelyn's face. It was all pimples and she was really ugly. (not the way she really was.) I had remembered her as perfectly groomed with impeccable makeup. This woman didn't look like Evelyn at all now.

But, the woman didn't deny she had my purse. She got up and said, "I'll show you where your purse is. Follow me!"

I was so grateful, I followed her. We went across the hall to an apartment marked, 'Manager'.

That apartment had the door open. It was huge like a livingroom and reception room. there were many people in it. The atmosphere was better. I saw some people lifting weights and I could hear music playing.

Evelyn told me to wait there and she'd get my purse. I saw some women in pale green and yellow leotards dancing and excercisng so I took my eyes off of Evelyn to watch them. then I noticed there were more women all dressed alike, exercising and dancing in unison.  i was mesmerised by these tall, beautiful model-like women, all dancing and moving in unison. They were rehearsing for a stage play they were going to be in.

They began to sing and I heard them sing, "Do not by hypnotized by whatever you see because you then won't know the truth." The song was wonderful to hear until I realized what the words meant. I had been duped by Evelyn. She had slipped past the dancers and now both she and my purse were gone again.

I decided I'd better go home quickly so I went out into the dark street where I was again accosted by the drunken man. I kept remembering those words, "Do not be hypnotized by what you see, because then you won't know the truth."

I ran faster and faster. The drunk was too far gone to follow. I headed for home as fast as I could and woke up.

2-23-98 - DREAM - I was walking to work and met the mailman. He needed help carrying a pallet of packages so I assisted in carrying it part way down the block. I was looking at them to see if there was one I could take that nobody would miss. I saw an AOL disk there. I didn't even want that myself. (;-)   I saw an envelope with PC5 Development on it. The mailman said it was returned after it was opened because the product was so bad.

After I got to my office, a guy hollered at me, "Hey! Dee! Look what you got!" I got around the corner to my cubicle . There was a big red box sitting on my chair. suddenly the top banged up into the air and the whole thing became a wild devilish hula dancer with big round boobs, it's spine was a coiled spring. As it bobbed up and down and sideways, it gave a message, "To Billy Bee!  UFO's are real."   It was really wild!  :-)

2-23-98 - DREAM  - I was on top of the mountain and decided to drive back down into the valley. I got into my car and headed down the mountain. It was steeper than I thought it would be and much curvier, so I drove all the way down with my foot on the brake so I couldn't go too fast and be out of control. When I got home, I was by a river and a girl child spotted some dead fish in the water and wanted to pull them out. I looked at them floating at an angle, their open gaping mouths at the surface. They were white on the bottom and around their mouths, but their backs were bright red. I realized then that these fish were poisonous and couldn't be touched or you would die.

I tried to figure out how to get the fish out of the water. At this point, the fish were now in my white bathtub and I decided I could siphon the water out of the tub. I got a straw to siphon the water and noticed that the fish were different sizes from very large to very small. There was one fish that looked golden and I thought I would cook it for dinner. I picked it up and cut off the right fin. Then I noticed that this fish was not really golden that its back was turning red. I quickly dropped the fish back into the water and went to wash my hands of any possible poison. I then took my straw in my mouth to start to siphon the water and the smallest fish was so tiny it stopped up the straw and stopped up the water. I saw that this baby fish was golden and it was alive and stopped siphoning the water and let the fish live.

2-24-98 - DREAM - I was working on a computer page written in a circle-like effect by Joe about people helping themselves. I was supposed to add to it by providing government agency phone numbers, Sacramento, CA, and Saratoga, FL were specifically seen.

2-24-98 - DREAM - I was somewhere in New Berlin working. I had a project to type up, but it was on a tape recorder and I had to play it and listen to it to type it. I didn't know which one it was, so I finally started at the top with a file that ended with 6.0.  Drunvalo Melchizedek's voice came out of the speaker and said, "You don't have to type that one."  I was surprised to hear his voice but at least that ended one of the possibilities. There was so much distraction at that place, I couldn't work. All the doors to the garages were open and hallway doors to offices and apartments were wide open. I went out there to see what doors I could close. There were just too many people partying and wasting time. Finally, people started to go home and I picked up garbage and carried it out of there, but I didn't get any typing done.

I left there and went to A-C (my old place of employment) to say, "Hi!". I almost went down the wrong stairway which had a steep drop off and there would have been no way to get back up. The stairways were numbered so I knew I couldn't take one with a number of any less than 1.5.

I said, "Hi!" to a lot of people. I knew a lot of their faces, but none of the names. I had to go to the bathroom but it was too crowded, so I kept going. I was talking with some woman about getting transferred. I had worked in N.B. twice and then transferred back and I expected to be back again.

2-25-98 - DREAM - I had moved out of my apartment but went back for a final inspection to make sure there was no damage and everything was cleaned up. I was given a receipt #21 for the carpet cleaning and Joe's was #20. We passed the inspection.

I then went to New Berlin to my new job to get an assignment but there was nothing designated yet.

I went with a black woman who was short and fat to visit a big house where Hitler was rehearsing his stage play. In the house, to get upstairs to the balcony where Hitler was, you came in 1/2 way between the 1st floor and the 2nd floor. Regular people had to descend to the 1t floor and then take another stairway all the way back up. This was to show how much better he was than anyone else. The Masters took a different stairway directly up to the 2nd floor but it didn't go all the way. You had to demonstrate your Mastery by swinging over to a wide silver ladder like an acrobat and then climb up the rest of the way.

The black woman I was with decided she was going to go up to the balcony and climb the ladder and meet Hitler in person. He was standing on the balcony and I saw him quite clearly. But he stood there laughing. His part was played by a famous comedian we see on television all the time - (a medium sized guy) (I don't want to name him) But when I watched him laughing his face morphed into several other evil looked faces and back.

I decided to descend to the 1st floor rather then go up to the balcony and play his little game and I left the building myself.

I went East into Milwaukee to A-C where I used to work. People weren't really working there They were cleaning up the place, fooling around, talking, and getting ready to leave. A couple of young black men, fooling around, sprayed some white foam of some kind al over us including on my head and in my eyes. They laughed uproariously, but when I got the foam washed off, the skin on my arms and legs was all raw and bleeding. An older white woman attempted to give me a band aid but the wounds were way too extensive for that.

One of the girls was going home to New Berlin where she lived. I asked if I could bum a ride with her and then I would just walk over to my new job and see if an assignment had come in yet.

She said, "Okay!" I picked up my black purse which was on the floor with everyone elses and we walked outside together. Outside, we were accosted by her boyfriend who started yelling at her that she was late as usual . It couldn't have been more than 30 seconds to 1 minute late, if any. Several young black men saw this confrontation and decided to sock the guy in the jaw which they did. I was a little afraid of these black guys but I acted like I wasn't.

Another black guy pulled up to the curb in a plush, beautiful blue Roadster type car with a blue-velvet top and interior. He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. This car had no windows in it. It was open like the original cars were in the 1920's. I saw that it drove from the right seat, so I got in where the driver normally sits. As soon as I did, the interior of the car was different than it had appeared from outside. There was an invisible seat farther forward which you could only see when you were inside the car. It was more like a limousine where a window opened and the real driver was in front and the steering wheel part where I had gotten in was only for pretend. the guy in front was doing the real driving.

In the front stood a tall black guy who is an actor on "One Life to Live". He asked me if I was ready to go on the ride of my life. I guess I wasn't because I went back into the building to say goodby to some more people. The tall black guy came into the building with two other tall black guys and he asked me what did I really want out of life. I pretended like I was swooning with desire for him. He laughed and started to leave the building.

Just before he left the building, he turned around to come back to give me a hug. He morphed into a short black woman and I said, "I'll probably never see you again." He hugged me and left. I went outside and met my mother and we got on a boat to ride up the river together. I asked her if she wanted to set up front and she said, "No! I don't have the strength for that anymore."

She noticed that the skin on my shins and legs was peeling and she insisted that she help me peel it off. I was really gross at this point and huge chunks of skin were peeling off though it didn't hurt.

Down by my feet lay a white rabbit. It was dead, inside out, and gutted. I thought it was my own feet at first, but then realized what it was and discarded it along with my old skin.

2-25-98 - DREAM - I was visiting up north in Wisconsin and it was time to go back home, but I didn't know when my husband wanted to leave.  My husband came into the room then, but it didn't really look like him (Jim) He was much older. I finally determined it must have been his uncle. So, I went back into the other room where my baby was and checked her diaper to make sure she was dry. I picked her up to nurse her and while I was doing that, I was noticing how wonderful it felt to have physical contact with another human being. I wondered to myself what I would do to have that human contact when she was done nursing because I had so much milk to give.

Somehow I got home and was in a hospital. It seemed  I had two lovers. I don't remember who the first one was I was with and the second one I didn't know his name.

I was in a small room like where you change clothes and another woman who was there had beautiful long hair. My own hair I thought was long but certainly not that long and was very thin and I wanted to cut it off.

The #2 lover said he loved my hair and wanted to see it. I unwound it from the back of my head. It was blonde and I stretched it out and it looked like it was at least 15 feet long. He said, "Meet me in Orthopedics in room #305 and we'll measure it. I said, "Okay!" and he left. I made an excuse to lover #1 and said, "I'll be right back".

I got ready to go and began walking down the hall with my hair trailing behind me.

Two guys saw my hair and started following me. I didn't particularly like that so I started to run. I could see myself then from the back with long massive red hair with curls that hung about 1/2 way down my back. I heard one of the guys say, "She looks like one sexy Italian."

I could see how beautiful my hair was to others and ran even faster to meet my lover and get my hair measured.

I came out of the end of the building and found myself at the edge of the ocean it seemed, and the hospital continued on the other side of a very narrow causeway which seemed to rise up out of the sea.

I decided I would cross the causeway to reach my lover. There was a steep drop-off and then a long sandy walk with the ocean crashing on each side ready to come back over the causeway.

I decided to risk it and began climbing over the rocks. It wasn't as hard as it had seemed. I finally made it and when I did, I said, "If this old coot can do that, anyone can."

I then entered the 2nd hospital building where my lover was waiting for me and saw him coming out of a door on down the hall. I heard someone call out to him. "Don't be gone too long, Dr. Mike".

Now I knew what his name was and hurried to get to him. I was surprised to see he was wearing a heavy coat and was carrying his son who was about 5 to 7 years old who was also wearing a heavy coat.  Dr. Mike had a small green umbrella in his hand and said, "You're going to need this." He carried his son through another doorway I assumed was a stairway and I was supposed to follow because he obviously was going to drive me somewhere else. And I woke up.

2-25-98 - DREAM - I had a long computer dream in which I was to set up a UFO page with a big circle in the middle with all the names of the sites in the middle.

2-26-98 - DREAM - I had a long computer dream in which the pictures were to be set up with 4 rectangles across the page.

2-27-98 - DREAM - I was reading and studying a computer report on "word displacement" and how to move sections of words from one place to another by using quotation marks. I could read everything clearly at the time, but have no memory of it now.

When I woke up, which was several times through the period, I could still see this clearly and was continuously trying to make the computer do what I wanted through the pure power of my mind.

2-27-98 - DREAM - I was handed two envelopes. Both were #0 envelopes and very thick. One was from Edward and had the word HELP in the lower left corner. The other one I opened. It had a lot of sheets of paper in it and had the word MAGNOMETER on it for a title.

NOTE: After I got up, I looked up the word Magnometer. It is an instrument used for measuring magnetism. It can be used to measure sun rays and it's effects on things. It can be used to find hidden things in archeology, and it can be used to measure the movement of tectonic plates and earthquake movement.

2-27-98 - DREAM - Joe had a dream in which he and his family were preparing for a big windstorm and was hiding out in a previously abandoned house with big glass doors on both ends.

After that he saw a monk with grey/silver hair raising up into the air and starting to dissolve in front of his eyes and the dream voice said, "Big wish! Ashtar unites with God!"

2-28-98 - DREAM - I was with some people and we were waiting for the President to come in. One of the them had a roll of paper towels in his hand that was bright red plaid (with green) Nobody wanted to be caught with it in their hands when the President walked in, so they were tossing it back and forth like a hot potato. They threw it to me just as the President was coming in the door. I didn't want to be caught with it either, but it was too late to throw it to someone else, so I tossed it behind me onto the seat of a square brown livingroom type chair just as everyone said, "Good Morning Mr. President". (We at no time actually saw the President)

The scene switched to a huge, immense church full of thousands of people and coming down the aisle were a procession of hundreds of brides and grooms. They were ALL newspaper reporters and the one first in line was Peter Jennings. (dark hair, thin, toupee plastered across his forehead.)