September 4, 2009

The Writing on the Wall Series #63: FLUbergasting

Hello everysoul!

Once again you have before you a very large compilation covering numerous topics and offering vital perspectives on many issues including, once again, the Swine Flu scare, for which the World Health Organization, the governments and the media continue to spread their usual "manure" in the hope of convincing the public to take the jab that may very well make MANY people VERY ill... Yet I don't see many people enthusiastically waiting to become guinea pigs for the few big Pharma corporations that will reap a $50+ billions bonanza worldwide with the massive vaccine orders placed by the various governments who are now in a tight corner as they desperately need this very benign flu to become a real killer to justify their huge ill-thought-out expenditure and make more acceptable the huge vaccination campaign they have planned.

For a fair bit of common sense, I recommend you read H1N1 flu and mandatory vaccinations which offers some cogent, balanced views on this matter without raising any conspiracy scenario as so many are prone to do as you'll see in this compilation - and as shown in the 4 previous ones... which is not to mean there is no fire at the origin of all the smoke we see, but for the vast majority of people who are not ready to even consider as plausible any idea of a covert plan to mass murder/incapacitate millions of people, it is better IMHO to avoid overtly raising such possibilities and stick instead with some common sense arguments to convince people they don't have to get vaccinated despite all the propaganda in favor of it. Yet some states in the U.S. are really going overboard like Massachusetts, for instance, that has just adopted a law imposing a "$1000 a day fine for refusing swine flu vaccines?". Make sure to read Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory "decontaminations" and the other Swine flu related articles below -- including this just published Mercola's article WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via 'Mock-Up' Vaccines -- and also watch the many related videos, to get all the latest developments on this.

I wish you all an excellent health and a complete peace of mind ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Under this bill, Massachusetts becomes a medical police state. There is no debating it. It’s all written, clear as day, in this law: The citizens of Massachusetts will have no rights, period. The Constitution is ancient history. You are now the property of the State. Kiss your freedoms goodbye... Massachusetts, it seems, has never met a vaccine it didn’t like. This is the same state that rounded up the parents of schoolchildren who hadn’t been vaccinated, then corralled them into a courtroom (with attack dogs standing guard outside) and forced vaccine injections onto all the schoolchildren under the threat of jail time for parents who resisted. Remember, readers, that this is all taking place in the “land of the free,” a nation that former President George Bush claimed was so envied around the world that terrorists attacked America because they “hate freedom” and wanted to destroy our way of life. But terrorists need no help attacking freedom as long as Massachusetts is in the vaccine game, because this latest form of “gunpoint medicine” destroys freedom for everyday Americans in a way that terrorists could have never hoped to accomplish with all the bombs in the world. Massachusetts, it seems, has done what terrorists could not: It has turned “free” Americans into medical slave subjects who no longer have any freedom to decide the details of their own medical care. All options have been stripped from them but one: The Big Pharma option. That’s the one that involves using untested, unproven and potentially dangerous vaccines that could paralyze you or even kill you. All to defend you against a virus that’s so weak, almost anyone with decent levels of vitamin D and basic nutrition can resist the virus without incident. But Massachusetts, as you’ll see below, is just the beginning. It turns out that the whole nation could soon find itself under a similar forced vaccination policy… Isolation camps, forced vaccinations and more..."

- Mike Adams -- Taken from Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory "decontaminations" below

"Recently, a team of US scientists resurrected a virus that has since been labelled 'perhaps the most effective bioweapons agent now known' (von Bubnoff, 2005). In 1918, a highly virulent strain of influenza virus killed up to 50 million people worldwide. The virus – later dubbed the Spanish Flu – killed more people than any other disease of similar duration in the history of humankind. Until last year, this virus was extinct, preserved only as small DNA fragments in victims buried in Alaskan permafrost, or in tissue specimen of the United States Armed Forces Pathology Institute. Now the full sequence of the Spanish Flu virus has been published (Taubenberger et al., 2005) and the virus itself reconstructed. It proved to be as fatal as the original. When tested on mice, it killed the animals more quickly than any other flu virus ever tested (...) The key question, whether there is a good reason to prevent an experiment like the Spanish Flu resurrection, can only be answered by an in-depth risk-benefit analysis. The risk side of the equation is rather straightforward: a highly virulent and contagious influenza virus is an ideal weapon; state-run biological warfare programmes with Internet-access and some expertise in virology and molecular biology would be able to repeat the work; and there are currently no arms-control measures in place to manage the risk of misuse."

- J van Aken -- Taken from Ethics of reconstructing Spanish Flu: Is it wise to resurrect a deadly virus?

"What we are dealing with is a big lie. A process of generating fake data which is then used to justify a nationwide vaccination program. The political and corporate interests behind this Worldwide public health emergency must be the target of citizens' actions. This public health emergency is not intended to protect humanity. The World is at the crossroads of a major economic and social crisis. The Worldwide public health emergency serves to divert public opinion from the real crisis which is affecting the World's people. This crisis is characterised by rising poverty and unemployment an the collapse in social services, not to mention a a US-NATO multitrillion dollar high tech "war without borders" which includes the preemptive "first strike" use of nuclear weapons. The dramatic causes and consequences of the "real crisis" which in real sense threaten the future of humanity must remain unheralded."

- Michel Chossudovsky -- Taken from The H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency

"For people with serious underlying health problems, the risk of dying from swine flu is probably greater than the risk of side effects from the vaccine. But it would be tragic if we repeated the US example (of 1976) and ended up with more casualties from the jabs. I applaud the Government for recognising the risk but in most cases this is a mild virus which needs a few days in bed. I’d question why we need a vaccine at all."

- Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of The Truth About Vaccines -- Taken from Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America below.

"In Washington, health care reform is stalled, the war machine is sucking up more money than ever before, more troops are slated to go to Afghanistan, and we are still mired in Iraq. After a $14 trillion bailout, meaningful financial reform that would prevent a recurrence of the excesses of the bankers and Wall Street traders that caused our financial collapse is not even on the radar screen. Throughout the country, an ugly atmosphere of hatred, bigotry and confrontation suffuses Town Hall meetings on health care reform where armed and angry know-nothing right-wing extremists challenge and threaten anyone who disagrees with them. The Secret Service reports that the number of threats against the President has risen by 400%, and the talk on talk radio and cable TV has grown increasingly more shrill by the day. Yet all this is merely the prequel to the global soap opera about to unfold, according to predictions from an array of both Western and Vedic astrologers Jane and I have consulted recently. The Cosmic Weather Forecast for the month of September – and beyond -- is extremely difficult, even harsh, and will be challenging for each and every one of us. We will find many obstacles in our paths, we will be prone to flare-ups in our individual relationships and extreme antagonisms may surface between groups of people around the world. This Full Moon is surrounded by a multitude of malefic aspects, more than the astrologers we know have seen in decades."

- Curtis Lang -- Taken from his 2009 Virgo Solar Festival & Pisces Full Moon Newsletter

"Open your ears to the sounds of the forest, the sound of the wind in the leaves, the rushing of water flowing over the stones. Every small creature that breathes hear the birds sing as they play with the wind, up in the branches so high. Know if we don't change the way that we're living, all of this beauty must die. Open your eyes to the sights of the forest, the cascades of colour and form. Every small place that you look around, a new kind of beauty is born. See the tall trees reaching up to the sky... The seedlings that spring from the earth. YOU, are the ones, who now must decide how much is this really worth."

- Danny Brauchli, Terania Creek Protest, 1979 -- Taken from http://www.rainbowdreaming.org/forestsong.html

"According to her book, the visions are getting nicer. "There is still difficulty and pain in them, but they are going and fading away," Arison writes. "If in the past, the visions were always harsh, catastrophic, violent -- recently I can see the new world. The quiet, the calm and the freedom it will have. This is a very comforting knowledge for me because I already know that what I envision materializes."

- Howard Schneider -- Taken from Israel's Wealthiest Woman Says She Can See the Future below


It's midsummer night. The light is skinny;
a thin skirt of desire skims the earth.
Dogs bark at the musk of other dogs
and the urge to go wild.
I am lingering at the edge
of a broken heart, striking relentlessly
against the flint of hard will.
It's coming apart.
And everyone knows it.
So do squash erupting in flowers
the color of the sun.
So does the momentum of grace
gathering allies
in the partying mob.
The heart knows everything.
I remember when there was no urge
to cut the land or each other into pieces,
when we knew how to think
in beautiful.
There is no world like the one surfacing.
I can smell it as I pace in my square room,
the neighbor's television
entering my house by waves of sound
makes me think about buying
a new car, another kind of cigarette
when I don't need another car
and I don't smoke cigarettes.
A human mind is small when thinking
of small things.
It is large when embracing the maker
of walking, thinking and flying.
If I can locate the sense beyond desire,
I will not eat or drink
until I stagger into the earth
with grief.
I will locate the point of dawning
and awaken
with the longest day in the world.

~ Joy Harjo ~

Taken from Panhala - LOTS of ecstasy-breeding and heart-stirring poetry through


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Dolphin Samadhi (July 2, 2009) 10 min
Beautiful meditation with the dolphins. Heart to heart, eye to eye. The movie is made out of single shot. No cuts.

Has Japan's Dolphin Slaughter Been Prevented? (September 1, 2009)
Media presence in Taiji seems to be keeping the dolphin killers at bay -- for now.

Inter-dimensional photo gallery (of orbs and other amazing phenomena)
For a better understanding of the stunning waves of orbs shown near the bottom of this webpage, read near the end of Bliss 101 at http://www.toolsfortranscendence.com/Notes.html (or read it all!) - and if you want to see more pictures of orbs go HERE and of faeries go HERE or HERE and there is an angel picture HERE - Many more through this LINK - THIS ONE is pretty amazing! THIS ONE too!

Morning Messages - Watching the introductory video is recommended!

Earth Days The Seeds of a Revolution (Trailer)
Read also Earth Days Probes the Roots of Environmentalism (with 4 related videos) a fascinating article revealing how it all started. Earth Days opens nationally in select US cities in September.

Seay's "All Around The World"

Project Peace on Earth - A Six Hour Globally Telecast Musical Prayer - Scheduled for Sept. 19 but real status of this project is unsure... HIGH-MINDED, inspiring initiative! Watch their intro video...
Project-Peace on Earth is an annual worldwide telecast concert of Superstar musicians performing Sacred Music from the most mystical concert venues on the planet: Egypt's Great Pyramids, England’s Stonehenge, Australia's Ayers Rock, Peru's Inca Pyramids, Japan's Mount Fuji, and California's Mount Shasta to name a few. Mike Mitchell (Executive Producer of Live Aid and producer of 8 Olympics) and Hal Uplinger (Producer of Live Aid) are engaged to produce this event. Steve Robertson is the Creator and an Executive Producer of Project-Peace on Earth. A Six Hour Globally Telecast Musical Prayer September 2009 -- Music has the power to create movements and call people into action. Music has the power to speak to the heart, transform our thoughts, and to create new and inspiring visions. Music may hold the key to inspire each person to search within and to collectively connect making our world a better place. Project-Peace on Earth represents a daring idea to transform global consciousness, systematically end hunger and related diseases, empower those in extreme poverty, and provide food, clothing, shelter, safety and education for tens of millions of children worldwide. Proceeds generated from the live Concert telethon will be immediately used to address pressing issues of hunger, poverty, shelter, health, and the safety of children worldwide. Use of these proceeds will be tracked through a weekly Reality TV series called “Project - Peace on Earth”. This Extreme Village Make-Over TV show will feature a celebrity host and/or philanthropist, supported by a team comprised of experts in the fields of science and technology, medicine, education, fundraising and logistics, construction, business, and international politics. All together, they will engage in a 7 day humanitarian effort to make real progress toward meeting these issues of food, clothing, shelter, safety, education, and economic sustainability. How do we touch the human heart and inspire everybody to recognize a common vision of peace? The video introduction of Project-Peace on Earth is designed to educate the viewer on the cultural, social and scientific elements of our project's philosophy. Get Involved ! Be a part of the Global Prayer for Peace... --- From the first sound of the Concert and every word spoken, every note, each lyric and every song played thereafter, the Concert will be designed to create a transformational goose bump experience, one that at times tearfully reminds us of the horrors our world’s children have endured, one that most importantly inspires each of us to experience our own innate divinity so that we forever more recognize that same divinity in others, in the animals and in all of nature.

NOTE from Jean:
According to what is said HERE the Six Hour Globally Telecast Musical Prayer mentioned above is scheduled to happen on September 19... but I could not find anywhere a firm confirmation that it is indeed going ahead as planned. To find out the current status, I emailed to the main organizer at steve@project-peaceonearth.org and it bounced back as "User unknown" which is not an encouraging sign... There are more details at http://www.mtdn.com/peaceonearth including this: "We believe that the soul already operates on the frequency of the “Music of the Spheres,” or OM, Love, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, or Mohammad Consciousness. Respectively, when we experience such Sacred Music externally, physiologically through the ears, and intuitively through the psyche, it is like two computers talking the same protocol, the Law of Sympathetic Vibration dictates that the mind of the listener will resonate correspondingly. Therefore, the process of listening to spiritually-inspired or Sacred Music, establishes the protocol whereby the mind stills and the body relaxes.We believe that in this still state-of-mind, the mind is moved into a present-time reality where the sacred vibration of harmony (OM, Aum, Amen, or Cosmic Vibration) is least distorted and the mind is quiet enough both to witness and to remember the Song-of-the-Self, or the mystical principle of the “I AM”, the Divinity within. Here, the mind is moved from passive hearing to an active listening of the “Word” or “Primary Harmony” within. In other words, the process of listening to Sacred Music empowers the mind to perceive and to release illusions of fear, pain and suffering so that it experiences and remembers the reality of the love it already is. Thus, atonement and the integration of Divine Will, are made possible."

A Call To Peace - September 19, 2009 - 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at The World Peace Prayer Society
Prayers of Gratitude to Nature and Peace at the World Peace Sanctuary, Benton Road, Wassaic, New York. Join us for a flag ceremony, honoring every state in the United States of America! Listen to the 200+ names of the Native American Nations of this land as we honor the indigenous peoples of this country. Take part in a World Peace Prayer Ceremony by carrying a flag for one of the 192 countries in the world as we send our wishes for peace to each one in a colorful and moving procession. Co-celebrants from the various faith traditions will add their prayers for peace. Variety of music and more: Byakko Choir from Japan, Peace is Possible Chorus from CT, Japanese and Filipino Dancers, Flute player and Native American and Japanese Drumming and special guest stars: Peace Parrots, Baby, Merlin and Peacenik accompanied by Gloria Waslyn. Activities for Children and Adults:Japanese Calligraphy and Tea Ceremony, Crafts, Chess for Peace, Beading: Piece by PeacePetty Zoo, Nonprofit Booths, food and more! THIS IS A FREE EVENT. RAIN OR SHINE. For more information, directions, please visit our website at: www.worldpeace.org or call 845-877-6093

Learn as You Go - Fall issue of Yes! magazine
Why life's best lessons are outside the classroom. Here's how we can learn the skills to take on environmental and economic challenges, build resilient communities, and create good lives for ourselves and our loved ones.

Fierce Light - When Spirit Meets Action (August 14, 2009)
Spiritual Activism around the World - Fueled by the belief that another world is possible, the film portrays stories of what Martin Luther King called "love in action" and Gandhi called "soul force."Acclaimed filmmaker Velcrow Ripper (Scared Sacred) takes an insightful look at change motivated by love, featuring interviews with spiritual activists Thich Nhat Hanh, Desmond Tutu, Daryl Hannah, Julia Butterfly Hill, and more. More through http://www.fiercelight.org/

Velcrow Ripper - Fierce Light - Talk Nelson - pt1 - A MUST WATCH ESPECIALLY FOR ALL ERN SUBSCRIBERS! Powerful and empowering!
Excerpt from a talk with Velcrow Ripper on the subject of spirituality meeting activism, following the screening of his new feature documentary, Fierce Light When Spirit Meets Action. Part 2 and many more related videos in the Similar videos column on the right. -- I love when he says we are the eyes, the self-awareness of the Universe...

Spiritual Revolution - Trailer
"Spiritual Revolution" is your gateway to exploring the points of convergence between ancient Eastern traditions and cutting-edge American science and medicine. Therefore, in addition to a Who’s Who of spiritual leaders, it also features noted scientists, psychotherapists, and scholars, who discuss the ways that life on the planet – and your life as well – can be filled with happiness and hope. The time is now and the stage has been set as never before, for the merging of technology, religion, and history, on the very real power of meditation. Eastern Spirituality, now a contemporary fixture in Western Culture, brings us the practices of meditation and yoga to reduce stress and promote well-being in our daily lives. Thanks to Bob Thurman, Jack Kornfield, Amma, Bhagavan Das, Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Master Charles Cannon, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Shinzen Young, Debbie Ford, Edward Espe Brown, and scores of others, you will learn about the benefits now available to us - and future generations.In a time of change, this film will open many doors. More through http://www.spiritualrevolutionthemovie.com/

Educational documentary: Japanese school teacher transforms students (August 24) VERY, VERY MOVING!!!
Japanese school teacher Toshiro Kanamori is the latest Internet hero for the magical way he transforms the lives of his fourth grade students. After watching the moving educational documentary below (Children Full of Life - 1 of 5), you will understand why Kanomori has won the hearts not only of his students, but of hundreds of thousands who have been touched by this award-winning documentary of his work. Described as kind, tough, and funny, teacher Kanamori breaks the mold with his highly innovative teaching methods. He encourages students above all to focus on how to live a happy life and how to care for other people. One of his creative techniques is to invite students to write their deepest inner feelings in a letter. He chooses three of these letters each day to read to the class, with most impressive results. CLIP

CRUDE - Official Trailer - MUST WATCH! (2 min) See Amazon Tribes Win Against Big Oil too below !
Three years in the making, this cinéma-vérité feature from acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger is the epic story of one of the largest and most controversial legal cases on the planet. An inside look at the infamous $27 billion Amazon Chernobyl case, CRUDE is a real-life high stakes legal drama set against a backdrop of the environmental movement, global politics, celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, the media, multinational corporate power, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures. Presenting a complex situation from multiple viewpoints, the film subverts the conventions of advocacy filmmaking as it examines a complicated situation from all angles while bringing an important story of environmental peril and human suffering into focus.

Braco and his path in life
Braco is coming from former Yugoslavia. He was born in November 1967 in Zagreb/Croatia, where he also built his center, which is visited every month by thousands of people from all over the world. But today Braco is traveling more and more and there are sessions with him on a frequent base in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and at a number of international conventions and congresses. Journalists and scientist who have seen Braco and searched his aura and his energy have been impressed by him and by the results with that huge number of documented reports. The experts are also impressed that Braco is able to have such a strong impact on his visitors at an extraordinary young age and he obviously has reached a level of consciousness with fourty, which even the most famous masters did not reach before they have been sixty, seventy or eighty years old. Braco does not refer with his successes to any form of religion or to a specific methodology and he has been changing his working-methods again and again over the time. He tries to develop his methods further and further to enable as many people as possible to feel this energy and consciousness all over this world.At the age of 24 he received his master's degree in economics. His first meeting with the Serbian healer Ivica Prokic in the autumn of 1993 changed his life: He gave up his former job as a businessman and joined him with extraordinary dedication and friendship up to Ivica´s unexpected death in the spring of 1995. Braco did not realize that he was borne to be the one, who will carry on with Ivica´s work until the people came to tell him again and again, that they feel this power in him and that he should try to help them. Today Braco is just gazing at his visitors in groups between 50 and 1.000 people without doing any individual meetings or treatments. He touches people with his eyes only and the connection between him and his visitors is a connection of thoughts, of energy and of a deep inner love. And it is obviously that love and energy which can activate a specific power in the people, which enables them to change their life and overcome their problems.Braco does not take money for his help and the sessions are either for free or there is just a small fee for the rent of the rooms and the administrative costs. Please note:The energy could overburden children, so the sessions are not open for visitors under the age of 18 and for women who are pregnant (not after the third month). For your children and for other people who are not able to attend a session, you can bring photos, which you will carry in your hands during the session. CHECK also Description of an invisible power - How is Braco working? What happens and what is creating those feelings and reactions with his visitors? Watch also The spiritual healer Braco Part 1 of 3

The Gentle Healer - MOST beautiful song!
Here is another version

Signs to bring you a smile - HILARIOUS !!

Coiled Creature of the Night
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has imaged a wild creature of the dark -- a coiled galaxy with an eye-like object at its center. The galaxy, called NGC 1097, is located 50 million light-years away. It is spiral-shaped like our Milky Way, with long, spindly arms of stars. The "eye" at the center of the galaxy is actually a monstrous black hole surrounded by a ring of stars. In this color-coded infrared view from Spitzer, the area around the invisible black hole is blue and the ring of stars, white.The black hole is huge, about 100 million times the mass of our sun, and is feeding off gas and dust along with the occasional unlucky star. Our Milky Way's central black hole is tame in comparison, with a mass of a few million suns. CLIP

Zoomable high-resolution images from the Spitzer Space Telescope

Planet X: New Member of our Solar System
This artist's concept shows the planet catalogued as 2003UB313 at the lonely outer fringes of our solar system. Our Sun can be seen in the distance. The new planet, which is yet to be formally named, is at least as big as Pluto and about three times farther away from the Sun than Pluto. It is very cold and dark. The planet was discovered by the Samuel Oschin Telescope at the Palomar Observatory near San Diego, Calif., on Jan. 8, 2005.

Tycho's Supernova Remnant

Many more Astronomical Images through

The Secret - Planet Earth
The Secret Team has created a gift for you. This clip features our beautiful Planet Earth. As you experience this clip you will emit positive forces of energy across Planet Earth that will reach every single living thing on it. You will lift yourself, and as you lift yourself, you lift the entire world.

Grand rassemblement pacifique contre le Nouvel Ordre Mondial le mercredi 09/09/09 à 13 hr dans toutes les villes du monde
Le concept et les modalités de participation - Le 1er Flash Mob Mondial contre leNouvel Ordre Mondial !

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (With Lyrics)
"Michael Jackson (un)timely death - The video you won't see on the endless retrospectives A convenient death... It's been stated that Michael Jackson was a serious drug addict. The details that have been related are quite horrific and it sounds like he consumed the contents of entire pharmacies.OK...but at age 50, the man was healthy enough to be preparing for a series of 50 live shows in a venue that can hold up to 23,000.Have you ever danced all night? Have you ever danced all night fifty nights in front of thousands of people? Have you ever danced at Michael Jackson's level? Video of rehearsals shot just before he died indicate that Jackson could still move well. No one who was anything less than a superbly conditioned athlete could have pulled off the series of performances he was about to embark on. That's not to say that Jackson was not an athlete with a drug problem, but is it possible that the severity of his drug problem might have been exaggerated just a tad? How many serious drug abusers do you know who at the age of 50 could set out on a program like this? The reasons I ask... Have you ever seen the prison version of the music video for his song "They don't really care about us" I confess I never have until recently. The way it portrayed the world it could have been a promo for Alex Jones' Prison Planet web site! Clearly, before he died, Jackson had made a definite shift from pure entertainment to entertainment with a strong social statement component - and his commentary was not flattering to the powers that be.It must be a great relief to those who don't want the pot stirred that Jackson accidentally, coincidentally, and conveniently died because of his ghastly addiction to drugs right before he was primed to to explode again on the word scene. Funny how life works out, isn't it?" Quoted from http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/697.html where the video is available in HQ.

Ominous Music Heard Throughout U.S. Sends Nation Into Panic

White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar, Has Entered Depressive Phase

Nice Fractals

High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation
NOTE: See this and imagine what would happen if we let robots dominate the world one day...

Griffin, Barrett and other leading 9-11 investigators endorse Ranke-Marquis film proving that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon
The first thing you should do upon visiting this site is watch National Security Alert, an 81 minute video presenting conclusive evidence establishing that the plane that was seen flying low over Arlington on 9/11/01 did not in fact hit the Pentagon.

Who Put Super-Thermite in the Twin Towers? (July 20, 2009)
The discovery of chips of highly-explosive super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is an essential key to unraveling the entire 9-11 hoax. Understanding the lies about 9-11 reveals in turn the mass deception behind the wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq and the utterly fraudulent "War on Terror." One soon realizes that the whole anti-terrorism Zeitgeist of the past 8 years is nothing but a pack of lies. The discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the demolished towers opens up the whole can of 9-11 lies. Dr. Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University discovered unusual red-gray chips in the dust of the demolished twin towers and along with a team of other scientists published a peer-reviewed paper in March 2009 in which they prove that these chips are fragments from a thin layer of active thermite in the nano-size form, i.e. super-thermite. This is the powerful explosive that pulverized the towers. Osama Bin Laden certainly didn't put super-thermite in the twin towers, so who did? This is the question that demands to be answered.

Israel's Super-Thermite Lab (August 26, 2009)
The thesis of my book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, is that a small gang of high-level Zionist extremists carried out 9-11. (...) These Zionist criminals are ruthless but they are not stupid. The most obvious questions are: Why did they do it? How did they think they could get away with it?The main reason for 9-11 was to change the military equation in the Middle East and bring the United States and NATO into the region on a permanent basis to wage war against the foes of Israel. But how could they possibly think they would get away with such an audacious and heinous crime of false-flag terrorism?Ariel Sharon, then prime minister, expressed the Israeli thinking when he told Shimon Peres, "We control America." The Israelis would not attempt such an outrageous crime without knowing that every aspect of the cover-up was under their control. As my book describes, the Zionists controlled every nodal point of the 9-11 cover-up. Michael Chertoff, an Israeli and the son of a Mossad agent, controlled the non-investigation and oversaw the destruction of the crucial evidence. The Zionist-owned media, particularly the New York media, Fox News, CNN/Time Warner, and the BBC have all participated in the cover-up and false interpretation of the events of 9-11. A devoted supporter of Israel, Alvin K. Hellerstein, has controlled all of the litigation that concerns the victims of 9-11. Lastly, Zionist agents control the White House and U.S. Congress. The Israelis figured that they had all the bases covered. Having staged many similar terror attacks in Israel, they figured they could get away with the big job in New York City on 9-11. They knew that most Americans would never suspect Israel of being behind such an outrageous crime.What they didn't expect is that a few Americans would dig into the evidence and uncover every stone to find the real culprits. They certainly didn't expect that a careful and independent scientific analysis of the dust would reveal that a nano-composite form of super-thermite was used to pulverize the World Trade Center. We know that Osama Bin Laden did not have super-thermite, so who put tens of tons of the powerful nano-tech explosive in the Twin Towers? That is the crucial question that will reveal the true culprits of 9-11. The discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers exposes the hoax of 9-11. Whoever made this advanced nano-tech explosive film had access to the most advanced nano-technology in the world. It certainly was not a gang of Moslem terrorists.Israel's Nuclear Research Center - Negev near Dimona develops super-thermite films like that found in the rubble of the World Trade Center.Israel's secret and super-secure nuclear lab is where the extremely powerful super-thermite of 9-11 was designed. The chief scientists involved in the manufacturing of the nano-composite used to pulverize the World Trade Center on 9-11 will be named in a forthcoming article in this space. Check also NWO and The Illuminati Myth for some illuminating historical background... Many more related videos through this LINK

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

09.09.09 is National "How Much Longer" Day for Autism
In order to hear their voices, we must first raise ours. You've been seeing media pieces over the last few weeks asking HOW MUCH LONGER? We are gearing up for a mass faxing/mailing/calling campaign that will cover community-wide autism issues on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 (09.09.09). Will you join us for a LOUD day of promoting change? With autism now affecting 1 in 100 children, it’s time to set aside polite requests and boldly ask the entire nation HOW MUCH LONGER? Below are links to samples of the messages we will ask you to forward on 09-09-09 via our easy online advocacy system - The NAA Action Center - which will automatically send your messages to your legislators, federal health officials and the media. CLIP Recommended by Bruce Vinikas (BVinikas@aol.com)



If you wake up looking like this, don't go to work.

WeAreChange CDC Mandatory or Voluntary? MUST WATCH! MUST NETWORK!
Excellent truth-telling questions in response to which the CDC official has only vague promises to offer... Check also CDC leery of estimates about swine flu's toll - "U.S. government health officials are urging Americans not to panic over estimates that up to 90,000 people might die in the United States from swine flu this year. "Everything we've seen in the U.S. and everything we've seen around the world suggests we won't see that kind of number if the virus doesn't change," said Dr. Thomas Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the swine flu seems quite easy to catch, it so far hasn't been more deadly than the flu strains seen every fall and winter — many people have only mild illness. And close genetic tracking of the new virus as it circled the globe over the last five months so far has shown no sign that it's mutating to become more virulent. Still, the CDC has been preparing for a worst-case flu season as a precaution..." and the many comments to this article - "The World Health Organization of the U.N. is the one that have been working night and day fear-mongering to promote this illness this Fall! National organizations have just been 'going along' with this mindlessness and not saying anything that would contradict the alarmist statements from W.H.O.! So, why are they playing it down, now?! They've 'hedging their bets'! One of two things is going to happen, either it won't materialize into a deadly pandemic AS they've been claiming---in which case, they'll look like incompetent, criminal FOOLS, OR, this vaccine is going to harm and kill a lot of people (and they KNOW it!)---in which case, they want to be able to claim it's a total surprise to them (even though, it's not!)In the latter case, NO LAW RELEASING MEDICAL PERSONNEL FROM PERSONAL LIABILITY, is going to protect those doctors, nurses, aids, or helperswho administer this 'vaccine' if it DOES HARM! I find this law to be totally ALARMING! If the vaccine is safe, it shouldn't be needed! It would only be needed if it WEREN'T safe!I hope this is NOT the case!" AND "OMG - it looks like someone at the White House forgot to order the CDC to spread fear and panic. Heads will roll. The administration is in a position where they feel they have to justify the billions of dollars they spent on the swine flu vaccine.In all likelihood we have much more reason to fear the vaccine than the flu. The worst case scenarios are flooding the media giving Drudge an excuse to run extra big banner headlines. It seems like the White House has hired a bunch of out-of-work Hollywood screen writers to prepare us for the next Apocalypto."

Doctors may refuse swine flu vaccine (August 24, 2009)
Many GPs, as well as their patients, may be reluctant to be immunised against swine flu once a vaccine is developed, surveys suggest today. A survey of GPs published on Healthcare Republic, the website of GP magazine, found that up to 60% of GPs may decline vaccination. Although the numbers who responded were small – 216 GPs – they are in line with a much bigger survey of nurses published a week ago by Nursing Times, which found that a third of 1,500 nurses would refuse vaccination. A Canadian study published today in the journal Emerging Health Threats suggests the public, too, will have reservations that must be overcome if a vaccination campaign is to be successful in the autumn or winter. The study, which used focus groups to establish the likely response of different people to a vaccine, pointed to the need to win over people who believe that alternative therapies and a good diet are a better option than vaccines. But the biggest problem in persuading people and healthcare professionals to have the jab may be the relative shortage of evidence from trials about its safety and efficacy. Because of the urgent need for a vaccine, testing will be limited. Among the GPs who responded to the survey published by Healthcare Republic, 29% said they would not choose to have the vaccine and 29% said they were unsure whether or not they would. The biggest reason given by those who said they would not have it was concern that the safety trials would not be adequate: 71.3% said they were "concerned that the vaccine has not yet been through sufficient trials to guarantee safety". Half – 50.4% – said they "believe that swine flu is too mild to justify taking the vaccine".

H1N1 State of Confusion (August 31, 2009)
Millions of kids, young adults and teachers are returning to classrooms and dorm rooms this week - prime real estate for the spread of H1N1 - and there's still little agreement on how best to protect against the bug. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services, World Health Organization and vaccine manufacturers have yet to reach an agreement on how to attack and prevent the H1N1 virus. Among the most confusing points are: - How many flu shots will you need? How many times will you need to get poked this year? That depends on who you ask and how old you are. One shot: The CDC and HHS recommend seasonal flu shots for everyone - especially high risk groups like the very young, very old, health-care workers and those with pre-existing health conditions or weakened immune systems. Two shots: H1N1 shots (two of them administered about three weeks apart) are recommended for health-care workers, pregnant women, the very obese, parents of children and teens, and children and adults ages 6 months to 24 years old. People older than age 50 do not need H1N1 shots unless they have pre-existing health conditions or weakened immune systems, according to health officials. Three shots: Certain people are encouraged to get both seasonal flu and H1N1 shots including pregnant women, health-care workers, parents of children and teens, college students and people with underlying health conditions. Four shots: New this week, some health officials say children under the age of 9 who have never had a flu shot will need four shots. This includes two seasonal flu shots and two H1N1 shots. CLIP

Quebec Health Freedom Conference - September 12, 2009, Palais des Congrès, Montréal
You are invited to participate in this national event which brings together some of the leading health freedom advocates in Canada. The goals of this conference are (...) to expose the ''swine flu" pandemic scam created artificially by military and pharmaceutical organizations which control the World Health Organization (W.H.O) and whose grossly exaggerated propaganda aims at imposing mandatory vaccination in early autumn.It is essential to intervene immediately and stop these anti-democratic initiatives and to uphold the respect of our rights and our freedom to choose how to feed and treat our body. Check the list of speakers - This event will also be broadcasted live and archived on the internet for those who can't come in Montreal. To register, email to Webcast registration September 12 2009 at info@tele-sante.com

Swine flu virus soft toy for sale on internet (01 Sep 2009)
A swine flu soft toy has gone on sale on the internet - to help educate and reassure children about the potentially deadly virus. The company describes its toys as 'great learning tools'. The stuffed toy has been designed to represent a "cuddlier" version of an H1N1 microbe, complete with a pig-like nose and eyes. CLIP

Defense Department to Start H1N1 Flu Vaccinations (09.01.2009)
WASHINGTON - All military personnel will be vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus, and the vaccine will be available to all military family members who want it, a Defense Department health affairs official said today. The H1N1 vaccination program will begin in early October, said Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Wayne Hachey, director of preventive medicine for Defense Department health affairs. The vaccine, which has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, will be mandatory for uniformed personnel, the colonel said. "What we want to do is target those people who are at highest risk for transmission," he said Health-care workers, deploying troops, those serving on ships and submarines, and new accessions are at the top of the list. "Any place where we take a lot of people, squash them all together and get them nice and close and put them under stressful conditions will get the vaccine first," he said. CLIP

CDC leery of estimates about swine flu's toll (August 26, 2009)
U.S. government health officials are urging Americans not to panic over estimates that up to 90,000 people might die in the United States from swine flu this year. "Everything we've seen in the U.S. and everything we've seen around the world suggests we won't see that kind of number if the virus doesn't change," said Dr. Thomas Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the swine flu seems quite easy to catch, it so far hasn't been more deadly than the flu strains seen every fall and winter — many people have only mild illness. And close genetic tracking of the new virus as it circled the globe over the last five months so far has shown no sign that it's mutating to become more virulent. Still, the CDC has been preparing for a worst-case flu season as a precaution — in July working from an estimate slightly more grim than one that made headlines this week — to make sure that if the virus suddenly worsened or vaccination plans fell through, health authorities would know how to react. On Monday the White House released a report from a group of presidential advisers that included a scenario where anywhere from 30 percent to half of the population could catch what doctors call the "2009 H1N1" flu, and death possibilities ranged from 30,000 to 90,000. "We don't think that's the most likely scenario," CDC flu specialist Dr. Anne Schuchat said of the presidential advisers' high-end tally. In a regular flu season, up to 20 per cent of the population is infected and 36,000 die.

The H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency By Michel Chossudovsky (August 25, 2009) PROOF THIS IS A TOTALLY PHONY PANDEMIA!!
The spread of the disease is measured by country-level reports of confirmed and probable cases.How reliable is this data. Does the data justify a Worldwide public health emergency, including a $40 billion dollar vaccination program which largely favors a handful of pharmaceutical companies? In the US alone, the costs of H1N1 preparedness are of the order of 7.5 billion dollars. Following the outbreak of the H1N1 swine flu in Mexico, the data collection was at the outset scanty and incomplete, as confirmed by official statements. The Atlanta based Center for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledged that what was being collected in the US were figures of "confirmed and probable cases". There was, however, no breakdown between "confirmed" and "probable". In fact, only a small percentage of the reported cases were "confirmed" by a laboratory test.On the basis of scanty country-level information, the WHO declared a level 4 pandemic on April 27. Two days later, a level 5 Pandemic was announced without corroborating evidence (April 29). A level 6 Pandemic was announced on June 11. There was no attempt to improve the process of data collection in terms of lab. confirmation. In fact quite the opposite. Following the level 6 Pandemic announcement, both the WHO and the CDC decided that data collection of individual confirmed and probable cases was no longer necessary to ascertain the spread of swine flu. As of July 10, one month after the announcement of the level six pandemic, the WHO discontinued the collection of confirmed cases. It does not require member countries to send in figures pertaining to confirmed or probable cases.
(...) The statements of the WHO are notoriously contradictory. While creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, pointing to am impending global public health crisis, the WHO has also acknowledged that the underlying symptoms are moderate and that "most people will recover from swine flu within a week, just as they would from seasonal forms of influenza" (WHO statement, quoted in the Independent, August 22, 2009).The WHO's July 10 guidelines have set the stage for a structure of scantiness and inadequacy with regard to data collection at the national level. National governments of member States of the WHO are not required to corroborate the spread of the A H1N1 swine flu, through laboratory tests.
(...) Anybody who is familiar with model building and computer simulations, is acutely aware that if the data and assumptions which are fed into the model are incorrect at the outset, the results will inevitably be biased.What we are dealing with is a process of statistical manipulation, which has far-reaching implications and which could potentially create an atmosphere of panic, particularly if it is coupled, as in the UK, with announcements that "mass graves are being set up to deal with a rising death toll.VaccinationThe Atlanta based CDC's model's simulations and predictions as to the spread of H1N1 swine flu are then used to plan the implementation of a nationwide vaccination program.Based on the model's "predictions", mass vaccination of half of the US population is required, with the possible provision for quarantines under civilian and/or military jurisdiction. In the case of the United Kingdom, confirmed by British press reports, the government has predicted a rising death toll requiring the provision of mass graves.
(...) In Britain, the transition has been from "confirmed cases" (lab confirmation) to "suspected cases" (established by health professional, not requiring testing) to "self categorization" As the pandemic progresses, the process of data collection becomes increasingly loose and unprofessional. One would normally expect the opposite, that following the announcement of Worldwide level 6 pandemic, that the process of data collection would be developed and improved as means to formulating a public health action plan. The process of data collection under the National Pandemic Flu Service is now based on "self-assessment" or self-categorization. Anybody who thinks he/she has flu-like symptoms can contact the National Pandemic Flu Service, by telephone ou through the internet, and can receive an antiviral prescription (e.g. Tamiflu) without the intermediation of a health professional and without even seeing a doctor. You can do it on the internet or by calling up the phone help line: "The [British] National Pandemic Flu Service is a self-care service that will assess your symptoms and, if required, provide an authorisation number which can be used to collect antiviral medication from a local collection point. For those who do not have internet access, the same service can be accessed by telephone" According to British health sources communicated to this author, persons who receive a prescription for Tamiflu through the National Pandemic Flu Service over the phone or through the National Health Service Telephone Call Service will be categorized and recorded as a "suspected case" of H1N1 swine flu.
(...) Reports from Britain by prominent physicians (to the author) suggest that doctors and epidemiologists in the UK are being threatened. They risk being fired by the National Health authorities if they speak out and reveal the falsehoods underlying the data as well as government statements. It is essential that physicians, epidemiologists and health workers speak out through their respective associations and refute the statements of government health officials who are tacitly acting on behalf of Big Pharma, as well as denounce the manipulation of the data. It is also important to warn the public on the dangers of untested H1N1 flu vaccines. What we are dealing with is a big lie. A process of generating fake data which is then used to justify a nationwide vaccination program. The political and corporate interests behind this Worldwide public health emergency must be the target of citizens' actions. This public health emergency is not intended to protect humanity. The World is at the crossroads of a major economic and social crisis. The Worldwide public health emergency serves to divert public opinion from the real crisis which is affecting the World's people. This crisis is characterised by rising poverty and unemployment an the collapse in social services, not to mention a a US-NATO multitrillion dollar high tech "war without borders" which includes the preemptive "first strike" use of nuclear weapons. The dramatic causes and consequences of the "real crisis" which in real sense threaten the future of humanity must remain unheralded. Both the Economic Crisis and the Middle East Central Asian war are the object of routine and persistent media distortion and camouflage. In contrast, the H1N1 swine flu --despite its relatively mild and benign impacts-- is depicted as major "Save the World" endeavor.

Setting the people up to die: A conspiracy of silence about swine flu natural remedies (August 27, 2009)
It's emblazoned across the front page of USA Today, just underneath a subhead declaring Michael Jackson was, indeed, killed by a drug overdose: "Flu could infect half of USA." The article goes on to describe the predicted number of deaths expected in the U.S. (30,000 - 90,000 Americans) as well as the actions being taken by the government to protect Americans from the coming swine flu pandemic. That advice reads sort of like a comic book of health care advice for kindergarteners: Wash your hands, cover your mouth if you cough and let "the grownups" take care of the rest by injecting you with a vaccine. Curiously absent from all the health advice being handed out on the swine flu by the White House, the CDC, the WHO and even the FDA is any mention of Vitamin D or other natural remedies that offer enormous protections from influenza infections.The absence of this information from virtually all the advice being handed out to the American public is increasingly suspicious. If a pandemic flu is, indeed, threatening to infect half the U.S. population, and if most of the population is deficient in a nutrient known to strongly prevent influenza infections, wouldn't it make good sense to make a few announcements encouraging Americans to raise their vitamin D levels throughout the coming winter? It is a well-known medical fact, of course, that influenza always gets worse during the winter months North of the equator and the summer months South of the equator (which are really called their "winter" months). This is because as sunlight hours lessen during the winter, the people living there become vitamin D deficient and are susceptible to influenza infections of all kinds. The information resources backing this are easy to find. Even our own NaturalPedia.com website reveals a large amount of information on natural defenses against influenza (http://www.naturalpedia.com/influenza.html). NaturalNews.com, of course, offers a wealth of articles on Vitamin D (http://www.naturalnews.com/vitamin_D.html). CLIP

FLU SHOTS AND THE NEW ADJUVANTS: BEWARE! (May 1, 2006) There IS squalene in the A-H1N1 Vaccine!
(...) An adjuvant is a substance added to produce a high antibody response using the smallest amount of virus (antigen) possible. By definition adjuvants are considered to be “pharmacologically active drugs.” They are designed to be “inert without inherent activity or toxicity” and yet they are required to “potently augment effects of the other compounds” in the vaccines. It is difficult to explain how a substance can be defined as “pharmacologically active” and at the same time be described as “inert and have no activity or toxicity.”The limiting factor for approval of new adjuvants has been that most are far too toxic for use in humans. However, one adjuvant has been approved in Europe and its approval is on the way for use in the U.S. It is an oil-based adjuvant called MF-59, a compound primarily composed of squalene.On first blush, squalene seems like a good choice for an adjuvant. Manufactured naturally in the liver, squalene is a precursor for cholesterol. In addition, squalene can be purchased at health food stores in its more commonly known form, “shark liver oil.” However, ingested squalene has a completely different effect on the body than injected squalene. When molecules of squalene enter the body through an injection, even at concentrations as small as 10 to 20 parts per billion, it can lead to self-destructive immune responses, such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus. Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain this reaction. Metabolically, squalene stimulates an immune response excessively and nonspecifically. More than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers from ten different laboratories throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia have been published documenting the development of autoimmune disease in animals subjected to squalene-based adjuvants. A convincing proposal for why this occurs includes the concept of “molecular mimicry” in which an antibody created against the squalene in MF59 can cross react with the body’s squalene on the surface of human cells. The destruction of the body’s own squalene can lead to debilitating autoimmune and central nervous system diseases.The squalene in MF59 is not the only cause for concern. One of its components, Tween80 (polysorbate 80) is considered to be “inert” but is far from it. A recent study (December 2005) discovered that Tween80 can cause anaphylaxis, a sometimes fatal reaction characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, hives, and breathing difficulties. Researchers concluded that the severe reaction was not a typical allergic response characterized by the combination of IgE antibodies and the release of histamines; it was caused by a serious disruption that had occurred within the immune system. Vaccine manufacturer, Chiron, is already using MF59 in its European influenza vaccine for seniors called Fluad™. It remains to be seen if Chiron will gain approval for using this adjuvant-containing vaccine in the U.S. In the mean time—and for the first time—all children from age six months to five years will be targeted for the flu shot this fall.

Interview with Epidemiologist Tom Jefferson 'A Whole Industry Is Waiting For A Pandemic' (07/21/2009) http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,637119,00.html
The world has been gripped with fears of swine flu in recent weeks. In an interview with SPIEGEL, epidemiologist Tom Jefferson speaks about dangerous fear-mongering, misguided, money-driven research and why we should all be washing our hands a lot more often.
En français: Dans le Spiegel : "Toute une industrie est dans l'attente d'une épidémie"

Squalène: un adjuvant toxique dans les futurs vaccins contre la grippe porcine
Il est inconcevable de constater que l’OMS, les Etats-Unis, ainsi que les autorités d’autres pays répandent mensonges, tromperies et hystérie pour permettre aux grandes compagnies pharmaceutiques la diffusion de dangereux vaccins et autres médicaments auprès de personnes qui ne se doutent de rien, ouvrant peut-être ainsi la porte à la maladie et à une mort précoce … Gary Matsumoto est un journaliste new-yorkais qui fut plusieurs fois récompensé pour ses articles d’investigation. Dans son ouvrage de 2004 : « Vaccin A : l’expérience secrète du gouvernement tue nos soldats et explique pourquoi les GIs ne sont que les premières victimes ». (...) Matsumoto dit que le squalène peut être considéré comme le déclencheur d’une authentique arme biologique. Les chercheurs soviétiques l’ont baptisé « bombe à retardement biologique !!! »… Matsumoto et le Dr Pam Asa doivent conclure que « ces types d’adjuvants (huileux) constituent l’arme chimique la plus insidieuse qui ait jamais été conçue ». Ceci comprend également le squalène. Depuis les années ’80, les soviétiques savaient que ces produits pouvaient être employés comme armes chimiques. CLIP - Voir aussi: PATRIMOINE GENETIQUE DU VIRUS (A-H1N1)

Conférence pour la liberté de choix en santé le 12 septembre 2009 au Palais des Congrès à Montréal
Événement à ne pas manquer. Voir le site pour tous les détails! L'évènement sera également présenté sur Internet en direct et en différé pour celles et ceux qui ne pourront y assister sur place. À voir aussi le diaporama Vaccin de la conspiration dont le texte est disponible ICI - ainsi que Vaccination la grande illusion....!!!!




World's Stocks Controlled by Select Few (26 August 2009)
WASHINGTON -- A recent analysis of the 2007 financial markets of 48 countries has revealed that the world's finances are in the hands of just a few mutual funds, banks, and corporations. This is the first clear picture of the global concentration of financial power, and point out the worldwide financial system's vulnerability as it stood on the brink of the current economic crisis. A pair of physicists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich did a physics-based analysis of the world economy as it looked in early 2007. Stefano Battiston and James Glattfelder extracted the information from the tangled yarn that links 24,877 stocks and 106,141 shareholding entities in 48 countries, revealing what they called the "backbone" of each country's financial market. These backbones represented the owners of 80 percent of a country's market capital, yet consisted of remarkably few shareholders. CLIP

Financial Parasites Have Killed the American Economy (08-28-2009)
(...) You can think of the financial sector as being wrapped around the real economy, almost like a parasite, and that's why it's been called parasitic for so long. The financial sector extracts interest from the economy, the property sector extracts economic rent, as do monopolies. Now the key thing about parasites, is that it's not simply that they extract nourishment from the host. The parasite takes over the host's brain, to make it think it's part of the economy, to make it think it's part of the host's own body, and, in fact, that's it almost like a child of the host, to be protected. And that's what the financial sector has done today. You have Obama coming out and saying, "We have to save the banks in order to save the real economy". The fact is, you can't serve both the parasite and the host. And see this. Today, I heard the podcast of an interview by KPFA radio host Bonnie Faulkner in which Hudson went even further. Specifically, he said: The giant financial institutions have already killed their host - the real American economy. Since they realize that the American economy is dead, they are trying to suck as much blood out of America as possible while the corpse is still warm Because the American economy is dead, their plan is to soon jump to another host. They will ship all of their money overseas.

Analysis of Project Censored: Is Project Censored: Are We a Left-Leaning, Conspiracy-Oriented Organization?
(July 13, 2009) http://www.mediafreedominternational.org/2009/07/analysis-of-project-censored-are-we-a-left-leaning-conspiracy-oriented-organization/
(...) Why covering stories about the powerful in government and big business, or environmental and inequality issues are left leaning is beyond our understanding. It seems that this is just good journalism—the journalism that is missing in the corporate media—and could just as well be middle-leaning-journalism, right-leaning-journalism or crazy California journalism. Maybe it’s just holding those in powerful positions in society accountable for their decisions and actions, which we believe is what a free press is supposed to do. Nonetheless, we decided to examine the key stories Project Censored covered that past sixteen years during both the George W. Bush and the William Jefferson Clinton administrations. Perhaps we can detect some bias from our records. We have examined censored news stories from both Bush and Clinton from our records. Amazingly, the similarities are very evident. Both administrations lied to support military aggression, supported policies that resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, spied on Americans, undermined civil liberties and violated international treaties, supported global arm sales/distribution and private mercenaries, ignored environmental issues, lobbied for unsafe industrial practices, allowed big banks and Wall Street unregulated freedoms, encouraged media consolidation and repression of open journalism. Here are some of the stories Project Censored covered under the Clinton and Bush Presidencies. All stories are archived online at http://projectcensored.org under the archives link catalogued by year. CLIP

Big Brass Bull: Pentagon Deceit on Media Manipulation Confirmed (August 28, 2009)
A few days ago, we noted the revelations by Stars and Stripes that the Pentagon was using a shadowy PR firm to identify the political leanings of journalists trying to cover the “Good War” in Afghanistan (as well as the “Forgotten War” in Iraq). The idea, clearly, was to encourage and reward “pro-war” reporters while planting a big red flag on the backs of any writers considered less than gung-ho about the imperial bloodshed in Muslim lands. Naturally, the Pentagon denied that the vetting program operated by the Rendon Group – which was hired by the Bush gang to help instigate the mass murder in Iraq – was in any way a sinister, slimy attempt to manipulate the news in order to make the endless slaughter of the Terror War more palatable for the folks back home. Perish the thought! declared the brass. Why, goodness mercy me, the only aim of the program is to help reporters tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may. As Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman put it after S&S first broke the story: “It’s a good article if it’s accurate. It’s a bad article if it’s inaccurate. That’s the only measurement that we use here at the Defense Department.” Makes you want to puddle up, don’t it? Well, Stars and Stripes has done something almost unheard-of in modern journalism – followed up on a story with a skeptical stance toward the bland assurances of authority – and guess what they found? Go ahead, try – you’ll never guess. They found that the Pentagon was lying! From S&S: Contrary to the insistence of Pentagon officials this week that they are not rating the work of reporters covering U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Stars and Stripes has obtained documents that prove that reporters’ coverage is being graded as “positive,” “neutral” or “negative.”Moreover, the documents — recent confidential profiles of the work of individual reporters prepared by a Pentagon contractor — indicate that the ratings are intended to help Pentagon image-makers manipulate the types of stories that reporters produce while they are embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Well, I never! The Pentagon — run by honest Brother Bob Gates, who is such a straight arrow that the saintly progressive Barack Obama carried him over from the Bush Regime to keep running our “overseas contingency operations — has been caught lying through its teeth! (...) Whitman told Pentagon reporters that he was inquiring about the issue, but he added that the Pentagon is not launching any formal inquiry to the matter.No “formal” review, then. No official inquiry. Just a couple of phone calls from good old Bryan to a few top brass and their mercenary manipulators: “You doing something dirty over there?” “Nope. Everything’s jake.” “Cool.”Whitman, by the way, is not really a holdover from the Bush Administration, like his boss, Bob Gates. He is actually a holdover from the Clinton Administration, having ascended into the higher Pentagon PR ranks back in 1997, where he helped shape the presentations of Clinton’s “good war” against Serbia in 1998, then went on to serve the the cause of imperial message massage into Afghanistan and Iraq. As we always say around here: Continuity! It’s what makes America great!

Afghanistan Contractors Outnumber Troops (August 22, 2009)
Even as U.S. troops surge to new highs in Afghanistan they are outnumbered by military contractors working alongside them, according to a Defense Department census due to be distributed to Congress -- illustrating how hard it is for the U.S. to wean itself from the large numbers of war-zone contractors that proved controversial in Iraq. The number of military contractors in Afghanistan rose to almost 74,000 by June 30, far outnumbering the roughly 58,000 U.S. soldiers on the ground at that point. As the military force in Afghanistan grows further, to a planned 68,000 by the end of the year, the Defense Department expects the ranks of contractors to increase more. Military contractors' personnel for a time outnumbered U.S. troops in Iraq. The large contractor force was accompanied by issues ranging from questionable costs billed to the government to shooting of civilians by armed security guards.

Pentagon worried about Obama's commitment to Afghanistan (August 31)
WASHINGTON — The prospect that U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal may ask for as many as 45,000 additional American troops in Afghanistan is fueling growing tension within President Barack Obama's administration over the U.S. commitment to the war there. On Monday, McChrystal sent his assessment of the situation in Afghanistan to the Pentagon , the U.S. Central Command, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and NATO . Although the assessment didn't include any request for more troops, senior military officials said they expect McChrystal later in September to seek between 21,000 and 45,000 more troops. There currently are 62,000 American troops in Afghanistan. However, administration officials said that amid rising violence and casualties, polls that show a majority of Americans now think the war in Afghanistan isn't worth fighting. With tough battles ahead on health care, the budget and other issues, Vice President Joe Biden and other officials are increasingly anxious about how the American public would respond to sending additional troops. CLIP

US Air Force prepares drones to end era of fighter pilots (August 23, 2009)
As part of an expanding programme of battlefield automation, the US Air Force has said it is now training more drone operators than fighter and bomber pilots and signalled the end of the era of the fighter pilot is in sight. Just three years ago, the service was able to fly just 12 drones at a time; now it can fly more than 50. At a trade conference outside Washington last week, military contractors presented a future vision in which pilotless drones serve as fighters, bombers and transports, even automatic mini-drones programmed to attack in swarms. Contractors made presentations for "nano-size" drones the size of moths that can flit into buildings to gather intelligence; drone helicopters; large aircraft that could be used as strategic bombers and new mid-sized drones could act as jet fighters. This Terminator-like vision in which future generations of fighter aces become cubicle-bound drone operators thousands of miles from conflict is already here: the deployment that began during the Bush administration has accelerated during the first seven months of Obama's term. Some 5,000 robotic vehicles and drones are now deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. By 2015, the Pentagon's $230bn arms procurement programme Future Combat Systems expects to robotise around 15% of America's armed forces. As US domestic approval for the "Af-Pak" conflict slips (a new Washington Post poll found less than a quarter of the US public support sending more troops to Afghanistan), the reliance of drones is likely to grow, analysts say. The air force study suggests areas of warfare too critical for automation, including dogfighting and nuclear-bombing, could eventually be handled by drones.

Nano-particles Pinpointed
Explaining How Depleted Uranium is Killing Civilians, Soldiers, Land -- (...) The U.S. government has known for at least 20 years that DU weapons produce clouds of poison gas on impact. These clouds of aerosolized DU are laden with billions of toxic sub-micron sized particles. A 1984 Department of Energy conference on nuclear airborne waste reported that tests of DU anti-tank missiles showed that at least 31 percent of the mass of a DU penetrator is converted to nano-particles on impact. In larger bombs the percentage of aerosolized DU increases to nearly 100 percent, Fulk told AFP.DU is harmful in three ways, according to Fulk: “Chemical toxicity, radiological toxicity and particle toxicity.” Particles in the nano-meter (one billionth of a meter) range are a “new breed of cat,” Moret wrote. Because the size of the nano-particles allows them to pass freely throughout the organism and into the nucleus of its cells, exposure to nano-particles causes different symptoms than exposure to larger particles of the same substance. Internalized DU particles, Fulk said, act as “a non-specific catalyst” in both “nuclear and non-nuclear” ways. This means that the uranium particle can affect human DNA and RNA because of both its chemical and radiological properties. This is why internalized DU particles cause “many, many diseases,” Fulk said.Asked if this is how DU causes severe birth defects, Fulk said, “Yes.” CLIP

Dustin Brim - How DU Kills U.S. Soldiers
The widespread use of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq has led to a much higher death rate among U.S. military personnel than the Pentagon is willing to admit. The tragedy of Dustin Brim is the untold story of one such casualty. (...) "The medical profession is the most controlled group in the U.S. in order to protect the nuclear weapons and nuclear power programs," Lauren Moret, a Berkeley-based radiation expert told AFP about the silence of the doctors. The gagging of medical professionals has been achieved through a piece of legislation called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), under which a doctor or nurse can be fined and imprisoned for disclosing health information to another person, even a family member. "The story of Dustin Brim is just one more avoidable tragedy of our insane use of uranium munitions," Rokke said. "When I lost Dustin, I lost myself," Lori said. "This is something that should not have happened."There is something going on but no one wants to talk about it on the record. I am sharing my son's story with you in the hope that perhaps it will make a difference."

CIA head in furious torture row (29 Aug 2009)
The head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon Panetta, erupted in an expletive-filled tirade and threatened to resign over the appointment this week of a special prosecutor into the torture of detainees by the CIA. In a heated argument with a senior White House staff member, Mr. Panetta argued that the inquiry would cause long-term damage to the agency and that the few rogue elements who engaged in torture had already been disciplined, according to a report in the New York Times. He lost the argument and the prosecutor John Durham will begin investigating whether criminal charges should be filed against those who exceeded orders.Mr Durham is already examining possible criminal charges against the CIA officers who destroyed ninety-two videotapes showing Abu Zubaydah and other detainees being water-boarded and otherwise abused over 200 times. The CIA Director once had direct access to the president and was seen as America's leading intelligence officer, but no more. Admiral Dennis Blair is the current Director of National Intelligence, heading all sixteen of America's intelligence agencies.He has also infuriated Mr Panetta by insisting on the right to appoint officers from other intelligence agencies to the most senior foreign postings. This has traditionally been a prerogative of the CIA. The agency has also been stripped of interrogation and detention responsibilities for "high value detainees." That will now be handled by several agencies led by the FBI.Even General Petraeus, the head of Central Command is setting up his own intelligence service to look at Afghanistan and Pakistan. The CIA will continue to fly the drones that are killing Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan, however. A spokesman for the CIA refuted suggestions that Mr Panetta threatened to quit. There seems little doubt that there was a "profanity-laced screaming match" at a White House as Mr Panetta vented his spleen. He was particularly angry to have learned of Mr Dunham's appointment from reading an article in Newsweek magazine.Sometimes torture has been treated as a capital crime in the US and the prospect of a lengthy investigation into CIA torture has thrown the agency into turmoil The Convention Against Torture, which the US ratified in 1994, requires a government to prosecute all acts of torture. America's failure to do so would itself be considered a breach of international law.Harrowing details emerged this week in Justice Department documents about CIA agents threatening a captive with a power drill and gun during an interrogation.They described a prisoner being choked almost to the point of death, and of threats being made to rape one detainee's wife and kill another's children.Three prisoners are known to have died in CIA hands.

CIA's black sites, illuminated (August 31, 2009)
The facilities were never meant to be 'ordinary prisons,' recently released documents reveal in meticulous detail. -- Their transformations took place in a sensory cocoon: aboard a CIA aircraft, shackled in place, deprived of sight and sound by blindfolds, headsets and hoods.They emerged into an existence that was hidden for most of the last eight years, but now is possible to glimpse through dozens of declassified files released by the Obama administration last week.Scattered throughout, in the CIA's clinical style, are descriptions of the prisoners' surroundings, the extraordinary security measures with which they were handled, the often brutal search for answers they were thought to possess, and what passed for everyday life. Some days seemed endless, illuminated around the clock by a pair of 17-watt fluorescent bulbs. White noise from the walkways filtered through the cell walls usually "in the range of 56-58" decibels, about as loud as people generally talk.There were touches of CIA hospitality. Prisoners were given books, movies and checkerboards to pass the time. They could hit the gym for exercise, and let their hair grow as long as they liked. But there were also long stretches designed to break prisoners' will. They were stripped, shaved and shoved against walls the moment they arrived. What came next was an escalating menu of interrogation options, culminating in a method used in the Inquisition -- waterboarding -- to make them think they would drown.The purpose, of course, was to make them talk. The Bush administration said the United States was in danger of additional assaults after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. CIA interrogators were under orders to get a lot of information, fast. Whether the harsh interrogation methods were necessary to gather the intelligence is still a matter of dispute. The only glimpse?The secret overseas "black sites" where the CIA conducted the interrogations are empty now, if not already dismantled. They were never examined by a congressional committee, nor inspected by the international Red Cross."These papers may provide the only picture that history gets of what life was like in these facilities," said Tom Malinowski, Washington director of Human Rights Watch.The black sites not only imprisoned men but reduced them to a near helpless state CLIP

Boycott Israel's IKEA Boycott
Shop Till You Drop at IKEA to Counteract Israel's Boycott! Thousands of Israelis petition to boycott Sweden retailer IKEA - Haaretz 23 Aug 2009 Thousands of Israelis have signed an online petition to boycott the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA, in the wake of a controversial article published in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet that suggested that Israeli soldiers "harvested" the organs of Palestinians. The signatories were also dismayed at the refusal of the Stockholm government to denounce the allegations under the banner of press freedom. Various figures in the Israeli government have harshly criticized the article and demanded, to no avail, that the Swedish government issue a condemnation. On Sunday it emerged that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to press Stockholm for an official condemnation. CLIP

“Our sons plundered for their organs”
You could call me a “matchmaker,” said Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, from Brooklyn, USA, in a secret recording with an FBI-agent whom he believed to be a client. Ten days later, at the end of July this year, Rosenbaum was arrested and a vast, Sopranos-like, imbroglio of money-laundering and illegal organ-trade was revealed. Rosenbaum’s matchmaking had nothing to do with romance. It was all about buying and selling kidneys from Israel on the black market. Rosenbaum says that he buys the kidneys for 10,000 dollars, from poor people. He then proceeds to sell the organs to desperate patients in the States for 160,000 dollars. The accusations have shaken the American transplantation business. (...) While the campaign was running, young Palestinian men started to disappear from villages in the West Bank and Gaza. After five days Israeli soldiers would bring them back dead, with their bodies ripped open. Talk of the bodies terrified the population of the occupied territories. There were rumors of a dramatic increase of young men disappearing, with ensuing nightly funerals of autopsied bodies. I was in the area at the time, working on a book. On several occasions I was approached by UN staff concerned about the developments. The persons contacting me said that organ theft definitely occurred but that they were prevented from doing anything about it. On an assignment from a broadcasting network I then travelled around interviewing a great number of Palestininan families in the West Bank and Gaza - meeting parents who told of how their sons had been deprived of organs before being killed. CLIP - Read also Israeli troops 'kidnap' Palestinians for organs

Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast (3 August 2009)
Catastrophic shortfalls threaten economic recovery, says world's top energy economist -- The world is heading for a catastrophic energy crunch that could cripple a global economic recovery because most of the major oil fields in the world have passed their peak production, a leading energy economist has warned.Higher oil prices brought on by a rapid increase in demand and a stagnation, or even decline, in supply could blow any recovery off course, said Dr Fatih Birol, the chief economist at the respected International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, which is charged with the task of assessing future energy supplies by OECD countries. In an interview with The Independent, Dr Birol said that the public and many governments appeared to be oblivious to the fact that the oil on which modern civilisation depends is running out far faster than previously predicted and that global production is likely to peak in about 10 years – at least a decade earlier than most governments had estimated.But the first detailed assessment of more than 800 oil fields in the world, covering three quarters of global reserves, has found that most of the biggest fields have already peaked and that the rate of decline in oil production is now running at nearly twice the pace as calculated just two years ago. On top of this, there is a problem of chronic under-investment by oil-producing countries, a feature that is set to result in an "oil crunch" within the next five years which will jeopardise any hope of a recovery from the present global economic recession, he said.In a stark warning to Britain and the other Western powers, Dr Birol said that the market power of the very few oil-producing countries that hold substantial reserves of oil – mostly in the Middle East – would increase rapidly as the oil crisis begins to grip after 2010. CLIP

Amazon Tribes Win Against Big Oil (August 28, 2009)
In the Amazon rainforests of Peru and Ecuador, indigenous groups are on the front lines of the climate change battle. Communities in both countries bear the brunt of demand for oil and gas resources buried in the rainforests. The Amazon is one of the world’s most significant “carbon sinks,” and when resource-extraction industries destroy forests to make way for roads, drilling, and pipelines, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. In Ecuador, toxic dumping by oil giant Texaco has also created deadly pollution that locals say has caused cancer rates to soar.Native groups in both countries have scored recent victories, but at great cost.In Bagua in northern Peru, demonstrators blocked a road in protest of new laws that would have eased the process for foreign companies to acquire land title and road-building rights-of-way in the Amazon. The protest erupted into a confrontation with police on June 5 that left dozens of demonstrators dead. International outcry over the deaths forced Peruvian President Alan Garcia to rescind two of the nine laws in question. On July 21, James Anaya, U.N. Special Rapporteur on indigenous rights, called for an independent investigation of the events in Peru. Activists have accused the Peruvian government of attempting to destroy the powerful indigenous organization AIDESEP, whose leader, Alberto Pizango, has been accused of sedition and is currently in exile in Nicaragua. Meanwhile, Ecuadorian communities have won a ruling against Chevron Corp., which owns Texaco. Their 16-year-old, $27.3-billion liability suit concerns Texaco’s nearly three decades of activity in the Lago Agria area of the Amazon, during which, plaintiffs say, the company dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest. CLIP - Watch also CRUDE - Official Trailer

Cities Eat Local (Aug 28, 2009)
Increasing numbers of U.S. cities are looking to lessen their climate impact by growing and eating local food. -- The city of Berkeley, California, has approved a climate-action plan that sets a target for reducing citywide greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050 and includes measures to localize the food sector. The plan will fund new community gardens and park projects, develop a community orchard on vacant city land, and provide financial incentives to restaurants that sell local organic food. Last year San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom convened a panel of experts to find ways to make food grown within 200 miles of city limits available to locals. On July 8, the mayor’s office directed all city departments to identify unused city land that could hold community gardens, and required all farmers markets operating in the city to accept food stamps. The city of Minneapolis recently passed a resolution that creates a local food task force and opens up city land to community gardens.Seattle is also implementing its Local Food Action Plan. This year, the city committed $500,000 from a parks levy to build new community gardens on vacant city land.

Fears for the world's poor countries as the rich grab land to grow food (July 3, 2009)
The acquisition of farmland from the world's poor by rich countries and international corporations is accelerating at an alarming rate, with an area half the size of Europe's farmland targeted in the last six months, reports from UN officials and agriculture experts say. New reports from the UN and analysts in India, Washington and London estimate that at least 30m hectares is being acquired to grow food for countries such as China and the Gulf states who cannot produce enough for their populations. According to the UN, the trend is accelerating and could severely impair the ability of poor countries to feed themselves. Olivier De Schutter, special envoy for food at the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said: "[The trend] is accelerating quickly. All countries observe each other and when one sees others buying land it does the same." Nearly 20m hectares (50m acres) of farmland – an area roughly half the size of all arable land in Europe – has been sold or has been negotiated for sale or lease in the last six months. Around 10m hectares was bought last year. Some of the largest deals include South Korea's acquisition of 700,000ha in Sudan, and Saudi Arabia's purchase of 500,000ha in Tanzania. The Democratic Republic of the Congo expects to shortly conclude an 8m-hectare deal with a group of South African businesses to grow maize and soya beans as well as poultry and dairy farming. India has lent money to 80 companies to buy 350,000ha in Africa. De Schutter said that after the food crisis of 2008, many countries found food imports hit their balance of payments, "so now they want to insure themselves. This is speculation, betting on future prices. What we see now is that countries have lost trust in the international market. We know volatility will increase in the next few years. Land prices will continue to rise."

Act Two for Clean Water (Aug 28, 2009)
The U.S. Senate may be poised to undo a Bush-era policy that undercut protection of the nation’s waterways.Until 2002, the U.S. EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers had the authority to keep pollution out of creeks and stop builders from paving over small wetlands. But two rulings on the Clean Water Act by the U.S. Supreme Court took a narrow reading of the law’s language, limiting the Act’s jurisdiction to “navigable waterways” and the small streams and rivers that are connected to them.The rulings stripped protection from 20 million acres of wetlands and 60 percent of the nation’s stream miles, such as the Los Angeles River and nearly all of Arizona’s small streams. Now 24 senators have sponsored a bill that would restore those protections. The Clean Water Restoration Act has passed the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and is headed for the Senate floor. The act has the support of a large number of environmental, wildlife, and fishing and hunting groups, along with the Water Environment Federation, which represents the water treatment industry, though the law is meeting resistance from big agriculture and developers.

Wind power – a cautionary word (2 August 2009)
All new technologies carry risk. That is true of benign new technologies as well as the old industrial sort. This paper's report on the potential health hazards of wind turbines, generators of eco-friendly wind power, will be unwelcome for many environmentalists and indeed for the Government, which for entirely creditable reasons is committed to a great increase in their number. But a new book by a New York paediatrician, Dr Nina Pierpont, on which our report is based and which draws on international studies, ought not to be ignored. This paper is in favour of wind turbines. But Dr Pierpont suggests that the vibrations and low-level subsonic noise that is emitted can cause a range of health problems, including sleep disorders, and may aggravate more serious underlying conditions. She attributes this to the fact that the human ear is far more sensitive to vibrations, not merely audible noise, than we have assumed. And the disruption to the ear's vestibular system – directly linked to our sense of balance – caused by vibrations and low-level noise from turbines is a factor that the British Government has not, so far, taken into account in assessing whether to commission wind farms. For the sake of public reassurance, it should. CLIP

Solar Roadway - Could we replace the road with solar panels? (August 30, 2009)
If all paved surfaces in the U.S. were replaced with 15% efficiency solar panels, the resulting distributed power network could provide three times the electricity the nation consumes, with zero carbon emissions. So crazy it just might work? Apparently the Dept. of Transportation thinks so: Solar Roadways has received a $100,000 contract from DOT to build a prototype. The Solar Roadway is a series of structurally-engineered solar panels that are driven upon. The idea is to replace all current petroleum-based asphalt roads, parking lots, and driveways with Solar Road Panels™ that collect and store solar energy to be used by our homes and businesses. This renewable energy replaces the need for the current fossil fuels used for the generation of electricity. This, in turn, cuts greenhouse gases literally in half. CLIP

Taking a Dim View of Solar Energy - Who could possibly be against homeowners using solar panels to power their homes? Utility companies (August 25, 2009)
Not long ago, most homeowners saw their roofs as simply something to keep the rain out. Now they seem them as a source of electricity. Despite the bad economy, or maybe because of it, the rooftop-solar industry is booming, as Americans become increasingly intrigued by the idea of turning their roofs into mini power plants and cutting their electric bills. In 2008, 33,500 rooftop solar systems were installed in the United States, a 63 percent increase over the amount of capacity installed in 2007. In California, the solar capital of country, the increase was 95 percent.Meanwhile, the outlook for the other side of the solar industry—the large, centralized power plants—isn't so sunny. These megaprojects—think acres of desert landscape covered in thousands of solar panels sending electricity through transmission lines—controlled mostly by utility companies that have had a monopoly over the country’s electricity grid since the turn of the last century, were supposed to be the key to the future of the solar industry. So far, they're getting vastly outpaced by the decentralized rooftop approach. According to the Interstate Renewable Energy Council's 2006-08 count, consumers added 522 megawatts to the grid; whereas utility generated sites added just 96 megawatts. The disparity has utilities worried about loosing their grip on the country's energy industry, and the $130 billion residential electricity market. In some cases, utilities are actually taking direct steps to thwart rooftop solar. CLIP

100 days to save the climate (28 August 2009)
There are 100 days remaining until the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, where urgent action is needed by world leaders in order to save our climate.We now have 100 days until Copenhagen. Greenpeace China displayed 100 children carved from ice at the Temple of Earth in Beijing today, to symbolise the “disappearing future” for the 1.3 billion people in Asia at risk of water shortage as a result of climate change. This event, matched in India with another ice sculpture, marks the 100-day countdown before the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen - where we are urging governments to take strong, effective action to stop climate change. (...) The latest scientific research shows catastrophic climate impacts can be averted by reducing global greenhouse gas emissions after 2015 in order to keep global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius. We are urging developed countries, as a group, to agree to cut emissions by 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020. And developing countries must reduce their projected emissions growth by 15-30 percent by 2020. With 100 days until the most important meeting of our time, we're working together with other organisations as part of the global TckTckTck campaign to show that the world is ready for bold climate action. We're asking world leaders to ensure a fair, ambitious, and binding climate deal in Copenhagen this December. A strong climate treaty will not only reverse the march of dangerous climate change - it will also help us tackle the world’s largest challenges. We will create millions of green jobs, reduce healthcare costs, lift millions out of poverty, and put renewable energy into the hands of everyday citizens in the developing world.The next opportunity for world leaders to step up and show decisive leadership on averting a climate catastrophe will be at the UN General Assembly focusing on Climate, on September 22nd. Sign up to be a climate activist with us and find out what you can do to add your voice to this important process. We'll be keeping track of what's happening in the lead up to Copenhagen but here's a few online resources you might want to bookmark:

Ice Sculptures in China and India to Mark 100 Days to Copenhagen Climate Conference (August 29th, 2009)
Yesterday, marking the 100-day countdown to the world-changing climate change conference in Copenhagen, Greenpeace presented beautiful ice sculptures in China and India to “to symbolise the ‘disappearing future‘ for the 1.3 billion people in Asia at risk of water shortage as a result of climate change” and “to show ‘the world washed away’ by glacial melts. They also engaged in several other creative demonstrations around the world to encourage climate action in Copenhagen in December. (...) Greenpeace says that the Himalayas are reaching a real tipping point, and if something isn’t done about climate change quickly, future generations in Asia will have real difficulty getting clean water that will sustain their lives. “A climate tipping point is unfolding in the Himalayas. The rapid melting of glaciers caused by global warming is jeopardising the water supply for 1.3 billion Asians who live in the watershed of the 7 great rivers that originate in the region.” CLIP

Water shortage threatens two million people in southern Iraq (26 August 2009)
Electricity supply to Nasiriyah has dropped by 50% because of falling levels of Euphrates river - A water shortage described as the most critical since the earliest days of Iraq's civilisation is threatening to leave up to 2 million people in the south of the country without electricity and almost as many without drinking water.An already meagre supply of electricity to Iraq's fourth-largest city of Nasiriyah has fallen by 50% during the last three weeks because of the rapidly falling levels of the Euphrates river, which has only two of four power-generating turbines left working.If, as predicted, the river falls by a further 20cm during the next fortnight, engineers say the remaining two turbines will also close down, forcing a total blackout in the city. CLIP

New virus-built battery could power cars, electronic devices
For the first time, MIT researchers have shown they can genetically engineer viruses to build both the positively and negatively charged ends of a lithium-ion battery. The new virus-produced batteries have the same energy capacity and power performance as state-of-the-art rechargeable batteries being considered to power plug-in hybrid cars, and they could also be used to power a range of personal electronic devices, said Angela Belcher, the MIT materials scientist who led the research team. The new batteries ... could be manufactured with a cheap and environmentally benign process: The synthesis takes place at and below room temperature and requires no harmful organic solvents, and the materials that go into the battery are non-toxic. CLIP

Tamoxifen Reported to Cause Aggressive Cancer Tumors (August 28, 2009)
The cancer prevention drug, tamoxifen, may cause cancer. It has been reported that rare cancers are being found in long-term users. Tamoxifen is the drug of choice, prescribed after breast cancer detection or surgery. Its use is deemed to have a 20% success rate in preventing further incidences of cancer. For this reason, many breast cancer survivors are long term users of tamoxifen, and this news is disturbing for both them and their caregivers. CLIP

Mourning a Health Care Champion (August 26, 2009) With a video of Ted Kennedy
Ted Kennedy never stopped fighting to make health care in this nation what it already was in his eyes: a universal, fundamental right of all Americans. -- Senator Edward Kennedy, who passed away this morning after months of fighting a malignant brain tumor, was a leading figure in the movement to reform our nation's health care system.He wrote a testimonial, published this week, about what a lifetime's experiences with that system—as patient, parent, and legislator—had taught him.As a cancer patient, Kennedy recognized the rare privilege of his congressional health insurance, in a country where millions go uncovered: "I am resolved to see to it this year that we create a system to ensure that someday, when there is a cure for the disease I now have, no American who needs it will be denied it," he wrote.As the parent of a child with bone cancer, he watched the mounting costs of treatment terrify other parents in his position: "Our family had the necessary resources as well as excellent insurance coverage," he wrote. "But other heartbroken parents pleaded with the doctors: What chance does my child have if I can only afford half of the prescribed treatments? Or two thirds? I've sold everything. I've mortgaged as much as possible. No parent should suffer that torment. Not in this country. Not in the richest country in the world."And, as a legislator, he dedicated himself to making quality health care accessible to all: "This is the cause of my life. It is a key reason that I defied my illness last summer to speak at the Democratic convention in Denver—to support Barack Obama, but also to make sure, as I said, 'that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American...will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not just a privilege.'

Was Ted Kennedy's brain tumor caused by cell phone radiation? (August 26)
Ever since the fateful news last year that Senator Edward Kennedy was suffering from a brain tumor, the rumors have abounded as to its origin. Tongues wagged that he was always using a cell phone, which in turn sparked speculation as to whether that was the cause of his illness. With all due respect to the grieving Kennedy family and the late Senator himself, there should be an open discussion in the light of all the information and disinformation.It may be only a coincidence but a report was just released yesterday on the subject of mobile phone radiation and its effects on the human brain. The title is "Cell Phones and Brain Tumors--15 Reasons for Concerns", written by an international group of scientists from the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Austria, Germany, the UK, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Russia, Spain and Sweden. (See the link to this report at http://www.radiationresearch.org/pdfs/reasons_us.pdf) The list of the group's concerns are primarily focused on research the cellular manufacturers themselves came up with showing the risk of brain tumors. CLIP

Fifth of honeybees died in winter (24 August 2009)
Almost a fifth of the UK's honeybees died last winter, the British Beekeepers' Association has said. Combined with an average 30% loss the year before, it means beekeepers are struggling to keep colonies going. CLIP

Check that tongue! Mobile phones buzz out honeybees (August 21, 2009) DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES!!
Thiruvananthapuram: Sweet nothings murmured into a mobile phone spell doom for honeybees, says a study. The booming communication industry is not helping one sector - apiculture - at least. Honey and bee wax are not the only things at stake, though. One-third of our crops need bees to pollinate."There is a 60% plunge in Kerala's commercial bee population. Bees are susceptible to diseases and attacks by ants, wasps and wax moths, but vigilant keepers can check these," Sainudeen Pattazhy, reader in zoology, SN College, Punalur, said. His study warns that bees would be wiped out in a decade if mobile phone towers continue to proliferate at the current rate. Pattazhy's experiments show that workers, who constitute around 90% of bees in a hive, abandon it when a mobile device is placed near it. "I placed a mobile device 10 metres off a hive for 5-10 days, after which worker bees never returned. The massive radiation from mobile phones and towers is frying navigational skills of bees," he said. Thriving hives were suddenly left with only the queen, drones and larvae. The environmentalist believes atmospheric electromagnetic radiation is responsible for this colony collapse disorder, characterised by mass disappearance of workers who buzz about collecting honey and pollinating flowers.In the US west coast, this apian disorder is such an ecological disaster that colonies of bees are hired to pollinate almond plantations. Apiarists' blame theories vary from viruses and bacteria to pesticides and radiation."Bees and other insects have evolved complex immunity systems over millions of years. Now, why would they suddenly die out due to diseases and parasites? Of course, we are introducing a new factor to their environment, which is disrupting their immune system," Pattazhy said."Insects and small animals would naturally be the first to be affected by an increase in ambient radiation. Behavioural patterns of bees alter when they are in close proximity to mobile phone towers. The vanished bees were never found, thought to have died," he said. A radiation of 900 MHz is highly bioactive, causing significant alternation in living organisms. There are close to 1.25 apiarists in Kerala. A single hive can yield up to 5 kg of honey. Pattazhy advises beekeepers to shield their hives with aluminium, which blocks radiation to an extent.

Cell phones and brain tumors: a review including the long-term epidemiologic data (Sept 2009)
BACKGROUND: The debate regarding the health effects of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation from sources such as power lines, base stations, and cell phones has recently been reignited. In the present review, the authors attempt to address the following question: is there epidemiologic evidence for an association between long-term cell phone usage and the risk of developing a brain tumor? Included with this meta-analysis of the long-term epidemiologic data are a brief overview of cell phone technology and discussion of laboratory data, biological mechanisms, and brain tumor incidence. METHODS: In order to be included in the present meta-analysis, studies were required to have met all of the following criteria: (i) publication in a peer-reviewed journal; (ii) inclusion of participants using cell phones for "> or = 10 years (ie, minimum 10-year "latency"); and (iii) incorporation of a "laterality" analysis of long-term users (ie, analysis of the side of the brain tumor relative to the side of the head preferred for cell phone usage). This is a meta-analysis incorporating all 11 long-term epidemiologic studies in this field. RESULTS: The results indicate that using a cell phone for "> or = 10 years approximately doubles the risk of being diagnosed with a brain tumor on the same ("ipsilateral") side of the head as that preferred for cell phone use. The data achieve statistical significance for glioma and acoustic neuroma but not for meningioma. CONCLUSION: The authors conclude that there is adequate epidemiologic evidence to suggest a link between prolonged cell phone usage and the development of an ipsilateral brain tumor.

Wave Your Health Good-Bye with Sky High WiFi (August 28, 2009)
(...) In a CNBC program called the Tech Report, the gathering pace of equipping aeroplanes with WiFi capability during flight is cause for concern. Anyone concerned about their health while flying can tell you that the drive to extend WiFi connectivity to commercial airlines doesn't bode well for fliers. It represents an increased danger to the health of all those who fly. The roll out being implemented by a number of airlines in the US and Europe shows a lack of understanding and care on the part of the airlines to their employees and passengers. (...) The ethical question of whether WiFi should be fitted to planes echoes the covert battles fought between smokers and non smokers in the 1970 & 80's. Similar questions are being asked; why should everyone be made to suffer for the benefit or convenience of the few? It will probably be popular if given enough time to catch on but at what cost to our health? The truth is the benefit is no more than the extra dollars in the hands of the airline operators at the expense of all those who travel on these planes whether they use the service or not. Does compounding the existing health challenges of flying for the sake of pecuniary gain or technological advancement make good business sense or even more health challenged fliers?

AUVA REPORT: Non-thermal Effects Confirmed; Exposure Limits Challenged; Precaution Demanded (July 21, 2009) INSURANCE COMPANIES KNOW THE TRUTH AND REFUSE TO INSURE CELL PHONE PROVIDERS!!
Austrian AUVA Insurance Company Presents Research Report and DVD on Health Risks from Cell Phone Radiation -- All across Europe the debate on exposure limits has flared up; insurance companies do not insure cell phone providers because of the incalculable health risks. (...) The Significance of the AUVA Report “The launch and widespread use of cell phones has introduced a new type of exposure. Never before did large groups of the population hold an RF transmitter to their head. Issues about health risks have made the headlines because the evaluation of current scientific data leave many questions unanswered. CLIP Check also the IMPORTANT European Parliament resolution of 2 April 2009 on health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields

Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors (August 25, 2009)
A new report was released today by the International EMF Collaborative entitled "Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone".

EMF-Omega-News 22. August 2009

Omega-News Collection 22. August 2009

EMF-Omega-News 29. August 2009



Ken Hardy (turbosonic.usa@gmail.com) sent me What Really Happened Last Week in Montana? a report decrying the complete control by the White House of a staged "Town Hall" meeting while protesters against the profligate spending of borrowed monies by the Obama governments were relegated to a roped-off area far away from the the national media's eyes, along with this comment - shown in part here:

"I saw a similar posting from a meeting in New Hampshire that was also totally controlled and staged in the same manner as Montana's meeting. Questions: Why is Obama going along with these charades put on by the White House?"


Dear Ken

I understand and respect your negative perception of this stage-managed effort to create a positive buzz for Obama's health care plan.

Yet I also understand, in light of the vicious negative pr against it created recently by the Republican opponents to everything the Obama/Democrat presidency does, that the White House had no other choice but to be just as cunning and adept at this pr game to ensure some badly needed positive news reports. And frankly as far as I'm concerned they have my blessings with these tactics however disgusting they may appear.

In the hyper corrupted, heavily negative political-circus environment the US situation has devolved into following the Bush/Cheney era, thinking that playing it straight and upfront will enable any good to come out of these tumultuous times is an ill-guided view IMHO...

I know you are among those who would like to hold Obama to the highest possible standards while appearing to be ready to kill the messenger - metaphorically speaking - at the slightest course deviation - as seen from this uncompromising perspective... I also understand your deep-seated desire, after so many years of lies and deceit, to refuse to put up with more of the same...

Except I do believe that this time the end result sought by Obama is not the protection of some vile corporate/cabal interests but the highest good of all - relatively speaking given where things stand right now - and so I'm willing to consider that he may not have much choice, given the current circumstances, but to pull some tricks and contend with less than ideal political decisions.... Which does not mean that we - who hope to see so much accomplished during his presidency - should blindly acquiesce and bless everything this new administration does that is not acceptable ethically or otherwise to us - like the drone-killing of innocent civilians in the Taliban-occupied lands near Afghanistan. Yet venting our frustrations without doing any constructive effort to contribute to the actual solutions we would like to see implemented will not do much good - aside from giving oneself the feeling of getting it out in "their" face as in all those public protests -- which frankly change very little in the end...

Steering the battered US ship towards calmer water cannot be done overnight and will thus require some measure of patience.

Again I understand and respect where you are coming from on this... I just personally choose to hold a positive perspective on what Obama does, remembering he is not infallible and omnipotent, and thus remaining vigilant and willing to criticize constructively, while also staying confident that, in the end, far more good than bad things will come out of the Obama years.

I still cannot see anyone more well prepared and more able than him to calmly deal with the ongoing crises the president of the United States has to face at this crucial time in our history. Juggling will all the balls he has up in the air since day one and keeping his cool all along is quite an amazing feat in itself if you think of it, not to mention the viciousness of his opponents epitomized by the FOX network mind-washers he has to contend with...

Now more than ever, we need to BE the change we want to see in the world... and allow ever more Love to flow from our Heart as One with All That Is... because only this Universal Power can heal the wounds of the souls involved right now in the grandest karmic processing this planet has ever known...

With Love and kind appreciation for Who You Are...


P.S. Later Ken sent me this which speaks for itself...

Cost of a date ... From a former Air Force Colonel....
Don't know if this is fact or fiction, but if it's true did we ever get a "pig in a poke" -- First, let me say that I've moved three presidents up to now and I've seen incredible waste. But, the "new" guy really takes the cake. I don't have an issue with the President promising his wife dinner and a show or that he even takes his wife out. But, when I saw the news say that the date cost $24,000, here's what you DON'T know. (...) trip's total had to be about $1,000,000. (...) These are the same people that chastised the automobile CEO's for using their aircraft. It further proves that the media only use the facts that make the President look good and hide any facts that will detract from his persona. CLIP Note from Jean: Of course, it is hard to know how that compares to the costs of previous presidents... But it sure seems excessive. Yet I doubt Obama personally had anything to do with the decisions - aside from his desire for a night out with his wife - that led to such expenses. His protection staff probably made them all...

And he also recommended Why the 'O'-ministration will implode in weeks



From: http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=105&z=2

Duality ending; steps to rid Earth of dark influence; radiate your light; mandatory swine flu inoculations; results of fear; specific help from other civilizations.

August 21, 2009

A very good day to all! This is Matthew, greeting you with love from all souls at this station. Many of you are welcoming these days at hand for what they are: undeniable evidence that Earth has reached energy planes where all actions and reactions are "revving up" as the duality in humankind leaps and bounces to play itself out. But larger numbers of the populace regard the happenings with confusion, discouragement or outright fear. I have referred before to the "bumps" in the road as Earth's journey progresses, but bumps and potholes is more descriptive of the ups and downs affecting all souls at this time of Earth's accelerated pace into fourth density, where only the finest in human nature thrives.

The higher vibrations surrounding and within you are producing physical and emotional anomalies, and in previous messages we have offered suggestions to deal with those. It is what fear produces that merits greater attention. People who are fearful about what they think is occurring and what may be ahead will experience severe jolting in numerous aspects of their lives during this final phase of third density on the planet. If they knew that the ages-old dark control of life on Earth is ending, they would rejoice with lightworkers and lightwarriors throughout the universe, but they aren't remembering their elation at being chosen to embody and participate in this transformation into the glorious Golden Age.

However, the tumult within individuals caused by this mass forgetfulness during the changeover from "old" to "new," most simply speaking, was anticipated by the highest universal council members who long ago conceived and crafted the Golden Age's master plan. The plan included millions and millions of souls from advanced civilizations whose essential assistance on, within and above Earth assured that she not only would survive death throes, but would be restored to her original paradise self, where all her people live in harmony with each other and all of Nature.

Members of your universal family also are helping awakened souls to more easily travel the rutted roadway during these late stages of the transition. You who have opened yourselves to the illumination and upliftment offered by the in-pouring of light need not experience the turmoil that the fearful ones are manifesting for themselves. As a reminder, the law of attraction is in continuous motion, bringing circumstances in accordance with the energy you are projecting in your thoughts and feelings. When those are aligned with BEing your powerful god-and goddess-selves, you have NOTHING to fear!

For individuals who are preoccupied with anxiety about physical and financial safety, the universe—which is impersonal, or neutral, because it is energy—will oblige them by providing formidable circumstances that match the energy streamers they are sending forth. This will include persons who are very dear to you—family, friends, neighbors, colleagues. Feel compassion, assist wherever you can, love them and surround them with light, but do not get pulled into their dramas and traumas. That will not help them one bit and it will dim your light and weaken your spiritual strength.

We are not suggesting that you bury your heads in the sand to avoid observing what is occurring nearby or learning about events in distant places. We are suggesting—recommending!—that you observe patiently and without judgment, all the while knowing that the light is victorious.  By so doing, the peacefulness within will radiate as grand light to all around you, and that is by far the most powerful benefit you can give to souls you care about. And it is so easy—simply, you are BEing the light!

What you see developing in linear time has been completed in the timeless continuum, where life in the Golden Age already is a reality. We understand that it is not possible for you to imagine the continuum or the scope of the world transformation underway, and we know that some persons view as worrisome the actions that actually are intricate "dance steps" to permanently eliminate dark influences in everything that affects life on the planet. The music and the dancers differ from nation to nation, but the triumphant bow at the end will be the same for all.

You are witness to the unfolding of a process whose unprecedented extent, speed and impact is shaking your world to reshape it into a placement where love, peace, fairness, abundance for all and respectful cooperation reign. The ones responsible for leading the way are up against stubborn foes that are using all their power to resist reform efforts. The enlightened leaders may stumble, but they will rapidly rise and regain momentum because never will their vision fade nor their determination falter. And those who oppose them will fail.

Now then, to address an issue of global interest. At this moment in Earth's field of potential, the energy of the outcry about mandatory inoculations against swine flu, or H1N1 as it has been renamed, is pulling ahead of the energy of those who are behind this plan. It was fear in the mass consciousness that fueled the dark ones‚ intention to put this back on center stage, and because that fear has been slightly reduced—despite the resurgence of scary media hoopla—it correspondingly reduced the likelihood that anyone will be subjected to vaccinations. However, this positive course can be reversed if fear increases, and that possibility is keeping alive the hopes of the Illuminati that they can pull this off.

NOT succumbing to fear about this situation—or any other that is by dark intent!—is part of your personal protection. The other part that is pertinent to mandatory inoculations is what we have mentioned before—the technology of our universal family is used to neutralize all harmful ingredients in the vaccines. But by no means is their help limited to this! Instead of my mentioning other ways your space brotherhood is aiding Earth and you, I have asked my mother to copy excerpts from formal presentations given by their representatives so that in this way, you will know of their assistance in their own words.


ICARUS: Icarus, like many other names in your mythology, descended from fact. The mythological Icarus is so named because of his golden wings of wax, a symbolic inspiration that came from our space fleet. We are in possession of a fine fleet due to far-advanced intelligence and superior technology that derive from our fuller brain usage than your current civilization. This is not spoken egotistically, Mistress Suzy, only factually. Our power for fuel, heat, lighting—all needs—comes directly from sources provided by God.


We are sending you our image. As you see, we are not humanoid in appearance, but only in our natural habitat do we appear tall, rangy, silver and very, very thin, with large eyes and long nimble fingers. We do not much care for the "spider" of your thought, but it is your comparison and so we accept it.

We can embody to look exactly like any form we imagine or wish to imitate, including just like you. That is how many of us are among you already and you are not the least bit aware of it! We are assisting in the cleansing by being in influential positions so we can make a difference in decisions that affect the environment, the pollution and industries, and in other ways that can reduce the negativity on Earth and therefore reduce the destruction of terra firma and seas.

We are part of a force in Earth human disguise that cannot openly declare its presence or purpose, which is the very salvation of your planet! We would like to be known as who we are naturally and no longer hide among you. However, it is not yet time according to our messages directly from God, who rules all major decisions in this universe and has His own timetable for optimum benefits to all concerned.

We are eager in all respects to assist and not take over any aspect of your self-governing that is according to the laws of God and the universe. We will honor all self-rule and decisions unless these are aimed—as so many are—at self-destruction and planetary destruction. Then we are empowered to technologically oppose those forces, to prevent what would be so traumatically destructive to the planet and lives.


LAZARUS: Because of our capability and willingness to assist Earth in relieving the negativity, the Council asked us to give you information about that for the book. We are in spirit brothers, we and you, and therefore natural collaborators in God's service. We are among the millions of your universal family whose crafts have been surrounding your planet on "active duty" for fifty years or more, relieving Earth of the negativity that nearly killed her planetary body.

S: How do you relieve negativity?

LAZARUS: We combine our energy with other entities who also want to preserve Earth's life. We came en masse to breathe our energy into her lungs, which are the air, the atmosphere, to withdraw many of the pollutants that were killing her.

We are not warriors, we are more engineering minds. Our energy has been helping to stabilize the planet and hold steady its orbit through areas where other heavenly bodies could seriously affect orbiting stability. We harness, or level out, the effects of what you call "natural disasters" to prevent the widespread destruction that otherwise would occur. We withdraw force from the energy fomenting beneath the surface that would produce volcanic eruptions of such magnitude they would blow up entire mountains and destroy surrounding towns. We stabilize fault lines so earthquakes are less severe—they still release energy, but do not destroy the vast areas they could without our softening interference.

We quiet the seas and temper the wind forces so you don't have the extent of hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes and flooded coastal areas that you would if we did not do this. We alter the course of celestial fragments within impact distance of Earth. We keep a rhythm going that is required of all your life forces. Are these examples clear as to our cleansing participation?


I want to give assurance that with all the in-beamed light, beloved Terra has regained a great deal of her former strength. But we still are showering her with our energy along with our technology to maintain her stability because not all the upheaval in ridding her of negativity is over, and we're not about to diminish our diligence in this respect until she is fully within fourth density vibrations and continuing her voyage to fifth. Then we‚ll all shout Hallelujah!—our work on Earth will be done and we shall return to our homeland and families.


PROMETHEUS: We are among these lighted beings and are the forefathers of some of your own human selves. We are from a planetary system in a constellation named Orion. There is no individual aspect of our civilization, but there is perfect harmony in the rhythmic motion of our searching ever toward the light. We have evolved into the needlessness of physical bodies, and our advancements in intelligence and spiritual truth-knowing has enabled us to materialize in thin strata formations that represent the cumulative soul essence and minds of billions of souls.

We understand that it is difficult for you to think of intelligent beings as odd cloud formations, yet we are in this appearance of proximity to Earth to exert the force required for maximum assistance. We are one of the civilizations working on behalf of your physical survival, which is one of the most important aspects of what you call "the cleansing."


Please remember that only a few such as yourself, who are anticipating otherworld helpers, will see anything other than frequent cloud formations in unusual configurations. The clouds will be your stratus-cirrus variety with "puffs" where an energy vortex is required to lessen the intensity of pollution from the chemicals and other toxins in your soil, water and atmosphere.


AGNES: We will assist in ways individual rather than collective. That is, our focus is on souls as individuals, not on the population of Earth in entirety. Other entities already present will assist in such ways as stability of orbit and extra energy beaming into the atmosphere for leveling upwards the cellular memories. We are not needed in this respect. Although, if so needed, we stand at the forefront of those lines of assistance with our love beaming as a deterrent to massive Earth shifts in the nature of destruction of our brothers.

Our purpose is to reunite with those souls who came from our own beginnings. All souls here are precious in God's regard, so we do not denigrate one soul and uplift another arbitrarily. It is as if a family on Earth called in the cousins and aunts and uncles so all are under the grandparents' roof for reunion. It is a natural selection, is it not, and you do not feel it is necessary to invite all who may pass by the roadway beyond? So it is with our mission and purpose. Yes, of God, in all ways and always.

We will approach not in our form, as the welcoming parties are rarely happy to see a stranger in the kitchen. First, we are already with you. Second, some of you have seen us in radiance, recognized in an energy that is warm and embracing. The recognition is not as a brother to a brother, but as a sense of wonderment and smoothness of the experience. Deeply, yes, this is indeed brother to brother, but at the surface level where you are thinking most of the time there is only wonderment at the sensations that are coming with greater recognition and frequency.

And what do we accomplish by this means? Reunion pathway. Hand in hand on a deep level we are walking with you toward the light. This is toward junctions you will recognize at soul level, a sense of familiarity without explanation, and later with conscious memory that will be welcomed, however startling. It will be the "Aha!" from your soul.


MENTA: We are more powerful than many others who also are helping to their full intensity, but their wavelength is less than ours, so we volunteered for a twofold mission. We are beaming in our own energy and also sustaining the light from those other sources once it is within Earth's atmosphere. This is essential so that your bodies can absorb the rays at cellular level and adjust to the higher frequencies Earth will be entering. This gives you the opportunity to physically survive during her ascension process that some call "the shift" and others call "the cleansing."


Thank you, Mother. Many other highly evolved presenters spoke about their civilizations‚ involvement all along Earth's ascension journey and gave wise guidance for successfully navigating through perilous times—our information in numerous messages has offered the same. [The full presentations from which the excerpts were selected are in the revised edition of Revelations for a New Era; other equally fascinating presentations are in Illuminations for a New Era and Voices of the Universe.]

Until my mother's family responsibilities lessen and she has time to read emails and prepare question lists, my messages will be sporadic and brief. But as we so often have urged: Please do not rely on external sources for answers—always your most trustworthy source is the messages from your soul!

With the infinite and eternal power of unconditional love and the Christed light, we are with you, each and every one, all along your spiritual pathway.



Suzanne Ward

[NOTE from Suzy: Bob and I are so very grateful for your prayers for his recovery—thank you! After a month in the hospital, he was transferred to a rehabilitation center and soon will be home to continue recuperating.

I've had very little computer time since he became sick in May and the backlog in my inbox was huge then. I wish I had time to catch up, but the reality is that I won't be able to read and answer many of the emails I've received during the past year.

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From: http://spktruth2power.wordpress.com/2009/08/28/wake-up-america-forced-vaccinations-quarantine-camps-health-care-interrogations-and-mandatory-decontaminations/

Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory "decontaminations"

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor -- August 28, 2009

The United States of America is devolving into medical fascism and Massachusetts is leading the way with the passage of a new bill, the “Pandemic Response Bill” 2028, reportedly just passed by the MA state Senate and now awaiting approval in the House. This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone “suspected” of being infected to submit to interrogations, “decontaminations” and vaccines.

It’s also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel. You can read the text yourself here: http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/senate/186/st02pdf/st02028.pdf

Here’s some of the language contained in the bill:

(Violation of 4th Amendment: Illegal search and seizure)

During either type of declared emergency, a local public health authority… may exercise authority… to require the owner or occupier of premises to permit entry into and investigation of the premises; to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or to decontaminate or cause to be decontaminated any building or facility; to destroy any material; to restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons;

(Violation of 14th Amendment; illegal arrest without a warrant)

…an officer authorized to serve criminal process may arrest without a warrant any person whom the officer has probable cause to believe has violated an order given to effectuate the purposes of this subsection and shall use reasonable diligence to enforce such order. [Gunpoint]

(Government price controls)

The attorney general, in consultation with the office of consumer affairs and business regulation, and upon the declaration by the governor that a supply emergency exists, shall take appropriate action to ensure that no person shall sell a product or service that is at a price that unreasonably exceeds the price charged before the emergency.

“Involuntary Transportation” (also known as kidnapping)

Law enforcement authorities, upon order of the commissioner or his agent or at the request of a local public health authority pursuant to such order, shall assist emergency medical technicians or other appropriate medical personnel in the involuntary transportation of such person to the tuberculosis treatment center.

$1,000 / day in fines

Any person who knowingly violates an order, as to which noncompliance poses a serious danger to public health as determined by the commissioner or the local public health authority, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 30 days or a fine of not more than one thousand dollars per day that the violation continues, or both.

Forced vaccinations

Furthermore, when the commissioner or a local public health authority within its jurisdiction determines that either or both of the following measures are necessary to prevent a serious danger to the public health the commissioner or local public health authority may exercise the following authority: (1) to vaccinate or provide precautionary prophylaxis to individuals as protection against communicable disease…

Forced quarantine for those who refuse (illegal imprisonment without charge)

An individual who is unable or unwilling to submit to vaccination or treatment shall not be required to submit to such procedures but may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111 if his or her refusal poses a serious danger to public health or results in uncertainty whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a disease or condition that poses a serious danger to public health, as determined by the commissioner, or a local public health authority operating within its jurisdiction.

Arrest for refusal to be “decontaminated”

If an individual is unable or unwilling to submit to decontamination or procedures necessary for diagnosis, the decontamination or diagnosis procedures may proceed only pursuant to an order of the superior court… During the time necessary to obtain such court order, such individual may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111 if his or her refusal to submit to decontamination or diagnosis procedures poses a serious danger to public health or results in uncertainty whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a disease or condition that poses a serious danger to public health.


When the commissioner or a local public health authority within its jurisdiction reasonably believes that a person may have been exposed to a disease or condition that poses a threat to the public health, in addition to their authority under section 96 of chapter 111, the commissioner or the local public health authority may detain the person for as long as may be reasonably necessary for the commissioner or the local public health authority, to convey information to the person regarding the disease or condition and to obtain contact information… If a person detained under subsection (1) refuses to provide the information requested, the person may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111 if his or her refusal poses a serious danger to public health…

Forced isolation and quarantine

An order for isolation or quarantine may include any individual who is unwilling or unable to undergo vaccination, precautionary prophylaxis, medical treatment, decontamination, medical examinations, tests, or specimen collection and whose refusal of one or more of these measures poses a serious danger to public health or results in uncertainty whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a disease or condition that poses a serious danger to public health.

Forced entry into any home or building…

There’s a lot more in this bill, including language that allows Mass. police to enter any home or building without a search warrant, to destroy any object or building they suspect may pose a threat to public safety, to order the closing and / or decontamination of any facility using highly toxic chemical decontamination agents, and to arrest, detain and interrogate anyone who gets in their way.

Meanwhile, all state law enforcement and medical personnel are granted complete immunity from prosecution for their part in violating your Constitutional rights. So if they violate your right to due process, or they accidentally destroy your home, or they kill your family dog because they suspect it might be infected, you have absolutely zero recourse.

Under this bill, Massachusetts becomes a medical police state. There is no debating it. It’s all written, clear as day, in this law: The citizens of Massachusetts will have no rights, period. The Constitution is ancient history. You are now the property of the State.

Kiss your freedoms goodbye

Massachusetts, it seems, has never met a vaccine it didn’t like. This is the same state that rounded up the parents of schoolchildren who hadn’t been vaccinated, then corralled them into a courtroom (with attack dogs standing guard outside) and forced vaccine injections onto all the schoolchildren under the threat of jail time for parents who resisted.

Remember, readers, that this is all taking place in the “land of the free,” a nation that former President George Bush claimed was so envied around the world that terrorists attacked America because they “hate freedom” and wanted to destroy our way of life. But terrorists need no help attacking freedom as long as Massachusetts is in the vaccine game, because this latest form of “gunpoint medicine” destroys freedom for everyday Americans in a way that terrorists could have never hoped to accomplish with all the bombs in the world.

Massachusetts, it seems, has done what terrorists could not: It has turned “free” Americans into medical slave subjects who no longer have any freedom to decide the details of their own medical care. All options have been stripped from them but one: The Big Pharma option. That’s the one that involves using untested, unproven and potentially dangerous vaccines that could paralyze you or even kill you. All to defend you against a virus that’s so weak, almost anyone with decent levels of vitamin D and basic nutrition can resist the virus without incident.

But Massachusetts, as you’ll see below, is just the beginning. It turns out that the whole nation could soon find itself under a similar forced vaccination policy…

Isolation camps, forced vaccinations and more

In 2006, former President George Bush signed into law the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP). It gives power to the Secretary of the U.S. government’s Health and Human Services department (HHS) to declare any infectious disease a “national emergency” and therefore require mandatory vaccination of the entire population. Because of the existence of this PREP Act, the entire population of the USA is now but one pen stroke away from being subjected to mandatory swine flu vaccinations at gunpoint.

Those who resist such vaccines will be arrested and taken away for “isolation” in domestic prison camps. They can’t just leave vaccine refusers free to live among the population, of course, because that would send the message that anyone can refuse the vaccines without consequence. So they’ll arrest those who refuse the vaccine, labeling them “a threat to national security” (enemies of the state) and imprison them without trial, without charges and without any legal representation whatsoever.

Meanwhile, all those who take part in enforcing these crimes against the American people will be granted complete immunity. From the HHS website: “[the Secretary may] issue a declaration… that provides immunity from tort liability (except for willful misconduct) for claims of loss caused, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from administration or use of (vaccine or other pharmaceutical) countermeasures to diseases, threats and conditions determined by the Secretary to constitute a present, or credible risk of a future public health emergency…”

There are other laws already on the books that strip Americans of virtually all Constitutional rights in a “pandemic emergency” scenario. One such act is The Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (S. 3678), which probably merits another article altogether.

Have no illusions: At the stroke of a pen, the Constitutional rights of all Americans will be immediately suspended. Mandatory vaccinations and “decontaminations” will kick in and the mass arrest of resisters will begin. There will be no court, no trial, no jury and no due process. Your actions will be dictated to you by a law enforcement officer or a health care worker who has been granted complete immunity, so if you just happen to get kicked around a bit (or shot), there’s really nothing you can do about it.

Some might argue these are necessary actions to save a nation from a deadly pandemic. And yet they forget that the pandemic has been intentionally allowed to worsen by censoring information about vitamin D and natural remedies that could stop it. Somebody at the top, in other words, wants this pandemic to get really bad, perhaps because it allows them to invoke precisely the draconian response I’ve outlined in this article. Seizing power in a Democracy cannot be accomplished by simply declaring war on the rights of the People. Rather, a situation must be engineered where the People are so desperate that they beg to be controlled. Releasing a pandemic into the wild is the perfect way to accomplish precisely that.


None of these laws will be invoked before the vaccines are ready in large numbers, of course. Part of the purpose in all this is to prop up Big Pharma profits with massive vaccination efforts, so until the vaccines are actually available, don’t expect to see any declarations of a public emergency.

It might take until October or November before the vaccines are readily available in sufficient quantity to inject just half the U.S. population. But once that milestone is reached, a declaration of a pandemic emergency is imminent. Trust me on this point: They won’t let all those hundreds of millions of vaccines sit around unused; they’ll make sure they get injected into the People as soon as possible, because that’s the only way to justify making more.

So the sequence of events we’re likely to see here are:

#1) Waiting on vaccine manufacturing to procure at least 150 million doses in the U.S. Probable timeframe = October.

#2) Hyping up a few local swine flu breakouts in schools in order to justify step #3. Probable timeframe = November / December.

#3) Declaring a full-blown national emergency and announcing mandatory vaccinations for everyone (to use up the vaccines that are now available). Probable timeframe = January / February / March.

#4) If the disease continues to spread, this is when you’ll see forced entry into homes and buildings, forced “decontamination” sprayings, widespread arrests and forced quarantine of resisters, Martial Law and a complete crackdown on freedoms (especially in the inner cities). This will likely continue through the winter until Spring arrives, bringing the sunshine that will suppress the virus around the May 2010 timeframe.

All this is written in black ink. It’s already part of the pandemic response plan. Body bags, FEMA camps and much more.

Two years ago, this was all the domain of conspiracy theory “wingnuts.” Now it’s State law. Now it’s being openly discussed in security conferences and health care meetings. What will we do when the hospital beds are full? How will we accomplish the “involuntary transportation” of those who are infected? Are there enough zip-tie handcuffs to go around? How do we disarm and arrest citizens who refuse to be vaccinated? How do we prevent National Guard troops from becoming infected themselves?

These are the questions circulating now at high levels, all across the world. And the answers are always the same: Abandon freedoms. Strip the People of any rights. Dictate from the top down and arrest anyone who gets in your way.

Welcome to the Land of the Free. I hope you are prepared for what looks to be coming, because this isn’t America anymore, folks. This is Amerika, and the Constitutional rights you thought you had are about to be written right off the books.


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How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunization (pdf Download)

Swine Flu Fearmongering a Mass Psy-op? (August 27, 2009)
(...) This whole thing appears to be a giant psy-op on the American people. They say millions will die. Yet, it hasn't mutated and only hundreds have died worldwide. Is this a cover for the collapsing economy? Is something bigger right around the corner? They are certainly preparing for something big, considering the internment camps, the government-sponsored propaganda and general fearmongering.With Massachusetts being a virtual socialist enclave and a confirmed love of "Big Brother," the Bay State will place a $1,000 per-day fine and 30 days in jail for people who refuse to take vaccines in a "public health emergency" like a major outbreak of swine flu, which at present time is no worse than normal seasonal flu.And in the media, particularly the alternative media, word is getting out to folks who truly want to be informed about the true effects of this vaccine."It's a eugenics operation and soft-kill weapon," noted talk-show host Jason Bermas, of the swine flu vaccine.And reading Jim Marrs's scholarly and incredibly informative book The Rise of the Fourth Reich. Nazis really did infiltrate all levels of American society following World War II and their eugenics programs are still being implemented today. That is what we apparently are witnessing with this wicked cocktail being injected into America's children, among others.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a column questioning why it was necessary for our federal government to be constructing internment camps all over America. See the original column here. I felt it was time for someone such as me to publicly broach the subject. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming. Even more interesting is the fact that the web link to the National Guard Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of "Internment/Resettlement Specialist" that I included in my column was removed shortly after the column was published. Was this a coincidence? Of course, the U.S. Army still has their web site soliciting recruitment for "Internment/Resettlement Specialist" online. See it here. (...) after reading the responses from hundreds of readers (and examining the evidence they submitted), I am more convinced than ever that our federal government is, indeed, constructing large numbers of internment camps. And as one might expect, I heard from a large number of military and law enforcement personnel, which made the evidence even more compelling. One statement from a retired Air Force colonel (who is still active in military associations and stays well-informed on military issues) was especially telling. He said, "The Indiana plant is an AMTRAK repair area--there are probably similar reasons for other facilities. (...) Since the colonel brought up martial law, U.S. Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA) recently indicated that he believed the U.S. government was intending to do just that. See his comments here.And last year, the San Francisco Chronicle published a major story regarding the potential for the federal government to suspend the Constitution and institute martial law. See the story hereIn addition, is it a coincidence that a bill was recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 645) called the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, which directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish "not fewer than 6 national emergency centers on military installations"? See


NIH Looks For Swine Flu Vaccine Volunteer (July 27th, 2009)
Last Wednesday, the National Institutes of Health began recruiting volunteers to test the swine flu vaccine. Manufacturers are rushing to make it to market before the swine flu rebounds in the fall.The first wave of shots is to be tested on healthy adults, but once safety is assured, they’ll look to try them new vax on babies as young as 6 months.However, it seems that the government is simultaneously rushing the vaccine while protecting the pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits. CLIP

The SWINE FLU Vaccination for the new pandemic (24 April 2009)
A new Pandemic means a new Vaccine- But wait a minute, apparently this one was a threat before and it is making a comeback. Here is the commercials for the Swine Flu outbreak in '76. The Swine Flu has to mutate to have an effect on humans because it doesn't normally pass from Swine to humans. So now it has miraculously done so again. It is going to have to get in line with the other flus and vaccines the government keeps trying to scare us into taking it.

The Swine Flu Scam - New World Order Agenda (26 April 2009)
The Swine Flu is an orchestrated attempt to spread fear and chaos into the population and to try to get people vaccinated, which everyone should know contains mercury that damages your nervous system. Mercury, of course, is one of the most toxic substances you can put in a human body. It is a heavy metal known to contribute to neurological disorders, including autism, dementia, and even Alzheimer's disease. Mercury also tends to build up in tissues in the human body and is not easily removed, so even small exposures to mercury can accumulate over time and end up compromising the health of the person involved. Wake up humans!!!!

WARNING: Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) Vaccine DEADLY !
Spread the word, only way to stop them it to wake up the world.

Endgame: HQ Full Video- Blueprint For Global Enslavement (2 hr 19 min)
Alex Jones chronicles the history of the global elite's bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars ? creating order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire. * Watch as Jones and his team track the elusive Bilderberg Group to Ottawa and Istanbul to document their secret summits, allowing you to witness global kingpins setting the world's agenda and instigating World War III. * Learn about the formation of the North America transportation control grid, which will end U.S. sovereignty forever. * Discover how the practitioners of the pseudo-science eugenics have taken control of governments worldwide as a means to carry out depopulation. * View the progress of the coming collapse of the United States and the formation of the North American Union. More related videos through http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel

Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America
Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today's problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul's positions today. This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty.

SWINE FLU Released by the New World Order part 1

SWINE FLU Released by the New World Order part 2


Alex Jones: CDC Mandated Vaccine RANT!!! (31 May 2008) WARNING extreme anger displayed!!
Alex talks about a horrible new bill that will force children to take every CDC mandated vaccine.

Vaccine Nation (Trailer - 6 December 2007)
In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe. This is one of the most critical questions facing today's children and future generations to come. If inoculation with a large regimen of vaccines is safe, what can account for the rapid increase in autism and other mental disabilities that are now at epidemic proportions? And why isn't the sudden onset of neurological illnesses in children being treated as an urgent crisis by our government and medical industries? Weaving together interviews with many of the nations most expert medical researchers, private physicians specializing in autism, parents of children victimized by immunization, congressmen, vaccination activists, legal authorities and more, Vaccine Nation will awaken viewers to one of the continual perils to the health and future of children.

Robert Kennedy on the Vaccine Autism Coverup
Robert Kennedy talks about the cover up regarding vaccines and Autism. Check also...

Deadly Immunity (June 20, 2005)
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates the government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal



From: http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/usnews/health-care/1658

Militarization of Swine Flu Preparations


The increasing militarization of preparations for an outbreak of swine flu is proceeding rapidly and without very much public debate, despite the relatively mild nature of the disease so far and the fact that many experts believe the panic has been overblown.

Earlier this week, Republican Representative Paul Broun of Georgia warned a town hall meeting that a “socialistic elite” may be preparing to declare martial law in the United States using a pandemic disease as the pretext. “They’re trying to develop an environment where they can take over,” he told attendees according to an article in the Athens Banner-Herald. “We’ve seen that historically.”

In another alarming development this week, National Guard troops are involved in a drill to take over a high school in Maine to deal with potential riots and panic over distribution of treatment for the H1N1 virus, the Maine Sun Journal reported Thursday. “The National Guardsmen will take on the roles of panicked citizens and military police and practice what they would do, such as using tear gas, in the case of a riot,” said the newspaper article entitled “National Guard Drill at High School to Prepare for Possible H1N1 Riot.” The story also noted that local law enforcement would be involved.

This is all despite the fact that the Maine Center for Disease Control has reported just one death tied to the swine flu, and the man actually died from “underlying conditions complicated by H1N1,” according to Dr. Dora Mills, the center’s director.

“This is just a component of moving the stuff from point A to B,” assured the director of Oxford County’s emergency management agency, Scott Parker. He told the Sun Journal that the plan would only be put in place “if needed.”

Apparently concerns about panic and disorder were raised during a conference in April, so the governor and the adjutant General of the Maine National Guard decided to formulate a plan to bring in military police.

But if state military police preparations weren’t bad enough, the federal government now wants to usurp state forces for domestic use under the Pentagon’s command. Though at least the states are fighting back on this issue.

The National Governors Association wrote a letter to the Department of Defense last week criticizing the proposals to take control of their National Guard units for domestic disasters. “Strong potential exists for confusion in mission execution and the dilution of governors' control over situations with which they are more familiar and better capable of handling than a federal military commander," the letter stated.

But no matter who retains control of the National Guard troops preparing to deal with swine flu, the federal government’s increasingly militarized “emergency preparations” for the virus are developing quickly and mostly under the radar. Just last month CNN and Fox News reported online that the U.S. military was drawing up plans to deal with a spread of the swine flu. “The Pentagon is preparing to make troops available if necessary to help the Federal Emergency Management Agency tackle a potential outbreak of the H1N1 virus,” according to a July 29 Fox News article entitled "Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak."

And as early as last year, reports also began to surface that federal troops were preparing for “homeland defense” missions and would be operating on American soil — in what would appear to be a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits the use of military forces in domestic law enforcement.

“They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control,” noted the Army Times in a 2008 article entitled "Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1." The soldiers will also be responsible for things like knowing how to set up road blocks and the use of “nonlethal” weapons normally reserved for war-zones to subdue Americans.

Additionally, the Obama administration has recently resurrected the heavily criticized Bush-era proposal to “update” quarantine regulations, while the U.S. Army advertises jobs for “internment/resettlement specialists” on its website.

The federal government’s health authorities operate quarantine centers from Anchorage to Miami, and in 2005 George W. Bush used an executive order to add flu that has the “potential” to create a pandemic to a list of quarantinable diseases. Will the military be used to enforce the quarantines? It is appearing increasingly possible, if it comes to that.  

This is all happening at a time when countless experts are warning that fears about the swine-flu virus have been blown out of proportion. In many places the disease even seems to be dissipating. “We'll probably see something that won't be that bad,” said Ontario’s former chief medical officer, Dr. Richard Schabas. “We would not expect it to be as bad as the flu year was in 2003 with the Fujian strain.”

He noted that a pandemic would be expected to kill thousands just in Canada, but so far the swine flu has claimed 66 lives there. “You tell me how overblown that is.… Our preparations always have to be advised not just by the sense of possibilities, but by a sense of probabilities.”

England’s chief medical officer, Liam Donaldson, recently announced plans to scale back the National Pandemic Flu Service from about 1,600 call-center workers to less than 600 as the number of cases there continues to fall. He warned of the potential for a “second wave,” but so far the disease has been less deadly than even the regular seasonal flu.

Australian National University microbiologist Peter Collignon told ABC News the H1N1 virus was no worse than annual influenza strains. “My major concern about what's happening is the fear is out of proportion to what the data shows," he said, adding that the use of the word “pandemic” was creating unnecessary concern.

But here in the United States, the emergency preparations continue to expand along with the power of the federal government. There has already been discussion of forced vaccinations. And an inspection of so-called “executive orders” issued by past presidents and continuing under Obama reveals that the executive branch already claims sweeping “emergency” powers to deal with health concerns.

Unless Americans start demanding some transparency and accountability, the trend towards bigger and more aggressive government will likely continue. This time the excuse happens to be swine flu, but there will always be some “crisis” not to be “wasted,” as Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel put it.

The preparations currently under way to deal with swine flu are not only unconstitutional, they are probably more dangerous than the virus itself. It is time for Americans to take personal responsibility for their health and their government and to say enough is enough.


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Dire Swine Flu Warnings from White House (25 AUGUST 2009) HYPING UP THE NONEXISTENT THREAT!
The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology issued a dire warning Monday about the spread of the swine flu virus later this year, titled "On US Preparations for 2009-H1N1 Influenza." It claimed that a "plausible scenario" would be "infection of 30–50 percent of the U.S. population this fall and winter, with symptoms in approximately 20–40 percent of the population (60–120 million people), more than half of whom would seek medical attention."While acknowledging that the true impact is impossible to predict, the report said the H1N1 virus could result in up to 1.8 million hospital admissions with as many as 300,000 requiring hospitalization in intensive care units. This would place “enormous stress” on intensive care units, with between 50 to 100 percent of beds occupied. On an even more ominous note, the report warned of the possibility of between 30,000 and 90,000 deaths attributable to the virus — mostly among children and young adults. But to put that in perspective, the regular seasonal flu is usually responsible for between 30,000 to 40,000 deaths per year. "It's a plausible scenario that we need to be prepared for," said Marty Cetron, the Center for Disease Control's director of the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine. But CDC director Thomas Frieden told the Los Angeles Times that flu outbreaks are very unpredictable and “cautioned” that the effects this winter could be “much milder.” The government report, available on the White House Web site, stressed that it was not a prediction, but rather a tool for planning the government response. (...) Whether or not cases of swine flu spread in the coming months, should the federal government really be behaving as Americans’ nannies and doctors? Presumably this is all justified in politicians’ minds by the infamous “general welfare” clause of the Constitution, but a cursory review of the Federalist Papers would quickly reveal that this is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind. The co-chair of Obama’s advisory council that issued the report, John Holdren, actually co-authored a book titled Ecoscience calling for forced abortions, mass sterilization, and a “planetary regime” with the power to enforce the sick notions. Is this who Americans really want in charge of these policies? It is past time for the government to stop acting as a savior and for it to start obeying the Constitution. People need to take personal responsibility. And the media should fulfill its role in informing the people, who can then decide with their healthcare providers and their families what the most appropriate course of action would be. People like Barack Obama and John Holdren have no business dictating national healthcare policies.

Mandatory Vaccinations: Tell Feds to Stick It (August 24, 2009)
"This doesn't appear to be an especially deadly strain," said Deborah Lehman, Director of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. "At this point it looks like the seasonal flu will be responsible for more deaths than swine flu."The Internet has been burning up for months with this question: Will there be forced vaccinations for the H1N1 'swine flu'? The WHO (World Health Organization) has been making splashy headlines about a "coming pandemic" that will dwarf anything seen in the history of the world! Who gives a tinker's damn what the WHO says? The big shots in the WHO with a banana republic mentality, actually think they have the authority to dissolve sovereign governments over a pandemic! These little Napoleons also label anyone who refuses a vaccine as criminals; see here. There are three questions that everyone must consider: 1. Is a vaccine necessary for this so called swine flu? 2. Is a vaccine that is already being used for this H1N1 flu safe? 3. Does the federal or your state government have a legal right under the U.S. Constitution to sic their dragoons on any American who refuses a flu vaccine? CLIP

Baby Girl Vaccinated by FORCE is NOW Austistic - after his older brother experienced the same reaction!

Swine Flu's Worst Case Scenario: Paranoia or Preparedness? (August 10, 2009)
An uncontrollable, deadly virus ravages America, shutting down civilian institutions and triggering martial law. Vaccinations are compulsory, and there are mass quarantines throughout the country.It's the stuff of Hollywood — but rumors that it could be real are spreading like the flu in the blogosphere, where some people are loudly expressing their fears that the federal government is seriously considering such measures as it maps out a worst-case-scenario response to the swine flu pandemic.During the bird flu scare of 2005, the Bush administration added novel forms of influenza — including the swine flu — to the official list of "quarantinable communicable diseases," clearing the way for the forced detention of people who exhibit symptoms of the disease.Now a proposal awaiting Defense Secretary Robert Gates' approval would allow the military to set up regional teams to assist civilian authorities in dealing with the impact of the swine flu pandemic. And some observers see this level of government preparedness as little more than a pretext for tyranny."The implications are far reaching," Michel Chossudovsky wrote on the Global Research Web site, which averages 18,000 visitors daily. "The decision points toward the establishment of a police state," he said."It would be extremely troubling and raise serious constitutional questions," Chris Calabre, ACLU counsel for technology and liberty, told FOXNews.com when asked how the civil liberties group would react to mandatory quarantines. "We opposed this in 2005 and will do so again because it gives the government blanket authority to hold anyone and has no due process."Foreign governments, too, are thought to be drawing up worst-case emergency plans that rely heavily on armed forces."In addition to planning mass graves and crematoriums operating around the clock, governments are planning to implement martial law in response to a pandemic," Kurt Nimmo wrote on Infowars.com, which has been tracking disturbing developments in swine flu preparedness. Nimmo pointed to a report in the Daily Telegraph that referred to the British government's emergency plans for "mass graves, inflatable mortuaries, 24-hour cremations and 'express' funerals." CLIP

Military to administer vaccinations!
Army National Guard Advertises for Internment Specialists - Doubt the government plans to impose martial law and round up dissidents and other malcontents? Well, the Army National Guard is advertising for qualified personnel to work as Corrections Officers and Internment/Resettlement Specialists. (Check HERE -- "As an Internment/Resettlement Specialist for the Army National Guard, you will ensure the smooth running of military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility, similar to those duties conducted by civilian Corrections Officers, a classified ad posted on the web states." CLIP

MARTIAL LAW BEING SET IN PLACE PT 1 QUIETLY! with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

FEMA Homeland security & martial law NWO jobs! (6 août 2009) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz8YjX2L2wk

MTV Martial Law Warnings - Ominous warning!

500,000 Plastic Coffins in the middle of Georgia?
Why coffins? Why in the middle of Georgia? Well, apparently the Government is expecting a half million people to die relatively soon, and the Atlanta Airport is a major airline traffic hub, probably the biggest in the country, which means Georgia is a prime base to conduct military operations and coordination. It is also the home of the CDC, the Center for Disease Control. I don't want to alarm anyone, but usually you don't buy 500,000 plastic coffins "just in case something happens," you buy them because you know something is going to happen. These air tight seal containers would be perfect to bury victims of plague or biological warfare in, wouldn't they? More info on the coffins: http://www.polyguardvaults.com/index.cfm?ID=9

Martial Law Plans Revealed? (the "Classified" bill that indirectly reveals MUCH! A bit of satirical levity)
SPOOF WARNING: Some say this video was produced by The Onion but these 639 google search results of "Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill" seem to indicate otherwise... Yet it is really a spoof as the Rep (PA) John Haller featured does not exist...



From: http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig10/bosworth1.1.1.html

Exposed: The Swine Flu Hoax

by Andrew Bosworth

The alarm has been sounded. Politicians, pharmaceutical executives and media conglomerates would have us believe that a 1918-style pandemic is a real threat. The 1918 pandemic, however, evolved out of conditions unique to World War I, for four specific reasons.

Why 2009 Is Not 1918

First, World War I was characterized by millions of troops living in waterlogged trenches along the Western Front. This war zone became fertile ground for an opportunistic virus, as medical literature reveals:

"…a landscape that was contaminated with respiratory irritants such as chlorine and phosgene, and characterized by stress and overcrowding, the partial starvation in civilians, and the opportunity for rapid ‘passage’ of influenza in young soldiers would have provided the opportunity for multiple but small mutational charges throughout the viral genome."1

Second, the war witnessed the growth of industrial-scale military camps and embarkation ports, such as Etaples in France, enabling the flu virus to enter into another phase of accelerated mutation. On any given day, Etaples was a makeshift city of 100,000 troops from around the British Empire and its former dominions. These soldiers concentrated into unsanitary barracks, tents and mess halls.

Today, many cities and nations have dense concentrations of people; none of these, however, are geographically isolated under the conditions of trench warfare and World War I-style deployments. Of course, there are smaller, sub-populations of people in prisons (prone to multi-drug resistant tuberculosis), in military barracks (prone to respiratory pathogens and meningococcal infections) and on cruise ships (prone to the Norovirus) – all proof of the connection between human confinement on the one hand and infectious disease on the other.

Third, after the war, ships such as the USS Alaskan became floating Petri dishes. Thousands of soldiers were packed like sardines for the long voyage home, allowing the virus to reverberate within hermetically-sealed units.

Fourth, returning troops were stuffed into boxcars for the train trip back to military bases, where they infected new recruits. Later, it was documented that Army regiments whose barracks allowed only 45 square feet per soldier had a flu incidence up to ten times that of regiments afforded 78 square feet per man.2

The 1918 flu virus became pandemic because, during World War I, the normal host-pathogen relationship was abandoned when millions of young men crowded into geographical confinement. In World War I, a flu virus was presented with a seemingly limitless number of hosts – almost all young, male, and with compromised immune systems. Unconstrained and unchecked by the usual habits of human behavior, the virus went rogue.

Flu viruses are smart, but they are not suicidal: if the host becomes extinct the virus will become extinct too. The evolutionary strategy, from the virus’s perspective, is to stay one step ahead of the immune systems of both humans and animals – but not two steps ahead. The flu virus aims to infect and reproduce without killing a critical mass of the hosts, of the herd, so the virus’s virulence is ameliorated after it becomes fatal for people on the margins of the host population – the weak and the elderly. World War I disrupted this synchronized, co-evolutionary relationship between flu viruses and human populations.

No flu since 1918 has been strong enough to produce, in millions of people, a "cytokine storm," which is an immunological over-reaction leading to pulmonary edema (the lungs filling with fluid) – the curse of those with the strongest immune systems, normally between 20 and 40 years of age.

In normal flu pandemics, even in severe ones, the flu virus kills a portion of the weak and elderly. This appears to be the case in 1837 for Germany and in 1890 for Russia, though reliable medical evidence is scarce. It was certainly true for the Asian flu of 1957 and the Hong Kong flu of 1968, neither of which were significantly fatal for young adults. The flu 1976–1977 has been exposed as a boondoggle, a fraud, with far more people dying of the vaccine than from the flu itself.

Indeed, 1918 was an aberration. Since then, no flu has scythed away so many people: some 500,000 Americans and anywhere between 25–50 million people worldwide in three waves: first in March, then in August (the deadliest wave), and in then again in November of 1918, lasting into the spring of 1919.

The origins of the 1918 pandemic can be traced back to the trenches of the Western Front in 1915, 1916, and 1917 – to the world’s first large-scale industrial and international war. There was no other cause: If WWI had not been fought, it is inconceivable that the 1918 flu pandemic would have been so severe. Today, in 2009, absent the conditions of WWI, it is preposterous for political and medical authorities to claim that the swine flu is a menace to society.

The Mysterious Origins of the H1N1 "Swine Flu" Virus

If the current H1N1 swine flu virus does become abnormally lethal, there would be three leading explanations: first, that the virus was accidentally released, or escaped, from a laboratory; second, that a disgruntled lab employee unleashed the virus (as happened, according to the official version of events, with the 2001 anthrax attack); or third, that a group, corporation or government agency intentionally released the virus in the interests of profit and power.

Each of the three scenarios represents a plausible explanation should the swine virus become lethal. After all, the 1918 flu virus was dead and buried – until, that is, scientists unearthed a lead coffin to obtain a biopsy of the corpse it contained. Later, researchers similarly disturbed an Inuit woman buried under permafrost.3

The US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, with a scientist from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, then began to reconstruct the 1918 Spanish flu. Had Iran or North Korea engaged in Frankenstein experiments (complete with ransacking graves) to reverse engineer the 1918 virus the US and the UK would have gone ballistic at the UN Security Council.

Interestingly, numerous doctors and scientists suspect that the swine flu virus was cultured in a laboratory. A mainstream Australian virologist, Adrian Gibbs – who was one of the first to analyze the genetic properties of the 2009 swine flu – believes that scientists accidentally created the H1N1 virus while producing vaccines. And Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director, "This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory is something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified."4 Because of this, the 2009 swine flu virus – which has yet to be detected in any animals – has a rather suspicious pedigree.

The Propaganda Campaign

Across the mainstream media, reports announce one swine flu death after another (even though ordinary flu kills about 35,000 Americans each year). Upon closer scrutiny of what passes for journalism, the victims have "underlying health problems," or "a common underlying health condition," or "significant medical conditions."

One news headline even blared: "Swine flu mother dies after giving birth, leaving her premature baby fighting for life," and only later, buried deep in the story underneath, did it explain that she had "other medical problems" which included being confined to a wheelchair because of a serious car accident.

Citizens the world over are increasingly skeptical of hyped headlines followed by smaller-print caveats. They are uneasy with the effort to create "doublethink" – a term coined by George Orwell in 1984 and a reference to holding two contradictory ideas in one’s mind simultaneously, paralyzing critical thought.

The media has never been in the habit of reporting the cases of people who, for no known reason, die of the flu. Out of the 35,000 Americans who die each year from flu-related illnesses, some are bound to be relatively young and healthy. It happens. This year, however, their stories are front-page news.

More recently, news reports now claim that the H1N1 swine flu can affect people in the lungs and lead to pneumonia. This, however, is what separates the flu from the common cold in the first place; and this is why tens of thousands of elderly people die of flu-related symptoms each year. Fox News even claimed that "this one morphs and mutates and comes back in different ways…," (like all flu viruses). In short, the media now uses the flu’s own ordinary symptoms to fuel fear.

Fortunately, a growing wave of online media challenges the propaganda. Back in 1976, there were no rival voices, and the Center for Disease Control’s manipulative television commercials dominated the airwaves. Fortunately, as a testament to official shamelessness, these videos are now archived and searchable on the Internet under the title of "1976 Swine Flu Propaganda."

Now, like then, the US government’s pandemic policy alternates between the ridiculous and the repugnant. The government’s flu website is revealing. First, the historical section on the 1918 virus is intellectually dishonest, making absolutely no link between the unique conditions of World War I and the flu pandemic; instead, the site propagates the erroneous notion that this virus came out of the blue.5

Second, the site announces an absurd American Idol-style video contest: "Create a Video About Preventing or Dealing With the Flu & Be Eligible to Win $2500 Cash!" (Congress has earmarked 8 billion dollars for swine flu prevention and can only offer $2,500 to the proles – or, rather, to the one prole who, rising above mediocrity, best parrots the Party Line.)

And third, the site encourages the use of Twitter to "stay informed…" There is something mildly disturbing about the US federal government promoting Twitter as a form of resistance to foreign authoritarianism, while, simultaneously, using social networking to further federalize and protect the abuse of power at home.

1976 + 1984 = 2009

In sum, it appears that the 2009 swine flu pandemic will not be 1918. It might be a 1976-style hoax, however, serving profit and power – with a bit of Orwell’s 1984 thrown in for good measure.



From: http://www.rense.com/general87/mill.htm

Million TIMES More Squalene In H1N1 Vax Than Caused GWI !!

From Gary Jacobucci - 8-25-9

Dr. Laibow's presentation on squalene during the second hour of your program last night, 8-24, was impressive. In looking for some verification of the 'million-times more squalene' than was in 'Vaccine A' that caused the catastrophic Gulf War I Illness (which ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of troops and killed thousands of others -ed), I came across this article...

What's The Danger of Swine Flu Vaccinations?
By Dr. Anders Bruun Laursen

"...So, as you see, there is no confusion with regard to swine flu and bird flu viruses. But there is another important consideration: the role of squalene.

The average quantity of squalene injected into the US soldiers abroad and at home in the anthrax vaccine during and after the Gulf War was 34.2 micrograms per billion micrograms of water. According to one study, this was the cause othe Gulf War syndrom in 25% of 697.000 US personnel at home and abroad. (3). You can find this table of FDA analyses from the Gulf War lots on The Military Vaccine Resource Directory website (4)

a.. AVA 020 - 11 ppb squalene (parts per billion)
"> b.. AVA 030 - 10 ppb squalene
"> c.. AVA 038 - 27 ppb squalene
"> d.. AVA 043 - 40 ppb squalene
"> e.. AVA 047 - 83 ppb squalene

These values were confirmed by Prof. R. F. Garry (5) before the House of Representatives. Prof Garry was the man to discover the connection between the Gulf War syndrome and squalene.

According to his findings, the Gulf War syndrome was caused by squalene, which was banned by a Federal Court Judge in 2004 from the PentagonZs use. (6)

As seen on p. 6 of this EMEA document (7), the Pandremix vaccine contains 10,68 mg of squalene per 0,5 ml. This corresponds to 2.136.0000 microgrammes pr. billion microgrammes of water, i.e. one million times more squalene per dose than in (4). There is any reason to believe that this will make people sick to a much higher extent than in 1990/91. This appears murderous to me."

Then, in looking for some confirmation on Novartis putting gp 120 (an HIV/AIDS protein) in their vaccines, I found the following...

The Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu
By Dr Russell Blaylock

"...Novartis, the second contender, also has an agreement with WHO for a pandemic vaccine. Novartis appears to have won the contract, since their vaccine is near completion. What is terrifying is that these pandemic vaccines contain ingredients, called immune adjuvants that a number of studies have shown cause devastating autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.

Animal studies using this adjuvant have found them to be deadly. A study using 14 guinea pigs found that when they were injected with the special adjuvant, only one animal survived. A repeat of the study found the same deadly outcome.

So, what is this deadly ingredient? It is called squalene, a type of oil. The Chiron company, maker of the deadly anthrax vaccine, makes an adjuvant called MF-59 which contains two main ingredients of concern-squalene and gp120. A number of studies have shown that squalene can trigger all of the above-mentioned autoimmune diseases when injected.

The MF-59 adjuvant has been used in several vaccines. These vaccines, including tetanus and diphtheria, are the same vaccines frequently associated with adverse reactions.

I reviewed a number of studies on this adjuvant and found something quite interesting. Several studies done on human test subjects found MF-59 to be a very safe immune adjuvant. But when I checked to see who did these studies, I found-to no surprise-that they were done by the Novartis Pharmaceutical Company and Chiron Pharmaceutical Company, which have merged. They were all published in "prestigious" medical journals. Also, to no surprise, a great number of studies done by independent laboratories and research institutions all found a strong link between MF-59 and autoimmune diseases.

Squalene in vaccines has been strongly linked to the Gulf War Syndrome. On August 1991, Anthony Principi, Secretary of Veterans Affairs admitted that soldiers vaccinated with the anthrax vaccine from 1990 to 1991 had an increased risk of 200 percent in developing the deadly disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig's disease. The soldiers also suffered from a number of debilitating and life-shortening diseases, such as polyarteritis nodosa, multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, transverse myelitis (a neurological disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord), endocarditis (inflammation of the heart's inner lining), optic neuritis with blindness and glomerulonephritis (a type of kidney disease).

The second ingredient, and one that greatly concerns me, is called gp120, a glycoprotein. Researchers found when it was mixed with squalene, the glycoprotein became strongly antigenic - that is, it produced a powerful and prolonged immune response to the vaccination. In fact, their studies show that with each dose, the intense immune reaction lasts over a year.

Now for the shocker-the glycoprotein-gp120, a major component of MF-59 vaccine adjuvant, is the same protein fragment isolated from HIV - the virus that is responsible for the rapid dementia seen in AIDS patients.

Studies have shown that when gp120 is taken up by the microglia cells in the brain, it causes intense inflammation and makes the brain subject to excitotoxic damage-a process called immunoexcitotoxicity. This is also the cause of the MS and optic neuritis associated with vaccines that contain MF-59.

So, how would the gp120 get into the brain? Studies of other immune adjuvants using careful tracer techniques have shown that they routinely enter the brain following vaccination. What most people do not know, even the doctors who recommend the vaccines, is that most such studies by pharmaceutical companies observe the patients for only one to two weeks following vaccination-these types of reactions may take months or even years to manifest.

It is obvious that the vaccine manufacturers stand to make billions of dollars in profits from this WHO/government-promoted pandemic. Novartis, the maker of the new pandemic vaccine, recently announced that they would not give free vaccines to impoverished nations-everybody pays.

One must keep in mind that once the vaccine is injected, there is little you can do to protect yourself-at least by conventional medicine. It will mean a lifetime of crippling illness and early death.

There are much safer ways to protect oneself from this flu virus, such as higher doses of vitamin D3, selective immune enhancement using supplements, and a good diet." End of excerpt by Dr. Blaylock.

- Gary Jacobucci



From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1206807/Swine-flu-jab-link-killer-nerve-disease-Leaked-letter-reveals-concern-neurologists-25-deaths-America.html

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America

By JO MACFARLANE -- 15th August 2009

Prevention: Is the swine flu jab safe?

A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.

The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked to The Mail on Sunday, leading to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins.

It tells the neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine.

GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.

The letter, sent to about 600 neurologists on July 29, is the first sign that there is concern at the highest levels that the vaccine itself could cause serious complications.

It refers to the use of a similar swine flu vaccine in the United States in 1976 when:

- More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu.

- 500 cases of GBS were detected.

- The vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times.

- The vaccine was withdrawn after just ten weeks when the link with GBS became clear.

- The US Government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.

Concerns have already been raised that the new vaccine has not been sufficiently tested and that the effects, especially on children, are unknown.

It is being developed by pharmaceutical companies and will be given to about 13million people during the first wave of immunisation, expected to start in October.

Top priority will be given to everyone aged six months to 65 with an underlying health problem, pregnant women and health professionals.

The British Neurological Surveillance Unit (BNSU), part of the British Association of Neurologists, has been asked to monitor closely any cases of GBS as the vaccine is rolled out.

One senior neurologist said last night: ‘I would not have the swine flu jab because of the GBS risk.’

There are concerns that there could be a repeat of what became known as the ‘1976 debacle’ in the US, where a swine flu vaccine killed 25 people – more than the virus itself.

A mass vaccination was given the go-ahead by President Gerald Ford because scientists believed that the swine flu strain was similar to the one responsible for the 1918-19 pandemic, which killed half a million Americans and 20million people worldwide.

The swine flu vaccine being offered to children has not been tested on infants

Within days, symptoms of GBS were reported among those who had been immunised and 25 people died from respiratory failure after severe paralysis. One in 80,000 people came down with the condition. In contrast, just one person died of swine flu.

More than 40million Americans had received the vaccine by the time the programme was stopped after ten weeks. The US Government paid out millions of dollars in compensation to those affected.

The swine flu virus in the new vaccine is a slightly different strain from the 1976 virus, but the possibility of an increased incidence of GBS remains a concern.

Shadow health spokesman Mike Penning said last night: ‘The last thing we want is secret letters handed around experts within the NHS. We need a vaccine but we also need to know about potential risks.

‘Our job is to make sure that the public knows what’s going on. Why

is the Government not being open about this? It’s also very worrying if GPs, who will be administering the vaccine, aren’t being warned.’

Two letters were posted together to neurologists advising them of the concerns. The first, dated July 29, was written by Professor Elizabeth Miller, head of the HPA’s Immunisation Department.

It says: ‘The vaccines used to combat an expected swine influenza pandemic in 1976 were shown to be associated with GBS and were withdrawn from use.

‘GBS has been identified as a condition needing enhanced surveillance when the swine flu vaccines are rolled out.

‘Reporting every case of GBS irrespective of vaccination or disease history is essential for conducting robust epidemiological analyses capable of identifying whether there is an increased risk of GBS in defined time periods after vaccination, or after influenza itself, compared with the background risk.’

The second letter, dated July 27, is from the Association of British Neurologists and is written by Dr Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, chair of its surveillance unit, and Professor Patrick Chinnery, chair of its clinical research committee.

It says: ‘Traditionally, the BNSU has monitored rare diseases for long periods of time. However, the swine influenza (H1N1) pandemic has overtaken us and we need every member’s involvement with a new BNSU survey of Guillain-Barre Syndrome that will start on August 1 and run for approximately nine months.

‘Following the 1976 programme of vaccination against swine influenza in the US, a retrospective study found a possible eight-fold increase in the incidence of GBS.

‘Active prospective ascertainment of every case of GBS in the UK is required. Please tell BNSU about every case.

‘You will have seen Press coverage describing the Government’s concern about releasing a vaccine of unknown safety.’

If there are signs of a rise in GBS after the vaccination programme begins, the Government could decide to halt it.

GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, leaving them unable to transmit signals to muscles effectively.

It can cause partial paralysis and mostly affects the hands and feet. In serious cases, patients need to be kept on a ventilator, but it can be fatal.

Death is caused by paralysis of the respiratory system, causing the victim to suffocate.

It is not known exactly what causes GBS and research on the subject has been inconclusive.

However, it is thought that one in a million people who have a seasonal flu vaccination could be at risk and it has also been linked to people recovering from a bout of flu of any sort.

The HPA said it was part of the Government’s pandemic plan to monitor GBS cases in the event of a mass vaccination campaign, regardless of the strain of flu involved.

But vaccine experts warned that the letters proved the programme was a ‘guinea-pig trial’.

Dr Tom Jefferson, co-ordinator of the vaccines section of the influential Cochrane Collaboration, an independent group that reviews research, said: ‘New vaccines never behave in the way you expect them to. It may be that there is a link to GBS, which is certainly not something I would wish on anybody.

‘But it could end up being anything because one of the additives in one of the vaccines is a substance called squalene, and none of the studies we’ve extracted have any research on it at all.’

He said squalene, a naturally occurring enzyme, could potentially cause so-far-undiscovered side effects.

Jackie Fletcher, founder of vaccine support group Jabs, said: ‘The Government would not be anticipating this if they didn’t think there was a connection. What we’ve got is a massive guinea-pig trial.’

Professor Chinnery said: ‘During the last swine flu pandemic, it was observed that there was an increased frequency of cases of GBS. No one knows whether it was the virus or the vaccine that caused this.

‘The purpose of the survey is for us to assess rapidly whether there is an increase in the frequency of GBS when the vaccine is released in the UK. It also increases consultants’ awareness of the condition.

Panic over? The number of swine flu cases has fallen sharply in the past few weeks

‘This is a belt-and-braces approach to safety and is not something people should be substantially worried about as it’s a rare condition.’

If neurologists do identify a case of GBS, it will be logged on a central database.

Details about patients, including blood samples, will be collected and monitored by the HPA.

It is hoped this will help scientists establish why some people develop the condition and whether it is directly related to the vaccine.

But some question why there needs to be a vaccine, given the risks. Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of The Truth About Vaccines, said: ‘For people with serious underlying health problems, the risk of dying from swine flu is probably greater than the risk of side effects from the vaccine.

‘But it would be tragic if we repeated the US example and ended up with more casualties from the jabs.

‘I applaud the Government for recognising the risk but in most cases this is a mild virus which needs a few days in bed. I’d question why we need a vaccine at all.’

CLIP - To read the rest please go at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1206807/Swine-flu-jab-link-killer-nerve-disease-Leaked-letter-reveals-concern-neurologists-25-deaths-America.html



From: http://www.totalhealthbreakthroughs.com/2009/07/gm-foods-a-real-killer/

The Nightmare of GM Foods

by Melanie Segala 07/29/2009

“You have to know where your food is coming from.” These words of warning were spoken by biologist and plant expert, Arpad Puszati at a gathering of concerned citizens in St. Catherine’s, Ontario earlier this year.1

As far back as 1998, Dr. Puszati’s research at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland showed that genetically modified potatoes caused health problems in rats, including a weakened immune system and abnormal growth. For blowing the whistle on Big Agra, he was dismissed from his job.

Eleven years later, as companies like Monsanto successfully silenced their critics, genetically modified organisms have gained a stronghold in taking over the world’s food supply — in spite of the fact that a growing body of evidence shows the alarming health effects that are being seen in people and animals who are consuming GM foods. But unlike years ago, concerned physicians and scientists are now banding together and advising their patients and the general public to avoid GM foods altogether.

The latest professional group to voice their warnings is the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) who is advising physicians to educate their patients and the medical community about the health risks of GM foods — including “infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system.”2

Why are these medical professionals so sure that GM foods are to blame for the growing list of health problems? Because of the reason and method they were manufactured. GM corn and cotton for example, are produced with a built-in pesticide called Bt. When the insect bites the plant, the poison kills it. The problem is that the Bt toxin in GM plants is thousands of times more concentrated and toxic than the spray version — and it cannot be washed off — it’s part of the plant.

And as health professionals for the AAEM have pointed out, there are precious few human studies to document the safety of GM foods. The animal studies however, tell a frightening story.2 Here are just a few examples:

- When GM soy was fed to female rats, most of their babies died within three weeks—compared to a 10% death rate among the control group fed natural soy. When male rats were fed GM soy, their testicles turned from a natural pink to dark blue.

- In India when grazing animals fed on the remainder of harvested GM cotton plants, all of them died including thousands of sheep. Those that grazed on natural cotton plants remained healthy.

- In the US, farmers have reported that thousands of pigs became sterile after eating GM corn.

- In Germany, GM corn is thought to have caused the death of both cows and horses.

There is only one human study so far that demonstrates what GM foods might be doing to us — and it is chilling indeed. The modified gene that is inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of our intestinal bacteria and is still functional. This means our own gut flora could continue to produce the pesticide long after we have eaten the food — perhaps forever.2

Could GM foods be the cause of skyrocketing numbers of obesity, diabetes, autism, and even cancer? According to researchers, it may be, but we may never know for sure. The link to GM foods can’t be traced and the onset of the disease may take several years.

But that doesn’t mean we should take any chances, or wait for the results to come in. If Big Agra has its way, any damning evidence that links GM foods to chronic diseases will be stifled and the epidemic of immune and degenerative diseases will continue to rise.

What you can do is stay away from all processed food unless it clearly states on the package that it is organic or made from non-GMO ingredients. According to the Institute for Responsible Technology and the Center for Food Safety, you should also steer clear of soy or corn derivatives, cottonseed and canola oils, and GM sugar beets. These two organizations provide a downloadable Non-GMO Shopping Guide for consumers to refer to help with their food choices.

Let’s not be lab rats for the benefit of Big Agra. Together we can take a stand and just say no to the foods that are not fit for human or animal consumption.


1. Scientist Issues Genetic Food Warning, January 19, 2009, The St. Catherines Standard (Canada).

2. Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food, http://www.responsibletechnology.org/utility/showArticle/?objectID=2989



From: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1917458,00.html

Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food

By BRYAN WALSH -- August 21, 2009

Somewhere in Iowa, a pig is being raised in a confined pen, packed in so tightly with other swine that their curly tails have been chopped off so they won't bite one another. To prevent him from getting sick in such close quarters, he is dosed with antibiotics. The waste produced by the pig and his thousands of pen mates on the factory farm where they live goes into manure lagoons that blanket neighboring communities with air pollution and a stomach-churning stench. He's fed on American corn that was grown with the help of government subsidies and millions of tons of chemical fertilizer. When the pig is slaughtered, at about 5 months of age, he'll become sausage or bacon that will sell cheap, feeding an American addiction to meat that has contributed to an obesity epidemic currently afflicting more than two-thirds of the population. And when the rains come, the excess fertilizer that coaxed so much corn from the ground will be washed into the Mississippi River and down into the Gulf of Mexico, where it will help kill fish for miles and miles around. That's the state of your bacon — circa 2009.

Horror stories about the food industry have long been with us — ever since 1906, when Upton Sinclair's landmark novel The Jungle told some ugly truths about how America produces its meat. In the century that followed, things got much better, and in some ways much worse. The U.S. agricultural industry can now produce unlimited quantities of meat and grains at remarkably cheap prices. But it does so at a high cost to the environment, animals and humans. Those hidden prices are the creeping erosion of our fertile farmland, cages for egg-laying chickens so packed that the birds can't even raise their wings and the scary rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria among farm animals. Add to the price tag the acceleration of global warming — our energy-intensive food system uses 19% of U.S. fossil fuels, more than any other sector of the economy.

And perhaps worst of all, our food is increasingly bad for us, even dangerous. A series of recalls involving contaminated foods this year — including an outbreak of salmonella from tainted peanuts that killed at least eight people and sickened 600 — has consumers rightly worried about the safety of their meals. A food system — from seed to 7?Eleven — that generates cheap, filling food at the literal expense of healthier produce is also a principal cause of America's obesity epidemic. At a time when the nation is close to a civil war over health-care reform, obesity adds $147 billion a year to our doctor bills. "The way we farm now is destructive of the soil, the environment and us," says Doug Gurian-Sherman, a senior scientist with the food and environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

Some Americans are heeding such warnings and working to transform the way the country eats — ranchers and farmers who are raising sustainable food in ways that don't bankrupt the earth. Documentaries like the scathing Food Inc. and the work of investigative journalists like Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan are reprising Sinclair's work, awakening a sleeping public to the uncomfortable realities of how we eat. Change is also coming from the very top. First Lady Michelle Obama's White House garden has so far yielded more than 225 lb. of organic produce — and tons of powerful symbolism. But hers is still a losing battle. Despite increasing public awareness, sustainable agriculture, while the fastest-growing sector of the food industry, remains a tiny enterprise: according to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), less than 1% of American cropland is farmed organically. Sustainable food is also pricier than conventional food and harder to find. And while large companies like General Mills have opened organic divisions, purists worry that the very definition of sustainability will be co-opted as a result.

But we don't have the luxury of philosophizing about food. With the exhaustion of the soil, the impact of global warming and the inevitably rising price of oil — which will affect everything from fertilizer to supermarket electricity bills — our industrial style of food production will end sooner or later. As the developing world grows richer, hundreds of millions of people will want to shift to the same calorie-heavy, protein-rich diet that has made Americans so unhealthy — demand for meat and poultry worldwide is set to rise 25% by 2015 — but the earth can no longer deliver. Unless Americans radically rethink the way they grow and consume food, they face a future of eroded farmland, hollowed-out countryside, scarier germs, higher health costs — and bland taste. Sustainable food has an élitist reputation, but each of us depends on the soil, animals and plants — and as every farmer knows, if you don't take care of your land, it can't take care of you.

The Downside of Cheap

For all the grumbling you do about your weekly grocery bill, the fact is you've never had it so good, at least in terms of what you pay for every calorie you eat. According to the USDA, Americans spend less than 10% of their incomes on food, down from 18% in 1966. Those savings begin with the remarkable success of one crop: corn. Corn is king on the American farm, with production passing 12 billion bu. annually, up from 4 billion bu. as recently as 1970. When we eat a cheeseburger, a Chicken McNugget, or drink soda, we're eating the corn that grows on vast, monocrop fields in Midwestern states like Iowa.

But cheap food is not free food, and corn comes with hidden costs. The crop is heavily fertilized — both with chemicals like nitrogen and with subsidies from Washington. Over the past decade, the Federal Government has poured more than $50 billion into the corn industry, keeping prices for the crop — at least until corn ethanol skewed the market — artificially low. That's why McDonald's can sell you a Big Mac, fries and a Coke for around $5 — a bargain, given that the meal contains nearly 1,200 calories, more than half the daily recommended requirement for adults. "Taxpayer subsidies basically underwrite cheap grain, and that's what the factory-farming system for meat is entirely dependent on," says Gurian-Sherman.

So what's wrong with cheap food and cheap meat — especially in a world in which more than 1 billion people go hungry? A lot. For one thing, not all food is equally inexpensive; fruits and vegetables don't receive the same price supports as grains. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a dollar could buy 1,200 calories of potato chips or 875 calories of soda but just 250 calories of vegetables or 170 calories of fresh fruit. With the backing of the government, farmers are producing more calories — some 500 more per person per day since the 1970s — but too many are unhealthy calories. Given that, it's no surprise we're so fat; it simply costs too much to be thin.

Our expanding girth is just one consequence of mainstream farming. Another is chemicals. No one doubts the power of chemical fertilizer to pull more crop from a field. American farmers now produce an astounding 153 bu. of corn per acre, up from 118 as recently as 1990. But the quantity of that fertilizer is flat-out scary: more than 10 million tons for corn alone — and nearly 23 million for all crops. When runoff from the fields of the Midwest reaches the Gulf of Mexico, it contributes to what's known as a dead zone, a seasonal, approximately 6,000-sq.-mi. area that has almost no oxygen and therefore almost no sea life. Because of the dead zone, the $2.8 billion Gulf of Mexico fishing industry loses 212,000 metric tons of seafood a year, and around the world, there are nearly 400 similar dead zones. Even as we produce more high-fat, high-calorie foods, we destroy one of our leanest and healthiest sources of protein.

The food industry's degradation of animal life, of course, isn't limited to fish. Though we might still like to imagine our food being raised by Old MacDonald, chances are your burger or your sausage came from what are called concentrated-animal feeding operations (CAFOs), which are every bit as industrial as they sound. In CAFOs, large numbers of animals — 1,000 or more in the case of cattle and tens of thousands for chicken and pigs — are kept in close, concentrated conditions and fattened up for slaughter as fast as possible, contributing to efficiencies of scale and thus lower prices. But animals aren't widgets with legs. They're living creatures, and there are consequences to packing them in prison-like conditions. For instance: Where does all that manure go?

Pound for pound, a pig produces approximately four times the amount of waste a human does, and what factory farms do with that mess gets comparatively little oversight. Most hog waste is disposed of in open-air lagoons, which can overflow in heavy rain and contaminate nearby streams and rivers. "This creek that we used to wade in, that creek that our parents could drink out of, our kids can't even play in anymore," says Jayne Clampitt, a farmer in Independence, Iowa, who lives near a number of hog farms.

To stay alive and grow in such conditions, farm animals need pharmaceutical help, which can have further damaging consequences for humans. Overuse of antibiotics on farm animals leads, inevitably, to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and the same bugs that infect animals can infect us too. The UCS estimates that about 70% of antimicrobial drugs used in America are given not to people but to animals, which means we're breeding more of those deadly organisms every day. The Institute of Medicine estimated in 1998 that antibiotic resistance cost the public-health system $4 billion to $5 billion a year — a figure that's almost certainly higher now. "I don't think CAFOs would be able to function as they do now without the widespread use of antibiotics," says Robert Martin, who was the executive director of the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production.

The livestock industry argues that estimates of antibiotics in food production are significantly overblown. Resistance "is the result of human use and not related to veterinary use," according to Kristina Butts, the manager of legislative affairs for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. But with wonder drugs losing their effectiveness, it makes sense to preserve them for as long as we can, and that means limiting them to human use as much as possible. "These antibiotics are not given to sick animals," says Representative Louise Slaughter, who is sponsoring a bill to limit antibiotic use on farms. "It's a preventive measure because they are kept in pretty unspeakable conditions."

Such a measure would get at a symptom of the problem but not at the source. Just as the burning of fossil fuels that is causing global warming requires more than a tweaking of mileage standards, the manifold problems of our food system require a comprehensive solution. "There should be a recognition that what we are doing is unsustainable," says Martin. And yet, still we must eat. So what can we do?

Getting It Right

If a factory farm is hell for an animal, then Bill Niman's seaside ranch in Bolinas, Calif., an hour north of San Francisco, must be heaven. The property's cliffside view over the Pacific Ocean is worth millions, but the black Angus cattle that Niman and his wife Nicolette Hahn Niman raise keep their eyes on the ground, chewing contentedly on the pasture. Grass — and a trail of hay that Niman spreads from his truck periodically — is all the animals will eat during the nearly three years they'll spend on the ranch. That all-natural, noncorn diet — along with the intensive, individual care that the Nimans provide their animals — produces beef that many connoisseurs consider to be among the best in the world. But for Niman, there is more at stake than just a good steak. He believes that his way of raising farm animals — in the open air, with no chemicals or drugs and with maximum care — is the only truly sustainable method and could be a model for a better food system. "What we need in this country is a completely different way of raising animals for food," says Hahn Niman, a former attorney for the environmental group Earthjustice. "This needs to be done in the right way."

The Nimans like to call what they do "beyond organic," and there are some signs that consumers are beginning to catch up. This November, California voters approved a ballot proposition that guarantees farm animals enough space to lie down, stand up and turn around. Worldwide, organic food — a sometimes slippery term but on the whole a practice more sustainable than conventional food — is worth more than $46 billion. That's still a small slice of the overall food pie, but it's growing, even in a global recession. "There is more pent-up demand for organic than there is production," says Bill Wolf, a co-founder of the organic-food consultancy Wolf DiMatteo and Associates.

So what will it take for sustainable food production to spread? It's clear that scaling up must begin with a sort of scaling down — a distributed system of many local or regional food producers as opposed to just a few massive ones. Since 1935, consolidation and industrialization have seen the number of U.S. farms decline from 6.8 million to fewer than 2 million — with the average farmer now feeding 129 Americans, compared with 19 people in 1940.

It's that very efficiency that's led to the problems and is in turn spurring a backlash, reflected not just in the growth of farmers' markets or the growing involvement of big corporations in organics but also in the local-food movement, in which restaurants and large catering services buy from suppliers in their areas, thereby improving freshness, supporting small-scale agriculture and reducing the so-called food miles between field and plate. That in turn slashes transportation costs and reduces the industry's carbon footprint.

A transition to more sustainable, smaller-scale production methods could even be possible without a loss in overall yield, as one survey from the University of Michigan suggested, but it would require far more farmworkers than we have today. With unemployment approaching double digits — and things especially grim in impoverished rural areas that have seen populations collapse over the past several decades — that's hardly a bad thing. Work in a CAFO is monotonous and soul-killing, while too many ordinary farmers struggle to make ends meet even as the rest of us pay less for food. Farmers aren't the enemy — and they deserve real help. We've transformed the essential human profession — growing food — into an industry like any other. "We're hurting for job creation, and industrial food has pushed people off the farm," says Hahn Niman. "We need to make farming real employment, because if you do it right, it's enjoyable work."

One model for how the new paradigm could work is Niman Ranch, a larger operation that Bill Niman founded in the 1990s, before he left in 2007. (By his own admission, he's a better farmer than he is a businessman.) The company has knitted together hundreds of small-scale farmers into a network that sells all-natural pork, beef and lamb to retailers and restaurants. In doing so, it leverages economies of scale while letting the farmers take proper care of their land and animals. "We like to think of ourselves as a force for a local-farming community, not as a large corporation," says Jeff Swain, Niman Ranch's CEO.

Other examples include the Mexican-fast-food chain Chipotle, which now sources its pork from Niman Ranch and gets its other meats and much of its beans from natural and organic sources. It's part of a commitment that Chipotle founder Steve Ells made years ago, not just because sustainable ingredients were better for the planet but because they tasted better too — a philosophy he calls Food with Integrity. It's not cheap for Chipotle — food makes up more than 32% of its costs, the highest in the fast-food industry. But to Ells, the taste more than compensates, and Chipotle's higher prices haven't stopped the company's rapid growth, from 16 stores in 1998 to over 900 today. "We put a lot of energy into finding farmers who are committed to raising better food," says Ells.

Bon Appétit Management Company, a caterer based in Palo Alto, Calif., takes that commitment even further. The company sources as much of its produce as possible from within 150 miles of its kitchens and gets its meat from farmers who eschew antibiotics. Bon Appétit also tries to influence its customers' habits by nudging them toward greener choices. That includes campaigns to reduce food waste, in part by encouraging servers at its kitchens to offer smaller, more manageable portions. (The USDA estimates that Americans throw out 14% of the food we buy, which means that much of our record-breaking harvests ends up in the garbage.) And Bon Appétit supports a low-carbon diet, one that uses less meat and dairy, since both have a greater carbon footprint than fruit, vegetables and grain. The success of the overall operation demonstrates that sustainable food can work at an institutional scale bigger than an élite restaurant, a small market or a gourmet's kitchen — provided customers support it. "Ultimately it's going to be consumer demand that will cause change, not Washington," says Fedele Bauccio, Bon Appétit's co-founder.

How willing are consumers to rethink the way they shop for — and eat — food? For most people, price will remain the biggest obstacle. Organic food continues to cost on average several times more than its conventional counterparts, and no one goes to farmers' markets for bargains. But not all costs can be measured by a price tag. Once you factor in crop subsidies, ecological damage and what we pay in health-care bills after our fatty, sugary diet makes us sick, conventionally produced food looks a lot pricier.

What we really need to do is something Americans have never done well, and that's to quit thinking big. We already eat four times as much meat and dairy as the rest of the world, and there's not a nutritionist on the planet who would argue that 24?oz. steaks and mounds of buttery mashed potatoes are what any person needs to stay alive. "The idea is that healthy and good-tasting food should be available to everyone," says Hahn Niman. "The food system should be geared toward that."

Whether that happens will ultimately come down to all of us, since we have the chance to choose better food three times a day (or more often, if we're particularly hungry). It's true that most of us would prefer not to think too much about where our food comes from or what it's doing to the planet — after all, as Chipotle's Ells points out, eating is not exactly a "heady intellectual event." But if there's one difference between industrial agriculture and the emerging alternative, it's that very thing: consciousness. Niman takes care with each of his cattle, just as an organic farmer takes care of his produce and smart shoppers take care with what they put in their shopping cart and on the family dinner table. The industrial food system fills us up but leaves us empty — it's based on selective forgetting. But what we eat — how it's raised and how it gets to us — has consequences that can't be ignored any longer.

— With reporting by Rebecca Kaplan / New York


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Eating less red meat can prevent cancer, heart attacks and global warming (31 Aug 2009)
Raising livestock also accounts for around 18% of greenhouse gases. It is therefore possible to act against climate change and reduce cardiovascular and cancer deaths, by cutting the production and consumption of 'red meat' from these animals. The World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research have recommended that an individual should eat no more than 500 grams of red meat per week. Cardiovascular disease and cancer are two human diseases caused by similar factors influencing climate change. Others are the infectious disease influenza and salmonella, which are also related to animal elevation (zoonoses). Further examples not specifically related to agriculture, are respiratory diseases resulting from the burning of fossil and other fuels for transport and heating. A different group of diseases cannot be said to share the causes of global warming. Instead they are caused by, or exacerbated by global warming. Examples are thermal stress, accidental and intentional injuries, and malnutrition or famine, all of which are expected to occur more frequently as the planet warms up and the climate becomes less stable. Health care systems all over the world will have to adapt to these changes. CLIP




From: http://embassymag.ca/page/printpage/obama_nuclear-8-19-2009

Obama Needs Friends on Nuclear Weapons

by Douglas Roche - August 19, 2009

When President Barack Obama chairs a summit of the UN Security Council Sept. 24 on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, a new and exciting moment will have arrived in the long struggle to rid the world of nuclear weapons. This unprecedented event gives Canada a rare political opportunity to obtain several political goals with one stroke.

We must understand how high the stakes are in this new round of the nuclear poker game. Unlike his predecessors, President Obama has moved nuclear disarmament to the centre of US foreign policy. He said in his Prague speech in April that he has a "commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons." He has re-launched nuclear negotiations with Russia, stated that he will "aggressively pursue" US ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), started work on a verifiable fissile material ban, and announced he will host a global summit on nuclear security next spring.

All this will prepare the US for a leadership role at the 2010 Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, preparations for which have already been energized by the stunning U-turn in US nuclear diplomacy. From being the biggest obstacle to nuclear disarmament, the US, under Obama, is poised to become a vigorous proponent.

The nuclear weapons abolition movement sees news rays of hope.

But wait a minute. A landmine is waiting to trip up Obama. The nuclear defenders, led by the military-industrial complex and their Congressional spokespersons, are by no means succumbing to the aspirations of their president. They are determined that the US maintain what they call a "safe, secure, effective and reliable nuclear deterrent."

Former US defense secretary Jim Schlesinger is trying to frame the all-important US Nuclear Posture Review, now being brought up to date, around the concept of "extended deterrence." The US, it is argued, needs an effective, if smaller, nuclear arsenal to counter a nuclear threat anywhere.

This means that the US would keep its nuclear weapons to protect not only itself but its allies who do not possess nuclear weapons. In other words, so the argument goes, the US would be weakening itself and also letting down its friends if it gave up its nuclear weapons. If Schlesinger & Co. can get "extended deterrence" written into the new Nuclear Posture Review, scheduled for publication in December, this will stop Obama cold in his quest for a nuclear weapons-free world.

The nuclear defenders have already signalled that they will not oppose US ratification of the CTBT if they get "extended deterrence" codified. This will allow them to modernize US nuclear arsenals indefinitely through lab work rather than explosive testing. They think this "carrot"—CTBT ratification—will be enough to get the US safely through the 2010 NPT Review.

A huge fight is looming because Obama knows he cannot be left in an incoherent position: calling for a nuclear weapons-free world while the US modernizes its nuclear arsenal on the supposed grounds that it must do so to protect its allies. This is but a perpetuation of the two-class nuclear world and is completely unsustainable in the 21st century.

There is only one way to prevent North Korea and Iran and any other aspiring nuclear state from acquiring nuclear weapons, and that is through a global, verifiable ban on all nuclear weapons. Putin of Russia and Singh of India, to name just two of the other leaders of nuclear powers, understand this and are ready to move to comprehensive negotiations toward a global ban. In Obama, we see for the first time the abolition of nuclear weapons moving from aspiration to the strategic centre.

This final dismantling of the Cold War architecture will be a Herculean task. Fearmongers who pretend nuclear weapons bring security will shout from the rooftops. Though such former US officials as Henry Kissinger and George Schultz have given their support to the abolition of nuclear weapons, they have been countered by others, such as Richard Perle and Sen. John Kyle, who are urging the US to keep nuclear weapons "for the foreseeable future."

In short, Obama, no matter how well motivated, cannot bring us to a nuclear weapons-free world alone. In addition to powerful domestic support, he needs strong international backing. The countries that are friends of the US—those very states that are said to be depending on the US nuclear umbrella—now need to speak up and blow away the phony "extended deterrence" argument. This brings us to Canada.

A nuclear weapons-free world has always been a value and a goal of Canada. We have been prevented from fully exercising that value because of the need to support the US, which until now has always wanted to maintain its nuclear stocks. Suddenly, the Obama moment gives Canada an opening to demonstrate its seriousness in nuclear disarmament.

The Harper government must be urged to recognize the importance of this moment. Sadly, the government seems tongue-tied. There is no program of work, no clear-cut statements from political leaders, and indeed the last round of UN voting showed Canada clinging to negative votes on time-bound measures for nuclear disarmament.

To me, this is politically incomprehensible. This is the very moment that Canada should be openly and loudly supporting the president of the United States (a posture that otherwise Canadians are accustomed to). Obama desperately needs the help of his friends. Let us give it to him. When Harper meets with Obama on Sept. 16 in Washington, the Canadian leader should put this support high on the agenda.

There's plenty of support in Canada for the prime minister to move: 280 recipients of the Order of Canada have called for international negotiations to achieve a Nuclear Weapons Convention, which would be a verifiable treaty on the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons; four major peace groups (Canadian Pugwash, Science for Peace, Physicians for Global Survival and Voice of Women) are planning a "Zero Nuclear Weapons" forum at Toronto City Hall Nov. 13-14 where the keynote speaker will be the pre-eminent author Jonathan Schell; the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is scheduling a major meeting in Ottawa in January.

Besides this public support, there are a couple of other political points the government might consider. If Canada wants to reject any overtures from the US and NATO to extend our combat role in Afghanistan beyond 2011, how better to match this rejection than with whole-hearted support for Obama's nuclear disarmament plans. And then there's the matter of Canada wanting a seat on the UN Security Council. Would there be a better demonstration of our sense of international responsibility than playing a serious role with Obama and other like-minded states in working actively to make a reality the vision of a world without nuclear weapons? In politics, that's called win-win.

Douglas Roche is a former senator and Canadian ambassador for disarmament. He is chairman emeritus of the Middle Powers Initiative.



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17 Nobel Peace Laureates Call for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World (May 19, 2009)
Sixty-four years ago, the horror of atomic bombs was unleashed on Japan, and the world witnessed the destructive power of nuclear weapons. Today, with just a year until the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference convenes at the United Nations in the spring of 2010, we, the undersigned Nobel Peace Laureates, echo U.S. President Barack Obama's call for a world without nuclear weapons and appeal to the leader of every nation to resolutely pursue this goal for the good of all. We find ourselves in a new era of proliferation. Despite the near universal ratification of the 1970 treaty, which binds states to nuclear disarmament, little progress has been made to fulfill this pact and eliminate nuclear weapons from our world. On the contrary, as the nuclear powers have continued to brandish their weapons, other nations have sought to produce their own nuclear arsenals.We are deeply troubled by this threat of proliferation to non-nuclear weapon states, but equally concerned at the faltering will of the nuclear powers to move forward in their obligation to disarm their own nations of these dreadful weapons. (...) As Nobel Peace Laureates, we call on the citizens of the world to press their leaders to grasp the peril of inaction and summon the political will to advance toward nuclear disarmament and abolition. To fulfill a world without nuclear weapons, and inspire a greater peace among our kind, humanity must stand together to make this vision a reality. MUCH more on this extremely important issue through http://www.wagingpeace.org/ including their video U.S. Leadership for a Nuclear Weapons-free World

Iran says ready for nuclear talks with world powers (Sep 1, 2009)
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran has prepared an "updated nuclear proposal" and is ready to talk to world powers, state television quoted the Islamic Republic's chief nuclear negotiator as saying on Tuesday. The announcement was made a day before six world powers were expected to hold high-level talks in Germany on what to do about Iran's contentious nuclear program. The West suspects the Islamic state is seeking to build bombs. Iran denies the charge. "Iran has prepared an updated nuclear proposal and is ready to resume negotiations with world powers," al-Alam, Iran's Arabic-language satellite channel, quoted chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili as saying.The official IRNA news agency quoted him as saying Iran was ready to use its "capacities to remove common concerns on the international scene." Such language may cause suspicion in Western capitals that Iran's proposal, like others before, fails to specifically address their concerns about its nuclear ambitions and is a ruse to buy time and avert the threat of more punitive measures. A senior U.S. official was dismissive of the remarks attributed to Jalili, a leading nuclear hard-liner, saying there was "not a hint of substance" in them. The official told Reuters he believed the comments were "timed to split the P-5 (powers) by giving China and Russia reason to break ranks on Iran sanctions."Moscow and Beijing, major trade partners of Iran, have long opposed harsh sanctions. Iran has repeatedly rejected demands to halt uranium enrichment, which can have both military or civilian purposes, or even freeze it at current levels of output. U.S. President Barack Obama gave Iran until later this month to take up a six-power offer of talks on trade benefits if it shelves nuclear fuel production, or face wider sanctions that could target Iran's vulnerable gasoline sector. CLIP

Israel Lobby Sees Obama as Enemy of Zionist Agenda
President Barack Obama's foreign policy inclinations are a threat to Israel's survival. That's the no-holds-barred assessment by one of Israel's leading American publicists, Norman Podhoretz, the prominent neo-conservative long associated with the American Jewish Committee' influential magazine, Commentary. Podhoretz made the inflammatory charge against the U.S. president in an article in the May 2009 issue of Commentary in an article entitled "How Obama's America Might Threaten Israel," one of a series of polemics addressing the subject: "Israel at Risk." This is no surprise to AFP readers. On Dec. 1, 2008, AFP surprised many by suggesting that Barack Obama might " pull a JFK " and begin putting pressure on Israel. Six months later, AFP's prediction appears on the mark. The difference between JFK and Obama, though, is that JFK's pressure was applied privately, through diplomatic channels. Obama's pressure has been both public and forthright. The most recent frenzy from Israel and its American supporters in response to initiatives from the Obama administration came when the president forcefully demanded that Israel cease building settlements in the occupied West Bank. The president further inflamed the Zionist state and its American lobby by reiterating that demand in his widely heralded address to the Muslim world, delivered in Cairo. In fact, the confrontation between the United States and Israel has been simmering for some time, beginning with the Obama administration's open call for Israel to submit to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. CLIP



From: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/the-planets-future-climate-change-will-cause-civilisation-to-collapse-1742759.html

Also from http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2009/07/13-0

The planet's future: Climate change 'will cause civilisation to collapse'

Authoritative new study sets out a grim vision of shortages and violence – but amid all the gloom, there is some hope too

By Jonathan Owen -- 12 July 2009

An effort on the scale of the Apollo mission that sent men to the Moon is needed if humanity is to have a fighting chance of surviving the ravages of climate change. The stakes are high, as, without sustainable growth, "billions of people will be condemned to poverty and much of civilisation will collapse".

This is the stark warning from the biggest single report to look at the future of the planet – obtained by The Independent on Sunday ahead of its official publication next month. Backed by a diverse range of leading organisations such as Unesco, the World Bank, the US army and the Rockefeller Foundation, the 2009 State of the Future report runs to 6,700 pages and draws on contributions from 2,700 experts around the globe. Its findings are described by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the UN, as providing "invaluable insights into the future for the United Nations, its member states, and civil society".

The impact of the global recession is a key theme, with researchers warning that global clean energy, food availability, poverty and the growth of democracy around the world are at "risk of getting worse due to the recession". The report adds: "Too many greedy and deceitful decisions led to a world recession and demonstrated the international interdependence of economics and ethics."

Although the future has been looking better for most of the world over the past 20 years, the global recession has lowered the State of the Future Index for the next 10 years. Half the world could face violence and unrest due to severe unemployment combined with scarce water, food and energy supplies and the cumulative effects of climate change.

And the authors of the report, produced by the Millennium Project – a think-tank formerly part of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations – set out a number of emerging environmental security issues. "The scope and scale of the future effects of climate change – ranging from changes in weather patterns to loss of livelihoods and disappearing states – has unprecedented implications for political and social stability."

But the authors suggest the threats could also provide the potential for a positive future for all. "The good news is that the global financial crisis and climate change planning may be helping humanity to move from its often selfish, self-centred adolescence to a more globally responsible adulthood... Many perceive the current economic disaster as an opportunity to invest in the next generation of greener technologies, to rethink economic and development assumptions, and to put the world on course for a better future."

Scientific and technological progress continues to accelerate. IBM promises a computer at 20,000 trillion calculations per second by 2011, which is estimated to be the speed of the human brain. And nanomedicine may one day rebuild damaged cells atom by atom, using nanobots the size of blood cells. But technological progress carries its own risks. "Globalisation and advanced technology allow fewer people to do more damage and in less time, so that possibly one day a single individual may be able to make and deploy a weapon of mass destruction."

The report also praises the web, which it singles out as "the most powerful force for globalisation, democratisation, economic growth, and education in history". Technological advances are cited as "giving birth to an interdependent humanity that can create and implement global strategies to improve the prospects for humanity".

The immediate problems are rising food and energy prices, shortages of water and increasing migrations "due to political, environmental and economic conditions", which could plunge half the world into social instability and violence. And organised crime is flourishing, with a global income estimated at $3 trillion – twice the military budgets of all countries in the world combined.

The effects of climate change are worsening – by 2025 there could be three billion people without adequate water as the population rises still further. And massive urbanisation, increased encroachment on animal territory, and concentrated livestock production could trigger new pandemics.

Although government and business leaders are responding more seriously to the global environmental situation, it continues to get worse, according to the report. It calls on governments to work to 10-year plans to tackle growing threats to human survival, targeting particularly the US and China, which need to apply the sort of effort and resources that put men on the Moon.

"This is not only important for the environment; it is also a strategy to increase the likelihood of international peace. Without some agreement, it will be difficult to get the kind of global coherence needed to address climate change seriously."

While the world has the resources to address its challenges, coherence and direction have been lacking. Recent meetings of the US and China, as well as of Nato and Russia, and the birth of the G20 plus the continued work of the G8 promise to improve global strategic collaboration, but "it remains to be seen if this spirit of co-operation can continue and if decisions will be made on the scale necessary to really address the global challenges discussed in this report".

Although the scale of the effects of climate change are unprecedented, the causes are generally known, and the consequences can largely be forecast. The report says, "coordination for effective and adequate action is yet incipient, and environmental problems worsen faster than response or preventive policies are being adopted".

Jerome Glenn, director of the Millennium Project and one of the report's authors, said: "There are answers to our global challenges, but decisions are still not being made on the scale necessary to address them. Three great transitions would help both the world economy and its natural environment – to shift as much as possible from freshwater agriculture to saltwater agriculture; produce healthier meat without the need to grow animals; and replace gasoline cars with electric cars."


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Report Gives Sobering View Of Warming’s Impact on U.S.
For anyone wondering whether climate change has already hit the United States, a recent U.S. government report says it has — and in a big way. Witness these trends: In the northeastern U.S., winter temperatures have increased by 4 degrees F since 1970; in the Pacific Northwest, the depth of the Cascade Mountain snowpack on April 1 has declined by 25 percent over the last half century, while spring runoff from the Cascades now occurs nearly a month earlier than 50 years ago; and in Alaska, winter temperatures have increased a stunning 6.3 degrees F in the last 50 years. Those are just some of the sobering signs of rapid warming spelled out this month in a new report by a U.S. government body that almost no one has heard of: the United States Global Change Research Program (USGCR), which by law is required to report to Congress every ten years on the causes, effects, and possible responses to climate change in the U.S. If the changes that the U.S. already has experienced make you uneasy, then perhaps you shouldn’t read the the downloadable document itself: It makes quite clear that if the U.S. and the world do little or nothing to slow greenhouse gas emissions, then the climate in the U.S. will be far hotter — and decidedly unpleasant — by the end of this century. CLIP

The end is near (July 20, 2009)
IT USED TO BE that apocalyptic warnings about the approaching end of time came from sign-holding religious nutcases. Now they come from hard scientists. Most discussion of the threat of global warming is conducted in measured tones, with even dire projections offered with the necessary proviso that the future is uncertain. But as governments fail to act strenuously enough against the villainous carbon emissions, and as the broad public continues in a state of environmental quietude, if not indifference, scientific voices are sharpening the alarm. Wilson, in his book “The Creation,’’ used the word Armageddon to describe the rapid shrinking of Earth’s biodiversity. James Lovelock has foreseen a small remnant of the human population in retreat to the Arctic by the end of this century. Less extreme, but still pointed, is this assessment from Jagadish Shukla, a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: “The potential for catastrophic climate change that can adversely affect the habitability of the entire planet is quite real.’’ Bill McKibben declares that the time to mitigate disaster is upon us: “2009 may well turn out to be the decisive year in the human relationship with our home planet.’’ CLIP

World Will Warm Faster Than Predicted in Next Five Years, Study Warns (July 27, 2009)
New estimate based on the forthcoming upturn in solar activity and El Niño southern oscillation cycles is expected to silence global warming sceptics -- The world faces a new period of record-breaking temperatures as the sun's activity increases, leading the planet to heat up significantly faster than scientists had predicted over the next five years, according to a new study. (...) The analysis shows the relative stability in global temperatures in the last seven years is explained primarily by the decline in incoming sunlight associated with the downward phase of the 11-year solar cycle, together with a lack of strong El Niño events. These trends have masked the warming caused by CO2 and other greenhouse gases.As solar activity picks up again in the coming years, the research suggests, temperatures will shoot up at 150% of the rate predicted by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Lean and Rind's research also sheds light on the extreme average temperature in 1998. The paper confirms that the temperature spike that year was caused primarily by a very strong El Niño episode. A future episode could be expected to create a spike of equivalent magnitude on top of an even higher baseline, thus shattering the 1998 record.The study comes within days of announcements from climatologists that the world is entering a new El Niño warm spell. This suggests that temperature rises in the next year could be even more marked than Lean and Rind's paper suggests. A particularly hot autumn and winter could add to the pressure on policy makers to reach a meaningful deal at December's climate-change negotiations in Copenhagen. CLIP (Also available HERE)

Climate change to force 75 million Pacific Islanders from their homes (July 27, 2009)
More than 75 million people living on Pacific islands will have to relocate by 2050 because of the effects of climate change, Oxfam has warned.



Recommended by Willy Smith (willysmith@fastmail.co.uk)

From: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/08/30/AR2009083002473.html

Israel's Wealthiest Woman Says She Can See the Future

By Howard Schneider

Washington Post Staff Writer

August 31, 2009

TEL AVIV The office door has a steel vault veneer, and Shari Arison -- controlling stockholder in Israel's largest bank and its largest construction company, heiress to the Carnival Cruise Lines fortune and head of a long list of other undertakings -- has a lot to protect.

And as with any proper vault, this one is full of surprises.

Fairy figurines fill a knickknack shelf, and paintings of fairies hang from the soft-toned walls. Statues of dolphins leap from a cream-colored carpet, and goldfish gurgle in a tank just behind a chair. A yard-long see-through candleholder with a dozen flickering votives is angled across Arison's desk, looking like it connects to Kabbalah or the Upanishads or Area 51 or Something Larger Than Us, but which she says is there just because.

But the biggest jolt comes from the woman in the executive chair: Arison -- billionaire ($2.7 by Forbes's most recent estimate), perhaps the richest woman in the Middle East, a major force in Israeli philanthropy -- claims that she can see the future.

This is much bigger than a parlor trick. In her new book published this summer in Israel, the 51-year-old Miami native says she felt the Indonesian tsunami sweeping over the land two months before it happened and sensed Hurricane Katrina pummeling New Orleans. In an interview, Arison says she also "saw the writing on the wall" before the global economic crash. Reading about Arison's extrasensory perception makes you ache for a heads-up, maybe a blog entry or a tweet or a phone call to Brownie or Greenspan or somebody who might have helped.

Arison explains that she has finally dropped the fear that has held her back from doing more about what she has perceived. Armed with the insight gained through work with Florida-based psychiatrist Brian Weiss, a proponent of regression therapy and the exploration of (take your pick) deep memories or past lives, she says she is ready to go public with her visions and bring together her spiritual and business goals.

"Dr. Weiss told me during these meetings that one day I will have a significant role in world peace, but at that time I did not know what he was talking about and I could not cope with the idea," Arison writes in "Birth: When the Material and Spiritual Come Together," published in Hebrew as a hybrid memoir, corporate vision statement and collection of speeches. A possible English edition is in negotiation, according to an Arison representative.

"Over the years I suffered much from the visions, the feelings and these messages . . . I prayed they would go away. They brought much pain to my life. This was the preparation for the current phase, the phase in which I am ready to declare what I know with courage and without fear."

Arison says she plans to mobilize her wealth, her companies and, most important, the energy of her accumulated lives to save the human race. As a businesswoman, Arison has an environmental focus -- green building, renewable energy, water management. As a philanthropist and erstwhile spiritual role model, she had already been taking action -- like encouraging good works and promoting the kind of inner harmony she believes will do as much as summit meetings to keep people, and particularly Arabs and Jews, from hurting each other.

Arison and her family are well known in Israel. The name is stamped on public projects throughout the Tel Aviv area in particular, and the Arisons have been major figures in the country's philanthropic community ever since her father, Ted, built his opulent network of floating hotels decades ago. After his death in 1999, Shari Arison inherited his Israel investments, including a stake in the country's largest bank, Bank Hapoalim, and she began emerging in her own right as an Israeli businesswoman.

Her public image has always been built on duality, generating both talk-show gibes and praise for her charity work. There is the Shari Arison who was criticized as heartless in 2002 when the bank laid off 10 percent of its staff, and the Shari Arison who launched the nonprofit Essence of Life in 2001 to help people find their personal peace; the Shari Arison with the house-size yacht and the three divorces -- the latest after her husband was convicted of smooching the domestic help -- and the Shari Arison who mobilizes Israel on Good Deeds Day, on which everyone is encouraged to do at least one nice thing.

Israel, by now, is used to the extremes. The book made a splash with its startling claims about her visions, and has been on the summer's bestseller lists for lifestyle and self-help books.

Arison says she was not surprised by the sort of "there she goes again" reception by local media. She's sensitive to the fact that some people perceive her spiritual claims and her identity as a businesswoman as eye-rollingly opposite. But she counters that it doesn't take a rabbi to talk about spiritual matters. And anyone who, after the last couple of years, wants to leave the economy to economists and traditional bankers should think twice, she says.

"Here I am -- a woman, a businesswoman -- coming out with ideas that it is okay for a rabbi to have, or it is okay for a spiritual leader to have or an astrologist to have or whoever," Arison says, acknowledging that, for many people, the idea of a banker with a spiritual gift "is scary."

"And it is a shame because it should be quite the opposite. They were not scared with all the mortgage investments . . . and those were very rational business people, who all they cared about was profit, and look what happened. And here comes someone who says they want things to be vision-based, with values, with caring, with a sense of humanity, and people are scared. Okay."

The philanthropies Arison has launched over the past several years get downright tantric -- all tiny ripples she hopes will build into a planet-changing wave.

Here is how the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, a 15-year-old undergraduate and research university, describes the Shari Arison Awareness Communication Center, which she endowed in 2006: "The center will focus on research on the importance of the individual's inner balance as an engine for self-development and self-achievement. It shall also research how humanity can function in an increasingly technological world in the future."

For "true world peace, among all people, each one of us has to reach their own individual peace," Arison says in a video introduction to Essence of Life, which sponsors workshops and a Web site aimed at "bringing about a major shift in collective consciousness." She hopes that her Good Deeds Day initiative, which is up to 20,000 participants after its first few years, can go global with its message of setting aside one day a year to volunteer at a charity, paint a school or even just carry the groceries for a neighbor.

At the same time, it's not clear that her visions and her call for values-based capitalism have had much influence at Bank Hapoalim. Its recent performance has looked like that of many other financial institutions: losses on mortgage-backed securities, allegations of insider trading in a subsidiary, controversy over bonuses and, in the end, intervention by regulators.

When the Bank of Israel pushed for the ouster of Hapoalim Chairman Dan Danker, Arison resisted (unsuccessfully). As she told the newspaper Haaretz, the problems were caused by "a collapse in values" around the world, and that it was "unfair to hang only Danny."

Likewise, it's not clear how her professed values have influenced her construction company, Shikun & Binui. It's true that the company is planning a move to fully sustainable building practices, using supplies that are produced in more environmentally friendly ways and making sure that its scraps and waste are recycled -- a policy Arison says will ultimately be more profitable and consistent with how she wants her companies run. But it's an open question whether her decision to keep the firm, as it went from losses to renewed profits several years ago, was prompted by a "message from above" -- as she has told the media -- or a message from then-chief executive Uri Shani, as explained in local financial reports at the time.

Arison recently invested $100 million to set up a water company, Miya, whose name is from a Hebrew word for God and whose mission goes to one of Arison's chief worries, that water and other resource shortages will increase conflict around the world. It's a high aim, but the business is strictly for-profit, and the function pretty basic -- fixing leaky pipes and installing pressure gauges and other monitors so that big water systems in aging cities don't spill half their product.

Plumbers have a place in heaven, too.

And she has not run willy-nilly into what would seem like a peacemaking Israeli capitalist's sweet spot -- investments in the Palestinian territories or joint ventures with Israeli Arabs.

She said she was pitched on the idea by former British prime minister Tony Blair, who serves as a special regional envoy with an emphasis on improving the Palestinian economy.

Her response: Bring me a deal that makes sense.

"I told him I'd be very happy to invest, but I want to have assurances," she says. "People look at me as spiritual . . . but I am also very logical, very business-minded. The two come together. It has to be in a way that is going to be sensible. I am not going to lose what I have over doing that."

Even so, her peacemaking intentions might be working some magic already.

After all, President Obama has peace envoys back in the region. There has not been a suicide bombing in a year and a half. Bank Hapoalim turned a first-quarter profit.

And according to her book, the visions are getting nicer.

"There is still difficulty and pain in them, but they are going and fading away," Arison writes. "If in the past, the visions were always harsh, catastrophic, violent -- recently I can see the new world. The quiet, the calm and the freedom it will have. This is a very comforting knowledge for me because I already know that what I envision materializes."


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