by Dee Finney

8-9-00 - DREAM - (This was a learning dream) The whole dream took place in an apartment. The same people from last nights dream were in it.  At the end I was in the apartment. I went from my bedroom into an unused bedroom that had a sliding door on it. It seems that we each had our own bedroom where we slept. In this unoccupied bedroom were objects that don't get used often, which were placed on top of the bed and dressers for storage. I turned on the light in the room and saw the objects in the room.  I recall that one object was a portable sewing machine which was on the bed.

I was immediately followed into the room by a woman I know well but can't think of her name. Rather than be accused of "What are you doing in this room?" I began to pick up a hank of colored threads that were laying on the floor as though I was working or cleaning the room. I was not questioned. The same man who was my husband in yesterday's dream came in also.

The dream then went into another room where we were being taught to make a structure which I can't explain either yet. It was three tiered  ... divided into 4 sections on the bottom layer, with a middle layer of 3 sections on top of that, with a third layer of 2 sections on top.

(Picture below:

On the front of each section was a word which I can't remember, except the top two. On the right was a series of 3 circular symbols which I've seen several times over the last couple of days in recent crop circles and the Nazca lines and the front of the Ark of the Covenant which was I saw in a video yesterday. On the left of the top section was the name yEK SETH.  Then I was shown that the y was divided and the top left part of the y  ' \ '  was shown to be the fire letter  'f '  and the  " / " part was again the name yek Seth which came from it a second time.

(There was a different word on the face of each rectangle, but I can't remember those)

We left the room and went into the kitchen where an old man came in to get a round pitcher of water. The pitcher was a perfect globe, which had 2 lines around it, dividing it into 3 sections visually.  There was a young girl there who always carried around a similar round pitcher of water which was similarly divided into 3 sections except that the outside of her pitcher was bright green. I filled her pitcher with water and gave it to her to carry.

NOTE: I feel compelled to draw this vision:

8-8-00 - MEDITATION - I was thinking about the name yek Seth, asking for information, and I saw the 3 stacked tower again, and simultaneously, superimposed over it was a silver pitch pipe, designating the notes of the music scale.

Joe was the first to recognize that the layers were 2 + 3 + 4 = 9
Reverse is 4 + 3 + 2 = 9 .  432 is an important number.  See The Cycle of Time number 432
See also:  432: The Cosmic Key
See also:  Gematria

432 = Consecration (also the square root of the classical speed of light, 186624 miles per second). Several Biblical references are also tied to it; Luke 8:15, Revelation 2:17, etc.

NOTE: I found this in a search for the name "Yek Seth" which did not come up.
Once again I shall speak about the evil which befell us in our time, regarding how the veil of ancient faith was torn, and how that death-bringing dry heat breathed upon us and scorched the tall, beautiful, leafy trees of our tender orchards. And this is the truth, for we sinned against the Lord and angered the saint of Israel. "Should it please you to heed me", he said, "you shall take the land's goodness. But should you wish not to listen, the sword shall devour you, for this was uttered by the mouth of the Lord". This same whirlwind was seen above Babylon and then reached every country. For Babylon is the mother of all nations and its realm, the kingdom of the North.

Now further south of them, namely, the Indians and the peoples dwelling in the great desert were the disowned sons of Abraham, born of Hagar and R'etur: Ishmael, Amram, Mogan, Madian, Yek'san, Yesbok, and Melisawe And the sons of Lot were Amon and Movab; and those of Esau were Edom, and there were others yet, who dwelled to the north of the southern Indians [Ew aylk' ews, or ein i harawakoghmn Hndkats' nots'in i hiwsisoy koghmane] in the enormous and vast desert, [being] disowned [155] by Moses and the children of Israel.


I also found the name Yek as part of other names and words in Persian, Iranian, and Farsi languages


8-9-00 - I decided I needed to ask some questions especially what the difference between 'fire' and 'flame' letters are, if any, so I did. Here is the first answer I got.

Date: 08/09/2000
From: (Peter Smith)

As far as I know they are the one and same.

The 5 Sacred Languages on the planet according to Enoch are: Chinese, Hebrew, Egyptian, Tibetan and Sanskrit.

These languages are to be used wherever possible because they faithfully connect with the Masters who are still administering Wisdom to the program of intelligence.

The Keys were composed of fire letter geometries because they are used by the Masters of Light to shape creation between the powers of Light and the octaves of sound. Hence, they constitute the regenerative power of biocoupling expressed through the vibration of the Word which produces the letters of colour geometry.

Key 313-1 This key expalins how the people of light are polarized by means of a higher radiation of Light projected into their third eye area.

313-5 The key tells us that there is an "Arc(h) of Light" over the 3rd eye which controls aa of the basic neuron activity of the pineal gland.

Key 313-11 Specifically in telethought communication, the "Light" which activates the pineal gland is the Ain Soph Light and not the conventional light of the sun which is destructive to the memory mechanisms necessary to work with intelligence beyond our spectrum. Melatonin and Seratonin!!)

Key 313-27 Thus, telethought communication provides a superior "Lettering" using primal divine Letters(pictographs) which allow for biological reprogramming between layers of consciousness.

To place these ancient energy words into English, modern Indo-European languages, or some other language would deprive consciousness of a DIRECT EXPERIENCE WITH THE POWER OF THE SACRED LANGUAGE.


I humbly suggest you consider a bit of Hebrew as it's more readily available and phonetically easier.

You may wish to visit and search his directory if you need further assistance.

The pleasure is all mine,

In Love and Service,



8-10-00 - Sometimes coincidences blow me away and this is one of them. I wasn't even looking for this, but found it when I was curiously looking at a website about a favorite subject of mine ... The UFO connection to the Giza Pyramid.  This is what I found and I hope you will read the whole page:

Door Number 2 - Edgar's Revenge - THE GENESIS - GIZA CONNECTION PART VIII -

After looking at this diagram, look again at what I said in my dream/visions description:

"On the left of the top section was the name yEK SETH.  Then I was shown that the y was divided and the top left part of the y   ' \ '   was shown to be the fire letter 'f ' and the " / " part was again the name yek Seth which came from it a second time."

I immediately noticed that the angles of the 'y' of the name yek and the star Seth are exactly the same.  AND, the dream told me that the name 'yek Seth' was coming again from the  '\'  angle.

I was also particularly noticing that the name 'yek' was not starting with the capital 'Y'.  It had to be 'y'.  It is the angle and direction of the name that is important.  

Now go back and read the whole page again. There is a BIG story there.

Note a quote from Ambilac's page: "We then shoot light beams down the two shafts into the Queen's chamber and rotate our model until the northern shaft intersects exactly with the spot marked Adam. Consequently, the southern shaft lines up exactly with Seth, thus reinforcing our theory that both shafts are aimed at a downward direction, as they do not exit the pyramid."