Below is a channel that was sent to me, it comes in timely as usual, spirit seem to have fun doing this to me, but it is good they are listening to me, and sending me answers I can share with you all!!

I had already written a bit about it in my upcoming newsletter, but this channel hits the nail on the head!:-)


Love and Oneness






Greetings and good evening. We are the Pleiadian energies. We see that your groupness [4 people] is of few, but your light is of greatness. Thus we come to embellish upon truths that will be given to you. See yourself as a snake that crosses the road of your life. A snake that has shed its skin of the past. A snake whose sensitivities are great. That snake feels the urge to go beyond where it resides. And it slithers upon concrete, upon stone. As it does this in its new sensitivities, in its new skin, there may seem harshnesses, some tears, some soreness in this moving forward, in this moving across, and in this moving beyond what the snake once knew.

Transmuting will be part of what you will be experiencing. Transmuting through every cellular context of your body.  Transmuting negativities, transmuting limitations, transmuting all parts of your existence that has grown stagnant as a river that no longer flows, as a pond that has become poisoned in its stillness. We will speak to you this night, this eve about part of your upcoming journeys.

There are some of you within this room that will be walking to the  British Isles energetically. You have been told in the past that the sacred sites of Earth are shifting. They are not what they appear to be. They are no longer representing the truth that once was their truth. It is as the skin of the snake that lays at the roadside. Its presence is awe inspiring but its energy of aliveness fills it no longer. This is true for many of the entrances and exists of the sacred sites upon your planet Earth. They shift in the vortices within you. They shift within the vortices of the Earthly context herself.

Many portals that were once open for exchanging energies, for interstellar communications, for interstellar travel, and for acceleration of human molecules have been shut down. The energy of Stonehenge is one of those. Many other sites upon the Earth are as such. There is a transference that is happening, a transference that is being experienced. Now you will not only find this in the places that you visit, but you will find it in many of the people that have taken positions in your spiritual communities, those that have written books, those that have written much about truths will also find themselves transmuting and transcending the doorway that they once sat within. It is part of their destiny.

When you travel to the place where all things of Earth will speak to you in the British Isles, you will understand many parts of history that is embedded within the granite monolithic structures that you will sit upon, that you will walk through, that will call to you. Each of them holds a text. Each of them holds remembrances. Now you can read upon and read up upon what this one and that one are suppose to be, what this number of stones’ standing means, what this number of stones’ lying means, what this grave site means, what this dolmen means. But it is no longer is a truth what is written.

We ask you to lie down many times as much as you can within the circles, within the alignments of these places. To lie down with your backs, your bodies upon them. To place your hands, your root chakra, your bare feet, and your forehead upon them. We ask you to allow ancient truths, all things that these stones have seen throughout time to be placed into your cellular libraries, the next line over from what you have received in Egypt. We ask you to allow these energies to be given to you as gifts, to receive them in innocence, not proclaiming what it is suppose to be, but receiving it as a child that opens its very first Christmas present.

There is reason that you all separate during your travels and your destination. There is a necessity for two teams to cover different places of entrance and exist. You will be used as a human double terminator. These double terminators are what would be referred to as twin flame or soul mate double terminators as in crystalline structures. You will be sending and receiving two by two onto the places and from the places. You will be used as transmitters and receivers in varying degrees of emanations and radiations. Why this is will not be clear to you at the time. There are other pieces of the puzzle we shall place together to put this into understanding. You are to bring back with you different sectors of rock, of dirt, of sand, to be held, to be placed in sacredness within your world, within your household, within your being.

The dimensional rifts that you will experience walking between the world will be issued in your waking states and in your sleeping states. You will be downloaded continually through this experience. There may be some time of dizziness, some time of nausea, some time of great tiredness upon the body. This will not be due to all the traveling. This will be due to the energies you will be experiencing. The essence of Merlin awakens. The essence of Camelot awakens. These energies live in a dimension that is of a slightly different octave than this earth dimensional frequency that you view. There were times in evolution, in history that these dimensions merged and became one. It is the same with the dimension of the fairies, with the dwarfs, with the trolls, with the leprechauns, with the dragons. It is a dimensional flux.

After the time of Wesok, the full moon in May this dimensional flux will be initiated in several placements upon Earth where the dimensions and the worlds will stand side by side. The experiences you will have will be phenomenal in nature, but you must close your Earth eyes and open up the eyes of the child within you, the eyes of the imagination and the eyes of Light.

You will be drawn to many people. Each one of them you will radiate a gift to them and their lives will shift as will yours. You will find that when you return from the quest for the Holy Grail of self that once again you will feel not fitting in to your world. For many individuals travel the world and come back throwing their hair up, experiencing their joy in such travel. They have not been touched by the land, by the energies, by the secrets, and by the Light. They have walked upon it blindly and not seen what truth it has to offer. You shall come back different as you are already knowing. For one of you there will be great mourning within your heart as your heart grows sad in leaving the place that you once loved. In another one there will be great joy that you walked upon it once again. And in another there will be great celebration as a reuniting with kindred spirits and souls come together.

The three of you that sit here that walk into the mist of Avalon, form a trinity. The fourth shall join you to create a foundation and a base product to be formulated onto Earth. The Earth herself undresses in front of all of you. She uncloaks what she has held hidden deep in her heart, deep in her womb, and deep in her remembrance. Not only is Earth uncloaking for you, but the planets within your solar system are also uncloaking for Earth eyes. There will be new findings.

There will be new truths that will be revealed about situations within your solar system that have never ever been experienced or thought about to exist before. The sites, the essences have always been there, but the eyes of humanity were not ready to see. There will be more findings of such structures that go beyond comprehension. Some of these structures will be made out of materials that come not from the Earth. Many of these structures will be found under the sand, above land, on land, as well as in the water.

Most of these truths will be kept secreted, but if you will watch your newsstands and your computers many, many things that seem very far-fetched and fanciful, will be truth that is revealed. You were told that humanity would go beyond the apex of understanding that it stood upon.

It is beginning. All is revealing itself to you. The very molecules, the sub-atomic particles, your moon, all planets uncloak and you shall see. Open your eyes to perceptions that do not fit in your world of nonfiction. Many times your stories of fiction are much closer to the truth than what can possibly be imagined. You are all imagineers, engineers of imagination. You are all time travelers in this imaginary production that you call life. You can move through time at different sequels of events. Be aware of this in your daily  experiences.

You have all asked for the bread crumbs of the cosmic awareness, of your Christedness, of prosperity, of truth to be dropped for you. You have all asked for signs to be shown to you. Many times when they come, you question them. Many times signs are not of physical essence, but they are a feeling, they are an inkling, they are an uncomfortablity within your very being. That many times is a sign that you have asked for. You ask to shown the way, but you are the way. You ask what is your next move but you already know what your next move is. Keep believing. Keep drawing to you and drawing in front of you what it is your heart desires.

Many times you are caught up in the infraction of money, of so-called prosperity of what money can buy, of what money can give you, of what power money has. Humanity has never really learned how to create money. They can however learn how to create substance, potentials, possibilities, situations much easier than the essence known as money. Money will not solve what you think is wrong in your life. It will not love you. It will not heal you. It will not honor you. And it will not make you more.

Understand about that energy and that frequency. Create what it is you want in your heart. We hear you many times asking for the money to do the deed, the money to build, the money to play, the money to travel, the money for security. You have all read the detailed reports about what your government has the probability of doing with this so-called money. They are trying to take it out of existence. Understand, focus upon the subject, not the adjectives of your life. And then you become the verb in the sentence of your life. The essence of money many times is used as a verb and a subject, but it is just an adjective. It is just the supposed means to reach the end. And it will not get you where you so desire first. Manifest the opportunities. Manifest the situations and then, only then will the so-called ‘Being of Money’ come into your life. Do you all realize what power you have given these pieces of paper?! Do you realize what life force every single person, every single day upon planet Earth throughout existence has done?! It has created a being, a living being known as Money. It is no longer something you call to you, it is someone. It has a personality. It holds back. It gives to. It punishes. It rewards. You have placed this false idol of this being that you have created everyday worshipping it. Worshipping it! That is what you all do.

You have given your power away to this essence and NOW it is time to take it back. The way you take it back is by not focusing and worshipping the almighty Money god. But by focusing upon what it is you want to manifest and create when you receive or were to receive that so-called money. That way you cut out the middle man, do you understand? You have placed too much, you have  given too much of yourself, too many prayers, too many pleas, too much blood sweat and tears to this god and it is a little ‘g’ god we tell you. Cut out that middle man. Go straight to the Creator and the Creation.

Do you think that your Creator, your God, your source must stop by the ATM before he can give to you?! Do you think that your God must give to you through money alone? And that he has no other way to create to give to you? Do you see how limiting that perception is? The monies of earth are but one tiny droplet of water in all things of the ocean of life. Be aware of these truths. It is important in this upcoming part of the sequence of events you will be walking into. As a god — do you create the thing, the situation you desire or do you focus on creating the money and then buying the situation or the thing you desire? It is IMPERATIVE that you get this clear in your thinking. You have given this little ‘g’ god of the almighty dollar too much of your time. Look how many minutes, how many hours, how much time you spend worshipping and thinking and manifesting and worrying about money! Whenever the thought of money comes to you to buy something, to create something, to give a gift to someone, to bring something into existence, remember the image of God not stopping by the ATM machine on the way to answering your prayers. This is important. These truths that we have just spoken of the energy of money was not part of the program of transmission tonight. But we can see by scanning your energies and looking into your life, what you have been focusing upon, all of you who sit here. These words, these truths, these understandings are to be shared with others. Join in your life. Embrace it. Love it. Stop worshipping your life. Stop giving your power away to the little ‘g’ gods of your existence. We are the Pleiadians.

We leave you.


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