1-22-92 - DREAM - MEETING GOD - I was living in a small town with my family. We were expecting guests and I had to clean the house. I was working on this when an old man and his wife came to the door and asked to use the bathroom. He brought in with him, 3 bags of cookies, each one different and still hot from the bakery. He put the bags on the table and went to the bathrom. He and his wife ate some cookies and I think some of my kids did too, because their wasn't a lot left.

I went about my business cleaning and my old boss D.L. came in and asked me if I had seen the wedding that afternoon. I told him that I hadn't. He asked me if I would tape it for him because it would be on the news. I agreed to do it though I felt extremely harassed by that time.

I had missed dinner trying to get the house clean and everyone else was done. So, I had nothing to eat all afternoon. I was starving, but I still had work to do.

The old man was now trying to bag up the remaining cookies and my boss said, "Why don't you help the old man?"  I really felt harassed by now, but agreed to rebag the cookies. I just put them in the bags any old way and the bags poofed out at the bottom.

I thought to myself, "I really could have done a better job of it."

Then the old man said, "Would you mind packing them tall and narrow like this?" and showed me a bag of cookies he had bagged himself and the cookies were stacked neatly, and the bag was tall and narrow.

I felt extremely harassed by now. I looked at the clock and it was quarter to six. I put the tape into the VCR so I wouldn't miss taping the wedding on the news.

I saw that everything else in the house was getting back out of control and the house wouldn't be perfectly cleaned up for the guests, but if the old man wanted his cookies bagged tall and narrow, that's the way I would do it.

So, I took out a new baggie to pack the cookies in and then I saw that despite all the cookies that had been eaten and all the cookies that I had already packed, the original bag of cookies the old man had given me to repack had now been refilled to over it's capacity and was almost running over.

I looked up at the old man and the realization came to me, with accompanying feelings of guilt that I had treated the old man not as a first class guest, but rather as a harasssment of an intruder, and that this old man was God.

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