16.1 The Big Bang 

Creation of Reality is the creation of the inner, hidden, invisible Mind World of which we speak here. This is the first creation "before" the outer visible World of Actuality, or the physical.

Extremely intelligent men keep getting their cosmology mixed up in assuming the Big Bang was a physical event.

Before the creation of this Inner World (File, "91 Notes", Section, "7 Level World"), if we can say there is a "before" in a timeless void of Unknowing Sleep, a Potential just IS. The Potential is waiting in the void. The state of this Infinite Potential is that which is looking into its own Potential. It seems to be meditating.

Around this Potential, there exists no.thing, no nothing. This is the beginning of something big. Notice that this Potential is not called Mind or in any way discribed as a being or a form of a human or any such thing.

Continuing from Origins of Man and the Universe, by Barry Long:

"There is no need to know of existence or non.existence.
It (Potential) is alert in the stillness" (dreamless sleep)",

(Note: The condition for creation is perfect now and ready to blossom. The visible universe which is produced by this information (seed) is trillions of years subsequent from this point.

The Octahedron (File, "35 Big Picture" from which this bang comes is about to feed the next sequential Octahedron its accumulated information from trillions of years of previous existence. The information will push through the apex of the Octahedrons in a big blast),


(Note: Of course there is no.sound in this no.place at this no.time but you can use your imagination.

The Big Bang has just pushed all Universal information through the little apex of the Octahedron).


(Note: Attention of: Potential, infinite order, harmonics of AUM, unlimited potential of order.)

"fixes on some point in the void.

WILL (the spiral around a center producing building power, will power) embraces the idea of the intellect. It (straight line force) starts to curve (magic carpet myth) into existence in a gigantic circle (spiral) around a section of Infinite Mind (void space with harmonic potential). Curvature is the start of time (the end of Infinitude). This is the beginning of impression or past in the mind.

Something unknown (the "echo", the NOW of the intellect) approaches at Absolute Velocity (absolute as far as we are concerned as there are real.ly no absolutes). Absolute velocity = absolute mass = absolutely dense substance. This is Absolute darkness/blackness/oblivion.
It does not engulf the observing Infinite Mind/Self. (Again its just potential)

The Self is fully exposed as the potential center in this instant of Self-realization. Infinite Mind/Self are Absolute abstractions, have no past and leave no impression, therefore can have no existence".

(Note: Hence no existing god as we worship today. The Life Force, that which comes from the sun, is not yet formed. It is the savior since it give us all ..life).

The NOW extends as solid line, at Absolute speed.
Self instantly retreats at Absolute "plus" speed.
Infinite Self cannot be contained by the known Universe. It escapes and transcends Absolute time.

The first time change is induced.
Three principles arise at this time:

Intellect, not mere intelligence as displayed by human beings.
Primal space

Solid line now draws down and inward (a spiral, magic carpet myth) into contracting Infinite Mind.

Universal "I" forms where Infinite Self disappeared.

WILL facing WILL across the first spiral creates the first radial lines of power (Will power) focused on the center. There is no outlet therefore the power builds.

Full consciousness (the Big Bang) is expressed as the first principle behind all cosmic idea, archetype (knowledge) and existence.

Without "I" there is no.thing.

Infinite Mind (potential) becomes Universal Mind (potential).
The 7 galleries of the spiral Reality (Mind World) are formed instantly.
Lines of power produce space.
Infinite Mind ("Other Side") forms Idea, the Universal side ("This Side") forms stars and their systems.

Solar Ideo-rings are formed (intelligence in the mind) surrounded by Nature symbolized by the external Reality.

Origins of Man and the Universe
By Barry Long.

(Note: Alchemy describes this Mind World and we have been projecting it outward since time began. The error of all of history is to personify this beginning potential as human).

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