21.1 Universal 

The Original Sound. The Original Sound

..."The fact that a vibrating string sounds not only the fundamental note but also a subsidiary series of higher notes",

(Note: If there is an Absolute high frequency and the resultant lower frequencies are made visible, then should there be lower partials or harmonics also?).

"that are integral multiples (as defined by speed of vibration) of the fundamental one, with the most important of these notes lying an octave, a fifth and a forth apart. The phenomenon is also known as the harmonic series and has been called the chord of nature".

Scientific American Unknown Edition.

"The Absolute (Note: there is no absolute) has 2 high frequencies..matter is formed by the beat frequency which is much lower and higher in amplitude".

Stalking the Wild Pendulum
126 B4465s pg.117

21.2 Rameau 

"She (nature) indicates that the principle which she has once and for all established shall, and must, dominate everywhere, and that everything- harmony, mode, melody, etc., must be related to and be subordinated to the generator of the major harmony, C - e - g, and must therefore, also be the generator of the minor harmony". Rameau

781.3 Sh65 pg 232

21.3 Aether 

21.4 Diagram. Sun-Earth Interaction Magazine: Sci Am, Apr, 1991, pg.111

"Collisionless shock waves (Aether) could produce instantaneous magnetic compression...in the shape of a helix"...

Scientific American
April. 1991, pg. 106

21.5 The Harmonic Universe 

"The most important and well tested part of my work I call "The Harmonic Theory". The essence of this is that there is a process in the universe by which very large scale electromagnetic waves develop harmonics which are exact fractions of the original wavelength and that these harmonics continue to do the same and so on. It is not at all obvious at first what the causes or the consequence of this are. The consequences have been substantially developed and the main prediction is that the more powerful the harmonics occur at certain scales relative to the fundamental which depends on the factorisation of the harmonic number. It turns out that this leads to a prediction of very powerful harmonics at certain ratios of scale that are in fact observed in universe. The sequence- Universe, Galaxy, Star, Planet, Moon, ...Atom, Baryon is found to have very accurately predicted ratio between the quantized spacings of each type of formation. By this I mean that the most common distance quantum at each scale are in the same proportion between each of the items in the above list. There are distance quanta applying to stellar and planetary distances and these have exactly the same proportions as those found between atomic and baryonic distance quanta".

Ray Tomes 

21.6 The Big, Big Picture 

Ray Tomes Title: Harmonics Theory, The Very Longest Cycle

"It is clearly desirable to try and fit the pattern observed to the theoretical pattern predicted by the harmonics theory. If the theory is correct then there will be a single period which is the "number one cycle" and all the other periods will follow from this based only on the properties of numbers. There is one disturbing observation in attempting to do this. It is that there appears to be another family of cycles from 2300 years upwards. Both 2300 and 4600 years are reported as climate cycles and they also exist in the solar system as giant planetary periods. Specifically, good conjunctions of the four giant planets can only occur in the favourable part of this cycle which has a period of 2315 years. There also appears to be a 55,500 year cycle in the motions of the planetary orbits relative to each other. That period is 24 times 2315 years which makes it a member of the same family.

I mentioned a problem. It is that 2315 years divided by 178 years is 13.00 almost exactly. It reminds me of the response to the discovery of the mu meson, "who ordered that?" If the harmonics theory is correct then a ratio of 13 should not occur until quite a small fraction of the full cycle of the universe. If the 13 is real and the harmonics theory correct then the universe must be >much bigger< than expected and have a very much longer cycle".

21.7 Diagram. The Galaxy, Meta and Mega Galaxies and their harmonics

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