26.1 Keely's Physics 

The description of John Worrell Keely's work on Dan's webpage and in Dan Davidson's book warrants an inspection of correspondences both within the same book and links to other literature. Dan's book contains many pictures of Keely's original machines. Excerpts as follows:

1. The "circular craft". Keely explained that "when these plates were polarized with "negative attraction" the craft would rise and float above the ground".

2. "The controlling mechanism consisted of a row of 100 vibratory bar(s) representing the enharmonic and diatonic scales".

3. The Dissociation of Water.

Frequency of Hydrogen- 42,800 / 6562.79 (Hydrogen) = 6.5216.
Frequency of Oxygen- 42,800 / 7775.43 (Oxygen) = 5.5045.

(Note: Dissociation occurs at about 5.5 and 6.5 times the frequency of hydrogen and oxygen).

"He (Keely) discovered that it is impossible to use the (A)ether in any way other that as a medium for other forces. These forces have to do with the polar stream of the earth and are tuned to by Keely's system of "sympathetic vibration" (i.e. by resonance of certain harmonic chords). In following a course of research in resonance phenomena, Keely achieved a very advanced understanding of the Universe"...

"Adhesive attraction = Polar stream". Keely.

"Sound annihilates atomic force".

"Sound subdivides atoms"...

"our atoms become Keely's molecules".

Scientific American
Oct., 11, 1884.

26.2 Triple Currents 

"He (Keely) showed that "the sympathetic streams of energy are composed of triple currents of vibratory flow. This applies to magnetic, electric, gravital and cerebelic (brain and mind) flows... Since these flows are vibrational in nature and are tuned to their respective spheres Keely believed this was the basis for the term "music of the spheres".

Gravity is actually a triple connective radiation rather than a flow. It is an eternally existing force entering all forms of matter. Keely believed that gravity is the basic source from which all matter emerges.

Keely called the stream coming into the earth at the poles from the sun the "polar stream". The 3 currents in this polar stream are magnetism, electricity and gravity".

(Note: Elsewhere in Vogts book, Reality Revealed, he describes magnetism as the information from the 1st-dimension, electricity is 90 degrees to it and following or the 2nd-dimension and gravity is shown to be generated by the first matter of universe, the primordial substance. In still another explanation that is plausible to me, electricity and magnetism is described as dead force after gravity feeds the earth its Life Force from the sun).

"The fundamental conception of universe is force manifesting itself in rhythmical relations".

Prof. Daniel G. Brinton
University of Pennsylvania, Circa 1896.

"Keely believed the above definition of force applied to the entire manifest universe, including matter, mind, and all forces of energies... All streams of energy, called "sympathetic streams", by Keely, consist of 3 currents of force... The vibrational relations under which the streams of force act are universally expressible by the mathematical ratio of 3rds"...

POSITIVE 33 1/3, enharmonic (+)
HARMONIC 66 2/3, polarizing (-)
DOMINANT 100, Control (etheric)

"Energy streams feeding matter again consist of 3 currents of force coded according to the triple vibratory scheme, where these triple currents meet they form a center of force and are maintained in a state of mutual attraction. This attractive force is gravity. The focal point of this force is defined as a "neutral center".

26.3 Table of 3 Modes of Vibration 


Mode of





Positive or
Enharmonic, Sliver, 33 2/3

Every object assimilates or tends
to relate itself to every other object via
sympathetic vibration.



Polarizing or Negative Attraction or
Harmonic, Gold, 66 2/3

Every object tends to attract
all other objects to itself



Etheric or Celestial
Platinum, 100

A finer force (e.g. magnetism) controls
lower forces (e.g. matter)

The total number of possible forms of atomic subdivision from the basic triple stream are found by simple combinatorial mathematics; namely, 1 x 2 x 3 = 6. Keely defined these 6 basic levels of energy aggregation within a molecule plus the energy itself as follows:

3 Squared I


Enharmonic (+)

3 Squared II



3 Cubed III


Harmonic (-)

3 Cubed IV



3 Cubed V



3 Cubed VI



3 Cubed VII

Luminiferous (A)ether

400mm cy/sec

Within each of these levels were even finer modes of energy vibration. His final energy liberator was able to dissociate 27 levels of matter.


The triple stream which feeds the atom splits into 3 distinct currents and each becomes the "dominant" current for each of the 3 interatomics making up the atom.

26.5 Diagram. Three Currents 

The above theory assumes the molecular level is dominated by the enharmonic level (I) since the atom itself would be attractive. This explains why the gasses such as Hsub2, Osub2, etc., pair. The dominant mode of vibration for the 3 levels perceptible to our five senses is as follows:


Dominant Current


Enharmonic (+)


harmonic (-)



Luminiferous (A)ether


"The dominant current for the other levels can be deduced from the above".

"One axiom which is repeated throughout my researches is that the "finer the force, the greater the power". Similarly, Keely held that the "higher controls the lower". Thus the vibrations of the ether control gasses; the vibrations of gasses can control solid matter".

"Atoms, planets, stars, etc., are thus seen to be vibrating energy structures held in equilibrium by the sympathetic streams sustaining them. By disturbing (altering) this oscillatory equilibrium via resonant impulses, Keely was able to perform his wondrous feats of scientific magic".

(Note: The keyword here is alter or disturb the equilibrium of matter. Musically this means using the dissonant frequencies and not the consonant. No one I know has ever understood this or attempted to employ the concept. If mass is in harmonic equilibrium, the only two ways to affect it is to resonate with the frequency or disturb it).

"All masses are related harmonically to each other by the simple fact that matter is in harmonic equilibrium. Thus all forms of matter are related sympathetically to one another. By altering these sympathetic relations, practical results are obtained".

"The quiescent (motionless, quiet) range of oscillation of an atom is 1/3 of its diameter vibrating at 20,000 cy/sec. By striking a chord representing the 3rd, 6th and 9th of the scale in octaves, Keely was able to alter the sympathetic stream's harmonic relations".

26.6 "2 / 3rds Diameters" 

"The 6th note in the scale reduces the range of molecular vibrations thus increasing solidification. This applies to the negative current (harmonic (-) atomic level) going into the mass". (See previous Table).

Dan Davidson

"electric fields tend to pull atoms apart to ionization".

"magnetic fields tend to squeeze an atom which remains stable but changes shape".

Scientific American.

"The 9th note expands the atom making the mass less dense. Dissociation does not take place until the atom reaches 2/3 of its diameter. This is done by controlling the radiating current (enharmonic (+) molecular level) to the mass". (See previous Table).

"The range of molecular oscillations is affected differently in different substances when submitted to the same vibratory impulse, and these ranges can be measured".

Keely and His Discoveries. Clara Bloomfield Moore.

(Note: These ranges can be measured by Spectral Tables or by silver, gold and platinum wires).

From Davidson's book:

"The vibratory relation of silver : gold : platinum is 3 : 6 : 9, respectively. Since this is the basic relation of the 3 modes of vibration, Keely made wires of these three metals to test the frequencies in various substances... Atomic rotation was also found to be controlled by these sympathetic streams".

"The phenomenon of rotation arises from the harmonic interaction of the dominant and the enharmonic elements of the flow; in other words, the 1st and 3rd, the 3rd and 9th, etc., whose vibrations "beat" the ratio 1 : 3".

"In molecular substances the vibration relations were found to be shown by the following progression:"

1 : 3 : 9 : 27 : 81 : 243 ::: 3^n (n = 1, 2, 3, ...) or 1 x 3 x 3 x 3...

"All level from atomic on up (assume this means interatomic because molecules have a 1 : 3 : 9 relation) have the following relations: "

3 : 9 : 81 : 6561 : 43,046,721 ::: 3(2^n) (N = 1,2,3,...) or 1 x 3 x 3 x 9 x81).

26.7 Table. Complete Keely Table 










33 1/3, 3rds






66 2/3, 6ths





Dominant, (Celestial
or etheric)

99 3/3 or 100



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26.8 Diagram. Musical Chart by which Keely claimed to have discovered his "Etheric" Force

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