27.1 Faster Than Light Speed 

George Weissman..."has pointed out that faster-than-light signaling is possible (by way of the EPR effect) only if the sender can psychokinetically control the spin state of one part of a quantum system".

The Roots of Consciousness
133 M.6895r, Pg. 334.

27.2 Light's Illusory Nature 

..." its illusory nature exemplified in the fact that part of every ocean wave, every sound wave, perhaps every light wave, always moves backward"...

Music of the Spheres
By Guy Murchie
523. M938 (1967)

27.3 Light Vibration in the Aether 

"Every individual single system of waves formed by pendular vibration exists as an independent mechanical unit, expands, and sets in motion other elastic bodies having the corresponding proper tone, perfectly undisturbed by any other simple tones of other pitches which may be expanding at the same time, and which may proceed either from the same or any other source of sound. Each single simple tone, then, can, as we have seen, be separated from the composite mass of tones, by mechanical means, namely by bodies which will vibrate sympathetically with it. Hence every individual partial tone exists in the compound musical tone produced by a single musical instrument, just as truly, and in the same sense, as the different colors of the rainbow exist in the white light proceeding from the sun or any other luminous body. Light is also a vibrational motion of a peculiar elastic medium, the luminous ether, just as a sound is a vibrational motion of the air. In a beam of white light there is species of motion which may be represented by the sum of many oscillatory motions of various periodic times, each of which corresponds to one particular color of the solar spectrum. But of course each particle of ether at any particular moment has only one determinate velocity, and only one determinate departure from its mean position, just like each particle of air in a space traversed by many systems of sonorous waves. The really existing motion of any particle of ether is of course only one and individual; and our theoretical treatment of it as compound, is in a sense arbitrary. But the undulatory motion of light can also be analyzed into the waves corresponding to the separate colors, by external mechanical means, such as by refraction in a prism, or by transmission through fine gratings, and each individual simple wave of light corresponds to a simple color, exists mechanically by itself, independently of any other color.

We must therefore not hold it to be an illusion of the ear, or to be mere imagination, when in the tone of a single note emanating from a musical instrument, we distinguish many partial tones, as I have found musicians inclined to think, even when they have heard those partial tones quite distinctly with their own ears. If we admitted this, we should have also to look upon the colors of the spectrum which are separated from white light, as a mere illusion of the eye".

Sensations of Tone.

27.4 Liquid Crystals and Light 

"A more complex liquid crystal is the kind that harbors cholesterol and comes in thousands of one-molecule-thick layers, with the molecules laying flat like sleeping soldiers, their long axes parallel to the plane of the layer and to each other, but with each layer's axes rotated 15 minutes of arc relative to the next (the very same angle, by the way, that the radii of both sun and moon substend from earth), therefore cumulatively forming a helical progression of polarity that is common to all genes and protoplasm. The potent effect on penetrating light of this 15-minute twist of polarity per molecule can be judged slightly by the fact that it adds up to a spin of 18,888 degrees or 50 full revolutions for every millimeter the light travels"


27.5 Light Experiments 

8/8/01 Light Experiment


Since Einstein's E=mc^2 should actually be correctly written as,

E*E = (m*m)*(c*c*c*c)

We see that light, energy and mass are doubled. This doubling suggests an invisible, but very real higher dimension, higher frequency or at least, another dimension as does the stationary light sphere we call the electron, which has to precess 720 degrees to return to its start point.

The experiment that detected this higher / other dimension / frequency, which dimension / frequency only means a backward moving group of frequencies called by science, the pilot wave that leads the group wave. Now this pilot wave travels in reverse to the light wave we see. Therefore, if an experiment is set up that is properly phased, it will detect this backward moving pilot wave and the results will be, in this case, interpreted as a superluminal "speed" when in fact it is only the detection of the backward pilot wave that seems to arrive before it started, which is not really a superluminal "speed". Both forward and backward light move at its own speed.

Also, Einstein's relativity did not say that nothing can be "faster" than light, it merely says that we will not be able to see it go faster than light speed. Phi (The Other Side), Gravity, (Casimir energy= Short range gravity harmonic), Cherenkov radiation, Consciousness and Mind energy seems to be faster: In other words they are the pilot wave moving backwards. We call this nega.entropy as opposed to forward moving entropy. These are the real Saviors.

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