35.1 Diagram. The Very Very Big picture of the Totality Universe

35.2 What does the Actuality / Reality universe look like? 

Concerning the Actuality, that which I define as the matter side of the complete picture of Universe, must be mirror perfect in its nature, in time, as described by Philosophy from Plato and others. Perfect here means that the Phi-based Other-side is trying to make This-side perfect. The question to ask, to find what this Totality looks like is this. What can we find on this earth that is perfect in its nature and shape? Atoms, for one, meet these qualifications, but, crystals are, only if they are octahedral, shaped like two Giza pyramids, base to base. Perfect here means that the sides of these octahedra are, according to the Miller Indices of Crystals, all 111 perfect transmitting/receiving faces, and are the easiest to grow also. All perfectly conducting metals such as gold, silver, platinum, aluminum, copper and more, have within their lattices, these planes of octahedral crystal shapes.

Diverging from Douglas Vogt for a moment:

David Hammel, in July, 1999, theorized that there is an underground half to the Giza pyramid wherein all the secrets will be found. I just discovered his page today, 5/14/00. Knowing that the Giza pyramid is a copy of this Octahedron encompassing universe, I find David's statement plausible.

My diagram (Grace, 1999) differs with David and Kenneth's conclusions. David extends the upright side lines into one pyramid while I invert / flip the upright pyramid. We can see now what the phrase "it was built from the top down" may mean. One view is the upside-down half obviously was built from the "top down" to the base but the other more likely view of this saying is that chaos, or no.thing began the cosmogony of universe at the apex (top, Level 8) downward to Level 1 of the 7 Level World.

Another version of the inversion by Kenneth Bakeman. Instead of inverting the upright pyramid and then flipping the whole image left to right, as I do, Kenneth just inverts the upright pyramid, in his study.

Still another version of the inversion (bottom of page). In this case, the inverted hidden half of the pyramid is placed above the visible half with the following quote explaining:

SIRIUS / DOUBLE PYRAMID (Found on 11/20/01)

"The Great Pyramid (like Sirius) too has an "invisible twin"! The height of the Great Pyramid is exactly one half pi (22/7) in relationship to the sum of the sides of its base! The 1/2 pi gives "the big clue" regarding the pyramid's "other half".

In my method (Grace, 1999),if a drawing is made of the interior passages and chambers of the Giza pyramid, then is inverted / flipped and placed under the original upright pyramid, attached base to base to make an 8-sided octahedron, the shape become a diamond with the apex inverted below and not as David indicated with his extended side lines forming one larger pyramid, nor as Kenneth with one inversion only, nor as the third theory of an invisible pyramid above. This is done to fulfill the hints of its proper intent as a pyramid.

In Buckminsters Fuller's synergetics there is very often 2 units attached to his frequency calculations.
In physics it is said that the electron has to rotate 2 times to return to its original position.
In my study of comparing musical scales to the Mayan Tzolkin, I found, in certain scales often, 2 bactun left over.
In cosmology, I deduced there is a hidden 1 / 2 side (reciprocal of 2) concerning "This side" and the "Other side".
Not only does the mysterious 'doubling' (2 parts) have to define the correct Cheops pyramid, but the nature of the psyche (heaven) dictates the invisible half be reversed to the visible half as is the inner psyche is to the outer brain mind. Now the third theory of the hourglass shaped halves, one inverted above the upright half, joined at the apex, may reflect a center of a toroidal shape and may be valid. I favor the theory I developed that creates a double Cheops pyramid that looks like an octahedron, that shape which space precisely expands within and reflects atomically as all perfectly conducting metallic crystals.
In the following by Alistair Couper on Rodin, he points to the doubling:

(16 full page clicks), Section, I-Ching, "He (McKenna) began with the King Wen sequence of the 64 I-Ching hexagrams, which he calls a "profoundly artificial arrangement", as a model for the way in which time's changes could be mapped. He then took the first order difference. between each hexagram, a sort of first derivative of the changing number of lines in the sequence. This generated a random appearing series having values of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 (no changes of 5). It was then noticed that if this "waveform" were turned around in time and inverted, it would overlay the original at each end. This impressed Terence at the time as there were several interesting numerical relations that came out of this. What I thought of when reading this for the first time was that he was constructing something like a forward moving particle / backward moving anti-particle pair. (Figure 3.) (Note the similarity to Marko's use of the forward and reverse binary doubling sequence.) He took this pair of wave forms through a series of mappings, all intuitively guided, to finally produce a sequence of 384 numbers which are the "seed" of his time wave".

(Note: Number 384 is also an important number covered in these files).

Here is Marko Rodins doubling circuit, the 4th image called "Sunflower Map", that I count as the bi(2)-directional spiral of electrons governed by the Tzolkin Magic Squares and also the shape of the toroidal rotating mass of the Meta-galaxy, Mega-galaxy and our universe inside the Octahedron. Please read the rest of his page also, if you will, because he truly understands correspondence and relationship.

There are several more strong indicators of the number 2 in the 4-Part Index study. This curious 'doubling' has been a mystery to me for a few years.

The number 2 here is giving us a hint as to why the pyramid should be doubled. It seems to be saying that the Giza pyramid is actually a representation of the only perfect crystal that is the same shape as the Transmitter of all universal perfect information, the Octahedron. In the case of the pyramid, only 1 / 2 of it is visible, the other half is hidden or underground (hidden dimension).

After inverting my drawing of the passages and chambers, I found that the descending passage into the 'pit' is now an ascending passage which extends from the left outer-side of the pyramid this time, and just grazes the top-left corner of the Queen's Chamber, horizontally follows the line of the Queen's Chamber roof (the roof is an open, inverted 'V" shape but rests upon its walls at the points of the line) , then extends beyond it and ends just under the floor of the Grand Gallery with the "pit" fitting neatly between the Queen's Chamber and the floor of the Grand Gallery, with the inverted small pit in the floor of the pit itself, now just touching the floor of the Grand Gallery and moreover, the short passage extending beyond the pit itself, extends through the floor line and ends in the middle of the air of the Grand Gallery. This may give a hint concerning where to search for the pit entrance, and the inverted "pit" itself, if this hypothesis is correct.

And conversely, the "pit" of the upright pyramid should fit neatly between the Queen's Chamber and the floorline of the inverted Grand Gallery of the inverted pyramid half, thus giving 5 places for archeologists to search.

  1. The floor of the upright pyramid Grand Gallery.
  2. The top-right and left ceiling / wall interface of the Queen's Chamber of the upright pyramid.
  3. The outside entrance, underground, to the now inverted ascending "pit" passage along the opposite pyramid face to the existing descending passage above ground.
  4. The upper-right wall of the underground pit next to the inverted Queen's Chamber and
  5. The small pit within the underground "pit" which just touches the inverted floor of the now, inverted, Grand Gallery underground.

Copyright. Robert Grace. 1999

Back to Douglas Vogt: The author of book, Reality Revealed, who indicates that these perfect crystals (the Giza Pyramid) are receiving information from the source or Transmitter of Universal Information, shaped like a perfect crystal. Therefore all of the Actuality (the physical matter) may be contained within "shapes", called by the Ancient Gnosis, the Primal Atom, The World of Idea, The Noetic World of Plato, The Eternal Egg, The Resplendent Germ of the Upanishads and finally described in practical terms by B. Fuller in showing that there is, inside the earth, a point, triangle, tetrahedron, double-tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, cuboctahedron / vector equilibrium, rhombic dodecahedron and a Mayan Time Star here somewhere and probably on and on....until we arrive at that shape that encompasses all others angular shapes (angle, angel, arch-angel, arc-angle?)...the Buckminster Fuller, hi-tensegrity (tension), hi-frequency (more angles) perfect Sphere.

35.3 Diagram. The Octahedron inside the Tetrahedron

35.4 The Actuality, "This Side", maya, mater, mother earth, matter, mirror, seen world, physical, reflection, illusion 

(Note: One very important point needs to be explained here as it has led the race far astray ever since humankind has looked to a god for help. Some religions have denegrated this side of the total double universe as if it were illusion, maya, a mirror filled with imperfection but it seems to me that these qualities are all human inventions for the most part, notwithstanding the imperfections of the Life Force in creating a birth defect or 'natural error' in creation. For the most part, the Life Force produces a perfect copy of its information. But we humans go so far as to ignore the human life within creation as if we don't deserve to enjoy our world. The world is not illusion nor less than the Other side, it's just outward from the inward half and also suffering from transmission losses and de.synchronization losses (the fall of god, not us). Religion with its god, buddah, tao, bramah and all the rest seem to be the illusion, that when dismissed, gives us the chance to exist here on earth for a future that only we can build. Our job, it seems, is not to totally give up as fallen and lost and grovel on our knees, but to get to work finding out the harmonics of the source and the frequencies here that resonate with it).

The apex of the octahedral shape, large sun /earth or small atom / electron, is the finite point through which the whole 7-13 levels of the seen, something, matter universe erupted from No.thing, or more practically, another adjoining Octahedron connecting with the Octahedron that encompasses our universe and more. Time, actually interval (Origins of Man and the Universe, pg. 24), and space expansion causes information to fill the ever-present expansion with ever-new matter as seeds grow; everything known grows from seeds. This is the Actuality of the binary nature of Nature.

35.5 The Reality, "Other Side", religions world, real world, unseen 

(Note: One point needs to be explained here concerning my use of the words ' real world'. Real used here means that which was before this world of outer manifestation. It does not imply that the real world was more or higher except in frequency and more perfect vibration. More perfect vibration does not make a creator god, it makes perfect harmonics).

The "Other Side" of "This Side" is the No.thing. Whatever comes to us from the Reality source (no.thing, Chaos (hidden order), power of space, unqualified information) returns to the Reality source through creator-Mankind, through the organs, who qualifies (soul quality, i.e., Plato) the unqualified information and matter or quantity created by the energy / consciousness of the No.thing potential. The potential has always existed (Steady State Theory) with its potential as Idea, Archetype and has produced the Actuality manifestations. The Big Bang Theory (End / beginning) of information needs the Steady State Theory (The universe cycles infinately) just as Creation Theory (inner world) needs Evolution Theory (outer world) to be whole.

35.6 The Conclusion of the Binary Nature of Nature and Neutrality 

I have seen thousands upon thousands of theories as to the nature of Universe, and each one seems as valid as the next one. After 23 yrs study, absurd resistance and trouble along the way to organize these into a big picture, there arrives another theory and it destroys every idea I have spent so many years studying about. There is a name for this kind of Universal justice. I had a choice name for the theories which destroyed my previous work but now I know better. I perceived that the Life Force arranges for these pluses to oppose the minuses. For theories which explain why things are, there is an equally good theory which will explain why it is not. I believe that the authors of the alleged Jesus invented a friend named Judas to reduce Jesus and Judas to neutral nothing. I believe that the Life Force is attempting to reduce us all to that place between plus and minus, that place that all of lifes experience hints at. 0-neutrality. It is the neutral state of the conscious mind.

This neutrality is the place where the Universe wants us. This is the place where things happen.

Neutral is the 0-point of physics (zero with a point in the middle, the center and the circumference, the nothing / everything). Zero represents the invisible point.

Neutral is the "S" between the yin / yang halves.

Neutrality (neutral eyes) is considering both sides.

Neutrality is neutron.

Neutrality is the 'neutral center' of Keely.

Neutrality is radioactive spontaneous neutron materialization.

Neutral.ize is where conjugate (opposing) magnetic waves (3)[32] produce conjugate EM (6)[16], producing conjugate 0-point, gravitic scalar (9)[8], producing conjugate Whittaker waves (0)(12)[4], which produce conjugate Aether waves (-3)(15)[2], which produce higher Aether waves (-6)(12)[1].

Neutral is the necessary attitude to transit to dreamtime of the Aborigines, of neutral 0 time of concreascence on Dec 21, 2012, Mayan time, the 13th Baktun of the Star planting resonating with the date 3113 BC. This date and the date Aug 13, 1999 represent an offset of time and should be referred to elsewhere within these pages.

And finally, neutrality is that one thing necessary, to live with one another without offending. If religionists wish to regard something as holy, they might try looking here, not in the extreme of a mono-theistic-polarizing-extreme-male-principle god..

Copyright. Robert Grace. 1999.

35.7 Diagram. Metagalaxy Structure and its Spiraling lines of Force

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