39.1 Cosmic Consciousness and Serpent Currents 

The discussion, in Reiser's book, begins with a mention of 2 psychic currents entering the earth (from the sun):

  1. "The current of Christ" (Iona, centrifical, expansive, the dove, holy spirit, sophia, yin).

  2. "The current of Lucifer" (Horeb, centripital, contractive, yang).

"Horeb means waste. Iona suggests ions, in modern physics, and the ionosphere. Also Aion (omega) and, as a verb root- to perceive, become aware of, to breath (out). This suggests emanations, and developing consciousness.

Rudolf Steiner polarized Lucifer and Ahriman. "Ahriman being materialistic, concrete forces and Lucifer being all sweetness and light".

(Correspondences, File, "84 Synthetic Philosophy", Section, "Original Impulse").

(Note: The question is, how can we resolve these seeming contradictions? See File, "53 Evolution / Creation" and Tertium Organum, p. 79).

39.2 Consciousness, Life and the Cosmic Connection 

"Life and mind properties are inherent in the galactic hydrogen- helium field". Resier.

"Hydrogen bonding" is crucial for the understanding of the gene(sis)
and nature of consciousness". Reiser.

..."the brain, being a laser-like instrument of the mind, produces holographic images through "interference patterns". Reiser.

..."one can then seek out the homomorphic images residing in the hydrogen-helium plasma of the galactic field. Thus the feedback between the cerebral cortex and the earth's heliosphere is part of the bipolarity that unites man and the galaxy in cosmic consciousness. This synchronization or resonance is made possible by the hydrogen bonding system of carbon compounds". Reiser

"There are 4 neucleotides in the double helix of DNA-RNA:

4 helium cores (isotopes).
4 brainwaves (actually a spectrum from 0 ---> infinity). Reiser.

"There is a class of compounds consisting of organic molecules sandwiched between metallic layers...which fill the gaps between metals and protoplasmic systems".
Cryogenics: New Superconducting Materials announced in Dallas, Science 168, 1970, p.103. Reiser.

"This organic/inorganic layering is Wilhelm Reich's technique to gather orgone", (the Life Force). Reiser further notes, "it demonstrates that superconductivity can take place in 2- dimensional structures..and...this superconductivity represents interaction between electrons and organic molecules".

..."Mental energy may act on Helium to supercool it to the point where its properties manifest themselves as Helium II"... Cochran.

..."Helium II has the properties of a plasma and is capable of transmitting longitudinal and transverse waves simultaneously... that it provides the pattern for the "cross-action", (of Harold's theory). Resier.

..."He^3 (Helium III) and He^4 (Helium IV) are quantum fluids". Resier.

..."electronic maser amplification (Phonon Masers), electronic amplifiers or oscillators are the bridge between EM waves and quantum-mechanical systems". Reiser.

"Mind energy...can act as an agent for maintaining the integrity of carbon molecules in space"...Resier.

..."mind energy can act as a force-field for transforming the circumglobal helium gas into a plasma for the psychosphere". Reiser.

..."atomic hydrogen plays a role in:

    1. Cosmogenesis.
    2. Transmutation of hydrogen into helium.
    3. The bonding function of organic synthesis.
    4. Superconductivity as related to cosmoplasmic magnetism.
    5. Phonon and Alfve'n waves.
    6. The role of electrons in the emergence of helices and higher systems.
    7. The role of polarized light and ionization.
    8. The solar winds in interplanetary fields.
    9. The control of geomagnetism and the associated "drifting continents". Resier.

Cosmic Humanism and World Unity
By Oliver Reiser
113. R2775c

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