40.1 Gaea, Mind of the Earth 

(Note: The gradual emergence of the giant organism, Gaea, will soon to be, but after the final dissonance. The moral of enlightenment is planetism and global thinking. The efforts to resist this Mind of the Planet manifest in human wars).

"The great vision is not easily put into words. Fortunately there were the Maya, who left their symbols".

(Note: indispensable books on this subject (Earth Ascending and The Mayan Factor, Jose Arguelles, Shambala Books) is absolutely required reading).

"The great vision is no mere fantasy or wishful thinking".

(Note: The 7 Level World; psyche, earth mind, solar mind, stellar mind, universal no.thing, absolute (?) no.thing and infinite no.thing and real.istically speaking, the power of space etc.) is what real.ity is- Real. The inner world is as real as the outer world. Both are valid but the Other-side cannot be seen and is not there. The only thing that is there, is the 4 of 7 levels that human soul quality has produced around the earth called humankinds "Heaven". So far it is mostly malovently psychized with the lowest of human emotion and thought, but we have 3 more planes unexisting, to be created, in the future. It is not god who provides our Heaven or Hell, it is you. The individual depends upon the condition of the community, the comunity upon the condition of the state, the state upon the nation, the nations upon the world, the world upon the condition of the Soul of the Earth. Be careful what you put into the Bank, for it is exactly what is returned to us).

By the way, the Aether is confined to earth and sun, it does not occupy the infinite expanses of space according to Quartum Organum).

"God is mans name for the Guiding Field or Cosmic Imagination", according to Reiser.

According to Reiser, "it takes 8 dimensions to make a universe; 4 above the 4-dimensional spacetime continuum".

(Correspondences, "83 B. Fuller Paraphrased").

(Note: According to B. Fuller- There is no spacetime and no continuum).

Reiser also indicates that "a galactic spiral is a huge cyclotron which acts as a giant cosmic ray accelerator (Enrico Fermi / Bruno Rossi). He also says it has an eye or lens".

(Note: I have related this to a blackhole).

The lens, as used by Reiser, is the center of spiraling galaxies.

(Note: The Tzolkin is superimposed upon the curve of space of the toroidal blackhole called the sun and galactic centers.

The World Sensorium of Reiser is H.G. Wells World Brain, Pere Teilhard de Chardin's Noosphere, Plato's World Soul, Arguelles' Psy Bank, The Akashic Record of the East Indian philosophy...It is the left and right cerebral lobes of the planet).

"The Sensorium fluctuates on average, 20 times..before reversals".

"The World Sensorium Psi-layer has super-light speed phase-wave plasma characteristics, i.e., quantum tunneling effects and Cherenkov radiation where light is emitted conically, not spherically (singing electrons)".

(20- Correspondences, "83 B. Fuller Paraphrased").

Cosmic Humanism and World Unity
By Oliver Reiser
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