41.1 Plasmas 

"Solar wind plasma is either transparent to EM waves, or non- transparent, as the case may be, according to what is called the plasma frequency". Reiser.

..."the same mechanism which prevents radiation from emerging from a plasma also prevent outside radiation from penetrating into it". Reiser.

41.2 Plasma Waves 

"The energy that is transmitted through space travels not with the speed of the waves, but with the speed of the group-velocity" Reiser.

..."in plasmas, when an external magnetic field is applied, both longitudinal and transverse waves intermingle and may even interfere with each other, no distinctions can be made between the two". Reiser.

"Space is occupied by a 4th state of matter- plasma or electrified gas. The Van Allen Belt is one such plasma".

"Super-dispersive plasmas exhibit both group-wave and constituient-waves. Group-waves are a result of superimposed constituient-waves. Particles are manifestations of group-waves accompanied by guiding-waves (Schrodinger's psi-waves) which travel faster than the particle and tells it where to go". (Sir Joseph Thompson, Beyond the Electron, Oliver Reiser, Integration).

"The velocity at which the disturbance or energy moves is called the electron group-velocity, the velocity of the waves or the wave velocity. The velocity of the energy lags far behind that of the waves; the waves guide the energy. The greater the waves velocity, the smaller the energy. The product of the two speeds, in EM phenomena, is always c^2. In other words, the velocity of light is a mean between group-wave velocity and constituent probability guiding-wave velocity". Sir J.J. Thompson.

"c is the geometric average of the tachyon speed. It represents the maximum velocity of half the tachyons". Koppitz.

"Microwaves sent through plasmas may attain a velocity greater than c. The velocity is proportional to the density of the electrons in the plasma".

"Some plasmas (helium) at superconducting temperature are capable of producing and transmitting vortex rings through space".

Cosmic Humanism and World Unity
By Oliver Reiser
113. R2775c

Ray Tomes Comments:

"In my model, every particle is spread throughout the entire universe".

..."Feynman and Wheeler got very close to this model. They realized that some processes in particles required that there be both an incoming and outgoing electromagnetic wave to work. They ignored the dreadful quandary that the incoming wave had to know that it needed to arrive on time and so had to start somewhere else before it knew it was needed!

What they missed was that these incoming and outgoing "photons" were not something happening to the electron, they ARE the electron".

"The incoming wave doesn't need to know when to come for the very simple reason that it is always coming and always going. That is what a standing wave is. Two waves going in opposite directions. Of course the outgoing wave is just the incoming wave after it has passed through the centre". Paragraph 8.

Ray Tomes 

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