42.1 Psi Field 

"It is above and beyond (the so-called) spacetime of 4-dimensions.

The oscillation of alpha rhythm brain waves is 8-10 Hz. The resonant frequency is 7.8 Hz. in the ionosphere (and is rising), (and has) a wavelength of 25,000 miles, making it possible for radio waves to circle the earth 8 times. (The same number as the brain wave frequency). It may reside in, or is related to the helium layer of the earth". Reiser.

"The helium layer (of the earth), we postulate as the basis of the psi-layer, and the medium of both sound and light...intertranslating longitudinal sound (sonorous ether) with transverse light (Luminiferous ether)".

"A cosmic consciousness can occur in the psi-field".

"The psi-field acts like a transformer".

(Note: The psi-field is the invisible psychic side of physical life, or the 7 Level World).

"The religious and sexual revolutions arrived at the same time and properly so...since there is a profound connection between the drive toward sex and the drive toward divinity".

Cosmic Humanism and World Unity.
By Oliver Reiser.
113. R2775c

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