44.1 Superconducting Helium II 

"It is known that the geomagnetic dynamo (I assume the field of the earth) has a frequency in its alterations of field strengths, on the average of 20 fluctuations in intensity between successive polarity reversals".

"The odd behavior of helium II is suggestive of life, where the wave properties are predominant".

(Note: At absolute zero and with focused light).

44.2 Fields Around the Earth 

Earth--| Atmosphere.
-------------| Ionosphere.
-Van Allen Belt-|
---------------| Helium Belt- 600 miles.
-------------------------| Hydrogen Belt-1,500 miles.
-----------------------------------| Radiation Belt of Thought.
----------------------------------------| Psi Field (Psychosphere).

Earth--| Troposphere- 10 miles.
--------| Stratosphere- 20 miles.
-------------------------------| Ionosphere- 6,000 miles.
-------------------------------------| Magnetosphere- 40,000 miles.

Earth--| Oxygen/Nitrogen.
---------| Oxygen- 72 miles.
---------------| Helium- 600 miles.
--------------------------------------| Hydrogen- 5,000 miles.
-----------------------------Interplanetary Gas- 6,000 miles.----|

44.3 From Matter Waves to the Biological Level of Macro Molecules: 

"A superconducting state will arise from an interaction between the positive charges oscillating in the side chains and the electrons moving along the spine of the molecule".

44.4 "3/2" Ratio 

"the relative periods of planets...going around the sun...are proportional to the 3/2 powers of their radii". Kepler.

"The helium layer psychosphere is postulated by Harold, "to have mind properties", and further adds, "that the helium layer spirals down into the human brain, perhaps in the form of holographic images"...

44.5 Zero Point Energy 

"Zero point energy is oscillatory energy".

Reiser's Summations:

  1. Resonance, wave prominence and life-mind properties are related.

  2. Wave properties and resonance are intimately connected.

  3. Resonance is important in explaining the nature of hydrogen bonds between atoms.

  4. Hydrogen bond resonance is crucial in biophysical systems", (ring resonance and hydrogen bond resonance).

Cosmic Humanism and World Unity.
By Oliver Reiser.
113. R2775c

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