45.1 Toroids 

"Inside / Outside Cosmology is based upon the toroid shape" George Gamov,
One Two Infinity, 1953.

  1. God's eye seeing you, you seeing God (a religious concept).

  2. Mind / brain, brain / mind interactions.

  3. Spiritual / physical interactions.

  4. Turning right-handed objects into left-handed objects by using Mobius twisted surfaces.

    (Note: This turning from right-handed to left-handed objects happened at the garden story of religion. It is called iso.merism or Involution (The Fall) becomes Evolution (The Rise).

    "It has been pointed out that a topological and multicellular animal with an alimentary canal is a torus, i.e., one with a ring which does not divide the rest of the space into separate parts". Reiser.

Cosmic Humanism and World Unity
By Oliver Reiser

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