7.1 Magnetism 

..."spin and angular momentum cancel...total momentum / magnetism is zero... when the application of a magnetic field slightly unbalances the orbital pairing of electrons, the result is "diamagnetism", when it slightly unbalances the spin pairing (only in metals), it results in a very weak paramagnetism".

Scientific American
Sept. 1977, pg. 222.

7.2 Diamagnetism: Superconductivity at Room Temperature 

"Suppose for the sake of argument we are presented with a plastic material that is superconducting at room temperature. How could we use it? The obvious applications mentioned in the beginning of this article immediately springs to mind, but even more exciting prospects arise from a superconductors "diamagnetism" (See Diamagnetism, below), or impermeability to a magnetic field. Because of the highly coordinated motion of the electrons a magnetic field cannot penetrate the interior of a superconductor. This property can be demonstrated by placing a bar magnet above a sheet of superconducting metal...

Have we anything of interest to expect from the biological view?
If it proves possible to synthesize an artificial superconducting molecule, it seems to me that nature would have surely discovered the fact ages ago.

David Hudson 

Thus we would expect molecules of this type playing some unique role in nature, but we can only speculate what this role may be. The highly coordinated motion of the electrons within our hypothetical molecule couples the different parts of the molecule together in an extremely intimate way. As a result reactions in one part can influence the reactivity of other groups in any part of the entire molecule, however remote. Could this long-range influence explain some of the intricacies of biological molecules?"...

Scientific American
Feb. 1965, pg. 27

7.3 "Paramagnetism attracts positive electricity" 

"Diamagnetism attracts negative electricity". (See Diamagnetism and Superconductivity, above).

Michael Faraday.

Paramagnetism- Has magnetic permeability (attracts +).
Slightly more magnetic than a vacuum.

Ferromagnetism- Abnormally high magnetic permeability.
Definite saturation point.
Much residual magnetism and hysteresis.

Diamagnetism- Has magnetic permeability (attracts -).
Magnetic permeability less than that of a vacuum.
Negative magnetic susceptibility.
Feebly repelled by a strong magnet.
In common vacuum = 'Negative pressure'.

7.4 Magnecrystallic Force 

(Note: This force is neither + nor -. It is found in crystals when the cells attempt to align in the structure of the crystal as building blocks. From this amazing force we can see that it is not like any polarized force, therefore, it is, lets say for now, higher than both, or perhaps more correctly, in the middle of both + and -. The only thing between + and - seems to be neutral. Therefore this force is neutral. Neutral is sometimes called the center, as the place where gravity's 'force' is found, according to Newton.. This fact generates questions.

Is gravity neutral?

Yes it is, completely, dynamically, neutral, hence, John Worrell Keely's statement, "The neutral center" and "time is gravity".

Why is this neutral and how does it operate?
Universe has a Carrier wave, upon which information is superimposed, which feeds all matter. We know this from knowing how hetrodyned information is transmitted between transmitter and receiver. So it is above, as below.

There is a Transmitter and matter is the receiver. How do I know this? Its very simple. If matter is receiving information from 'somewhere', as is plainly seen in the frequency manuals of Spectroscopy, then there is a Transmitter 'somewhere' sending it. The only problem is this- Where is the Transmitter and what does it look like? I'll tell you in a while, first lets look at this neutral force called the Carrier wave.

This Carrier wave passes through electric fields and through magnetic fields and orients itself with the Aetheric field, or some higher medium that has no polarity. The higher field cannot have polarity or the Carrier would ignore it, wouldn't it? Or, we can postulate, that the Carrier ignores the polarity of, even the higher field, also. The next thing I did was couple the Carrier wave with the electron which has a frequency of 1.5777 GHz. Why did I choose the electron as the mechanism of the Carrier wave? The answer is: The Carrier, or some call it the Mediator between the "Other Side" and "This Side" is light. Since all electrons are light, and there are no other 'particles' (frequencies) that look like light, the electron is the most likely choice.

Ether and Matter by Krafft,
530.1 K855, pg. 40.

The Magnecrystallic Neutral Carrier is not operating at 1.5777 GHz, but this frequency is a beat frequency or much lower harmonic of the super-high Carrier (space). So high, in fact, it has no oscillation, hence, no frequency, and probably acts like a 'stroboscope' to 'freeze' matter so it appears stationary and solid. This is the world of super-high frequency far beyond Planck's constant).


The question is, does the electron GHz frequency cause the neutral to have a polarity?

I think not. I think the GHz sine wave frequency is still superimposed upon the higher Carrier (space) but the Carrier is pure information with no oscillation at all. This is straight line force, called The Life Force. It is not like the dead force of electricity and magnetism, remember, it passes over these forces. The GHz frequency is just in tune, harmonically, with the Carrier (space) of the Life Force (time).

7.6 What does the Transmitter look like? 

Here is where we previously asked, "What does the Transmitter look like"? Lets do some "As below, So above", reverse reasoning concerning Transmitters and receivers:

The most perfect receiver on earth is a certain crystal shape according to the Miller Indices. That shape is the Octahedron (two Giza pyramids base to base). It is the only crystal of the 32 groups, that has all perfect 111 faces. Surprised? We can come to a conclusion:

If the most perfect crystal shape is the Octahedron, with all its 8 faces Miller Indice, 111, perfect receiver / transmitter faces, then, the Perfect Transmitter has to look just like it.
Some call this Perfect Transmitter, God. Of course, this Perfect Octahedron is outside and inside even more Perfect Platonic Shapes, or more practically, nested, but this is for another subject.

(Correspondences, Book: Reality Revealed by Vogt,

7.7 My next question, of course, is What is the Carrier of all information to matter? 

The answer I came up with seems to be:

Time = The Information from the (Diehold, 0-dimension, god, tao, nothing, etc.), taken from Reality Revealed by Vogt, and space is the Carrier of Information, taken from Synthetic Philosophy by R.M. Manley).

"Time is gravity". John Worrell Keely.

(Note: And, as Michio Kaku points out, confining ourselves to time only, in his theorizing about 10 dimensional superstrings, "according to Einstein, time was more like a river, which meandered around the stars and galaxies, speeding up and slowing down as it passed around massive bodies". Kaku adds concerning Kurt Godel, "(Godel) found a new solution to Einstein's own equations which allowed for time travel! The "river of time" now had whirlpools in which time could wrap itself into a circle". The conclusion is this: If it is known that the Transmitter of all information is a Perfect Octahedron, and that Time is the information, and that our known universe is but a small sphere within this Octahedron, as noted in the Meta-Diagram, File, "35 Big Picture" and File, "21 Universal" it seems that the Big Bang of consciousness (total information) at the Octahedrons one apex of two, spiraled (Godel) and expanded (Einstein) 'down' from the apex toward the base of the Octahedron where we exist 15-18 billion years later. Knowing the forces of natural law, the circle referred to by Godel, is actually a spiral. Therefore, this spiral of total universal information called Time, blasted through the apex, into "This Side" from the "Other Side" or No.thing into Some.thing

And, pertaining to Michio Kaku's concern that we are not smart enough to solve the "superstring equations that stand before us in perfectly well-defined form" because we have reached a "bottleneck" as he says, consider this. A bottleneck is like unto the blackhole / whitehole bottleneck. We have reached the limit of "This Side" and are bottlenecked on the edge of the "Other Side", where all phenomena begin to reverse, invert and run backwards. The intelligent solution is, therefore, to turn all known calculations backward and outside-in, forming the unseen-inner-supersymmetry-Reality of this mirrored seen-outer-asymmetric-Actuality).

Moreover, as we see Michio stating, ..."when the strings move in space and time, it warps the space around it just as Einstein predicted. Thus, in a remarkably simple picture, we can unify gravity (as the bending of space caused by moving strings) with the other quantum forces (now viewed as vibrations of the string)". To this I would add, the strings may be the lines of Life Force called magnetic lines (macro) of Suns and Universe as noted in Origins of Man and the Universe, by Barry Long, or the strings may be themselves warped into a shape called the toroid, as noted elsewhere in this study, or, the strings may be composed of moving toroidal spheres (micro) warping space, since it is known that toroidal shapes can do this).

Michio Kaku, Articles 

7.8 Sun Time 

Paraphrased from "Origins of Man and the Universe": "This kind of Time has no spacetime at all. It is cause = effect or Sun Time, the level the Sun operates at. Its called NOW, The Life Force or The Sun of God. We, on earth operate in Past, or cause then effect, the Sun operates in Presence Present or cause = effect. We work hard to catch up to the Present. We should leave this work to robots, not humans".

(Note: If Time is the information from the 1st dimension and Keely says time is gravity, then, gravity is the information from the Sun, not the 1st dimension, manifesting in the 3rd dimension. Gravity has ties to matter and that is different from the 1st dimensional characteristics of pure information).

"Time carries light and life as waves". Unknown source.

(Note: What John Keely says time is, I believe. I learned some 'time' ago that the Sun induces electromagnetism into the earth, but, I don't believe this to be so. Electromagnetism is "dead" force while the Sun feeds the earth with Life Force. That Total Life Force is earth's gravity. Some say the Sun is a living being like Mother Earth and was called Father and even worshipped, of course, this is correct. Father Sun gives to Mother Earth that which is Life. This is a good basis for a marriage of earth and Sun, woman and man. "Dead" electromagnetism and all other "dead" EM residual forces is what is left after all life is taken from the Life Force by the earth.

From book "Origins of Man and the Universe", I learned that the Sun has what is called Ideo-rings (elsewhere called standing waves), upon which planets are set and revolve upon these ideas of the Sun. It's an amazing concept but you intuitively knew it already, I'm sure, but you might not have known just how. In fact, whole religions are formed around this concept of the Sun of God being the savior of earth. What this says to us is this, "The earth is an idea of the Sun of God", that which religion has personified. The word personality has a root word "persona" which means "A mask over the truth", taken from Greek Theater, a play where personifications were used to represent cosmic truth. We can see now just who this Sun of God is, and who has literally interpreted a cosmic principle.

The Ideo-rings are gravity, and it holds the total information to control all 'living' functions of earth.

On the webpage of Keelynet, Paragraph 39  you can see that the Sun has no gravity or Ideo-ring affecting itself, they start with Mercury).

To give you an idea of the relationship, shape and generators of these Ideo-rings, see Buckminster Fuller's diagram at

File, "83 Buckminster Fuller Paraphrased", Section, (620.06), "Tetrahedron as 4 dimensional Model".

This tetrahedral shape shows 3 radiative frequencies and 3 gravitic frequencies, the latter at 90 degrees to the former as follows:

Radiative from the apex- electron, positron, proton.
Gravitic around the base- neutron, neutrino, anti-neutrino.

If this is correct, and B. Fuller is always correct, I would think that gravity from the Sun's 19.5 areas (bases and apexes of 2 interlocking tetrahedrons or a Star of David inside the Sun), induct gravity into the earth's interlocking tetrahedra at the 19.5 areas, as Ideo-ring Ideas from the Sun. Imagine B. Fullers Tetrahedron in a Star of David configuration, inside both Sun and earth, transmitting and receiving gravity-total-information from the Diehold (god, tao, buddah or any other name that conveys no.thing / every.thing, or more practically, we can call it the Transmitter). This is the mechanics that support the statement, "The Sun is the source of gravity". Why is the Sun the source and not the 1st dimension Diehold? Because the Diehold has nothing to do with matter, therefore it has no gravity, just pure information, And where is the Diehold? See the Meta-Diagram,

File, "35 Big Picture" and

File, "21 Universal"

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