104.1 Phi Faster than Light 

(Note: Faster than light manifestations (not actual travel or propagation but becoming resonant with something that communicates instantly or near instant, it seems to me). Look at the gematric numbers. These numbers are the same as The Code of Carl Munck, developed and expanded by the Code Consortium and elsewhere on my pages by Michael Morton 

The gematric numbers also show a link between light and quantum tunneling, polygons of various frequency and the Giza Pyramid).


104.2 Number, Angles and Times 

Excerpts from Phi Harmonics in Faster-than-Light Quantum Tunneling By Ananda, ATON Institute, Norway.

Gematric numbers that show up in the text:

"Phi 1.618, 432 or 43,200, 5 cubes at 72 degrees, 5 golden triangles at 72 degrees, 5- 36 degree lines, numbers 36, 72, 108, 144, 180, 216, 252, 288, 324, 360, 396, 432".

"43,200, the number of seconds in 12 hours, this is 600 times 72 degree. Hence, make a complex of 20 dodecahedrons".

..."another 18 times, and one has a stellation PHI complex of 20 dodecahedrons. On each dodecahedron the number sequence continues. i.e. from 2,160 of the first dodeca, we commence to the next stellated dodeca: 2,196; 2,232; 2,268; 2,304; 2,340 etc. With the last pentagon point of dodecahedron 20 giving 43,200 degrees. One could also do this with dodecahedrons of the same scale, making a daisy chain from the north and south face, of 20 dodecahedrons, linked by their faces, and the last 36 degree point of the 20th dodecahedron is 43,200 degrees from the initial first 36 degree base of the first dodecahedron".

"300 times 144,000 renders 43,200,000 -- a perfect decimal harmonic of 43,200, which can be comprised of 20,000 stellated dodecahedrons in PHI".

"OVERVIEW: 300 TIMES 144,000 MINUTES OF ARC PER EARTH GRID SECOND IN A VACUUM FOR THE SPEED OF LIGHT = 43,200,000, this decimal harmonic of 432 and 24 hours in second 43,200, and the Great Pyramids polar radius ratio to Earth from the multiplication of its original height by 43,200, as well as its base (in multiplication of 43,200) to the circumference of the equator, may be quite interesting. Geometrically these decimal harmonics are extremely interesting".

..." when we multiply the vacuum speed of light of 144,000 nautical miles per grid second by 2.25. The geomatria figure that results works perfectly in the geometrical 3D modeling of the PHI complex. For the resulting 324,000, is 9,000 times that 36 degree for the pentagon lines, and 324,000 in this mapping of degree's fits precisely 150 dodecahedron's, whether in a PHI cascaded stellation relationship with the icosahedron, or by daisy chaining relationships of their pentagon faces".

"Indeed, professor Nimtz had succeeded in sending the information that was Mozart's 40th Symphony superluminally, which is not speculation. The 25% mentioned above, if the correct figure, is once again of significance. For 25% of 144,000 nautical miles per grid second, is 36,000 nautical miles per grid second. This is also a 36 degree pentagon decimal".

"Hence, the 25% tunneling speed exceeding the speed of c, renders 180,000 nautical miles per grid second, in the vacuum. Here we have a decimal harmonic of 180, which is the five 36 degree lines of the pentagon. It is also 2,500 x 72 degree, the golden triangle. Hence, another geometrical PHI complex".

Superluminosity Yields Phi

"Now what of Dr. Nimtz reported signaling of microwaves to come out 4.7 times faster than light tuned in Mozart? This is an interesting figure, considering that the sacred Pythagorean constant PHI, figures into this number. PHI is generally generalized as 1.618 or 0.618. When we add onto of 1.618 five times 0.618 (3.09), the result is 4.7 (4.708 to be precise). Mozart yielded an astounding harmonic sequence, back in 1995".

"Other experiments were then enabled which used other devices, and which lead to similar results": (Results omitted here).


(Note: There are two interesting statements here:

1. The 4.7x speed and
2. "Mozart yielded an astounding harmonic sequence".

    4.7x is associated with the "group wave", in this experiment. In past studies of waves I have read literature discussing a "group wave" and a "pilot wave", the pilot wave being the carrier of the group wave and many times faster, in fact, near or at infinite as far as I know. This 4.7x faster wave seems to be the "difference" between the measured group-wave-photon and the measured pilot-wave-photon, therefore the 4.7x should refer to the pilot wave. Moreover there is an important question which is generated here that seemingly cannot be resolved. Just what material instrument and material probe was able to measure a superluminal velocity? I thought this cannot be done unless it is a mathematical calculation that hypothesizes this velocity.

    Moreover, did "Mozart's music, yielding an astounding harmonic sequence", add or have anything to do with the ability to produce superluminal velocities?

    And what of the curious statement heading "Superluminosity Yields Phi". I take that it means what it says. The superluminosity results has yielded the decoherent decoupling of superluminal photonic Cooper pairs which are already governed by Phi, as I have so named the "Other Side" of "This Side". As a simple question: Did the right music (Mozart based upon Phi), interact with the three laser beams, as was used in Rydberg experiments to expand atoms which produced superluminosity, otherwise called a superconductor, in which the pilot wave carrier manifested at 4.7x the group wave.

    This preceding paragraph is not exactly what these researchers have concluded though.

    Moreover, when photons "travel" faster than the speed of light, knowing that "moving" light is "standing" electrons, understand that light is the mediator between electrons and Phi, as I have before mentioned in other files. Electrons that produce Phi based superluminal results should not infer that anything is traveling. What it should suggest is that the Other Side is totally coherent, whole and unified, meaning that there is no need to "travel" anywhere and neither does light travel. There simply is no "time" in the Other Side / Phi-pilot wave, but there should be anti-time. This Side / Other Side acts like the Pumped Phase Conjugate Mirror of science (PPCM) with the Mediator (light) in the middle.

    Photons can only "travel faster" than the speed of light if they are harmonic (Phi coherent) "on" the Other Side of the Mediator (light).

    Religion calls (Light / photons) the Mediator between (God / Phi) and (man / electron), one quantum psychic unit, which is just another way of understanding the Other Side's, Phi based "speed", i.e., light mediates, Phi reverses (The healing power of religions God).

    In addition, there should be a new language of science that defines superluminal velocities (4.7). I postulated that the Other Side and its Phi based superluminosities are simply another way of saying that time units are reversed, backward and opposite from the time measurements of This Side. This is analogous to the forward / backward light in any PPCM experiment. Forward light is manifesting forward, backward light is manifesting backward i.e., to electrons and to the Other Side.

    So, instead of saying that light traveled 4.7 times that of light, it could be said that superconducting-light is producing anti-time by a factor of -4.7 times the light-speed-Mediator (median). This can be called anti-light, anti-time or effect then cause where calculations should be reversed (-). "Electrons are antimatter"- Scientific American Magazine. Musically, it is saying that any frequency has its equal and opposite anti-frequency. Science calls it the anti-wave / pilot wave which, when PPCMed with the group wave, cancels to 0 or 0-point energy.

    104.3 The Beginning of The Ultimate Machine 

    The next experiments using this phenomena should use 2 machines that produce the same effects then use the 2 anti-outputs to cancel each other to 0. In this way, even higher 0-point potentials can be realized. Musically, this is the anti-thesis of using one tuning fork to resonate a second still fork into resonance. In this case, one system will cancel the other system, the canceled product (0) then becomes resonant with higher potential reversed-octave 0-point energy of space. The question is: If 2 Phi based-self resonant anti-time-systems are canceled to 0, what anti-time, anti-potentials will manifest? Would it be the sum of the 2 frequencies as in the summation waves of harmonics since the system is basically Phi-recursive? Would the system produce multiples of the -4.7x "anti-speed" of light? Does this imply a time-reversal? If it does, would anything within this anti-time get younger?).


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