A CRITIQUE OF Richard Hoagland's Hyperdimensional "Celestial Window Model" and


Quote: "When the hyperspatial geometries -- dictated by the positions, rotations and momenta of the solar system's planets -- create increasing and decreasing "gating" opportunities on Earth for this instantaneous information transfer of increased coherence between dimensions."

Quote: "The working model of the Princeton experimenters is that the shocking events of September 11th triggered a massive "tremor in the Force"-- that the major decrease in "randomness" of their random number generators placed around the planet was a direct result of the linked consciousness of billions of people all over the world, reacting to that horror seen on television. We respectfully disagree."

Quote: "In our model, the dramatic change in the random numbers coming in to Princeton -- beginning four hours ahead of the "event" -- was a direct result of a change in spatial parameters around those far-flung generators. These changing parameters, in turn, were caused by an increase in the "information transfer rate" between dimensions -- caused by a particular spatial geometry between Earth and key celestial objects."

Quote: "Support for this "Hyperdimensional" interpretation of the Princeton results comes not only from their own long-term RNG data (which reveal many similar "spikes", going back years -- with NO globally-riveting events entraining a "mass consciousness" within those "windows"), but also from a detailed analysis of the September 11th events themselves, carried out by Dean Radin of the Noetic Sciences Institute."



This theory is not a hyper dimensional model. It rules out collective consciousness, planet positions, planet angular momentum and planet rotation as a hyperdimensional cause of the Sept 11, 2001, Random Number Generator (RNG) spiking at Princeton University, detected in the 38 eggs (sensors) worldwide prior to and subsequent to the WTC event. Collective consciousness has just been proven to be able to spike the RNG's (Art Bell Experiment) but it seems not to be the cause of the WTC event. Collective consciousness spiking seems to be a response, as in a resonance to it, from other causes. This theory will explore those other causes.

Principle sources:

1. The graphs which were produced by the data of the eggs (sensors) of the Princeton RNG experiment, which shows the bundled musical wave-like oscillations spike occasionally.

2. An experiment I did with a Graphing Calculator program in 3D and 4D, on a Macintosh computer, which generated, from the center of the screen, based upon Phi and its harmonics, at what architectural draftsmen call a "center vanishing point", a group of waves emanating from this vanishing point, outward, left and right, bordered by diagonal lines across the corners of the screen like an X on its side. So the effect is like standing between two walls, looking at the vanishing point in the center, upon which walls are dynamically moving, vertical spikes and wave patterns going past left and right.

List 1 Graphics Calculator Program:

Some of the notable, musically-dynamic patterns observed after 1 hour, were:

1. Simple, slow / fast, radiating wave forms which are cut across, occasionally, by other curved waves originating not at the vanishing point, similar to an expanding bubble.

2. Seemingly chaotic, complicated, slow / fast, radiating wave groups moving away from the vanishing point as if to suggest wave groups moving outward and back at the same time, creating standing and moving scalar waves.

3. Seemingly chaotic, complicated, slow / fast, radiating wave groups moving toward the vanishing point as if to suggest wave groups moving outward and back at the same time, creating standing and moving scalar waves.

4. Seemingly chaotic, complicated, slow / fast, radiating and almost impossibly analyzable tiny to large to extreme / radical spikes both standing then disappearing plus all manner of spike sizes moving forward and backward toward the vanishing point, in a seemingly chaotic darting, if it were not known the experiment was based upon the Phi ratio.

5. An infinite assortment of waves upon waves.

All in all, after seeing these extremely complicated, bundled musical wave-like oscillations and comparing them to:

I concluded that the phenomena observed in this dimension such as:


At the incidental time of Sept 11, 2001, that within a period of 8 hours, 4 before and 4 after, a lashing radical spike (List 1, #4 above) of a universal forward-moving dissonant, radically spiked, musical waveform either, by itself as one group-wave, or in combination with other backward-moving group-waves, created a standing wave of dissonance into the Western hemisphere, on the East coast specifically, remembering that cosmic waves have much, much slower wave-frequency than do atomic wave-frequency, hence the 8 hr spike.

In short, sometimes an unpredicted, highly spiked, dissonant wave slams thru our reality and does damage. People, being the ultra sensitive, resonant beings that we are, resonate with the wave, to play our part in the dynamics of Universe.

Rather than trying to figure out what

We might simply note that universal musical waves occasionally create, at unpredicted times, musically constructive and destructive wave fronts in this 3rd dimension, flashing thru the earths sensitive fields occasionally in instant, harmonic spikes (4 hrs), then disappearing as instantly (4 hrs), keeping in mind that the true 4D hyperdimension is gravity.

I suggest computer-matching studies of musics dynamic waveforms with the RNG waveforms, which may prove beneficial in finding any future consonant / dissonant waveforms that, not only may, but will, wash over us in the future, at the most unexpected and musically harmonic times, if the study isn't already in progress.

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