134.1 The Anu Building Block 
Date: 04/02/03

"Each whorl is a 1-dimensional string, the six higher orders of spirillae representing the winding of a string around the six higher circular dimensions of a 6-torus, which is the 6-dimensional version of the doughnut-shaped torus. This and many other pieces of mathematical evidence relating the structure of the UPA and the dynamics of superstrings to their prescription by Godnames and to their encoding in the Tree of Life prove beyond doubt that the UPA is the microscopic manifestation of the Kabbalists, Adam Kadmon, or Heavenly Man, truly the Image of God in matter."
Article 2, S.M.Phillips (PDF)

The Anu Building Block

My comments in bold.

"It's not a real block and it isn't really a solid." R.Grace

"4pi indicates that the aether has spherical geometry"
4 Pi Spherical Constant

"When religionists realize that this wholly natural Anu is the root of Intelligent Design and is the Designer-Creator of all that is, they may change their minds about worshipping it." R.Grace

Questions and Suggestions: Anomalies BBS

If we fully understand the dynamics of this heart shaped anu building block which represents what space is doing at all levels of universe from smallest to largest.....we should be able to say anything concerning physics and see it physically demonstrated upon this heart shaped anu or the pair of anu called the vesica piscus.

S.M.Phillips, Article 12 (PDF)
S.M.Phillips Home, Article 1-12 (PDF)

The first of the platonic "shapes", the tetrahedron, are made up of trillions of these Anu-tori building blocks, also called Aether vortices. These Anu-tori and Aether vortices is how space moves.

Of the Smallest "Platonic Shape" called Tetrahedron

Question: What is the first "solid shape"?

This is a 3 sided tetrahedron with an octahedron inside.

The 3 sided tetrahedron is simply, 3 equilateral triangles layed upon 3 different sides of the octahedron, with all octa vertexes bisecting each tet edge. These are only space vortices.

Question: What are the trumpet shapes of Tenen?

The cones (trumpet shapes) are Aether vortices within each geometric unit of matter building geometry. There is not actually solid shapes in space. These cones of spirit we call god. Space is god.

Half of these cone vortexes represent space spiraling into matters center....in other words, this is gravity...that which space does. The vortex is center seeking or centripital, and half of them may represent the opposite, outward centrifugal spiral called radiation or the outward radiation might come out of the atom or bits of mass some other way other than these spirals of the spaces within the matter.

The edges require at least two forces against each other to maintain an equilibrium edge. When we unbalance the equal energies, the edge disappears and changes. This is called "The Alchemy of Manipulating Matter".

After these cone spirals of Aether, within spinning edges and imagined surfaces of all the nesting platonic solids and mirror solids, interact with each layer of spinning edge and surface, we get all the combinations of matter manifesting. Alter this process and its binding energies and you alter matter.

We have been studying the musical correlations of this bubbling up of matter from the center of space. The framework is called Mirror Music and Luigi Di-Martino (MirrorMan) is creating more pdf documents to explain how the double universe works musically...this side and the other side, from the center and the center, of course, is everywhere.

The imagined platonic solids do not really exist in this visible universe, be they small or large structures. The so called solids, as described, are the result of imaginary lines drawn from the centers of what we can call "nested spheres'. If we nest 4 spheres, also imaginary, together we get what we call the tetrahedron with its vertexes as the sphere centers, and so on with all the others.

So universe might be said to be full of imaginary spheres or tori, which both expand and contract and rotate, and the platonic solids are the derivative of these tori. Even these imaginary tori cannot be considered as wavefronts because the non-medium Aether of truly empty space does not transmit any wavefront through it accept longitudinal "waves" and even these are not the common waves we know of but they are generated by the precessional synchronicities of every imaginary tori in space, together....but the so called tori simply precess and do not nor cannot move other than that because of the close packing, but they do, in concert, generate a "spin wave" through space which is capable of transmitting information.

Of the Largest Structure called Toroid Universe

Question: The toroidal universe model, with points approaching the equator accelerating their expansion away from each other, is brilliant.

It just seems to be the topology upon which everything works.

Question: Is there a way I could use that to eliminate the need for the membrane metaphor?

The membrane, in string theory, is simply "a surface" such as our earth surface or a folded surface.

Question: Or does the toroidal model only concern itself with "this" side?

The toroidal model is simply hypothesizing that, after extensive observation, the universe seems to be constructed in such a manner as to be toroidal, from the sub-atomic level to the cosmic and even universal levels.

Question: Could the mayan calendar's end actually mark the mid-point, the point of crossing, the moment our region crosses the equator of the toroid universe, and consequently the moment space begins to contract? (rather than "the end".)

This is possible because of the cycle known, the known ages, the facts of Mayan Cosmology and the alignment itself. All these suggest something reversing or turning inside out or some such notion. We call it cause = effect or Now = no time, no space or Inside becomes Outside. That may add up to a reversal of the direction of time, meaning space begins to slow, eventually stop, reverse then begin to contract, which, according to the toroidal theory, is the "time" our universal "surface (membrane) crosses the equator surface.

Question: And, what exactly does it mean (for us) to cross the equator? can we see the effects in nearby galaxies?

If a hypothetical equator is crossed, first, "time" will be seen to stop, for a while (a thousand years on the equator?). The galaxies will begin to give reverse measurements as to their direction and velocities.

Question: "On the membrane: It is useful right now for me to keep the inside and outside universe in my head. I might have to wait to see your new paper before I can discard it."

You don't really have to discard your "inside and outside universe theories" because, if you will realize it, the toroidal universe already has the correct inside and outside surfaces (membranes), from the beginning, as noted by many authors and studies. The inside and outside toroidal universe seems to be the correct one, upon which the contracting inside and expanding outside works. Remember, atomically, both this contraction and expansion is going on at the same "time" and cosmically, it is going on at the same "time", the contraction is called gravity and the expansion called Einstein's Cosmological Constant. We detect a contracting gravity around earth because earth is also toroidal and space is contracting (falling/spiraling) into its center. This is the nature of space and earth is not causing space to curve. The curved surface of the toroidal universe is causing space to curve on the curved toroidal surface of universe. Matter only looks like it causes space to curve around it but matter is not the dynamic that makes space curve. Matter is only the solid trash that collects in the center of the spiral drain of space emptying into a center drain. The ancients had a choice word for it. Neco-shet or nico-deamon (Nichodemous of the bible). Neco means "Dragon" and use your imagination for the other half.

Question: "If we can't, is it because of the intrinsic qualities of light and space? For instance, could science be seeking lots of 'dark matter' simply because we can't see past the equator?"

Yeah. Scientists are looking "out" into universe and see the horizon curve in every direction and ask, "is the universe open, closed or flat". Well is the curved surface of a humongous toroid, flat? Is it curved in every direction and seems infinitely open, yet after it curves back into the blackhole eventually, and cycles thru the center and comes back out the whitehole again as a bang (actually a lightspeed-spin with a 180 degree twist in dimension), will it be seen as a closed system and cyclically finite?

Question: "Well, if the toroid model makes everything a torus, including the largest unit, universe, and the smallest unit, anu, and the tori are constantly 'rolling' from whitehole to blackhole, does this imply (or rather, explicitly state) that there is a clear entrance and exit? or rather, a clear center? A real, tangible center, to all things, including the universe itself?"

Yes, the entrance and exit is over our universes horizon and cant be seen at this time but we should understand it is there because space curves, and if you extend that curving you will wind up with a sphere and taking one more simple step by realizing all things cycle, turn the sphere into the torus because only the torus can cycle infinitely.

Question: The kabbala mentions the torus of creation. That a line of light/spirit enters from outside into the empty space down to its center (the center of the universe). perhaps it's actually the center which is reaching up onto its own surface? (which then loops back, across its entire surface, into the bottom, straight up to the center and out)

Torah = torus. The line of light exists on the membrane of the torus. The inside center spirals up out of the whitehole-1/2 twist-bang and moves over the outside, then loops around the outside (anu or universe torus) and spirals back into the blackhole to its inside center again to repeat (iterate) aka Tenen.

Question: Where does the holon-universe (ken wilber) fit in? Does this model allow infinite nesting in both directions? Or, could it be said that there are infinite 'theoretical' and 'mathematical' nestings in both directions, but in order to exist in this particular slice of creation, in this particular universe, the 'size' or 'nesting factor' of the tori must be within a certain range? For instance, the anu being the smallest manifestable 'thing' and being the least nested and the universe being the largest 'thing' and being the most inclusive. Beyond those two extremes cannot manifest here.

Ken Wilber is taking care of his world, you take care of your world, after you extract all you need. Infinite nesting, to me, means, that an almost infinite number if microscopic anu tori can aggregate to form larger units of matter in effect, photons, electrons, protons, atoms, molecules....extrapolate to the whole universe. The basic unit, the anu torus is the same everywhere as far as I understand. The bottom line is tori within other larger tori. In other words, spirals within spirals, not circles within circles or spheres within spheres.

Question: Does your model suggest that there are innumerous tori universe's? One for each black hole galactic center?

We understand one universal torus. Within the center of our universal torus should be a place where two octahedron vertexes meet. An octahedrons vertex is the point of the octahedron.

This point is called the big bang point. This point coincides with the center of the universal torus. From one octahedron, universal information left and passed thru the vertex of the next octahedron, where it blasted (spiraled) out into virgin space for trillions of years. The shape of the sides if these octahedron is precisely the same side angle of the Kuhfu pyramid of Giza. This tells us that space expands in the exact same manner as the sides of the Kuhfu pyramid. It is no mistake that these two are the same. Since there are two octahedral vertexes touching one universal torus center we have to wonder what is connected to the other vertexes of both octaherda. This implies that the other end of each octahedron also has another octahedron connected to it thus more universal toroids, meaning more universes.

Everything we detect is, generally, a toroidal shape or field. All atomic spheric shapes are cycling tori. All atoms are toroidal. The human brain is a torus. The alimentary tract is a torus, The earth has a toroidal field. Some say the earth is hollow as if there are two holes in it like a torus. Every star and planet are toroidal cyclers of energy. All galaxies have a toroidal field about them that cycles energy perpendicular to the disc axis. If you could see the whole galaxy, you will see a round torus around the disc. Searls machine is a section thru a torus sphere.

Question: Does each galaxy contribute an universe?

A galaxy is a galaxy isn't it? It is also the shape of a torus if you study it well.

Question: Also, when galaxies collide, what does this suggest in your model?

To me it suggests that galaxies don't collide because stars are positive to other stars and two star repulse. Galaxies pass thru each other. Believe me, there is plenty of room.

(Note: This non.collision statement set off a firestorm of conjecture from the mindlessly conditioned but the non.collision argument held).

Question: Also, are you familiar with any work which suggests that the layers of the human physiological frame also is toroidal in nature?

Uh huh.

Question: This would fit the micro/macro model...

Question: Are you familiar with the work of stan tennen?

Uh huh.

Question: This is a different picture than what I've been building in my head. I've been seeing a 'rolling' torus, where all the twisting happens in the 'core', but once a 'whatever' emerges from the whitehole at the top let's say, it spreads down along the surface, rolls down along the surface evenly. Spreading outward as it goes, to conform to the spherical shape, and then into the blackhole for twist and another go. The skin would appear to roll downwards from whitehole to blackhole, in 'bands' you could say if you marked the 'whatever' coming out of the top.

There are always 3 or 4 forces acting at 90 degrees upon all straight line force and it makes that force twist in 3 dimensions so the result is a spiraling over the surface of the torus rather than straight line (bands) spreading out over the surface...but...the compacted spiral, exiting the whitehole does spread out as it spirals and returns to a narrow force as it re-enters the blackhole again.

Question: However, your picture traces curves on the outside as well, a la meru project.

Uh huh.

Question: If you slow the process down, would you see a single 'point' tracing a single 'line' twisting up through the core, out through the whitehole, down across the surface, and back up into the blackhole? Then the next iteration happening at some interval across the surface? Then speed it up and you get a 'solid fill' of the surface?

Yes, the torus, like all other platonic shapes don't really exist in space so we could see them. These shapes just give us hints as to how energy moves invisibly. The shapes are simply learning aids for humans.

Of Spin Waves

Question: Is spin-wave a precession of this filling movement, or rather a precession of the entire torus actually rotating?

Precession refers to the whole toroidal shape precessing about its axis...its like a simple oscillation but the dynamics of the 3 forces of universe twist the torus and makes it precess in circles.

Of Flow

Question: Could we say that the stresses which cause the edges of the imaginary polyhedra, would likewise create 'exit points' for the stresses at the vertices? Streams?

The flow of space has to flow from somewhere and to somewhere. Its enters and exits. The best way that I can visualize this flow is to always visualize a spheric torus around or inside any polyhedra (a many sided shape such as the platonic solids). This torus aid, placed either inside the shape or around the shape, will give you the proper hints, every time, as to how the energy moves over that shape.

Of Alignment

Question: Is this the mechanism which allows them (Octahedral polyhedra) to line up? (vertex to vertex in polar alignments, vertex to bisected edge in best-fit/only-fit/highly-stressful/highly-energetic alignments)

Alignment takes place in atomic crystals by way of a little known word coined by Julius Plucker and experimented with by Michael Faraday, called megnecrystallic force. This force ignores polarity and lets the universal carrier wave impose a force on crystal cells (atoms) so that they match and align.

Question: If you slow the process down, would you see a single 'point' tracing a single 'line' twisting up through the core, out through the whitehole, down across the surface, and back up into the blackhole? Then the next iteration happening at some interval across the surface? Then speed it up and you get a 'solid fill' of the surface?

Addenda: When we see the path of a point tracing a single line up a spiraling path out of the black hole and out diagonally over the surface of the torus at 1 1/2 twists (Tenen) to the equator and then another 1 1/2 spiral back into the blackhole for a complete cycle, then we see the point do it again (reiterate) in a slightly more progressed and advanced path (a spiral not circle), which happens over and over again so that this path traces out the whole surface of what is called a toroidal shape...what you are seeing is the 4th dimensional path of 3 dimensional forces, the torus being the shape of the 4th dimension...which is...gravity...a scalar force...an expanding and contracting double spiral going left and right over the surface of the torus.

Question: Let me know if I am grasping this concept to the level you are...

Are you saying that the universe is a tube torus, although only in concept and not structure, and that the torus itself is an object that can reflect infinity inside of it..

The most basic unit (anu) has everything universe has in it. The anu represents the space dynamics as a vortex. Space vortexes act like tori. Space vortexes, shaped like imaginary tori, are close packed in space and any two imaginary tori vortex spiralings are probably represented by that famous pristine geometric shape, the vesica piscus, the double, overlapping 2-tori. Space should be crammed full of these, all alike, any two, having two poles (+ and -) to keep them all apart yet oriented properly.

Between the centers of these basic anu imaginary tori building blocks are imaginary lines that can be imagined to be platonic shapes from the 3-center tet to the most complicated grouping of centers.

As these groups of centers called platonic shapes aggregate and collect, more complicated platonic shapes emerge in the centers of the spirals of space. We call this matter.

The tube torus has been from the beginning, invisible and hidden.

Of the Number of Tori

Question: The universe is ONE torus and not MANY tori...

Does that make sense?

The universe should be one large imaginary torus spiral with uncountable similar tori vortex spirals within it. Not circles within circles, but spirals with spirals, cycles within cycles. There is never any circles because of the progressive growth factor which is symbolized by the spiral. Among the centers of all these various overlapping tori spheres, is a multitude of invisible and various sized platonic shapes. So the universe could be one big torus which expanded about two others, which encompass four others, which encompass eight others..etc..1,2,4,8,16....get it? Binary progression...., yet, within this is a multitude of lesser sized tori. Or the universe could be one big torus which expands in, not binary ratio but in triplets of 1, 3, 9, 27. These two ratios, 2^3 and 3^3 is called Plato's Tetraktys. The reason we choose the torus is that it is the only shape that has an inside and an outside, which is probably represented numerically by the double set 11:11, meaning the visible universes outside (1)1:11 is reflected by its inside 11:(1)1, of one overlapping tori, plus its mirror universe outside 1(1):11 is also mirrored by its own mirror inside 11:1(1)

The diamond, or octahedron is part of a larger and smaller structure, of course. I concluded that the largest so called structure that encompasses all the others is shaped like a sphere or torus because the less angles (angels?) a shape has, the closer to a perfect sphere it becomes, so the most perfect shape of all is the sphere or torus. Within this one torus, to account for a transition from one half of universe to the other half, we must place two halves of two octahedrons, touching at their vertexes. These touching vertexes represent the big bang of information blasting through from one octahedron to the next octahedron. Since the sides of these perfect Miller Indice 111 octahedrons are at the exact same side angles as is the expansion of space, we can be sure that the octahedron is the correct shape that represents both big bang of information and expansion of space.

This is the basic universe. To extrapolate, we might add more spherical tori in chains and extend more touching octaherda in both directions, infinitely but this would begin the multiverse discussions.

After seeing that claranet paper, a long time ago, that was compared to my idea, when I looked at the expansion of space, also, as noted in the claranet paper, I concluded that the expansion of space was the opposite half of our well known contracting gravity. So gravity seemed to have two halves. A gravity and an antigravity, if you will. Science doesn't like the word antigravity so we will call it expansion of space or Einsteins cosmological constant. In short, gravity expands space and gravity also contracts space or in other words, space disappears into matter.

Of the Shape of the Tori

Question: You've mentioned something on the shape of the anu. A vesica piscus shape created by two tori? Or how about this heart shape?"

Yep, the heart shape of Bessant and Leadbeaters occult science. That's the shape that gave away the secret. The torus anu building blocks representing tiny vortices in space, look like hearts, if it could be seen. I believe the heart shaped tori anu overlap to create the vesica piscus geometry with what is called, "the god eye" in the shared middle of the two vesica. The god eye is where the third thing happens.

The human heart is a copy of this basic anu building block. I believe the beating of the human heart is what the vortex of blood does within the flexible muscles of the heart. The spiraling vortex of blood "gulps" occasionally and it is interpreted as a heartbeat. Upon this premise, I believe if we can understand how to keep the blood spiraling through the heart and keep it gulping occasionally in a heartbeat manner, it will never stop. But this is another story.

The picture of the heart shaped anu has all the characteristics of a torus and the positive and negative means that there are spirals going left around the heart and right around the heart at the same time. These are the basis of forward and backward time. The 7 and 5 spiral relationships are also essential for this anu heart to function, and are a function of Phi geometry.

Question: "The universe is comprised of an infinite number of finite systems.

Yes...an "almost infinite number" (no infinities) of anu and each anu is a recursive, ever repeating cycle within itself as is all aggregates and groupings of anu.

Question: In every direction, there is an infinite number above and an infinite number below. [i.e there is always something more and less at the same time]

This statement implies that the beginning originated in the middle of something, traveling in two opposite directions and is valid because the Mirror Music of Di-Martino also flows out from centers (F# and Bb) in both direction, as does atomic process and the void of space which generates matter flows.

Of the System Balance

Question: The universe seems to be a perfect balance of acceptance and choice.

At the most basic level the perfect balance become as major is to minor in music. Not exactly balanced for if it were perfectly balanced, no energy would ever flow. It has to be asymmetric instead of symmetric.

Of Hyper-reality called Universe

Question: The torus is the simplest geometrical model with which the individual mind can experience and participate in this hyper-reality.

Reality or hyper-reality is 4-dimensional just like a 4D torus. Since our brain is also a 4D toroidal coil, it relates to all other tori, very well. When the brain has prepared for the arrival of the teacher properly by serious study and patience, the teacher, hyper-reality, arrives. It's called, illumination. octorock just made the connection.

Question: The act of contemplating the torus model applied to the universe is in itself sort of like a gymnasium for the psyche to integrate higher patterns of information, i.e knocking your socks off."

If we fully understand the dynamics of this heart shaped anu building block which represents what space is doing at all levels of universe from smallest to largest.....we should be able to say anything concerning physics and see it physically demonstrated upon this heart shaped anu or the pair of anu called the vesica piscus.

Beyond the Torus called Universe

Question: If everything we can presently detect or infer comprises a finite, toroidal shape, what lies beyond the present range of detection?

The center big bang of information of the torus we call universe, is one thing that cant be detected.

Question: Have we really seen all there is to see?

No way. Our one universal torus has two octahedral vertexes in its center....there are still two other end vertexes of the two octahedra, outside of the torus doing nothing....I believe those vertexes are connected to two other octahedrons, in a chain of octahedrons and tori. And there should be enough of this chaining to loop back to where it began, in a cycle.

Question: Or, is it possible, from the edge of our universe, to detect others?

There is no edge of universe because the topology of the torus has all that is needed to avoid an edge..It has an outside and an inside and that is all that is needed. One cannot then make any outside/inside arguments such as 'What is outside of the outside?" Well, that answer would be "the inside is outside of the outside" and it would be logical and correct because that is all that is needed on a torus universe.

Question: How does the Big Bang coincide with the Octahedron and Torus?

Listen carefully for the picture. Draw a torus sphere. Superimpose two octahedrons over the torus sphere. Arrange the two octahedrons so that the north vertex is touching the other octahedrons south vertex. Place these touching vertexes directly upon the center of the torus sphere. This represents the big bang of information. Arrange for the equators of both octahedrons to be in the same position as the circumference of the sphere. You will then have 1/2 of both octahedrons extending over opposite sides of the sphere in opposite directions.

These extended parts of the octahedrons will have to be touching two other octahedrons because the big bang exits from the vertex at the center of the torus sphere, expands down the pyramid sides, reaches the equator, stops expanding, crosses the equator, begins contracting until it reaches the south vertex where it big bangs into the next octahedron again.

Question: "I was rather leaning toward having the torus centered inside the octahedron at its zero-point."

The octahedron is inside the torus sphere.

Of Nested Octahedra and Tori

Question: "If I am understanding correctly, the torus would be centered at the meeting point of the two octahedrons...like an inner tube wrapped around the middle of an hourglass."

Wrong picture k.....you got the centering right but the inner tube should be blown up until its circumference is the same as the equators of the two joined octahedrons so that 1/2 of each octahedron is extending past the innertube torus. I figured it should be arranged exactly this way because when space begins to contract in the exact Kuhfu pyramid side angle, toward the next apex of the next octahedron, it will again reach the center of the next torus, precisely in the place where the next big bang will happen.

To get this right you must think of what space is doing and how it expands and contracts.

Spin Wave (GIF)

Here's the spinwave again.
Each precession represents one tori.
Each tori is oscillating in the dynamic void.
The void is packed with energy and unconscious intellect (not consciousness).

The centers of these precessing tori are the vertexes of all the so called platonic "solid" if lines are drawn between each center.

I believe these precessing tori must be uniformly packed in the empty void because of the example of an atomic blast. If the blast explosion tears a hole in space (fouhats holes)..ie, displaces the tori packed into that space....then space-tori, will instantly rush back into the hole and fill up the void (nature abhors a vacuum, it is said), which is what we see as the atomic explosion. So it seems there is not a varying density of tori packing in space.

Your hypothesis of density causing gravity, which it seem you are postulating, is caused by the alignments of mass of tori. Any mass is made up of precessing tori, totally invisible at first, but over time the alignments add up. The more mass (masses of space vortexes) lines up in a straight line (Correction 8/28/04: Of course, the line ups are curved, Phi based lines), the more space will disappear directly in line between these masses, and hence, a pattern will develop along those straight lines (curved Phi lines) as the phenomena called gravity, and the mass will begin to move in the direction that space pushes them...ie, toward the center of mass. The density of tori should remain the same because of the tori packing (space cannot squeeze the tori any tighter, ie, space cannot spiral any tighter) but the spirals of space around matter accumulations will push the tori toward the centers of mass accumulations. This implies that everywhere else, tori are being displaced by a far off event.

Now this tori displacement seems far better than displaced spinwave or information and keeping the tori precessing in a stationary manner, but who knows.

Now the speed of communication of light is slow compared to the speed of intellect, of which these precessing tori have...intellect. Intellect can be defined as the organizing principle that arranges energy in patterns for a higher purpose. Intellect within each seed tori will, over long spans of time, organize into the universe we have today.

Buckminster Fuller said "The intellect travels at 700 million million miles per hour"...or for all intents and purposes...instantly. This I equate with the spinwave that is not really a wave but through the synchronized precessions of the anu tori, the unusual wave does seem to undulate through the void to communicate between the tori.

The spinwave in the gif is only one spinwave. Can you imagine the communication ability of space if there were uncounted spinwaves crossing in uncounted ways from the dawn of time, laying down a pattern of standing waves that gives rise to life?

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