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Date: 07/15/04

The Mayan Tzolkin
the Tubulin Nerve Fiber

These are excerpts from QM03.pdf
Penrose-Hameroff Quantum Tubulin Electrons, Chiao Gravity Antennas, and Mead Resonance.

Tubulins are human nerve fibers that have a myalin sheath around each nerve and this sheath is said to carry, among other things, consciousness. The uncanny similarities of the mayalin sheath cells and the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar is discussed.


Tony Smith is one of the few people who is comprehensive enough to collect enough information on tubulins and has ordered a discussion pertaining to tubulin consciousness.

His PDF Document, QM03.pdf, covers everything except a certain hypothesis that I had heard of several years ago, which is hidden inside all these complicated mathematics.

"The myalin sheath of the tubulin is a grid of 5 x 13 cells which correspond to part of a Mayan Tzolkin grid."

Kin Days Tzolkin
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Tzolkin Music Grid
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Let's examine several excerpts of the PDF Document and see if it agrees with the hypothesis.

"Figure 1 (of QM03.pdf), is a "Schematic of central region of neuron (distal axon and dendrites not shown) showing parallel arrayed microtubules interconnected by MAPs [Microtubule Associated Proteins]. Microtubules in axons are lengthy and continuous, whereas in dendrites they are interrupted and of mixed polarity. Linking proteins connect microtubules to membrane proteins including receptors on dendritic spines.". The Centrosome, in most animal cells, acts as a Microtubule Organizing Center. Most Centrosomes contain a pair of Centrioles arranged at right angles to each other in an L-shaped configuration. A Centriole is about 200 nm wide and 400 nm long. Its wall is made up of 9 groups of 3 microtubles. You can regard the A microtubule of a triplet as being a complete microtubule, with the B and C microtubules being incomplete microtubules fused to A and B respectively. Each triplet is tilted in toward the central axis at an angle of about 45 degrees. Each microtubule is a hollow cylindrical tube with about 25 nm outside diameter and 14 nm inside diameter, made up of 13 columns of Tubulin Dimers.

This not only describes the 13 columns of a 13 x 20 Tzolkin but it adds the working angle of 45 degrees that is not only characteristic of the Tzolkin but of the I-Ching, Pascal triangles, the counter-windings of a properly-working superconducting toroidal ring, primes arranged in spirals, ambidextrous music scales and many other important concepts. 1 An accompanying article on tubulins describes the 45 degree angle as "slanted blades":

According to an article by Bennett Davis in the 23 Feb 2002 edition of The New Scientist: "... In the early 1990's, Guenter Albrecht-Buehler ... at Northwestern ... discovered that some cells can detect and respond to light from others. ... cells ... were using light to signal their orientation. If so, they must have some kind of eye. ... centrioles fill the bill. These cylindrical structures have slanted "blades" which ... Albrecht-Buehler ... believes act as simple blinds. ... microtubules ... could act as optical fibres ... feeding light towards the centrioles from the cell's wall. ... why should cells want to detect light? ... they are talking to each other ... Cells in embryos might signal with photons so that they know how and where they fit into the developing body."

Expand this to one whole Mayan Tzolkin of 13 x 20

"Each Tubulin Dimer is about 8 nm x 4 nm x 4 nm, consists of two parts, alpha-tubulin and beta-tubulin (each made up of about 450 Amino Acids, each of which contains roughly 20 Atoms), and can exist in (at least) 2 different geometrical configurations, or conformations, involving the position of a single Electron."

Here is where we can expand a grid of 13 x 5 to 13 by 20 because of the 20 atoms plus "2 different geometrical configurations, or conformations, involving the position of a single Electron."

Doubling, we add another whole Tzolkin for a total of 26 x 40 or two whole Tzolkins

"Call this Electron the Conformation Electron, because in a single Tubulin Dimer its the position at the junction of the alpha-tubulin and the beta-tubulin determines the 2 different conformations of the Tubulin, which correspond to 2 different states of the dimer's electric polarization.

  • Quantum Consciousness

There are 10^7 Tubulin Dimers per neuron, with 10% of them, or 10^6, estimated to be involved in the consciousness process, and the remainder doing other things needed to keep the cell alive. The human brain contains about 10^11 neurons. Therefore, the human brain contains about 10^18 tubulins, about 10^17 of which are involved in the consciousness process. The Tubulins in a Microtubule can represent Information, and act as Cellular Automata to process it."

We can safely assume that "one single Electron" cannot operate without its Cooper pair "partner" therefore we must double the Tzolkin 13 x 20 to 26 x 40. What we are doing here is matching pairs of electrons with octaves of music scales 2, until we have considered the full two rotations of a spin-2 (Correction: spin 1/2) electron pair, mapped as two 13 note Tzolkin grids, accepting that the 40 is 4 times (quadrapole) the 10 units we are used to, which 40 was also represented as the 4 year measure of the Egyptians, of which our year is only 1/4th. 40 is also the limit of the Ancient Mariners Compass and is the limit of Lethbridges Tables, which measures psychic "rates" of animate and inanimate objects and concepts. 3 4

Now we have, quote:

"26 dimensions (2x13) corresponding to gravitational interaction among Tubulin Electrons in states with Penrose-Hameroff Superposition Separation."

Examples of mathematics pertaining to 26 dimension Lie Algebra can also pertain to the 26 dimensions of a Cooper pair of Mayan Tzolkin.

"Roger Penrose says, in Shadows of the Mind (Oxford 1994), page 344, "... We can now consider the gravitational self-energy of that mass distribution which is the difference between the mass distributions of the two states that are to be considered in quantum linear superposition. The reciprocal of this self-energy gives ... the reduction timescale ...". This is the decoherence time T = h / E."

"For a given Particle, Stuart Hameroff describes this as a particle being separated from itself, saying that the Superposition Separation a is "... the separation/displacement of a mass separated from its superposed self. ... The picture is spacetime geometry separating from itself, and re-anealing after time T. ...". If the Superposition consists of States involving one Particle of Mass m, but with Superposition Separation a, then the Superposition Separation Energy Difference is the gravitational energy" E = G m^2 / a

The doubling is also the two superconductors of Chaio's experiment:

It is asked,

"During that 0.5 milliseconds of the process of a single conscious thought, the 10^17 Tubulin Electrons are linked in a coherent state by gravity. For such a gravity linkage to take place, two things are necessary:

  • There must be a gravitational connection among all 10^17 Tubulin Electrons; and
  • There superposition must be stable with respect to decoherence during to the 0.5 millisecond duration of the single conscious thought."

First, does there exist a realistic mechanism of gravitational connection between all pairs of the 10^17 Tubulin Electrons?

In Raymond Chiao's experiment described in gr-qc/0204012, he discovers the pairing of superconductors that makes the experiment work, pertaining to using superluminal signals (he calls it a gravitational antenna), which Penrose and Hameroff ascribe to the tubulin of nerves. I commented upon this paring several years earlier, with this simplistic quote:

Tapping ZPE requires backward thinking, in doubles and halves and a sharp square wave doesn't hurt either. 02/03/02 Robert Grace

Second, is the superposition state of Tubulin Electrons stable with respect to decoherence during the 0.5 millisecond duration of the single conscious thought?

Max Tegmark, in quant-ph/9907009, says:

"... Penrose has ... suggested that the dynamics of such excitations can make a microtubule act like a quantum computer, and that microtubules are the site of human consciousness."

And what is the Mayan Tzolkin also known as? Jose Arguelles, a Mayan Archeology and History scholar says, "The Tzolkin is THE Code of Light." I would also add that this double code, called the Tzolkin is also THE Code of Human Consciousness and this quantum computer consciousness, "of Light", is built right into each myalin sheath around every nerve in the human body. Jose also notes, of the I-Ching 8x8 grid, in the very center of the Mayan Tzolkin, and calls it, "THE Code of Life". Is THE Code of Life the root of the consciousness of life, which is built into THE Code of Light, which is built into the myalin sheath, which is built into each human nerve fiber called the Tubulin?

The doubling represents the two parts of a Cooper pair:

What evidence can we find that tells us that double light or a superluminal light is communicated over these Tubulin? Let's take a quote from Carver Mead:

"Resonance among 10^17 Tubulin Electrons of a single conscious thought may be important in achieving and maintaining coherent superposition states among them. Carver Mead, in his book Collective Electrodynamics (MIT 2000), discusses resonance coupling with electromagnetic photons. If Raymond Chiao's gravity antenna idea is correct, then the same resonance phenomena should be applicable for gravity gravitons as for electromagnetic photons. Carver Mead says: "... In our investigation of radiative coupling, we use a superconducting resonator as a model system. ... we can build such a resonator from a superconducting loop and a capacitor ... the coupling of ... two loops is the same, whether retarded or advanced potentials are used."

"Two loops" is a Cooper pair, confirmed by substituting numbers for letters of our alphabet which, when spelling "Cooper Pair" in numbers, gives us the "infinity-loop-number-8".

A1 B2 C3 D4 E5 F6 G7 H8 I9
J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R
S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

C O  O P E R P A I R
3 6 6 7 5 9 7 1 9 9 = 6+2 = 8

We have found, elsewhere, that a Cooper pair is either two photons or two electrons and that all spheres of light is what consciousness looks like. Even the spheres of suns have a measure of consciousness that is a level above the primal unconsciousness of the genetic God and unconscious, void space. The point is, is that photons or electrons always operate in pairs upon the myalin sheath of the nerves, in accordance with the organization of the pairs of Tzolkin grid patterns of cells.

Premise #1

Two parts of the I-Ching, correspond to the two parts of a Tzolkin communication system.

Premise #2

Two parts of the Mayan Tzolkin, correspond to the two parts of a myalin
sheath communication system between two parts of a tubulin.

Premise #3

Two parts of the myalin sheath, correspond to the two parts of a Tubulin
communication system between two parts of a nerve fiber.

Premise #4

Two parts of a nerve fiber, correspond to the two parts of a consciousness
communication system between two axions.


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