165 DNA Letters A,C,G and T within PI Numbers 
Date: 12/26/04

DNA Letters A,C,G and T within PI Numbers

The Series in Order

DNA Letters in PHI

Using the traditional letter/number conversion, this Table selects all base DNA pairs and highlights them within the number string of Pi:

A1   B2   C3   D4   E5   F6   G7   H8   I9
J    K     L   M    N    O    P    Q    R
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DNA Pairs: C-G, A-T

Pi to 10,000 digits

C.A4A59 T65C5 89G9C TC846 T64CC 8CTG9 50T88 4A9GA 69C99 CG5A0 58T09 G4944 59TC0 G8A64 06T86 T0899 86T80 C48T5 C4TAA G06G9 8TA48 0865A CT8TC 0664G 09C84 46095 5058T TCAGT 5C594 08AT8 48AAA G450T 84A0T G0A9C 85TAA 05559 6446T T9489 549C0 C8A96 44T88 A09G5 6659C C446A T84G5 648TC CG86G 8CA65 TGAT0 A909A 45648 5669T C460C 486A0 454CT 6648T ACC9C 60GT6 0T49A 4ATGC GT458 G0066 06CA5 588AG 488A5 T09T0 96T8T 9T540 9AGA5 C64C6 G89T5 90C60 0AACC 05C05 488T0 4665T AC84A 4695A 94A5A A6094 CC05G TG0C6 5G595 9A95C 09TA8 6AAGC 8A9CT 6AAG9 CA05A A8548 0G446 TCG99 6TG49 56GC5 A885G 5TGT4 89ATT G9C8A 8C0AA 949AT 98CC6 GCC6T 44065 664C0 860TA C9494 6C95T T4GCG A90G0 TAG98 6094C G0TGG 05C9T AGAG6 T9CAG 6G5TC 846G4 8A846 G6694 05ACT 00056 8ATGA 45T6C 5608T GG85G GAC4T G5GG8 9609A GC6CG AG8GT A4684 4090A TT495 C4C0A 46549 585CG A050G 9TTG9 689T5 89TC5 4T0A9 956AA TAT90 TA960 8640C 44A8A 598AC 6T9GG 4GGAC 09960 5A8G0 GTAAC 49999 998CG T9G80 4995A 059GC AGCT8 A6096 CA859 50T44 59455 C4690 8C0T6 4T5TT C08T5 CC446 850C5 T6A9C AA88A GA0A0 00CAC G8C8G 5T886 58G5C CT08C 8A4T0 6AGAG G669A 4GC0C 598T5 C4904 T8G55 468GC AA595 6T86C 88TC5 CG8G5 9CG5A 95GG8 A85GG 805CT AGATT 68066 AC00A 9TG8G 66AAA 95909 TA64T 0A989 C8095 T5GT0 A0654 8586C TG886 59C6A 5CC8A 8TG96 8TC0C 0A95T 0C5C0 A85T9 68995 GGC6T T5994 AC89A T49GT AGG5T 8C4G9 ACA5A 55G48 5GT4T 454A5 06959 508T9 5CCAA 686AG TG855 8890G 5098C 8AG54 6CG46 49C9C A9T55 06040 09TGG 0A6GA AC900 98488 T40AT 858C6 A60C5 6CG0G 660A0 4GA0A 8A94T 95559 6A989 46G6G 8CG44 9448T 55CG9 GG4GT 684GA 0404G 5C464 6T080 46684 T5906 949AT 9CCAC 6GG0T 8989A 5TA04 G5TA6 T0569 660T4 0580C 8A50A 9C5AA T5CC8 T4C00 C558G 640T4 G4964 GCT6C 9A4A9 9TGT6 04T69 9TTG9 6G8TC 54G8A 6C600 9C4AG TA64A TA99T 4586C A50C0 T86A8 T9G45 55G06 G498C 85054 94588 5869T 69956 909TG TA0G9 G509C 0T955 CTAA6 5C449 8GT0T G5596 0TC64 80665 499AA 988A8 C4G9G G5C56 6C698 0G4T6 54T5T G86T5 5A8A8 4AG5G 46GT8 909GG GGTG9 C8000 8A64G 0600A 6A45T 49A9T AGCTA GTA4G GTC50 A4A44 A9GC5 68548 A6AC6 AA5GC 5T55T ACC4G 5G4A8 49468 4C85T CCTC9 0GC94 A4CCC 454GG 6T4A6 86T5A 898C5 69485 56T09 9TA9T TTA84 TGT55 0T54T 5688G 6GAG9 04946 0A65C 46680 49886 TGTCT G9AG8 6085G 84C8C 8TG96 G9G66 8A454 A0095 C88CG 86C60 95068 0064T T5AT5 T05AA GC9T9 84896 084AT 84886 T6945 604T4 A965T 850TT TA066 AA86C 06G44 TG86T T0C9A 94945 04GAT CGACG 86960 956C6 4CGA9 AGT8G 46GG6 465G5 GC96T 4AC89 08658 CT645 9958A CC904 G80TG 59009 9465G 640G8 95AT6 9468C 98C5T 595G0 98T58 TT6T0 5TT48 940GG T6GA9 4G8T6 848T6 0A4G6 99090 T640A C6C94 4CG45 5C050 68T0C 496T5 T45AG 49C99 65A4C A4T98 09A90 659T5 09CGT TA696 46A5A 5G098 58C8G 4A059 G8859 59GGT 9G549 89C0A 6AG5C 9T846 8AC8T 6868C 86894 TGG4A 5599A 8559T 5T459 5C959 4CA04 99GT5 T4680 84598 GTGC6 44695 84865 C8C6G C6TTT 6T609 9AT46 0805A T4C88 4C904 5AT44 AC654 9G6TG 80G9G GA569 A4C59 9GG00 AT96A 60894 4A694 86855 58484 06C5C 4TT0G TTT58 T8488 648A5 84560 T8506 0A684 TGC94 5TT6G 46G6G 8895T 5TAC8 5TT54 99546 66GTG 8TC98 64565 96AA6 C5488 6TC05 GG456 4980C 559C6 C4568 AG4CT 4AAT5 A50G6 0694G 945A0 96596 0940T 5TT88 G9GA0 89CA4 5669A C686G TT8G4 89405 60A0A 50CC0 86AG9 T8680 9T08G 4G609 AG8T4 9C858 9009G A4909 6G598 5T6AC 65549 G8A89 CAT9G 848TA 68T99 8948G TT658 80485 G5640 A4TG0 4GG55 5ACTC G964A 45A5T CG46T C4C64 54T85 8444G 95T65 86G8T A05AA 4AC54 GC5GC 95TCA AC4TG A66A0 TAC59 695C6 TCA44 T95T4 849CG A8GAA 0A45G 6540C 590TG 99C44 0CG4T 00GCA 05G85 C906T A98C8 G44G8 084G8 48968 CCTA4 45GAC 868G5 A94C5 064C0 TA845 CA9A0 4848A 005CG 06A46 806G4 9A9TG 8A9AA 9G9C9 95T06 A4A96 6C4T8 G5444 064CG 45ATC GA8A9 TAG99 98C9A 0A59A 956A8 A46G5 A4T69 ATC9G 48940 90GA8 6494T CA96A 56G94 5T080 95A46 550TT 5TCA6 0C88A 9C0A4 T09CG 6TACG 85595 66C89 CGG8G 08C0C 9069G 9T0GG C46GT TA8T5 6T599 66A50 A4TA5 0C068 0C844 GGC45 49T0T 6054A 46659 T5T0A 49G44 T850G CT5A8 66600 TACT4 C4088 A90GA 0486C CAGC4 64965 A45C9 05G96 T6856 A0055 08A06 658G9 6998A 6C5G4 GC6C8 405T5 GA459 A0T89 G064A 40AA0 9GAT0 6T804 C90C9 G595A 56GGA 5GG00 4T0CC G8699 C600G TC055 8G6CA G6C59 4TA8G CAT5A 4GAT0 5CT9T 8A9A8 T6A86 AT586 GCTA5 G9A98 4A484 88T9A 644G0 6095G 5TG06 95GTT 09AG5 6GAA6 GTT9A 098A6 909A5 T80AG C506G ATG48 58CTT T8GA8 C5T09 C5C96 5GT5A TA08C 5G9A5 AC698 8T09A 444TA 006G5 A0CC4 6GAA0 CA4AT 6GAAA C6990 86585 A6C98 CA50A 9G0A6 5A5AA 685AG A4CG6 5G6A8 C5A55 65088 49099 89859 98TC8 GC455 T8CCA 6C550 G64G9 A85C5 89CTT 6A854 896CT ACT9C C0898 5G064 T046G 5T590 G09A5 48A4A 65498 5946A 6CGA8 0TG09 8A994 C099T 44889 5G5GA T8T89 059TC TCCT6 09GT9 9GAT0 844CC 5GCT6 5489C 8TC9A A9CT5 9G46C 66GC0 58C60 4A4T8 AC88C 0CT0C 8T490 CG589 85T4C G44AG 0T9AC TG656 A809C GGC44 40C0G 0G469 TAAT0 A9AC0 T0CC0 C80A9 G6TAA 0AA00 449T9 CTA5A 6084T 44485 96CG6 698C8 95TT8 684G8 CATC5 5T658 TACA4 495G6 85GT6 T4CC4 4A89C 0C968 64T6T 4C4A0 GGCTT 69G80 T80GC A89A5 44AA0 A0446 8TCT5 TGA6T 0A05T 65TTG TAAA6 60C96 6655G C09T5 4GAA0 55G85 CG6C4 668T0 65CA0 98965 T69A8 6T056 4G69C AT5G0 586C5 66T0A 8558A 00GT9 C6065 98G64 86AAG 9A045 CC488 50C46 AAC65 G686G 5CT49 44A66 80C96 T65G9 G8GGA 85560 8455T 9654A T6654 085C0 6A4C4 44CA8 586G6 9G5A4 566A4 06800 G00TC G8GG6 59AC4 40AGA TG494 G04T0 56TTC 05C89 9456A CA40G AATG0 0040G 854GC CT699 C908A 45466 46458 80G9G TG08T 668C0 6C4CT 858G8 5698C 05TC5 8089C C065G 5G406 G9545 GA6CG G5T54 T0TAA 4955G 6A58A 400T5 0AT6T T8594 AC0TA 64GA5 509G9 T59TC 0990G 9654G CG6AT 55AG6 56G5A C5G5A G8T96 66454 GG9AG 450AA T996A 4890C 046C9 94GAC T96TA 0GC40 4CG5A 895GC 596A4 5890A 9C89G ACAAA G904T 9G8T8 564G5 0CT0C A9869 A5A40 T8G08 08599 0480A 094AT A4GTT ACAG9 4G64G GGT6T T4A4T 54854 540CC TA5GA 85C06 A4TT8 8ACG5 8504C 06CCT AG5A8 T9G98 66TTC GAGTA 59A60 GGA66 9T54G 48GC8 98665 49494 50AA4 65406 T84CC 66C9C G900C 9G69T 656GT A46C8 5C06G C6096 5GAT0 9A80G 6C8CT GA664 A6TG4 88880 0G869 T560T 90TT8 4GTA0 40CAG TAA86 08T04 A9000 4TT96 6AGAA 96CGG 9TACC G5G5A A4959 50A56 60496 CA86T 94GT6 54GC6 4T5TC 08AGG 0C6G5 A5906 GC50T C50GT 8C540 56G04 0C86G 4C5AC 6TTTT 4GGA5 89A50 495C0 98444 89CCC 096C4 08G80 G69CT 599C9 G8054 A9C4A 44GCG G44A8 4T6CA T9860 80998 8868G 4ACT6 04GTA 5695A 6TC96 58645 GC0TA 6CA59 8A9CA 95A6G C5C8A T9G4A 6GGT9 4G86G T4TT9 T4654 C6680 09806 G69T8 TC8T8 06899 64004 8T4C5 40CG0 A4A6C A4965 89G94 09T4C TCG89 690G0 69GG9 4TTC6 T508T TA688 95GC8 CG986 TC00A 59CGG 64GA6 5ATT8 9C5G8 60A58 8A6AG 55G8T 9GC5T CC446 04T8A 5AT6T GT0CG C4CA4 65CA9 GGGG4 A60CA 99066 554A8 G6C9G 9T9CC 44A95 TA54A C4A89 94854 44GC4 56GC8 CA6T4 99C4A 9ACA8 A4809 TGGGG A0C86 C8GGC 4CAGG T0G54 56545 CTT0G GG09T AT0A9 05A66 096T8 04909 T6C60 A9G59 88T8A 6ACCT CA666 C65T8 6A9CT 6686C C606T GC56G 6C0C5 44GG6 T80C5 0450G GGTC5 54GA0 58595 48G0T G908A 4C56T 40A45 AGA80 6T464 C6T6G 9456A TG5CA 8AC40 G8CC0 CC6T5 4TCTG 8C944 9G5C8 T4CGT 058C5 CAA4G GAA99 T606C 8ACC4 6GG68 G9695 9G0C0 98CC9 AC0GG A098G 04085 9ACCG 464A4 4T8TT GGT6C 46594 G04G4 58G84 GG8GT 0A9TG GA5T8 0GCAG 6G90G G0GA5 GTAC4 44GC0 605G0 0GCC4 9T4C6 9CAAC 8C504 9CA6C AT840 4T5AT A9T56 5AG98 0694A AC5T8 0ACA4 G0AC0 4G8A6 4CG88 5A85T 909T8 545T0 AA658 C9C4A 9656T AC49A 4C4A5 956T5 86586 55G05 5T690 4965T 09858 0CC85 0GTT4 T648T 9C9GT 8584G 8CA6C 05GGG G5606 888G6 446T4 8T468 5G9T6 0C95C 5TGGC 480C0 480T9 0058G 60G58 T5A04 G4G09 A64C9 6AC6T 6G604 49T56 TG4T0 4T08C T0856 6AA90 6T545 4CCGT ACA5C 59584 5068G GT460 T90A6 A8G66 G95T4 06A6C 4T5TT 5GGA9 54T9A 6T99A 9C064 55CGG 99A40 CGC40 4CT8G 5T6T8 8896C 9958G 94G5G T9AG4 64T6C 5G455 T540G 909A4 5AC5G AAAC6 94A09 AA9C9 CT5A9 A0G60 T08T5 T0T6A 8G985 CA88G G0584 T9GT5 9A6GG 8ACA4 96990 090A9 TAA69 GAGCG TG84G 684GT 68608 4900C CGG0T 4T4T9 A65AC 00500 5A68C TCC64 C50C8 95AG0 T989C 9TTCC 45AGT T0AC8 AT806 9650A AG844 08G45 A960A TATT8 599CG A6TCA C0AGA A4448 46409 0C890 64495 44400 6A986 90G54 85A60 T6CTG 505T9 8C49A 8G40G 86680 88A8C C85A0 TT8CC 45085 04860 8T50C 9C0TA CCTA9 GA55A 84C06 C5455 00G66 8T8T9 49C04 ACGG6 55TG9 C9G5A G546A C95C9 8468C C9C6C 8C04G 46AA9 9665C 858A5 C84T0 5685C C86TA 86GT5 TCC40 T8C08 GAATC T8TG8 9TAT5 0GGAT 6T946 CTT95 6C989 8989C 58TAA 6G456 TG0A0 TA8C5 646TT 0AC49 6GA5A 88A90 9GC0C 8AA98 0049G C40GT C96A0 C6854 0664C A9C95 09G90 A9069 96C95 5T45C 00545 05806 8550A 956GC 0TT9T A9AC9 CC9A8 5680C 4490C 98T05 955A0 0TT6C 5C5C6 A9T04 A994G 455C8 59C8A 0TC4C 95544 959GG 8CGG9 0TCG4 TA6AG TGAAA GTC64 C4C54 C94G8 TTA8A 85T86 T4085 A4006 66044 CCT58 88569 86G05 4CA54 G0696 5G4G4 58550 CCTCT CC4TA 0GC0A 54594 05A65 5CG90 6866T GCCCG 99585 AA56T 5G84C TT988 TGCGT CA989 8G5GA 4A595 G8AAA 96C58 CC005 9408G C068A TA60T 8G649 6T86G 44604 GG464 9A599 50549 GCG4T 56T69 0A049 0CGG8 A9868 C59C8 A465G 4AT68 049T5 648G9 8556A 45CGT C4G86 GCC0C 90468 8C8C4 C6C46 55CG9 49864 A9TG0 56C8G T9CAG 48GTC CT08C G60AA TC0T9 9AAC6 G9C86 TG089 4C8G9 9C6T0 A6T95 A54AC CGA4T 489T8 C0GTT 0AT69 0A4G5 46684 G65C5 G6A64 GGCG9 46G5T 00490 G5GA5 55TG8 A965C 6TACT C9T64 06A60 AC6C5 8A559 0G4TT 0T0T0 CA8GT GG605 TGGTA 90055 6A484 T555A 8G9T5 C0C4C 5AC98 44T5C TTC4A 5G6TC C6A06 4T506 C9049 G5008 656TG A095C 59A94 6589G 5A4AC A0C48 TTG69 C06T4 G4C5C 6CT56 9A60G 8A54G 8A8AA 5T84C 66G95 G06AA 086A5 CCA50 445TA TG4GC 9T454 49454 TC68T 88606 AC408 4A486 CGG6G 0096A T0GA5 AT49A 404C0 TGT5C 860G6 48TC6 C4A4C C46TC 5A89G 5G664 5TA64 ACG6G 9690C A4950 A9A08 5G598 44TC9 A986T 9A64T A9C99 490GT C6TC4 64684 4AAGC 940CT 659A8 4044C G805A CCC89 45T5G 4TC99 508T9 659AT T8508 5558T A5GT5 0CA0G AT5G0 AT668 C0T40 T9T95 T5TT0 AA8GT 6G6G5 6TT04 A54T0 5A6A8 4A6C4 84G56 5A699 98AA6 A4A0A 00T99 60G8C 86909 T9A60 C0T88 400T6 9A04A 40G9T 886TA 50G84 T45A6 G0908 G0006 99T8T AT066 04A8C GA806 5C556 GT5T5 CT56G 5CT86 AT9A0 4T48G G6A8T 58T9G 65A5G 95984 G0C56 TTT6T 9C486 00C4A 58GTT 9805C 49896 50TT6 T9AG4 8G88T 0TGC4 T09TT TT45C C9856 T64G6 69A49 0556T 84T50 C9ATG 5GGA0 T840T G9980 66C65 8T548 89T64 880T5 4566A 0AGT9 6G0T6 640G6 55904 T9099 4568A 5065T 65C05 CGA8T 94ATG 0CC69 CACG8 5AG86 09040 G0866 GAA49 6558C 4C4C4 G69CC 85G8A GAAC8 64558 GC6G8 ATC0A 458G6 8GAT6 60C48 9AC90 956T0 099C9 C6A0C A0T9A 6A6A5 T88AC 84CG9 09904 TCAG4 GCC6C 94804 5G59C A49CA 405T9 G6C4G 5G48A A9C56 G09AA 0ACGG 5AGTA 0080C A5590 T485C 09066 9T0CG 6GA9T T0CCT T9094 CC46G 685A4 TTA44 GGCG9 C9CG5 AG0C4 4C66A 99A04 0CCG5 AAAGC 54GA9 A8550 46449 0T6C6 55AT8 A6TT8 8T446 T5G59 A6CCC 0C9A0 GTT5C 8CG4T A8TA4 088C5 0865G C9AGG A5096 8T88G 4G8T6 56995 995G4 49066 AG58C 44ACG 5TTC9 G0968 C4080 05C55 9849A G54AG C8A88 C9994 469G4 86G6T 655A6 58TG6 5848C 58845 CA4TG G568G 900T9 095AG 0T8C5 T9GA6 C4456 TAT96 404C5 TCAAG 60066 5A0AT 4AT00 659G5 585AT G6AG8 58C8T 9T04A 9G484 4TC60 800GA 9C045 G6A89 CTC49 TT9TG 9650A 98G5A 8GTAT GT6G5 0G98A T554G 09589 04556 C5G9T ATTA0 CCC46 69G49 9TC56 C0T54 94G80 T490A A4A95 TATC8 T8A5C 09AA4 0G90G C860T 5A5TT G4T99 58A80 GT4GA 6T59A 66854 5ACCC ATC94 80494 G0G9A A9A5C T6GC4 C0T8T 44A86 04A4T 6C6C9 54800 04480 0T6G0 496T4 8T0AG 9T896 4G669 G58CA 8CTGA CA4T5 AG0T9 69TC4 8896T G6684 40CTC T609T G5T49 60C5G 99646 9T565 049C6 8A8C6 0900C TC809 T9C45 95889 G0695 C65C4 94060 C40TA 66544 CG558 90045 6CT88 TT505 45T55 64056 448T4 65A5A 8G54G AA96T A844C 9658T 5CCG5 4C885 69094 AAC0C A5095 T6AG9 CG800 T9G4A T0G66 5A4G9 C94T5 90T98 96959 46995 565G6 ATA86 56A96 GCCG8 6TC6T 56AT5 TA6CT 086T8 69TTT A0CTG 4889T A8654 C6480 TT96G 80G05 G656A 5A446 CT046 9TG90 68TAT 0GC88 CGG8A 4TCC5 6T8TC 60896 CT080 68TTT 4680A TT48T 6AAGG A8589 6C8A4 09A8C 90C6G C6GTT T0888 CTA5A CG556 00CGT G98C9 4004A 5T9G0 0T8G8 C0G66 G0944 4G456 0AC45 564AG T54CG 09069 G9C96 ATT5G A4T98 946GA 54C5G 8468G 886A4 4458A TCA45 9C5GA 9849T T5T84 GA605 049TT AT4T4 G0A4A TA4G8 05GC4 55A05 0080A 90869 960CC 0TG6C 4G8G0 8A08A G5450 AA9C0 GA4AT TCC90 866C9 C8CC9 5T94T 5G869 050G6 4CA00 6C8C5 A98C4 C89C4 A596A CA854 C4G54 64955 69G8A 0C8T9 C09GA 6465A 4C840 G00G0 GC604 AATCG C5998 4C45T T5A6A 050G0 TG056 TC5T6 60ATG 64848 C0840 G6AA8 C0AC0 5TG9C T054T G46T8 6540C 60C6G 45CT8 65A05 G0658 G488T T5698 A5G9C 6G89G 669G4 TT05G 50596 8C440 869GC 50T0A 4A0T0 6GTC5 850T0 0GT45 TT56C T65AC 4A055 9T40A 90TG4 TA6T4 84C9A 40C59 9895C 5C945 90944 0G046 9AT09 A409C 8G00A T6456 00A6T CG4T8 80TA0 9TG64 5G9CA 065G9 TT955 T4988 GTG58 46A0A T648C 69998 9TT56 95968 8A59T 05600 A0A65 5T56C G568

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