Date: 01/07/05

Einstein was Precisely Backward, Deliberately

I challenge any straight A college student, any college graduate of any discipline, any mainline scientist, any independent researcher, any historian who knows exactly what Einstein said or anyone who thinks you are a spokesman/spokeswoman for Einstein's precision, to, not prove a negative, as in producing evidence that the below premises are incorrect, but to simply answer the 8 questions that leads to Einstein, or his followers, deliberately and erroneously assigning the below concepts to wrong sources: 186,283 mps to light, Space dragging to mass, Space twisting to mass, Geodetic precession to mass, Time to 4D and Gravity caused by mass or Gravity, a derivative of the electron, instead of correctly attributing all these to the true, superior, first cause and source called space.

After all, Al, himself cautioned, with inappropriate self-interest to the others, In his stand against the ether, Einstein argued, "we should not speak of things that can't be measured." This mantra was taken up by all others who realized that if it could not be measured, there was really no need for any measurers. (R. Grace, file 147supraphase.html)

If most researchers first deduce from the known, such as, molecule, atom, electron, proton and neutron, to the unknown such as quark, gluon, graviton and the origin and source, space itself, then researchers are working from the controlled forces to the controlling forces...this is backwards and should be reversed:

The 8 questions are:

  1. Is unknown, space, superior in every way, to the known? Yes or no. Quote Einstein's exact words on this.

  2. If space is superior, with quanta as a packet of space and charge as phase precession of the smallest vortexes of space, then why was quanta and charge misassigned to lesser forces while ignoring space? Quote Einstein's exact words on this.

  3. If space is not superior, then what is Einstein's superior source of light, gravity and mass? Quote Einstein's exact words on this.

  4. Light velocity of 186,283 mps was proven to be the velocity of space in 1990 (Majka). Why do Einstein's followers teach it was light velocity instead? Quote Einstein's exact words on this.

  5. Gravity is what spiraling space does. Two simple spirals of space either spin the same way or different, creating more space between or removing space between them. Why do Einstein's followers teach that gravity attraction occurs between masses and mass is somehow causing this attraction? Quote Einstein's exact words on this.

  6. Time is a human invention. In this frequency universe, what we call interval, is vastly different between the fastest sub-atomic time to the slowest astronomic body time, the whole spectrum of which, will require a Trinary Relativity of 3 completely different maths, not including the 3 invisible partner maths to the first, visible 3. Why do Einstein's followers; rigorous science, even today, "assume without examination, the unidirectional, one-valued, one-dimensional (4thD) character of the time continuum." Quote Einstein's exact words on this.

  7. Light bending is said to be caused by strong gravity near mass. If gravity is not understood by Einstein's followers, if unknown gravity is said to bend light, which light doesn't exist in space for you will never see a flashlight work in space nor is there matter in deep space from which matter, only, does light radiate and if gravity is what space does, if space bends itself into tighter and tighter spirals causing its own distortion, then why do Einstein's followers teach that gravity bends light near mass or that mass bends space when space is superior? Quote Einstein's exact words on this.

  8. Gravity Probe B will conclude that mass twists, drags and precesses space instead of the reality of space twisting, dragging and precessing mass. Why was Einstein's theories and his followers "precisely backward" concerning so many concepts? Quote Einstein's exact words on this.

Try to be plain and straightforward. No razzle-dazzle. Remember, if you can't explain it to a child, we will assume you probably don't know what you are talkin about or you are being deceptive. All email responses will be posted including all foul language and email names and addresses. Any email without a valid name and address will be thrown out.


186,283 mps was attributed to light instead of to non-dimension space,

Space dragging was attributed to mass instead of to non-dimension space,

Space twisting was attributed to mass instead of to non-dimension space,

Geodetic precession was attributed to mass instead of to non-dimension space,

Gravity was attributed to mass instead of to non-dimension space,

Time was attributed to 4D instead of to 0D gravity,

Light bending was attributed to gravity instead of to optical, non-dimension space,

All because non-dimension space could not easily be measured, therefore the measurers were not needed.
05/19/04 Robert Grace

Robert Grace




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