77.1 Pendulums of Lethbridge 

(Note: Upon studying Lethbridge, an Englishman, who used a pendulum, as is common practice in France and other places, to determine a truffles health before eating it, Lethbridge calculated so-called "rates" (distance from ball to fingers) for animate objects and inanimate concepts, using an ash ball and silk string pendulum. The "rates", surprisingly, only went up to 40 and not to 360 or any other as we might think.

The number 40, I believe, has something to do with the cycle length, in base 16, just as vegismal 20 of Mayan cosmology is base 6, 12 is base 9 and 60 of the Sumerians is base 11, as found on the following Marco Rodin webpage).
Base 3-16, cycle length 3, 8, 6, 20, 24, 12, 24, 60, 10, 48, 40 respectively.

77.2 Pendulum Rates for Elements and their Exact Correspondences with Basil Valentine's Alchemy 

77.3 Diagram. Relationship between Pendulum Rates and the Magnetic Scale  A Step in the Dark by Lethbridge

"it is the earth's mass and not the magnetic field that determines the rates"...

"I looked at what I had found in astonishment. It seemed quite impossible to believe that so simple a thing as a pendulum could tell such a remarkable story. The rejected study was giving the evidence, which all the other studies had failed to produce... Was I imagining the whole thing? Did some layer of my own mind produce the whole gamut of rates? Everything must be a fantasy. The concrete objects produced from beneath the earth by an application of their own particular rates were plain for all to see. And many people had watched me find them. No it could not be fantasy. Therefore it must be a fact. Furthermore it was not the earth's magnetic field which gave rise to the whole system of rates. You can take your prismatic compass, lay off the line to magnetic north on the ground, point at it and swing the pendulum. The pendulum just goes on swinging backwards and forwards. But if you make the correct allowance for compass deviation and point to true north, the pendulum gyrates at once. Therefore, if the earth has any say in the arrangements of these rates, it is the earth's mass which determines them and not its magnetic field.

Here we get into even more difficult problems; but we will do no more than notice them now. Is everything, man, beast, bird, fish, tree and rock directly under control by the earth itself? Does the earth arrange how they shall be formed and how they shall be developed? Is the earth, as some have believed, itself a living organism with great intelligence? Are we in fact simple cells in the earth's structure, just as the cells in our own bodies are each one individual? To these questions, the answers for the moment appears to be that some great intelligence has evidently devised a scale, a framework perhaps, in which everything is controlled by rays appreciable to a sixth sense by means of a pendulum. This framework is arranged in relation to the earth's mass and not its magnetic field. Magnetism, in fact, has a rate of its own, not the same for electricity at 20 but very near it. The magnetic rate appears to be 20.25 inches (the distance from the ball to the fingers on a string). It is not one of the cardinal points on our compass-rose of rates".

..."in the urgency of time here, is the clue as to why we are here; to sharpen our intellect for the next lap around to share our memories with others who have collected a comparable store. Those who have not made an attempt to appreciate their earthly surroundings will be faced with an unutterable boredom and will want to return to this earth by way of reincarnation".

77.4 Diagram. Circle of 40 and Animate Objects and Inanimate Concepts Listed  A Step in the Dark by Lethbridge

77.5 Diagram. The Archimedeian Spiral of Rates A Step in the Dark by Lethbridge

77.5.1 Diagram. Side View of the Spiral of Rates A Step in the Dark by Lethbridge

77.6 Diagram. Relative Position of 2 Double Cones on the Spiral Track A Step in the Dark by Lethbridge

77.7 The Displaced Double Object  A Step in the Dark by Lethbridge

"Now, over a period of years and through a very large number of experiments the pendulum appears to speak the truth. If it is speaking the truth now, what does it mean? There is an object on the floor, with the circle around it. The object is in its approximate place 22-inches from the axis, or spindle of the spiral. Suddenly another centre of another circle appears 62-inches away at the correct spot on the second whorl of the spiral and it has its own around it as you can test. More than that, it also has a weak 22-inch circle round where its supposed centre lies...it seems that there can be only one explanation. We are dealing with a displacement of some kind. Something happens which has the same kind of effect as when light is bent at the surface of a sheet of water and you see a fish in a different place to that in which it really is. As we stand on the hall floor we see the silver spoon handle in one place, but, as we test its field of force with the pendulum, we find it is in two places. If we walk round the rim of the original 22-inch circle around the spoon handle, we can find as many centres as we can be bothered to fix. All are mock positions of the spoon handle. But if we remain in one position there is only one. However, all of them at one moment of time lie on the track of the spiral. As you move, so does the apparent position of the object. But you take time to move. The object itself does not seem to move. From which ever direction you look at it, there it is inert on the floor. We will not consider that the floor itself is moving in space and time as we all are".

(Note: And why not, for therein is the secret of the displacements. Remember from Vogt's book, Reality Revealed, that a microsecond of time information displacement is a move of 985 feet in space. Also note the spiral shape is a result of the forward ratio 1 to the 90 degree side ratio 2. Its the 1 : 2 ratio here also).

"But there is an extra movement of the apparent position once you have passed the 40-inch mark. This is a horribly complicated situation to those who, like myself, do not like juggling with dimensions and higher mathematics. Shall we just note that after passing the 40-inch mark nothing above it will appear to be in the same position as it did below. This surely has a very great significance in what are called psychic, or parapsychological studies".

77.8 Diagram. The Displacement Field of an Object A Step in the Dark by Lethbridge

..."rates (beams) do not belong to the 3rd dimension, they are infinite in length (until they connect to the earth's superconducting psychic layer that is), do not weaken with the square of the distance, they are not electrical impulses... it is not magnetism... it is not confined to the earthly time scale... or to earth distance... it is more at nondimensional than 4th dimensional... it is the Life Force".


77.10 The "Film" 

"The results, (from an unnoted discourse in the book), are stored in something resembling an electromagnetic field occupying much the same volume as the body. I call this a psyche-field (other authors call it the auras). But the film and the field are different things. The film is made before it is experienced and it gets shifted about, cut and altered in accordance with such reactions as are recorded in the human psyche-field. All this is inference from the facts which we (the author and his wife, speaking of themselves) seem qualified to observe".

..."the higher mind on the higher plane can unroll the film to see what happens before and after the event as it appears to us. Using the Life force on the other side (of 40) contacting the higher-self, interfering which may alter the chain of events depicted on the film"...


(Note: This is probably what Godel's self-referencing is all about. The "film", according to the author, "is probably a pale copy of the kind of thing your mind is actually watching"...

The film is altered according to your re.action to it. This is vitally important in ordering your reality).

continuing..."Since the experiments with the rates, which produced the spiral, appear to show that green is still green, red still red, copper still copper and so on",

(Note: Everything is "more than here" according to the author.."greens are greener, reds are redder", probably due to the higher time rate).

"after you have passed the rate for death (the illusion), it appears that your mind still has a body once it has passed the 40-inch rate. On the 4th-dimensional plane this will seem as solid as the body we use on the 3rd-dimensional earth. But the two cannot be cognizant of one another because of the apparent refraction at the 40-inch level. However some people have been able to slip from one level to the other without particular difficulty. As I visualize it, they slip up the spindle of the spiral, or down again like the fireman sliding down his pole to the fire-engine..."

..."we seem to be getting into a world in which opposites are really the same... the opposites on the pendulum seem to be no more than phases of the same thing... each (object) retains memories impressed on its field, once the picture (memories) are fixed in the field it is no longer the 3-dimensional world but outside time, the picture lasts forever"...

A Step in the Dark
By Lethbridge
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