78.1 Reality Revealed (A Multi-Dimensional theory) 

(Note: For all those of you who suspected that God is a computer, here is a plausible paraphrased explanation: Reality Revealed by Douglas Vogt. Coupled with knowledge of Platonic solids and multiple dimensions, it begins to make sense).

The Transmitting Dimensions.

"Transmission of (all universal) information",

(Note: all mass receives frequencies).

"from the 1st dimension (dynamic neutrality) may be converted to a pulse-modulated signal sent from a computer-like structure".

(Correspondences, Meta-Diagram, shaped like an 8-sided diamond, the shape of 2 Pyramid of Giza's, base to base).

See West Overton, Wiltshire, England crop circle 

"The pulse-modulated signal may be hetrodyned to a low frequency, high voltage Carrier wave and other controlling frequencies that make up the information on the "tape",

(Note: "Tape" means light).

"if two frequencies are less than 90 degrees out of phase...there will be a beat frequency...which will be stronger than the original frequencies. The new frequency created should be the sum and difference of the original...the amplitude of the new frequency should be the sum of the two original frequencies".

"In the pure information state the magnetic fields predominate. In the matter state, the electrostatic fields (energy) predominates.
(See "1st, 2nd, 3rd Dimension" in this file).

There is a sinusoidal relationship between the :

  1. Matter-Energy phase and the
  2. Magnetic-Electrostatic phase.

"In a "thermonuclear explosion"...When atoms become so unstable that (the) "Infinite Computer" (dynamic neutrality) cannot get all the information to the atom...

(Note: Actually it is an implosion then explosion).

"a time warp develops and a tear is developed in our universe. What we are seeing is information rushing in (implosion) to fill a tear in an unstable part of the universe".

(Note: Hence, the power of space).

78.2 Time Warps and Antennas 

"It is quite possible that the very high voltages produced on a resonant type antenna produces a time warp. These high voltages can bleed energy from the transmitted signal to other areas...time and space for that signal are changed. The transmitter...need not be high power. High "standing waves" on the antenna system can raise the potential of the signal tens of thousands...even millions of volts. It is interesting to note that when...the antenna (is) adjusted to make it more efficient, the phenomena disappear(s). The standing wave ha(s) been reduced and with them the very high potentials".

Organic Life Embedded in Inorganic Material Organic Life Embedded in Inorganic Material

"The phenomena of beetles, frogs and such having been found embedded in trees and rocks, which come back to life, or...after a tornado, there was found windblown straw embedded in unbroken glass or I-beams, speaks of objects moving in time and space.

Tornados and Cyclotrons

Tornadoes""produce high-velocity cyclotronic winds...and electromagnetic waves...it is a cyclotron in reverse", (a vortex).

"Cyclotrons use high-frequency radio signals to propel charged particles...what amounts to a high-frequency AC current, moves a nuclear particle like an atom until the mass (potential) of the atom becomes so great that the electromagnetic field can't control the charged particle...

At certain times of the year when the right temperature exists, a giant capacitor is created...by the earth (one plate) and the upper atmosphere (the other plate). The magnetic field envelops these electrostatic plates. We theorize that when the earth is tilted at just the right angle, high energy charged particles",

(Note: Hypernumbers "w" and "v", book: Consciousness and Reality by Muses and Young, 154. M9725c, detailed tables, Divine "soma" by hypernumber mapping, Timed meditations).

"are actually able to enter the earths magnetic field from space. (In the tornado and hurricane belts) the right atmospheric conditions exist to form the electrostatic plates.

The high energy particle charges the plates of the capacitor and damped, oscillating radio wave(s)...and high-voltage standing waves are created. The damped oscillating wave, along with the earths magnetic field produces...a nature-made cyclotron.

Because of these high-potentials (voltages) and high standing waves produced, information that makes up the...beetle, frog, straw",

(Note: Or flying disc for that matter).

"is moved in time; a translation, in time, is a translation in space. A translation, in time, of a microsecond of information at the speed of light represents a space translation of about 985 feet".

(Note: After the time and space move, the organic organisms frequencies occupy the inorganic frequency domains of the steel or rocks where scientists discover them and wonder how they got there).

78.3 Magnetism 

Concerning magnetism, Vogt indicates that the attraction / repulsion of poles is caused by the frequency of the information, which feeds the atoms, being 180 degrees out of phase or in phase.

Joseph Newman, gives a visual picture of what "in phase / out of phase" means:

He sees atoms polarity of attraction / repulsion as being caused by the intrinsic
spin of the basic "gyroscopic particles". Imagine two spinning, solid spheres acting just like gears:

  1. Same relative spin (both spheres rotating the same way)- The spin causes the particles to grate on each other- repulsion.

  2. Opposite relative spin (each sphere rotates inward toward each other- attraction.

Joseph Newman also indicates that copper is "extremely magnetic" while most of physics states that copper is not magnetic and also that only one element can be magnetized; Iron. If Webers theory was correct then it must be assumed that all materials can be made into magnets"...

(Note: And so says Dan Davidson concerning Keely's ability to magnetize any element, but Vogt, here, is trying to prove Weber's theory incorrect).

"Besides iron", Vogt indicates, "only 3 other elements are attracted to a magnetic field":

  1. Oxygen
  2. Sodium and
  3. Aluminum.

Vogt concludes "there is something very special about iron for it to become a magnet:

The frequency that makes up the iron is a close harmonic to the carrier wave frequency",

(Note: This is an incredible insight and if true we can now find the range of frequency at which all universal information is modulated into this dimension, lets read on to see if it is named).

"Iron spectral tables have so many lines more than any other element, accept one, that it could be considered to be 2 elements".

(Note: 2 elements! Now its getting interesting. Why would iron appear to be 2 elements mixed together?).

78.4 Magnetism and the Carrier Wave 

"One of the first observations made by scientists:

If current is passed through a wire, a magnetic field appears perpendicular to the current. Maxwell.

Current travels along the surface of the wire. Faraday.

The speed of the current is the speed of light.

André Ampére theorized that magnetism was to be explained by means of electric currents, "since we can't explain electric currents by means of magnetism", as Maxwell put it. Maxwell continued the mistake by concluding that a displacement current, just like a conduction current, produces a magnetic field.

The question therefore is, What comes first, the magnetic field or the current?

According to Vogt, the magnetic field is the information, therefore, in order for electrons (electric current) to exist, the information must first be present to form their existence...back EMF or self- inductance is due to the information that makes up the electrons...the delay in the current from reaching maximum is due to the fact that information (magnetism) that makes up the electron must first be modulated into existence...we then would expect that the increase and decay of current density would be an exponential function of time".

"it is a well proven fact...just like the charging and discharging of capacitors".

The next observation is...why does the magnetic field appear perpendicular to the flow of current?

The magnetic field is 90 degrees out of phase with the electric charge...the magnetic field cannot exist at the same time and space as the electric charge".

We theorize that (the) frequency of magnetic and electric fields is between 1500 - 3000 GHz or just under the infrared frequency",

(Note: Here is where Vogt names the frequency of the 1st dimension magnetic information and the 2nd dimension electric Carrier frequency. Notice also, that in musical harmonics and Mayan cosmology, fractal numbers without zeros can be harmonic with the same numbers plus a large number of zeros following, such as 15 - 30 Hz and 1500 - 3000 GHz. In other words, these frequencies can be reached and harmonically influenced by use of lower harmonics, and , I suspect, negative current (electrons).

Another bit of information I found is that the resonant frequency of electrons is 1.5777 and 3.095 GeV (vacuum polarization = shielding)).

78.5 Electric Current and Light Speed 

"The reason why electric current travels at the speed of light is because the information that makes up the electron is passing us at the speed of light... the electron is really a stationary domain of potential".

(Note: Possibly the 'strobe effect' is operating here. Tom Bearden calls them 'standing waves').

78.6 1st, 2nd, 3rd Dimensions 

1st Dimension- The electrostatic field. 1st Dimension

2nd Dimension- The magnetic field with a vector angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes and 14.3 seconds, 2nd Dimension

(Note: Perhaps a strobed-non- waving wave. The magnetic field = the Carrier wave).

(Note: The Carrier is associated with the exact same vector angle as that of the Pyramid of Giza and all other perfectly conducting metal crystals: gold, silver, platinum, copper, aluminum and many others. Does this surprise you? Notice that the Carrier is a wave and the vector is associated with a shape, not a wave. It seems to be saying, the Carrier is operating in, around, about, through etc., a vectored shape).

"If magnetism is mostly the Carrier wave then the shape it will produce will be the octahedron, as is magnetite, the only natural magnetic iron",

(Note: An octahedron is 2 Giza pyramids base to base. Isn't it interesting that the Giza pyramid and conducting metals are intimately connected to the 2nd dimensions Carrier wave).

"3rd Dimension- Electromagnetism, which produces a specific vector angle of energy which becomes an atom. A good analogy is the laser hologram",

(Note: Holo is the root word for whole, holistic and holy. Should we start a new religion or do we have too many now?).

"which forms an image of an object with 3-dimensional qualities...but it doesn't have the capability to produce the matter part...since each element has its own specific group frequency (vector angle energy), it attracts its like elements when their vector angles line up...and are called, by crystallographers, unit cells". (An atom).

..."whenever the information of any two objects pass themselves at great velocity, electrons will be created. If the two objects are conductors, the electric charge will conduct along the wire. If the electrons are formed by two non-conductors, they will form what we call static electricity"

From R. Hoagland's Old Message Board (Now abandoned) which contained the following,

Gravity is the 4th Dimension (K. B. Robertson) (c / o: bkparque)(9 full page scroll clicks). Original paper found at Gravity is the 4th Dimension (K. B. Robertson) This author calls gravity the 4th dimension, electricity the 5th dimension and magnetism the 6th dimension. This agrees with the author of the page we are on, discussing Vogt, but Vogt numbers from the opposite end, namely, electrostatic as the 1st dimension, magnetism as the 2nd, electricity as the 3rd and gravity as the 4th. Vogt does not name gravity as being the 4th dimension.

What this author calls the 'phantom' is the universal computer simulation of Leahy, found in file 93 Over All Picture.

78.7 Modulation Frequency (modulating into Existence) 

..."elements (modulate) between 1000 - 2500 GHz".

"electric charge- 1500 - 3000 GHz".

(Note: Since a superconducting toroidal ring is a perfect insulator, what would happen if two of these formed electrons and produced static electricity? How does static electricity effect mass and matter?).

78.8 Gravity's Phase to Matter 

The development of phase theory coupled with proper placement of the known forces, as below, indicates that gravity is 180 degrees out of phase with electricity but is, in reality, 360 degrees out of phase, in other words, gravity's effect is directed inversely to the electron direction.

0 Degrees

In Phase w/o Repulsion


90 Degrees



180 Degrees

Out of Phase w/o Attraction


270 Degrees



360 Degrees

In Phase w/o Repulsion


450 Degrees



540 Degrees

Out of Phase w/o Attraction


630 Degrees



720 Degrees

In Phase w/o Repulsion


(Note: Study the patterns and relationships. 720 degrees is indicative of the hidden dimensions and the ratios of electron rotation to spin. Notice that Magnetic, Electric and Gravity is 180 degrees out of phase in the 1/2 spin (2 times around) of an electron, not 90 degrees. I have heard it said of electricity and gravity that they are 180 degrees out of phase, but if an atomic electron must rotate 2 times to return to its original position, would electron (electricity) and gravity, therefore be, 360 degrees out of phase?).

Copyright. Robert Grace. 1999.

78.9 The Magnecrystallic Effect 

"This phenomenon was first described by Julius Plucker. It was further experimented with by Michael Faraday. This effect is that certain crystals will turn on their axes and align themselves perpendicular to a magnetic field. Faraday found the "direction of the force is in relation to the magnetic field, axial and not equatorial".

"The magnecrystallic force causes...neither approach nor recession; consisting not in attraction or repulsion, but a certain determinate position to the mass under its influence, so that a given line in relation to the mass is brought by it into a given relation with the direction of the external magnetic power"... Michael Faraday.

Maxwell, Faraday, Einstein and other scientists could not give a reason why this phenomena occurs. The Theory of Relativity has no explanation. The problem with theories is that it must account for all phenomena.

The answer to the magnecrystallic effect is this:

Since each element has its own frequencies that make it up, of all the elements, some (arsenic, bismuth and antimony) will have a frequency which will not be a lower or higher harmonic of the magnetic field. But its frequency or information will modulate in such a way as to let the information of the magnet pass parallel to the elements information, thereby turning in the direction of the magnetic field".

(Note: Isn't bismuth one of the layered metals in the parts of the supposed alien disc that crashed at Roswell? These bismuth parts have been studied at site: Art Bell  or as it is called now Coast to Coast AM Radio 

78.10 Inertia of Energy of Einstein 

"We have ...disagreement with the effects of great velocity, but we do not disagree with the causes of these effects.

Einstein's theory:

  1. It assumes that everything that happens from (the) reaction E = mc^2 happens in this dimension.

  2. It does not take into account... that matter has unique frequencies associated with it, and that these frequencies result from its information.

  3. It does not explain why the speed of light is a constant in the universe, it merely recognizes that it is.


  1. In attempting to explain gravity, Einstein tried to incorporate the phenomena of inertia and attraction in one theory. One of the first premises he made was "electrostatic, magnostatic and gravitational fields are all different character, they do not mix. Each preserves its own individuality, regardless of the others". He came to this erroneous conclusion because he thought that Maxwell had explained what magnetism was and what caused a magnetic field...Maxwell did nothing of the sort. His equations attempted only to describe the effects of a magnetic field on the other objects. If it does not make any sense to you that acceleration causes gravity, you aren't alone".

"Gravity is caused by the information",

(Note: From the sun and ultimately from the Diehold, 0-dimension, as Vogt calls it).

"(to) the physical (earth) being modulated and directed 360 degrees around a point in space",

(Note: This is the center of the earth. 360 may have to be doubled to account for the hidden half of existence concerning the toroidal earth). Any object that is within the vicinity of this planet will be "pushed",

(Note: This is the mechanism of "push gravity" theory, or more properly called "harmonic gravity").

"toward the center of this modulation point. The force of attraction will observe the Inverse Square law developed by Newton. The actual gravitational force or field",

(Note: the Life Force, full of living information).

"does not really happen in this dimension".

"To test our theory against Einstein's, we had to see if gravity was affected by the velocity of the object around the axis of the earth, or was gravity due to our theory".

Vogt describes using two submarine expeditions carrying gravity meters which measurements produced the conclusion that the location on the earth (equator and pole locations) had more to do with gravity measurements than did the (slow) velocity of the (submarines).

Next we compared the gravity values for 3 different observational points on the earth (2 poles and 1 on the equator). If Einstein's theory is correct...The difference in gravity values between the (poles) should be due to their velocity around the axis or their velocity around its neighboring space. Using Einstein's formula, we found that these velocities caused a negligible difference in their weights...even if we considered the combined velocity of the object around the earth and its velocity around the sun, the results would still be negligible.

The biggest deciding factor (concerning gravity) was the amount of mass under the gravity meters and the distance from the magnetic poles. The gravity difference between the equator and the poles is about 5 dynes...with a daily fluctuation of .35 dynes, due to the modulation intensity of the information...the reason gravity is stronger at the poles is that more information is being directed there...causing the harmonic group wave layers, D, E, F sub 1 and F sub 2 of the ionosphere plus the Van Allen belt at 90 degrees to the poles".

(Note: Remember that the Van Allen Belt is another name for the Mind of the Earth, the Psy field, Psi field of Arguelles, World Soul of Plato and The Sensorium of Harold, etc).

78.12 The Magnetic Field and the Earth 

"It may appear that the earths magnetic field is caused in the same manner as a bar magnet. But, the core is too hot to permit the existence of magnetized rock",

(Note: Magnetism is completely destroyed by heat).

"Instead (scientists) came up with the dynamo theory. There are two problems here:

  1. All velocity fields that form toroidal fields cannot act as a dynamo, and...

  2. The magnetic fields produced from a dynamo would have to be directly opposite from each other. But, the magnetic poles are about 1000 miles closer together (North pole- 75 degrees N, 101 degrees W; South pole- 67 degrees S, 143 degrees E, approximately).

The question now is, what causes the heat in the core of the earth?
The vector modulation points of all 92 elements are directed at one finite area in the core"...

78.13 The Diehold Computer Structure 

"If we say that the information that makes up these elements exists in a structure functioning like a computer, this computer would have to have clocked and synchronous logic systems"...

(Note: As quoted elsewhere in 91 Notes, "Quantum is the clocking frequency of computers". Is music also clocked and synchronous logic?).

"The advantages of a clocked logic is that unchecked bits of information cannot run wildly, everything happens at about the same time and resynchronization frequencies would eliminate wave propagation delays. The Carrier wave, clocking and other synchronizing frequencies are what we see as the magnetic field...The magnetic field, therefore is not related to any of the elements but acts as a resynchronizing frequency...The heat (of the core of earth) comes about because this modulation point acts like a filament in an incandescent bulb".

(Note: Just like Tesla's high-frequency, incandescent, button lamp. This source of core heat plus the heat developed when the earth was a sun, is the answer as to why the planets have IR heat generation from their cores).

78.14 Magnetic Fluctuations of the Planet 

"Fluctuations of the magnetic field is due to the field being influenced by a synchronizing frequency, which scientists have been monitoring, of various lengths- daily, yearly, 5-year and 11-year cycles (the sun cycle, 11.2). There is a very long period, resynchronizing frequency, whose half-cycle is about 12,000 years. When this frequency reaches the x-axis (time) there is no magnetic field on the earth (See Diagram below). This moment in time happens all over the universe at exactly the same instant, to eliminate all random noise, rippled delays and other imperfections in signal propagation. There is plenty of evidence from geology and mythology to indicate the 12,000 year cycle is a polar reversal".

78.15 Diagram. Sine-wave Reversal Wave  

(Note: It is my opinion that a polar reversal is serious business, "but" there is a "saving mechanism" which appears at just the right time as an infinite spike of potential when the sine-wave meets the nil point x-axis, (horizontal line, Infinite voltage and high frequency: The same potentials found in the Bermuda Triangle phenomena allowing things to disappear into other dimensions). This potential allows those, who have done what they are put here to do, and that is to increase their potential; to evolve in knowledge and good action thereby using this potential or be used by it, to work real miracles- disappearing from this dimension, telekinesis, healing, power of mind over matter, etc. The closer we get to the nil point x-axis , the more exponential powers manifest. This Life-force is ever available to any who choose to align with it).

78.16 When is the Time of Reversal? 

(Note: It seems that the magnetic field of the earth and sun has been collapsing for some time now, indicating a reversal transition in the future. Since all stars nova at exactly the same time, and, that a nova is the result of the suns magnetic field letting the corona expand away from the body of the sun (Mythology calls these "Serpents in the sky"), then the time of a nova of a distant sun in the process of a nova, can be calculated as to distance. Once the distance is known, it can be known when our own sun will nova. All stars nova at the same time).

78.17 Atoms 

"X-ray diffraction indicates something very interesting about the atom...that they have geometrical shapes and are not...round spheres, as envisioned by the Bohr model of the atom. The diffraction pattern is exactly like the stereographic projection of a cubic crystal used by crystallographers to describe the shapes and angles of crystals".

(Note: The geometric shapes are formed by connected centers of the spheres of Buckminster Fuller. And, speaking of angles, I suspect the religious word angel (angelo), is related, somehow to the word angle, pertaining either to planet / star angles or atomic angles based upon platonic shapes. More research is needed here).

78.18 X-rays, Cosmic Rays and Gamma Rays 

"DeBroglie wave theory, used by scientists, brought them to the conclusion that x-rays, cosmic rays and gamma rays were of shorter wave length than light. De Broglie was trying to convince us that lower frequencies up thru the microwave range can be produced by oscillating matter in this dimension at various frequencies. At some higher point in these frequencies, the matter will no longer appear in this dimension, it appears to us as light. What De Broglie is saying is that after a piece of matter has left this dimension and is strictly a waveform, it then comes back again as a piece of matter called x-rays, cosmic rays and gamma ray particles. How do they explain how an object can be here at a lower frequency, disappear to become light and then come back again as an even higher frequency, as a particle? Even to the layman this sounds illogical".

(Note: And that is exactly what it is).

"According to our theory x-rays, cosmic rays and gamma rays belong just below the infrared spectrum. They are just below the stage where the atom has so much potential that it is able to leave this dimension and go to the 1st dimension.

De Broglie's theory has one big problem. The electron is varying its velocity around the proton. When he decided the proton was the only thing effecting this orbit, he and science ha(d) no explanation as to what external force makes the proton, and hence the electron, oscillate.

The Bohr model of the atom starts as a solar-system conceptualization of the atom...the center...possesses all the mass...electrons...balancing the charge of the protons".

(Note: Actually the proton has more mass, hence, more energy, than the electron).

"Bohr theorized that the electrons "jump". This implies another dimension.

Bohr's theory could not:

  1. Could not account for the intensity of the spectral lines or the occurrence of some spectral lines that were actually two lines very close together.

  2. Could not be used to deal quantitatively with elements with more electrons than lithium.

  3. Could not be related to other basic theories of physics.

78.19 Schroedinger's Psi Function 

"The function contains the imaginary quantity -1.
Usually in math equations with such imaginary numbers, the imaginaries disappear toward the end of the equation...but in Schroedinger's equation, the -1 enters as an integral part of the expression, and cannot be eliminated. The conclusion of his equation is that the electron is in the 1st dimension".

78.20 The Electron is: 

  1. A wave group of frequencies of the proton.

  2. Is automatically adjusting for the energy level at which the atom is to be found.

  3. Is a function of the frequencies making up the element.

  4. Is the equivalent of a negative charge.

  5. Is a cloud.

  6. (Note: Is a one-layer thick cloud).

Per our theory, if everything in the universe exists in a computer-like structure, the electrons (domains of potential) would have the same frequency as the Carrier wave of the transmitting source.

(Note: Another bit of information I found is that the resonant frequency of electrons is 1.5777 and 3.095 GeV (vacuum polarization = shielding)).

78.21 "Jumping" Electrons 

During a study conducted by M.S.Isacson...at the University of Chicago, (it was) discovered that the atoms in the electron microscope "jumped" around from place to place. After calculating for electromagnetic instability and the effects of the electron beam on the atoms, they concluded that the average frequency for uranyl chloride molecules (disappearing and reappearing) was 1,400+ - 3,300 times/sec.".

(Note: This range can be interpreted as a frequency of 1,400 - 3,300 Hz can it not? Do you remember Vogt saying that the magnetic and electric fields are theoretically between 1,500 - 3,000 GHz? What does this resonance mean to you? Do you see a resonance in the above 1.5777 and 3.095 GeV electron resonance? Can these resonance numbers be written 1, 577, 7 + zeros and 3,095, + zeros, both being in the range of the other two groups?).


"Our theory, postulates that these atoms are being phased in and out of our existence. They don't move from A to B but disappear at A and reappear at B. This may have been caused by the potential of the electron beam. The possibility of using electrons (read certain frequencies) should cause an object to move in time and space..."

(Note: I've heard it said that the integration of space and time is not called space-time. This concept needs more study. But if space is the 2nd dimension Carrier of the 1st dimensions time or magnetism, then the proper study of space-time should be magnetisms life information transmitted through space as the Carrier wave, possibly called in science, the group wave).


78.24 The Wave Group 

  1. "When two wave groups of two atoms cross each other, a standing wave is created, causing a voltage difference between the two wave group frequencies, forming a small domain of potential which we call an electron".

78.25 The EM Sinewave 

78.26 Diagram. EM Sinewaves 

"There are no nodes of the E and H waves, (0, neutrality, where the two actually connect), as described in physics".

Here is the correct waves showing how they are 90 degrees out of phase with each other. One line of one wave always passes the other wave through the center, they never connect. The picture is not exactly what I had in mind but use your imagination. The shading of it is incorrect. Please come back because I have not studied this site in detail.

H (one wave) represents the magnetic information of the proton entering this dimension; the neutron.

E (the other wave) represents the electrostatic information of this dimension, which we perceive; the image of the atom.

Upon seeing a negative proton or a positive neutron, it would appear to be separate entities, but the frequency is so high we are seeing the peaks of the same wave. Per our theory, all "particles" of physics, except the proton, are not "particles" at all. They are the upper partial (harmonic) frequencies of the atom and the potential of space" (energy has mass).

Reality Revealed
By Douglas Vogt

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