86.1 Transcendence 

"...we do not come into the world, but out of it".

Allen Watts.

(Note: This bit of wisdom implies that we, as "a soul" do not exist. The original translation of the original Aramaic / Septugint Bibles, from which all others come, used the phrase "soul qualities". These qualities, as Plato indicated, were built by the human being in 7 year increments, throughout a lifetime. Therefore it was humans who created soul qualities during a life, not before. The earth being the soul that sustains us, gives us life from its body).

As Murchie points out in "the Seven mysteries of Life", "...when the line between yourself and what happens to you is dissolved, you find yourself not in the world, but as the world...there is a feeling of the hills lifting you as you climb them, of air breathing yourself in and out of your lungs. All space becomes your mind"...

(Note: In effect you have transcended the body. You, a conscious entity, are described in Quartum Organum as "not immortal but the planet is", but, elsewhere there seems to be proof that energy is never destroyed but simply changed and the next dimension exists as a point in this dimension, therefore we seem to exist after passing on. And, as Alchemy taught me, in the works of Basil Valentine, "in order to find the Philosophers Stone, you must have it". This seems to mean, that the Heaven that you wish to apprehend and the common world you wish to transcend here on earth, has to be claimed here first before we apprehend it on the Other Side).

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