God is a Word.

Why do I say this? In Quartum Organum is the following quote:

"All down the ages, man has been telling man what kind of a God, God is, and yet with all his endless theories no word has come from that vast silence to tell him which is right. To me that silence has a meaning, and that meaning is just this- there's nothing there that can answer. All that could or would answer is natural, man-made, and evolutionary".

This about settles it for you right? End of story? No. There is still something left that we have not taken into account. The word 'God' still persists just as the words 'faith' and 'belief' and all the other hopeful words along with these. These have a reason for persisting. We will explore why these words remain for us to use. The above quote indicate all is man-made and natural and evolutionary. Ok, lets accept just that. These man-made words are natural and made for evolving are they not? Since they are we will explore what use these words have for us and where to use and place them correctly. Since all of history has very well proven to me that these words have been used improperly and un-naturally, not to evolve but to control, mislead and reap profit, we will ignore the past belief and faith systems that participated in these perversions.

In considering the word God:

This word must represent the epitome of civilization, since we all hope that our own being is the epitome of civilization. We can see that the word God and our own being must be linked somehow. How is this done? It is done by faith, belief and imagination. Imagination is also placed within us to use. It has a function and when properly placed and used, activates faith and belief to manifest that which we have faith and belief in. In the past the word God was misplaced without the being. Here we will place it within the being. Therefore the first imagination of God qualities is as follows:

1. The word God will be within the being.

We have options here. Should we call this inward being a God? Should we call it being, beings being God or God being beings? Should we notice that being means being and God means God and the two are different words? Why use two words when one will be plain? One word is always better than two as it eliminates duality when speaking of the one thing. It gets very complicated already. And if I use the words duality / unity, it opens a whole discourse on what is unity. Is the God / being duality a unity? Such dilemmas so soon. What is the answer? Lets just decide to choose one path. One path is the only path we can travel. Lets imagine that this word God is just a being. Seeing the above quote as intuitively correct that God cannot answer humanity because it just isnt there is directly in conjecture with God being a being....unless...that being is 'us and the word God is 'here' not there. We are beings. Seeing that the God / being duality is incorrectly leading us, we will imagine that God and being are the same or a unity. There, that settles the issue and opens the door for the second conclusion:

2. We are Gods.

This leads us to the third conclusion immediately:

3. We are Gods and the epitome of civilization.

I like imagination already..I AM a God and I AM the epitome of civilization. So far so good. Ah good, lets claim that one too..I AM good.

A God should be bright. I would like to be bright therefore we will add brightness to my countenance. Lots of light, like a star. I want to be a bright star. Don't worry, its ok because we are Gods. Gods should be bright like stars. After all, imagination, belief and faith persist throughtout ancient millenia for a reason. Here we can add the 4th conclusion.

4. Gods are bright stars, highly organized organisms and the epitome of civilizations. Why fall into earth and have no light of my own?

What else should we imagine? After all the Greeks imagined the psyche could produce bright people who were wise and sure enough, after a time, wise people began to be born who produced a refined civilization before religion got ahold of them and ruined their imagination. Imagination is a great tool isn't it? Whatever we imagine comes to pass eventually. Should we have faith and belief in that which we imagine when it manifests? That would be like a cat chasing its tail. When the cat chases something it thinks is leading it around in circles and finally finds out that what it is chasing is its own being, does the cat get wise? Will you get wise before you chase the manifestation of your own imagination and finally find out that it is you, outside of you? Why not choose to remain integrated within your Self and not produce a schizoid copy? This conclusion leads us to accept the next God postulate:

5. There is nothing outside of you that is as God-like and civilized as Your being, the epitome of civilization.

See how far we have come just under the assumption that God is just a word? We have come around in a full circle...like a cat chasing its own tail. The 5th conclusion is exactly the opposite of what the past belief systems have held you to. That was a cute trick huh?

Since God is just a word, is within, is the epitome of words, is activated by use of other words like faith and belief, shall we actually believe that this being can do what it wishes? After all, a God should do what it wants to do and not give account to a higher God shouldnt it? Should we invent a heirarchy for this God to give account to or should we imagine again, that all Gods are equal, endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. Oops, I think that is a human document and applies to humans..or is it? If we are Gods and humans also, then it should apply to us Gods. Right? And why the use of the word in.alien.able? Who are the aliens here? Is it us, who are alien, by way of our thinking that we are not Gods?

Let try choosing between God and something I equate with God: harmonic order. Even this equating is false. It is false because God is God and harmonic order is harmonic order. Again two different words. Which word will you choose to follow? A word that cannot be defined and cannot be proven or a word that clearly has a definition and can be proven? If you are not a complete fool, you will choose harmonic order. This leads us to the 6th conclusion:

6. We are a harmonic order.

Remember these are just words. Words convey power. Power of a God (again the word God persists) within us and, in fact, are us. Words are hard things to get rid of aren't they? This is exactly the opposite of the past God worshippers views of who we are. This leads us to conclude that we are not only bright suns, the epitome of civilization, existing within and autonomous but:

7. We are powerful and harmonic beings.

How can I say these things when it contradicts all that we have learned?
Why would I want to say such things in the first place? Who gave the authority to say such things? Wherein is my power to speak as if my imagination, belief and faith has completely overpowered me?

Why, it's because all of humanity is doing the same thing. The only difference is that most of humanity really doesnt truely believe it. In fact, you have permission to believe any and everything you wish to believe. In fact, you are totally unlimited in that which you believe. What do you wish to be? What do you wish to invent for today and the future? How do you wish to order your Heaven on earth harmonically?

Ok. So you are unlimited. You must now be responsible. Responsibility is the wisdom to know what not to do. Do you know enough not to invent a God outside of yourself? Do you understand the equality of Gods yet? Don't forget the Goddesses either. That mistake will cost you. It will cost you exactly half of your life.

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