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In a message dated 07/22/2001,

Jerry writes:

Subj: Toroidal structure and multiple dimensions
Date: 07/22/2001
From: (JerryIuliano)


The use of the torus in my studies is one of modularity , which means cyclical, which means cyclical in definition of integer solutions solving certain diophantine equations. The torus means doubly periodic, which is a two cycle entity. These forms can be represented by the complex values of e (natural log) as:

e^(ix)= doubly periodic form

However the derivative of this form that solves the integer diophantaine forms can be shown in non-complex form as ~

e^Pi = tan(Feigenbaum constant)....i^i=1/((e^Pi)^.5)
F=4.669201924...=Feigenbaum constant

To put into the solution form, one adds 8 to the exponent Pi in the natural log form which creates solution node parameters:2807 and 1579

e^(Pi+8) = e^(e^(2807.00019*2/1579)/Pi)

canceling e's:


2807 and 1579 being the solution node measuring sticks that in representation sit on the surface of a doubly periodic structure; torus. These Feigenbaum translated integer forms 2807 and 1579 were derived from the Feigenbaum structure which can be graphed two dimensionally or as the surface of the double periodic torus --left ,right , up and down.

So what I am saying is that the solution nodes for very complicated, multi-dimensional structures, in integer form is totally determined by the application of the Feigenbaum constant.

What does this have to do with toroidal consciousness? I can only guess.

Maybe the mind works in integral monads or in matrix forms or that multiple dimensions exist in real form and not just mathematical ones. If consciousness is the collapse of the Schrodinger wave-function then is the unconscious (dreams, trances etc.) capable of translating non-collapsible wave functions that lead to infinite dream realities?

I believe this infinite dream reality exists and that also it has an inherent thread- chaotic / structure-that is ruled by the dynamic form (F=Feigenbaum) that renders all forms of chaos into meaning.

The structure of the representation of multidimensional forms can be organized into a Euclidian space that uses only the 3-dimensional (Pythagorean) variables x,y and z. However the exponential lifting of these Euclidian "legs" to the upper dimensions though the sum form shows a structure that is a bifurcated phenomenon ruled exactly by the Feigenbaum constant.

There are so many possible solutions to this form that without aid the question of solution is hopeless. This aid is the bifurcation of chaos to form accomplished through the (F) constant.

Are dreams in the mind? yes. Are dreams outside the mind? (Ghosts, ufos, physics, etc) no.

Does Feigenbaum rule the infinitely chaotic potentials of the dream states? yes.

Because the analogy is the integer solutions to the diophantine can be grouped one on one to the infinite non-real ,non collapsible wave functions of the seemingly chaotic dream states. Any dynamic form imaginary or otherwise is ruled by this constant. Pi is structure but Feigenbaum is the dynamic of control.



99.27.2 Toroidal structure and multiple dimensions (MetPhys) 

In a message dated 07/22/2001,

MetPhys writes:

Subj: Toroidal structure and multiple dimensions
Date: 07/22/2001
From: (MetPhys@aol.com)


Your question: "So what I am saying is that the solution nodes for very complicated, multi-dimensional structures, in integer form is totally determined by the application of the Feigenbaum constant.

What does this have to do with toroidal consciousness?"

A few months ago I found the Feigenbaum Constant (bifurcation parameter) discussed in the context of an exponential "contraction" of the time parameters over history, based upon the Feigenbaum Constant, seemingly culminating in 2003 (Nick Hoggard), not 2012 Mayan. A 40 yr. period passes in decreasing time increments of the Feigenbaum Constant, i.e., 40 yrs, 8.567 yrs, 1.8347 yrs, etc. until no time- Aug 2003 as far as I can tell from other documented sources on my site.

What this seems to be saying is that as the "contraction" of time gets smaller, as I have heard it said, "a 24 hr day, today, is actually compressed into 16 hrs", which is, IF this quote reflects reality, is amazingly agreeable with this time "contraction" postulate, but, I suspect that times seeming antiscian, consciousness, is exponentially "expanding" at the same "time".

This answers your inquiry:

"What does this have to do with toroidal consciousness?"

Amazing, but seemingly true!!

I accessed Nick Hoggard's Feigenbaum Constant / Evolution page recently and found the page taken down. I'm going to look again and if I find it I will send you a copy.

I'm still studying your Email for more insights.



99.27.3 Toroidal structure and multiple dimensions (JerryIuliano@aol.com) 

In a message dated 07/23/2001,

Jerry writes:

Subj: Toroidal structure and multiple dimensions
Date: 07/23/2001
From: (JerryIuliano)


The main thing to remember about the Fermat solution form is the size of one cycle represented on the torus surface. These distances 2807 and 1579 represent the actual dimensional layering that occurs in stacked dimensional analysis of the solution nodes. The thing that has always struck me as impressive is the immense size of the integer forms that represent one complete cycle. The solution parameters are actually extremely sparse when compared to the total field that makes up the entire surface of 10000 n dimensions that creates one cycle. If each value of dimensioning from 1 to 10000 is assigned a weighted value that spikes a certain distance from the surface of the torus, this distance represented here by closer to the surface , a more integer-like solution while the more distant from the surface a less integer like solution. The surface of the torus if all possible numbers from 1 to 10000 used as n were shown as a function of the close to surface values verses all values the structure would look like a donut covered in different lengths of needles perpendicular to the surface. The trick is you are only concerned with the values that spike very close to the hypothetical surface of the torus or real integer-like solutions. These values are the important ones and they are scaled to order by the number constants 2807 and 1579 which are actually integer forms of the e^(Pi+8) type which has been shown to bifurcate (organize ) through the Feigenbaum constant. The solution nodes of Fermat's Last Theorem ACT like dynamic life forms in their applications to real number constants in Nature, such as the derivation of the fine -structure constant through the Fermat generators 57 and 37. (These are the actual numbers that are rooted in the derivation of the n values 2807 and 1579.)

[ sqrt( e^(Pi+7.9999996))]*(1/57+1/37)=137.035999935^(1/2)

Since all brain function is a matter of the emission or absorption of photons and electrons at the synapse level of the brain then the structure of the Fermat form lends its way to the brain analogy as a multiple dimensional organizer that is rooted in some sort of logic. (37 accomplishes this organization I think, according to Leahy it is the trinary logic of the triple cube which is parametrized through the diagonal limits that dissect the cube. 20 + 17 = 37 and 37 + 20 = 57) Whether this is really a physical reality , or not, I don't know but it is a strange coincidence that Leahy put the same emphasis on the diagonals of the triple logic 37 and 57 as I use them (57 and 37 ) in the fundamental roots of the Fermat Last Theorem problem.



99.27.4 Toroidal structure and multiple dimensions (MetPhys) 

In a message dated 07/23/2001,

MetPhys writes:

Subj: Toroidal structure and multiple dimensions
Date: 07/23/2001
From: (MetPhys@aol.com)

Your most recent Email inquiry, ..."but it is a strange coincidence that Leahy put the same emphasis on the diagonals of the triple logic 37 and 57 as I use them (57 and 37 ) in the fundamental roots of the Fermat Last Theorem problem."


As Steve Kaufman (Unified Reality) develops his complete picture,


I saw, in its organization, the "diagonal", the spiral twisting of DNA. A diagonal movement of sorts. Actually, I found that it's a forward plus an orthogonal 90 degree progression, together, i.e., a spiral movement, possibly in a 1 : 2 ratio.

If the structure of space were mapped as an uncountable 2D square-grid of overlapping tori, they should naturally form diagonal vectors from center to center, at 45 degrees (Don't quote me on this one) to the 2D square-grid.

The grids of Leahy, as you have noticed, form diagonals within cubes, cube corners being the centers of four overlapping tori.

The grids of recursive, exponentially expanding triangles are intrinsically, in a diagonal direction relative to the 2D square-grid, as Leahy demonstrates and Pascal triangles demonstrate.

All these examples of diagonals are saying, to me, that the spiral looks like a diagonal line when mapped in 2D.

When mapped upon a torus, in a bifilar, clockwise / counter-clockwise manner, we get the Ultimate Machine,


which holds in its center, The Toroidal Conscious Center (TOE = 0- dimension = Non-dimension). In effect, the torus is two counter-rotating 45 degree spirals of light which is one electron.

Cool huh?



99.27.5 Torus T.O.E. (Jerry Iuliano) 

From: MetPhys
Re: TOE simplification
July 16, 2001 9:05 AM

Will we share the Noble Prize if I tell you the TOE?

: )


From: MetPhys
Re: TOE simplification
July 19, 2001 1:46 PM

Really now...

I can get the TOE down to three words if I take out the adverbs~

Robert : )


From: MetPhys
Re: TOE simplification
July 20, 2001 3:40 AM


I'm not a mathematician, so I can only explain TOE with words I think are adequate:

Toroidal Consciousness Center

This is the subject that we are all discussing and it will be your job to put this into a mathematical form.



From: MetPhys
Subj: MetPhys_Addenda-Toroidal structure and multiple dimensions
July 23, 2001 2:25 AM


Time, may be, as I remember from earlier reasonings, may be speeding up (the quickening?) and consciousness slowing?

This is the opposite conclusion as in my previous mail..curious isn't it. Maybe time and consciousness is doing both?



In a message dated 07/29/2001,

Jerry Iuliano writes:

Subj: Torus T.O.E.
Date: 07/29/2001
From: (Jerryiuliano@aol.com)


REAL...IN-EQUALITY [(4*(10^-65)]^(1/4)=a(em)*a(s)*G(w)*G(n)

SYMBOLIC...EQUALITY 1+1+1+1=[ [a(em)*a(s)*G(w)*G(n)]^(1+1+1+1)]*(10^65)

T.O.E. (Symbolic and Real)

[ [a(em)*a(s)*G(w)*G(n)]^[a(em)+a(s)+G(w)+G(n)] ]*(10^65)

The exponent in the TOE equation is the symbolism of the four fundamental forces being treated as equal parameters, (each one equal to unity-1)




a(em) = fine-structure constant =.00729735254
a(s) = strong force = 13.999940426
G(w) = weak force = .0000116639
G(n) = gravitational force=.000000000066739

The reference values of the four fundamental forces are:

a(em)...NIST 1998 standards
a(s)...from the book : Quantum Theory , a Modern Introduction
G(w)...NIST 1998 standards
G(n)...University of Washington (2000)

This is the most incredible discovery! Concerning the T.O.E. equation:

a(em)*a(s)*G(w)*G(n) = [4*(10^-65)]^(1/4)

I was able to factor the T.O.E. equation to first principles:
[[a(em)*a(s)*G(w)*G(n)]^4]*(10^65) = 4

...then it can be demonstrated:

(e^8)*(E^5)*(c^6)*(G(f)^4)*(a(s)^4)*(Pi^17)*(2^22)*(10^2)/(h^12)/(m(p)^8) = 4

where first principles equal:

e=elementary charge=1.60217647*(10^-19) C
1998 NIST=1.602176462*(10^-19) C

E=electric constant=8.8541878*(10^-12)
1998 NIST=8.854187817*(10^-12)

c=speed of light=299792458 m/s
1998 NIST=299792458 m/s

G(f)=gluon force derivative of Fermi-coupling = 3.68581986*(10^-82)

h=Planck's constant=6.62606876*(10^-34) J
1998 NIST=6.62606876*(10^-34) J

M(p)=Planck mass=2.17649934*(10^-8) kilograms


a(s)=strong(nuclear) force =13.999940426

a(em)=electromagnetic force=fine-structure constant = 1/137.03599976
1998 NIST=1/137.03599976

G(w)=weak force=fermi-coupling charge=.0000116639
1998 NIST = .0000116639(1)

G(n)=gravitational force = 6.6739*(10^-11) mks
University of Washington (2001) = 6.6739*(10^-11)


a(em)=(e^2)/2/E/h/c =1/137.03599976

G(w)=G(f)*8*(Pi^3)/(h^3)/(c^3) = .0000116639

G(n)=h*c/2/Pi/(m(p)^2) = 6.6739*(10^-11)

Although the first principle equation seems hopelessly unfathomable, it incredibly reduces to an Euclidian geometric structure, a TORUS. Amazingly , in the reduction to a torus structure, the nuclear force, a(s), CANCELS??!! (stands outside of reality). So one is left with a torus structure that embeds three of four "mild" fundamental forces, a(em), G(w), and G(n) as representatives of the torus physical volume; equation as follows:

volume of torus structure = 2*(pi^2)*(a^2)*b
a = tube diameter
b = loop diameter

Then it can be demonstrated:

2*(Pi^2)*(e^2)*G(f)/E/(h^3)/(c^3)/(m(p)^2) = a(em)*G(w)*G(n)

What's hidden in this equation? Look at the numerator!! It is the Euclidian torus volume equation!! This time with exact construction parameters; the gluon force, G(f), (smallest constant allowed in Nature) equals the loop radius of the torus, while the elementary charge, e, equals the tube radius of the torus. This is NOT a normal geometric object, it's strangeness caused by the loop radius being considerably smaller than the tube radius, which results in a highly complex, involuted, non-euclidian structure whose surface can only be represented by application of complex mathematics. However, amazingly, the volume representation holds in Euclidian space! Knowing that the numerator of the T.O.E. equation holds the entirety of three of the physical forces in the volume of a real (though exotic) entity (torus) defined by real radii, then taking the "action" of the denominator elements, E, (h^3), (c^3) and (m(p)^2), into the numerator of the torus volume representation one can "distill" the exact values of the electromagnetic,weak and gravitational forces.

The electric constant E "thrown" into the torus volume creates the electromagnetic force, a(em).

The product of the Euclidian structure, (h^3) and (c^3), of the fastest c and smallest h limits allowed in Nature, "thrown" into the torus volume creates the weak force, G(w).

The densest maximum specific gravity allowed in Nature (the black hole) represented by the entity Planck mass M(p), "thrown" into the torus volume creates the gravitational force,G(n).

Now the true meaning of the strong force a(s) can be shown as the link to the pure number representing the Godhead or pure energy the Pythagorean number 4. The strong force links to the specific volume of the torus structure defined by the exact entities G(f) = b and e = a to the top of the ladder represented by the integer 4.

[[(e^2)*G(f)*2*(Pi^2)/E/(h^3)/(c^3)/(m(p)^2)*a(s)]^4]*(10^65) = 4

There is no connection of the torus (reality) volume to the two-dimensional plane (2*2=4) without the invocation of the strong force.Conclusion? The strong force sits OUTSIDE of reality, but can tunnel through to reality only through a design and a "push" from the ultimate force, the nuclear energy that is created by God. The tremendous energy of the nuclear force is one of pure creation with no Euclidian cause. We can exist in this form,seething in nuclear energy, because of the involute torus hiding the real surface of reality, only becoming incarnate when the three "mild" fundamental forces are condensed out of the complex structure of the torus volume defined by G(f) and e. These two energy forms ,weak nuclear and electromagnetic fill to the edges the torus, this also means filling to the micro-world to zero! Interesting to speculate what the cubic forms of Planck's constant (h^3) and light speed (c^3) mean as physical volume units that separate to extreme distances when cubed. The cubed Planck constant shrinks even closer to zero, 2.90916139*(10^-100), a very small number, while the "light" volume expands to 2.694..*(10^25) cubic meters. This is the definition of an extremely cold universe below the Kelvin limit of absolute zero. Forcing these forms (h^3) and (c^3) into the torus volume automatically creates the Fermi-coupling charge the nuclear constant.

J. Iuliano

Strange coincidence concerning the torus radii G(f) and e with the Cheops pyramid constructs 486.256 ft=ht and 763.81 ft=base leg. Letting the SURFACE area of the torus in Euclidian form be shown as:

torus surface area formula = 4*(Pi^2)*a*b

then it can be demonstrated:

4*(Pi^2)*G(f)*e=surface area of torus

reduced to Cheops constructs:


Using the electromagnetic force defined by Beta .37

(10^(486.2560044/763.81))/.37=sqrt 137.03599976

[[(10^(486.2560044/763.81))-2]/(10^99)]/G(f)/4/(Pi^2) = e =1.60215968*(10^-19)

NIST 1998 value for elementary charge e=1.60217647*(10^-19)



From: MetPhys
Re: Torus T.O.E.
July 30, 2001 1:29 AM


Well, that was a piece o cake wasn't it? I knew you could do it. Congratulations!!

It's a little deep for me so I can just say I hope the peer review accepts it.

I'll post it in the usual place.



99.27.6 Torus T.O.E. (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys
Re: Torus T.O.E.
Aug 4, 2001 8:16 PM

Using Numerology, called by Science "Integration" and "Cross-adding" by Gary Val Tenuta, we assign number to letters and words; A = 1, B = 2 etc. Summing numbers until one number remains; 11, 22, 33 are exceptions. I submit,

The Theory of Everything (T.O.E.) is


TORUS = 20+15+18+21+19 = 2+6+9+3+1 = 21 = 3 (dimensions)

CONSCIOUSNESS = 3+15+14+19+3+9+15+21+19+14+5+19+19 = 3+6+5+1+3+9+6+3+1+5+5+1+1 = 49 = 13 = 4 (quadrapole gravity; 12 tori around 13th tori center; Fuller vector equilibrium)

CENTER = 3+5+14+20+5+18 = 3+5+5+2+5+9 = 29 = 11 (One Cooper pair)

Sums: 3+4+11 = 18 = 9 (Fuller "bowtie 9" oscillation around center 0,9)

Robert Grace 8/5/01


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