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Subj: e / Mp gravity
Date: 08/11/2001
From: (Jerry Iuliano)
Email: Jerryiuliano@aol.com


The Planck mass (Mp) is the densest particle allowed in the universe being some 10^19 more dense that the proton. Here is an e-mail I sent to an e-group. Note the the tube radius of the torus structure is the elementary charge divided by the Planck mass.


The torus volumne formula is:


The torus surface area is:

2*(Pi^2)*R*r=surface area

where R=loop radius or the distance from the center of the hole to the center of the tube.

where r = the tube radius

Upon analyzing the torus volumne form:


where a(em)=fine-structure constant=1/137.03599976

where G(n)=gravitational constant=6.6739*(10^-11) mks

where e =elementary charge=1.602176471*(10^-19) C

where Mp= Planck mass=2.17649934*(10^-8) kilograms

where E = electric constant=8.8541878*(10^-12)

I put the quantity 8*(Pi^3)=248.0502134 into the internet search Google, guess who showed up?? Michael L. Morton !!! unfreakinbelievable!! This is his geo-grid equivalent down to 9 decimals, for the Cheops pyramid!!! I am speechless. This does not totally confirm MLM's complete website, as I see it, it just demonstrates his root discovery (Cheops pyramid) as the centerpiece of his entire idea, the grid point location of the Cheops pyramid,(I believe it is analogous to Leahy's dream number 2808, John of Patmos,author of Revelations, 144, 666, 1260 etc., R.Tomes main harmonic form 34560 and 24; Plato's cyclic 25920) all primitive forms that sit at the root of each individuals ideas. The only problem is each example has been somewhat overanalyzed by each respective author until the meaning has been camouflaged as to its real dream meaning. For example, John of Patmos has surrounded his main numeric expressions 666 (37*18) ,1260,144 etc. with lots of rich mythological concepts mixed with literary freedom. Using the small measurement of the difference between the proton and neutron in Mev's as the root carrier of the collective unconscious form one can demonstrate the flexibility of this form to transgress the many independent ideas that show a common linkage:

proton=938.271999231 Mev's (NIST value=938.271998)

neutron=939.56533 Mev's (NIST value=939.56533)

subtracting the two forms:

939.56533-938.271999231=1.293330769 Mev = Q

Q equals the quantum consciousness carrier. Transforming by 11 dimensions of iteration creates the collective unconscious constant: (K)

K = Q^Q^Q^Q^Q^Q^Q^Q^Q^Q^Q^Q=77.96354377...

Such that:

(log (K))*37=70..... (ten crowns,seven horns...John of Patmos)

(log (K))*666= 1259.999787... (1260 days or 42 months, the amount of days the woman flees the beast 666)...John of Patmos)

((log(K))+2)*37=143.9999881...(144 equals the twelve tribes squared and the reference to the 144 thousand risen souls of rapture...John of Patmos). This form links to Plato's concept of the famous Platonic cycle...25920:

((log(K))+2)*6660=25919.99787 = Platonic cycle

From Sumerian ancient culture is the source of the goddess Inanna's sacred number 252, which uses (K) and the Hindu Kali-Yuga form 108:

10^((10799.9999879/37)-288) = 7796.354262 = (K)*10....108+144 = 252

Leahy's dream number 2808 also derives from (K):

[((log(K))+2)+(144/2)]*37 = 2807.999988

The Hebrew Abrahamic number 82944 (also Leahy's root form derived from his dream number 2808):

(82943.9931698/666/32)*37 = 143.9999881 or to link to Platonic cycle 25920:

82943.9931698/32 = 25919.99786

R.Tomes thinks that 34560 and 24 are the primary harmonics of his system:

(3455.999715*24/666/32 = log((K)*10)

The Sumerian metric (360) uses 144 as the system of transformation of Sumerian to Hindu:

360-108= Inanna's 252 (primary lion-goddess, the Kabbala has a lion-god version)

360-108-144 = 108

The Aztec equivalent of the Kali-Yuga ,108, (source root of the Brahmic cycle) is the sacred Alautun number 2304 which is derived from Hebrew (82944) and Sumerian (360):

82944/36 = 2304

Which form predates all others? Possibly it is the Kabbalistic reference to the symbolic interpretation of the 288 "sparks" that emit from the "broken vessels". This form squares the circle. Using Hebrew Abrahamic form 82944:

[10^(82943.99309/32/666)]/666 = 137.036000986^(1/2)...square form

Using 288 "sparks":

((288^(2/Pi))/(10^2) = COS 137.036000986.....circle form

The use of the mystic number 666 has a demonstration relating to a convergent series discovered by Ramanujan. In the Ramanujan form the odd numbers are set in a downward descending sum of stacks of square roots:


This formula converges to the number 1.7579327566... To calculate this number, take for instance, the square root of 93, add this number to 91, take this sum and square root it and then add it to 89, take this new sum and square root it and then add to 87 and so on down to 1. If one starts at infinity the result is 1.7579327566. The log of this form creates (K) and thus fine-structure constant:

((log 1.7579327566..)*(10^3)/666 = COS 137.035999141..

Other strange properties of 666 are the Platonic sums of 1 through 36 = 666

36*37/2 = 666

and the fact that the sum of the first 144 decimals of Pi equals 666.

144 and 666 creates the square form of fine-structure:

(10^(143.9999879/37))/666 = 137.03599976^(1/2)

The link between the two forms,MLM's master grid number for Cheops pyramid:248.0502134 = 8*(Pi^3) and the actual dimensions of Cheops using either Petrie/Churchward or MLM's numbers can be demonstrated through the torus form:

loop radius = 1 / E

tube radius = e / Mp

as follows:

Cheops constructs:

a = Cheops ht = 486.2560044

b = Cheops base leg = 763.81

z = Cheops grid number = 8*(Pi^3) = 248.0502134

then it can be demonstrated:

(10^(a*-2/b))/(.37^-2)*z*G(n) = 2*(Pi^2)*((e/mp)^2)*1/E = torus volumne



99.34.2 Re: about Cesium (MLM) 

Subj: Re: about Cesium
Date: 08/11/2001
From: (MLM)
Email: Milamo@aol.com

In a message dated 08/10/2001 6:56:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time, TomBuoyed writes:

Subj: about Cesium
Date: 08/10/2001 6:56:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: TomBuoyed
To: Milamo, MetPhys, Peace2go, JerryIuliano, Code UFO
To: JMason4557


Excellent new work! I'll comment on it later, but first here is some data about Cesium. It is the most reactive alkali metal, in the 1st column of the Periodic Table 1-A, in the same family as Sodium & Rubidium.

Its atomic weight is 133 and its atomic number is 55, meaning that it has 55 protons and 78 neutrons to give its atomic weight of 133.

As for its use as the atomic clock, they define one second of time as the duration of 9,192,631,770 cycles of microwave radiation absorbed or emitted by the hyperfine transition of cesium-133 atoms in their ground state.

The wavelength of that frequency is 3.2612255 cm or 1.283947 inches.

What is so synchronistic here is that I just finished teaching a physics lab on radioactivity where we used the radioactive isotope of Cesium which has atomic weight 137 --- the inverse of the fine structure constant!


Tom ...

Whew !!! Synchronities still abound !! Yeah ... if you use my "Ideal" Fine Structure number of .. [72 / (Pi Squared)] / 1000 ....

and you multiply that times "55" ... the atomic number of Cesium .. you get .. 0.401231887 .. and if you then multiply by Pi ...

you get .. 1.260507149 ... the Grid POINT Value of ... Jan.1, 2000 "PLEIADES" .. which is_actually_the Grid POINT Value of Jan.1, 2000 PLEIONE .. the_Mother_of the 7 Sisters. (Morton, 2001, Internet). I just discovered that .. about a month ago, with help from Mr. Rab Wilkie.

The Grid POINT Value of The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. .. is .. 7.92 ... decimal harmonic of Earth's mean diameter in statute miles.

Then .. if you divide 7.92 by Jan.1, 2000 PLEIONE ....

(7.92 / 1.260507149) = 2Pi. Exactly !

"eeEEEEE--hhhehehheheeehheehheeeeeeehhehehehe .. " ..

-- M.L.Morton


99.34.3 Re: Summary of some new findings .. (Peace2go) 

Subj: Re: Summary of some new findings ..
Date: 08/11/2001
From: (Peace2go)
Email: Peace2go@aol.com

In a message dated 8/10/01 8:16:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Milamo writes:

"Regarding the Cesium light-speed experiment .. reported in 2000 A.D. .. my thanks to Robert Grace .. (MetPhys@aol.com) .. for sending me an update on this .. making it more clear as to what the experiment involved, etc. Please refer to ..

http://www.neci.nj.nec.com/homepages/lwan/faq.htm "

I remember when this first came out that there was much confusion and misinterpretation of the experiment. Using the same Q&A page above, I have tried to explain to a fellow researcher that the experimenters went to great lengths to explain that the speed limit c was not being violated.

What they are describing is a phase transformation in a wave train. Although the "carrier" wave may not exceed c, the pulse amplitude appears to due to "re-phasing." The difference is still intriguing because of the supposed distinction between a signal and information carried by the signal.

Let me make an observation that may apply directly to the research going on in this group. If you notice the diagram in the above featuring the prism, the authors state that a reverse prism cannot be constructed using translucent materials. I have reason to believe that this is a false assumption. Crystals of a certain design (reflecting angles) will produce a reverse spectrum based on the fact that I have seen it done (ca. 1980). Unfortunately, I wasn't paying much attention to the math back then, but I will say that one of the researchers introduced me to Bruce Cathie before making the discovery.

The other feature that produced the crystal design was a particular arrangement of the numbers 1-9 in a "magic square" which, at the time, we had never seen before. Again, unfortunately, other issues kept me from staying close to the development process. This bit of "numerology" reminds me of what I see transpiring with this group, which makes me think that perhaps we can recapture the formula.

And the last recap, to find out that Charles Muses was involved in light-induced altered states goes hand-in-hand with the group I was involved with that developed the crystal. I was in the process of disengaging from what I considered a growing cult structure so, unfortunately, I was not privy to some of the details that my friends discovered. It would be interesting to know exactly what angle(s) they were working with.

I do know that they took the design to a gem cutter and had a crystal made. One of the characteristics was that the spectrum was backwards from a normal prism. It's interesting that that feature should show up at this time in this group. I suspect that it has to do with a clue to the importance of phase angles.

Which, according to Stan Tenen, was a major interest of Arthur Young's. Perhaps, Tom can be of assistance here. The work of Muses now takes on added meaning for me from when I first saw it as mere mathematical abstraction.


Regards, Robert

(Note: From MetPhys- The above word backwards always encourages me toward my postulate that light is forward and backward in its effect, which is backed up by real physical experiment. I prefer to say that it is we who are backward, only now, detecting the forward light, or at least, only seeing 1/2 of it.)


99.34.4 Re: Summary of some new findings .. (Peace2go) 

Subj: Re: Summary of some new findings ..
Date: 08/11/2001
From: (Peace2go)
Email: peace2go@aol.com

In a message dated 8/11/01 9:26:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Peace2go writes:

"The other feature that produced the crystal design was a particular arrangement of the numbers 1-9 in a "magic square" which, at the time, we had never seen before."

If my memory serves me well, the magic square consisted of the simple set that adds to 15. I remember that much, with the 5 in the center. Somehow, there was also some significance to the odds and evens that escapes me.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

What's neat about this, if it's the correct memory, is Stan's Tenen's use of the same magic square in his work. See


The connection to Jerry's torus numbers may come into play here as the tetrahedral "spin" of the generated DNA figure involves the same topology. And, since "superluminal" characteristics of DNA are inferred in consciousness studies these days, the phase angles are suggestive of the mechanism of "rephasing" seen in the Cesium article.

The ripple of interconnectivity continues...

Regards, Robert


99.34.5 Morton On the Number Square (CodeUFO) 


Subj: Morton On the Number Square
Date: 08/11/2001
From: (CodeUFO)
Email: CodeUFO@aol.com

I just remembered an email post from Michael from back in 1999. It relates to the present discussion, so I thought I'd pass it on for those of you who may not have seen it. He talks about the "Lo Shu" (Chinese) 'MAGIC SQUARE'. This square consists of the numbers 1 thru 9 but they are arranged in a different order.



Michael Morton wrote:

As I showed in a recent email (to some of you), 45 arc-degrees is the angle that forms the diagonals in a Square. And James Furia has discovered that a musical interval of 1.414213562 cps (cycles per second) represents an augmented 4th, an interval that was banned in classical music for some time. It was evidently considered "evil" or "demonic".

I just noticed yesterday (Nov.27,1999) that 1.414213562 is the reciprocal of the SINE of 45 arc-degrees. [ SIN 45 = 0.707106781 ... and ... 1 / 0.707106781 = 1.414213562 ].

So .. we can see that the augmented 4th in music has something in-common with a Square, geometrically. So ... this also applies to an isosceles right triangle ... of unit side lengths 1,1, and Square Root of 2.

If you think of a square-based pyramid, like The Great Pyramid of Giza, you can "see" the sharp edges of the 4 sides of the pyramid from an aerial view ... and this looks like an "X" ... 2 diagonals in a Square. What is the position of "X" in the English alphabetical order ? It is "24". We are talking about 45 arc-degrees, right ? 24 X 45 =1080. The number "1080" happens to be the average radius of The Moon in statute miles. And ... 1080 is also the total number of corner-angle arc-degrees on the surface of a .... 4-sided PYRAMID.

Who is the "bad guy" in our EN.LIL. / Jehovah / Yahweh faction-dominated culture ? EN.KI., of course .... the major (so-called) "god" of Egypt !!! It was Egypt (we learn from Sitchin's work) that became ENKI's main *territory* after the last pole shift on Earth. What shape of architecture is associated heavily with Egypt ? Squares ... Rectangles .... square-based pyramids, at Giza. And what musical interval was banned for awhile in classical music ? The Augmented 4th ... a "demonic" interval !!?

Munck (1991) has the original height of The Great Pyramid of Giza as ... 480.3471728 Feet .... X (SIN 45) = 339.6567431 Now I'll divide by (Pi Cubed) ... which is my Grid POINT Value for the Orion belt-star MINTAKA [ See "A Sky Matrix", Part 1 and Part 2, at ....

http://www.farshore.force9.co.uk/mlmindex.htm ].

339.6567431 / (Pi Cubed) = 10.95445115 .... which is the Square Root of 120.

The number "120" in terms of arc-degrees, is very tetrahedral. The SINE of the Tetrahedral Latitude (Hoagland) is ... 0.333333333 .... SIN 19.47122061 = 0.333333333 .... which is the ratio "1/3rd". 360 X SIN 19.47122061 = 120.


Recall the "Lo Shu" (Chinese) 'MAGIC SQUARE' of ...

8 3 4
1 5 9
6 7 2

Notice the diagonal "4 - 5 - 6" or "6 - 5 - 4".

If we multiply those 3 numbers, we get "120".

If we add up any row ... vertical, horizontal, or diagonal ... we get "15".

There are 8 possible rows ... and ... 120 / 15 = 8.

Recall that my calculated Grid POINT Values for "Miami Square" include ...

* Square Root of 15 ... 3.872983346 ... for The Miami Circle site ... number "4" on the above 'MAGIC SQUARE'

* 1.013211836 ... for the center point ... number "5" on the above 'MAGIC SQUARE'.

* 1.62231147 ... for the site of 'The Water Well' ... number "6" on the above 'MAGIC SQUARE'.

* 8.268340445 ... for the NW corner point ... number "8" on the above "MAGIC SQUARE'.

* 1.315947253 ... for the SE corner point ... number "2" on the above 'MAGIC SQUARE'.

Notice that "6" X "4" = 2Pi. (SW X NE = 2Pi).
Notice that "8" / "2" = 2Pi. (NW / SE = 2Pi).
We have, then, diagonals of "2Pi" .... "Squared" to one another !!!

(2Pi) Squared = 39.4784176

What if we multiply [(2Pi) Squared] times ... the center point of 1.013211836 ?
1.013211836 X [(2Pi) Squared] = 40.
120 X SIN 19.47122061 = 40.

What is EN.KI.'s Rank Number in the Sumerian Pantheon ? It's ... 40.

What is the ratio of original base perimeter to original height ... of The Great Pyramid of Giza ? It's ... 2Pi.

What's my calculated side-length for the "Miami Square" ? It's ... 2062.648063 regular Feet. So ... what's the perimeter length ? It's ... 8250.592252 Feet. What if we envision a 4-sided pyramid there ? And with a ratio of base perimeter to height of 2Pi ? The height at the apex would be ... 8250.592252 / 2Pi = 1313.12254 Feet.

NOTICE...double 656.56127 = 1313.12254.

What's "656.56127" ? Oh ... that "just happens" to be ... the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1991) of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars. That's all.

I'm sure that's ALL just ... "random chance", though. (For you naysayers ... I wouldn't want you to get 'uncomfortable', or anything ... so I'm just 're-assurin' 'ya that it's A-A-L-L-L just "random chance", of course.) .....

Not to mention, though, that "2062.648063" Feet ... the side-length of "Miami Square" .. 'just happens' to be a decimal harmonic of my Cubit of 20.62648063 regular inches. And; that my proposed width of The King's Chamber inside The Great Pyramid of Giza is ... 206.2648063 *regular* inches. And; that the generic Area on a Hemisphere Surface is "20626.48063" Square Arc-degrees .... 2Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 20626.48063 Sq. Arc-deg. [ 2Pi X (radius Squared)] = Area on a Hemisphere Surface. So let The Radian (deg) be numerically equal to the given radius. The Radian (deg) = 360 / 2Pi. Incidentally .. this is further proof of use of a 360 arc-degree system in ... PRE-HISTORY.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton Archaeocryptographer (c) copyright 1999

Reprinting/forwarding of this article is encouraged, provided the copyright notice at the end is included. Much thanks .... MLM.


99.34.6 I am Alpha and I am Omega - Amazing Synchronicities (CodeUFO) 

Subj: I am Alpha and I am Omega - Amazing Synchronicities
Date: 08/12/2001
From: (CodeUFO)
Email: CodeUFO@aol.com

Sometimes I'm just left shaking my head. This was one of those times. Check out these amazing synchronistic alphanumeric correlations.

That was good enough by itself, but there was more...

144 + 189 = 333 = 666/2


61 - 52 = 9

I AM = 23
I AM NOT = 72 = 144/2
23 + 72 = 95 = I AM THAT I AM = JEHOVAH GOD






99.34.7 Re: Torus gravity (JerryIuliano) 

Subj: Re: Torus gravity
Date: 08/12/2001
From: (JerryIuliano)
Email: JerryIuliano@aol.com

In a message dated 8/12/1 4:13:05 PM, you wrote:

"As usually happens after I send something out, I realize I forgot something and the page badly needed further editing...."



ok Sir, just send a new replacement and I'll write it over the last TOE or just update it.



99.34.8 Re: MARS: Mars May Be a Former Moon of a Now-Exploded Planet (MLM) 

Subj: Re: MARS: Mars May Be a Former Moon of a Now-Exploded Planet
Date: 08/14/2001
From: (MLM)
Email: Milamo@aol.com


In a message dated 08/12/2001 9:55:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time, MetPhys writes:

"No way. Bara and Hoagland Don't understand cosmology."

In a message dated 8/14/1 2:44:56 AM, you wrote:

"Thanks for your feedback !"

Your welcome. This seeming resistance of mine is not merely off the wall and without reason. I've read the Bara / Hoagland Tidal Theory pdf. document several times and found several premises to be shaky:

1. Two invented planets- What mechanism for wild collisions? I asked Bara about the mechanisms of gravity, magnetism and electricity and universal order. He gave no answer.

2. The old planetesimal theory- Planet origins from dust. I think not. What do they think "the son of the sun" means?

3. The old capture theory- How do planets change their orbit, their trajectory? They cant. How can negative planets attract each other? They cant. How does a negative planet fly off from a positive sun? It doesn't. How can a positive sun ingress into another positive sun? It doesn't. Polarity is not understood in the Tidal Theory neither does it understand the mechanism of gravity and the toroidal magnetic lines of "FORCE" binding to even beyond Pluto.

4. The general contrast of the wild colliding bodies with the tightly bound harmonic parameters of universe that we are discovering of late- Sumerian and Babylonian Gods are assigned harmonic, musical number (McClain). What are colliding planets doing in a tightly bound harmonic universe? Why are there dark "explosion" marks on a moon of Saturn, and not on every other moon of Saturn? Why are the Jupiter moons or Earth moon with no black marks? There was no explosion as hypothesized. What made the mark as presented? The Tidal Theory presents an exploded planet without an origin, explaining "the results are evident".....and the missing mechanism of 2 colliding planets in a very, very harmonic universe. These oversights of deliberately pushing aside the understanding of the whole picture of origin leads to the Tidal Theory's 2 alternatives and excludes the 3rd one! The premise is that to understand the whole picture, we understand the parts (Tidal Theory).

6. Other minor premises that cosmological myth and logic hints at being incorrect, is the subject of my future paper of a third alternative that has never been forwarded.

7. Former oceans of liquid. The Tidal Theory doesn't understand "where" Mars used to be 65 million years ago and longer. If it did it would understand Mars former liquid oceans.

8. Tidal bulges. The Tidal Theory doesn't account for ingressing and egressing bodies.

9. Large strike craters on Mars. See 8.

I admit that the Tidal Theory of Bara / Hoagland is backed by scientific data from space fly-bys and it is well documented to the extent it reaches. Namely:

1. The liquid marks on Mars, not necessarily water.

2. Possible beginnings of organic life forms.

Don't send me info on the capture theory, planetesimal theory, nebular dust theory or any other origins theory. I've seen enough of them to know they all have flaws. There is a very elegant theory that hasn't been considered yet and if I have to work for years I will find it in accordance with the very harmonics we know orders universe.

Nevertheless I have an even larger picture in mind based upon the harmonics and order that we are accustomed to seeing although I am not asking anyone to support or take part in my study and critique. You may not like my critique or you may favor the ideas I am looking at critically, for whatever purpose, but if you want the truth you might appreciate my close look at these theories.

As you may know I forward some wild ideas that have already taken several entrenched theories down a peg because that is what I do.. I want the truth no matter where it leads and to find the truth I find every weakness of any theory I read of. What is left cannot be broken down any more. If I cannot find weaknesses in a theory, such as the ASM, Gematric Quantum Maths or AlphaNumerics, I accept it, simple as that. I may not be able to present a viable, lengthy, well written, coherent third alternative to the exploding / colliding planets theory but intuitively, I know there is something seriously wrong with both.


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