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Subject: Cyclide of Dupin
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Date: Fri, November 26, 2004 9:04 am

The Mathematics of In- and Outside the Torus

Unlike the tori in "_Torus Triptych_


99.88.2 Question 1 and 2: Fractional light speed (Iuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: Fri, November 26, 2004 8:28 am
To: rgrace@rgrace.org
Subject: Question 1 and 2: Fractional light speed

1. "Are you saying that by simply altering the exponent from 1 to fractal.1, that this can describe intertwined dimensions that are otherwise exactly the same?"

I wrote a lengthy answer to this but it was "missing off" the send list and didn't take in the sent e-mail. What does it mean if your mouse arrow starts moving on its own while you are on the computer...hmmmm? ....


Note: The mouse base is not even with the pad so the ball lifts off and it allows the ball to rotate the plastic wheel, which is pressed against the ball by a spring in funnel shaped well. When the ball rolls 1/4 inch down the well, the wheel that is connected to the pointer, follows it. This mouse does the same. MP


so I will skip question one and go to question two:

2. "Previously I had noted that we were approaching the limits of dimensions such as "particles W, Z, gravitons etc.", that we can detect and that the virtual, "invisible partner dimensions" were two rotation from these we detect, for which I requested knowledge. Is this light speed fractal, a divergence from that request or an effort to explain it?"

I don't understand the "invisible partner dimension" definition. Does that mean blackholes the size of the Planck mass object?


Note: The "invisible partner" is sciences "virtual particle". It is the electrons virtual positron partner. If you have seen the Mode Box music we were developing, the "invisible partner dimensions" would be represented by the invisible minor scale halves, to the visible Major scale halves. In Fitzpatrick's "A" Laws and my Anu Building Block Theory it is the visible/invisible pair of space vortexes and in Alex Kaivarainen works, it is defined as such:

"Bivacuum ... a dynamic superfluid matrix of the Universe with big regions of virtual Bose condensation and nonlocality, composed from non mixing sub-quantum particles of the opposite energies, separated by energy gap. Their collective excitations form the quantized mesoscopic vortical structures. These structures, named Bivacuum fermions and antifermions, are presented by infinitive number of double cells-dipoles, each cell containing a pair of correlated donuts: actual torus and complementary antitorus"

All of these diverse descriptions are on the homepage and are of the exact same construct called the visible dimension and invisible partner dimension, which, as I discovered, is two dimensional rotations from each other. This two dimensional rotation is why I am searching your mathematics to find the same two dimensional rotation seeing that we have reached the limits of the maths of the visible side, namely, W, Z, gravity and blackhole equations. MP


Rp = radius = Planck length meters
Mp = Planck mass in kilograms

...this is a very dense object one cubic meter of the stuff weighs in at 10 ^ 96 kilograms. Mass cubed divided by the radius equals a light speed fractal equals the density of the object....

( c ^ 4 ) / 8 / Pi / G = Z = energy density/unit curvature
....this equation can be expressed by the light speed fractal form as :

Z = 4.815522001 * ( 10 ^ 42 ) Eden/curv..Amperes
Z = ( c ^ -.1 ) / 1.6 / h / Pi / E

Look at how much energy is in this "space-time stiffness" (10 ^ 42 Amps ) If you look at the equation the main contributors are the permittivity of space E and the Planck constant h, which is the frequency determiner of electromagnetic transitions or the single quantum. Nothing can exist beyond this point, everything breaks down, physics applied mathematics doesn't fail, it just isn't needed... you reach a singularity , a beginning, a genesis....no need for mathematics, clothes, jobs, hot cocoa ... nothing. It it is too dense in the beginning for any thing but whoever created the giant thing to exist.

So you pretty much have to take it from there ..the Planck mass, the original monad. According to the equations everything sources out of this energy contained in the space time stiffness that shrouds the Planck mass black hole singularity. I showed you how the space time entropy of the energy density Z is the Boltzman constant divided by the Planck mass and this result shows extremely slow degeneration of the energy. This is slower than the time it would take in years for a feather struck once per year upon Mt. Everest to erode the mountain to a level plane. But this isn't infinity .

And since the universe is infinite, than every single Planck length dimensional unit of space is filled, shoulder to shoulder, with other monadic objects like and kind to make this seething mass of real and potential energy to exist. The only thing that protects us from this hot energy, thank God, is the scale of the thing or how far removed from its space shearing force we exist as electromagnetic entities. So black holes of the Planckian scales exist as dust in the air on a windy day.... they fill the entire universe. Matter in the three dimensional form only exists as a scale and temperature as a function of the Planck mass and this is exactly what the Boltzman constant does, its a relationship between temperature and scale ( Avogardo constant ).

To extract energy through this scale difference would be a task indeed. Recipe: hold in place more than one black hole entity Planck mass and manipulate them together to control the shearing of their space-time fabrics to extract an electronic equivalence ( the equations show that the electron is an integral light speed fractal to the energy density per unit curvature.. Z ). They would be like the baddest magnets that would ever exist, very difficult to keep apart.

The only thing saving the controller of these objects is the inverse square law of distance as a function to energy content that fills the space-time fabric. That's the difference between electromagnetism and gravity you can control electrons by charge, plus or minus, but gravity is monopole it only attracts. Seems like you could create gravity fields by rotating masses to very high rpms , a million or so, to get gravitational effects out of kinetic energy king..E = 1/2 * m (remove the heat and all energy should be gravitational)....and then use this increased gravitational yield to coax a real Planck mass out of the space-time fabric. The device would look like a reverse nuclear bomb , all these very high rpm devices surrounding 360 degrees of space, pulling a monopole field AWAY from a designated singularity. Space-time should open up to reveal the shouldering, Planck mass black holes that exist in the virtual field of the space-time fabric.



99.88.3 Question 1: Fractional Light Speed (Iuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:23:33 EDT
To: rgrace@rgrace.org
Subject: Question 1: Fractional Light Speed

1. "Are you saying that by simply altering the exponent from 1 to fractal.1, that this can describe intertwined dimensions that are otherwise exactly the same?"

Here are the facts:

The two long range fundamental force constants, electromagnetic represented by the fine-structure constant ...aem... and gravitational represented by G in newtons ...Gn... are related to each other because the light speed fractal ... c^3.1... can represent a very complex action of mathematical operations:

aem = ( c ^ 3.1 ) * ( e ^ 2 ) / Gn / 10

...the bottom half, denominator, of the classical fine-structure equation

...aem = e^2/2/E/h/c

....along with the complex G constant which is determined by the black hole entity, Planck mass

...Mp....Gn = h * c / 2 / Pi / ( Mp ^ 2 )

... are completely and accurately represented by the light speed fractal...c^3.1...Note that the elementary charge remains unchanged from the classical equation for aem ... e^2/2/E/h/c...So one could say all these operations are contained in the one light speed fractal velocity. This equation is no stranger than, Energy = mass times light speed squared

...how do you visualize light speed squared??

How do you visualize light speed cubed times light speed to the 1/10 fractal?

Light speed cubed has many applications in the SI units, Inductance and Resistance equations use them etc. But what is the little "leftover" speed the light fractal ... c^.1... In meters per second it is a very small distance of travel in one second. However it isn't one second because the SI units shrink also by the .1 fractal exponent.... c^.1 in meters^.1/seconds^.1. So this means it remains the same in relationship to the normal speed of light. 10 seconds in fractal speed is...10 ^ ( 1 / 10 ) .... = 1.258925412 meters ^ .1 per seconds ^ .1 ..The percentage in ratio is strangely the same as the 1/10 exponent. This is important because not too many mathematical forms switch back and forth between exponents and distributive operations:

( 10 ^ ( 1/ 10 )) / (10 ^ 1 )

...10^1 being normal or integer

10 ^ ( 1 / 10 ) = 1.258925412
( 10 ^ ( 10 / 10 )) / ( 10 ^ 1 ) = .125892451


99.88.4 Question 3: Beat Frequency (Iuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: Fri, November 26, 2004 8:53 am
To: rgrace@rgrace.org
Subject: Question 3: Beat Frequency

3. "Is the "slowed down" system of a blackhole, pre-photon, a beat frequency?"

I think that's backwards because here is the defined form:

Planck mass frequency measured in hertz = Hz = 1/s = one per second

...translated to light speed fractal:

( c ^ 1.45 / h-bar / ( 10 ^ 43 ) = 1.854871869 Hz ..."beats" per second

...this is an extremely energetic object....you don't see it because since it's a black hole, all energy of the heat and electromagnetic kind is suppressed while energy is expressed in gravitational energy waves....The object is absolute zero in Kelvin temperature. Since no actual heat as we know it can form, all the energy has to go somewhere so it goes into the monopole gravitational equivalent energy. So any energy extracted out of the black hole would be of the gravitational kind. The usable effect is that as you remove gravitational energy away from a controlled black hole the object should heat up very fast and get very hot until its expansion cools it back down to just a very dense object.

This space-time fabric expansion area should be able to be used somehow in heat exchanging systems. Can you reverse a black hole, make it less dense. According to the experts the answer is no, the black hole is supposed to be infinite in potential energy an ultimate singularity tied into every other black hole in the universe the "space-time stiffness " of the zero-point density field. However it seems that if you captured a small one you should be able to manipulate it somehow.



99.88.5 Question 7 and 8: Fractional light speed (MetPhys) 

From: rgrace@rgrace.org
Date: Sat, November 27, 2004
To: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Subject: Question 7 and 8: Fractional light speed


You have illustrated light (c) with various exponents:

"a speed of light speed increase of Einsteinian form...( c ^ 3 ) * ( c ^ 2 ) = c ^ 5", ...and...

"the light speed fractal for velocity--acceleration is ...c^-.9 ...an extremely slow velocity ...m^-.9 / s^-.9 = 2.348882906 * ( 10 ^ - 8 ) meters per second...just barely crawling, moving 1 foot in 150.2 days..! ", ...and...

"c ^ .1 = 7.0417738 m/s = 15.75226394 mph"...then

7. How is a velocity written, that is just 7.0417738 m/s over light velocity 186,283 mps? Is it written as, I assume, c ^1.1?

8. Is there any difference between light stopping at light velocity designated as, I assume, (c ^1) and light stopping at a velocity below 7.0417738 m/s, such as 0.0000000 m/s, designated as, I assume, (c ^.0)?



99.88.6 Question: Circlemath Replaces Negative Numbers? (MetPhys) 

From: rgrace@rgrace.org
Date: Fri, December 03, 2004, 2:34:56 Am
To: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Subject: Question: Circlemath Replaces Negative Numbers?

From: 99.86.3 Mind to Matter Equations (Iuliano)

Quote: "The electron is a real particle, but the exponent...( W - Z ) / W ... is a "mental" particle or the concept that the mind can interpret subtraction data that cancels out the real values for imaginary concepts that are as yet derived from data."

Question 1: Do you understand "circlemath", below, which deals with (i) imaginary, subjective "mind"? If so,

Seeing that circlemath claims that "straight counting line", linear math of the outer world is complimented by circular math of the (inner human?) mind:

Question 2: How can these outer and inner maths compliment, under the present science community belief that the outer math is based upon counting by 1 unit and the inner maths seem to be based upon the number 2 of the bicameral mind or the 2 of the circlemath pairs? Should this be rectified before relying further upon this circular maths?



The Square Root of -1

Mathematics and Neurology

To Homepage: http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/a-theory-of-mind

The square root of -1 is the integer 3 in 10-circle, but it is not an integer in 9-circle, where -1 is 8. It is an integer in 5-circle where -1 is 4, and we could go through the numbers, choosing an array of circles that have integral -1 square roots.

Figure 1

In the counting line of counting circles -1 is a counting line to infinity. Thus it is 0 in 1-circle, because one place anticlockwise from 0 brings us back to 0. It is 1 in 2-circle, 2 in 3-circle, 3 in 4-circle, 4 in 5-circle etc., as shown below.

Figure 2

The square roots of these -1 numbers again constitute a counting line to infinity, but one interrupted by non-integer square roots as shown in the following sequence:

Circle................... -1 in the circle..... Square root of -1
0-circle............ Being without determination, 0-circle has no numerical elements.
1-circle............ 0............... .....0
2-circle............ 1.................... 1
3-circle............ 2.................... 1.4142135623730950488016887242096980785696
4-circle............ 3.................... 1.7320508075688772935274463415058723669428
5-circle............ 4....... .............2
6-circle............ 5.................... 2.2360679774997896964091736687312767354406
7-circle............ 6.................... 2.4494897427831780981972840747058913919659
8-circle............ 7.................... 2.6457513110645905905016157536392604257102
9-circle............ 8.................... 2.8284271247461900976033774484193961571393
10-circle.......... 9.................... 3
11-circle......... 10[i].................. 3.162227.... Six, or 3*2 more irrationals follow here
........ ...............................................................before we reach 4, the next perfect square.

List of -1 Square Roots in Sequential Circles

The irrational square roots, which shade off in what we could call infinite imbalance, are as precise in achieving their purpose as any rational configuration. They constitute the background against which the rational stands out. Taken in conjunction with the neural organization of the brain, the contrast between the perfect and irrational results represents the foundation of difference, aligned by functioning nervous systems to create the wealth of meaningful identities that confront life. On this contrast the intelligence in living creatures builds.

The integer counting line, from which, in the square root of -1 the rational/ irrational pattern arises, read into the depth of all bases, is the mathematical foundation upon which the neural determination of known entities, so our knowledge of the world arises. The irrationals provide the supporting background in consciousness for this to occur. From this cloth the known world is fashioned. We usually think that the brain is only interested in the pursuit of order in a rational world, but without the contrasting irrationals there would be no canvas to take the picture.

The rational/ irrational pattern is that, each integral root (0 1 2 3), is followed by double that number of non-integer results:

.... The. 0. "sq rt. -1". in.. 1-cir. is followed by 0 irrationals, and 0+0=0
.... The. 1. "sq rt. -1". in.. 2-cir. is followed by 2 irrationals, and 1+1=2
.... The. 2. "sq rt. -1". in.. 5-cir. is followed by 4 irrationals, and 2+2=4
.... The. 3. "sq rt. -1". in 10-cir. is followed by 6 irrationals, and 3+3=6...

and so on to infinity. What is happening here?

The answer is that "i", the square root of -1, is switching the whole of mathematics from objectivity into subjectivity, translating the numerical pattern from the external or worldly domain into its internal counterpart, the mental space which we call subjectivity or time. We have that relation before us here. The generative pattern is genetic. Its root taps a chromosomal stem. It is not the expression of brain-dependent learning. Projected into the world, and returned as an external "sense", it becomes the comprehension of mathematics, which we again invest in externality in symbolic form, the "math" we know.

This "math we know", to which sensible things like chairs and tables belong, is thus the externalization of an internal (mathematical) pattern that underpins mind. Conventional mathematics, as taught in schools is the externalized reflection of this internal order. We call the internal domain subjectivity, when we wish to refer to our sense of a world around, and time when our reference is to its nature (as distinct from the outer domain of space); i.e., when only the "inner" or "outer" of the domain is in reference. Time, with its present past and future is the stem. Space is its externalized expression.

Some further observations

We are using decimal to show the pattern in the list of -1 Square Roots because it is the familiar base we know, but it occurs in all bases and we could show it in base 2, base 3, base 4 notation and so on. In circle math we can work in any base, though we will usually choose decimal as our base of expression. The circle algorithms then call on other, we could say, parallel bases, to recruit their results. The circular method is thus properly described as transbase in operation, coming in this a step closer to the function of the brain, which as deep to mind is uniformly transbase.

We should note that 0 is the identity element for adding and subtracting. 1 is the same for multiplying and dividing (adding 0, or multiplying by 1 does not change a number). To multiply by -1 therefore changes only the sign of the result. The "1" in the "square root of -1" is thus a dummy indicator of sign change, whose reality is an internalized counting line to infinity against a background array of fractional results, as shown in the list of -1 roots. Internal here means "in mind" and external means "in world", so that "ordinary" arithmetic, with its straight counting line to infinity belongs to the world. Circle math, with its circles rules and results belongs to the mind.

We work from our knowledge of our ordinary or external math, which is objective to us. The internal circle math of the mind is however the parent and projector of the outer result. The "internalized counting line", as in the above paragraph, is given in the square roots of 0, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 The "background array of fractional results" that seems to act as a spoiler is the tidy sequence of untidy square roots of 2 3 (two) 5 6 7 8 (four) 10 11 12 13 14 15 (six) in the -1 non-integer circle series, and the whole is the neurological setting from which developed consciousness springs.

To think, the mind needs continuity and contrast and here it is, continuity in the mathematical sequences and contrast in these very same sequences. The circular system then comes forward as a coherent fine-grain mathematical approach to the subject matter, "how do we think, what is the mind's mechanism and operational principle?

The square root problem

In conventional mathematics there is no real number x, such that

x^2 = -1

This is because +x times +x comes to a positive result, and ?x times ?x also comes to a positive result, and there are no other options for x^2.

Unable to assign a value to x satisfying the equation conventional mathematics stipulates that there is such a value, and calls it i for imaginary. It has no idea what "i" is, other than the square root of -1 as expressed in the equation

i^2 = -1

Given this, for it an impossible equation, it assigns the "no real number x" to the imagination, calling the square root of -1 "i". It then has a term for this ghost in the mind, supported not by understanding, but the fact that it integrates perfectly into mathematical operations and equations. The cost is that mathematics advances as a ritual of symbolic relations, comprehended only as the formalistic integration of signs and results.

."i", as the square root of -1 is currently a blind spot in our mathematical understanding, walled off and bypassed. The task is to explain it, and in the process turn it from a block to a bond and bridge uniting in-world (linear) and in-mind (circular) math. The imaginary number serves a purpose, making an advance possible, shifting math from its ordinary domain to its higher expression. The further insight needed is to see that this "higher" math is really the internalized circular math we call the mind.


In case this needs further explanation, the contrast between perfect and irrational results as set out above, is easy enough to understand. It is there before us and it stands alongside the "ordinary" counting line to infinity, when these numbers, turned into circles (figure 2) yield another counting line of whole numbers, padded out with irrationals.

Now, the point is that these irrationals are rational in their irrationality. Every single digit in every irrational number, and there are countless billions of them, is exactly determined and cannot be other than what it is. Hence we can say, "The irrationals are rational in their irrationality."

The jump to neurology rests in the fact that this overall pattern maps to the understanding in mind. To give the idea, when we say of two different sense-mediated patterns, "this is a window and this is a goldfish bowl," that comprehended distinction is carried in the mind by the mathematical distinction we have just considered, between the whole numbers and the irrationals. In other words, the rational/ irrational relation, as found in mathematics is the foundation of difference as found in the sensible world, between this object and that. Making this observation takes us across the math-to-mind boundary. Interpreting "i" within a mathematically circular expression will complete the picture.

"i" as a square peg in a round hole

"i" is impossible by the rules that have governed math for 500 years, yet "higher math" is adamant that it needs it. As imaginary it stands as a real unreal, as enigmatic as a unicorn or phoenix. To understand this situation we need to look at the unyielding sign laws. Children are taught that "plus times plus" is plus. "Minus times minus" is plus, but "plus times minus" (or minus times plus), gives minus.[ii]

There are only two signs, + (plus) and - (minus). An asterisk * means times or multiply. Positive numbers may or may not be signed. Negative numbers are always signed. The sign rules work and they have order, but they are given without reason. They have to be learned.

A.................... + * + = +................. so........................ +1 * +1 = +1
B.................... + * - = -................. so........................ +1 * - 1 = -1
C.... ................- * + = -................. so......................... -1 * +1 = -1
D.................... - * - = +................. so......................... -1 * - 1 = +1

a and d, whose roots are identical in sign and number yield perfect squares. Only b and c give the -1 answer that "i" requires, but the results are not squares because each utilizes non-identical signs (one +, one -). The sign laws make no provision for negative squares. The square root of -1, devoid of actuality, is therefore said to be imaginary (i).

This brings ordinary mathematics to its Waterloo. Workers in complex fields saw that the concept of a function, which they took to be a numerical magnitude equivalent to the square root of -1, was useful and orderly, but it was impossible to reconcile it with the sign laws. They therefore consigned it to the imagination.

A new protagonist, circle math, now takes the field. It is strictly mathematical and just as precise as ordinary math, but its rules have been nurtured and born not in mathematics but philosophy. In scope it embraces both the straight math of the world and the circular math of the mind. We see immediately (fig. 1) that -1 in 10-circle is 9, whose square roots satisfy the problem equation, and this is only a beginning.

In the shallows

The observation belongs to the circular system, founded on a counting line, not of numbers but number circles. Children delight in this form of math because its rules are simple and its operations without fault. It comes to them as a number game, but "number" without its intimidating aspect. 0 gives the answer, so for the children we will draw it with a smile (figure 3 below).

Figure 3

For example, if the sum is 2 + 3 = ? the child has but to locate the 2, locate the 3 and join them with a line. A parallel from 0 gives the answer. It also establishes the 5 direction.

There is more power in this construction than meets the eye. For instance it covers every numerical calculation that sums to 5: 1+4, 2+3, 8+7, 9+6, 0+5, 4+1, 3+2, 7+8, 6+9 and 5+0.

Use a horizontal line instead and you have the 0 direction. This gives the answer to combinations that sum to 0. Do not forget that 9+6=5 in ten circle is the digital stepping-stone to 9+6=15, 9+16=25, and so on. Algorithms combine the sub-steps to final answers.

Notice too, that if you join the numbers on an angle you get all the other directions as well. The one figure, easy to visualize and work with, yields every possible cipher adding combination, while similar constructions cover subtraction, multiplication and division.

Each sum has its distinguishing direction. Turning arithmetic into a game children learn their adding subtracting multiplying and dividing tables without noticing that they are doing so. It is not "arithmetic without tears", but arithmetic with joy and delight.

For the child, the circle is a tiny arithmetic pool in preparation for oceanic journeys to come. Nor is the method confined to base ten. It works in every base, for instance on the clock face. Drawing two lines shows that 11+8=7 (11 o'clock + 8 hours comes to 7, easily done, easily remembered).

Applying it to other bases, it becomes a recreation and pursuit as mathematics becomes an interest in its own right. For example:

Every number in a circle squares to the same result in that circle as the square of its complement. For example, the complement of 5 in 12-circle is 7.. 5 squares to 25, which counts into 12-circle as 1 (twice round plus 1).. 7, its complement squares to 49. This also counts into 12-circle as 1 (four times round plus 1).

This double squaring shows in smaller circles; say 3 in 5-circle (fig. 1), which is +3 clockwise and -2 anticlockwise.

Square the 2. It comes to 4. Square the 3. It comes to 9, which counts into 5-circle as 4.. 3 squared is the same operation as -2 squared, and gives the same result as 2 squared. Children learn their sign laws hands on, and see for themselves why "- * -" comes to the same result as "+ * +".. The rote-learned tables do not help in the least in this respect, but we must now resume our pursuit of the square root of -1 at a deeper level.

In the depths

Typing "square root of minus 1" into a search engine can find Zhenming Zhia, who writes under "Square Root of -1 as a Consciousness factor", July14 1996, that "In Einstein's special theory of relativity there is a Lorentz transformation that leads to Minkowski's four-dimensional space. But the fourth dimension is obtained by replacing time, t, with the imaginary [square root of -1 multiplied by the speed of light, c, and by t itself]. After this, the temporal dimension becomes totally symmetrical with all other three dimensions of space"

Zhia continues: "That means that time is itself one more dimension of space but is perceived by our consciousness as different and uniquely temporal. The modification with the imaginary square root of -1 therefore corresponds to the unique involvement of consciousness in the process."

He adds that, "Surprisingly, in Quantum Mechanics, the Schrodinger's wave function also involves the same square root of -1 when the spatial locality breaks down and a conscious observer gets involved in the process of measurement."

"This apparent coincidence indicates something extremely significant for understanding the universe and consciousness. It suggests that human consciousness may be a dimension of anti-space that merges into the fourth dimension of negative space so that we cannot see it as spatial any more. It appears as one dimensional time instead."

"Therefore, the square root -1 is the Consciousness factor. Working out its implications might lead to a true revolution in human understanding.". Quotation ends.

In circle terms factoring i into t imports the equation into subjective time, where subjectivity has not the meaning of opinion, but the inner mathematical realm that in circularity grounds consciousness, objective in its very subjectivity.

Two mathematical systems

For centuries mathematics on a stormy path, fractured internally by dispute has played an autocratic role in education in a civilization torn by dissent and war. In its circular form, now being presented, it gains a subjective level, complementary to its familiar objective expression. We now see that in its developed form it is accessible to children as well as having an application in higher math and physics.

Gradually across the years the square root of -1 that divides math and maps to the schism between ideality and reality, has come forward as the kernel of the theoretical problem. Its resolution, whose completion is critical, will mark the turning point between that past and a brighter future. In this realization, the difficulty in the imaginary number, proving itself to be imaginary, will vanish, and people will wonder what it was about. Validating Zhenming Zhia's prediction, mathematics, as an internalized discipline, is the logos upon which consciousness stands and the sensed world resides. The square root of -1 is the logical switch between that sensed world and our internal world of understanding.


In a circular setting "i" is a function (like Narcissus looking into a pool), that reflects mathematics from its external presence into the depth of its in-mind source, but we must examine some existing definitions, starting with the fact that "negative number" is still taught as a "quantity less that zero".[iii]

In "wordiq.com" we can read, "a negative number is a number that is less than zero, such as -3. A positive number is a number that is greater than zero, such as 3. Zero is itself neither negative nor positive. The non-negative numbers are the positive numbers together with zero. Note that some numbers are neither negative nor non-negative, for example the imaginary unit i.

The following discussion will make a frontal assault upon this position in order to create a sense of neutrality in the matter, upon which a new system of expression can arise. Mathematics is an integral part of all knowledge. It is not a castle to itself, and it cannot have a different logos from that of language. To be a discipline it must accept discipline. We now look at this in more detail.

Ordinary math relates number directly to quantity. This is logical where quantity is amount, but it enters another thought alongside, that negative number is a quantity less than zero. This is illogical because quantity is a specified amount or number. If we start with a quantity of apples and remove them one by one, the quantity diminishes. When it reaches zero we can remove no more. The concept of a number less than zero is therefore false, and false in the world, false in mathematics.

The problem does not occur in circle math whose counting lines are closed. Positive or add means clockwise in the circle. Negative or subtract means anticlockwise. The confusion vanishes. The math remains. Thus, in 10-circle -1 is 9, which squares to 1, and has 3 and 7 as its roots. The wordiq.com statement (as above) nails the error to the masthead by defining positive numbers as greater than zero, and negative numbers by the illogical expression, "less than zero".

It then compounds the error by creating a new category; zero as a number that is "neither negative nor positive". The truth it is struggling to realize is that the symbol 0 represents the mind, and the mind, as the viewpoint within which number and math exist, is above, and so indifferent to the objects it contemplates. As mentioned, 0 is not a number at all.

Conventional math has led us so far astray that it is painful to have to point out its absurdities, but it has to be done, for imbued in our consciousness since early childhood they prevent us from seeing the world revealed in science intelligently within the context of reality. Because at the level we teach how to spell CAT we also imply that 0 and 1 are numbers, and at the level we teach "Rover has a ball" we include the thought that zero is a number, "negative" numbers exist, and so on, mathematicians talk about i; science is unable to merge quantum and relativity theory and astronomers talk about the "size" of the universe. We search for the error in the clouds when we should be looking at our feet.

The ancient Greeks pointed out that 0 is not a number because it is nothing, and 1 is not a number because number means more than one. The idea of 1, as opposed to 0, is derived from entity, originally creatures and things. Singularity is the "one", through which we identify kind, and plurality is "greater than one." Plurality is thus the general term for number, which latter is the specification of plurality by count or estimation.

0 and 1 are functional as the hinge between mind and world. 0 interfaces with the mind, 1 with the world. It is convenient to call 0 and 1 numbers, but strictly speaking they are the agents that, through counting lines and bases, create number, unraveling in the world the order that already exists in the mind.

Once the bases as the gathering ground of the mind are formed, we have to consider "i", the square root of -1 as the focus of the mathematical connection between mind and world. To begin its resolution, take the straight counting line into the circle. In our example -1 is 9 in 10-circle, with the relations of square and root that then apply. Mathematics comes to a point in "i". From this, expanding from the "i", a world in consciousness opens up. 0 and 1 are the active agents in generating this focal relation, and circlemath puts the whole mechanism in place for us to see.

The one step (switching into the circles) resolves the philosophical ground of math and the "square root of -1", which now falls into place as fully accessible at primary school level. In the circular and straight we now have two systems, one subjective inherent, the other projected and objective or worldly. They map to each other through i, which is not a number but the confluence of mind and world mapped within a mathematical continuum.

We are done with the fallacy of negative numbers, ghosts of the imagination, born with Fibonacci in the 12th century and matured in the 16th. The positive sign simply means add, and the negative subtract. This, with the rules of circle math are all we need to carry all mathematical computation, clockwise and anticlockwise across the sea of number and the ocean of bases. The imagination (read mind) is just as mathematical and just as real as any castle of brick and stone.

The fact that -1 in 10-circle is 9, whose square root is 3 (and 7) is the touch of death for the mystery sequestered in the square root of -1. This one facet does not explain i, for it is only a fragment of a greater whole, but it is the key. Turn it in the lock and the door will open, for it can be readily understood. Even for those who are far from grasping the pattern of the whole, the illusion of i, the square root of -1 will begin to fade and will continue to melt away until it vanishes.

Circle math emerged from the shadows of ordinary math by systematically eliminating every non-universal relation and mending each gap left behind.[iv] Eventually the entire circular system stood forth, universal and complete. The task was to map mathematics to the pattern of inherent mental function. We now have "i" unraveled, and with it a whole new field of mathematical relations, rich in algorithms accessible to children who take to it like ducklings to water.

Education Departments were not so happy with it. They saw it rather as a threat, much as a hen that has hatched out ducklings will run along the bank in fright as its "chicks" swim and dive in the water. They were not geared from the massive change in learning patterns that it represents.

The circular mathematical system depicts mathematics as it exists in the subjectivity of mind. It arises directly from the neural mechanism that responds to the world, and heralds the end of the defect that medicine knows how every organ in the body works, with but one exception, namely that which makes sense of the whole, the brain; that finally we may know what thinking is, upon which our human being and understanding rest.

Copyright © Dr. Stephen W. Taylor M.B., Ch.B 08-03-2004 Brisbane Australia
Response comment and inquiry welcome.
You can contact me by email:
stetay @ bigpond.net.au

[i]. Lock ten.. A lockbar is a vinculum above selected digits "locking" them into a single expression, so that circles greater than 10-circle can be created "to infinity" without descending into the confusion of substituting alphabet letters (A B C etc.). The underline (10) used here serves as a makeshift vinculum.

[ii] +x is identical in successive circles. -x is a counting line in the same successive circles, thus 2, 2, 2 (for 2's in-world expression) is -6, -7, -8 (for 2's in-mind expression) in circles 8, 9, 10. Sign change thus indicates a subjective/ objective switch within the thinking process.

[iii] For the phrase, "less than zero," see Collins English Dictionary Third Edition, OR Mathematics Illustrated Dictionary, Bendick Levin and Simon, McGraw Hill, OR Internet: open wordiq.com (encyclopedia), OR any similar source and search for "negative and non-negative numbers". A "quantity less than zero," is just another Carrollean "impossible thing to be believed before breakfast."

[iv] "Mending each gap" means that circlemath arose from the piecemeal correction of every fault discovered in conventional math theory, where "fault" means relying upon assumption and/or a non-universal progression for its coherence and sense.


99.88.7 Circlemath: 1-Circle Transitional Pseudobase. (MetPhys) 

From: rgrace@rgrace.org
Date: Mon., December 06, 2004
To: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Subject: Circlemath: 1-Circle Transitional Pseudobase.


In circlemath terms, we are now exploring the transitional 1-circle of physics between the objective outer world and the subjective inner world.

From: Mathematics as the Physiology of Mind
Footnote: [iv] 1-circle founds unary, a pseudobase transitional between subjective and objective number (Circlemath Two, chapter 3).



99.88.8 New formula for radii of Lanthanum and Rubidium (Iuliano) 

Subject: New formula for radii of Lanthanum and Rubidium
From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
To: rgrace@rgrace.org
Date: Sat, December 4, 2004 4:06 pm


Here are some strange mathematics concerning the symbolic geometries and weights of the rubidium and lanthanum atom:

Rb = Atomic number... rubidium = 37
La = Atomic number... lanthanum = 57

Rbm = Atomic mass rubidium = 85.4678 g...used in formula ...Rb = 85.46854729
Lam = Atomic mass lanthanum = 138.9055 g

Rbr = Atomic radius rubidium = 188 pm
Lar = Atomic radius lanthanum = 247.5 pm...used in formula... Lar = 247.4947627

fine-structure constant = aem = 1 / 137.03599911...

...then it can be demonstrated:..e = natural log = 2.7182818

( e ^ ( Pi + 7.999999801 )) * (( 1/Rb + 1/La ) ^ 2 ) = 1 / aem

( e ^ ( Rbm / Lam * 2807 / 1579 * 32 / Pi )) * (( 1/Rb + 1/La ) ^ 2 ) = 1 / aem

10 ^ ( 2 / 100 / ( 1/Rbr + 1/Lar )) = 1 / aem

...2807 and 1579 are the modulos for solution integers to the Fermat form ...e ^ ( Pi + 8 ) since the following can be shown:

( e ^ ( Pi + 7.999997128 )) = ( e ^ ( 2807*2/1579 )) / Pi

...this form can describe fine-structure...aem:

( e ^ (( e ^ ( 2807.000189*2/1579 )) / Pi )) * (( 1/Rb + 1/La ) ^ 2) = 1 / aem

...this is quite a strange coincidence since the radius forms were discovered yesterday while the other forms are 2 to 3 years old. The commonality to the forms is the sum of inverse forms which suggests electrical resistance formulas or lens formulas...As previously shown 37 is key in ancient ciphers of the fine-structure constant:

( 10 ^ ( 486.2560037*2/763.81 )) / ( .37 ^ 2 ) = 1 / aem

Cheops ht = 486.256 ft
Cheops bl = 763.81 ft

( 10 ^ ( 287.9999758 / 37 )) / ( 37^ 2 ) / ( 18 ^ 2 ) = 1 / aem

144 / 37 = collective unconscious constant....this leads to the very strange formula for the radius of the covalent hydrogen atom... (.037 pm ):

hydrogen radius = hr = .03700056597 pm
e = natural log = 2.718281828....IN = reciprocal of natural log e

( Pi * ( hr^2 )) ^ ( 2.88 / 4.76 / INhr ) = 2.718281828 = e
( Pi * ( hr^2 )) ^ ( 2.88 / 4.76 ) = .03700056597 pm
( 288 ^ ( 2 / Pi )) / 100 = cos 137.036000986...radians

....this formula means there is a geometry of the area disc form...Pi * hr^2.... the number 4.76 comes from ... ( 2.88*2 ) -1.....



99.88.9 Re: per my link to your web site (Yale) 

From: "Yale Landsberg" ylandsberg@cthtech.com
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 15:10:02 -0500
To: terrypp@aemail4u.com
Subject: per my link to your web site

Just wanted you to know that I am linking to your web site via "of others" at http://theometry.org/ForThoseWho_StillSeek.htm

Regards, YL

Yale S.Y. Landsberg,
Vice President of New
Business Development
CTH Technologies, Inc.
Office: 732.536.5461
Mobile: 732.713.0902


I have an A.B (Physics, math minor, lots of E.E. courses), and an M.S. in Operations Research. None of which I learned and understood like a normal student. :-)

Robert, without question you are, in terms of math and sci, much more of an adept and a "natural" than I am. OTOH, as you may have seen from http://theometry.org I am an adept at the intersection of religion and science, and in that respect I am assuming a bit more in tune with the GNOS IS... answers, (but only un-til such time as you and your self wrestle the Theometry "Puzzle" which am looking forward to doing as you time permits.)

Coding/decoding "God and Nature's Operating System" per Theometry Home

Plus, enjoy the read and even more so the Jacobean wrestling! And, keep me up to date on your progress per Th and over all.

Regards, Yale


99.88.10 Gravitational waves (Iuliano) 

Subject: Gravitational waves
From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
To: rgrace@rgrace.org
Date: Sat, December 11, 2004 1:10 pm


The idea at the end is interesting, canceling gravitational waves.

...."Curiously, gravitational WAVES are thought to have a mass-like quality of their own in that they exert a pull on other nearby gravitational waves. Electromagnetic waves don't do that, although they do cancel out if phased properly where they meet in space. Perhaps gravitational waves cancel if phased properly ".....

...on some advanced slide rules there is a LL function ( double log ), which means a 2-dimensional graph using logs as scale, one 90 degrees to the other...like graph paper.

Note: This double-log explanation is in response to a previous question about what it meant. In Section: 99.86.2 Electro-gravity Equations (MetPhys) I asked this about double log: 

Note: What does "double log" imply?( log(logGN+12) = emev^2 ) .......The (+/-)12 probably indicates the 12 spheres of one 13-sphere (empty-center) gravity unit. Double log may indicate that it takes two 13-spheres (26D) to communicate empty-center-gravitic-information (0D scalar) between them. These spheres are none other than clusters of our (UPA- Ultimate Physical Atom/BesantLeadbeater anima/Anu/superstring). Do gravity units also come in pairs like Cooper pairs? Since 12 spheres are of a higher order than the required 11 dimensions before total order comes out of chaos.....we can ask.....is gravity the first sign of total order? MP

Back to Jerry: The parameters for a cylinder is moment of inertia equals mass times the length of cylinder squared, divided by 12. This could relate to the electron energy in square form ....emev^2... as a function of the gravitational constant G:

moment of inertia of cylinder = mass times ( length squared ) / 12
12 = mass * ( length ^ 2 ) / MI
log(logG + (m*(L^2)/MI)) = emev ^ 2

......basically a cylinder is a torus if you tie the ends together. So the moment of inertia for a torus is the same as a cylinder. Is a torus infinite?

Note: The windings on a torus seem to be infinitely finite. A torus seems to be infinite if you open the ring and make it a spiral. Jerry is "matching the moment of inertia with the correct length and mass to equal 12". This 12 should be the very same mass of 12 Anu tori around an empty center 13th Anu tori, as follows. MP

Back to Jerry: According to the definition of double periodic cycles only in length it is. If the mass is large and the length is small then the moment of inertia is 1/12 of this number which can be balanced with a small mass with a very long length. As long as you match the moment of inertia with the correct length and mass to equal 12 then G will always pop up. All one has to do is find a natural source for the moment of inertia and shape it so that 12 is derived from a particular mass and length in cylindric form, get some waves vibrating in two logarithmic orthogonal (90 degrees) modes and out will spit an equation that nullifies G, a gravitational shield?? The electron means that electromagnetism is involved with gravity at its root level......


Note: Jerry adds an interesting fact,

"...two logarithmic orthogonal (90 degrees) modes and out will spit an equation that nullifies G".

And that is what "counterwinding" means...... windings left and right that cross at exactly 90 degrees. It is also called "counterbary" meaning two oppositely spinning masses. Add a second, complete 13 tori system, under the hypothesis that it takes two, 13 tori clusters to register a gravitic inter.action "between" them and we have two counterspinning windings in agreement with my first two theoretical experiments:

108 Ultimate Machines-1st Experiment
The Conjugate Triple Heli-toroid.
Mimicking the 4th (gravitic), 5th (electric) and 6th (magnetic) dimensions.

108 Ultimate Machines-2nd Experiment 
13-Triple Wound Toroids




"The steady state force of gravity is not conveyed by gravitational WAVES, but rather by the fields setup by the presence of matter, in the classical view, versus by the exchange of gravitons, in the quantum view, and by the distortion of space-time in the Einstein view. Solutions to Einstein's general relativity equations indicate that GRAVITATIONAL WAVES are generated by massive bodies moving such that they generate a quadrupole moment."

Note: I have a feeling this PRIMER Section is right out of some scientific magazine. Again, Old Al Einstain says that matter is the cause of gravitational waves. Again, he attributes gravity to mass rather than recognizing what gravity really is, as I concluded, "Gravity is what space does." When the Major Premise such as this, is wrong, then all this, after the premise, if it is based upon this Major Premise error, is also wrong. MP

"Gravity, the first observed and the least understood force, is one of attraction only."

Note: A quote may explain it:

Bivacuum, as a Matrix for Matter, Fields & Time Origination (PDF).
Virtual Pressure Waves, Virtual Replicas and Overunity Devices
Alex Kaivarainen

In accordance to our model, the Coulomb repulsion or attraction between is a result of tendency of system to minimize the resulting charge/energy density between two or more charged particles. The mass/energy and charge symmetry shifts in big number of Bivacuum fermions BVF (Bi-vacuum Fermions), induced by longitudinal recoil of two distant triplets (1 and 2), may have a similar or opposite signs, depending on their charges:

Three formulae omitted.

If the signs of shifts of BVF in space between particles (1 and 2) are the same, the repulsion between such "virtual" wave fronts occurs. If the virtual BVF between real fermions have the opposite symmetry shifts and uncompensated charges the attraction between real particles, i.e. electron and positron occur. It is a consequence of the resulting density of charge and energy decreasing, like the repulsion in case of similar real charges and virtual BVF symmetry shifts.

Note: My opinion is: The scalar-gravitic-empty-center of the 13 Anu tori is probably neutral. If the gravitational "force" were attraction, only, then all suns should be pulling toward all other suns with collisions. None of this has happened nor will it ever happen. In fact, any two suns repulse each other according to "A" Law and Anu Theory parameters. The spin pairs of space called Anu pair or Cooper pair are the attraction/repulsion of, not +/- charge, but of phase alignments. It takes two clusters of 13 Anu tori to interact.

"There doesn't seem to be an "opposite polarity" mass in our real world, to cause bodies to repel gravitationally."

Note: The "opposite polarity" is not found in our world but it is found in deep space. In fact, it is deep space. What do you imagine is making space push away from itself if it is not repulsive gravity?

"Like "charges" attract when it comes to gravitation, and there are no unlike charges."

Note: A quote may explain it:

Photon/Atomic/Electrogravitational Energy Master Equation (PDF)

Jerry E. Bayles

The above equation shows that the right hand term is the electrogravitational frequency, f LM, and is a negative imaginary number. Thus it does not radiate as a photon but makes its action known through the vector magnetic potential or scalar electric potential of David Bohms action, which cannot be shielded against. The basic quantum force interaction between two systems involving the electrogravitational frequency f Sys is shown below for a force interaction result between two electrons at the Rn1 shell of the Bohr atom. Note that this is the same result as the FG equation result on the bottom of the previous page. F fLM . .

Formulae omitted

A very interesting aspect of the above equation is the possibility of the capacitive related cot (cotangent) of both system 1 and 2 being coherently connected, or many systems being coherently connected, as in a star. If all systems in a star were to suddenly shift their phase angle (cotangent) in the same direction, the result may be the sudden creation of a supernova.

Note: Charge doesn't exist as science understands, because science attributed charge to mass rather than to space. Likewise, there is no real anti.gravitic force so our earth's experience of vortexing space, which is what we call "gravity" seems to be a one-sided phenomena, said to be "only attractive". "Only attractive" means it's a monopole. If gravity is notated as G8, is gravity now 8 monopoles? Nevertheless, Reality always has 2 sides of each so-called force including so-called "gravitic force". Like phase repels and unlike phase attracts and gravity can be, and is, both. To see this simply imagine two spinning marbles spinning the same way (+/+, -/-)...clockwise...when they get too close......repulsion......if they spin opposite, like two gears meshing...one clockwise and one counterclockwise.....attraction (+/-). These "A" Laws apply even to gravity.

"We can't shield against (or reflect) the force of gravity or gravitational waves, like we do with radio or light (electromagnetic) waves."

Note: Gravity can't be shielded because the empty center of the 13 Anu tori has an empty center, so there is no gravity in our dimensions nor is there antigravity. Gravity is already reflected when gravity information reaches the center of the atom....we call that reflection electromagnetism or EM. What we call gravity, can be countered, however. Jerry Bayles electro.gravitics, above, is one example of dozens of ways of doing so. Gravity is scalar and it exists in its own dimension. That dimension is called space because gravity is what space does....it spirals and spirals are center seeking.

"It's not because gravitational waves are too energetic either. But that's why electromagnetic X-rays and gamma rays are much more difficult to shield against, because of their extremely high energy."

Note: Gravity carries all information to mass more than it does energy (EM). This information function has not been detected, however its small energy dynamic has been. Don't be fooled by gravitys appearance. If it were not for gravitys information, this earth and solar system would not exist. The sun also extracts this information from us after we "qualify" it through human action. This information returns to the universe through the sun, to be used in the future. Instant gravity and 186,283 mps space velocities are the "transference velocities" of this information.

"Quite the contrary, we know that gravitational waves are very very weak, possessing little energy, when compared to electromagnetic waves."

Note: Gravity is said to be quadruapole. When G8 is contemplated, one might think it represents the 8 sides of the Octahedral Transmitter (Vogt, Reality Revealed) of all universal information from which the duality of EM is derived. It seems to be octa.pole but could also be unlimited alternates of inflowing information. Be it quad 4 or octa 8, both 4 and 8 are harmonic multiples of 0D just as surely as is our mysterious 4th dimension which is also a harmonic multiple of 0D. In a binary universe that only recognizes 0 and 1 zero, where we have changed it to 0 and 1, we note all even numbers are resonant with the 0th dimension and all odd numbers are resonant with 1. Simply put, quadrapole or octapole gravitics is resonant with the zeroth dimension (OD) of electrostatics according to this very simple law that states:

All numbers are resonant with 0 or 1,
in a binary universe that only recognizes 0 and 1.

0, 1
2, 3
4, 5
6, 7
8, 9

"As the explanation goes, electric fields can be shielded because free electrons flow to the surface of the conducting shield and terminate the electric field lines."

Note: True

"Magnetic fields can be shielded because the metallic atoms (of certain metals) act like little bar magnets that orient themselves such that the magnetic field lines are terminated (or currents are setup in time varying fields with other metals that achieve the same effect)."

Note: Also true

"Without such a bipolar situation in the gravity domain, there can be no similar shielding."

Note:The problem is still our understanding of what gravity is. Have you ever seen the live frog, floating in mid-air of a nitrogen-cooled cylinder? The super-cold cylinder is not driving out gravity.....Gravity.....that which super-cold space is....drives out all magnetic and electric fields....gravity is still monopolar.......one pole.....the frog floats in the cold cylinder like it would float in space....because there are no magnetic or electric fields around it and without magnetism or electric fields, the vertical dia.magnetic field is dominant.

"Comparing inter-particle forces, the electrons in the atom are bound to the oppositely charged nucleus by Coulomb forces."

Note: The technical explanation:

Alex Kaivarainen

The C<>W pulsations of unpaired F>i (Fermion) are accompanied by the emission<>absorption of Cumulative Virtual Clouds (CVC) and the reversible recoil - antirecoil effect.

The CVC stands for the wave [W] properties of particles. The recoil energy of unpaired F (Fermions) of triplets activates the longitudinal and transversal elastic deformations in superfluid matrix of Bivacuum, corresponding to Coulomb and gravitational potentials of elementary particles and antiparticles. These shifts of Bivacuum fermions from positions of equilibrium are followed by small shifts of mass and energy of torus (V+) and antitorus (V-) of [C] phase of big number of BVFas (Bi-vcuum Fermions) dipoles, responsible for electric (E) and gravitational (G) potentials, correspondingly.

"The like-charged protons in the nucleus, instead of successfully repelling one another, are bound to each other by Pi-mesons (a.k.a. gluons, short lived "particles" that exert attraction force by passing from one proton to another at near the speed of light)."

Note: Remember it's not charged particles. What you see as bound particles is the centripital spatial vortex holding compression waves in the center of the light-velocity vortex as protons, neutrons and everything else also.

"By similarity, some theorists postulate that gravitons are the particle that is exchanged when gravitational force is exerted."

Note: Gravitons will never be found because it's a wave universe and gravity is a very long-wave. Gravitational force is what space does.

"Curiously, gravitational WAVES are thought to have a mass-like quality of their own in that they exert a pull on other nearby gravitational waves."

Note: Again, all waves, including gravity long-waves seek to bind with other waves of exactly equal "A" Law parameters.

"Electromagnetic waves don't do that, although they do cancel out if phased properly where they meet in space. Perhaps gravitational waves cancel if phased properly."

Note: EM waves cancel if there is phase conjugate waves against itself. And gravity long-waves will also cancel if you know what gravity looks like, if you fold the gravitic-monopole against itself like bi.polar EM. If you know the frequency of the wave you can hetrodyne it, if you know why waves perfectly implode you create matter and if you know what shape, how many, what winding and what phase conjugate means, you can do almost anything with this "gravity".

Or, as Richard Lefors Clark, Ph.D. said, in his online document,

The Earth Grid, Human Levitation and Gravity Anomolies

Richard Lefors Clark, Ph.D.
Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes
by Richard Lefors Clark, Ph.D.

Source: Extracted from: "Anti-Gravity and the World Grid".
Edited by David Hatcher-Childress
Adventures Unlimited Press, Stelle, Illinois, 60919

"In a universe of basically spinning energy and particle systems, this non-spin energy has very powerful effects. The non-spin energy is the neutral center force field, belonging to neither side of a generally polarized universe. As such, it is reacted with and repelled very strongly by all energy and particle systems. By the generation of non-spin energy flows and the directional vectoring of these flows, we can design most powerful levitating devices."

"If Nature follows rules, which She does, then all we need do is understand Her methods then apply them. Since diamagnetism is a reaction vector at the reversal point of an energetic flow system, all levitation methods must be similar in Nature."

"A Bloch Wall is a neutral center region at the junction of two magnetic poles (north/south). (See Diagrams 5, 6, 7) it is thereby a "magnetic flow reversal point" and is also known as a "diamagnetic vortex point". The Bloch Wall is the point of division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electronic magnetic energies of the north and south poles. The negative energy pole and north pole magnetism spins to the left; the positive energy pole and south pole magnetism spins to the right. The point of zero magnetism and no-spin, and also the point of magnetic reversal where the two spin fields join, is the Bloch Wall."

"We have two antithetical elements (polarities) meeting and generating a third element, the Bloch Wall, which is a weak pressure (gravity) generator. The south pole is the source and the north pole is the sink. The individual pole energy rotations are three component vectors and the conjunction (Bloch Wall) is a tensor. The resulting "Broken 8" figure is a two dimensional concept of a quadropole pattern. We can visualize it as the spin 2, circularly polarized, gravity wave force field source."

"Two antithetical force fields, the magnetic and the electric (two vector force fields) meet and generate gravity, a neutral center force field and simple two-vector system (tensor). We can state this slightly differently by saying the conjunction of two dipolar generated force field vectors (magnetic and electric) generates a quadropole force field, or gravity. Gravity, as a quadropole source, radiates in a circular 360 degrees polarization pattern, taking two cycles; thus a "spin 2" characteristic exists for gravity, and therefore gravity waves have twice the spin of electromagnetic waves."

"The lack of polarization in the gravity field explains why it cannot be neutralized. As a neutral center force element, gravity cannot have polarities by definition. But it is still just as basic a generated force as the polarized forces of the magnet or the electric fields. The electric field, as well as the magnetic field, has a neutral center effect that is also a gravity wave field source. The two polarized main antithetical force fields (magnetic and electric) are triadic in themselves, as polarization by definition requires, and thus they are both gravity field sources."

"In all electromagnets the Bloch Wall is actually external to the unit (See Diagram 8). The Bloch Wall, the neutral center gravity wave source, is now in the gap between the magnet faces. In terms of the electromagnetic spectrum, the point of 10 (to the power of 12) Hertz is marked as gravity, while below this is radar, radio, and standard EM frequencies; above it are infrared and optical energy frequencies. This is Nature's neutral center in the radiant energy spectrum where Her standard design triadic system demanded it be placed. 10 (to the power of 12) Hertz is the frequency of radiated gravity (See Diagram 9)."


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