99.37.1 2573380: Wales Number (TomBuoyed) 

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Subj: 2573380: Wales Number
Date: 08/20/2001
From: (TomBuoyed)
Email: TomBuoyed@aol.com

Michael Wales in the UK has an important site about the FSC. He also has a special number, named for himself, which is [1/a(em)^3] and he rounds it off to an integer value: 2573380




99.37.2 Gilson Formula for FSC (TomBuoyed) 

Subj: Gilson formula for FSC
Date: 08/20/2001
From: (TomBuoyed)
Email: TomBuoyed@aol.com

Check out the formula, involving cosine and tangent which Michael Gilson uses to calculate FSC.




99.37.3 Interesting Numbers Page! (TomBuoyed) 

Subj: Interesting Numbers Page!
Date: 08/23/2001
From: (TomBuoyed)
Email: TomBuoyed@aol.com

Robert Munafo has an interesting URL devoted to numbers, set up like a dictionary. It includes 82944 and mention DG Leahy as well as 37, 666 and the FSC.



Here is the 82944 entry:

This number has a few interesting properties. First of all, it is (8*9*4)^2 (or 8^2*9^2*4^2), the square of the product of its odd-numbered digits starting from the left. Only 1 and 784 share this property. Also, if you multiply these three (1*784*82944) the answer is ((1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8*9)/(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9))^2.

(Note: He's referring to the odd digit RANK of the number in the sequence, i.e., multiplying the 1st, 3rd and 5th digits in the 5-digit number 82944, or 8*9*4 = 288 then squaring that to get 82944. Leahy calls it the Rational Product).


These, and properties of other numbers (notably including the cult numbers 37, 666 and an older approximation of the fine structure constant) have been linked in many ways by Mr. D. G. Leahy as part of what he calls a "new universal consciousness".


99.37.4 An "ASM" Reading of Milk Hill crop formation (MLM) 

Subj: An "ASM" Reading of Milk Hill crop formation
Date: 08/22/2001
From: (MLM)
Email: Milamo@aol.com

This is based on certain figures .. map figures, given to me via email by Freddy Silva, a researcher in The UK. He states that this_spectacular_Milk Hill crop formation of August 2001, is at "exactly" (his emphasis) .. SU105644.

The "nearest-arc-second" numbers I got, using that map code .. are .. latitude; 51 deg 22 min 44 sec North .. longitude; 01 deg 50 min 59 sec W.Greenwich.

Converting the longitude to the "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) longitude, I use the variance of 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec .. the exact longitude distance_between_the Greenwich meridian and the (meridian) center of The Great Pyramid of Giza. (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published). See also .. http://www.pyramidmatrix.com

01 deg 50 min 59 sec
+ 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec


32 deg 58 min 59.8 sec ... W.Giza.

Next ... I take an_"ASM"_ reading involving the reported "nearest-arc-sec" figures.

32 (deg) X 58 (min) X 59.8 (sec) = 110988.8 .. approx.

I do the same regarding the reported "nearest arc-sec" latitude.

51 (deg) X 22 (min) X 44 (sec) = 49368 .. approx.


Here is where I use my experience and knowledge of the "ASM" .. having studied it for over 10 years (as of this writing), and having expanded the work into *sky-positions @ Jan.1, 2000* .. a very auspicious date, of course.

The nearest "ASM" figure of major importance to "49368" .. is .. 49348.02201 .. a decimal harmonic of .. (Pi X half-Pi). (3.141592654 X 1.570796327) = 4.934802201

Further .. I found "4.934802201" as the Grid POINT Value for the remarkable "Woodborough Hill" crop formation of about one year ago (UK, 2000) .. involving a 22-fold geometry in a circular design. Freddy Silva, by the way, wrote an article on that formation.


I think the 22-fold formation of a year ago, is being *intentionally referenced*, via the apparent Grid LAT of this awesome "Milk Hill" formation of 2001. Not only are these 2 crop formations .. separated by a year .. being correlated intentionally by their creators. The decimal harmonic_itself_of (Pi X half-Pi) .. is being "displayed". The "ASM", *itself* .. is being "referenced", in my opinion, by the creators of_at least_these 2 formations.


Here is my Grid LONG "ASM" figure for this formation ..

32 (deg) X 58 (min) X 59.82384133 (sec) W.Giza .. = 111033.0495 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 01 deg 50 min 59.02384133 sec ].

Grid POINT Value "Milk Hill" crop formation of August 2001 ..

111033.0495 / 49348.02201 = 2.25


2.25 .. is a decimal harmonic of .. 225 .. the Square of 15.

Many of you will recognize that "15" is a very important "ASM" figure.

The "225" angle .. in our conventional 360 arc-degrees system .. indicates, as an azimuth, a perfect_diagonal_from cardinal orientation, as in "Miami Square" .. the azimuth from The Miami Circle to the ancient water-well. (http://hometown.aol.com/marscode/homepage1.html) I think The Miami Circle is the (visible) remains of the so-called .. "Fountain of Youth". I call this ancient water-well .. at the southwestern corner of "Miami Square" .. "The Well of OSIRIS". The Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle .. the northeastern corner of "Miami Square" .. is .. 3.872983346 .. Square Root of 15. And 15 is the esoteric number of "OSIRIS Re-membered".

What is the alphanumeric sum of OSIRIS ? 89. Of YOUTH ? 89. The 8 and the 9.

8 X 9 = 72 .. major gematrian number. Grid POINT Value of the "Phi-point" in the remains of the Ark of ZI.U.SUD.RA. in Eastern Turkey. (Morton, 2000, Internet).

8 + 9 = 17 .. very interesting esoteric number.

9 / 8 = 1.125 .. exactly *HALF* of 2.25 .. the Grid POINT Value of this magnificent "Milk Hill" crop formation of Aug. 2001. (Morton, 2001, Internet).

8 / 9 = 0.888888889 .. decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of Jan.1, 2000 ALDEBARAN .. the "Bull's Eye" of TAURUS. (8.888888889). (Morton, 2001, Internet). The_first_crop formation of 2001 in the_UK_was .. "The Bull's Eye". It looked (from above, of course) like an archery target.

9 - 8 = 1 .. Unity.


The Grid POINT Value of "The Well of OSIRIS" ? 1.622311471 .. the exact_ratio_of The Miami Circle and 2Pi. (Morton, 1999, Internet). (2Pi) / 3.872983346 = 1.622311471

The multiplied-product of "The Well of OSIRIS" and this "Milk Hill" 2001 crop formation ? It is .. (1.622311471 X 2.25) = 3.650200809 .. the Grid POINT Value of .. the center of Ed Leedskalnin's "Coral Castle" near Homestead, Florida !! (Morton, 1998, Internet). It's in my archives, yes.

And .. "365.0200809" .. is Munck's (1992, "The Code") figure for the length of the Solar Year (of Earth) in days .. at the time_this_version of the "ASM" was apparently dedicated ... @ "Zep Tepi". By "this" version .. I mean the version aligned-to (apparently) mathematically, after the last "pole-shift" of Earth, about 12960 years ago .. or .. about *half-an-Earth-precession-cycle* ago.

Using the 2.25 Grid POINT Value of this stupendous "Milk Hill" crop formation of 2001 ..

12960 / 2.25 = 5760 ... which is *year-2000 A.D.* on the ancient Hebrew Calendar that began @ Nippur (in today's Iraq) in 3760 B.C.

I have found the "ASM" sky-positions .. including Galactic Center and Solar Apex .. to be aligned mathematically @ Jan.1, 2000 .. according to the independent database I have consistently used.


Notice, also, (immediately following, here) .. the exact mathematical correlation involving the "duality" of the_*halves*_of THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars .. as especially-well-noted by Kynthia and Richard C.Hoagland in recent articles on TEM .. http://www.enterprisemission.com

Here, I will divide the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992, "The Code") of THE FACE .. into the half-precession (Earth) figure .. (12960 / 656.56127) = 19.7392008

Not only is 19.7392088 the multiplied-product of (2Pi times Pi) .. it is_also_the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of REGULUS .. the 'Heart of the Lion' (in Leo). (Morton, 1999, Internet). ( 3.141592654 X 6.283185307) = 19.7392088

There, you have a direct reference to the *feline* HALF of THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars.

Of course .. the 12960 figure is the "half-precession" (Earth years) .. referencing the *Leo-Aquarius* opposition_across_the zodiac !! Those 2 zodiac houses are 180 degrees apart .. HALF of the 360 arc-degrees on one circumference in "our" geometric system.

What is 1/4th of 19.7392088 ? (1/4th of 360 is .. 90 .. the numerical value of the_right-angle_in our system).

(19.7392088 / 4) = 4.934802201 .. Grid POINT Value of the 22-fold crop formation ("Woodborough Hill") of 2000, mentioned earlier in this article .. AND .. a_decimal harmonic_of the Grid LAT of this resplendent "Milk Hill" crop formation of 2001. {49348.02201 North}.

Even the number 22 ... of that "22-fold" formation .. is symbolizing a circle .. a circumference .. because 22 is the_numerator_in the Pi-approximation ratio of .. (22 / 7).

There is even a reference to BOTH 360_and_to 22 .. in the mean diameter of Earth in terms of statute miles .. via this ratio ..7920 / 360 = 22.

The 225 decimal harmonic also correlates dramatically .. *this summer* .. with the_year_of The Declaration of Independence .. 2001 - 225 = 1776.

There is also a direct correlation to 1776 .. involving the classic gematrian number 2368 .. and_simultaneously_involving "light-speed" (the Bruce Cathie decimal harmonic) and 6*6*6 .. the "number of humankind", as I call it. Here it is ..

(2368 X 162) / 216 = 1776.

Here is another "version" of the 2368 number .. 2368.705056 .... a decimal harmonic of the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS .. 2.368705056 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

2368.705056_is_the Grid LONG of the_center_of The U.S. Naval Observatory. (Morton, 1998, Internet). 2368.705056 W.Giza .. = 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].

Notice, please ..

(2368.705056 X 162) / 216 = 1776.528792 = 180 X (Pi Squared).

Within "1776.528792" .. there are 3 encoded "entities". There are; 1776 .. 528 .. and .. 792. Of course, 528 is a decimal harmonic of 5280 .. feet in a statute mile. And 792 .. a decimal harmonic of the number of_statute miles_in the mean diameter of Earth.

Counting on our solar year calendar (modern) .. if you begin at the *mid-point* of the 3.5-days-long (approx.) December "solstice-period" .. or, at late 22nd Dec/early 23rd Dec ... you will count_approximately_193 days to July 4th. If you multiply 365.25 times 0.528792 .. using the decimal-fractional portion of the 1776.528792 figure .. (365.25 X 0.528792) = 193.141278 .. very close to 193 days !!

What occurs on_July 4th_in "this era", precessionally-speaking ? That is the_longitudinal_ecliptic conjunction (of Sol) with .. SIRIUS.

Then .. counting_from_July 4th .. how many_days_are there to New Year's Eve ? 180 ... yes !! Exactly. At midnight on New Year's Eve, SIRIUS "appears" to cross the sky-meridian.

Again; 1776.528792 = 180 X (Pi Squared).

Resonance with GALACTIC CENTER

I found the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of Galactic Center .. 35.53057584 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

Note .. (1776.528792 / 35.53057584) = 50.

Again .. notice the "halving-and-doubling" motif, if you will .. with 1776.528792 being a_decimal harmonic_of HALF 35.53057584 .. just as "50" is a decimal harmonic of 0.5 ... half of unity.

And 50 was the Sumerian number of "Kingship on Earth". This was also called "the number of The Enlilship" .. because EN.LIL. held the title of "Lord of the Command" .. or .. what we today would call "Commander-in-Chief". He was head of the Military .. of Administration, of Government.

Notice, please .. as I now divide "50" by the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of the Orion belt-star ALNITAK .. (50 / 43.63323131) = 1.14591559 = 1/50th of the Radian (deg) . because .. (57.29577951 / 50) = 1.14591559

ALNITAK, as some of you reading this know .. is the ecliptic prime meridian "marker" .. for at least the_current_"ASM".

Now .. regarding, again, the figure 1.14591559 .. it is the Grid POINT Value of the_center_of .. The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. (Morton, 1998, Internet). And The Pentagon is actually aligned with an over-layed, scaled view (photo) of .. The D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars, as part of a larger, more-involved alignment involving Cydonia and the Arlington, VA/Washington, D.C. area. This_larger_alignment shows The White House actually corresponding_positionally_with THE FACE @ Cydonia !! What I am describing to you, here .. is_self-evident_graphically .. on the website of researcher Daniel Perez ..


You must scroll down several pages, when you get to that website, to see this unmistakable and *irrefutable* graphic correlation.

I now must express something very important. I do_NOT_focus, here, on any "conspiracy" element(s) .. *per se* .. in regard to these particular alignments themselves. Yes .. there obviously_have_been cover-ups and conspiracies going-on, 'BIG-TIME' .

BUT .. this article of mine .. and these figures of mine .. these correlations, these alignments, are SELF-EVIDENT .. **REGARDLESS** of politics, regardless of cover-ups, regardless of black-ops !! Do you understand ??!!!

So ... please understand .. that what I'm showing you, here .. is NOT_*dependent-on*_any reality/un-reality of .. "conspiracies". It is very important to understand this.


As many of you know .. EN.LIL was opposed by EN.KI. .. for the real "Kingship on Earth". Yes .. Enlil held the "title". But .. Enki had the substance .. the real 'goods'. Enki had the knowledge, the practical know-how, and he had the "heart", as well. He was the protagonist of humankind, contrary to the more modern propaganda of the Enlil faction.

Enki's Sumerian "rank number" was 40.

40 X 50 = 2000 .. and there's the 2000 A.D. year, again.

40 + 50 = 90 .. the *right-angle*, in our (handed down from the Enki faction) 360 geometry system.

What about the number "60" .. the basis of our time and arc-distance measures ? Notice this equation ..

(656.56127 X 19.7392088) / 216 = 60.


I was discussing the number 22. The number 22 is associated with the geometric structure of DNA itself. Buckminster Fuller found the "DNA/RNA Un-Zip Angle" as 7.333333333 arc-degrees. It "so-happens" that 7.333333333 is exactly 1/3rd of 22. And; 1/3rd .. is the Sine of the (Hoagland) latitude .. 19.47122061 (deg) north & south on rotating planetary bodies .. the "tetrahedral latitude".

So .. (7.333333333 / 0.333333333) = 22.

The original Hebrew alphabet had 22 letters .. all consonants.

I think the relative sizes of Earth and The Moon are intimately connected to the DNA of "life as we know it". Life as "we know it" .. is life on Earth, for the most part .. at this time, in "our" Earth-human history. 7.333333333 is .. DOUBLE .. 3.666666667

And 3.666666667 is the_ratio_of .. (7920 / 2160) .. which are the mean diameters, in statute miles, of Earth and The Moon.

Also .. 3.666666667 = (5280 / 1440) .. ratio of the number of feet in a statute mile to ten times the classic gematrian number meaning "light".

How about a direct "Phi" hit .. for you Golden-Section fans ? No problem. 55 / 3.666666667 = 15.

Yes .. 55 .. a nice Fibonacci node. (55 - 15) = 40 .. hello, Enki.

Now .. getting back to the 2.25 Grid POINT Value of this outrageously wonderful "Milk Hill" crop formation of August 2001 .. (55 / 2.25) = 24.44444444 .. zap it with light .. (24.44444444 X 162) = 3960 .. mean Earth radius in statute miles.


Looking at the_Grid LONG_of the 2001 "Milk Hill Beauty"

Notice the figure .. 111033.0495 W.Giza .. = 32 (deg) X 58 (min) X 59.82384133 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 01 deg 50 min 59.02384133 sec ].

111 ... alphanumeric sum of .. NIN.HUR.SAG. She was half-sister to_both_Enlil and Enki. They all had the same father .. AN.U. Anu's Sumerian "rank number" was 60 .. "King of Heaven", or, possibly .. "King of Nibiru". And; there is the number that serves as the basis for our time and arc-distance measures .. 60.

033 .. 33 .. that special "Freemasonry" number .. also; the_year_A.D. .. that Jesus the Christ was crucified, at age 40. Notice the connection to Enki .. 40. 40 - 33 = 7 .. the B.C._year_of birth .. according to the research of Laurence Gardner. And .. 7 .. is the denominator in the (22 / 7) Pi approximation ratio. Could Pi .. be related etymologically to .. Pisces ?

(111 + 33) = 144 .. classic gematrian number, meaning "light".

33 is also, I think .. the number of arc-degrees of precessional (Earth) movement through the entire 'actual' zodiac sign of Pisces. Yes .. I know all 12 houses are equally divided into 30 arc-degrees segments for purposes of measuring, etc. But .. their 'actual' precessional lengths do differ, and I think Pisces is apparently 33 degrees.

Further .. I think 2368 .. will be the_year A.D._of the 'actual' end / beginning of the Pisces / Aquarius signs .. not the regular 30 arc-degrees segment / cusp. I think 2160 A.D. is the regular cusp. The year 2368 A.D. will be .. (360 years + 8) .. from year 2000 A.D. And the 8 .. is the number of years .. "Year One inclusive" .. from 07 B.C. to 01 A.D.

Notice the decimal-fractional portion of .. 111033.0495

0495 .. 495 ..

495 + 225 = 720 .. number of corner arc-degrees on the surface of a tetrahedron. Again .. the 225 is a decimal harmonic of the 2.25 Grid POINT Value of this great "Milk Hill" crop formation of August 2001. 495 - 225 = 270 ... number of days in_9 months_of an average of 30 days per month .. the Earth-human gestation period.

"Milk" .. given by The Cow .. the nurturing female .. associated historically with NIN.HUR.SAG. And ... if you read enough Sitchin .. you will see that NIN.HUR.SAG. was known as The Great Mother. She actually *was* surrogate mother to some key ancestors of ours, according to the work and the research of Sitchin and L.Gardner. And, she was a great "hands-on" genetic scientist, at the side of Enki.

528 - 495 = 33.
495 = 33 X 15.

The Grid POINT Value_of_The Supreme Council 33rd Degree Temple .. in Washington, D.C. .. is .. 15. (Morton, 2000, Internet). AND .. 15 is_also_the Grid POINT Value of .. The U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

This "495" number is directly tied to the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of the star PLEIONE .. the Mother of the 7 Sisters of The Pleiades. Thanks to Rab Wilkie, for finding-out the actual star referenced by the data, and by the Jan.1, 2000 (1.260507149) Grid POINT Value, that I had found for "PLEIADES" (from the database).

Before I give this next equation, please keep in mind that the ratio of Jan.1, 2000 Galactic Center to Jan.1, 2000 Solar Apex .. is .. 12.5 .. or HALF of 25 .. and "25" is the sum of alphanumeric Pi. (Morton, 2000, Internet). (35.53057584 / 2.842446068) = 12.5

Please notice ..

(12.5 X 3.141592654 X 10) X 1.260507149 = 495.

There, you have a very direct, and precise .. correlation .. among "495", base 10, Pi, the Jan.1, 2000_ratio_of the Grid POINT Values of Galactic Center and Solar Apex, and .. the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of PLEIONE .. in the Pleiades constellation.

Then .. keep in mind that PLEIONE of Jan.1, 2000 and the Grid POINT Value of the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau .. 6.283185307 .. or "2Pi" .. when multiplied together .. gives .. the Grid POINT Value of .. The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Morton, 1998, Internet) .. (6.283185307 X 1.260507149) = 7.92

And recall .. "792" are the last 3 digits, in order, of that special figure .. 1776.528792

And .. 7.92 is a decimal harmonic of 7920 .. the mean diameter of Earth, in statute miles.


Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2001


From Michael Morton,
Date 8/22/01

This is not only in response to you, Ron .. but to 'everyone' within reach of this email .. forwarded, whatever. And .. Raphiem ... here you are !! ... you said you were 'just waiting' for someone to say that this awesome crop formation ("Milk Hill", UK, August 13th of 2001) .. was "faked". OK .. let 'em have it, man.

OK .... Freddy, Ron ... others; give us some details ... give us some_"details"_of how "these people" supposedly faked this ... how they "did it". And, yes ... I AM asking you to name the person who "gave you this secret info", Freddy.

I'm sorry ... this is bullshit .. and none of you should be falling for this.

This formation is genuine; period. It's obvious ... and it's common sense !!!

Have all of you read my email post re: this formation ?

Please ... let's be real .. let's use some common sense !! And .. I hope .. I really do hope ... that none of you .. meaning Freddy, Paul, Ron .. are *giving-in* to the "powers-that-be". I really do hope .. that you are not "allowing yourselves" to be bought-off, or manipulated through extortion or bribery .. by people who want to continue to suppress the truth.

AND .. I hope you are not being cowards .. giving-in to the debunkers and disinformationists .. out of fear. Please have courage. Don't "run away" from the truth. You "can't" run from the truth, really .. because it is everywhere. Take heart.

And .. I hope you are not deluded. I hope you are strong enough to stand this test. Hang in there.

There is no way this formation was "faked" or "hoaxed". It is simply obvious .. and blatantly-so. Don't give-in to bullshit. Enough is enough.

-- Michael L.M.

P.S. Ron .. what do you mean ... "magical" ?? Like ... the "Tooth Fairy" ? The Anunnaki, by the way .. are "humanoid", at least .. if not completely "human". There are apparently many, many humanoid ETs. We_are_essentially ETs, "ourselves"


99.37.5 Re: An "ASM" Reading of Milk Hill crop formation (ron@cropcircles.org) 

In a message dated 08/21/2001 7:09:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time, ron@cropcircles.org writes:

Subj: Re: An "ASM" Reading of Milk Hill crop formation
Date: 08/21/2001 7:09:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: ron@cropcircles.org (ron)

To: Milamo@aol.com (Michael Morton)

OK, Michael,

But you had better be aware that not all is as it appears in the crop circle world. See below. I send this for your edification and protection. The formation may well have been magical even if made by humans.

Best regards,
Ron Russell


99.37.6 Crop Circle news: Important news about the Milk Hill formation (Paul Vigay) 

Subject: Crop Circle News: Important news about the Milk Hill formation
Date: 08/20 11:48 PM
Received: 08/21 8:11 PM
From: Paul Vigay, pvigay@cropcircleresearch.com
To: cclist@cropcircleresearch.com

Although this will probably be regarded as controversial, I forward this to everyone as I regard it as very important.

regards, Paul


forwarded message To all researchers,

I have this afternoon received confirmation from a reliable source in the media (whose identity will remain confidential), that Team Satan, along with a well-rehearsed, and large group of people, made the Milk Hill formation for a forthcoming show debunking the crop circle phenomenon for good (well, so THEY think). The programme will be shown in September on HTV.

Naturally, they plan to use quotes from all those who have so far expressed wonder at this impressive formation (from the air, at least- the ground details are far from convincing).

There is also evidence of later military involvement in this exercise, which will take me a while to substantiate. For starters, an undercover investigation has revealed that members of the military, pretending to be new-age interests, have this year infiltrated much of the crop circle community for purposes which can only be speculated upon.

Please notify as you wish, and please be careful what you say to the media or over the Internet. It could be used to discredit you.

More information as I receive it. And please, do not give me a hard time over 'confidentiality'. You'll just have to trust this message, just as I have trusted the source who kindly provided it.

Freddy Silva

Paul Vigay - Editor & Publisher of "Enigma" New Sciences Research Journal



99.37.7 10.03224805 (Jerry Iuliano) 

Subj: 10.03224805
Date: 08/22/2001
From: (Jerry Iuliano)
Email: JerryIuliano@aol.com

From MetPhys
Date: 8/21/01

4 pdf files attached + Adobe Reader


Note: EGPhoton.pdf

"The frequency of 10.03224805 Hz, which has been proposed by this author as being the electrogravitational frequency, may be represented as the average mean frequency or perhaps the base ELF of all the possible electrogravitational atomic scalar frequencies."

(MetPhys: Reminds us of base 10 exponents doesn't it.)

This author has developed a gravity formula based upon the torus. You will recognize the beauty of symmetry between the real and imaginary halves, immediately. Very technical and along the lines of what I have in mind. As usual, someone of a higher capacity arrives at my conclusions before I do.. : )




Concerning your 10.03224805 Hz number. It can be closely approximated by cubed Pi:

1/(Pi^3)+10 = 10.03225153

10.03224805/10.0322553 = .999999652



From: MetPhys
Date: 8/22/01

From the notes of Jerry E. Bayles

"People have assumed that I speak of an absolute pure frequency of 10 Hz related to the electrogravitational action in my theory. It is more likely a shift of frequency equivalent to 10 Hz which for atomic energy events is a very small change. It is more an uncertainty in frequency than an absolute frequency. A small shift of 10 Hz in the atomic range is frequency modulation and may go undetected for what it represents."



99.37.8 A 'Forward' of my *22-fold formation* article of 2000 (MLM) 

Subj: A 'Forward' of my *22-fold formation* article of 2000
Date: 08/22/2001
From: (MLM)
Email: Milamo@aol.com

To Everyone ..

This (below) is a forward of my article on The Internet, from almost one year ago, as I now write this. This article discusses the *22-fold crop formation* .. that I refer-to in my 'latest' email-article .. regarding the spectacular "Milk Hill" crop formation of 13 August, 2001.

I'd like you to notice how_significant_this 22-fold formation *was/is* .. and how Freddy Silva and Sharon Pacione wrote about it .. and_what_they wrote about it. You can also see the "ASM" figures I found for it, of course.

Notice the_matching_decimal harmonic of (Pi X half-Pi) .. how it is the Grid POINT Value in this 22-fold formation of 2000 .. and how it is the Grid LAT {49348.02201} in the very recent awesome "Milk Hill" formation.

Notice, also .. how (Pi X half-Pi) is the_ratio_of the Grid POINT Values of .. the Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau and Chartres Cathedral. (Morton, 2000, Internet). [ (6.283185307 / 1.273239545) = 4.934802201].

-- Michael L.M.

[ NOTE: Again; this is from almost one year ago ... in 2000 ].


I have found the 22-fold (geometric) 'Woodborough Hill' (UK) crop formation .. a magnificent and obviously-genuine one .. to be *directly, specifically, and precisely* connected .. in terms of Grid POINT Values .. simultaneously to .. both Chartres Cathedral and to the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau.

Here is the equation .. simply involving the 3 Grid POINT Values (M.L. Morton) ..

6.283185307 / 1.273239545 = 4.934802201

I've already sent you email(s) showing my calculations for the 'matrix' numbers of Chartres Cathedral (quite recently) .. and I've had the 'matrix' numbers of the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau on The Internet for over 2 years now.

Here, in this piece .. I'll give you my 'matrix' numbers for this 'Woodborough Hill' crop formation (UK, year-2000 season). (Approximate coordinates were given to me via email by UK researcher Freddy Silva) ..

Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 21 (min) X 2.006154745 (sec) North .. = 2148.591732 North .. = 37.5 X Radian (deg). { Note: Radian (deg) = (360 / 2Pi) = 57.29577951 deg }.

Grid LONG 32 (deg) X 57 (min) X 5.812979828 (sec) W.Giza .. = 10602.87521 W.Giza .. = 3375 X Pi. { Note: using precisely 3.141592654 for the Pi constant }. [ W.Greenwich 01 deg 49 min 5.012979828 sec ].

Grid POINT Value 10602.87521 / 2148.591732 = 4.934802201

Note: "4.934802201" is exactly HALF of .. (Pi Squared). { 9.869604401 / 2 = 4.934802201 }. ALSO .. "4.934802201" is exactly .. Pi X (1/2 Pi). { 3.141592654 X 1.570796327 = 4.934802201 }.

There is an excellent article and analysis of this crop formation with some *good graphics* .. by Freddy Silva (a top researcher in the UK) at .. http://www.lovely.clara.net/crop_circles_history00d.html

Please go there .. use that URL.

I received an email from Sharon Pacione, another researcher into the crop formation phenomenon, regarding this particular formation. I am 'pasting' most of Sharon's email here (following) :

Hi Everyone ..

The above crop circle design is so phenomenal that I wanted to share it with you. I also want to share that it is IDENTICAL to the 'crown chakra' portion known as "Bija mantras". In the book "Music and Sound in the Healing Arts" by John Beaulieu, this formation is shown on page 107. (ISBN 0-88268-056-0, published in1987 by Station Hill Press).

Here is a quote from the book: ""Bija means 'seed'. The bijas of the chakra energy centers are those 'seeds of sound' that are associated with the element of each chakra....The bija mantras are combinations of these seed sounds that evoke elemental archetypes for healing. There are thousands of possibilities for creating bija mantras."

Here is one additional quote also used in the book: "The bija-mantras are the most potent of all. They definitely belong to no language and are not found in any dictionary. They have no gender and declensions. They are combinations of letters that represent the relationship between the kundalini (life energy) and the Supreme Consciousness (Sacred Sound), and their specific rays (elemental archetypes)...An attempt to understand them intellectually will be futile." ~~~~~~~(Usharbudh Arya)


SOUND, SOUND, SOUND...EVERYTHING IS SOUND....EVERYTHING IS BIRTHED BY SOUND!!! I still say that one day we will KNOW that the authentic crop formations are created by the science of "CYMATICS".

I have come across some other information regarding possible meanings of some of the formations that I will share in the near future. Hopefully, someone will put them in a book (geeze, I hope it's not me)!!!

In the spirit of oneness,

(Sharon Pacione)


My thanks to Sharon Pacione for sharing her information and her comments, concerning this 'Woodborough Hill' crop formation (UK). I notice part of her quoted excerpt (above) says, "any attempt to understand this .. intellectually .. will be futile". Well .. I have to respectfully disagree there, with the author of that statement. I think we ARE making very significant progress in "understanding this intellectually" .. through the very numbers I'm finding, and through these very specific, and very precise, correlations that I'm finding between crop formation locations, ancient site/structure locations, and certain Jan.1, 2000 A.D.star-positions in our sky .. relative to our ecliptic.

In the equation above, I have Chartres Cathedral and the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau directly connected (their 'matrix' Grid POINTS) to this crop formation's centered, precise point-of-placement. We now know the design of this formation is that of certain "crown chakra" *healing modalities*. Of course, this is involving ancient knowledge about healing .. about using *sound* for therapeutic purposes. In Laurence Gardner's work (see "Genesis of The Grail Kings") he mentions the ancient "Egyptian Therapeutate". I quote, here, from pages 126-127 of 'Genesis of The Grail Kings' : "Another of the most prominent mystery schools was the Great White Brotherhood of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III (circa 1450 B.C.) .. so-called, it is often said, because of their white raiment .. but 'actually' named because of their pre-occupation with a mysterious white powder. According to the Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, there were 39 men and women on the High Council of the Brotherhood, who sat at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. A branch of this Order became more generally known as the Egyptian Therapeutate, who, in Heliopolis and Judaea, were identified as the Essenes."

The Church at Rennes-le-Chateau and Chartres Cathedral are very associated with the Knights Templar, who in turn were involved in preserving the knowledge and the legacy (and the actual bloodlines !!) associated with the_descendants_of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Laurence Gardner, in his work, has shown that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were, themselves, descendants of people who carried this ancient *knowledge and legacy* down through millennia of human history, from ancient Mesopotamia_and_from ancient Egypt.

Holger Isenberg sent me the approximate coordinates for Chartres Cathedral, on the 31st of August, 2000. { Note: this was either the same day, or the day after, a *white dove* (rare for the area in Denmark where he lives) .. attempted to actually fly-in through his window. As he reported, in an email on The Internet (recorded for posterity), when he looked at the time on a digital clock in his room .. just seconds after this white dove had tried to fly into his room .. the clock read; "19:47"}.

I went to the website Holger had used to get the approximate coordinates; http://www.mapblast.com ... and I entered "France" and "Chartres" in the appropriate boxes .. and there appeared a map (drawing/graphic) of an aerial view of the area of Chartres, France. I noticed a "very roughly-circular or oval" street .. surrounding the site_of_the Cathedral. Then, I noticed that this street is actually shaped .. *as seen from aerial view* .. very much like an_actual_ human heart !! This, I think, is quite significant.

A research colleague of mine .. Joe Mason .. has written rather extensively on The Internet (http://www.greatdreams.com) about the human "heart chakra" and its importance in these very transitional times of circa 2000 A.D. And Joe Mason's writings on this "heart chakra" topic have been in relation to .. certain crop formations !!

Dan Winter has written much about "Phi-nesting" .. directly correlating it with the human heart physiology itself. Of course .. this involves the Phi constant .. the 'Golden Section' .. 1.618033989 .. which is *exactly* DOUBLE the Cosine of 36 (deg). Freddy Silva has noted .. in his analysis of this 'Woodborough Hill' crop formation ...{ http://www.lovely.clara.net/crop_circles_history00d.html } .. the *Phi-based design elements* in the '22-fold geometry' of the formation.

Do you realize what the odds must be .. for *this particular crop formation* to have a Grid POINT Value actually 'precisely-equal-to' .. the exact ratio of the *precise* Grid POINT Values of the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau and Chartres Cathedral ? Do you realize that the Grid LAT and the Grid LONG of *each* of these 3 locations .. must be "precisely what they are" .. in terms of arc-degrees, arc-minutes, and *FRACTIONAL ARC-SECONDS* .. to form the equation I discovered here ?!!

Regarding SIRIUS ..

The other night (this was in early Autumn of 2000) on "Coast-to-Coast AM" .. Richard Hoagland mentioned SIRIUS and its importance relative to New Year's Eve at midnight on 1999/2000 .. in Washington, D.C. and at Giza. And Robert Ghostwolf, on the same show, made a statement as to the_"importance of mathematics"_in 'what's happening' now. They were actually referring_directly_to what I have already written about on The Internet.

If you go to my "Sky Matrix" sections on the following website ..


you will see my 'matrix' figures for SIRIUS (Morton, 1999). You will note its Grid POINT Value as .. 2.368705056 .. and its Grid LONG as .. "24805.02134" E.ALNITAK .. = 19 (deg) X 23 (min) X 56.76206256 (sec) E.ALNITAK. { ALNITAK being the Orion belt-star serving as our ecliptical prime meridian 'marker' }.

Notice the decimal harmonic reference to the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992) of The Great Pyramid of Giza (248.0502134) .. as The Great Pyramid itself serves as Earth's prime meridian 'marker'. ( http://hometown.aol.com/marscode/giza.html )

Then .. go to .. http://hometown.aol.com/marscode/cydonia.html

Those webpages will show you (graphically, thanks to my friend and research associate Gary Val Tenuta) the prime meridians at both Giza and Cydonia. I've been able to confirm and to prove the theory of my friend Mary Anne Weaver .. as correct .. that is; that ALNITAK _is_our ecliptical prime meridian 'marker' for the longitude of certain prominent star-positions in our sky .. including SIRIUS, POLARIS, REGULUS, MINTAKA, ALNILAM, ALPHA DRACONIS, SPICA, VEGA, BETELGEUSE, RIGEL, ARCTURUS, ALDEBARAN, MERAK, DUBHE, CASTOR, POLLUX, etc.

ALNITAK corresponds directly to The Great Pyramid, positionally .. as viewed from above (aerial view) and to the north of the Giza complex .. to the ORION belt-stars in our sky as viewed from Earth, as Robert Bauval wrote .. around 1995.

Mary Anne Weaver is the researcher who wrote the brilliant and very comprehensive paper for Richard Hoagland, almost one year ago (October/November of 1999) as I write this, statistically proving that the Apollo and the pre-Apollo NASA programs_were_certainly following a definite pattern in their launches and in their landings, according to certain *star-positions* as related to the horizons .. on Earth, on The Moon, and on Mars.

So .. getting back to SIRIUS. I now will multiply the Grid POINT Value of Sirius (Morton, 1999) by the Grid POINT Value of this 'Woodborough Hill' crop formation .. 2.368705056 X 4.934802201 = Pi X 3.720753202

The figure "3.720753202" is a decimal harmonic of the *matrix format* figure of the base slope angle of The Great Pyramid of Giza. Munck (1992) found this as .. 37207.53202 ... = 51 (deg) X 51 (min) X 14.30508728 (sec).

The TANGENT (Munck, 1992) of this base slope angle is .. (4 / Pi) .. or .. 1.273239545

That figure .. exactly "1.273239545".. is the Grid POINT Value I just found recently (2 weeks ago, as I write this) for Chartres Cathedral.


Will Richard Hoagland Show My (Following) Equation ?

I have sent Richard Hoagland several emails specifically-regarding the SIRIUS connections to Washington, D.C., to Giza, to the 'year-2000', and to the 'Sky Meridian'. { No .. the "Sky Meridian" is not the ecliptical prime meridian }. Please do not confuse the two. He should be able to explain the difference between the two, at the upcoming "Santa Fe Conclave".

Included in those emails to him, I have sent my equation which elegantly describes this "SIRIUS connection" that he was referring-to on the "Coast-to-Coast AM" show the other night. I really do hope he intends to actually *clearly show* my equation during this presentation in Santa Fe, NM .. at the end of this month (Sept. 2000). I suspect, however, that he probably is intending to barely even (if at all) mention my name, in-connection-with this "revelation/proof" he has now announced that he will be presenting. I also suspect that he may try to "show" the equation as a mere "side-bar" or "caption" on a video screen, such that the print is so incredibly tiny .. the numbers can't be read, anyway.

Anyway ... here is my equation .. so at least you'll have it, now ..

(2.368705056 / 5.411616169) X (360 / 2000) = 0.07878735239

There, on the right-hand side of the equation, you have The White House .. I mean; a decimal harmonic of my Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1998) for The White House .. "7.878735239".

On the left-hand side of the equation .. you have (the Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS divided-by the Grid POINT Value of The Washington Monument) ... *TIMES* ... (the designated 'number' for MERIDIANS divided-by the 'number' of the New Year as of midnight last New Year's Eve).

Do you recall the Clintons, last New Year's Eve at midnight (1999/2000) on national television, gazing toward The Washington Monument as it 'burst' into a blazing, bright light as the clock struck 12 ? Do you know where SIRIUS was in our sky, at that moment ? ...

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2000

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