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Anti-G The Ultimate Heist


Can you analyze this first page on Antigravity, especially his info on Viktor Schauberger, and send me the results of your analysis? Please highlight and enclose your comments in brackets >> << .



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From: christian.lange2@tin.it
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Subject: "Anti-G The Ultimate Heist" (Christian) 
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I made some comments in brackets >> << .

Repulsine Disc Photos

Explanation of Implosion

Anti-G The Ultimate Heist with comments

Getting started with this subject is difficult when considering the multitude and magnitude of conspiracies

>>Yes, of course<<

surrounding the UFO Free Energy Enigma. It is and shall be my attempt to bring about change in this arena where perhaps the pen is mightier then the sword by shedding light on the mystery of "Free Energy" via the Unorthodox Factor. After all, if you were in control of the fossil fuel paradigm you would want free energy technology suppressed because it wouldn't be good business for the fossil fuel industries

>>not only fuel, even chemistry and pharma industry.<<

What better way is there to hide free energy concepts than to break them up into common knowledge so that everyone knows it and yet, no one knows it? In this manner you could "hide" free energy concepts so that only your scientist and engineers would be privy to its secrets as well as inventing as many spin-off theories as possible enabling you to maximize the confusion factor. Well, if you want control its what you have to do. But what a paradox, you suppress technology and you inadvertently suppress the evolution of time.

UFO The First Contact

The year was 1975 I was studying amateur astronomy, as several friends and I were preparing for a lake dive at the reservoir in Falcon Heights TX. We were camped on the embankment of the reservoir watching the sunset reveal the heavens to the night's eye. It was a full moon on the other side of the world and the light of the setting sun backlit the summer night sky. It was just before dusk when I observed to the south what appeared to be four bright-lit stars' arranged in the shape of a diamond or square depending upon your perspective. However, they proved to be more then stars as stars do not repel themselves away from Mother Earth attaining high velocities or change in direction by pivoting or zigzag motions. In the time it took to alert my companions to the four stars, the top star suddenly shot out into the depths of space then instantaneously stopped! While the other three stars maintained their positions on these points (V) Then it shot over to the west and executed a controlled spiral leaving behind a light trail in the shape of the number (3) then it shot back over its southern departure point and once again stopped! The alien craft repeated the same exact controlled maneuvers three times inscribing the letter (E) with the wake of its light trail and upon its last execution of sudden stops between spiral maneuvers the UFO accelerated and shot so far and fast into the outer reaches of space that we could no longer see it!

Note: The light trail inscribed by the alien craft in the night sky resembled the letter (E). The letter (E) as referenced form Radio Shack's "Basic Electronics" by Gene McWhorter & Alvis J. Evans page 50, chapter 3 "AC Circuits" states that the symbol "E" is the general symbol used to indicate an AC voltage source"

Note: Page 107 Chapter 6 states that radio waves are electric and magnetic fields moving in space and oscillating crosswise or transverse to each other at 90 degree angles. Thus another name for radio waves is electromagnetic waves.

Note: Radio waves are the same electric and magnetic fields caused by AC/alternating current as in a wire, but they have been released or sent into space traveling at the speed of light.

Ducted Fan Technologies

In 1984 I lived in Southern California and had to contend with the incredibly bad traffic there, I had the thought ... wouldn't it be nice to fly over the traffic? At that point I began to formulate the concept of a UFO-like disk shaped hovercraft. As I studied and learned about different philosophies, engine orientation, wings and their shapes, stable and unstable flying plane forms I discovered that a saucer shape is probably the most unstable form for aerodynamic flight. In fact if struck by wind shear the saucer would probably flip over like a mumbly-peg. However not being discouraged by this I continued to search for the best method of designing an ultra-light UFO styled hovercraft. Preferably a one-man "sports car" version, something that would conform to FAA regulations within the ultra-light ducted fan category.

>>There are a lot of concepts for VTOL flight like the Moller-car, the Bell Osprey and the Cartercopter but there is nothing very new. These are concepts that need a lot of power because he used the explosion principle. For example the Moller-Car needs 6 Wankel-engines with 600HP = 3600 PS. What an energy waste!.<<

In maintaining the ultra-light status I wanted to develop some type of electrically driven craft in the hopes of escaping the Fossil Fuel Overlords

>>good idea.<<

I considered a gambit of configurations as well as engine orientations and proceeded on into the flow dynamics of vacuum cohesion and inverse dimensional air and spacecraft. I read every known theory regarding electromagnets', electronics, fluid and aerodynamic engineering, suppressed technologies and reverse engineering. I scanned every illustrated dictionary I could get my hands on including every scrap of information that I could find on common knowledge technologies. I ran a binary search and associated everything known about energy transference systems and became convinced that the answers I sought after lay within hyperbolic curve equations

>>Yes, yes yes, the hyperbolic curve or egg-curve is the answer, see my golden angle article.<<

I found out that you had better have applied nature's quantum weight of energy changing from one place to another in order to move your aircraft or you will be faced with some difficult barriers to contend with. If you're still thinking you can just throw some rockets, some gas engines, or some ducted fans together then you're a dinosaur (in other words your thought patterns are prehistoric) period. I insist that a hovercraft driven via ducted fan technology be combined with turbo charging principles as well as (S) shaped ducting and vortex amplification chambers adhering to the fluid and mechanical implosive dynamics commonly referred to as a vortex

>>Schauberger said, that in nature there are two principles: Explosion and Implosion. Using the explosion-principle, you get 4 times resistance for getting double velocity. Using the implosion-principle, you get a quarter of resistance doubling the speed. Nature uses the Implosion-principle. Today we are using the explosion principle destructing the nature. For this reason Schauberger wrote a book with the title: Our senseless work<<

The simplest analogy would be to compare ducted fan technology with that of the turbo charging systems found on most automobiles of today, which employ a scavenging concept designed to leverage useful work loads from the air by imploding (pre-rotate) it through selectively designed ducted amplification vortex chambers

>>He wants to use the turbo-charger for creating thrust to lift the Ufo. For this propose, I think, he has to use the compressor part of the turbo charging system in the inverse way. The compressor works with centrifugal force (explosion principle). He have to use the compressor part even with the implosion principle using centripetal forces. So the air is going from the outer side to the center. The impeller could be driven by an electric motor. For using the compressor in the inverse way, you just need to inverse the flow-direction in and out and inverse the rotation sense of the impeller. Schauberger told, that modern technicians use the wrong way of movement (explosion). Someone asked Schauberger, how to do it in the right way. Schauberger answered: You have to do all exactly in the opposite way.<<

Actually, I just spoke in tongues by combining turbo charging concepts with that of ducted fan designs as well as vortex amplification chambers and added (S) shaped whip or corkscrew pipes that allow for the combination of both push and pull energies (in the same manner as a turbo impeller fan and its venturi ducting) which compels the air to go into radial flow and axial rotation at the same time.

>>Schauberger use the corkscrew pipe in experiments with Prof. Poepel from Stuttgart University. He showed, that a corkscrew pipe has a much less resistance than a normal pipe. At some speeds and flow rates, the resistance become negative? This means implosion and free energy. Schauberger designed a machine with a lot of corkscrew-pipes on a wheel.<<

It is known to science that anomalies and/or anomalous zones occur via the combination of both the push and pull energies of radial flow and axial rotation when simultaneously combined. Such an occurrence happens when air is squeezed through the pinched pipe of a turbo charging unit

>>Yes, but the radial flow has to go to the center and not viceversa like in the compressor of a turbo-charger. You can reach this inverting the sense of rotation of an electric driven impeller to pre-rotate air and invert air inlet/outlet.<<

Another real world analogy is the associated meteorological conditions within the formations of Tornadoes as well as all other cyclonical events.

>>Of course, the tornado gets his energy for free using the implosion principle.<<

Should you choose to utilize these anomalous vortical rotations when designing VTOL or even Anti-gravitational aircraft ... be careful what you wish for you may just get it!

>>The problem is to control this energy because it is increasing automatically once started the implosion process because of resistance decrease increasing velocity. This is a self accelerating system.<<

As time progressed I began to bring forth the best ideas for designing a hovercraft, one that could be built by amateur hobbyists and avoid FAA regulations, other then the requirements' assigned to ultra-light aircraft, be stylized as a saucer UFO or a one man "sports car" version of a vertical take off and landing aircraft. That it should be non-polluting is among the first concepts that came to mind. I continued to search for the facts and as my research came into focus I felt like the movie character of Indiana Jones! At last I understood the flow dynamics of all forms of kinetic energy. You have to design shapes and conveyances in compliance with natural forces.

>>Yes, Yes, Yes<<

The atmosphere the water the earth and even gravity its all moving changing in form from one place to another or from one substance to another. One state of being, over the evolution of time into some other state of being. Burning gasoline in your cars engine changes it from a liquid into a vapor. My search came full circle as I began to understand the intricacies' of how the universe is wound or unwound, calm or chaotic. The point is there is enough energy accumulated within the elasticity of several energies floating all around us in sufficient quantities to supply all our needs.

>>This is what Schauberger told everyone and for what he fights for his whole life<<

By now the hovercraft began to take shape, 9 ft. 6 inches in diameter. The internal structure was fashioned with plastic Ibeams. I bought plastic strips from the hardware store and fiber-glassed the pieces together forming the I-beams. Using my 10-ft. satellite dish as a jig I made the I-beams assume a parabolic shape. I fastened by gluing wedge-shaped pieces of Styrofoam between the I-beams which maintained the form of the hovercraft. I covered the foam with contact cement forming a protective barrier preventing the foam from melting due to adverse reactions between the resin and foam. I then glued a 90 pound test paper pattern with all the cutouts stenciled in black marker over the Styrofoam body of the hovercraft. Then I proceeded to fiberglass both sides of the inner hulls of the craft including the stress paneling for the Bolt-ON's. I flipped the top over onto the bottom half and liquid foamed the two halves together. I made helicopter styled landing gear from fiberglass coated PVC pipe and bolted the landing gear to the bottom of the craft. I mounted a standard airplane rudder in the back. I designed eight ducted implosion fans and the special (S) shaped pipes for moving or conveying the air through the vortex implosion system.

The ducting resembles the hyperbolic curves and oval shapes found in the common toilet. The toilet is actually a hyperbolic vortex amplification implosion system. The function and the principles of the ducting for the hovercraft are actually derived and extrapolated from the shape and function of the toilet as is the turbo charger so too are various other vortex amplification devices. This is after all a reverse engineering concept emphasizing the concepts involved where the toilet has become a teaching tool or aid. That is to say the toilet is a link between the mechanical principles of Vortex Mechanics which in turn leads the combined airflow's into a single vortex amplification chamber. Vectored thrust controls and a drive mechanism for the power generator are provided there after.

>> I do not know what is meant by vortex amplification chamber<<

Implosion Craft

It occurred to me that Radial to Axial Phasing could be manipulated via electronic measures. It was at this juncture in time that I began to interpret and too translate the ancient schematic symbols found on the Dogu statues of Japan, said symbols depict a Gravitics diagram. The Radfoil pump is a turbo charging system that is converting radial flow into axial rotation and the whip shaped ducting is combining the push and the pull energies together. Located at the business end of the system is an additional vortex chamber that further combines the cyclonic vortices and ends with vectored thrust controls.

The Implosion fan is a self-contained turbo charging unit that requires no venturi ducting thus the Implo Fan is capable of pulling a vacuum onto itself in the form of a vortex. This self-enveloping feature is a big plus when designing over-unity and/or free energy devices. In the pursuit of the work horse of nature one must look towards the cold component for the answers as cold is contracting and conceiving energy, heat may also be utilized when appropriately designed into the system. Heat may be thought of as radial flow or the push energy and cold as axial rotation and/or contraction or pull energy. My ultra-light UFO sports car version employed radial and axial flow vortex amplification chambers and separate vectored trust controls. Heads up display via a depth-range finder. An implosion vortex amplification vectored trust vehicle resembles an electric air compressor, a flying electric air compressor? Once I realized energy transference systems were a reverse mirror image of what we believe today I began making some advances in a constructive direction of a home built UFO. However unforeseen disaster struck and I was suddenly disabled from multi-trauma work injuries the paper and foam UFO was set outside by good doer friends with guerrilla mentalities not unlike "Planet of the Apes"

Sixth Annual UFO Symposium

Not daunted by this I attended the Sixth Annual UFO Symposium in January 1997. I suppose it was a no-no but my excitement of the whole thing led me, well, to crash the party. Some of the guest swept me inside with conversation and before I knew it I was home locked away deep in study. But that's when the breakthrough came that night around midnight sometime after Le Shargel's presentation. Myself so wanting to believe in someone or something, but when Le Shargel showed his Alien Mark well, I'm not the judge but it seemed to me to become a shuck and jive show? I lost my enthusiasm I was stunned in shock that I had managed somehow to crash the party and Le Shargel's alleged con show kept running through my mind. I knew that I had come to this place for a reason even if it was a random reason. I was not going home disappointed or empty-handed and not without putting some real stuff on the table, some meat and potatoes. I intended to talk to somebody or someone with some real conceptual technology based in fact. Just when I am trying to get up I get sand kicked in my teeth. Everybody's trying to catch a UFO? Is it me or did I miss something? Even the remotest possible crash remains don't exist, not really! If they do they have been picked clean for their reverse engineering technologies by someone with more clout than you or I. There are many reasons wings are shaped the way they are; in fact the only way through space-time is flight, that is flight with fixed wings. Beginning in 1954 when the first airplane to take off and land vertically the Convair X FY-1 was tested and probably a lot sooner than that man has known an airplane can fly backwards. If it takes off and lands vertically it has to fly backwards to land. Some wings are swept back to control shock waves while others are swept forward to form shock waves actually taking advantage of riding on or in the shock waves. Swept back describes the stealth bomber; the serrated edge to control sonic boom noise or it just wouldn't be very stealthy.

Remember this is reverse engineering so let's stick with the known rules that govern aerodynamic space-time flight. The compression lift rule, the idea is to arrange the aircraft and its surfaces so shock waves form and actually reinforce one another to provide lift and thrust. The flying "coke bottle" or the area rule design. The Pinched in waist of a supersonic aircraft is a hallmark of energy transference design reducing fuselage area it compensates for the increase in cross sectional area at the point where the wings are the thickest, and closes the energy transference between the atmosphere and the aircraft. In order to reduce supersonic wave drag further, engineers studied wings and fuselage as a unit presented to the on rushing air. It was important they found that the areas of consecutive cross-section of the plane increasing from the nose and decreasing towards the tail, should add up to the smallest possible curve, under this theory called the area rule design, the perfect shape would be an egg

>>Please note in the book of Callum Coats the examination of a fish body that has egg form in all 3 dimensions.<<

Reverse engineering is borrowing from your environment, recycling of technology should be no different. There are of course more rules and principles as we go along that are vital to aerodynamic efficiency, like preserving the boundary layer with vortex generators. The boundary layer, the sluggish layer of air right next to the skin of the wings. Vortex generators control vortices to aid in keeping the boundary layer attached to the wings. Vacuum cohesion is sounding more and more like the truth of the actual flight phenomena, wouldn't you agree? In other words the medium or the atmosphere is moving and changing from one state or one place to another through small or large vortices. The trick is to make Ms. Atmosphere think she saw something natural go by, changing from one place to the next. Not man's concept of an artificial geometric shape or a vectored thrust projectile / fire bomb but the borrowing of natural movement of elasticity from one place to another through small or large vortices. Allegedly Viktor Schauberger, Henry Coanda as well as other scientists were forced into building disk styled flying craft for the Nazis.

>>Together with Schauberger was working W.O. Schumann on similar project. Someone is convinced, that the Nazis got some functional prototype of Ufo at the end of world war 2. May be you heard about the german secret Vril-Society mythos<<

Viktor Schauberger craft was a pump configuration in the form of an egg shaped vortex implosion chamber, a precursor to the modern turbo charging systems that can be found on most automobiles of today. Viktor's turbo recycled and borrowed the energy changing from one place to the next in the form of a prophylactic-ally pure atmospheric vortex. This turbo formed an overhead vortex and simply imploded or sucked the craft into the sky with a vortex known as vacuum co-adhesion. The shape and function were complementary to vacuum cohesion, the shape and energy transference were the same. Nature saw the craft not as an artificial no-no, but rather as something complementary or something natural changing from one place to the next within the vortices of a moving medium.

>>The radial flow in Schaubergers flying disc (Repulsine) went from the center to the outer radius passing over a rotating wave-disk driven by an e-motor. In this way, Schauberger got antigravitational effect. But honestly, in this case Schauberger didn't used the implosion principle but the explosion principle. The hyperbolic cones gives both: Explosion from the thin end to the larger end and implosion going from the large end to the thin one. You can use the two characteristics from the hyperbolic cones like you want getting what you want (antigravity-gravity, heat-coldness, noise-silence...). The function from the anti-G disk of Schauberger worked with water and SiO2-Gel. There were also some transmutation process in the Repulsine. There are a lot some explanations of the function of the repulsine but there are a lot of difficulties to rebuilt it. I think it is because of the fact, that no one understands it completely. In addition Schauberger used a very own language with words created by himself because in his opinion our language is not able to describe what he want to explain. You can imagine how difficult it is to understand it even for a native german speaker.<<

Considering all the other vortex amplification devices such as windmills, electric generators, vortex control devices, machines actually designed to develop and sustain vortex action in the form of a tornado, an engine for driving an electric generator. The use of cold dropping as an engine, heat rising, the tides rolling in and out, yes, the very wheel works of nature. Man is sitting on some very volatile technologies. For man to conquer space he had better turn around come home and clean planet Earth. In the process learn the complete function of biotechnology then put biotechnology to work with what he already knows. If he does not we may be facing a dead planet drained of elasticity consumed in the form of oils, plastics, elastic? Boy! You just don't get it. Look biotechnology is building a machine with the living medium or flow in the function. As though you are building a living, or at least a breathing machine. Living for a machine implies a geometric shape, like a fishhook. Your aircraft is a geometric atmospheric fishhook. Take all the elasticity out of the Earth and you have prematurely aged her.

>>I do not understand what he intends with fishhook shape<<

May God forgive us all, our lack of knowledge.

>>three days before Schauberger died he said: If I'm wrong, there's one more fool on earth and it doesn't matter if there's one more or less. If I'm right, may Godfather forgive mankind.<<

Well, before I so rudely interrupted myself, Le Shargel kept running through my mind. And, as I sat there late into the night, I realized the one thing different about Le Shargel's UFO presentation was that his UFO was different, it was a wing forward swept craft. A craft like this one may have crashed at Roswell New Mexico.

Note: Space Shuttle Fuselage Resemblance of the Alien Craft

Note: The Hyperbolic Curves of the X-29-A and the Alien Craft both of which are extrapolated from the cross section of Centripetal ducting of the Turbo Charger

Note: The similarities between this Sonic Cruiser's "cranked arrow" wing and the wing of the alien craft above!

NOTE: Boeing is claiming this beauty to be the brain child of "Computational Fluid Dynamics" thus allowing Boeing to make this Sonic Cruiser's "cranked arrow" wing and airframe exceptionally slick at transonic speeds. Military testing of this conceptual wing shape is breaking new ground in the area of less fuel consumption more speed and distance as well as utilizing new composite materials. Boeing is saying little if any about this new wing design and we can all guess why, however the concept draws heavily on research conducted by Richard T. Whitcomb in the 50's at the NASA Langley Research Center. NASA was quoted as saying the airfoil designs make use of area-rule technologies and the wing has a flattened upper surface which helps to delay the formation of shock waves until closer to the tailing edge and by moving the wing reward it makes for a wider passenger cabin.

Symposium Discussion Continued

Everyone else's craft presentation was the same old unidentified flying lights or objects in the sky. That's when it hit me, this kind of subliminal image, so clear an image I think I've ever had. Well it hit me during his swept forward UFO briefing. Meanwhile I'm having a brainstorm, I see in my mind an image of a shape hovering over what appeared to be a star, or a very hot planetoid. The image was shocking because as Le Shargel discussed his swept forward craft, I too imagined a swept forward craft very similar to his description. But, there is a little more shape to my image, something to do with main wing tip and canard vortex controllers. I could see the image still burning in my minds eye a full week after I left the Sixth Annual UFO Symposium. Driving home that night I flashed my lights and honked my horn from Laughlin, all the way back to California, I'm surprised I wasn't arrested! When I arrived home I had to sit down with a two hundred-page notebook and try to draw this shape that went off in my mind on both sides of the page, teach myself what geometric shape it represented. How could this shape have anything to do with known aerodynamic concepts? Like swept forward wings.

As it turned out it is a root two based elliptically swept forward vacuum CO-adhesion vehicle with what appears to be inversion capabilities. My first impressions were that this was familiar, its shape reminded me of Viktor Schauberger and his Implosion work. It looked just like Henry Coanda and Viktor Schauberger built an elliptically swept forward version of a cross sectional half cut through the centripetal side of the venturi ducting of a turbo charger. Had I invented something new from the oceans of my mind? A Ram version of an airplane consisting of all known aerodynamic configurations and conforming to known meteorological conditions of air moving as if it were likened to that of a moving cylinder. The Ram version elliptically swept forward wing. Starting with a parabolic impression in the nose cone, orthogonal and "coke bottle" fuselage. Wrapping around from an elliptically swept forward wing, and the wing continuing around through a hyperbolic curve to end in a square vortex generator in the canard stabilization position. It's aerodynamic functions being deduced and conceived through the like functioning of the centripetal venturi ducting system of the common turbo charger.

>>Try it with hyperbolic curve (Y=1/X), not with the elliptic shape.<<

It didn't matter if the image was an alien implant, or a subliminal deception released by Le Shargel. The technology did not exist on this planet. If it's alien, then it plays right into my reverse engineering concept. Like the Star Trek episode, Next Generation, when a time machine from the 29th century stops here and now, in the 21st century! It's captured and scrutinized. The man who has it realizes its futuristic human or alien technology. And through his deductive logic discovers its electronics, and sets the stage for the computer age. Then reverse engineering the components and marketing the devices a little at a time so as not to arouse suspicions as to why or how he jumped so far ahead into such a stranglehold on the computer monopoly. All of the concepts sort of came together from a strange yearning to know the truth of how to build this vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and then one thing probably quite by accident, just like everyone else, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I was sitting in the audience of the Sixth Annual UFO Symposium and I got what I wished for. Communications with some kind of higher power I had an epiphany of genius. And in my head based in part from educated studies sitting and studying until I understood flow dynamics. Still in shock for months after the symposium with new discoveries of deductive reasoning, through applied vortex mechanics I did deduct the flow dynamics of the subliminal image I saw in my mind. I peered from under to over into the electronic flight you name it, illustrated book and I have attempted to show with associated technologies created and balanced a weight of measures between man and nature's conflict.

The Six Thousand Year Old Anti-G Schematic

NOTE: Depicted by the face of the 6K-Year-Old Japanese Dogu figurine below, is an image of an aircraft, which I outlined in black for clarity. Observe the slotted line eyes; note: This is a reference depicting slotted line antenna as applied to microwave technology. Observe the circular nose, which is representative of circular cavity waveguides. The holes about the collar indicate an electronic term meaning hole electricity ie positive and negative junction. Most importantly note: The V-shaped grooves called Riblets. These grooves inhibit the motion of eddies by preventing them from coming very close to the surface of a wing by applying these V-shaped grooves to the surface of the wing the Riblets prevent the eddies from transporting high-speed fluid close to the surface where it decelerates and saps the aircraft's momentum. These and other concepts are being applied by NASA at the Langley Research Center, which demonstrated that use of the V-shaped grooves leads to a 5 to 6 percent reduction of viscous drag.

To be effective, the Riblets must be very closely spaced, like phonograph grooves on a record. It would seem that nature endorses this concept, the skin of a shark has tiny tooth-like denticles called "photomicrographs" that serve the same function as the Riblets, lessening the drag on the shark as it moves through the water. Note the waffle pattern on the surface of the wing.

>>Olympic swimmers uses a tight overall with shark-like skin. The official explanation is, that in this way you get laminar flow instead of turbulent flow that creates proportional resistance increasing velocity. Turbulent flow created parabolic resistance increasing speed. In reality may-be it works creating micro-vortexes. Think about the birds that created micro-vortex by the feathers. I read, that a bird needs energy only for getting airborne. Once airborne, he got attached on natures wheel flying with free energy. How do you explain, that very little birds can fly non-stop thousand of miles consuming only few grams of fat?<<

Our own aerodynamicists have stated that if we wish to fly then parasitic drag is something we just have to live with? They have also stated that the forward motion of the craft causes this drag and that it is therefore induced drag. Thus, If it is a form of physical induction then we have but to selectively shape our craft in order to borrower from said inductive energies in our favor as opposed to antagonistic drag which is generated when high pressure air moves from under a wings surface to the topside of the wing which is of a lower pressure and therefore forms a vortex because two opposites have converged.

>>In classical aerodynamics this vortex on the wing tip has braking effect like a parachute. To avoid this vortex, the install winglets<<

We are currently utilizing brute force means of propulsion methods based on equal thrust and/or equal and opposite reaction technologies we have placed incorrect geometric structures into aeronautical service. Structures that are 180 degrees in opposition of natures cyclonic properties we have not adhered ourselves to the vacuum properties existing in nature these same cyclonic vacuum principles manifested in nature are the building blocks of superconducting technologies this same vacuum is a source of great cold and as we already know there is more energy in cold as opposed to that of heat which is expanding and therefore consist of loss on the other hand a vacuum is contracting thus cold contraction or conservation of energy logic infers we should attach our energy extractors to this cold vacuum which we can manipulate and exploit through the use of vortex mechanics

Aerodynamicists have further stated that an elliptically shaped wing is 100% coefficient unlike wings designed with incorrect shapes the ellipse is indeed the exact compliment to the square hyperbola which is an inverse form.

>>fighter airplanes of world war 2 had elliptical wing shape and there were very efficient<<

The ellipse form has points that are exactly tangent to the corresponding focal points of the square hyperbola as stated in elementary geometry the curve of a vortex is a special hyperbola, known as a square hyperbola. In a liquid vortex if the Vertex is (1) then the focus is equal to the square root of (2). The question becomes one of discovering the exact mathematical inverse to the hyperbola, which is (3) As indicated the vortex is a universal law sustaining practically every physical phenomena, even the vedic text of ancient India indicate the shape of the universe as an ellipsoidal shape revealing the vortex mechanism at work in the cosmos.

>>Right, the vortex is an universal-law. The hyperbolic cone is the law of music and a natural vortex is identical with it (Y=1/X) I do not understand why he is saying that the vortex is a square hyperbola. On the figure there is the formula Y=1/X. This is right but this is not square hyperbola but only hyperbola. The vedic did not tell about a ellipsoidal shape of universe but is telling about an cosmic egg. Remember, that if you cut the hyperbolic cone under certain angles, you get egg-curves. Kepler told, that planets moves around sun on egg-curves. Kepler uses the elliptic-curve only for approximation because the mathematics are easier than the mathematics of an egg. But remember, that in reality, planets moves on egg-curves because the gravitational potential of the sun is hyperbolic! No one of our astronomy understand this really.<<

Egg-Curve Diagrams (JPG)


99.65.3 Question to Iuliano: 12th and 13th Dimension (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: Jerryiuliano@aol.com
Subject: Question to Iuliano: 12th and 13th Dimension (MetPhys) 
Date: 08/15/02

Electrons and Mythologies

99.64.14 Sqrt of Negative One (Jerryiuliano)

" Interesting that the solutions nodes make three rotations on the surface area of the torus in one 10,000 unit cycle, To topologists this is the Eternity torus. Also note that the graph of solution nodes is totally chaotic when the dimensioning is below 11 th dimension. It seems that the entire 10,000 unit torus cycles starting at the eleventh dimension .... Total chaos before the eleventh dimension..total order and predictability (1579 and 2807) above the eleventh dimension. "


About two yrs. ago I guessed that the 11 dimensional maths, at that time, should be expanded to 13 dimensions, completing the octave and the return to the 1st dimension or, musically speaking (tone13 = tone 1), after making a hypothetical analogy between dimension and musical note.

Do you have, or will have, any advanced Juliano maths on 12 or 13 dimensions to give credence to a reality of 13 dimensional return-looping?

Thank you in advance.


99.65.4 Question to Iuliano: Iteration = Dimension and Spin? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: Jerryiuliano@aol.com
Subject: Question to Iuliano: Iteration = Dimension and Spin? (MetPhys) 
Date: 08/24/02


I noticed calculations in Section 99.49.14 dealing with12 iterations of symbolic "spin". I also noticed calculations in Section 99.64.14 dealing with total order and predictability above 11 dimensions.

Question: Could the concept of dimension and "spin" be considered as the "iterative cycling" about a torus?


Electrons and Mythologies
99.49.14 18 Anu / Isis (Jerry Iuliano)

" the twelfth iteration of this symbolic "spin" difference equals the "collective unconscious" constant: q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q = 77.963543776 = C.U. "


99.64.14 Sqrt of Negative One (Jerryiuliano)

" Interesting that the solutions nodes make three rotations on the surface area of the torus in one 10,000 unit cycle, To topologists this is the Eternity torus. Also note that the graph of solution nodes is totally chaotic when the dimensioning is below 11 th dimension. It seems that the entire 10,000 unit torus cycles starting at the eleventh dimension .... Total chaos before the eleventh dimension..total order and predictability (1579 and 2807) above the eleventh dimension. "



99.65.5 Answer: Iteration = Dimension and Spin? (Jerryiuliano) 

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Subject: Answer: Iteration = Dimension and Spin? (MetPhys) 
Date: 08/24/02


I am not sure what you mean by the question concerning the torus spin..

Here is a simplification of the 82944 form using the bi-furcation constant of Feigenbaum..4.669201609..: tan in radians

[1 / (tan 4.6692043132) ] * 100^Pi = 82944.000057...

or the representation of the cosine inverse fine-structure constant: 137.036...

[1 / (tan 4.6692043132) ] ^ (1/Pi) = .367872976...

where cosine 137.036000986 = .367872976...cosine in radians

the (100^Pi) form is very mysterious relating to Prof. Leahy's "thinking NOW created 100" a term he invented in his philosophy of the triple logic cube ruled by 82944:

[82944 ^(1/Pi)]/100 = .367872976 = [1/(tan 4.6692043132)] ^ (1/Pi)

Note the importance of 100's disappearing act by the tangent of the Feigenbaum constant. How and why it does this is a major mystery. Something to do with angular moments of inertia maybe? Solve this mystery and you will find the answer to everything! Somehow the Feigenbaum constant in angular form ABSORBS the philosophical 100 unit through the action of the 1/Pi exponentation....Consciousness??? I have no clue, yet....


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