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From: Michael Morton

Now, back to the Grid Longitude of Stonehenge . . .

52562.89164 = RAD (deg) x Pi x 2Pi x Square Root of 2160 (46.47580015)

Here we have 4 terms, or quantities, multiplying to a number that encodes the precise original (Giza-based) longitude of Stonehenge. And, each of these 4 terms are important "entities" that are integral to both the design and the essence of this re-discovered 'matrix'.

Notice that the number 2160 is a "base-ten harmonic" of the number 21600, and vice-versa . . . the decimal point is simply moved one place, 'horizontally'.

Note also that 2160 refers to: mean diameter of The Moon in statute miles (regular miles), years in a Zodiac Age, and the total number of corner-angle degrees on the surface of a Cube.

Grid Point Value of Stonehenge

The intersection point of latitude/longitude is represented in this 'matrix', for any given site, by the ratio of the Grid Latitude to the Grid Longitude, always greater-than-one. This resulting number is the Grid Point Value:

52562.89164 / 21600 = 2.433467206

[Joe Mason's note: The intersection point-Grid Point Value is also called the "Coordinate Intersect," or C. I.]

Munck has determined that the precise (matrix-valid) radius in Feet, of the Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge, is 48.66934411 . . . to eight decimal places. If we divide that radius in Feet by Stonehenge's Grid Point Value, we get . . .

48.66934411 / 2.433467206 = 20 . . . a base-10 harmonic of the 'binary' number 2.

Suppose we divide the Sarsen Circle radius in Feet into the RAD (deg) constant?

57.29577951 / 48.66934411 = 1.177245771

Munck found that this number is the TANGENT of the precise azimuth-of-orientation of the 'Avenue' at Stonehenge . . . 49.65408598 degrees.

{{ M.L.Morton-the-Editor ... Here is the part I admittedly need to delete .. }} ..

"He found further that 49.65408598 is equal to: (e / Pi) RAD (deg) . . . where 'e' is the base of the so-called "natural logarithms," observed in the 'growth patterns' of natural things such as conch shells . . . approximately the value 2.72 . . .

(2.72258992 / Pi) x RAD (deg) = 49.65408598 "


Yes .. I now realize that "2.72258992" is just NOT close enough to the actual value of e. (2.718281828).

I don't know why Munck evidently thought that "2.72258992" was "close enough" to e.

Well .. I admit I need to get the folks at that website to delete that passage.


ANOTHER MATTER Involving the e Value ...

Richard C. Hoagland ("The Monuments of Mars") .. discovered a_much_closer .. and quite valid, I think ... indication of the e value .. in the Grid LAT (Munck, 1992, "The Code") of The D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars ...

40 (deg) X 52 (min) X 4.773646584 (sec) North .. = 9929.184894 North.

The TANGENT of that latitude ... = TAN 40.86799268 deg = 0.865249843

Then, looking at the (e / Pi) ratio ... 2.718281828 / 3.141592654 .. = 0.865255979

(0.865255979 / 0.865249843) = 1.000007092

Yes ... the numbers aren't exactly matching, of course. I think Hoagland "could" have made that qualification, but he really didn't. I guess he thought the approximation was "good enough". I don't know if that's true .. if he was simply content to let it be a "significant approximation" .. I'm only speculating that 'maybe' that's why he didn't make that qualification.

Actually .. "no damage done", in_this_case .. because, in my opinion at least .. he_was_making a valid approximation !!

What would be The D&M latitude .. or .. what would The D&M Pyramid latitude "have to be" .. theoretically .. to give the "exact" (e / Pi) ratio ?

We can calculate that.

Take the ArcTAN of .. 0.865255979 .. ArcTAN 0.865255979 = 40.86819374 deg North.

How far .. in terms of arc-seconds on Mars .. is that .. from the_actual_Grid LAT of The D&M Pyramid ?

(40.86819374 - 40.86799268) = 0.00020106 latitude arc-deg on Mars .. = 0.723816 arc-sec of latitude on Mars .. difference.

How many regular ("British") feet of 'difference' is that ?

One latitude arc-sec on Mars is equivalent to 'about' 54 regular feet.

(54 X 0.723816) = 39 feet ... approximately.

That's ... "roughly"... (2 X 19.5), by the way. (-;


And ... that's "roughly" .. the northern boundary latitude of the Washington, D.C. city limits .. (-;

By the way ... have you seen the Daniel Perez website map-overlay graphic of D.C./Arlington and Cydonia !??!

Scroll down ... until you come to the map-overlay graphic .. of Cydonia and D.C./Arlington .. showing the irrefutable precise_positional_correlations of .. (The Pentagon--D&M PYRAMID) .. and .. (The White House--THE FACE). You must see this for yourself.



So .. getting back to The D&M latitude and (e / Pi).

Only about 39 feet north of the Grid LAT of The D&M Pyramid, (Munck, 1992, "The Code") .. is the "exact" [ArcTAN (e / Pi)] latitude. That's pretty damn close .. relatively-speaking .. when you consider the_GIGANTIC_size of The D&M Pyramid. Plenty close enough !!


REGARDING the COSINE of the "GIZA Latitude" ..

I feel that I do need to take issue with Hoagland's statement on the Art Bell 'Coast-to-Coast AM' radio show .. concerning what RCH called .. the "precise relationship" of the TANGENT of the "CYDONIA" latitude and the COSINE of the "GIZA" latitude. I do this only to_help-to-explicate_the "accuracy" issues involved. Hoagland used the term, "precisely" .. on the Art Bell Show. I cannot accept that description, in this_particular_case.

Here is the Cosine of the Grid LAT (Munck, 1992, "The Code") of The Great Pyramid of Giza ...

[First .. here is its Grid LAT .. 89298.07684 North .. = 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 53.09041429 (sec) North].

Converting that to arc-degrees only ... 29.981414004 (deg).

COSINE 29.981414004 = 0.866187552

That is_significantly_different, in this case, to .. 0.865255979, and also to .. 0.865249843 .. (see 'the above').

If you use a ratio with Pi .. (3.141592654 X 0.866187552) = 2.72120845 ... not close enough to the actual e value of 2.718281828

So .. this is why it is not_accurate_to say that .. "the tangent of the 'CYDONIA' latitude is 'precisely' equal to the COSINE of the 'GIZA' latitude. The_precision_of the "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) requires a much greater "specificity" when describing site-locations or monument-locations, than simply 'GIZA' or 'CYDONIA'. Giza, and Cydonia, both cover way-too-much ground, to be correct in using descriptions in this way.

Is there a latitude at 'CYDONIA' .. whose tangent matches the cosine of the latitude of The Great Pyramid ? Yes. Just a "little south" of The Tholus ..or just a "little south" of The City Square ... (-; ... see what I mean ?

All I'm pointing-out, in this instance, is the need to be "monument-specific" .. such as ... "D&M PYRAMID APEX" .. or .. "CITY SQUARE CENTER" .. or .. "NOSE ON THE FACE".


I hope this email has helped toward clarifying some things for some people.

-- Michael L.M.


P.S. If you go to both the "Giza" and to the "Cydonia" overhead graphics, by Gary Val Tenuta, on the "AOL" website .. you can hopefully see how the 3 main Giza pyramids were situated to "precisely tie-in" with the centered locations of THE FACE and THE D&M PYRAMID @ Cydonia.

-- M.L.Morton


99.15.2 EarthFace and the Tholus (Michael Morton) 

From: Michael Morton

Betsy ...

Much thanks for posting this !! I need to correct an apparent mis-understanding .. that I notice in the 'above' copy.

It is the "Tholus II" analogue that is closely associated with Stewart Air Force Base. And it is "EARTHFACE" that is located in Middletown, NY. Those are 2 separate structures .. 2 separate locations.

"Tholus II" is situated just south of the runways of Stewart Air Force Base. This must be a_different_place than "Stewart Airport" .... yes/no ??

"EARTHFACE" is_in_Middletown, NY. The Wallkill River literally runs right under the 'nose' of "EARTHFACE".

OK .. is this clear ?

Here, again, as I've mentioned several times on this list ... is the relationship ... the "ASM" relationship .. between "EARTHFACE" and "Tholus II" ....

(1.111111111) Squared = 1.234567901

1.111111111 .. is the "ASM" Grid POINT Value of "Tholus II".

1.234567901 .. is the "ASM" Grid POINT Value of "EARTHFACE".


To Betsy, and to "bergerlehman" .... much, much thanks, again .. for your interest !!! YES .. of course, I agree .. this is something sitting right in our "back yard" .. literally and_purposely_analagous-to ... THE FACE_and_THE THOLUS @ Cydonia on Mars !!!

YES ... let's at least make a serious_attempt_to *recognize*, and to *save* .. the remains of these structures !!!

Because of the critical importance of this subject, I will again post, here, following .. my "ASM" figures for Dr.Cornet's discoveries of these "Cydonian Analogues", as he called them, in his original, very detailed descriptions of them on his former webpages. (Again, as I've said before .. I do not blame Dr.Cornet for removing the webpages. The combination of his detailed work at these sites, and my "ASM" findings for their centered latitude/longitude locations .. presents a very paradigm-shattering scenario, indeed). But .. I maintain, as I always have .. that uncovering "The Truth" is more important than anything involving the "preservation of untruth".

"EARTHFACE" in Middletown, New York, USA

Keep in mind, that these are very heavily-eroded remains .. seen and recognized from aerial view. I stress the need for aerial photos, of course. The length and width of this structure is comparable to the length and width of THE FACE @ Cydonia. It's "depth", of course, is now 'hidden' .. from movements of soil and rock, from erosion, and possibly even from an ice-sheet 'movement' during the end of the last "ice-age".

But it was clear, on Dr. Cornet's original webpages, that there is a "recognizable" correspondence to THE FACE @ Cydonia .. as seen from 'above'. Dr. Cornet actually described "EARTHFACE" as a "mirror-image" of THE FACE @ Cydonia.

Grid LAT "EARTHFACE" .. 41 (deg) X 24 (min) X 21.33658537 (sec) North .. = 20995.2 North.

Grid LONG "EARTHFACE" ..105 (deg) X 31 (min) X 7.963133641 (sec) W.Giza .. = 25920 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 74 deg 23 min 7.163133641 sec ].

Grid POINT Value "EARTHFACE" .. 25920 / 20995.2 = 1.234567901

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

Yes ... one of the keys to my recognition of the center of this site/structure's location, as_significant_to the "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) .. was the "25920" ideal Earth-precession cycle number .. (years) .. 'encoded by' the W.Giza longitude.

I really, seriously, wish someone would go up in an airplane and purposefully take some photos of that site. I can't do it myself .. I'm too poor financially. But surely someone knows someone who knows someone ... you know how it goes.

Grid LAT "Tholus II" .. 41 (deg) X 29 (min) X 26.64423886 (sec) North .. = 31680 North.

Grid LONG "Tholus II" .. 105 (deg) X 14 (min) X 23.94557823 (sec) W.Giza .. = 35200 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 74 deg 06 min 23.14557823 sec ].

Grid POINT Value .. "Tholus II" .. 35200 / 31680 = 1.111111111 ...

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

YES ... (Square Root of "EARTHFACE") = "Tholus II".

(Square Root of 1.234567901) = 1.111111111..

Notice the very gematrian "3168" decimal harmonic .. "31680".

According to Dr.Cornet's original webpages .. the remains of "Tholus II" is about 1.6 regular (statute) miles in diameter .. possibly referencing the Phi constant of 1.618033989 .. ??

Its radius, then, could be referencing "half-Phi" .. or, the Cosine of "36" .. or, the Sine of "54", in terms of statute miles.

Also .. again, according to Cornet's original webpages .. the remains of "Tholus II" include a "large elliptical hill at its pinnacle .. about 200 feet high at its apex". This structure's remains are located just to the south of the runway(s) at Stewart Air Force Base.

"Tholus II" is about 17 miles east, and about 6 miles north, of "EARTHFACE".


-- Michael Lawrence Morton

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