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From: Michael Morton

I think I may have found a "breakthrough", of sorts ... ??!! .. I'm not sure of it .. but .. it looks good to me right now, as I write this. I've been reading the following section on David Leahy's website ..


Scroll down on that webpage to .. "Addenda". There, D. Leahy describes his formulae upon being informed by certain equations sent to him by J. Iuliano.

D. Leahy ends that section of his website, with an equation describing .. the "Fine Structure Constant" ...


I noticed, in Leahy's equations, in that section ... that he notes the expressions .. 32 X (Pi Cubed), (Pi Squared) / 8, etc. ... certain "exact-whole-number" multiples and divisions of exponents of the Pi constant.

I have noticed, in the "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) .. the primary importance of a relatively-precise Pi constant, along with the value of 360 ... the "conventional" number of arc-degrees on one circumference.

I also noticed, today, as of this writing (July 2nd, 2001) .. that the figure in the above equation .. 7.297352541 ... is really quite_close_to what I might refer to as .. "a whole-number exponential fractal" of the Pi constant.

That is .. [72 / (Pi Squared)] .. or .. 7.295125222

I have now found, that this figure .. [72 / (Pi Squared)] .. resonates "precisely" .. with many_key_figures involved in the "ASM". This includes my finding of the following remarkable correlation, involving the relatively-precise_centered_location of a recent crop formation in The UK that appeared on the morning of 21st June, 2001 .. the very day of a solar eclipse combined with the June solstice_and_also ecliptic-longitudinally-opposite SOLAR APEX.

Also involved, in a most remarkable_set_of correlations that I have observed .. is another crop formation .. the first UK crop formation of this 2001 season, which I have already written-about on The Internet.

I called this first UK crop formation of this 2001 season, the "Bull's-eye" formation .. because its design is obviously that of a standard "archery target" .. and also because its "ASM" figures involve the Jan.1, 2000 "ASM" numbers of ALDEBARAN .. the "eye" of Taurus the Bull, in our sky.

For an intro to my work with the "Sky" portion of the "ASM", please go to ..


Once there, 'click' on the "Sky Matrix" articles .. and please start with Part 1, so you can (hopefully) see where I'm coming from.

For a look at the "Cydonia/Giza" relationship .. please go to ..



Regarding the 21st of June, 2001 "Solar (Pyramid) Apex Crop Formation" (as I call it) .. I found it to be centered at a Grid POINT Value of .. 1.16105524 .. which I have "written-up" already on The Internet, and which I have posted to several email lists, and to some individuals.

Notice what happens when you mathematically compare this recent UK crop formation's Grid POINT Value with the figure of [72 / (Pi Squared)] ..

7.295125222 / 1.16105524 = 6.283185307 .. a relatively-precise rendering of the "2Pi" constant !!!

Of course .. "2Pi" is the number of Radians (arc) on one circumference.

In D. Leahy's website section, referenced above .. he uses the figure .. [32 X (Pi Cubed)] / 10 ... in some of his formulae (with direct contributions from J. Iuliano) involving "zero-point" energy density. This means he is working in the mathematical "realm" of zero-point energy .. "free-energy" physics !!!

[32 X (Pi Cubed)] / 10 = 99.22008538

Now .. notice how I will bring-in, here, the Grid LAT of The D&M Pyramid at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1992, "The Code") .. 9929.184894 North .. = 40 (deg) X 52 (min) X 4.773646584 (sec) North.

I will use (1/100th ) of 9929.184894 ...

(99.29184894 / 99.22008538) = 1.000723277

The "ASM" diameter of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge, in regular ("British") feet .. is .. 97.33868822 .. (Munck, 1992, "The Code").

(97.33868822 X 1.000723277) = 97.40909105 ... a relatively-precise rendering of .. (Pi to the 4th power).

Notice .. as I multiply by the additional power of Pi ... [32 X (Pi to the 4th power)] / 10 = (31170.90913 / 100). And .. 31170.90913 .. is the_precise_Jan.1, 2000 "ASM"

Grid LONG of .. ALDEBARAN .. the "eye", in the sky, of .. Taurus the Bull.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

Grid LONG Jan.1, 2000 ALDEBARAN ..14 (deg) X 53 (min) X 42.0093115 (sec) W.ALNITAK .. = 31170.90913 W.ALNITAK.

The following database I have used, consistently, for all of my calculations regarding 'sky-locations' for various prominent "fixed stars" in our sky as of Jan.1, 2000 .. and also for the Jan.1, 2000 sky-locations of Galactic Center and Solar Apex.



OF 21st JUNE, 2001

Yes, this is one of the most remarkable findings, involving this amazing set of correlations, that I'm discussing in this article.

I'll begin with the 31170.90913 Jan.1, 2000 "ASM" Grid LONG of ALDEBARAN. I will then divide by Pi .. 7 times .. 31170.90913 / (Pi to the 7th power) = 10.32049102

Then .. I'll divide by the Grid POINT Value of the June 21st, 2001 "Solar (Pyramid) Apex Crop Formation" ... 10.32049102 / 1.16105524 = 8.888888889 .. "ASM" Grid POINT Value of Jan.1, 2000 ALDEBARAN.

ALDEBARAN's Jan.1, 2000 Grid LAT is .. 05 (deg) X 28 (min) X 25.04805198 (sec) South of ecliptic .. = 3506.727277 South of ecliptic.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

31170.90913 / 3506.727277 = 8.888888889


Getting-back, now, to [72 / (Pi Squared)].

8.888888889 / [72 / (Pi Squared)] = 12.18469679 / 10.

"12.18469679" .. is the_exact_fractional-decimal number of arc-seconds in the W.Giza longitude of both The White House and The Jefferson Memorial, in Washington, D.C.

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

That W.Giza longitude .. shared by those two structures .. 108 (deg) X 10 (min) X 12.18469679 (sec) W.Giza .. = 13159.47253 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 02 min 11.38469679 sec ].

108 X 10 X 1.218469679 = 1315.947253 ... and that's the Grid LONG of the "hover-spot" of the PHOENIX UFO on the night of March 13, 1997 .. over the_center_of the intersection of Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.

143 (deg) X 13 (min) X 0.707879103 (sec) W.Giza .. = 1315.947253 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 112 deg 04 min 59.907879103 sec ].

That was a truly "mass-sighting" event, of a_gigantic_UFO, that slowly moved over Phoenix, Arizona .. witnessed by literally thousands of people in the Phoenix, Az vicinity.

I have predicted, on The Internet .. that it will be found that the "obviously-intended" azimuth, in arc-degrees, from the *apex* of The D&M Pyramid to the 'nose' (or, what's left of it) on THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars .. is .. 13.15947253 deg.

"13.15947253" .. is 1/3rd of [(2Pi) Squared].


Again using the Grid POINT Value of this particular June 21st, 2001 crop formation ...

248.0502134 X 1.16105524 = 288 ... a gematrian number with the classical 'meaning' of .. "double light".

"248.0502134" .. is the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. (Munck, 1992, "The Code").

288 = 259.2 X 1.111111111 ..

"259.2" .. is the Grid POINT Value of "The Tholus" @ Cydonia on Mars.

(Morton, 2000, Internet)

"1.111111111" .. is the Grid POINT Value of "Tholus II" .. the actual remains of an EARTHLY ANALOGUE of "The Tholus". I have written about this on The Internet.

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

35.53057584 X [72 / (Pi Squared)] = 259.2

"35.53057584" .. is the Jan.1, 2000 "ASM" Grid POINT Value of GALACTIC CENTER.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

Allow me to hypothesize that the "ideal" number for the AU .. the 'Astronomical Unit' .. is a decimal harmonic of the gematrian number "93312". (Let's say the "ideal" AU is .. 93,312,000 statute miles).

93,312,000 / [72 / (Pi Squared)] = 127910.073 X 100.

"127910.073" .. is the Jan.1, 2000 Grid LONG of GALACTIC CENTER.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

179 (deg) X 17 (min) X 42.03420079 (sec) W.ALNITAK .. = 127910.073 W.ALNITAK.

D. Leahy, at a couple of places in that above section on his website, talks about "the created 100".

Well ... the above expression .. (127910.073 X 100) .. shows "100 times" the Grid LONG of Jan.1, 2000 GALACTIC CENTER. Somehow, I intuitively think there's a real connection there, to D. Leahy's "Created 100".


How about a "direct" connection to THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars, involving this [72 / (Pi Squared)] entity ?

The [72 / (Pi Squared)] / 1000 .. is apparently very integral to the "Fine Structure Constant", according to the work of J. Iuliano and D. Leahy.

656.56127 / [72 / (Pi Squared)] = 90.

Aha !! "90" ... the "right angle", in our conventional system of 360 arc-degrees on one circumference !!!

Yes .. "90" ... the_numerical value_of the half-Pi Radians (arc), in our conventional 360 system !!!

As Carl Munck says .. "faces know stuff". Ahhh, yes !!!

Yes .. the good old "right angle" .. the arc-distance of SOLAR APEX from our Sun, on our Sun's orbital path around GALACTIC CENTER.

You might even call it .. the "ascension angle" !!


I hereby dedicate this July 4th of 2001 .. to SIRIUS .. whose ecliptic longitude conjunction will happen on this 225th anniversary of the signing of The Declaration of Independence. Note the number .. 225 .. the Square of 15 .. and let it be known that "OSIRIS" is being Re-membered for the sake of Everyone.

35.53057584 / 2.368705056 = 15.

"2.368705056" .. is the Jan.1, 2000 "ASM" Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS.

(Morton, 1999, Internet).

-- Michael Lawrence Morton


From: Robert


I'm pleased to see your calculations confirm my postulate that the "curious doubling" of the electrons 360 degree rotation actually requires a 720 degree rotation to define 1/2 spin. This implies another dimension.

I'm looking forward to more of your doubling calculations within the Archaeo-sky Matrix using 72 instead of 36. I wouldn't be surprised if this doubling applies to many more of your numbers.



99.16.2 [72 / (Pi Squared)] (TomBuoyed) 

From TomBuoyed:


I just sent this to Dave Leahy, forwarding your post to him.




About a month ago, I sent you a copy of a critique I made of Michael Morton's use of too many decimal places in his measurements of the dimensions of the great Pyramid. However, I've reconsidered my view of his work and now no longer find it a problem since it is an issue of pure math vs. metrology in physics. (However, it will continue to be a "red herring" for scientists who consider the work, but that's another issue entirely.)

I wonder if you are familiar with the inspiration of Michael's work --- based on the discovery of Carl Munck that there is a kind of deep geo-math-matrix-like pattern encoded in the latitudes and longitudes of locations on the planet, analogous to the patterns you have found, e.g., using the rational & integral products of the Hebrew alphabet number values --- although here it's really the linear product of the LONG & LAT figures.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with the work of Munck but if you are, I apologize for the redundancy of this introduction. Munck was a cartographer with NASA, I believe, and 15 years ago, he discovered that if he took the longitude and latitude coordinates of certain sacred locations on the planet, like Stonehenge and the Pyramid at Giza, that meaningful mathematical relationships emerge.

Michael Morton explains this in an article on the website:


Let me go ahead and summarize Munck's discovery for you. He was looking at the specific Sarsen circle in Stonehenge, one of the smallest of the concentric circles there. He then saw that 60 stones were laid out in one of the wider circles. He multiplied 360x60 and got 21,600, the number of arc-minutes in a circle. Being a map expert, he also noted that the Latitude of Stonehenge was itself 51*10' 42". By multiplying the degrees, minutes and seconds together, he got a number close to 21600. He then reasoned: what if the product is *exactly* 21600? Then, dividing by 51 and then 10, he got: 42.35294118 as the number of arc-seconds in the LAT. As a cartographer, he found the exact latitude to the foot of the center of the Sarsen circle and it was 51*10' 42.35" (Since a latitude arc-sec on earth is equal to 101 feet, then 2 decimal places in arc-secs is accuracy down to 1 foot on the ground.)

This means that the "linear product" of LAT coordinates for the center of Stonehenge is 51x10x42.35 = 21598.5 (a number which is 7 thousandths of 1% off the value of 21600).

So, this is where the issue of decimal points comes from, since it's not really a true measurement, but a contrivance, as Jerry Iuliano criticizes Michael for. (But Jerry sometimes uses many decimal points as well, but that's another story.)

At any rate, once Munck made this discovery, he was off and running to test various locations on earth. As for the longitude linear product, he also discovered that the Greenwich Meridian will not work; rather, the Prime Meridian turns out to be the line passing through the center of the Great Pyramid. That means a correction factor of 31* 08' 0.8" to be added to all West Greenwich longitudes.

The W. Greenwich LONG of Stonehenge is 1*49' 28". Using Giza as the P.M., the LONG becomes 32*57' 28.8". The linear product of this number is 52531.2 --- a number which is close to the product of 360*PI*SQRT(2160) = 52562.89164.

When this number was retro-fitted to the LONG, then he got 28.8173748 arc-sec.

The final step in this technique is to get the ratio of the linear products of LONG & LAT to get a number that is called the Coordinate Intersect (CI). (This ratio does evoke your "rational product." Actually, it's the ratio of the 2 linear products.)

For the Stonehenge center, the CI is:

52562.89164 / 21600 = 2.433467206

(At first glance, I see this number is less than 1% off the value of the Compton Wavelength = 2.42631058 picometers, but maybe that's just coincidence.)

What Munck did was measure the radius of the Sarsen Circle, finding 48.669 feet. When he divided this radius by the CI of the center he got 20.


OK, I think I've given you enough of an intro. In order to make sense of Michael's post that follows below, you must then understand that Michael applied this Munck system to the location of the fixed stars and developed what he calls the "Archaeo-Sky-Matrix, where the fixed star Alnitak in Orion's belt is used as Prime meridian.

For intro and details, check out Michael's sky-matrix site at


Where Michael goes beyond Munck is in bringing in the time dimension. He has found that the configurations that occurred in the heavens on January 1, 2000 are very significant as a kind of clock or calendar of events. In addition, the star position CIs also relate to the places on earth and even on the Cydonia complex of Mars, despite one's belief or disbelief that there is an actual artificially constructed human-like face there.

The reason I forward you this specific post is that Michael has read your article on the 82944 and the 4 Fundamental Force constants and though he not as mathematically sophisticated and you or Jerry Iuliano, nonetheless he has found some interesting correlations.

I would be interested in your response as to whether this work of Munck & Morton expresses some aspect of the "thinking happening for the 1st time in human history." Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Tom Mellett

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