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99.70.1 Re: "Quantum of Action" 99.69.16 Quark Unification (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: Jerryiuliano@aol.com
Subject: Re: "Quantum of Action" 99.69.16 Quark Unification 
Date: 10/26/02

Source: "Quantum of Action" 99.69.16 Quark Unification

Hello All,

In Mr Iuliano's emails "Quark Explanations" and "Quark Unification", within the above link, it seems all the correspondants; Jerry, Rybo, Bob from Kansas, Michael, Frank Barr and AVG discuss, among other concepts, The Quantum of Action. You may forward this email to all who are interested.

I thought you might appreciate some interesting excerpts about the Quantum of Action:

Source: 109 Input Options

Link: Phi Theory


"The Quantum of Action 1/2h is a complex constant composed of the phi relation, the pi relation and the speed of light relation which all exist in perfect accord in energy exchanges.

The constant related to Planck's Constant which reveals the true structure of matter / energy is derived from the Phi relation at the heart of Planck's Constant and is equal to c (squared) x the square root of 1/2h. This then as a phi ratio is the true Planck Constant.

This is PhiX and this number is extremely important in the universal generation of fundamental properties of the atom. From it in combination with 2Pi and powers of the speed of light, can be formed the important fundamental constants, (by a simple progression).


The Relation of the Golden Ratio to Quantum Physics: Phi Physics. The Golden Section Ratio is a perfect mean number having the property of rotation inherent within its perfect value.1.618033988... inverted becomes 0.618033988...[PhiG-1 = 1 / PhiG]. Another number which displays this perfection in a similar way is the number.1. Inverted it remains one.

However, when utilized as 10 one can see the deep symmetry in its inversion to 1/10 or 0.1=1/10. The digits remain the same as in the phi relation. A deeper relation still can be seen in the value of the root of 10. The square root of one is one but the square root of 10 is a number with very similar properties to PhiG. /10=3.16227766 and the inverse of this number is the same number divided by 10. 1/3.16227766 = .316227766, all the digits are the same but place value is displaced. It is the property of these numbers and their inverse which gives manifestation its opportunity to occur.

This is why the base 10 system works so well and is quite natural to use. From this point of view where the flux of the universe becomes manifest by means of number in certain perfect, harmonious and symmetrical forms. The flux state has a direct relation to the Phi ratios created by perfect numbers.

This is true mathematically and philosophically. The manifested state has a direct relation to the powers of 10 and the properties of its square root. Flux and mass [Phi and 10] are related together by motion at the velocity of light and powers of that velocity. Flux and mass in relation and manifestation through number generate lengths of flux lines. "

More on The Quantum of Action:

Source: File 80 Harold on Light

Link: " Mr. John Deutsch has discovered some intriguing mathematical relationships that appear when one "quantizes" the basic units of time, space, energy and mass. His calculations seem to bear out Dirac's speculation that 'h', the quantum of action, is not after all a fundamental constant, but a composite of two deeper quantities. These underlying quantities appear to be related to each other by the Golden Ratio. "



99.70.2 Re: "Quark Spin" 99.69.16 Quark Unification (MetPhys) 

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To: Jerryiuliano@aol.com
Subject: Re: "Quark Spin" 99.69.16 Quark Unification 
Date: 10/26/02

Source: 99.69.16 Quark Unification (Iuliano)

In the above email, Jerry notes:

Quark Spin:

" [( X / Y ) ^ 2 ] / .037 = 1/a(em) or pmev/emev....depending upon what you substitute for X , Y with the Hydrogen radius..quark masses gives fine-structure constant; quark spin gives mass ratios..pmev/emev, when aligned in their respective spin families (-1/3 and +2/3). This is counter-intuitive for one would think that quark spins (a mysterious concept, how can you have a negative 1/3 spin?etc..) should be associated with the dimensionless fine-structure constant, while quark masses should be associated to the "hard" things..mass and energy..pmev and emev..of Nature. But the equations demonstrate the opposite. "

A plausible answer as to why the equations demonstrate the opposite:

Source: File 1 Photons

"..."Quark pairs and muon pairs created in electron-positron annihilation seem to arise through the same process..."

Scientific American
Mar. 1980, Pg71

1.3 The Virtual Photons 
"The virtual photon can decay into any assortment of particles that conserve energy and momentum and various other properties that also must remain in balance".

Scientific American
Mar. 1980, pg.70

(Note: This is the place (0) between + and -, visible / invisible, "This Side" and the "Other Side". Keep in mind that these particles are in essence, frequencies which have to be "balanced" if extended over too long a period. These frequencies also must be treated as if the relations and ratios were musical instead of studying the electron voltage or mass or angular momentum etc.)



99.70.3 Re: Spin groups as numerator and denominator with Hydrogen radius (MetPhys) 

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To: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
Subject: Re: Spin groups as numerator and denominator with Hydrogen radius (MetPhys) 
Date: 10/26/02

Source: 99.69.16 Quark Unification (Iuliano)

<< [[[[(-(1/3)-(1/3)-(1/3)/((2/3)+(2/3)+(2/3))]^2] /(.03699997775^2)]*10]+10 =
pmev/emev = 1836.15266946.. >>


Jerry Iuliano has refined the spin group formula, above, enough so that I'm beginning to notice possible spherical music patterns interwoven within it (scalar= expanding/contracting sphere). This formula is about measurements at the quark and muon level of Keely's "interatomics".

Using these fractions as a representation of ratio of frequencies, while quantum physicists use them as groups of particles, we can sense that 3 groups of 1/3 ratios might be called 1:3 relationships (ratio) and 3 groups of 2/3 ratios might be called 2:3 relationships (ratio) and with proper gematric exchanges, produces the proton/electron energy ratio (mass) 1836.15266946

Assuming that my previous insight into 918 photons per electron + 918 photons per electron = 1836 is correct, we might divide 918 by 1/3 and 2/3:
Note that Juilano's formula deals in proton mass and electron mass ratios to arrive at 1836.

918 / 3 = 306 (Treat it as a numerologic/symbolic sum)
3 groups of 306
3 in the real and 6 in the virtual?
6 in the real and 3 in the virtual?

918 / 3 = 306 x 2 = 612 (Treat it as a numerologic/symbolic sum)
6 in the real and 2 in the virtual?
2 in the real and 6 in the virtual?

Each group adds to 9 (3+0+6=9) (6+1+2=9) (numerologic/symbolic sum)
Each group has either a 0 or a 1 in the center.
Each group represents either a real group or a virtual group
Each group is either on "This Side" or the "Other Side"
Each group may represent the three notes each side of the center Dorian scale of the Mode Box.
Each group may be flipping through the central mirror of the Mode Box

Can you see a Mode Box "quantum of action" between the real and virtual frequencies here?



99.70.4 Reflected Cross (hoopoe) 

From: hoopoe@popd.ix.netcom.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Reflected Cross (hoopoe) 
Date: 11/01/02

Hi Met

The Reflected Cross Helix (JPG)

Simple clarification on the indian raga system (JPG)

I'm just sending you a 2 jpgs. with some musical 'cypher's; one is a 'helix' I built from making 'cross's out of the reflected major scale 'played' in 5ths/4ths, this most likely can be overlayed on the sephiroth tree in some way I believe. The other (in the same jpg.) is the basic 'perspective' within the indian cycle of 'thats' or 5ths/4ths, which also gives one a 'helix' type matrix. The other jpg has another simple clarification on the indian raga system.


99.70.5 Judgment Day, Sept 22, 2002 Hendaye Monument (MetPhys) 

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To: susoni@msn.com
Subject: Judgment Day, Sept 22, 2002 Hendaye Monument (MetPhys) 
Date: 11/01/02

Hi there Lynda,

Yes I've been to diagnosis2012 a few times and read this prophesy concerning the Hendaye Monument of Judgment Day on Sept 22, 2002.

I also found file 56 Mayan Time and noticed two quotes in the chart, pertaining to that date, and these were the quotes:

"(I-Ching kua) 56 is the start of every genetic sentence". Earth Ascending, pg. 41, Jose Arguelles.

"Make your plans in 2002". Mao Tse Tung.


Original message:

Hi Robert

You've probably already read these, but they were posted at a News group and I thought the Mayan calendar was interesting. I've read some of this interesting theory in the past, also on your site (bits and pieces).

If you have read it just delete..:-) Laters Sus



99.70.6 DNA set to Music (Lynda) 

From: susoni@msn.com
To: LDBpredictions_musings@yahoogroups.com, svpvril@yahoogroups.com, MetPhys.com
Subject: DNA set to Music (Lynda) 
Date: 11/02/02

This is simply one of the most fascinating articles I've read in a long time.....if this is true, then, does this mean we each resonate with a particular harmonic in our Universe? ....a real "Song of the Stars" as Credo Mutwa's book says....


Astrobiology Magazine

Concerted Evolution

Summary: The rapid advances in genetic sequencing have allowed comparisons previously unavailable to those scientists who try to understand how such a complicated structure as DNA might have evolved. But communicating an entire organism compactly in code may require a more ancient art: the music of the spheres.

Concerted Evolution by Astrobiology Magazine staff writer

When astrobiologist and Prof. Emeritus, David Deamer, of the University of California, Santa Cruz, discusses "How Did it all Begin?", his lecture starts with a mythical voyage through the cultural references that inevitably shape our view of other worlds. "Movies are the myths of late-20th century western culture. Because of the power of films like ET to capture our imagination, we are more likely than past generations to accept the possibility that life exists elsewhere in our galaxy."

Indeed among cultural references, no single exchange between another galactic civilization and Earth stands out like the musical exchanges that resonated in one of the first such popular films, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". For its dramatic closing, music became a universal form of complex communication that transcended the otherwise untranslatable language barrier. Music is part of the tentative terrestrial messages for science as well. When a quarter-century ago, the Voyager probes carried outwards the symbols of terrestrial civilization on a golden record, the mixture of choices available to the scientific community at that time included images, music and languages. The languages--more than 55 in all--welcomed any listener to Earth. Spoken greetings ranged from ancient Akkadian to modern Wu. The music ranged from Chuck Berry to Bach. And the images included a mixture of scientific motifs, like DNA, solar systems, and human anatomy.

But the early Voyager efforts predated much of the startling advances in genetics. When Voyager launched in 1977, the DNA helix was known but no complete organism on Earth was even close to being sequenced. Today, that is where David Deamer has applied the current science of DNA to craft a new and surprisingly musical message. His work with musicians has spawned a new genre in music, where DNA sequences are given musical notes, and encoded for both our listening, as well as what might provide a fitting transmission to accompany the DNA helix first sent out on the Voyager record.

Crafting Beethoven's Fifth in Four Base Pairs

When Prof. Deamer saw the first portion of a repeating sequence of about 300 bases found throughout all the DNA of the human body, he reported seeing it as resembling musical notations:


The letters stand for base-pairs or DNA sub-units that pair up with their opposing (G-C, T-A) molecules to form the familiar DNA helix. He wrote: "When a colleague showed me this sequence (which had just been discovered in his laboratory), the first thought that came to mind was that it could almost be musical notation. There were the notes of C (cytosine), G (guanine), and A (adenine), which represent three of the four bases found in DNA. If T, the symbol for the fourth base (thymine), were transposed into the note E, we would have four musical notes that fit nicely into the key of C....Could there really be a musical message in our genes?"

Test Tube Cymbals

Professor Deamer's curiosity is shared by colleagues at the University of Wales. When the Welsh Computer Science Department first published a program to analyze DNA musically, Dr. Ross King noted in the London Times that "proteins are beautiful and similar to music in structure--neither completely repetitive nor completely random".

The question of a genetic musical message is indeed central to an entire evolutionary debate aptly called "Concerted Evolution". Each organism has a DNA structure wrapped into larger blocks or chromosomes, and those chromosomes--23 pairs for humans--have very few superficial similarities. The length differences alone can span 700% from shortest to longest sequences. At first glance, these differences suggest that the chromosomes evolved independently of each other. Streaming Audio (Real Media) to Sample

But a larger statistical analysis--akin to musical analysis-- is only now beginning to reveal remarkable similarities, which in turn suggest that a kind of concerted evolution, or even common ancestral molecules, might have a role to play in how DNA evolved. If one chromosome was duplicated and slightly modified from another, then subsequently evolved in a similar cellular environment, some statistical history should be discernable. The debate itself is only possible with the large number of whole organisms now sequenced in genetic libraries.

Because of the complexity of a single strand of DNA, scientists have long sought new ways to compare and communicate such complex information. Whether among colleagues or the distant neighbors that might read the original Voyager DNA helix, the message is often cryptic. [For instance, if all the DNA in one human cell could be arranged and straightened out as a single strand, it would measure about 1.5 meters long. And comparing the trillions of cells in a single person makes for astronomical dimensions]. So code visualization has reached a stage of statistical sophistication that rivals what even the most well-tuned music critic might disassemble from a long sequence of contrasting notes. But what has become clear from such complex analysis is that not only do chromosomes have a kind of concerted evolution (statistical similarities), but also they have the same similarities that one expects in good music. This kind of correlation is often called a fractal spectrum, meaning that it shares features apparent when viewed across narrow statistical windows as well as broad segments.

What's Next

For audiophiles who share an interest in astrobiology, there are a number of forthcoming missions and opportunities to listen in. In 2007 the French NetLander mission will feature what is called the Mars Microphone, to transmit back to Earth the sounds from the surface of the Red Planet.

Meanwhile, a quarter-century journey by the Voyager probes continues to carry both greetings in the languages of many terrestrial civilizations, as well as images of DNA. See related musical source links for converted annotations, including mobile phone ringtones for DNA.

Related Web Pages:

Computational Biology and Protein Music: University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Voyager Music Playlist
Voyager Mission NASA/JPL

The Nucleic Acid Database Project Rutgers, The State University of

New Jersey

Immunogenetics: Ohno, et al. "The all pervasive principle of repetitious recurrence governs not only coding sequence construction but also human endeavor in musical composition"

Periodicity and DNA sequences

Genome Research: Li, et al "Compositional Heterogeneity within, and Uniformity between,

DNA Sequences of Yeast Chromosomes"

DNA Music: The Art Institute of Chicago Infrared Frequencies of DNA Music: IEEE

Engineering In Medicine and Biology, S. Alexander


99.70.7 Re: Spin groups as numerator and denominator with Hydrogen radius (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Re: Spin groups as numerator and denominator with Hydrogen radius (Luigi) 
Date: 11/06/02

Hi Robert

Have made a few notes that I want to share with you about what you say below, and as soon as I have Word back on the pc. I will get back into the swing and share some more stuff on axis points with you. This 918 is one of only 16 three figured numbers that show the 9 as axis and the number sequence partners either side:


As you can see 8+1 are partners either side of the 9.

As all this , for me anyway, is about the swapping over of relationships at the Tri-tone, the 918 has a swap over partner. It can happen with the 918 being repeated or it can be seen as another individual number


Along this line the 1+8 constantly swap over around the number 9 axis point.

Anyway there are a few more of these numbers that also have swap over partners. There would be 306 and 603, 639 and 369 etc.

I will draw a diagram with arrows, if it is helpful, showing how these numbers swap over.


Whoops, correction to last post:

<< It can happen with the 918 being repeated or it can be seen as another individual number 918918918918918 >>

It can't happen the above way actually! It can only happen by finding the 918's swap over partner, which has to be 981.


Now the 1+8 are in opposite relationship around the 9.


(Note: Now we have to go back to Section 99.40.10 Milk Hill Alphanumerics (CodeUFO) to see the origins of 981, 189, 918 and 819 which goes to the end of the page, then on to an examination of the unknown 981 in Section 99.41.1 Re: MetPhys- Number 981 Unknown. (CodeUFO) to understand what this means for the mirroring of 918 to 981. MetPhys)


99.70.8 Re: Spin groups as numerator and denominator with Hydrogen radius (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Re: Spin groups as numerator and denominator with Hydrogen radius (Luigi) 
Date: 11/07/02

HI Robert

9/0 Number Sequence Partner (JPG)

Don't know if this attachment is helpful or not. It came about from reading your post to me. It reminds me of the same technique that can be applied to the alphabet. Anyway lots of interesting numbers! They are the only three digit numbers I can find so far that would obey this dual flow type thing. After all, each number sequence is a flow, either this side or the other side, and these flows always seem to swap over. The 1 and 8, for example, is the +1 and -1 indigs. The 9 being axis has them in various relationships and, if numbers and flows are in anyway indicative of the inner churnings of Nature, then the tendency to swap at the "tri-tone" must be taken into account. The tri-tone is at the 4.5 position of a scale (between the 4th and 5th note). One could choose to see these two 4.5 positions shooting out either side of the 9 in the number examples on the attachment.



99.70.9 Re: Discrete Donut Twisted Chain "ddtc" (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Re: Discrete Donut Twisted Chain "ddtc" (Luigi) 
Date: 11/11/02

Hi Robert

Very intriguing it is becoming. I would like to send one of the last sections of my rather neglected book at the moment! It will show how the triangles create a helix type journey as they swap from one side to the other side of a Tri-tone axis point. I can't imagine why anybody would want to call this their own work so I send it in the spirit of sharing in the hope that a good thing may come from it.

369 Tri-tone Axis Points (PDF Doc)

I was taken aback when reading the link you sent. The number 138 has been with me for a far greater period of time than this mirror music stuff. I was told in the seventies that it was associated with Christ. I then began seeing it everywhere!! There have been too many synchronicities with this number to remember. The last one happened at Sharon's crop circle forum. I was inspired to think that the crop circles were meant to be taken inwardly.


Ok, well I'll go back and read the link some more. Thanks for the usual piping hot info.


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Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2002 7:54 AM
Subject: MetPhys- Discrete Donut Twisted Chain "ddtc"

Discrete Donut Twisted Chain "ddtc"

To all,

This theory is, of course, speaking of the fabric of space as chains of donuts or tori, that we all may understand well. You may recognize attributes of this theory that reminds you of your own particular work. Jerry Iuliano will recognize the number 137, Luigi Di Martino will recognize the Mode Box musical mirroring "pair interaction", Dale Pond will recognize the elliptical path, Michael Morton will recognize the trigonometry of spherical systems, Gary Val Tenuda may find alphanumeric secrets in the words used, Lynda Brasier will recognize the symmetry and asymmetry, Sharon Pacione will recognize the shape of love, Tom Bouyed will recognize Gurdjieffs work, Dee Finney will see that In the Beginning was the Torus/Torah, Thomas Chess will see the music and Christian will recognize the implosive vortex of the torus, while many others will map toroidal space with their various systems.

Let me know if it makes as much sense to you as it does to me, for I see the work of all of you, in this theory.



99.70.10 Re: Mirror matter, blue dust and flat bottom craters on eros (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: hoopoe@popd.ix.netcom.com
Subject: Re: Mirror matter, blue dust and flat bottom craters on eros (MetPhys) 
Date: 11/14/02

<< I'd love to hear your 2 cents on this, truthfully.

tc >>

Well Tom,

I saw this article at Anomalies and thought Dr. Foot was shooting himself in the ...ummm...foot. Let me give a line by line response to you instead of posting it at Anomalies.

Wednesday, 13 November, 2002, 14:40 GMT Mirror Matter Mystery

Eros: Possible site of mirror matter impacts

Mirror- We understand the mirror don't we? The mirror side is as minor is to Major, not exactly a duplicate

By Dr David Whitehouse

BBC News Online science editor Two Australian scientists believe they have found evidence of a parallel universe of strange matter within our own Solar System.

They believe, from their limited perception, that they have found it

Dr Robert Foot and Dr Saibal Mitra, of the University of Melbourne, report that close-up observations of the asteroid Eros by the Near-Shoemaker probe indicate it has been splattered by so-called "mirror matter". Mirror matter is not anti-matter, it is altogether weirder.

Mirror matter, as used is not antimatter, which Scientific American plainly said, in the late 80's, "Electrons are antimatter"

It is somehow a "reflection" of normal matter, a sort of parallel series of particles required to restore the balance of the Universe.

If electrons are antimatter, the "other side" of the protons called "this side" and these Dr. Foot is calling "mirror matter" a reflection of normal matter (please define), then he is trying desperately to explain the concept of unbalanced asymmetry by using "mirror matter"

Sounds far-fetched - some believe so. However, experiments are underway to confirm or deny the existence of this strange, potentially significant but as yet undetected component of the cosmos.

They who understand music can save these experimenters billions of dollars here. Of course they don't want to save any cash flow. CERN and Moscow will be doing these experiments in the next few years.

Cosmic balance

Mirror matter is a hypothetical form of matter that restores nature's flawed left-right symmetry.

Too bad they don't understand that right-hand symmetry (chirality) has already occurred from the apex of chaos (hidden order) to the garden story of adm/eve. It was called the fall of god, or INVOlution, the right-handed side of EVOlution or left-handed symmetry.

Moreover from Section 99.40.7 Visica Piscis Motor (MetPhys), "the light spiral automatically reverses its chirality every 1 full wave of 2".

Also included for an understanding of chirality, in an other way, the following is offered: "Life and the Life Principle are not the same, the former being the result of the latters synthesis of isomeric elements (Note- reversed chirality) plus epi.genetic consciousness. Epi = "over and above the genetic".

Laws of nature, such as the rules that govern the interactions of fundamental particles, show a high degree of symmetry except that some laws are not the same when reflected in a hypothetical mirror. Blue dirt: Pools of dust may be impact sites This means that elementary particles display a preference for left over right. In a way, the Universe is left-handed. Why? Nobody knows.

See above INVO/ EVO, light spiral and Life/Life Force chirality. At the atomic level, Jerry Iuliano recently mapped the left/right handed spin of real atomics to the symbolic form which was discussed late in 99 Electrons and Mythologies 99.69.13 Cheops as the ultimate quark (Iuliano) but chirality is the left and right hand "twist" of molecules.

Many physicists are happy with this idea believing that in the first instants of the Big Bang everything was perfectly symmetrical. Only when the cosmos cooled did it become asymmetric, with a difference emerging between left and right.

It was never, ever perfectly symmetrical. Why do you think the universe fell into matter. Perfect symmetry cannot produce power nor can it begin to "fall", it has to be unbalanced like all the overunity experiments tell us. The fundamental torus building block is unbalanced, noted by the musical mapping of Luigi's Mode Box Major and minor sides, not mirror images. This is asymmetric, reciprocal and inverse, not symmetric.

But some scientists do not accept this. They maintain that the Universe has a left-right balance because there exists "mirror matter" - for every known particle there is a mirror particle that restores the cosmic balance.

I would say that for every frequency there is an unequal, asymmetric, inverse and reciprocal frequency to restore a dynamic, violent, oscillating balance but maintains asymmetric scalar and vector power.

Dark matter

Mirror matter would produce its own light but we would not be able to see it because mirror matter only interacts with our matter via gravity.

Dr Robert Foot believes that mirror matter would have been made in abundance in the Big Bang and that it is all around us but we can't see it.

Mirror man Dr Robert Foot

"There could be mirror matter stars, planets and galaxies out there," he told BBC News Online. "In fact, some think that the unseen so-called "dark matter" of the Universe could actually be mirror matter," he adds.

Dark matter is the result of calculations that erroneously considered the cosmological constant of Einstein, describing the expansion of space, as being a force call dark matter. Space expands, yes, and gravity is the simple disappearance of space into matter at 32f/s/s so the velocity of gravity (32f/s/s CORRECTION: 09/10/04 Velocity of light is actually the velocity of space of the macroworld. Velocity of gravity is instant in the macroworld and 32f/s/s in our bioworld on earth. At each level of universe, each frequency set, each motion velocity set, each phase set and each inertial frame set is different from another levels set.) is really the velocity of disappearing space into matter and there is no dark "unseen" "matter". Space expands but there is no need to call it dark matter, nor is there a need to call it "the cosmological constant".

"Mirror matter is perfect to explain dark matter. Its dark and can only be detected through its gravity." Dr Foot believes he has found evidence that it is here, closer than we believed, and that it had had a measurable effect on our spaceprobes.

"Its dark can only be detected through gravity?" This may need a little explaining. I believe that space, as we get farther out from earth, has a longer "time" (slower count) and the farther into the inner atomic world, a shorter "time" (faster count). It's a time change detection problem. See 102 Probes for a complicated but still "Occamized" explanation of the "dark" expansion of space and the ability of the illusion of gravity's contraction to detect Dr. Foot's "dark matter".

Mysterious force

In October 2000, the Near-Shoemaker spacecraft lightly touched down on the 13-by-13-by-33-km (8 by 8 by 20 miles) Eros asteroid. It was the first time a probe had landed on an asteroid. Its close scrutiny of Eros revealed many strange features - such as flat-bottomed craters filled with a peculiar bluish dust, and a puzzling lack of small craters.

Blue dust? Who knows what it is. It could be a pool of copper dust mixed with a tiny amount of oxidizing oxygen molecules (blu/green)?

Unexplained by conventional understanding, Dr Foot believes that mirror matter provides an answer. He calculates that small objects containing mirror matter could have struck the asteroid and left behind precisely the same scars that are seen. Indeed, he says there is no other credible explanation.


He also calculates that mirror matter may explain the mysterious force that acts on both the Pioneer 10 and 11 deep spaceprobes.

Distant probes

Launched in 1972, the Pioneers are leaving the Solar System in opposite directions. Detailed analysis of their trajectory indicates that they are both subject to a tiny, unexplained force that is slowing them down. Dr Foot believes that mirror matter exerting a drag on the Pioneers could be to blame.

Mysterious force: Pioneer 10

"How else can you explain that both Pioneers, on opposite ends of the Solar System, experience the same force pushing in the same direction?" Dr Foot asks.

Expanding and disappearing space!!

In a research paper to be published shortly, Drs Foot and Mitra suggest that mirror matter may even have struck the Earth.

He singles out three possible events: the 1908 Tunguska impact in Siberia and low-altitude, low-velocity fireballs seen in Spain in 1994 and in Jordan in 2001.

"Mirror matter could also explain these events," he told BBC News Online.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.....try a heavy rock or a Tesla experiment

Future experiments

Many scientists dismiss mirror matter as wild speculation but even the sceptics will have cause for thought if the latest experiments from the European Centre for Nuclear Research (Cern) are to be believed. Experiments involving so-called ortho-positronium - an arrangement in which an electron orbits a positron (its antimatter equivalent) - show that it decays slightly faster than can be explained. This could be due, says Dr Foot, to the electrons changing fleetingly into mirror matter and then back again.

He's close to Our Mode Box flipping of Major / minor / Major or "this side"/"other side" here but he still doesn't understand the mechanics of universe, asymmetric flipping, mirrors, Involution/ Evolution chirality, light spiral chirality, Life/Life Force chirality, antimatter, dark matter nor symmetry/asymmetry of atomics (ratio 2/3 for quarks and neutrinos or Jerrys asymmetric ratios).

Experiments at Cern and in Moscow hope to determine in the next year or so if mirror matter really does exist.

These scientists will conclude that the so called mirror matter will be "strangely" asymmetric and somehow "missing" and "undetectable", but they will name a certain "particle" as mirror matter. While they will be forced to see the "other side" of "this side" as a "particle", they will not be able to figure out that it is "no.thing" but inverse frequency.

What do you think?


Original Message:

Check this:

BBC News- Mirror Matter Mystery

I'd love to hear your 2 cents on this, truthfully.



99.70.11 Seed Idea on a 64 hr Day x 4 Day Week (MetPhys) 

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To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Seed Idea on a 64 hr Day x 4 Day Week (MetPhys) 
Date: 11/15/02

Source: 99.56.9 64 hrs per day / 4 day week (MetPhys) 

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I've been following an interesting path lately. What if there are, in the ancient measuring system, 64 hrs in a day with a 4 day week. Is this an original ancient system? What would this new "old" system produce? Can you find more synchronicities?

What is the factor of the division of 24 hrs into 64 hrs = Factor 2.6666666667

From Dee Finney's above page, I found "The division of the mean solar day in 24 hours or 86400 seconds is for us a more practical measure of time than the actual sidereal rotation period of the earth."

Multiplying the factor 2.6666666667 x 86400 sec per day = 230400, a fractal of 2304.

99Celectrons.html " meridian variance to be indicated as .. 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec. 09 (deg) X 32 (min) X 0.8 (sec) = 230.4 That decimal harmonic (2304) proves itself to be quite significant in the context of the ASM...

99Aelectrons.html 2304 SUMERIAN :INANNA number...

99Qelectrons.html "ASM", set of relationships : Taking the product of the digits ... 8 X 2 X 9 X 4 X 4 = 2304.

99BBelectrons.html Recall, now, the figure 230.4 .. which is the multiplied-product of the *Mars Variance* in prime meridian longitude. (Morton)...

99RRelectrons.html = 8448 (music "C" note) 8448 / 1.6 = 5280 (a mile in feet) 8448 / 11 = 768 24 x 32 = 768 768 x 3 = 2304...82944 / 768 = 108 82944 / 2304 = 36...2304 = Gematrian word meaning "False Christs and False prophets ... There are more at my File Index Search Engine, at the top of the File Index page.



Here is my seed idea, 64/4, about a different time scale other than the 24/7 scale we use. Another is Arguellas 13/20 of the Mayan Calendar.


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Subject: Rhythm/time harmonics' cyphers

btw-thanks for the time-stretch theory link, if you have other 'time' info you could toss my way that would be great as i am working on 'rhythm/time harmonics' cyphers. for some reason I'm finding this sequence of 'counting' time very interesting: eleven beats; counted 12 1 121 1234 1  the accents would be on the 1,2,4,5,6, and 11th beats. another very interesting 'time' is counted  12 12 123; as a seven beat sequence. accents on the 1,3,5 beats (!) thanks Robert.



99.70.12 Seed Idea on a 64 hr Day x 4 Day Week (MetPhys) 

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Subject: Seed Idea on a 64 hr Day x 4 Day Week (MetPhys) 
Date: 11/15/02

Randy, do you have any more research having to do with 40.7436654 "Mariner degrees" instead of our radian unit of 57.2957795 degrees? We are looking into a week of 64 hrs a day x 4 days.

99.56.6 The Circle as Intrinsic, Absolute Measure. (Randy) 

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Subject: The Circle as Intrinsic, Absolute Measure. (MetPhys) 
Date: 05/14/02

Hi all.

I really enjoy reading the material that you "High Octane" guys come up with even if this "low lead" guy doesn't grasp all of it. Anyway, to me, it is conceivable that another circular measuring system could give us similar results. I am thinking of the older navigation system - the Mariners Compass or Wind Rose that was based on "16 points of the wind":

North - North North East - North East - East North East - East
East - East South East - South East - South South East - South, etc.

The Mariner's compass was derived by fractionally splitting the circle: 1, 2, 4, 16. If one were to continue breaking the circle into more fractions (like our inches) it would go 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024...

Let's say that 256 became an accepted unit of measure (before dividing our new units into say 64 minutes and 64 seconds) we would have a radian unit of 128 / pi = 40.7436654 "Mariner degrees". Would this be any harder to learn than our radian unit of 57.2957795 degrees? Obviously, over time the 360 degree system (combining decimal and senary numbering)would prove to be efficient. It also approximates the solar year (and conceivably is the Ideal "designed" solar year). However, I'm not sure that efficiency would rule when convention and "religious ritual" numbers likely were more important to some cultures. The Mayan Calendar isn't as "efficient" as ours yet is much older, accurate and gives us clues to different cycles of time (like sunspot activity). I just wonder what a fractionally based circular measuring system would do to the Munck/Morton system - if the same results might be achieved - and if they might be found to be predictable (i.e.: I could use the system to discover new sacred sites on the Grid).

This group thinks outside the box - and maybe these "low lead" ideas fit a "circular file" - just thought I'd send them along...



99.70.13 Music in Superstrings, Tree of Life, Anu, Platonic Solids, Tetraktys, E8 (MetPhys) 

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Subject: Music in Superstrings, Tree of Life, Anu, Platonic Solids, Tetraktys, E8 (MetPhys) 
Date: 11/16/02

Hello Everyone,

I'm fairly sure this article will open your eyes up a little and deserves some impossible correspondence and impossible connections and correlations if you feel like contributing toward our neophyte studies as well as your own studies. As always, I will post any well written, integrated information you can cross-reference with other sciences.

Home Showpage: Stephen Phillips

Source: Articles by S.M. Phillips (All 12 are PDF Docs)

New Pythagorean aspects of music and their connection to superstrings.

This is article 12 (PDF Doc) integrating music with the following:

The mapping of the Tetrahedral (Lambda) Tetraktys of Plato of 10 notes, the Tree of Life Pattern and the First 10 Overtones, Musical Nature of Superstrings, the Toroidal Heart Shaped Anu of Besant and Leadbeater, The Platonic Solids as 90 Musical Elements, The Octave as Analogue of the Rank-8 Gauge Group E8.



99.70.14 Occam's Razor (Iuliano) 

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Subject: Occam's Razor (Iuliano) 
Date: 11/17/02


12 Occam's (or Ockham's) Razor, a heuristic principle of modern scientific epistemology first attributed to Nominalist theologian William of Occam (1284-1349), student of Duns Scotus and a veritable pioneer of Kantian epistemology 400 years before Kant. William felt that the positing of objective universals beyond the subjectivity of human perception was an exercise in multiplying unnecessary and thus unprovable metaphysical entities. One of his statements: "Frustra fit per plura quod potest fieri per pauciora." (tr. "It is vain to do with more what can be done with less.") has been appropriated by modern science to mean that if two scientific theories compete to explain the same phenomenon, then the simpler one is to be chosen, because it will inevitably contain less unprovable "metaphysical baggage" than the more complicated one. Occam's Razor has also been called the "law of parsimony" in that it strives to reduce phenomena down to their simplest parts. For that reason, staunch scientific reductionists enshrine the principle as a law, while more holistically inclined phenomenalists recognize that Nature is often times more objectively complex than our subjective oversimplifications of that reality.

As far as determining a definition for a Theory of Everything (T.O.E.), the interpretation I am using, is Occam's Razor, one of complete reduction of the values of Level III, that are the REAL measured values of the units and weights and the evaluation of these units and weights in their reductions to the four fundamental forces of Nature: electromagnetic, strong, weak and gravitational forces, which are unique measure assigned units, that is their values do not change, they are constants. Contrary to popular opinion, these values are not arbitrary , they transcend units of measure, they have Level III measure from a tradition of continually improving their values as technology improves. None of these constants have changed much in their evolution, just an adding of more decimals leading to higher accuracies. The most fundamental "real" particles of Nature are the six quarks and as of 2001 (Brian Greene's book "The Elegant Universe") these values are listed as:..in proton masses

B = Bottom quark..(-1/3 electric charge) = 5.2
C = Charm quark...(-1/3 electric charge) = .16
D = Down quark.....(-1/3 electric charge) = .0074
T = Top quark........(2/3 electric charge) = 189
S = Strange quark.(2/3 electric charge) = 1.6
U = Up quark.........(2/3 electric charge) = .0047

Using electric charges the proton, for charge sign of +1, is made of two up quarks and one down quark for a total of +1 charge. However the actual mass of the proton measured in energy , mev, is mathematically determined to be under the total influence of the quark segregated spin family mass ratios, squared:

(B * C * D / T / S / U) ^ 2

1998 NIST value for proton = 938.271998 mev = pmev

B = 5.2
S = 1.6
D = .007400067718
T = 189
C = .16
U = .0047

pmev = ((B * S * D / T / C / U) ^2 ) * 5000 = 938.271998 mev

the meaning of 5000 here is pentagonal as scaler: COS^-1 in degrees

[(COS^-1(((sqrt 5)-1)/2)) * 4] ^ (2/Pi) = K = collective unconscious

translating this form to the segregated spin family mass ratio form produces the electronic energy measured unit.

1998 NIST value for the electron = .510998902 mev = emev

B = 5.2
S = 1.6
D = .00740653782
T = 189
C = .16
U = .0047

emev = ((B * S * D / T / C / U) ^ 2 ) * 100 / K = .510998902 mev
K = 36.7872976

The final variable in electronic activity is the electromagnetic...fine-structure constant...a(em).., or the amplitude for an electron to strip off the proton to create a photon. One can use either the Hydrogen radius form (.037 pm ) or the phase transition anomalous exponent form, (Beta .37):


(( T * C * U / B / S / D ) * .037 ) ^2 = a(em) = 1/137.036000986

Kinoshita's number (theoretical) 1998 = a(em) = 1/137.035999935
Stanford Cesium/h (experimental) 2001 = a(em) = 1/137.03600045
Leahy/Hebrew (mythological) 1999 = a(em) = 1/137.036000986


[((T * C * U / B / S / D ) * .37 ) ^2] / 100 = a(em) = 1/137.036000986

B = 5.2
S = 1.6
D = .00739904095
T = 189
C = .16
U = .0047

The collective unconscious constant (K) is derived as follows:

The deepest meaning of the 1/Pi..(1/3.141592654)..phenomena is as the supreme exponentational link to the "hard" constants of Nature:

FEIGENBAUM CONSTANT = 4.669201609...rule of order in chaotic systems
F= 4.6692043132.....tan in radians
100/[(tan(F-Pi).........................^ (1/Pi)] = 36.7872976 = K

GOLDEN MEAN = 1.618033989...rule of order in living forms systems
Phi = 1.618033989 = (1+sqrt5)/2...COS^-1 in degrees
[COS^-1[((sqrt 5 -1)/4)*1152]........^ (1/Pi) = 36.7872976 = K

FINE-STRUCTURE CONSTANT = a(em) =amplitude for an electron-photon
exchange, rule of proton-electron interactions.
a(em) = 1/137.036000986...cos in radians
(cos 1/(a(em))*100.................................= 36.7872976 = K

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS = 82944 = (288^2)...rule of brain/nervous/
Prof. Leahy =(82944 logic) and Sephira Malkuth=(288 sparks)
82944................................... ^ (1/Pi) = 36.7872976 = K

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS: Egyptian form, Cheops pyramid, Beta=.37
height = 486.256005976 feet = ht
base leg = 763.81 feet = bl...cos in radians
[cos [(10^(2*ht/bl))/(.37^2)]] * 100........= 36.7872976 = K

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS : Pi form... cos in radians
[[cos[(10^((2/Pi)+(2/Pi))]/(.370000606^2)]*100 = 36.7872976 = K

COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS: Christian(666), Hebrew(288) form
cos in radians...
cos[(10^(287.999975988/37))/(666^2)]........= 36.7872976 = K

NATURES CHARGED MASSES: proton,positive; electron,negative
pmev = proton million electron volts = 938.271998 (NIST 1998)
emev = electron million electron volts = .5109994691
[(10*pmev)^[(1/Pi)*(emev^-(1/Pi))]]..........................= 36.7872976 = K

NATURES CHARGED MASSES: and the collective unconscious as the
electrons carrier
pmev = 938.271998
emev = .51100091734
pmev / (emev^2) / 6.66..............................= 36.7872976 = K


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