99.45.1 A Very Special Finding .. I hope .. (MLM) 

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From: Milamo@aol.com
Date: 9/20/01

Face One * Face Two * Earthface * The Old Man * Poverty-Point Profile ... times *Ribbon-Cutting Place for The World Trade Center Dedication* ... Equals .. (10^3) * Original Height of Chephren Pyramid of Giza in regular feet.


In other Language ...

(656.56127 * 164.1403175 * 1.234567901 * 1.033542556 * 1.909859317) ... * 1.794344715 ...

= 471238.898 ..
= (3 / 2) * Pi * (10^5) ..
= 10,000 times_Ratio_of Generic Volume-of-Torus to Generic Volume-of-Sphere.

(Morton, 2001, Internet).


This includes the "ASM" values calculated for "Face Two" @ Cydonia on Mars, thanks to recent assistance from Damon Elkins.

(Morton, 2001, Internet) ..

Grid LAT "Face Two" .. 41 (deg) * 03 (min) * 43.90243902 (sec) North .. = 5400 North.

Grid LONG "Face Two" .. 32.89868134 (min) W.Cydonia.

Grid POINT Value "Face Two" .. (5400 / 32.89868134) = 164.1403175


Note: GPV "Face Two" is exactly 1/4th of GPV "Face One" @ Cydonia on Mars. (164.1403175 * 4 = 656.56127).

Also note: Grid LAT "Face Two" is identical to GPV of Great Sphinx of Giza, on Earth.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2001


99.45.2 Even more .. (MLM) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Date: 9/20/01

Take the total multiplied-product that I sent earlier today .. the 471238.898 .. and multiply_it_by .. the Grid POINT Value of The Pentagon in Arlington, VA .. the other structure that got it on Sept.11, 2001.

The GPV of The Pentagon is .. (57.29577951 / 50) = 1.14591559 ..

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

(471238.898 * 1.14591559) = 540000 = 54 * (10^4).

The "54" decimal harmonic is_very_prominent in the "ASM".

Sine of 54 is HALF of Phi, precisely.

5400 is the GPV of The Great Sphinx of Giza (Munck, 1992, "The Code") .. and is also the Grid LAT of "Face Two" @ Cydonia on Mars .. (Morton, 2001, Internet) .. very recently found, with assistance from Damon Elkins.


From: Milamo@aol.com
Date: 9/24/01

"Face Two" @ Cydonia
Mon Sep 24 14:36:15 2001

My "ASM" figures ... for "Face Two" @ Cydonia, on Mars. Special thanks for assistance .. involving laying-out a way to precisely measure a certain NASA photo of Cydonia .. to Damon Elkins .. [ dle33@swbell.net ]. By the way .. Damon also showed me(in-person)a good-enough shot of "Face Two", so that I CAN see two eyes and a mouth on it. I would think its nose is/was there, originally, at least.

Grid LAT "Face Two" .. 41(deg)* 03(min)* 43.90243902(sec) North .. = 5400 North.

Grid LONG "Face Two" .. 32.89868134 (min) W.Cydonia.

Grid POINT Value "Face Two" .. (5400 / 32.89868134) = 164.1403175


Notice .. 5400 is (also) the GPV of The Great Sphinx of Giza, on Earth .. (Munck,1992,"The Code").

Also notice .. (656.56127 / 164.1403175) = 4.

(where 656.56127 is GPV of "Face One" .. or .. "THE FACE" @ Cydonia on Mars. Now; we have 2 "faces" .. @ Cydonia .. decoded .. as to their "ASM" figures).

"Face Two" GPV is exactly 1/4th of "Face One" GPV.

[2(eyes)] + [1(mouth)] + [1(nose)] = 4.

-- Michael L.M.
P.S. Special regards, here, to "The Webmaster" .. "Webby" .. wherever he may be.


The number 11 has been noticed to be self-evidently prominent in alphanumeric synchs involved with the WTC tragedy on Sept.11, 2001.

4.71238898 * 11 = (16.5 * Pi).

16.5 * 30 = 495 .. another very 'self-evident' number involved in certain correlations I have noticed between the major "Milk Hill" crop formation's precise location in The UK in August of 2001, and the WTC attack on Sept.11, 2001. Some very remarkable alphanumeric synchs have been observed by my friend and research associate, Gary Val Tenuta .. regarding this tragic case .. CodeUFO@aol.com

Recall, please .. 4.71238898 = (3 / 2) * Pi.

11 / (3 / 2) = 7.333333333 ..

7.333333333 .. is the Buckminster Fuller "DNA / RNA Un-Zip Angle" in arc-degrees.

7.333333333 .. is double the ratio of the mean diameters of Earth and The Moon. For example .. in mean statute miles diameter comparison .. (7920 / 2160) = 3.666666667 = HALF 7.333333333 ..

Further .. (5280 / 1440) = HALF 7.333333333 .. where 5280 is the number of regular feet_in_a statute mile, and where 1440 is double 720 .. where 720 is the total number of corner-angle arc-degrees on the surface of a tetrahedron, assuming the use of the 360 arc-degrees system.

-- Michael L.M.


99.45.3 Holistic Physics (Tom Buoyed) 

From: TomBuoyed@aol.com
Date: 9/17/01

Just came across a review of William Day's book The New Physics. Here is his homepage. I haven't had a chance to delve too deeply, but it's worth looking into, I think.




99.45.4 Another number connection (Dee777) 

From: Dee777@aol.com
Date: 9/20/01

Hi all:

This morning, CNN had an ad on for a movie which is showing now.

POINT 1: The movie is titled - U-571. It is about a submarine underwater and they are trying to decode messages in the war. Never mind whether the movie is a mirror image of the facts. The movie shows, in graphic detail, the horrors of the depths. It also paints a picture of how close a submarine crew can be in battle.

Point 2: Water symbolizes the sub-conscious mind.

Point 3: We noticed that numbers ' in reverse ' can be just as important symbolically as those going forward.

What is 571 in reverse? 175 ... one of the planes to hit the towers at the World Trade Center.

Coincidence? Maybe!!!

Dee and Joe


99.45.5 holistic geometry (Tom Buoyed) 

From: TomBuoyed@aol.com
Date: 9/20/01

Even more intriguing is a related link on Day's site to Holistic Geometry, which apparently uses the tensegrity concept of Bucky Fuller.




99.45.6 Johnsons works. (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 9/16/01

An Alternative to the Pythagorean Theorem

Johnson's onto something again. You will recognize the numbers immediately. His work cannot be copied without permissions.



99.45.7 The Vesica Piscis (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 9/20/01

Theodynamics: Vesica Piscis

I think you might find this an interesting page noting corrections of Vesica Piscis concepts.



99.45.8 Music, Crop Circles (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: Joe Mason
Date: 9/24/01

Premise: To draw a parallel between systems of noted "squares", cubes and the structure of atomics and space:

First, Joe's observations within quotes << >>.

<< 99.44.2 2112, Music, Crop Circles, 9-11 Disaster (JMason4557)
From: JMason4557@aol.com
Date: 9/17/01

Note: The 1999 Crop Circle formation at Windmill Hill with 288 circles, and the East Kennett Longbarrow formation that "fits inside" seem similar to some of D.G. Leahy's diagrams. His Star of David type diagram is somewhat similar to the 1997 Star of Solomon fractal at Milk Hill, with 204 circles along its perimeter (see above).


Windmill Hill, Wiltshire July 16, 1999

Another square! This formation contains the rudiments of fractal self-similarity. Divide the form into quarters and then divide each of the quarters again into four. Compare the larger with its contained smaller element you will see the similarity between the one-fourth corner square and the one-sixteenth corner square.

Divided into sixteen, there are four unmarked "tiles" in the centre and twelve patterned squares around the perimeter. Each of the perimeter squares contains 24 small circles (there is a total of 288 circles.) One immediate thought was that each of these represented one day - 24 hours - but no further development of this idea could be achieved.

Ironically, the West Kennett formation of 4th August (to be posted next time) has a geometry which fits with the accuracy of a Swiss watch into this Windmill Hill square.


August 4, 1999 East Kennett Longbarrow Crop Circle Formation


Compare the two formations above with:
Golden Bowl Structure
http://dgleahy.com/dgl/p15.html >>


My observations: Joe presents 2 crop circles and D.G.Leahy's Golden Bowls and prompts us to compare the three. He notes that the crop "squares" are in some way similar to the "square" cornered Golden Bowls of Leahy's inquiry. I will progress thru several collected "square" analogies, with the hypothesis that the common line , being Leahy's cube diagonal, is the same line as Leahy's Golden Bowls axis E,D,C,B,A (first diagram). Note the Golden Bowl diagram shows a 90 degree corner, which, when coupled with another similar sized Golden Bowl, rim to rim, should become a "square" which we are seeking as common to these other "square" inquiries, with the diagonal now being the E,D,C,B,A axis,

the "doubling of squares/Golden Bowls", below and the "fractal progression of squares/Golden Bowls" below, being the growth patterns of universe.

To begin again, first, lets examine the 2D square pictograms of all 3 above, as follows:

Windmill Hill, Wiltshire July 16, 1999
East Kennett Longbarrow Crop Circle Formation August 4, 1999
Leahy's Golden Bowl Structure

then make some projections concerning a 3D "cubic" model that will include the "square" crop formations and the "square" cornered Golden Bowls, in addition to:

The work of Alan Bennett, which best illustrates Solar Geometries that progress as a series of "squares", angles and arcs in space, which diagonals thru his "squares" should have some similarity to, or connection with the diagonal as the Golden Bowl axis E,D,C,B,A of Leahy and the diagonal control line of Fuller's Cube Control Line 83.65 Particle and Wave involvement.

This "square" progression is also described in The True Structure of the Universe to a less lucid degree, which diagonals thru his "squares" should have some similarity to, or connection with the diagonal as the Golden Bowl axis E,D,C,B,A of Leahy and the diagonal control line of Fuller's Cube Control Line 83.65 Particle and Wave involvement.

Within the "progressing squares" of an expanding / rotating fibonacci series, also incorporating the Golden Ratio Phi (Golden Bowl Phi?), we see the "rotating spiraling square" maintaining its "squareness" yet becomes fractally larger or smaller as if to mimic what Joe said of the Windmill Hill crop "square", quote above, "Another square! This formation contains the rudiments of fractal self-similarity".

From these 2D "square" analogies I can finally, but hypothetically arrive at the 3D cubic "stem cell" structure of space as forwarded by The GUT MU-27 Theory, Section 99 Electrons and Mythologies, 99.38.2 in which I suggest that the larger invisible structures of space (cells) are cubics of lightyears on a side, which, in my opinion should reveal themselves, eventually, to be magic cubes and have a 3D commonality with all of the foregoing 2D "square" analogies above, which diagonals thru his "cubics" should have some similarity to, or connection with the diagonal as the Golden Bowl axis E,D,C,B,A of Leahy and the diagonal control line of Fuller's Cube Control Line 83.65 Particle and Wave involvement.

The conclusion of this intuitive study suggests that cosmic and atomic structure are governed by lightyear sized invisible magic-cube-cells within which are fractally nested, many levels of smaller and yet smaller sized magic-cube-cells, or more accurately, as Ray Tomes notes, "a rhombus with sides of length 1 and twisted just a little from a square will have diagonals which are very close to 3/2 and 4/3. As these are good harmonic relationships, this is clearly a better arrangement to satisfy all the harmonics simultaneously."

Equating 3D with a cubic should suffice for the time being. Proving these cubes are magic-cubes (rhombus) will have to be done with Plato's cosmology and Pythagorean maths, in future studies.



99.45.9 How "Face II" Ties to Some Other Faces .. (MLM) 

From: Michael Morton
Date: 9/24/01

In Carl Munck's first self-published volume .. "The Code" (1992), he covers a place in north-central Pennsylvania (USA) .. known as .. "Picture Rocks". This site is a rock cliff-face .. with many various "faces" appearing in this cliff-face .. according to *sun-angle*. In other words .. the sun-angles, at various times-of-day .. are_intended_to show various "faces". This was apparently part of the_thinking_that went into the design.

I think I have found minor mistakes in Munck's Grid LAT and Grid LONG for this site .. BUT .. I do agree with his Grid POINT Value for the site. Its Grid POINT Value is .. 4.774648293 .. (15 / Pi).

(Munck, 1992, "The Code").

Here are my "ASM" figures for the site ..

Grid LAT "Picture Rocks" .. 41(deg) * 16(min) * 50.04277973(sec) North .. = 32828.0635 North .. = (360 / 2Pi)^2 * 10.

Grid LONG "Picture Rocks" .. 107(deg) * 50(min) * 29.29765557(sec) W.Giza .. = 156742.4573 W.Giza .. = (360 / 2Pi)^2 * 15 * (10 / Pi). [ W.Greenwich .. 76 deg 42 min 28.49765557 sec ].

Grid POINT Value "Picture Rocks" .. (156742.4573 / 32828.0635) = 4.774648293 .. = (15 / Pi).

(Morton, 2001, Internet).


The Grid LONG for "Face One" @ Cydonia on Mars .. is .. 6.890283706 .. (Munck, 1992, "The Code"). That figure is a "Pi-Fractal" .. 6.890283706 (min) E.Cydonia = Pi * (Pi / 3) * (2Pi / 3).

Recall from my previous email .. the Grid LONG of "Face Two" .. 32.89868134 (min) W.Cydonia .. = Pi * (Pi / 3) * 10.

(Morton, 2001, Internet).

Now .. taking the_ratio_of those 2 Grid LONGs ..

(32.89868134 / 6.890283706) = 4.774648293 .. = (15 / Pi) .. = GPV of "Picture Rocks" .. Pennsylvania, USA.

Something else about "Face Two" @ Cydonia .. you can recall from my previous email that .. its GPV is exactly 1/4th of the GPV of "Face One" @ Cydonia. [ 656.56127 / 164.1403175 = 4 ].

4 times (Grid LAT "Face Two") = Polar Circumference of Earth, in nautical miles_and_in latitude arc-minutes. [ 4 * 5400 = 21,600 ].

Using "Picture Rocks" GPV .. (21600 / 4.774648293) .. = Grid LAT "Face One" @ Cydonia .. where .. 21600 / (15 / Pi) = 4523.893421 .. = 1440 * Pi. 4523.893421 North .. = 41(deg) * 11(min) * 10.03080581(sec) North.

(Munck, 1992, "The Code").

-- M.L. Morton


99.45.10 Re: Coral Castle (MLM) 

From: Michael Morton
Date: 9/29/01

In a message dated 09/29/2001 7:04:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time, chadmagic@yahoo.com writes:

<< I was recently at the site www.greatdreams.com and saw your mathematical equations about the coral castle and other places. Inside the coral castle is a plaque that reads: THE SECRET TO THE UNIVERSE IS 7129 / 6105195

What do you make of those numbers?

Chad Sanborn >>

I had worked with those numbers before .. but nothing popped-out for me.

Now .. now that you've "refreshed my memory" as to these numbers ... I now find this .. adding .. 7+1+2+9 = 19. Then .. adding ... 6+1+0+5+1+9+5 = 27.

19 / 27 = 0.703703704

144 * 0.703703704 = 101.3333334

162 * 101.3333334 = 16416

19 * 27 = 513

Then ... 16416 / 513 = 32

32 is what I call the "life number" .. or "number of life".

The alphanumeric sum of "LIFE" .. is 32, also.

32 = (2^5) .. 2*2*2*2*2.

But .. also ... more importantly; in fact_very_important .. is how I am able to actually_calculate_the number 32 ... USING those numbers from "Coral Castle". Those numbers .. the way I treated them ... *resonate* with Bruce Cathie's "light-speed" decimal harmonics of 162 and 144 .. as you can see.

The number 32 is the threshold of embryonic 'symmetrical' binary cell-division, going into_asymmetry_after 32. (Drunvalo Melchizedek; "Flower of Life", et al).

Light-speed is intimately connected with "gravity", as we've learned from Bruce Cathie's work. There is a direct, inverse (reciprocal) mathematical relationship between *light-speed* decimal harmonics and *acceleration-of-gravity* decimal harmonics. B.Cathie's work shows it.

32 / 36 = 0.888888889 = 144 / 162.

The number 36 is extremely important.

Its cosine is precisely HALF of Phi ... and ; 36 is a decimal harmonic of 360 .. the "conventional" number of arc-degrees on one circumference.

360 * 7.333333333 = 2640 .. exactly HALF of 5280 .. the # of feet in a statute mile.

7.333333333 .. is the Buckminster Fuller "DNA / RNA Un-Zip Angle" in arc-degrees. This has something important to do with the geometric structure of DNA / RNA.

All of this is indicating a "unified matrix". Even involving metrology units.

We_are_looking at parts of a "unified field".

So ... I'd say that the study of this material .. this subject .. is important in leading toward an understanding of how Ed Leedskalnin moved those stones by himself. The "unified matrix"_is *involved*_in the fundamental understanding of so-called "anti-gravity" propulsion and "free-energy" availability .. tapping into the ambient (and infinite) energy field of space.

-- Michael L.M.


99.45.11 Re: Coral Castle (CodeUFO) 

From: Gary Val Tenuta
Date: 9/29/01

(Note: Read 99.45.10 Re: Coral Castle (MLM), above also. MetPhys)

Good stuff Michael. I remember when we were looking at those numbers last year. I was reminded of some more info from the alphanumerics perspective that I published in The CodeZone series. Here's an excerpt from CodeZone No.22:


...Now, back to Leedskalnin's secret of the universe which, according to Jim's friend, was encoded on a plaque at the Coral Castle. The formula was:

7129 / 6105195

Now, of course we don't know exactly what that means. It looks like a division formula but as such it doesn't yield anything of any particular interest, at least as far as we can tell. When I say "we", I'm speaking of Michael Morton and Joe Turbeville. These are two number crunchers I've mentioned in previous CodeZone articles. (Book plug! Joe has a new book out! The title: A Glimmer of Light From the Eye of a Giant: Tabular Evidence of a Monument in Harmony with the Universe. Email Joe at josepht@tri-county.main.nc.us for information on how to order or go to www.Trafford.com.) But all three of us were curious about Leedskalnin's numbers and Joe was the first to come up with something. How significant it is, we don't know but, like so many things out here in the Code Zone, it was interesting and yielded some curious synchronicities.

About a week or so prior to getting Jim's email about Leedskalnin's secret, we'd been involved in some other work having to do with Imperial measures. For my part, I was working on the alphanumerics of various measuring units by name. I happened to notice, among other things, the alphanumeric value of the word "FOOT" is 56. Here's what I found:

FOOT = 56
A foot is 12 inches...
56 / 12 = 4.666666667

Now, it just so happens that the alphanumeric value of the word "NINE" is 42 and if 42 is divided by 9 the quotient is the same as 56 / 12.
42 / 9 = 4.666666667

It's important to recall, as I've explained in detail in previous CodeZone articles, that the number "9" is a major key factor in the work I do and it appears to have been a key factor in the knowledge of the ancients as well. It's also important to recall Michael Morton's observation that it's the "self referencing" aspect of all this "code" stuff which is intriguing. The remarkable amount of synchronistic self-referencing is, according to Morton's thinking, a function of what he calls the "unified field matrix". In other words, the fractal nature of the "code" in terms of the "bigger picture" as Peter Gersten would call it.

Jumping ahead now to the Leedskalnin numbers, Joe wrote:

<< The first thought I had when I saw it (the Leedskalnin formula) was " maybe it's a product / sum ratio"

-- I bump into them quiet often ! -- 7129 is a Prime number -- I played around with the 1st idea for awhile and wasn't getting anywhere.
Then I got the idea to take the product of the digits in the 1st number and divide it by the sum of the digits in the 2nd number --- Bam !! -
126 / 27 = 4.66666... -- Gary's ANV (Alpha-Numeric Value) of "NINE" (which is 42), divided by "9" . >>

At this point let me direct your attention to the photo of Ed Leedskalnin. Notice the plaque he is holding. It shows his first name and the initial of his last name. A rather odd thing to be holding for a nice portrait shot. But then Leedskalnin was an odd man. Was he giving us another clue? Was there something encoded in these letters? I noticed the inscription "ED.L." could be translated into the alphanumeric equivalent of 54.12. (in other words, E = 5, D = 4, L = 12). I noticed that 54-12 = 42, the same as the alphanumeric value of "FIVE" and of "NINE".
5x9 = 45, the mirror of 54!

I also noticed 54+12 = 66.

If we add the 42 plus the 66 we get 108 which just happens to be the alphanumeric value of the phrase "ENGLISH INCH". There's a self-reference to the idea of the Imperial unit of measure.


108-54 = 54, self referencing the 108 back to the number we started with. Also, 54 is the alphanumeric value of TONE, the significance of which we will see later on in this article.

Continuing on with the rest of Joe's findings now, he wrote:

<< Then multiply 7129 x 4.66666... next get the cube root - you should have 32.16215434. >>


(9/29/01 Note: In a past study of associating a Tzolkin and a I-Ching with earth and the sun, I calculated the following number, 32.24903 being associated with the suns extrapolated magic square-Tzolkin which encompasses the extrapolated magic square-I Ching just as the earth does with a smaller magic square-Tzolkin / I-Ching:

55.3 Diagram. Magic Square, Ben Franklin's 8 x 8 I-Ching Kua

The square root of:

The I-Ching, 64, of the earth = 8
The I-Ching, 256, of the Sun = 16
The Tzolkin, 260, of the earth = 16.124515
The Tzolkin, 1040, of the Sun = 32.24903

Is 32.24903 and 32.16215434 the same gravity number that varies from time to time? If these are the same, then this could be a gravity link between the gravity "constant" and the suns Tzolkin magic square.)



Back to Gary's mail:

Joe noted that this 32.16215... is a very close approximation of the gravitational constant of g = 32.1652. Joe notes, further:

<< Since it's really not a constant ( it varies slightly about the Earth's surface), this then is a pretty good value. >>

So now we have possible references to two elements which may be key factors in Leedskalnin's secret: (1) units of measure and (2) gravity. This would have some correspondence to Leedskalnin's rather simplistic statement that he understood the laws of weight and leverage. So far the units of measure we have worked with have been the INCH and the FOOT. We have not yet experimented with measures of weight. I did notice, however, this interesting synch:


144 not only reduces to 9 by the convention of "cross adding" (1+4+4 = 9) but the number 144 is a major gematrian number and figures prominently into my own work with the gematria of the English alphabet.
For example,


Also, as I noted in CodeZone No.21:
FOUR = 60
FIVE = 42
NINE = 42
Now add those ANVs and what do we get?
60+42+42 = 144

And back to Leedskalnin's number 7129, if we multiply those digits we get:

7x1x2x9 = 126
Synchronistically, the alphanumeric value of ONE TWO SIX is 144.

The ANV of the phrase ENGLISH OUNCE = 132

If we subtract ENGLISH OUNCE (132) from ENGLISH POUND (144) we get:

144 - 132 = 12, the same as the ANV of the letter "L" in the inscription "ED.L."

Also, in the inscription "ED.L.", the Alpha-Numeric Value of ED is 54.

144 - 54 = 90, the same as the sum of the ANVs of INCH and FOOT:
INCH = 34
FOOT = 56
34 + 56 = 90

What might we speculate as a result of these numerical synchronicities? We've seen Leedskalnin's numbers led Joe to find the approximation of what is known as the gravitational constant. We've seen that Leedskalnin's numbers led to the number 4.66666 which correlated with the alphanumeric value of NINE when that value (42) is divided by the number "9". We've seen how Leedskalnin's numbers seem to correlate synchronistically with key gematrian numbers which, in turn, are related to the value of 9. Most of the work so far has been with the first portion of Leedskalnin's formula (7129 / 6105195). We could note here, in closing, that the sum of the digits in the second portion of that formula is 27 which also reduces to 9 by cross-adding (2+7 = 9). We might also note here that 27 is encoded within the structure of the English alphabet when each of the letters from opposite ends of the alphabet are paired. For example, A+Z = 27, B+Y = 27, C+X = 27, and so on. Given this, it is interesting to note that there are a total of 13 pairs in that set of 2-letter combinations.


(9/29/01 Note: 13 pairs will be explained in a future File pertaining to the Sumerians base-12 as a counting system where the vibrations of the number 13 would represent an octave - the first counting unit on the next "level," just as 10 is the next "level" of the number 1 when using a base-10 system. The vibrations of the number 13 as an octave can be seen on a conventional piano if you were to play a "chromatic" scale, where you go from C to C playing both white and black keys. Each scale will have 12 notes before resolving to the Octave on the 13th. Also, 12 fifths spans 7 octaves and requires a 13th and the phenomenon of two different divisions of the year into two slightly different lengths of months strikes a very close parallel with Pythagoras' comma, with its two slightly different sets of twelve notes around the circle of an octave. Moreover, the File will explain the 13 semi-tone seperations pertaining to the intervals from a minor second to a major ninth, plus a particular 53 note scale of a "double helix" in the domain of the musical tone system...the "sharps" and "flats' furnishing helical formations, each separately split with the Pythagorean comma (Ptolemaic comma?). Furthermore, the 4 groups of 13 drums of the The Tibetan Hurling Stones total 72 = MAGNETIC, the reverse of 27 used to levitate the stones. 19 musical instruments were set in an arc of 90 degrees (144 - 54 = 90, the same as the sum of the ANVs of INCH and FOOT) at a distance of 63 metres from the stone slab. 19 being the sum of Leedskalnin's 7+1+2+9..., 63 being the reverse of 36 and 72 being the reverse of the sum of Leedskalnin's 6+1+0+5+1+9+5 = 27.

The following is an extrapolation of the number of drums and trumpets, in the 90 degree quarter-circle (jpg), extrapolated into a complete circle (360 degrees), totalling the number of musical instruments x 4 quarters. This will give a levitating disc by way of electrically generated tones, using harmonics, or perhaps, dissonance to disturb the harmonic matter of the disc.

Extrapolating to The Disc

To extend to a circle, place 19 tone generators in 1 / 4 circle, giving us 19.

To extend tone generators in the next quadrant requires subtracting 1 tone from the 2nd quadrant because there are already 2 tones at each 'end' of the first quadrant. Therefore the 2nd quadrant will only require 18 tones.

The 3rd quadrant will only require 18 again.

The 4th and last quadrant will require only 17 tones because the 1st quadrant has a tone at the beginning of its quadrant, as does the 3rd quadrant at its end.

A total of 19 + 18 + 18 +17 = 72 tone generators should levitate this disc with the proper diameter.

6 and 13

The drum and trumpet positions can be assumed to be alternated, 13 drum tones equally interspersed with 6 trumpet tones per quadrant. This implies that a total of 13 drum tones and 6 trumpet tones must occupy each 90 degree quadrant, not quite reaching the 90 degree divisions of the circle. 13 drum tones per quadrant gives 14 spaces for 6 trumpet tones between...Beginning with the 90 degree line, a trumpet tone can be placed there, then, skipping 3 spaces, place a trumpet tone there, skipping 3 more spaces, adding another trumpet tone, giving us 6 trumpet tones per quadrant, beginning and ending exactly on the 90 quadrant lines. To extend around the circle required that 2 trumpet tones are overlapping on each quadrant line. Beginning the count several other ways by counting spaces or drum positions only gives us 7 tones per quadrant...not acceptable.

Another acceptable arrangement of trumpet tones is to divide 90 degrees by 6 tones giving the spacing of tones per quadrant, in degrees, namely, every 15 degrees.

Having arranged our tone generators properly, and having found the proper frequencies to drive the tone generators, the disc should levitate. The proper frequencies should be Phi and its multiples operating the first and third quadrant and Phi and its multiples operating the second and forth quadrant, with control of the craft ranging from a perfectly tuned system between the two opposite quadrants or a de.tuning to a maximum of Phi (1.618) between the opposites to create the beat frequency often heard in levitating discs...the lub...lub...lub of Phi. The closer these two groups of two counter-frequencies or counter-rotating frequencies are to each other, I believe, the higher the disc should rise because the gravity field that is created around the disc cannot occupy the same gravity field that exists around the earth, therefore the earths gravity field will eject the disc out of the earths gravity field, which means it will shoot off into space. )



Back to Gary's mail:

Then 13 x 27 = 351. Recalling that the numbers 4, 5, and 9 are key to this work (as well as the alpha-number versions, FOUR, FIVE, NINE), we can see a possible connection to Richard Hoagland's hyperdimensional figure of 19.5 as shown here:

19.5 x 4 = 78
19.5 x 5 = 97.5
19.5 x 9 = 175.5

The sum of those products is 351, the same as the product of 13 x 27.

Also, regarding the number 27... Leedskalnin's number 6105195 sums to 27, the harmonic of...

Maybe Leedskalnin's secret had something to do with directional alignments, ley line energies, gravitational forces and time? If we take the above mentioned sum of 27 and reverse it we get...


Now, recall from a few paragraphs back, that 54 (the alphanumeric equivalent of E and D) is the alphanumeric value of the word "TONE".

Joe noted...

7x1x2x9 = 126

And I noticed this...

This idea of "tone" or "sound" in conjunction with "stone" fits nicely with the number 144 mentioned previously:


And we'll wrap it up by noting that 351 is the mirror of 153 which is also a key gematrian number (a number which turns up in the Bible in a couple of places such as the 153 fish mentioned in John 21:11). We've noted in previous CodeZone articles that the idea of reversing numbers seems to be an element of the "code". When we reverse the 351 to 153 and add them together we get this:

351 + 153 = 504

If we drop the zero, we find the numbers 5 and 4, the values of E and D in the inscription ED.L. as seen in his photograph. But, even more significant, perhaps, is this:


Then, speaking of reversing numbers...

This looked familiar. Where had I seen it? Ah! It's the reverse of the 712 in the Leedskalnin number 7129! So it occurred to me to see what the difference was between the numbers 7129 and its reverse of 2179... Guess what?

7129 - 2179 = 4950

Drop the zero and here, again, we see the numbers 4, 9, and 5.

What did Leedskalnin know that we have yet to figure out? Did his secret have to do with consciousness? With frequency? With linear measures? With weight measures? With gravity? With all of the above in a specific combination? Did he know how to manipulate what Michael Morton calls the unified field matrix? Did he leave us clues as to what he knew? It's all still a mystery and the answer is waiting... somewhere out there...

...in the CodeZone.

2000, Gary Val Tenuta


99.45.12 Re: Re: Re: Coral Castle (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys
Date: 10/01/01

Number Research: http://hometown.aol.com/MetPhys/indx7779bs.html

Number 9

Nine as center of Fullers "bowtie 9 oscillations.

The 7 note and 2 'gaps' (bearers of new directions) = 9 links of a chain- 3 groups of 3 links each).

"It is as though, around every point, 9 more subordinate points are grouped, and so on to the atoms of the atoms".

Along the right, inner side of Plato's Tetraktys are the numbers 1, 3, 9, 27- denoting molecular vibration ratios. The column at right contains the double intervals of Bode's Law.

Each level of the Tetraktys is tagged as:


1 : 2 is the octave. (9)?
2 : 3 is the perfect 5th.
3 : 4 is the perfect 4th.

Vector equilibrium shells have a total of 9 (8+1) operational conditions relating directly to 8 integers and 9 = 0.

Number 13 The complete 9 octave?

(MP) The reason "bare charge" is noted here, is that I suspect this configuration is the postulated 12 spheres encompassing the 13th center gravity-sphere, making the center sphere "a large and possible infinite negative charge", otherwise known as the vector equilibrium of B. Fuller.

(MP) The I-Ching, being a 13 x 20 grid should also reflect the toroidal shape of the vector equilibrium-13 ball-this side / other side-4D-gravity spheres.

Calendrical properties operating in the I-Ching bear a relation to the lunar year of 13 lunations and to the equinoctial precession, as well as the sunspot cycles.

There also appears to be a 55,500 year cycle (Note to Jerry: Is this your 55,000?) in the motions of the planetary orbits relative to each other. That period is 24 times 2315 years which makes it a member of the same family. I mentioned a problem. It is that 2315 years divided by 178 years is 13.00 almost exactly.

Number 27

(MP) "Several observations can be made about this distribution of charges (of the color quark). First, there are 27 possible combinations", of 3 charges when each charge can have any one of three values"...

The Ideal Construction of Planets.. This Diagram is an arrangement of planets and sun in ratios as follows:

Terra- 9
Lune- 27
Mercury- 81
Venus (Soleral)-243
Mars-729 or 27^2
Saturn- 364.5 or 27^2/2
Jupiter- 4920.75 or 27^3/4

(MP) Number 32 and The Theory of Discontinuous Groups

(MP) The most perfect receiver on earth is a certain crystal shape according to the Miller Indices. That shape is the Octahedron (two Giza pyramids base to base). It is the only crystal of the 32 groups, that has all perfect 111 faces.

(MP) ..."and the numbers of electrons in atomic shells to the rule of doubled squares 2, 8, 8, 32, 50......, the 32 symmetry groupings of crystals (1+1 = 2, 1+1+6 = 8, 1+1+6+10 = 18, 1+1+6+10+16 = 32)".

(MLM) 32 / 36 = 0.888888889 = 144 / 162.

(MP) 32 / 36 divided by 2 = 16 / 18 divided by 2 = 8 / 9 = 0.888888889
144 / 162 divided by 2 = 72 / 81 divided by 2 = 36 / 40.5 divided by 2 = 18 / 20.25 divided by 2 =
9 / 10.125
9 x 2^5 = 144
10.125 x 2^5 = 162
8 / 9 = Pythagorean comma (Ptolemaic comma?)
9 / 10.125 = 0.88888888889

Number 42 No information.

Number 56 = FOOT

...Mr. Poole had 100 note to the octave, of which 39 arose from the harmonic sevenths. If the skhisma were neglected there would remain only 36 tertian and 20 septimal, or in all 56 tones to the octave..... With regard to the double diatonic or dichordal scale...

Numbers 7129 / 6105195 Neither number found in any Fibonacci number series up to 500.

(GVT) Maybe Leedskalnin's secret had something to do with directional alignments, ley line energies, gravitational forces and time?

1. Directional alignments- Orientation (polarization) of crystal lattice and N, S, E, W alignment.

2. Ley Lines- The ASM Grid (MLM)

3. Gravitational forces- Reversing numbers.

4. Time- Timing of planetary alignments. It would be an interesting study to know the dates of the construction of Coral Castle and the associated planetary positions at that time.

5. TONE = 54. Using the correct tones of music (singing to the stones). 5ths, 4ths and Octave (9).

Can you expand on this?



99.45.13 Re: Re: Re: Re: Coral Castle (MetPhys) 

Date: 10/01/01 Note the date
Time: 1:23:32 Note the time

As most often happens, I'm laying down resting when, BAM, I jump up in a flash of excitement!!! Something has occurred to me after my "always awake psyche eternally calculates" and then dumps a revelation into my sleeping brain!!! I almost run to the computer and power up...the very first time I glance at the time it shows 1:23:32 PM in the afternoon. Strange but synchronistic, I must say:

Leedskalnin seems to have used the counter-rotating fields of gravity. Musically speaking or perhaps only metaphorically, this would be referred to as the 4th and 5th of an octave as the musical spiral of 4ths is probably in.versed, re.versed and the reciprocal of the musical spiral of 5ths.

This can also be demonstrated with the so called "particle" that can have 1 of 4 different rotations. We call them dimensions 1-4 or I call them 0-3 including 0. We can also demonstrate the same rotation with this anaolgy, imagining (image) the dynamics of a mirror:

Take the letter " F " and as it appears (upright, right) = Rotation 1
Take the letter " F " and make it face left (upright, left) = Rotation 2
Take the letter " F " and turn it upside down and turn it to the left (upside down, left) = Rotation 3
Take the letter " F " and turn it upside down and turn it to the right (upside down, right) = Rotation 4

This letter " F " has just made 4 rotations thru the 4 dimensions relative to each other as is nothing / everything(1D), magnetism(2D), electricity(3D) and gravity(4D). The " F " has just made the quad.ra.pole rotations of the intrinsic internal spin-1/2 of electrons. This should be the science of Quad.ratic Logic while Leahy is demonstrating Tri.nary Logic with the +0- logic.



99.45.14 Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS Relates to "Crop-Face" !! (MLM) 

From: MLM
Date: 10/02/01

Hello, Everyone ..

I've found the "ASM" values for Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS .. and its GPV relates_precisely-and-directly_ to the GPV I found for "Crop-Face" .. a very remarkable crop formation of August, 2001, in Hampshire, UK .. situated next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope.

And how is this ARCTURUS / "Crop-Face" correlation specified ?

Via the Pi constant .. and precisely-so !! (Details below).


Another very remarkable fact is that the "Crop-Face" formation was created and 'placed' so that its_center_ is at the *exact-same* latitude as the center of the August, 2000 "Chilbolton" formation !

I'll now give the "ASM" values (Morton, 2001, Internet) for both ARCTURUS of Jan.1, 2000 .. and for "Crop-Face". Then I'll compare the two nodes.

I also remind everyone that I don't yet have a "permanent" website back yet, but I will send you urls for "temporary sites" if you are interested in any particular works. The "mission-ignition" site was "wiped-out" about 3 days after the WTC tragedy, which was the second website "wipe-out" I've had to deal with in the last 6 months.

With that in mind, I refer you to the database-source that I've consistently used for all of my "sky-location" calculations .. for prominent 'fixed' stars in our sky, and for Galactic Center and Solar Apex; all of these are for Jan.1, 2000 .. and all are using the_sidereal_zodiac and the_ecliptic_for references. In addition, I use ALNITAK .. the Orion belt-star .. as ecliptic prime meridian "marker". I assume a sidereal location for ALNITAK of .. 29 deg TAURUS 56' 50" ... and an ecliptic South latitude of 25 deg 17' 37". (Those are to the nearest arc-sec). So; I adjust the given sidereal longitude from the database .. to .. "W. or E" ALNITAK sidereal longitude. Here is the database URL ..


The database gives .. for ARCTURUS of Jan.1, 2000 .. a sidereal longitude of .. 29 deg VIRGO 29' 36" ...which translates to .. 119 deg 32' 46" to the East (counterclockwise) of ALNITAK's sidereal longitude position. (Each zodiac house is assumed as 30 deg, here). You count *from* 29 deg TAURUS 56' 50" .. counterclockwise, (Eastward) .. *to* .. 29 deg VIRGO 29' 36". Why counterclockwise, in this case ? Because .. you want 180 deg, or less .. whichever direction that is.

The database gives, for ARCTURUS of Jan.1, 2000 .. a latitude of .. + 30 deg 44' 20" ... the plus-sign means "north of the ecliptic".

Based on those "nearest-arc-sec" figures .. here are my "ASM" values for ARCTURUS of Jan.1, 2000 ..

Grid LAT ARCTURUS .. 30(deg) * 44(min) * 20(sec) North of ecliptic .. = 26400 North of ecliptic.

Grid LONG ARCTURUS ..119(deg) * 32(min) * 46.11927829 (sec) E.ALNITAK .. = 175622.2117 E.ALNITAK.

Grid POINT Value .. ARCTURUS .. (175622.2117 / 26400) = 6.652356504 [ Morton, 2001, Internet ].

Note; 26400 is .. HALF of 5280 * (10^2) .. where 5280 is the number of regular feet in a statute mile.

Also note; 6.652356504 .. is the multiplied-product of .. [656.56127 * (10-^2)] * 1.013211837, where 1.013211837 is the GPV of "Miami Square" .. (Morton, 1999, Internet) ..

[ http://hometown.aol.com/marscode/homepage1.html ] ..

and; where 656.56127 .. is the GPV of THE FACE (or, "Face One") at Cydonia on Mars. (C.Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published).

Further note; 1.013211837 .. is the ratio of the GPV of "City Square Center" (Morton, 2000, Internet) at Cydonia, on Mars .. and .. the_numerical value_of the Radian Arc .. where 360 arc-degrees is assumed on one circumference .. 57.29577951 / (18 * Pi) = 1.01321183


Grid LAT "Crop-Face" .. 51(deg) * 08(min) * 36.39967169(sec) North .. = 14851.06605 North .. (Morton, 2001, Internet) .. = (46656 / Pi) .. where 46656 = [656.56127 * (Pi^2) * (72 / 10)].

This is showing redundant, "fractal"-like mathematical relationships involving the Pi constant, the GPV of "Face One" at Cydonia on Mars, and Earth-precession-related numbers. Notice .. 46656 / 25920 = 1.8 .. decimal harmonic of 18. And I've already shown that the GPV of "City Square Center" @ Cydonia on Mars is (18 * Pi). So .. this is intensely- redundant, already .. and we haven't even finished, here, by a long-shot !!

Grid LONG "Crop-Face" .. 32(deg) * 34(min) * 28.90376228(sec) W.Giza .. = 31447.29336 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich .. 01 deg 26 min 28.10376228 sec ].

Grid POINT Value .. "Crop-Face" .. (31447.29336 / 14851.06605) = 2.117510841

[ Morton, 2001, Internet ].

To check-out my input data for this crop formation .. please go to .. Paul Vigay's "International Cropcircle Database" ..


and use the map code number .. SU391385


Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS with "CROP-FACE" ...

(2.117510841 * 3.141592654) = 6.652356504

There you are !!!

A precise, and_very_direct .. correlation .. between the_GPVs_of "Crop-Face" and Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS .. via the Pi constant.

But .. there's much more !

The literal_center_of The White House, in Washington, D.C. .. is involved.

Looking at the layout of The White House, The Capitol Rotunda, and The Washington Monument .. from aerial view_and_looking north, one observes an approximate *right-triangle* connecting those 3 structures, with the sides of this right-triangle *almost* exactly oriented to the cardinal directions.

Looking at the Jan.1, 2000 sky-locations of ARCTURUS, REGULUS, and SPICA .. as observed from Earth, of course .. one observes a very similar (in proportions) right-triangle !! REGULUS is almost right-on the ecliptic, about half-a-degree north of it. SPICA is just a_bit_south of the ecliptic, by a little more than 2 degrees. ARCTURUS is a little less than 31 degrees north of the ecliptic .. or about_33_degrees north of SPICA. The "33 degrees" is very important in terms of Freemasonry tradition, as many of you know.

As for the *longitude* locations of those 3 stars .. SPICA is almost 120 degrees from ALNITAK .. 'and' .. SPICA is about_54_degrees from REGULUS. 120 deg .. is a "tetrahedral" value. And 54 deg .. has the Sine of exactly HALF of Phi (Golden Section). Also .. 120 - 54 = 66 .. double 33.

According to the work of David Ovason, this star-triangle is a proportional, and a cardinal-directional .. 'template' .. intentionally-so .. for the very similar right-triangle that I just mentioned in terms of a ground-plan in Washington, D.C. among The White House, The Capitol Rotunda, and The Washington Monument. Also .. I thank Dr. David Hudgins, for his correspondence, in the form of his First Draft of a certain manuscript .. for providing that pertinent information on D.Ovason's work.

The Grid POINT Value for the_center_of The White House is .. 7.87873524 .. (Morton, 1998, Internet). That figure is the generic Volume of a Sphere * (10-^5) .. using 57.29577951 as the numerical value for the radius.


7.87873524 = (2.117510841 * 2.368705056 * 1.570796327)

2.368705056 .. is the GPV of Jan.1, 2000 SIRIUS .. (Morton, 1999, Internet).

And .. 1.570796327 .. is "exactly" half-Pi .. (3.141592654 / 2). Recall, from earlier in this email .. that .. 2.117510841 .. is the GPV of "Crop-Face" !!!

Now .. do you see the direct correlation among the GPVs of .. The White House, "Crop-Face", and Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS ? Remember .. from earlier in this article .. GPV of Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS, is 6.652356504 .. which is the equivalent of .. (Pi * 2.117510841).

Now .. please observe this ..

(656.56127 * 6.652356504) = (2062.648063 * 2.117510841).

In "other language" ..

(FACE ONE * ARCTURUS) = (Side-Length Miami Square * CROP-FACE).

The side-length of Miami Square is in regular feet .. (Morton, 1999, Internet).

ALSO .. the side-length of Miami Square in regular feet = (Pi * FACE ONE).

I like to call 2062.648063 .. "Pi*Face".

So; the "Miami Square" is really being referenced, here. You'll see much more evidence of that, coming-up soon, here.

The GPV of the_center_of Miami Square is .. 1.013211837 ..

(Morton, 1999, Internet).

Notice that the generic Area of a Square .. assuming a radius value of 57.29577951 .. is .. (2 * 57.29577951)^2 = 13131.2254 Sq. arc-degrees.

I will now divide that figure by "Pi*Face" .. which is the_actual_side-length of Miami Square in regular feet .. (13131.2254 / 2062.648063) = 6.366197721 = (SW * C * NE).

What ??!! Yes .. SW = the southwestern corner GPV of Miami Square, C = the Center-Point GPV of Miami Square, and NE = the northeastern corner GPV of Miami Square. And the_northeastern_corner of Miami Square is **ALSO** the_Center_of The Miami Circle !!!

(Morton, 1999, Internet).

(SW * C * NE) = (1.622311471 * 1.013211837 * 3.872983346).

Now .. please notice the Grid LAT and Grid LONG which determine the_Center-Point_GPV of Miami Square ..

66523.56504 North .. = 25(deg) * 45(min) * 59.13205781(sec) North.

(Morton, 1999, Internet).

65656.127 W.Giza .. = 111(deg) * 19(min) * 31.13140209(sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich .. 80 deg 11 min 30.33140209 sec ].

GPV Center-Point Miami Square .. (66523.56504 / 65656.127) = 1.013211837

Notice .. the decimal harmonics of 6.652356504 ... GPV of ARCTURUS Jan.1, 2000 ... and; of 656.56127 .. the GPV of FACE ONE @ Cydonia on Mars !!

This is_unquestionably_an obviously-intentional set of very specific, precise correlations .. involving a very remarkable crop formation in The UK in August of 2001, "Miami Square" in USA, the layout of 3 prominent buildings in Washington, D.C., The Miami Circle, THE FACE (or; "Face One") @ Cydonia on Mars, and the Jan.1, 2000 sky-locations of ARCTURUS, REGULUS, and SPICA.

There is even_more_going-on, here. The side-length of "Miami Square" .. 2062.648063 regular feet .. is equivalent to exactly_1200_Royal Cubits, according to my proposed true Royal Cubit length of 20.62648063 regular inches per Royal Cubit ..

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

Now .. I will multiply the side-length of "Miami Square", in regular feet, by its_EQUIVALENT_in Royal Cubits ... (2062.648063 * 1200) = (Pi * 787873.524) ... where the 787873.524 Cubic arc-degrees_generic_Volume of a Sphere, assuming a radius value of 57.29577951 .. (360 / 2Pi) .. = GPV of The White House * (10^5).

AND; recall that the GPV of "City Square Center" @ Cydonia on Mars .. is the_ratio_of 57.29577951 and the GPV of "Miami Square" Center-Point !!! (57.29577951 / 1.013211837) = (18 * Pi) = GPV "City Square Center".

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2001


99.45.15 Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS Relates to "Crop-Face" !! (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys
Date: 10/02/01

In a message dated 10/02/2001 9:24:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time, MetPhys writes:

<< Subj: MetPhys- Miami Square GPV and NY "Face"
Date: 10/02/2001 9:24:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: MetPhys
To: Milamo, Code UFO, Dee777, Raphiem@onebox.com
To: Wdestiny44, JerryIuliano, TomBuoyed


Does the formula 57.29577951 / (18 * Pi) = 1.01321183 imply a relationship between Bruce Cornets "Earth's Face and Cydonia Complex" in New York and the Miami Square, according to your following calculations?

The GPV of the_center_of Miami Square is .. 1.013211837 ..

Further note; 1.013211837 .. is the ratio of the GPV of "City Square Center" (Morton, 2000, Internet) at Cydonia, on Mars .. and .. the_numerical value_of the Radian Arc .. where 360 arc-degrees is assumed on one circumference .. 57.29577951 / (18 * Pi) = 1.01321183

Also note; 6.652356504 .. is the multiplied-product of .. [656.56127 * (10-^2)] * 1.013211837, where 1.013211837 is the GPV of "Miami Square" .. (Morton, 1999, Internet) ..

MetPhys@aol.com >>

MetPhys ... Yes ... it sure does. Remember ... ALL of the component nodes in the "ASM" are precisely resonant with the "ASM" as a whole. It is very much similar to a "fractal" entity. In fact .. I suppose it_is_a "fractal entity".

Notice the following, please ..

Take the GPV of "Earthface" @ Middletown, NY .. in the Wallkill River Valley. That is .. 1.234567901 .. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

Divide that figure by the GPV of "Miami Square" Center-Point ..

1.234567901 / 1.013211837 = 1.218469678

1.218469678 = (12.18469678 / 10) .. where 12.18469678 .. is the *precise* number of decimal-fractional arc-seconds .. in the W.Giza longitude of the_centered-locations_of BOTH The White House_and_The Jefferson Memorial in D.C. 108(deg) * 10(min) * 12.18469678(sec) W.Giza .. = 13159.47253 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich .. 77 deg 02 min 11.38469678 sec ]. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

You see, there .. out "pops" a very 'precise' number .. intimately related to the "ASM" W.Giza longitude of both The White House and The Jefferson Memorial !!!

AND .. notice, further .. 13159.47253 .. is a_decimal harmonic_of .. (2*Pi)^2 .. which can be written as .. (2*Pi)^2 * (10^3).

THEN .. you have (2*Pi)^2 .. metaphorically and graphically *presented* .. via an overhead (aerial) view .. of "Miami Square" .. in that you observe a pattern .. an "X" .. perfectly oriented to the cardinal directions .. involving the (SW * NE) corner GPVs ... and the (NW / SE) corner GPVs.

This is also the_same_"X" pattern made by the 4 sides (edges) of the square-based 3 main pyramids of Giza .. as seen from aerial view !!!

The (SW * NE) corner GPVs give a multiplied-product of .. 2*Pi ... (1.622311471 * 3.872983346) = 2*Pi.

The (NW / SE) corner GPVs give a_quotient_of .. 2*Pi ... (8.268340445 / 1.315947253) = 2*Pi.

So; there you have .. a *Square*_showing_an "X" pattern from an aerial view .. cardinally-oriented .. where the 2 *lines* making-up the "X" are literally at_right-angles_"squared" to one-another .. and; where the multiplied-product of one line .. when multiplied by the_quotient_of the other line ... gives the_Square_of (2*Pi) .. or .. (2Pi)^2 .. according to the precise_latitude/longitude_locations of those 4 nodes on the ground .. using the "ASM" !!!


But; ALSO .. if you envision a square-based PYRAMID .. with a slope angle IDENTICAL to that of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. that is; with the TANGENT of its base slope angle @ (4 / Pi) .. 1.273239545 .. and assuming the side-length of "Miami Square" of .. 2062.648063 regular feet .. or exactly 1200 Royal Cubits .. then its APEX at its center_would_be .. 1313.12254 regular feet in height .. which is_NOT ONLY_1/10th of the generic Area of a Square, assuming (2 * 57.29577951) as the numerical 'value' of the side-length of such a generic Square .. but; ALSO .. 1313.12254 .. is_exactly_DOUBLE the GPV of THE FACE (or; "Face One") @ Cydonia on Mars !!! [ 656.56127 * 2 = 1313.12254 ].

-- Michael L.M.


99.45.16 Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS Relates to "Crop-Face" !! (TomBuoyed) 

From: TomBuoyed
Date: 10/02/01

Don't forget that 1.01321183 can be seen as yet another "comma" configuration.

It is equal to 10/PI^2

Its inverse is 0.98696044

The Pythagorean comma is 524288/531441 = 2^19 / 3^12 = 0.986540368

Its inverse is 1.013643265

The Ptolemaic comma is 80/81 which equals 0.98765432098765432....

Its inverse is 1.0125


99.45.17 Jan.1, 2000 ARCTURUS Relates to "Crop-Face" !! (TomBuoyed) 

From: TomBuoyed
Date: 10/02/01


I did some whole number simplifying of your numbers

Take the GPV of "Earthface" @ Middletown, NY .. in the Wallkill River Valley. That is .. 1.234567901 .. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

Divide that figure by the GPV of "Miami Square" Center-Point.

1.234567901 / 1.013211837 = 1.218469678

1.234567901 = the rational fraction 100/81

1.013211837 = 10/PI^2 Therefore, 1.218469678 = 10 * PI^2 / 81

and 12.18469678 = (100/81) * PI^2

The following looks like an oversight. I don't see how 13159.47253 is a decimal harmonic of 4*PI^2 since

4*PI^2 = 39.4784176

I do see that 13159.47253 / 4*PI^2 = 1000/3

but that is not a decimal harmonic unless you divide the 4*PI^2 by 3.

That is to say (4/3)*PI^2 = 13.15947253

The (SW * NE) corner GPVs give a multiplied-product of .. 2*Pi ... (1.622311471 * 3.872983346) = 2*Pi.

I haven't figured out these components yet.)

The (NW / SE) corner GPVs give a_quotient_of .. 2*Pi ... (8.268340445 / 1.315947253) = 2*Pi.

But 8.268340445 = 8*PI^3 / 30

(There's your 8*PI^3, one of the Grid coordinates for the Great Pyramid, right?)

and 1.315947253 = 4*PI^2 / 30


But; ALSO .. if you envision a square-based PYRAMID .. with a slope angle IDENTICAL to that of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. that is; with the TANGENT of its base slope angle @ (4 / Pi) .. 1.273239545 .. and assuming the side-length of "Miami Square" of .. 2062.648063 regular feet .. or exactly 1200 Royal Cubits ..

2062.648063 = 6480 / PI

where 6480 = 80*81 the numbers of the Ptolemaic comma (not Pythagorean)

6480 = (1/4) * 25920, showing exactly one quarter of the precession cycle; that is, showing each of the 4 quadrants represented by the Bull (Earth-Taurus), Lion (Fire-Leo), Human (Air-Aquarius) and Eagle (Water-Scorpio).

then its APEX at its center_would_be .. 1313.12254 regular feet in height .. which is_NOT ONLY_1/10th of the generic Area of a Square, assuming (2 * 57.29577951) as the numerical 'value' of the side-length of such a generic Square ..

Your square would have a side of 360/PI which when squared for area gives:

129600/PI^2 = 5* 25920 / PI^2 = 20 * 6480/PI^2

129600 = 360^2 = surface area of generic torus.

but; ALSO .. 1313.12254 .. is_exactly_DOUBLE the GPV of THE FACE (or; "Face One") @ Cydonia on Mars !!! [ 656.56127 * 2 = 1313.12254 ].

So that 656.56127 = 6480 * PI^2

Interesting that the GPV of the Face when multiplied by PI gives the value above of the 1200 Royal cubits, 2062.648062.

But then that number 2062.648063 is a decimal harmonic of the number of English inches in 1 Egyptian Royal Cubit, i.e.

1 ERC = 20.626 English inches

Here is a site I've found called "Deep Secrets" which gives a possible derivation of the ERC from Pyramid latitude, trigonometry and sacred geometry.



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