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This next one back is about the intriguing 82944 number = 288^2 and its possible relation to the Great Pyramid at Giza.


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Date: Tuesday, July 3, 2001 11:57:43 AM
From: TomBuoyed
Subj: 82944 & Pyramid

To: Milamo, Peace2go


I notice that the grid latitude for the apex of the great Pyramid is a number fairly close to 82944.

Grid LAT 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 53.09041429 (sec) North ... = 89298.07684 North.

If you were to use 82944 exactly, then the arc-seconds would change to:

Grid LAT 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 49.31272295 (sec) North ... = 82944 North.

I wonder if there is any monument or location at that specific point which would be, assuming 100 feet per arc-second on earth, about 400 feet south of the apex.

Since each side of the pyramid base ins 763 feet, then from the apex to an edge would be half that or 381 feet; to a diagonal point it would be SQRT(2) x 381 = 539 feet. So the 82944 grid LAT should be at a point inside the pyramid.

Hell, I can figure it out exactly! Since the polar earth circumference is 21600 nautical miles, then that converts to 40,003,200 meters. In turn that converts to 131,244,094.5 English feet. Dividing that number by 360, then 60, then 60 again gives 101.2685914 feet per arc-second.

Subtracting the Apex LAT and the 82944 grid LAT 53.09041429 (sec) North - 49.31272295 (sec) North = 3.777688 arc-sec

382.56 feet

Would not this figure then be the radius of the circle inscribed in the square base of the pyramid? Saying it another way, this figure would be equal to exactly 1/2 the length of the pyramid base. Or the diameter of this circle is equal to the length of each pyramid base square side.


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