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From: Milamo@aol.com
Date: 10/05/01

( Note: Don't even ask me why he's pissed off. I just copy it, I don't explain it~ MetPhys )

Involving Certain Earth, Mars, & Sky Locations
-- M.L.Morton .. October of 2001

At this point in time, I realize that any attempt at a "permanent" website will, in all probability .. be "wiped-out" .. by those who are seemingly pulling-out-all-the-stops to stave-off 'Disclosure' of various_*really important*_ information. As the critical-mass builds, inexorably, toward the hopeful demise of the corrupt old paradigm .. the "old guard" is desperately throwing everything at us (We, The People) .. including the kitchen sink .. in a vicious, fierce attempt to "delay the inevitable forever". And many people are still in denial, or asleep, or just standing around on the sidelines with their hands in their pockets .. doing nothing but "passively observing" .. just 'standing-there', watching our civilization collapse .. around them .. into total barbarity.

I've been posting many *proofs* ... based on undeniable empirical evidence, for almost_4_years now, on The Internet .. PLAINLY SHOWING .. that 'We The People' .. Earth-humans .. have a literal historical, cultural, and almost certainly direct_genetic_link .. to the reality of massive_artificial_structures located on Mars. For "some reason" .. or .. for "whatever reason(s)" .. there has NOT YET been_enough_of a critical-mass awareness or sense of "excitement" or "urgency" .. to motivate the_manifestation_of a VERY MUCH-NEEDED *new paradigm*.

Frankly .. I am growing more and more weary of "trying to get The People interested, excited, motivated, inspired, etc". My battle against depression is, and has been .. pretty damn tough to maintain.

AND .. now .. "The People" are all hell-bent on "revenge and war" .. following the assholes they allowed to get into "power over them" .. like the stupid, gullible sheeple they are. You think it's been difficult to get people's attention over the last 4 years ??!!! How about NOW ???!!!!

I've been hoping that if enough people got interested and excited about what's on Mars .. and how it ties-in so damned_tightly_with our structures on Earth, *and* with the_star-locations_in the ever-lovin' sky over our heads .. as of Jan.1, 2000 A.D. .. ("duh, is dat a conspicuous year, or sumptin' " ?) .. that such correlations might help to_catalyze_an awareness of "commonality" among the old-paradigm *factions* of Earth humans .. leading to 'maybe' .. a new "desire for peace and co-operation" on this planet. I don't know what else to say right now .. so I'll let some numbers do the talking .. as I've done before. The numbers I show do not lie. They are not corrupt. They are not running for office, based on secret promises to enhance the bottom lines of big businesses .. at the_expense_of The People, even including secret promises to create yet-another major war .. to "force" profits for arms-manufacturers and to stimulate yet-more, and more, and more .. "high-tech-turned-into-weapons" deals.


By the way ... this is difficult for me .. doing this number-thing .. yet again, here. I have to put out a lot of effort .. and focus .. and time ... in doing this. This is HARD WORK .. just in case you never_really_thought about it that much. I've always hoped this would "pay-off", someday .. *for the greater good of all* .. NOT for anything in my pocket. I'm not so sure it's going to happen, though. I'm getting tired of this shit .. you know what I'm saying ? I don't see much *happening* as a result of what I've been doing. And I'm a little concerned that I may be getting to the point where I'm not going to feel like doing this, much longer. Do you hear what I'm saying ? I'm sick of people ignoring this work .. I'm sick and tired of people_ignoring_this dramatic empirical evidence. It's depressing .. and sometimes it's infuriating. I can't believe so many people are apparently_determined_to really just be sheeple .. so damned stupid, and so proud of it. I hope you save the posts you have stored in your computers .. of the stuff I've been sending for the last few years. I can only hope.


Face One * Earthface * City Square Center * Pi = 144,000.

Face One is "THE FACE" @ Cydonia on Mars.

Earthface is its "mirror-image" analogue .. in Middletown, NY, USA, Earth. City Square Center .. is @ Cydonia on Mars .. the_center_of "City Square". Pi .. is the_ratio_of circumference to diameter .. of any circle. { C = Pi*D }.

144,000 .. is a Bruce Cathie light-speed number .. closely correlated with the figure 162,000 .. as in nautical miles per second .. the 'free-space' speed-of-light .. un-bundled from any gravity / atmosphere fields of relatively large rotating celestial bodies.

144,000 .. is also the Cubic Regular-Inches Volume of the 'outside' dimensions of "The Sarcophagus" within "The King's Chamber" inside The Great Pyramid of Giza. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

(90 * 38.78509449 * 41.25296125) = 144,000.

Those are the 'outside dimensions' in REGULAR INCHES .. **NOT** in so-called "Pyramid Inches".

This also gives a *clue* as to why the most remarkable **crop formations** have been in ENGLAND. It is closely associated with "Kingship".

(See works of Laurence Gardner).

A Regular Inch is a "British" Inch. "Metrology" .. our principal *measuring system* .. and main units thereof. Handed-down to "us" by .. The Anunnaki (see works of Zecharia Sitchin). What is the length of the floor in "The King's Chamber" ?

Answer: 412.5296125 regular inches .. which is ALSO .. 34.37746771 regular feet .. which is ALSO .. 20 Royal ("Egyptian") Cubits.

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

ALSO .. 34.37746771 is a decimal harmonic .. of .. 3437.746771 .. the Polar Radius of Planet Earth .. in .. nautical miles.

In "other language" ..

656.56127 * 1.234567901 * (18*Pi) * Pi = 144,000.


Standard math formula for this is .. L * W * H. In fact .. because the 6 sides of a Cube are of equal length .. this formula can be .. L^3.

Generic length of Cube = 2 Radian (deg) = (2 * 57.29577951) .. where 57.29577951 = (360 / 2*Pi). This is assuming the 360 arc-degrees system .. that The Anunnaki handed-down to us.

So; (2 * 57.29577951)^3 = 1504727.59 Cubic arc-degrees.

(1504727.59 / 144,000) = (Pi * 3.326178251).

3.326178251 = GPV of The ELTANIN ANTENNA.

(Morton, 2001, Internet).

Is this getting specifically-dramatic "enough" .. for ANY of you ??!!!


Recall, please .. Polar Radius of Planet Earth = 3437.746771 naut. mi.

[3437.746771 / (Pi * 3.326178251)] = ('Face Two' Grid LONG) * 10 .. = (32.89868136 W.CYDONIA * 10).

(Morton, 2001, Internet).

'Face Two' .. is @ Cydonia on Mars. 32.89868136 .. is in minutes of longitude West of Cydonia "ASM" prime meridian.

32.89868136 = (Pi / 3) * Pi * 10.

Notice .. 32.89868136 * 656.56127 = 21,600.

Recall, please ... 656.56127 is GPV of 'Face One' @ Cydonia on Mars.

(Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published).

21,600 .. is Polar Circumference of Planet Earth, in nautical miles, and_also_in latitude arc-minutes.

21,600 is ALSO .. Grid LAT of Stonehenge .. near to where_most_of the most-remarkable crop formations have appeared.

(Munck, 1992, "The Code").


Well ... that's all I'm up-for, right now.

I hope at least one Earth human got at least a little more inspired, or a little more interested, in "this stuff" .. as a result of this post.

-- Michael L.M.


99.46.2 Shebirat-ha-kelim..fine-structure constant (JerryIuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: 10/05/01


Secrets of the Great Pyramid

The following excerpt is reprinted from "Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man" by Albert Churchward, a student of the European Egyptologist Gerald Massey. According to John Henrik Clarke, in his introduction to the volume, "(Massey)" was an agnostic whose intention was to prove that the basis of European culture was created outside of Europe by people that some Europeans later characterized as savages without a history or culture. His search led him to Egypt where he found proof that Western culture was, in fact, African in origin, the larger portion of it coming from the Nile Valley. . ." About the Pyramid of Giza, built by ancient Africans, Churchward writes: The Great Pyramid, when understood, far surpasses and ellipses King Solomon's Temple as a building, or any other in the world. . .

The base is a true square, and perfectly oriented, set due N.E.S.W., parallel with the equatorial line, absolutely no variation of points; its base on huge rock and that rock perfectly and truly hewn and levelled (sic) to the earth's curvature of 8 inches to the mile, the importance of which is evident-keeping it from convulsive damages as time goes on. The height of the pyramid is .....486.256 feet...., and each side is.... 763.81 feet.... The height thus measures, with the radius of a circle whose circumference equals the four sides. . .showing that the circle could be squared by these ancient architects which has not been improved on since. Its base side length is 365.242 sacred cubits, showing the number of days and fractional part of a day in a year. . .

Here, in the Great Pyramid, is the one material centre (sic) which gives the standard for those practical things-weights, measures, etc., and these were carried from land to lands, with the utmost care by the Priests who left Egypt, no doubt for some future purpose under divine will, which is not yet apparent. The builders of the Pyramid were masters of Astronomical and Geographical science, and it contains the minute measurements of the earth and heaven, far exceeding the scientific knowledge of any man in our own time, and this knowledge and the secrets thereof were known to the High Priests, and they carried their knowledge wherever they went. The Ark of the Covenant, built in the wilderness by Moses, Noah's Ark and King Solomon's Temple, all bear a true decimal proportion to the Pyramid, and the "Ark" or "Sarcophagus" in the King's chamber within the Pyramid. Note: Another source of information on the contributions of Africans to the Nile Valley is "Egypt-Child of Africa", edited by Ivan Van Sertima.

Hebrew Talmud and the 288 sparks:

The vessels of the upper three Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah at first performed well in the task of holding the light, but when the light poured down through the lower vessels, from Hesed through Yesod, these six lower vessels shattered and were dispersed into the chaotic void of the tehiru. This was the Shebirat-ha-kelim, "the breaking of the vessels". The original vessels were in what is now the world of Atziluth, but when the light from above penetrated the Sephira Malkuth, this shattered into 288 sparks which failed to return to the primordial source but instead fell through the worlds, and became attached and trapped in the broken fragments of the vessels which formed the kelipoth, the "shells" or "husks". These husks became the evil forces of the Sitra Ahra, the "other" or "under" world, preventing the return of the sparks of divine light to its source. Thus the light or energy of creation "fell into matter".

Hebrew Talmud and the 288 sparks:

.....The vessels of the upper three Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah....... ( these are the 1/3 quark forms?)

.....at first performed well in the task of holding the light..... (this is the idea of the transference of energy from energy to light, defined by the "holding / non-holding" allowance of the fine-structure constant or the amplitude of an electron to emit (non-holding) or absorb (holding) a photon (light)

.... but when the light poured down through the lower vessels, from Hesed through Yesod, these six lower vessels shattered and were dispersed into the chaotic void of the tehiru....... ( the six lower vessels are represented by the six factors that are the substance of the metrology of the fine-structure constant, e, 2, E, h and c)

Hesed....1-2..e=elementary charge= 1.60217646273*(10^-19) C
1998 NIST= 1.602176462(63)*(10^-19) C

3...E=epsilon or electric constant=8.854187817*(10^-12) F
1998 NIST= 8.854187817*(10^-12) F

4...h=Planck's constant= 6.62606876*(10^-34) J
1998 NIST=6.62606876*(10^-34) J

5...c=speed of light metric=299792458 m/s
1998 NIST=299792458 m/s

Yesod.....6...2=2 (tehiru is represented by the zero-point energy of the infinite vacuum.)

......This was the Shebirat-ha-kelim, "the breaking of the vessels"....... (Shebirat-ha-kelim is the action of the fine structure to retain stability of the "broken vessels" or allowances made for orbital change of the electron)

.......The original vessels were in what is now the world of Atziluth..... (Atziluth=zero-point energy of the infinite vacuum)

......but when the light from above penetrated the Sephira Malkuth, this shattered into 288 sparks which failed to return to the primordial source but instead fell through the worlds....... (the Cheops pyramid constructs;486.256 and 763.81; "shatter" the fine-structure constant by exponentation:

[[COS(2*E*h*c/(e^2))]*(10^2)]^(763.81/486.25611) = 288

.......and became attached and trapped in the broken fragments of the vessels which formed the kelipoth, the "shells" or "husks"...... (there is a one way mathematical action caused by the cosine form that will not calculate backwards or no return.Kelipoth is the real world ruled by bi-polar matter. These " shells" are the electron orbit levels that are ruled by the fine-structure constant.)

(e^2)/2/E/h/c=fine-structure constant= 1/137.0359997

........These husks became the evil forces of the Sitra Ahra, the "other" or "under" world, preventing the return of the sparks of divine light to its source. Thus the light or energy of creation "fell into matter"....... (the "evil forces" are demonstrated by the meaning of Revelations number constants that are defined by the " collective unconscious" constant 144/37 and the "beast"; 37*18=666. Sitra Ahra is the shield that keeps bi-polar matter from unity (1). This is done by the cosine(halo) form which is mathematically irreversible. These are expressed by equivalences to light speed metric (c).)

288 UNDER WORLD FORM...( D.G.Leahy, R.Tomes, Druid, Devitry, Aztec, etc.)

[(e^2)*(10^(287.999975838/37))]/(666^2)/2/E/h = c


(e^2)*(10^(2*486.25600442/763.81))/(.37^2)/2/E/h = c

The meaning of 37 as the bridge between the philosophy of the "broken vessels" and physics can be demonstrated by the representation of 37 as the Kether or real body of the Jewish messiah (Christ ?..reference the book THEOMATICS by Jerry Lucas where he specifically assigns the value of Christ as 37). Christ or the Messiah, the body 37, rules over the pyramids (Cheops constructs) and over the Judaic mythology of the 288 "sparks from broken vessels". Christ's connection to this form is through the fact that 37 and c are mathematically distributive when used in the cosine fine-structure form. This is the only pair that can distribute to the cosine or halo of light or the only pair that can "punch" into and out of the Sitra Ahra shield.

(e^2)/2/E/h/c = (.37^2)/(10^(2*486.25600442/763.81)) = 1/137.0359997

Switching c and 37 and cosineing (halo) the result creates unity (1) God.

COS[(e^2)/2/E/h/(.37^2)] = 1

COS[c/(10^(2*486.256004421/763.81))] = 1

These values are exact to the centerline values of the 1998 NIST standards for fine-structure.

These equations demonstrate the symbolic meaning of the light halo of the Christ-head, that is: halo= circular light form, which is represented by the circular cosine function as light (c) energy transforming the carnal body temperature, 37 degrees Celsius, as the carrier force to the Sephira Malkuth ,represented when fully formed,by the number 288:


(e^2)/2/E/h = root form= 2187691.254


(.37^2)*c/(10^(2*486.256004421/763.81)) = root form = 2187691.254


[COS(2*E*h*c/(e^2))]*(10^2) = 288^(486.25611/763.81)



fine-structure elements

[[COS(2*E*h*c/(e^2))]*(10^2)]^(763.81/486.25611) = 288

Double Cheops constructs wound by exponentation

[COS[(10^(2*486.256004044/763.81))/(.37^2)]*(10^2)]^(763.81/486.256004044) = 288

37's main function is to act as the carrier force that can "punch " through the Sitra Ahar shield, this then leading incarnate matter to unity. 37 punches into fine-structure (Sitra Ahar) releasing the light (c) from the Sitra Ahra shield, leading to unity (1) through the irreversible cosine (halo)

COS((e^2)/2/E/h/(.37^2) = 1

COS(c/(10^(2*486.256004421/763.81))) = 1

A geometrical diagram of the Shebirat-ha-kelim effect:

draw a circle 1 inch in diameter and label the interior--kelipoth

draw another circle a 1 / 4 inch outside the kelipoth and label the ring--Sitra Ahra which is bi-polar , plus and minus, good and evil etc.

on the outside of the second ring plot six points representing the factors of the fine-structure constant; e, e, 2, E, h and c which also represent the six "broken vessels" in the shape of the star of David.

draw another circle 1 inch from the second ring and another circle 1 and 1 / 4 inches from the second ring; this ring represents the Sephira Malkuth. Everything between the Sephira Malkuth ring and the Sitra Ahar ring represents the tehiru.

draw another circle 1 / 2 inch from the outside Sephira Malkuth ring; this represents the Atziluth. In the Altizuth space plot the six factors of the fine structure constant,(six "broken vessels"). This represents the pre-stage of the unbroken vessels before they pass through the Saphira Malkuth to reality. Connect the "unbroken vessels" outside the Sephira Malkuth to the "broken vessels" that sit between the ring of Sephira Malkuth and the ring Sitra Ahar with a jagged line.( e to e; 2 to 2; E to E; h to h and c to c. The three original vessels Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah sit outside the Atziluth ring. These represent the quark forms 1 / 3.



99.46.3 Aquila / Sextans Question (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 10/08/01


Based upon Hoaglands postulate and the study done by the University of Albany, I believe, do you think it would be an interesting study on these star systems Aquila / Sextans, as the poles of the universe, as reported?

What I am getting at here is basically one question:

If these star systems are the poles of the universe, would their coordinates be

0 degrees 0' 0" N and
0 degrees 0' 0" S

therefore the GPV's of both are 0 North and 0 South.

Is this correct logic?



99.46.4 Aquila / Sextans Question (MLM) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Date: 10/08/01

In a message dated 10/07/2001 11:42:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time, MetPhys writes:

<< Michael,

Based upon Hoaglands postulate and the study done by the University of Albany, I believe, do you think it would be an interesting study on these star systems Aquila / Sextans, as the poles of the universe, as reported?
Robert >>

Robert ... Yes ... this is apparently the "Axis of the Universe" .. a magnetic axis. It might be used in travel and in communications from our galaxy to other galaxy.

-- Michael L.M.


99.46.5 Aquila / Sextans Question (MetPhys) 

From: Metphys@aol.com
Date: 10/09/01

Thank you,

If research indicates the universe has poles....and, as you indicate....Aquila and Sextans are not the poles of 0 GPV...then the next question to you is...

What 2 star system do you suppose are the poles? Would that be an earth based North Star of the Big Dipper and another on the South? And what relation do you suppose the North Star has to Aquila or Sextans?



99.46.6 Aquila / Sextans Question (MLM) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Date: 10/09/01

In a message dated 10/08/2001 1:27:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time, MetPhys writes:

<< What I am getting at here is basically one question:

If these star systems are the poles of the universe, would their coordinates be

0 degrees 0' 0" N and
0 degrees 0' 0" S

therefore the GPV's of both are 0 North and 0 South.

Is this correct logic?

Robert >>

No ... because the ASM is based on Earth as the observation point. And; the ecliptic as the latitude reference (for all sky-locations, as observed from Earth) .. and an ecliptic prime meridian that "appears" (from Earth) to pass through ALNITAK in Orion's belt (as observed from Earth). So the ASM is actually an Earth-centric system !!!

The Axis of the Universe is important, apparently .. and it might "intersect" (appear to intersect) certain stars .. or certain sky-coordinates, *as observed from Earth* ... that would have particular significance within the context of the ASM.

-- Michael L.M.


99.46.7 Aquila / Sextans Question (MLM) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Date: 10/09/01

In a message dated 10/08/2001 7:57:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time, MetPhys writes:

<< Thank you,

If research indicates the universe has poles....and, as you indicate....Aquila and Sextans are not the poles of 0 GPV...then the next question to you is...

What 2 star system do you suppose are the poles? Would that be an earth based North Star of the Big Dipper and another on the South? And what relation do you suppose the North Star has to Aquila or Sextans?
Robert >>

Robert ...

The Axis of the Universe is observed by us, from Earth, to align with Aquila and Sextans .. but as to what the axis is aligned-to in terms of galactic or inter-galactic "perspective" .. I don't know. And I don't know if our (Earth-human) astronomers know, either .. right now.

Yes ... the ASM is "Earth-observer-Centric". And it is aligned, time-wise, to Jan.1, 2000 A.D. .. at least this "phase" or "this presenting" of the ASM .. is correlated with sky-positions as observed from Earth .. @ Jan.1, 2000. Very, very, VERY ... remarkable !! (To say the least).

Then .. on top of that ... the ground-locations of many important structures .. artificial structures .. on Earth, and at least at several locations on Mars .. are aligned and precisely correlated_with_the Jan.1, 2000 sky-locations of prominent 'fixed' stars in our (Earth) sky_and_with Galactic Center and Solar Apex .. again .. as observed from Earth @ Jan.1, 2000 A.D. Just awesome !!!!! BUT ... empirically verified !!!

It is_our_current north pole star ... POLARIS ... that is aligned and correlated with the ASM .. POLARIS itself !! .. AS .. "the north pole star" .. OF .. the_"Earth-observer-centric"_Celestial Sphere !!

The big "tip-off" .. regarding POLARIS @ Jan.1, 2000 .. is its GPV .. which is .. 21.6 .. decimal harmonic of EARTH's *polar* circumference in nautical miles !!! { 21600 },

(Morton, 1999, Internet).

If you look-up POLARIS' Jan.1, 2000 sky-location in the database I have consistently used .. which uses the sidereal zodiac and the ecliptic as references ..


You see .. in that database ... 3 deg GEMINI 49' 54" and .. N.Lat 66 deg 05' 42"

In the ASM .. you translate the given sidereal longitude to "ALNITAK" longitude .. the Orion belt-star .. which is the ecliptic prime meridian "marker" .. just as The Great Pyramid of Giza is the ASM "marker" for prime meridian on Earth's surface.

ALNITAK .. is @ 29 deg TAURUS 56' 50" .. which is only 03' 10" from the TAURUS/GEMINI cusp.

So; to translate the given sidereal longitude .. to the ASM longitude .. you count the deg, min, and sec of the ecliptic sidereal location .. TO .. 29 deg TAURUS 56' 50".

Counting from POLARIS' ecliptic sidereal location of .. 03 GEMINI 49' 54" ... to 29 TAURUS 56' 50" ... you count .. 03 deg 53' 04" .. which is the "gross" translation of ecliptic sidereal longitude to ecliptic ASM ("ALNITAK") longitude. (To nearest arc-sec).

Next step .. involves ascertaining the ASM Grid LAT and Grid LONG .. which involves the_"fine-tuning"_of the gross (approximation) ASM deg, min, and sec for both longitude and latitude.

03(deg) * 53(min) * 04(sec) E.ALNITAK .. = 636 (approx). E.ALNITAK.

I happen to recognize "640" as the 'appropriate' (and intended) figure .. related to the "64" DNA-codon number discussed by Jose Arguelles in "The Mayan Factor" .. related to the "I Ching".

For POLARIS' latitude .. north of the_ecliptic_remember .. the database gives us .. for Jan.1, 2000 ... 66(deg) * 05(min) * 42(sec) North of ecliptic.

The approximation would be .. 66 * 5 * 42 = 13860 North of ecliptic.

I recognize .. 13824 .. as the apparently-intended ASM figure .. as a gematrian number .. meaning, in ASM definition .. that it has one of the 4 "gematrian number tangents" .. - 0.726542528 in this case. This is_also_the tangent of the number 144. [Munck's work shows_several_examples of arc-distances on Earth's surface .. precisely from a certain given monument to another .. over thousands of miles .. as being "arc-TANS" (in_statute_miles) of specifically-important numbers (as tangents) in the ASM itself]. Tangents are very important in the ASM.

So; you now have .. (13824 / 640) = 21.6 .. and the "21.6" pops-out at me .. because I'm so_familiar_with the 21600, the 2160, and the 216. The 21,600 .. is not only the Grid LAT of Stonehenge (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published) .. but is ALSO the *polar* circumference of Earth in_nautical_miles !!

Notice the obviously_intended_correlation .. using *decimal harmonics*. 21.6 .. GPV of POLARIS @ Jan.1, 2000 .. with; the "POLAR" circumference of Earth (21600) in nautical miles !! Even the_*name*_(etymology) is correlative !!

13824 North of ecliptic .. = 66(deg) * 05(min) * 41.89090909(sec) North of ecliptic.

640 E.ALNITAK .. = 03(deg) * 53(min) * 4.025157233(sec) E.ALNITAK.

GPV of POLARIS @ Jan.1, 2000 .. =(13824 / 640) = 21.6

(Morton, 1999, Internet).

I encourage you to use this email as an example .. to which you can refer .. or; to which you can refer others.

-- Michael L.M.


99.46.8 Fast Light Experiment- Vesica Piscis (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 10/08/01

Photograph of Type-II downconversion.

This picture shows 2 double rings overlapping as a double Vesica Piscis. The uniqueness is its connection to a faster than light communication experiment on the previous page listed here:

Bell Experiment with Independent Observers



99.46.9 Hoaglands Latest Paper- Random Number Generator (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 10/09/01

Hoagland's Latest Paper

Included is a future prediction in August with the customary alignments. I'm sure you all will find it quite interesting.



99.46.10 288 forms (JerryIuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano
Date: 10/10/01

Subj: Re: Shebirat-ha-kelim...fine-structure constant
Date: 10/10/2001 2:07:49 PM US Mountain Standard Time
Reply-to: XXXXXXX

    4   4
288 = S xx = P x!
   x=1   x=1

Consideration of these elementary properties of the number

Note the gematria of the descent. Sephiroth ( Number, Book, or Sphere ) on most classical representations of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life - has a gematria value of 72 = 288 / 4. It is the root RChPh or RaHaPh modified by the extractive article M and terminated by the designative article Th. RaHaPh signifies literally, an expansive, dilating, agitating power. Its gematria is 288. The gematria of the entire verse = 1369.

The sum of the 4th, 5th, and 6th sephiroth = 1369

GBVRH + HSD + ThiPhARaTh =

216 + 72 + 1081 = 1369

Jerry Iuliano


99.46.11 Instant Message to Jerry Iuliano, 288 Forms (MetPhys) 

Instant Message to Jerry Iuliano
Date: 10/11/01

MetPhys: Thanks for your mail Sir...it is so complicated I'm still working on it.. : )
JerryIuliano: Which one is that
MetPhys: "288 forms" on 0ct 11,2001
MetPhys: What is this? root RChPh or RaHaPh
JerryIuliano: I have no idea
MetPhys: hmm
JerryIuliano: The man who sent this is from XXXXXXX
JerryIuliano: I have seen his stuff before. he sends a lot to Leahy
MetPhys: Well I'll post it but I don't quite know what its saying. Obviously it is meaningful to someone out there.
JerryIuliano: A lot of his stuff is Gematria which I try to stay away from
MetPhys: ok...I'm still trying to make sense of your previous posts on this Quabalist gematria
JerryIuliano: How do you like the accuracy of the .37^2 equations with 288?
MetPhys: I cant recall enough about it at this time to reply intelligently.....I'm impressed though~
JerryIuliano: The accuracy is mindboggling. 1998 NIST centerline values for the fine-structure all five values to 9 decimals. The secret is that the value for 37 must be an integer exactly
MetPhys: is that right...Is this .37^2 within what you call the 288 form?
MetPhys: I'm learning to speak your language.
MetPhys: Maybe I'm not speaking the language yet~
JerryIuliano: It turns out that the Cheops constructs ht and base are symbolics for the female and male and the combining of both to unity
MetPhys: That's interesting..kind of a built in yin/yang
JerryIuliano: This is something I just discovered but it is so crazy and far-fetched that without the 9 decimals of accuracy I wouldn't post it. It is really crazy but it fits exactly. The yin-yang is exactly it, but expressed in modern physics
MetPhys: Umm I know...I'm creating pages describing ultimate machines based upon the Cheops Pyramid octahedron....
JerryIuliano: The symbolism to actual physical values is extraordinary. Its like unity poetry of the most flowery kind with hard ball physics
MetPhys: I know...this is the core of quantum machines
JerryIuliano: I am still working on the details but this is really crazy as to the symbolic visuals with the hard core math along with verbal meaning
JerryIuliano: There are three equations that create unity
MetPhys: Why the use of the word crazy..are you finding the forward/backward maths?
JerryIuliano: Well in a sense the cosine form is a one way street
MetPhys: +0- yin/neutral/yang also create Unity
MetPhys: The trinity into the quarternary is a one way street in Involution, the fall, right handed chirality..and reverses at the garden as it ascends as left handed chirality in Evolution, the rise
JerryIuliano: That's pretty much it in a nutshell Exactly what the formulas express, but you won't believe the simplicity of the mathematics . Mindboggling, I will try to write up the explanation and send it soon. Its absolutely crazy but it expresses your yin yang form exactly
MetPhys: Call it what you want..its not my yin/yang form
MetPhys: What is it that makes it crazy to you? Is this the first time you've seen this?
JerryIuliano: Yin -neutral- Yang is what this new form exactly looks like. You won't believe it it is so simple. Yes this is a very recent discovery but it is so outrageous
MetPhys: Ummm simple is just what we overlook isn't it... : )
JerryIuliano: The physical anatomy of the female and male forms are represented MATHEMATICALLY!! it's outrageous
MetPhys: 1 and 0 Sir
MetPhys: Circle and straight diameter across the circle.
JerryIuliano: And I mean both symbolically and mathematically. So much more complex than just 1 and 0 but the actual testes and ovaries as mathematical symbols
MetPhys: You should study the teste.ment of the Old teste.ment and the Holy Place
JerryIuliano: Is that outrageous or what and the thing is all accuracy is centerline to 9 decimals. There is no way around these triple formulas for the yin yang and neutral form.
MetPhys: whatcha mean by centerline? Center producing yin and yang?
JerryIuliano: If there ever was art form in a mathematical equation these are it. My wife just came home. Ill finish writing the yin yang neutral form and send later. The centerline values are for the fine-structure constant e, E, 2, h and c elements probably the most measured values in physics
MetPhys: Thank you..good night.


99.46.12 Re: Glenn Kimball- rescheduling Cave opening (MLM) 

From: MLM
Date: 10/10/01

In a message dated 10/08/2001 11:42:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time, clefevre@oz.net writes:

<< Hi Y'all!

Glenn Kimball - Ancient Manuscript Historian has returned from his Seattle appearance and the first public display of the artifacts from Burrows cave and is anticipating a rescheduling of the cave opening in the upcoming weeks.

Update and future photos at:

http://www.seattlechatclub.org >>

Charlette ..

Thanks for this update. While I'm thinking of it, here ... I am TOTALLY convinced that there is another "extremely important" (to say the very least) archaeological site .. that is available for public viewing NOW .. and has been 'open' to the world public for years now.

In fact .. I figured-out the EXACT "ASM" coordinates .. latitude and longitude .. for 2 points at the site .. 2 points which mathematically correlate in a very important way. (Morton, 2000, Internet).

I refer to the remains of the so-called .. "Noah's Ark".

I call it "The Ark of Ziusudra" .. or ... ZI.U.SUD.RA. ... pre-Sumerian King.

The remains of this vessel .. are located in Eastern Turkey .. to the southwest of the peak of Mt. Ararat.

The site was actually_dedicated_in the late 1980s .. as a national historic site, by Turkish government officials.

The definitive book on this was written by the man who surveyed the site .. an American citizen named David Fasold .. who is now deceased. "The Ark of Noah" .. ISBN 1- 56129 - 006 - 8

This book has been out-of-print for several years ... but it is well-worth any effort to get a copy .. used; whatever !!

I was contacted in 2000 A.D. by a man named Michael Bonilla .. of Long Island, NY, USA. He told me he would be going to the site, in October of 2000 .. and he was going to take GPS-unit readings. (He had found some of my material on The Internet, you see).

Sure enough, Mr. Bonilla got to the site on the 11th of October, 2000, and he took GPS-unit readings. When he returned home, a few days later .. he phoned me and he emailed the coordinates to me. ( October, 2000 ).

I then figured-out 2 "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) self-evident points that appear to have been *deliberately referenced*, judging from the *final-resting-place" of these remains of the vessel.

At least 2 earthquakes .. one in 1948 .. and the other in the 1970s .. documented in David Fasold's book ... "thrust" the remains up and "out of the ground" .. at_least_to the extent that the form of the vessel can be recognized.

An aerial photo of the site .. was the key to getting it noticed in the "Western World". Again .. all of this is documented in the book by David Fasold. I had a number of phone conversations with Mr. Fasold, in the early 1990s. He was_very_rational .. we had some good conversations.

There_has_been a very_concerted_effort .. *quite successful* ... to discredit, to ridicule, and to create confusion and disinformation about this awesome find. This disinformation/ridicule campaign has been on-going since the early-to-mid 1980s. It is_critical_to realize that this "campaign" has all-but-destroyed the truth and the credibility of this archaeological find.

The "ASM" figures that I found for this site/remains .. are TREMENDOUSLY SIGNIFICANT. I put these figures out on The Internet in late 2000 and in early 2001 .. to several individuals and to several email lists. Predictably .. people have mostly ignored my "ASM" findings.

I maintain with absolute conviction .. that its "ASM" figures self-evidently are DISPLAYING an awesome empirical revelation .. tying-in directly and dramatically .. to the "ASM" in general .. and; to Earth's ideal precession cycle in years (25920), and to the GPV ("Grid POINT Value") of The Great Sphinx of Giza .. *in-particular*.

Here are my "ASM" figures for the site/remains .. based directly on the GPS-unit readings taken from atop the large limestone boulder still lodged in the western side of the remains of the vessel .. readings taken by Mr. Michael Bonilla of Long Island, New York, USA .. on the 11th of October, 2000 A.D.

"ASM" Location of Remains of "The Ark of ZI.U.SUD.RA."

1) @ Amidships-Centerline .. between bulkheads 5 and 6 .. based on the diagram/drawing by David Fasold, on page 291 of his book, "The Ark of Noah" .. paperback; ISBN 1- 56129 - 006 - 8

Grid LAT .. 39(deg) * 26(min) * 25.56213018(sec) North .. = 25920 North .. ideal Earth precession cycle, in years.

Grid LONG .. 13(deg) * 06(min) * 4.615384615)sec) E.Giza .. = 360 E.Giza .. conventional no. of arc-degrees on any Circle. [ E.Greenwich .. 44 deg 14 min 5.415384615 sec ].

Grid POINT Value .. (25920 / 360) = 72 .. no. of years ("ideal") for one arc-degree of Earth's precession cycle.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

2) @ Middle of large Limestone Boulder .. still lodged in western side of vessel's remains ..

Grid LAT .. 39(deg) * 26(min) * 26.03550296(sec) North .. = 26400 North .. resonant with the metrology of "No. Feet in Statute Mile" .. 5280 feet in statute mile .. (26400 / 5280) = 5.

Grid LONG .. 13(deg) * 06(min) * 4.512820513(sec) E.Giza .. = 352 E.Giza. [ E.Greenwich .. 44 deg 14 min 5.312820513 sec ].

Grid POINT Value .. (26400 / 352) = 75.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

Multiplying the 2 Grid POINT Values ..

(72 * 75) = 5400 .. Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza. (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published).


Also note .. 5400 .. is exactly 1/4th of the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles .. (21,600).


One needs to realize that these "ASM" values .. self-evident in the *final-resting-place* of this awesome archaeological find .. are of TREMENDOUS SIGNIFICANCE .. first of all, because .. the odds of this pair of GPVs .. with these_particular_Grid LATs and Grid LONGs .. the odds of this occurring by "random chance" .. must be incredibly astronomical. Please notice .. that .. in order for the #1 node to have_both_a Grid LONG of 360_and_a Grid LAT of 25920 .. producing the ratio of 72 .. giving the precise math formula for Earth's ideal precession cycle in years_and_also in 'years-per-degree' .. including the conventional number of degrees in a Circle .. !!! .. *requires* that the decimal-fractional number of arc-seconds in BOTH latitude and longitude be *extremely* precise .. to even give an empirical "indication" of what you see here !!!

Then .. on top of that .. you need the GPV of the #2 node .. to actually BE the number 75 .. to produce the multiplied-product of 5400 .. as the GPV of The Great Sphinx of Giza !! So; in order for the GPV of # 2 node to *Be* 75 .. *requires* that the number of decimal-fractional arc-seconds of_both_latitude and longitude .. again .. be *extremely* precise .. to even give an empirical "indication" of what you see !!!

I think the "Anunnaki" were involved .. in "guiding" the vessel to a pre-arranged *final-resting-place* .. snagged in its west side by the huge limestone boulder referenced earlier in this email. I think it was the "EN.KI./E.A. faction" of the Anunnaki that arranged for this precise *final-resting-place*. They would have had the high technology needed to do it. They KNEW the "ASM", of course !!

Zecharia Sitchin's work indicates that a "nautonnier" was_aboard_the vessel with ZI.U.SUD.RA. and company. He could have had "radio" contact with the_orbiting_Anunnaki. The orbiting Anunnaki could have been_monitoring_the huge limestone boulder's location, as well as the "Noah's Ark" location. The use of the large "drogue stones" (found near the site .. again; documented by David Fasold, in his book) .. would have allowed for "steering", and for change-of-speed, of the vessel.

The "nautonnier" is a symbol in the Freemasonry tradition. Of course .. it is etymologically related to the word "nautical" .. as in the 5400_nautical_miles of arc-distance on Earth .. from either pole to the equator.

We need *someone* .. or *many people* .. to break through the stifling suppression of this **EXTREMELY IMPORTANT** archaeological site !!! Please ... this is of the UTMOST, and PARAMOUNT .. importance. I cannot emphasize this enough. The site and the remains are just sitting there !!! The place is a National Historic Site .. dedicated in the 1980s .. by the official Turkish Government !!! Anyone can just .. go there !!!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton


99.46.13 Circle Mound in Newark (NEW ARK) Ohio (Wdestiny44) 

From: Wdestiny44
Date: 10/11/01

Hi Everyone:

Spent a beautiful day yesterday at the Circle Mound in Newark, Ohio with 18 other people. Our intent was continued prayers for that which is for the greater good...however, we threw in peace and healing in case that's part of the scheme of things.The energy at this site is pretty amazing. There was a guy there named Jim who had a GPS monitor so I drug him all over the place to get coordinates for MLM for three specific areas at Newark. Jim's monitor was one of those $169 models but hopefully good enough to get fairly accurate readings. If ever there was a guy who would understand exactly what all of you are talking about, it's Jim. I definitely met my match in meeting someone (personally) who sees symbology in EVERYTHING!

Our main ceremony was in the main park right in the center of what is known as the "Eagle" or what some call the "Red Tail Hawk" area. I'm just now realizing that I didn't get the coordinates for that specific area mostly because I was really drawn to the area that is now part of a private golf course.

The three areas on the golf course are: the octagon, the circle, and the crown. Here are the coordinates for those places. I will type them as Jim gave them to me. I don't really know anything about coordinates and how to give the information correctly. I'm typing off of my notes.

Center of the Circle:
Lat: N 40th parallel X 03 degrees X 121 feet
Long: W 82 degrees X 26 degrees X 928 feet
Elevation: 885 feet

Center of the Octagon:
Lat: N 40th parallel X 03 degrees X 296 feet
Long: W 82 degrees X 26 degrees X 656 feet
Elevation: 874 feet

Center of the Crown
Lat: N 40th parallel X 03 degrees X 068 feet
Long: W 82nd degrees X 27 degrees X 009 feet
Elevation: 900 feet

The crown is one elevation higher than the rest of the mound areas. Personally, the crown area felt very powerful to me. I could just see some sort of high ceremony being done in that area. Also, there were two small elongated hills on the far side of the crown that almost looked like an entrance point and, of course, the number 11 jumped out at me when I saw those two hills. The other place I was very drawn to was a triple trunked tree inside the octagon area. I layed down on the earth with my head laying down-hill and it felt wonderful. I decided to give equal time to the front of my body and turned over and put my face down almost in a nice pile of deer poop! "Almost" is the operative word.

As we were walking to the crown area, we started talking about symbols and Jim mentioned how the Star of David is hugely important and he starts drawing it to make his point about the four "7's" in the Star of David and how it adds up to 28. Also, how it represents the 10/10 energy because of the fact that the roman numeral symbol for 10 is contained four times in this symbol...also how it represents the energy of 444, bla, bla, bla. By then I had been there for almost eight hours and my brain cells were slowly dying which they do everyday around 8:00 p.m.

He is very into bible symbology and talked about a grove of cherry trees on the golf course that he says are mentioned in the bible having to do with the Ark of the Covenant. Anyway, the rest of our group was ready to head home (2 1/2 hours away) and we were all hungry, so I didn't go to the cherry trees area but I really wanted to. I got his e-mail address, so I'm gonna ask him more about that.

All in all, a spectacular day with absolutely gorgeous weather. BTW, Michael, when my computer crashed this past spring, I lost the post you sent about the Newark Mounds, so if it's not too much trouble, will you please re-send... or anyone else who has it filed...I'd appreciate it. I'm definitely sending it to "Jim". He will be in pig heaven! Let's just say that one of your long lost code group lives in the Columbus, Ohio area. :-)

Peace and love,
Sharon 444

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