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In a message dated 07/04/2001 2:10:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time, ancient_vizier@yahoo.com writes:

Some of this data seems to be bearing out Munck's predictions. Munck has all kinds of data sources of varying quality a lot of which is a mystery to me, by now some of those figures could be known to be actual, but I think data that far out past the decimal often does come from the math. If a monument were the type that was supposed to talk about Pi and its grid longitude from a map were 3.1416, or you came up with 1.1111 you'd probably feel pretty safe putting them down as 3.1415925635 or 1.111111111, thinking that's how we were intended to interpret them, and list the coordinates that would produce them accordingly I presume... especially since Munck seems to take on every conceivable sort of check and balance within the matrix.

If you see Martian coordinates go out that far, especially, where we haven't sent a lot of surveyors, pretty sure they've come from the math rather than the maps. Of course, there's a bit of room for error in some places. Munck thinks perhaps ancient people stuck the number 656 in all kinds of monuments down here to commemorate the Face's Grid Point value, which is actually given as a decimal carried out seven places, for example. So are they different numbers in reality, or would it have been pushing it far beyond necessity to require one of Tikal's pyramids to have 656.5612701 steps on it?

Just thought I'd throw that in, I'm not an expert here and I also know that's not what you mean here, you're just inquiring, but it occurs to me a lot of people seem to get the wrong idea about those figures, either declaring they can't be *that* accurate when I'm not sure anyone was insisting they were, or demanding that they *be* that accurate to be relevant and so out the window it all goes if they catch him rounding at the eight decimal place. Somehow that issue often manages to shift the question to why the ancients or the Martians were standing next to the pitcher's mound instead of on top of it, when the question was really about what they were doing in the ballpark in the first place, to borrow an expression about baseball. Not like these guys are sloppy, they're working with Pi and radian figures out eight or nine places when all of the textbooks seem to say it's not necessary to take them out past four places. That seems to hold up the show a lot, though, actually, their insistence on accuracy and the shortage of dependable data, because they don't seem to do a lot of guessing. So those long decimal figures in lat. and long. would often come from the math I think, but they do seem to get a tremendous amount of cross-referencing before they're thrown at us.

So hopefully I just produced something on the subject finally that I won't have to bother Michael to check for factual errors in :-) Sure I got silly and made a couple in piece on Dolphin II so watch out for 'em...

Cheers, Robert


From: Michael

Robert, Vicky, Others ...

It's really good to see Robert's post regarding those 'Dolphin structures' , etc. !! I'd now like to "test" this case (of the 'Dolphin structures') further ... to see if we can objectively "read" any coordinates from that particular site/set of 'Dolphin structures'. Can we 'read' any "obviously-intended" ASM coordinates (Grid LAT, Grid LONG, Grid POINT Value) on that site .. that would "tie-in" directly with the circle/sphere math numbers that Robert has postulated ? I'd like to see Robert try his pixel- counting method, to see what coordinates (approximate, as needed) .. he might come-up with. I'd_also_like Keith Laney to try_his_method .. and see what coordinates_he_comes-up with. No .. not a "competition", you understand. A project. We're all in this boat together, if you will. That's the spirit, eh ? I'll look at any coordinates .. and see what I can see. And I'll report right back to you on that, as soon as I have any figures. Deal ?


Now ... regarding that "FAQ" .. about "how many decimal places", blah-blah-blah, etc.

Part of this "process" .. discovering (or, re-discovering) this "ASM" .. (Archaeo-sky Matrix), is involving the perceiver's ability to_recognize_ statements .. the perceiver's ability to_recognize_certain communications.

This, in turn, involves the perceiver's ability to recognize_intention_from the sender. The sender is the one sending the communication .. the designer(s)/builders of the modes/nodes of communication.

So .. "how many decimal places" do you (the perceiver) need .. in order to_recognize_a statement (regarding the "ASM") .. and, also, of course .. how many "decimal places" do you (the perceiver) need .. in order to recognize an "apparently-obvious-intent" regarding the "ASM" ?

Maybe I should coin an acronym for .. "apparently-obvious-intent" .. ??

"AOI" ?? ... "Apparently-Obvious-Intent" ? Apparent to who ? Apparent to you, the perceiver.

OK ... you need to be able to recognize an AOI.

And .. sometimes it's_not_easy, or quick. I know that .. from experience .. many years of concentrated work with this. Like any other endeavor, or field of study .. your general ability to recognize valid, true AOIs increases with time and effort .. and with making mistakes .. and with acknowledging those mistakes, and with getting right back on that bicycle. It takes time, and effort .. and practice, to learn the "patterns and signatures". You will get better and better at "knowing what you are seeing" .. through time, and through practice. There's a real "learning curve" involved, as with most areas of study. A key .. is to .. persist. You will learn if you persist with it. Of course, each person will have his/her own learning curve. A lot of this seems to involve how right-brained you are, as opposed to how left-brained you are. A relative_balance_of right & left is_best_for this work. Both are needed. AND ... the right does NOT "cancel out" the left, or vice-versa. On the contrary .. the left and the right work together, to create a "greater whole" than the sum of their parts. So .. it's NOT .. (1 - 1) = 0 .... it's .. (1 + 1) = 2 or more.

The metaphor, of course .. is ... polarity/duality can be the basic creative dynamic ... instead of the 'destructive' conflict. This is where 'awareness' and 'free-will' come into play, I think. And .. a 'learning curve'.


So ... "how many decimal places", etc, etc. .. do you need ..

Well .. usually just 3, or 4, or 5 .. to the right of the decimal place. The key is your ability to recognize valid AOI.

Why are we using 8, 9 decimal places ? Well .. because our pocket calculators show 10 digits on their screens. And, of course .. computers are showing more and more and more decimal places ... why ?

Space travel. The greater the distance you want to travel, in space .. the MORE ACCURACY you need. Right ? I mean ... the more accuracy you need, relative-to your STARTING PLACE .. and-to your DESTINATION.

If you are traveling with some sort of "hyper-drive" .. ?? .. speed-of-light quanta, and such .. ?? .. you'll be not wanting to veer way off-course because your directional calculations weren't accurate-enough.

Maybe this is part of "Getting Off-Planet 101" ?

Dealing with such huge distances .. in terms of navigation in space .. means that .. "ideally" .. you would like to be able to "set your course" from departure .. to destination .. as accurately-as-possible. Efficiency.

Also .. in terms of "non-local" phenomena .. maybe involving super-luminal "communication" .. you would "ideally" want to have the most accuracy, in terms of "space-time", of course, as possible.

Getting back down to where we're at, now .. there are certain mathematical/geometric CONSTANTS .. like Pi and Radian .. that have an "infinite" number of decimal places AVAILABLE to you ... according-to .. maybe .. ?? .. how FAR, or how FAST .. you wanna go ?!? (-;

That's why Pi and The Radian are so important .. they reflect the "infinite" nature of the Universe. They give you all the accuracy you could ever need, hopefully. Just keep extending them ... more and more decimal places, according to your needs, in terms of travel and/or communication .. ??

So ... because Pi and The Radian are so important .. and 360, too ... they have been "memorialized" .. all over the place, in terms of our greater historical "presence" in this solar system .. and probably in our galaxy at large .. and probably inter-galactically. Humanoid heritage, probably is inter-galactic.

So .. recognition of the .. "memorabilia" .. recognition of the memorializing of Pi, The Radian, 360, 144, 162 (light-speed harmonics; B.Cathie), etc. .. is .. "desirable" .. for us .. if we want to really "get off-planet" in the sense of .. "joining the Galactic (and beyond) community".

A lot of my learning curve, regarding the "ASM", has involved learning to recognize "Pi-nodes" .. "Radian-nodes" ... "360-nodes" ... "162-nodes", and combinations of those. Then .. in our solar system, at least, there is the Earth precession "node" ... 25920 (Earth years), too.

I've already found decimal harmonics of "25920" memorialized at Cydonia. So .. I've recognized AOI nodes @ Cydonia on Mars .. that indicate EARTH's precession cycle !!! An example is .. the Grid POINT Value of "The Tholus"; (259.2).

"The Tholus" Grid LAT .. 41 (deg) X 03 (min) X 10.53658537 (sec) North .. = 1296 North.

Grid LONG "The Tholus" .. 01 (deg) X 05 (min) E.CYDONIA .. = 5 E.CYDONIA. [ W.NASA 08 deg 27 min 0.8 sec ].

Grid POINT Value "The Tholus" .. (1296 / 5) = 259.2

[Morton, 2000, Internet].

Notice .. the prime meridian longitude variance .. on Mars, between the "NASA" prime meridian and the "ASM" prime meridian .. is .. 09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec.

[Morton, 2000, Internet].

I found "1296" North as the Grid LAT of "City Square Center" @ Cydonia, too .. when I studied the orthographically-rectified photo-mosaic in Richard C. Hoagland's "The Monuments of Mars", 4th Edition. There is a line .. right there on the page .. on Plate No.10 .. a straight line, from the center of "The Tholus" .. to .. the center of "The City Square". I used Munck's numbers for The D&M Pyramid and for THE FACE .. as reference points .. in studying that Plate No.10. You can do it with a good ruler. Convert inches (fractional, as best you can) to arc-seconds, fractional, as best you can.

Anyway ... notice .. "1296" .. is a decimal harmonic of HALF the "ideal" Earth precession cycle in years .. "12960".

See the "logic" of the "designers/builders" .. in their "memorializing" ?

ALSO .. thanks to Tom Mellet, recently .. "1296" is a decimal harmonic of the_generic_Surface Area on a TORUS ...

Formula for Surface Area on a Torus .. 4Pi X Pi X (radius Squared). No, I'm not using the Cuicuilco (Munck) formulae here.

You see the "extra Pi" power in there, as compared to the formula for Surface Area on a Sphere ? Aha !!

Substitute, as usual, the 57.29577951 (arc-deg) *numerical value*, assuming our conventional "360" system of 360 equal segments on one circumference .. *of* .. The Radian Arc, into the formula ...

4Pi X Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 129600 .. generic Surface Area on a Torus .. using our 360 conventional system's NUMERICAL VALUE .. *for* .. The Radian Arc.

How do you GET .. "57.29577951" ???

You divide "2Pi" ... into .. 360, which is the_number_of EQUAL SEGMENTS of ARC on_one_given circumference .. that you are "assuming". {{ 360 / 2Pi = 57.29577951 arc-deg }}.

129600 W.Giza .. = 110 (deg) X 22 (min) X 53.55371901 (sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 79 deg 14 min 52.75371901 sec ].

(Munck, 1992, "The Code").

Anyone recognize that site / structure, now ? Robert ?

It's .. the Grid LONG of ... North Bimini Shark Mound.

The SQUARE of 360 ... (360 X 360) = 129600.

A metaphorical "squaring of the circle" ... and; an "encoding" of the 360-system-based Surface Area on a Torus .. and; an "encoding" of HALF an "ideal" Earth precession cycle in terms of Earth (of course) *years* .. and what is a "year" .. ?? .. it's another "circle", ideally-speaking .. a "circular-cycle", ideally-speaking.

Why would "humanoids" on Mars .. do all this "artwork" and "memorializing" all over the place ? Because .. they must have CARED.

Do you care ? I do.

We are the recipients of their communications across time and space.

We're in the same boat they were in ... this Universe.

We're all of the same stuff .. the stuff of stars.

We're recognizing ourselves in a cosmic mirror .. and it's real. And we know it.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

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