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From: CodeUFO@aol.com
Date: 10/19/01

In a message dated 10/17/01 8:30:31 PM, Wdestiny44 writes:

<< Starting with "A", go through the alphabet and assign each letter a number, starting with "6" for "A", and assign following letters numbers in multiples of six as shown below.

Z..............156 >>

Interesting formula with interesting results. Looking for patterns I noticed the reduced values form a repeating 6-3-9 pattern:


Then I found the following little alphanumeric curiosity. There may be some mundane reason for why it works out the way it does, but not being really knowledgeable in number theory, etc, I don't know what that explanation might be. Notice the reduced values in the following table reflect the word itself:

THREE = 336 = 3
SIX = 312 = 6
NINE = 252 = 9

The explanation could simply be coincidence since the only numbers available are 3, 6, and 9.

At first I was puzzled as to why I couldn't find a single word, no matter what it was, which didn't add up to a value which was a multiple of 3 or 6 or 9. Then I realized that because the system is set up in increments of 6, every letter in the alphabet is a multiple of 6, thus any word is going to come out with a value which reduces to either 3 or 6 or 9. I am curious, however, as to how the person who thought up this system, managed to find those specific phrases which added up to 666. Seems like it would take some sort of a computer program to go through god knows how many phrases just to find the ones that come out to 666. Here are some of the phrases:

SON OF SIN = 666

In the conventional system (A=1 thru Z=26), the values of the above phrases come out to 111.

Having given it some consideration, I don't see any value in using this 6-base system. It seems contrived. It does yield some entertaining mathematical curiosities, but I see no justification for using this formula as a potential "divination" system. That's not to say the conventional system is any more a "divination" system than this one but, for the sake of argument, if the alphabet can be used as a system for divining information, then I would think the conventional system (often referred to as the Serial English Cabalah) is the more likely "intended" system rather than something arbitrarily contrived.

Regarding the 3-6-9, however, I was reminded of the work of Alastair Cooper and Marko Rodin. I thought I'd include it here just for informational value. Some of you already know about this. Others might not. Here is an excerpt from an email from Joe Mason with regard to this:

Excerpt from Joe's email post:

<< I recently read two very good articles that lend support to the significance of the numerological "cross addition" method. In "modulo arithmetic" it is related to remainders of divisions. Marko Rodin showed that a repeating pattern of numbers is derived by the method in the cross addition of the powers of two (1, 2, 4, 8, etc.). The repeating pattern is:

1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5

Notice that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are missing. The missing numbers are thought to be a "gap space" pattern, related to the torus. See:

Marco Rodin's Toroid Sunflower Map (doubling+3, 9, 6, etc. gap sequence)

I recalled that you also found the 3, 6, 9 phenomenon in your work. It was also quite visible in my dream-coincidence path. I know that Jimi and Michael have found those numbers significant too.

Alastair Couper found that the Fibonacci sequence also results in a repeating pattern of numbers when cross addition is applied. The pattern is:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 4, 3, 7, 1, 8, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6, 4, 1, 5, 6, 2, 8, 1, 9, 1

These numbers can be placed on a circle with 24 points, where opposing numbers and opposing parallel lines add to 9. Rodin's 3, 6, 9 gap circuit is within the pattern. Note that three other numbers (not 3, 6, or 9) are between each in the above sequence.

Rodin's binary doubling sequence and the Fibonacci sequence are shown to be related, in terms of the cross added numbers, by the Pascal triangle, which came from the Chinese.

Couper points out that the doubling and Fibonacci sequences are universal in nature. They are also found in sacred geometry, fractals, music, and The Code, of course. Couper finds connections to the works of Dan Winter and Terence McKenna (Time Wave theory, the 64 I Ching hexagrams - which some say are DNA related).

The Fibonacci sequence, Couper says, suggests "cascading between frequencies." This may be an important point to remember, as we look into "crunched" numbers. A simple set of "crunched" numbers may be revealing patterns across scales.

The two articles gave me more confidence that our study of alphanumerics, cross addition, and such, are worth pursuing. The two articles are here:

Numerology, Modulo Math, and the Golden Mean

http://shaka.com/~kalepa/rodin.html >>

In addition to this, I've found this same group/gap pattern involving the 3-6-9 phenomenon and the "1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5" pattern in the structure of the English alphabet. The detailed breakdown is at

http://hometown.aol.com/codeufo/gematria-1.html under "Item 1".



99.47.2 Leedskalnin's Code (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 10/11/01


Included is a jpg of a pyramidal order that obviously shows a relationship between the numbers 1, 4, 5 and 9, reflecting your conclusions using AlphaNumerics.

Can you compare this table of numbers of this jpg and the above Leedskalnin numbers 7129 / 6105195 and let us know if you find any commonalities or insights as to how Leedskalnin's numbers fit within this table, if at all?



99.47.3 Leedskalnin's Code Correction? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 10/11/01

posted October 11, 2001 05:27

Simple reason why I think it is wrong. Is that the number above the line, i.e. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - each pair of numbers is the value of the number in the next line. e.g. 2+3 = 5 and 3+4 = 7 (which make up the 2nd line). 3rd line 5+7 = 12 etc.. Then follow that through all the way to the top all the totals do not allow for the amount to add up to 704. (324 has been miscalculated) - It should be 176+208= 384 not 324. Follow my maths and the number is 60 out to equal 704.

posted October 11, 2001 09:20

Mo said it before, this pyramid adds the numbers by two, so in the last level you have (144+176) = 320 and the result of (176+208) = 384 and not 324 the 324 is a typo because the last result 704 on top is the right one that should come from 320+384 = 704



99.47.4 UH Number (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 10/20/01

If you ever see a 27 x 27 magic square of the proper numbers, in other words, 3 groups of 9 squares or 3 x 9 = 27, you should have the mind of the sun, wherein if you connect all the numbers with lines and then look across the edge of the square, after drawing it on a sheet of paper, you will see a very intricate, ornate and beautiful 3 part pattern of 9 numbers each.



99.47.5 Yang-Yin and 288 (Jerry Iuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: 10/21/01



Secrets of the Great Pyramid

The following excerpt is reprinted from "Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man" by Albert Churchward, a student of the European Egyptologist Gerald Massey. According to John Henrik Clarke, in his introduction to the volume, "(Massey)" was an agnostic whose intention was to prove that the basis of European culture was created outside of Europe by people that some Europeans later characterized as savages without a history or culture. His search led him to Egypt where he found proof that Western culture was, in fact,African in origin, the larger portion of it coming from the Nile Valley. . ." About the Pyramid of Giza, built by ancient Africans, Churchward writes: The Great Pyramid, when understood, far surpasses and ellipses King Solomon's Temple as a building, or any other in the world. . . The base is a true square, and perfectly oriented, set due N.E.S.W., parallel with the equatorial line, absolutely no variation of points; its base on huge rock and that rock perfectly and truly hewn and levelled (sic) to the earth's curvature of 8 inches to the mile, the importance of which is evident-keeping it from convulsive damages as time goes on. The height of the pyramid is .....486.256 feet...., and each side is.... 763.81 feet.... The height thus measures, with the radius of a circle whose circumference equals the four sides. . .showing that the circle could be squared by these ancient architects which has not been improved on since. Its base side length is 365.242 sacred cubits, showing the number of days and fractional part of a day in a year. . .

Here, in the Great Pyramid, is the one material centre (sic) which gives the standard for those practical things-weights, measures, etc., and these were carried from land to lands, with the utmost care by the Priests who left Egypt, no doubt for some future purpose under divine will, which is not yet apparent. The builders of the Pyramid were masters of Astronomical and Geographical science, and it contains the minute measurements of the earth and heaven, far exceeding the scientific knowledge of any man in our own time, and this knowledge and the secrets thereof were known to the High Priests, and they carried their knowledge wherever they went. The Ark of the Covenant, built in the wilderness by Moses, Noah's Ark and King Solomon's Temple, all bear a true decimal proportion to the Pyramid, and the "Ark" or "Sarcophagus" in the King's chamber within the Pyramid. Note: Another source of information on the contributions of Africans to the Nile Valley is "Egypt-Child of Africa", edited by Ivan Van Sertima.

Hebrew Talmud and the 288 sparks:

The vessels of the upper three Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah at first performed well in the task of holding the light, but when the light poured down through the lower vessels, from Hesed through Yesod, these six lower vessels shattered and were dispersed into the chaotic void of the tehiru. This was the Shebirat-ha-kelim, "the breaking of the vessels". The original vessels were in what is now the world of Atziluth, but when the light from above penetrated the Sephira Malkuth, this shattered into 288 sparks which failed to return to the primordial source but instead fell through the worlds, and became attached and trapped in the broken fragments of the vessels which formed the kelipoth, the "shells" or "husks". These husks became the evil forces of the Sitra Ahra, the "other" or "under" world, preventing the return of the sparks of divine light to its source. Thus the light or energy of creation "fell into matter".

Hebrew Talmud and the 288 sparks:

.....The vessels of the upper three Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah....... ( these are the 1/3 quark forms?)

.....at first performed well in the task of holding the light...... (this is the idea of the transference of energy from energy to light, defined by the "holding / non-holding" allowance of the fine-structure constant or the amplitude of an electron to emit (non-holding) or absorb (holding) a photon (light)

.... but when the light poured down through the lower vessels, from Hesed through Yesod, these six lower vessels shattered and were dispersed into the chaotic void of the tehiru.......

( the six lower vessels are represented by the six factors that are the substance of the metrology of the fine-structure constant, e, 2, E, h and c)

Hesed....1-2..e=elementary charge= 1.60217646273*(10^-19) C
1998 NIST= 1.602176462(63)*(10^-19) C

3...E=epsilon or electric constant=8.854187817*(10^-12) F
1998 NIST= 8.854187817*(10^-12) F

4...h=Planck's constant= 6.62606876*(10^-34) J
1998 NIST=6.62606876*(10^-34) J

5...c=speed of light metric=299792458 m/s
1998 NIST=299792458 m/s

Yesod.....6...2=2 (tehiru is represented by the zero-point energy of the infinite vacuum.)

......This was the Shebirat-ha-kelim, "the breaking of the vessels"....... (Shebirat-ha-kelim is the action of the fine structure to retain stability of the "broken vessels" or allowances made for orbital change of the electron)

.......The original vessels were in what is now the world of Atziluth..... (Atziluth=zero-point energy of the infinite vacuum)

......but when the light from above penetrated the Sephira Malkuth, this shattered into 288 sparks which failed to return to the primordial source but instead fell through the worlds.......

(the Cheops pyramid constructs; 486.256 and 763.81; "shatter" the fine-structure constant by exponentation)

[[COS(2*E*h*c/(e^2))]*(10^2)]^(763.81/486.25611) = 288

.......and became attached and trapped in the broken fragments of the vessels which formed the kelipoth, the "shells" or "husks"......

(there is a one way mathematical action caused by the cosine form that will not calculate backwards or no return. Kelipoth is the real world ruled by bi-polar matter. These "shells" are the electron orbit levels that are ruled by the fine-structure constant.)

(e^2)/2/E/h/c=fine-structure constant = 1/137.0359997

........These husks became the evil forces of the Sitra Ahra, the "other" or "under" world, preventing the return of the sparks of divine light to its source. Thus the light or energy of creation "fell into matter".......

(the "evil forces" are demonstrated by the meaning of Revelations number constants that are defined by the " collective unconscious" constant 144/37 and the "beast"; 37*18=666. Sitra Ahra is the shield that keeps bi-polar matter from unity (1). This is done by the cosine(halo) form which is mathematically irreversible. These are expressed by equivalencies to light speed metric (c).)

288 UNDER WORLD FORM...( D.G.Leahy, R.Tomes, Druid, Devitry, Aztec, etc.)

[(e^2)*(10^(287.999975838/37))]/(666^2)/2/E/h = c


(e^2)*(10^(2*486.25600442/763.81))/(.37^2)/2/E/h = c

The meaning of 37 as the bridge between the philosophy of the "broken vessels" and physics can be demonstrated by the representation of 37 as the Kether or real body of the Jewish messiah (Christ ?..reference the book THEOMATICS by Jerry Lucas where he specifically assigns the value of Christ as 37). Christ or the Messiah, the body 37, rules over the pyramids (Cheops constructs) and over the Judaic mythology of the 288 "sparks from broken vessels". Christ's connection to this form is through the fact that 37 and c are mathematically distributive when used in the cosine fine-structure form. This is the only pair that can distribute to the cosine or halo of light or the only pair that can "punch" into and out of the Sitra Ahra shield.

(e^2)/2/E/h/c = (.37^2)/(10^(2*486.25600442/763.81)) = 1/137.0359997

Switching c and 37 and cosineing (halo) the result creates unity (1) God.

COS[(e^2)/2/E/h/(.37^2)] = 1

COS[c/(10^(2*486.256004421/763.81))] = 1

These values are exact to the centerline values of the 1998 NIST standards for fine-structure.

These equations demonstrate the symbolic meaning of the light halo of the Christ-head, that is: halo = circular light form, which is represented by the circular cosine function as light (c) energy transforming the carnal body temperature, 37 degrees Celsius, as the carrier force to the Sephira Malkuth ,represented when fully formed,by the number 288:


(e^2)/2/E/h = root form = 2187691.254


(.37^2)*c/(10^(2*486.256004421/763.81)) = root form = 2187691.254


[COS(2*E*h*c/(e^2))]*(10^2) = 288^(486.25611/763.81)



fine-structure elements

[[COS(2*E*h*c/(e^2))]*(10^2)]^(763.81/486.25611) = 288

Double Cheops constructs wound by exponentation

[COS[(10^(2*486.256004044/763.81))/(.37^2)]*(10^2)]^(763.81/486.256004044) = 288

37's main function is to act as the carrier force that can "punch " through the Sitra Ahar shield, this then leading incarnate matter to unity. 37 punches into fine-structure (Sitra Ahar) releasing the light (c) from the Sitra Ahra shield, leading to unity (1) through the irreversible cosine (halo)

COS((e^2)/2/E/h/(.37^2) = 1

COS(c/(10^(2*486.256004421/763.81))) = 1

A geometrical diagram of the Shebirat-ha-kelim effect:

draw a circle 1 inch in diameter and label the interior--kelipoth

draw another circle a 1/4 inch outside the kelipoth and label the ring--Sitra Ahra which is bi-polar , plus and minus, good and evil etc.

on the outside of the second ring plot six points representing the factors of the fine-structure constant; e, e, 2, E, h and c which also represent the six "broken vessels" in the shape of the star of David.

draw another circle 1 inch from the second ring and another circle 1 and 1/4 inches from the second ring; this ring represents the Sephira Malkuth. Everything between the Sephira Malkuth ring and the Sitra Ahar ring represents the tehiru.

draw another circle 1/2 inch from the outside Sephira Malkuth ring; this represents the Atziluth. In the Altizuth space plot the six factors of the fine structure constant,(six "broken vessels").

This represents the pre-stage of the unbroken vessels before they pass through the Saphira Malkuth to reality.

Connect the "unbroken vessels" outside the Sephira Malkuth to the "broken vessels" that sit between the ring of Sephira Malkuth and the ring Sitra Ahar with a jagged line.( e to e; 2 to 2; E to E; h to h and c to c. The three original vessels Sephiroth Kether, Hokmah and Binah sit outside the Atziluth ring.

These represent the quark forms 1/3.

The quantity 288, defined by the Sephira Malkuth, can exist as (physics) as bi-polar matter, (mathematics) plus and minus, (philosophy) good and evil, (reality) yang...male and yin...female etc. The male form of the Sephira Malkuth can be demonstrated as a reproductive function defined by Cheops pyramid constructs...height = 486.256 feet and base leg = 763.81 feet (Churchward 1910).

Letting ht = 486.25611 = height
Letting bl = 763.81 = base leg

Yang = man = 288 = [[Cos(2*E*h*c/(e^2))]*(10^2)]^(bl/ht) = Sephira Malkuth

Letting ht = 486.25604044 = height
Letting bl = 763.81 = base leg

Yin = female = 288 = [[Cos((10^(2*ht/bl))/(.37^2))]*(10^2)]^(bl/ht) = Sephira Malkuth

The reduction of the Sephira Malkuth (288) to unity can be accomplished for both the male and female forms by substituting the Cheops constructs as mathematical symbols of the male and female reproductive organs:

base leg = testes or vagina
height = ovaries or phallus

such that the male is shown symbolically as:

2 base legs(testes) divided by height(phallus)

such that the female form is shown symbolically as:

2 heights(ovaries) divided by base leg(vagina)

To separate the male and female form one "shatters" the Sephira Malkuth (broken vessels..288) by the symbolic mathematics of duality; male:phallus = ht and female: vagina = bl

(288^(ht/bl))/(10^2)=Cos[(2*E*h*c/(e^2)] = male form..androgynous by cosine

(288^(ht/bl))/(10^2)=Cos[(10^(2*ht/bl))/(.37^2)]=female form..androgynous by .37

To mathematically achieve unity (1) for each polarity (male-female) that exists in the Sephira Malkuth one must attach the Cheops constructs symbolically and mathematically to the core male-female forms:

YANG - MALE FORM..symbolically represented as:


[[2*E*h*c*(.37^2)/(e^2)]^(2*bl/ht)]/(10^4) = 1 = unity....POSITIVE

note how the exponent representing the reproductive organs are outside the main body of the equation as in the human male form.

YIN - FEMALE FORM..symbolically represented as 2*ht(ovaries)/bl(vagina)

Cos[c/(10^(2*ht/bl))] = 1 = unity....NEGATIVE

note how the exponent representing the reproductive organs are inside the body of the equation as in the human female form.

The consummation of both forms, male and female, results in no change of unity but a disappearing of sexual identities: invert the male form and strip of sexual identity, retaining the female cosine identity, but both the male and female forms lose the (c) identity as it is absorbed into unity.

YANG - YIN COMBINATION...no sexual identities

Cos[(e^2)/2/E/h/(.37^2)] = 1 = unity....NEUTRAL

The blending effect of the two equations can be seen more clearly when one uses the amplitude of an electron to emit or absorb a photon; the fine-structure constant (alpha) ..(e^2)/2/E/h/c=1/137.03599976....1998 NIST value = FSC

YANG - MALE FORM..(carnate..with reproductive organs..2*bl/ht..outside body)

[((.37^2)/FSC)^(2*bl/ht)]/(10^4) = 1.....POSITIVE

YIN - FEMALE FORM..(carnate..with reproductive organs..2*ht/bl..inside body)

Cos[c/(10^(2*ht/bl))] = 1.....NEGATIVE

YANG - YIN FORM..(carnate..with no reproductive organs)

Cos[(FSC*c/(.37^2)] = 1.....NEUTRAL

Yang contributes inverse main body...FSC/(.37^2)..(O Phalle)

Yin contributes cosine main body...Cos[(FSC/(.37^2)*c] = 1 = unity

What is the neutral form? It is the inverse of the male form with sexual identity removed, (Cheops constructs..2*bl/ht).. the only thing left from the absorption of the female factors c and 10^(2*ht/bl) is the cosine form, which is mathematically a one way equation. The symbolism of life force (c...light speed..ejaculate) can be thought of as (c) light leaving the central body..2*E*h*c*(.37^2)/(e^2).. and going through the exponential representation of the male form..2*bl/ht.. and into the female form through the Cheops constructs..2*ht/bl. After this consummation, mathematically everything of the female form cancels or is hidden in unity, except the cosine form which carries over to the neutral equation. All forms of sexual identity have disappeared. Interesting to note that there is no light (c) in the neutral equation, it is absorbed in unity. The simplified unity equation essentially means that through the fine-structure constant (FSC),, man (O Phalle) consummates to female (cosine) through the exchange of the light speed constant (c).

(female) Cos [(FSC/(male)(.37^2)*c] = 1= unity (cosine in radians)



99.47.6 Numbers 3, 6, 9- The Great Pyramid, 15,000 Years Old (Sharon) 

From: Wdestiny44@aol.com
Date: 10/24/01

Hi Everyone:

From Robert Boerman's Dutch Crop Circle site

Click here: Dutch Crop Circle Archive


Peace and love to all,
Sharon 444


99.47.7 Numbers 3, 6, 9- The Great Pyramid, 15,000 Years Old (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 10/24/01

Hello All,

I received mail from Sharon (Wdestiny44@aol.com) which led to the Dutch Crop Circle Archive, where that led to a discussion about colors and numbers, namely the numbers 3, 6 and 9 with colors black, red and white. This link was a study of these in relation to the Cheops Pyramid. To expand further, I took these colors and numbers and related them to Lethbridge's Table of Rates, which includes, not the numbers, but the colors and their relation to other animate objects and inanimate concepts. This Table aligns precisely with the Alchemal Treatise of Basil Valentine in his use of language that describes metals such as Venus for copper and Mars for iron, and their affinities to destroy or not destroy each other, in this case copper is 30.5 and iron is 32 meaning they do not fight. But iron (32) will fight with carbon (32 - 20 = 12), irons opposite. Thus we see this opposite principle being applied to social science and in physical science wherein opposites are left to fight to blackness.

(Note: 10 is contrary to 30, 20 is contrary to 40. Notice where the colors black (40), red (10) and white (20) appear in this Table, it infers green (30) as the last part, meaning black is opposite white, red opposite green. If black, red and white represent 3, 6 and 9 respectively, then 40 black = 3, 10 red = 6 and 20 white = 9 and 30 green = ?)

Table of Rates in a 40 degree spiral. Some rates appear on the second spiral around, made of the first (1-40) and second spiral (40 + rates, not illustrated here):

3 rosemary
3.5 lavender
4 curant
5 rose
5.25 bramble
5.5 may, phosphorus
6 ash
7 sulphur, memory, scent, brown
9 elder, clorine, safety, purple
9.5 nitrogen
10 East, fire, youth, graphite, light, sun, red
10.25 ivy
10.5 walnut
11 oak, linodendron, xestobium
12 cherry, carbon, disease, orange
13 rowan
14 silica
15.5 neorophorus, carrion
16 aphodius, yeotrupes, dung
17 beech, bolborosa, truffle
17.5 mahogany
18 apple
20 South, earth, life, electricity, love, aspirin, heat, white
20.10 magnetism
20.25 haysl
21 fungue
21.5 potassium
22 silver, lead, sodium, calcium, grey
23 elm, magnesium
24 male, diamond
25.5 aluminum
26 alcohol
27 thought, stink
27.5 oxygen
28 yew, tin
29 female, gold, danger
30 West, water, sound, hydrogen, moon, age, green
30.5 copper, cobalt, blue
31 pine
32 iron, health
32.5 nickel
33 cypress
36 evolution
38 tomato
40 North, air, anger, sleep, cold, death, black



99.47.8 288 and fine-structure (Jerry Iuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: 10/25/01


Leon Lederman in his book "The God Particle" page 93, wrote that the electromagnetic force is 10^41 times more powerful than the gravitational force. This form is related to the "collective unconscious" ratio 144/37 = 3.891891... and the identity form using 38:

10^(144/37) = 7796.360132..

(10^41)^(1/37) = 1/.07796360132..

Using the identity number 38:

.07796360132^38 = 7.796360132^-43

38 creates an identity. The only exponent that does this!

The identity form (.0779630132) is also related to this strange "self" balancing equation: solving for x:

10^ -[((e^x)*.1)+1] = x

By recycling any number substitution for x one can create the identity form (.07796356209..), for example, letting x=3 then:

10^ -[((e^3)*.1)+1] =9.804970869*(10^-4)

recycle this result for x such that:

10^ -[[(e^(9.804970869*(10^-4)))*.1]+1] = .079414883..

substitute this result back into the equation and recycle:

10^ -[[(e^.079414883)*.1]+1] = .07793538..

substitute this result back into the equation and recycle:

10^ -[[(e^.07793538)*.1]+1] = .077964109..

substitute this result back into the equation and recycle:

10^ -[[e^.077964109)*.1]+1] = .077963551.. and so on......

the recycling will eventually stabilize to this value:

x = .07796356209... no matter what value for x one originally starts with. This number is the "collective unconscious" number:

[(.07796356209*(10^5))/666] = 137.0360679.. or...

[log(.07796356209*(10^5))] = 143.9999919/37

why this "recycling" stabilizes at .07796356209 is unknown.

Also the radian measure..180/Pi = rad = 57.29577951.. is related to the fine-structure constant through the Cheops pyramid constructs (ht=486.256 ft and bl= 763.81 ft) and the numbers 57 and 37:

(rad^(486.25662/763.81))*37/57/100 = .085424542..

such that:

.085424542^2 = 1/137.035999958 = FSC...(1998 NIST)

The factors 37 and 57 are related to the FSC and Cheops constructs through the strong force (14):

sqrt 137.03599976 = 11.70623764

such that:

log[[11.70623764/(1/57+1/37)]/13.99999735] = 2*486.256/763.81

Also an iterated "self identity" equation related to the maximum diagonals of Leahy's triple logic cube ...17 and 20...(20+17 = 37) and the Golden section..1.618033989....e=natural log = 2.718281828... IN = reciprocal e (or In on calculator)

[[(IN(37/17))+288]/31]^1.618033989 = 36.99999994....or

[(37^(1/1.618033989))*31] - (IN(37/17)) = 288 = Sephira Malkuth

The gravitational force..6.6739*(10^-11)..Univ. of Wash. 2001...follows from this form:

h*c/2/Pi/((37/1700000000)^2) = 6.674076303*(10^-11)


IN means reciprocal of natural log e..IN(37/17) = .777704568..

h= Planck's constant = 6.62606876*(10^-34) J...(1998 NIST)

c = light speed metric = 299792458 m/s

37/1700000000 = Planck mass = 2.176470588*(10^-8) kilograms



99.47.9 Re: more Bible numbers (Peace2go) 

From: Peace2go@aol.com
Date: 10/29/01

In a message dated 10/23/01 8:37:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

TomBuoyed writes:

<< An interesting site interpreting the number of verses in the Bible books according to various cycles of gestation, precession, etc. Jerry, take note of his focus on the number 38, which, being 2 x 19 , involves a doubling of the sacred number of the Koran, 19. >>

Here's a good intro to the number coding within the Koran.


Tom, in it there's an article with heavy reliance in Peter Plichta, whom you once noted, using his work on chemical tables. Plichta, if you recall, has made some major claims about his number theory discoveries regarding the prime numbers. I was reviewing his website today and am now wondering if maybe he might be on to something. Any thoughts? http://www.plichta.de/english/

Regards, Robert


99.47.10 fine-structure constant collective unconscious (Jerry Iuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: 11/3/01


There has been some skepticism concerning the value of the fine-structure constant as being manufactured or numbers tweaked by me as to the Cheops constructs deriving the value of the fine-structure constant. This is not true. Using the exact values of the Cheops pyramid constructs as reported by Churchward in 1910...height = 486.256 ft; base leg = 763.81 ft...(how could Churchward have known about the fine-structure constant at that time since the constant was not discovered until years later) and the exact value of the Sephira Malkuth (288) a number that has existed in Hebrew mythology for 4500 years; using only these exact numbers a prediction of the fine-structure constant can be shown that is within the parameters of the NIST 1998 standards for fine-structure constant:

1998 NIST value for the fine-structure constant:

1/137.03599976 = (e^2)/2/E/h/c


E =epsilon or the electric constant = 8.854187817 *(10^-12)...exact

h = Planck's constant = 6.62606876*(10^-34) J ....exact

c = light speed metric = 299792458 m/s....exact

e = elementary charge = 1.602176462*(10^-19) C.....+ or - 2 in last decimal

these are the 1998 NIST standard values for these first principles

Using only exact values for the Cheops constructs and the Sephira Malkuth numbers it can be demonstrated:

[288^(486.256/763.81)]/100 = COS 137.035999378=COS (2*E*h*c/(e^2)

E = 8.854187817*(10^-12)...exact

h = 6.62606876*(10^-34)...exact

c = 299792458....exact

e = 1.6021764642*(10^-19)...which is 99.9999998% of the 1998 NIST value for the elementary charge or within the plus or minus values of the last decimal as of 1998.

Will the value of the fine-structure constant change in the future? I doubt it. The metrology physicists (experimentally measured) insist that the value of the fine-structure constant is NOT 137.036 (the closest integer-like number to the fine-structure) and that the theorists (calculated) number , using Feynman diagrams, breaks down at 137.035999935 (Kinoshita calls the calculated version a "sick" equation at the ninth decimal) a calculation that takes three parallel processing super computers 10 years of operation to calculate one decimal at the 8th level,five years to run-five years to check.. What can be inferred from this data?.... The Hebrews designed and built the Cheops pyramid! Where did they get the design parameters? It was given to them from either an outside intelligence that was already familiar with the values of the first principles that determine the fine-structure constant, e,E.h and c ; or a"collective unconscious" determination that is hardwired in the brain. The great pyramid Cheops is the equivalent of the earths measuring stick of first principles analogous to the black monolith from Kubrick's film masterpiece , 2001: A Space Odessey, only difference...the Cheops pyramid is a real structure, 2001 is a fantasy. It is the ultimate measuring stick a tetrahedral geometric object containing all of the first principle values of modern physics in one pure ratio, height / base leg.:

(Sephira Malkuth squared) 288^2 (to the power of the Cheops constructs) 486.256/763.81/2 = (Cosine inverse fine-structure) COS 137.035999378

Considering the evidence for the " collective unconscious" connection,the most powerful example of this effect has been the unknown author of the Book of Revelations, John of Patmos,. (Leahy also has a strong argument considering the connection of the number 288^2 (82944) to his triple logic cube and dream number (2808) as does R. Tomes and his master harmonic numbers 34560 and 24 (34560*2.4 = 82944 among others), these forms are rather recent however ,20 years + - , as compared to the 1800 year old document, Charles Beatty papyrus, which after considerable debate 300 years ago, ended up as an addendum to the King James bible. The trance numbers of John of Patmos are linked explicitly to the fine-structure constant through the same number constant (37) that linked the Cheops constructs to the fine-structure constant.

(10^(486.256004028/763.81))/.37 = sqrt 137.035999378

The trance numbers of John are : 144,70,1260, 666 and 9505. connection to fine-structure..1/137.035999378

666 (37*18): (the number of the beast)

144: (number of risen souls....144000)

(10^(143.999987899/37))/666 = sqrt 137.035999378

1260: ( days woman flees the beast....1260)

(10^(1259.9999782/666))/6.66 = sqrt 137.035999378

70: (10 crowns and 7 horns...70)

(10^(69.9999987899/37)/6.66 = sqrt 137.035999378

9505: (amount of hours in 1 year + 1 month + 1 day + 1 hour...9505)

[(10^((9504.99998791/37)-256)]/.666 = sqrt 137.035999378

Leahy also has a strong connection to these forms through his powerful dream number 2808, which was the inspiration that put him on the road leading to his discovery of the link between the 82944 form and the fine-structure constant. His forms are set up in exactly the same mathematical format as the number constants from the 1800 year old Book of Revelations manuscript:

Leahy dream number...2808:

[10^((2807.999989/37)-(144/2))]/666 = sqrt 137.035999378

Leahy triple logic cube number (Sephira Malkuth squared)...82944

[10^82943.99303/32/666)]/666 = sqrt 137.035999378

Another number constant which has an ancient derivation, and I believe that has been misinterpreted as to it's meaning, is the number known as the Platonic cycle..25920.. first mentioned by Plato 2500 years ago. This form has exactly the same mathematical format as the Book of Revelations and Prof. Leahy forms:

25920 = Platonic cycle:

(10^(25919.99783/6660))/666 = sqrt 137.035999378

How these numbers expunge themselves out of the "collective unconscious" is still unknown.



99.47.11 Primes, spirals and diagonals (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 11/5/01

Prime Number Spiral


This is from Terence McKenna's website caretakers. It seems to present a visual aid for prime numbers and where primes fit, not surprisingly, within spirals. Please notice the possible Leahy / Fuller diagonal lines plus diagonal groups and spiraling vortex primes that we may be still puzzled about.



99.47.12 Simplification of fine-structure (Jerry Iuliano) 

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: 11/11/01


All discoveries relating to the 288 and 37 forms can be shown in seven equations:

FSC = (.37^2) /[10^(486.256004421 * 2/763.81)]

FSC Cos = 288 ^ [10^(486.25611 / 763.81)]

FSC = (e^2) / 2 / E / h / c

1 = Cos.............(e^2) / 2 / E / h / (.37^2)

1 = Pi * (e^-2) * 2 * E * h* (.37^2) * 20 * 254333

1 = Cos..........c / 10^[486.256004421 * 2 / 763.81]

1 = Cos...........Pi * 2

Where 254333 is equivalent to the Fermat form:

10^[(56.9999900418 / 3.7)-10] = 254333 as an integer representation

Where variables are equivalent to:

e = elementary charge = 1.60217646119*(10^-19) C
NIST 1998 =1.602176462 * (10^-19) C

E = epsilon or electric constant = 8.8541878 * (10^-12) F/m
NIST 1998 = 8.8541878 * (10^-12) F/m

h = Planck's constant = 6.62606876 * (10^--34) J
NIST 1998 = 6.62606876 * (10^-34) J

c = speed of light metric = 299792458 m/s
NIST 1998 = 299792458 m/s

FSC = fine-structure constant = 1/ 137.0359997....
NIST 1998 = 1/ 137.03599976...

Cheops pyramid constructs...Churchward / Ramsey (1910)

height = 486.256 feet

base leg = 763.81 feet

288 = Sephira Malkuth number (sparks from broken vessels)

Cos = cosine in radians

J. Iuliano


99.47.13 June 2001 Aztec Formation Details (Wdestiny44) 

From: Wdestiny44@aol.com
Date: 11/16/01

Hi Everyone:

In browsing the Swirled News archives, I came across an article detailing the June 3, 2001 "Aztec" formation representing the Mayan calendar. I was particularly excited about this formation because I sent a notice to some of England's crop circle investigators last fall (2000) saying I felt that the Mayan Calendar would be a formation in the 2001 season.

At the same time, I also predicted for the 2001 season an "astrolabe" formation (which occured on July 25th) as well as "something to do with the periodic table of elements" (the Arecibo formation of August 2001). Life is most interesting! :-)



An extraordinary formation with Aztec connotations has appeared in Northamptonshire, and GEOFF STRAY believes he may have some vitally important insights into its symbolism, tied in with some astonishing discoveries of his own…


In 1790, a massive carved stone disc (12 feet in diameter) was dug up in Mexico City and is now on display in the Museum of Anthropology. It is known as the Aztec Sunstone, or Calendar Stone, since the central motif is said to show the five ages of the world, called "Suns". Each of these Suns is said to have ended in catastrophe, with the central image - usually said to be Tonatiuh, the Sun god - representing the present era.

The Aztecs had inherited their calendars from earlier civilizations in Mesoamerica, but some of the knowledge had been lost. The Maya people, for example, had a system of cross-referenced calendars, including one known as the "Long Count", which tracks immense stretches of time and includes a 5,125-year cycle called the Great Cycle, or 13-Baktun Cycle, that started in 3114 BC and ends in 2012 AD, hence many of the prophecies surrounding 2012.

For several years I had been interested in the possible consequences of this termination point, when I bought a plaster copy of the Aztec Sunstone, and hung it on my wall. Since the 20 Day Signs of the Maya were clearly shown on the Stone, and the central image implied that the Aztecs knew they were living in the "final era", I wondered if the Sunstone might retain a few clues. I noticed that the ring of Day Signs shows the glyphs upside-down at the bottom of the ring, and the right way up at the top, as if the ring was designed to be rotated! There is also a pointer (above Tonatiuh's head), apparently designed to indicate a different Day Sign each day, as the ring rotates (clock-wise!).

There are also several places on the Sunstone, where the designs are OVERLAID. In other words, the Sunstone represents a series of ROTATING LAYERS. I then worked out a way that, if the Sunstone was based on an earlier design with moving parts, it could have acted as a giant chronometer, measuring the 260-day Tzolkin cycle, the 384-day lunar year; the 56-year eclipse cycle (3 x 18.61-year lunar node cycles); the 52-year Calendar Round cycle, and the 104-year Venus Round (65 orbits of Venus).

However, the cycle I was most interested in - the 13-Baktun cycle - was impossible to discover, since the number 18 was nowhere to be found on the Sunstone; 20 Kin (days) = 1 Uinal; 18 Uinals = 1 Tun; 20 Tuns = 1 Katun; 20 Katuns = 1 Baktun; 13 Baktuns = 1 Great Cycle. "If I could only find the 18 Uinals, the chronometer would tick away the whole 5,125-year Great Cycle", I thought... Then I found the "Secret Dial"...


The amazing formation (already nicknamed the "Aztec Pizza"!) which appeared on 3rd June this year at Wakerley Woods, Barrowden, Northamptonshire certainly suggests the Aztec Sunstone, with its concentric rings of glyphs, though it at first seems to be "a couple of olives short of a pizza". The Aztec Sunstone has a ring of 20 Day-signs, surrounded by a ring of 56 quincunxes, surrounded by a ring of 104 "eagle-feathers", within a ring formed by two "fire-serpents", of 12 segments each.

The weird thing is, I have been working on an animation of the Sunstone to demonstrate the rotating features described above, and this reached completion (apart from a proposed soundtrack) on Friday 1st June, after having come up with the idea about 18 months ago and worked on the animation for the last three months. The following day, I was presented with a brass replica Sunstone which a friend (Joy) had found at a boot sale. I took this as a synchronicity, or a meaningful coincidence, that my efforts had been given the thumbs up by the Universe.

This "Aztec Pizza" formation was reported on Sunday the 3rd - the same weekend! That's a COSMIC thumbs up! What is more, it encodes the significant numbers which formed the breakthrough that the animation demonstrates.

It is thought by most historians that the Aztecs had forgotten all about the Mayan Long Count calendar, which includes the 5,125-year cycle (The Great Cycle), or 13-Baktun Cycle. They had retained knowledge of the 260-day sacred Tzolkin calendar, the 365-day Haab, and the 52-year Calendar Round (52 Haabs = 73 Tzolkins). The Tzolkin is partially shown on the Sunstone in the form of the 20 Day Signs (which combine with 13 numbers- 13 x 20 = 260), and the Calendar Round is represented by the 104 Eagle feathers. Two Calendar Rounds = 104 x 365-day years (= 1 Venus Cycle, or 65 cycles of Venus at 584 days per cycle).

However, as I confirmed in a conversation with researcher John Major Jenkins, nobody has ever found evidence of the Long Count on the Sunstone, because, although it is possible to find some of the necessary numbers, such as 13 and 20, the vital number 18 is absent (there are 20 days in one "Uinal", and 18 Uinals in one "Tun" of 360 days).

The breakthrough that the animation demonstrates (or will when released to the public), is that there is a "Secret Dial" concealed on the Sunstone, and it has 18 segments, just like two of the three dials on the new Wakerley Woods formation! I had spotted what looks like a visible segment of a hidden ring, showing two quincunxes; I then electronically "cut and pasted" eight copies of the suspected segment, each turned by multiples of a 40-degree angle, put them together, and found a perfect ring made from the nine segments of two quincunxes each: 18 Uinals!! This does not work on some of the colour paintings of the Sunstone, since the angle varies by up to two degrees on each side of the visible segment, and this can result in a 20-quincunx ring. However, it works perfectly on a photo of the real thing. See attached pictures.

Thus, it has now been possible to show an animation of a theoretical original Sunstone with moving parts, which acts as a chronometer and ticks away the whole Great Cycle, starting in 3114 BC with the beginning of history, and ending in 2012 with... (well, see my website http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk for speculation- see the Swirled News "Links" section)


So, the Wakerley Woods formation shows the two critical numbers in my discovery; 9 (segments) and 18 (quincunxes or Uinals). The 18 central symbols are very suggestive of the four "lesser Sun Rays", though pointing in towards the centre rather than out. The centre of the Sunstone is where the 18 are concealed, beneath the five "Suns" or eras. The numbers 9 and 18 are also significant in the 26,000-year "precession of the equinoxes" cycle, since it takes 72 years for the equinoxes to precess by 1 degree, and therefore nine years for an eighth of a degree, 18 for a quarter, and 36 for a half degree. The numbers also resonate with the Long Count numbers, since:

2 x 18 = 36 (360 days per Tun)
4 x 18 = 72 (7200 days per Katun, or 20-Tun cycle)
8 x 18 = 144 (144,000 days per Baktun, or 20-Katun cycle)

Jenkins has made a good case that the Long Count is based on precession, with the Great Cycle being a fifth of the whole precession cycle (5,200-Tun Great Cycle x 5 = 26,000 Tuns). The number 9 is also reminiscent of Carl Calleman's theory that the nine Underworld Cycles ("Hells") of Mayan mythology represent the nine levels in the hierarchy of time cycles which make up the Long Count. This represents an evolutionary progression which goes all the way back to the Big Bang.

We had a Tun represented in a crop formation at Avebury Trusloe in 1999 (18 "tadpoles" within a "fried egg", surrounded by a ring of 20 circles). Last year we had a Baktun represented at East Kennett (a "waffle" grid of 20 x 20, representing 20 Katuns of 20 Tuns each = 400 Tuns = 1 Baktun). Now we have a formation which suggests a secret knowledge of the 13-Baktun cycle, and maybe the precession cycle; possibly even the age of the Universe!

On the other hand, it could be a pizza (following a fried egg in 1999 and a waffle in 2000)…

[Many thanks to Nick Nicholson for the formation photo and diagram] GEOFF STRAY

Wakerley Woods formation (Nick Nicholson)
Wakerley Woods diagram (Nick Nicholson)
The Aztec Sunstone
Sunstone (isolated ring)
Sunstone (isolated segment)


99.47.14 Cheops pyramid- 64 cycles- From 99.42.4 (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 11/10/01

In the last and longest cycle, I was expecting 64 * 64. In this Oeric table we find 46 * 64, 46 (final entry) being the mirror of 64. Mirror numbers are the substance of our interest as we all notice reciprocals, inverses and reverses pertaining to light, electrons, constants, quanta, DNA, biologics and cosmology.

The intelligent question to ask, therefore, seems to be:

What are the implications of beginning this table with long-wave-mirror 46 instead of 64, recalling that this table seems to represent the exponentially compressed time wave of Terence McKenna, who sites O.E.Oeric, pertaining to the dates 1992(1987?)-2012


99.42.4 Cheops pyramid- 64 cycles (Jerry Iuliano)

From: JerryIuliano@aol.com
Date: 9/9/01


Here might be something:

p= Proton = 938.271998 Mev/(c^2)...1998 NIST value

n=Neutron = 939.56533 Mev/(c^2)...1998 NIST value

e=Electron = .510998902 Mev/(c^2)..1998 NIST value:

Using this formula:

[(p+n)*10] + e = 18778.88428 = R

Using this as a starting base then it matches the Oeric forms exactly:

R/(10^69) =root

R/(10^69) *1*64=1.201848594*(10^-63)

R/(10^69) *2*64=7.691831001*(10^-62)
R/(10^69) *3*64=4.922771841*(10^-60)
     "    *4*64=3.150573978*(10^-58)
     "    *5*64=2.016367346*(10^-56)
    "    *6*64=1.290475101*(10^-54)
     "    *7*64=8.259040649*(10^-53)
     "    *8*64=5.285786015*(10^-51)
    "    *9*64=3.38290305*(10^-49)
    "    *10*64=2.165057952*(10^-47)
    "    *11*64=1.385637089*(10^-45)
    "    *12*64=8.868077371*(10^-44)
    "    *13*64=5.675569518*(10^-42)
    "    *14*64=3.632364491*(10^-40)
    "    *15*64=2.324713274*(10^-38)
    "    *16*64=1.487816496*(10^-36)
    "    *17*64=9.522025572*(10^-35)
    "    *18*64=6.094096366*(10^-33)
    "    *19*64=3.900221674*(10^-31)
    "    *20*64=2.496141872*(10^-29)
    "    *21*64=1.597530798*(10^-27)...Oeric Planck constant #26
    "    *22*64=1.022419711*(10^-25)... " Gamma #25
    "    *23*64=6.543486148*(10^-24)... " Gamma #24
    "    *24*64=4.187831135*(10^-22)... " Gamma #23
    "    *25*64=2.680211926*(10^-20)... " Gamma #22
    "    *26*64=1.715335633*(10^-18)... " Gamma #21
    "    *27*64=1.097814805*(10^-16)... " X-ray #20
    "    *28*64=7.026014751*(10^-15)... " Visible #19
    "    *29*64=4.496649441*(10^-13)... " Infrared #18
    "    *30*64=2.877855642*(10^-11)... " Extra-Hi #17
    "    *31*64=1.841827611*(10^-9)..... " Ultra Hi #16
    "    *32*64=1.178769671*(10^-7)..... " High freq #15
    "    *33*64=7.544125895*(10^-6)..... " Low freq #14
    "    *34*64=4.828240573*(10^-4)..... " Low freq #13
    "    *35*64=.030900739.......................... " .03 secs #12
    "    *36*64=1.977647339........................ " 1.98 secs #11
    "    *37*64=126.5695297........................ " 127 secs #10
    "    *38*64=8100.443499........................ " 135 min #9
    "    *39*64=518428.3839........................ " 6 days #8
    "    *40*64=33179416.57....................... " 384 days 13 lunations #7
    "    *41*64=2123482661........................ " 67 years 105.25 days #6
    "    *42*64=1.359028903*(10^11).... " 4306 years 97.5 days # 5
    "    *43*64=8.697784977*(10^12).... " 275600 years #4
    "    *44*64=5.566582386*(10^14).... " 17638000 years #3
    "    *45*64=3.562612727*(10^16).... " 1.29 million years #2
    "    *46*64=2.280072145*(10^18).... " 72.25 billion years #1

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