99.76.1 Note "Tube" (MetPhys) 

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99.76.1 Note "Tube" (MetPhys) 

From: christian.lange2@tin.it
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Note "Tube"
Date: 01/24/03

Christian, you do understand that when I gave this info about "a tube" in this email, I am not referring to a tube, don't you? I'm talking about the resonance within a harmonic egg, that sustains itself in a Schauberger energy implosion tornado vortex, using sound or frequency.


99.75.17 Mass Acceleration and Mechanical Resonance (MetPhys)

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: christian.lange2@tin.it
Subject: Mass Acceleration and Mechanical Resonance
Date: 01/23/03

Mass Acceleration and Mechanical Resonance Part 1

May be able to use the mass m acceleration a=(F/m)* v^n to increase the energy efficiency of a machine. Acceleration a would be applied at resonance with the moving mass m. The larger the (F/m)*v the larger the exponent n. The mass m can be a mass of a pendulum, a molecule, or an electron subject to acceleration force F. The F can be mechanical force, electrostatic force, but not gravitational force. If a resonator like an air column in a glass tube or coil and capacitor is tuned to the frequency or pulse of acceleration a, the output amplitude or energy is larger at the input amplitude. For example, if a tuning fork is close to a resonant tube tuned to the sound frequency, the sound amplitude is maximum at the resonant frequency of the air column in the tube. This may be due to the acceleration a applied to the air mass m.

Mass Acceleration and Mechanical Resonance Part 4

The energy balance equation and the mass acceleration equation may also apply to sound waves. Moving the sound waves requires mechanical acceleration of the air. The sound waves produce pressure P.

The element force or small force on a single atom may then be:

dF=P * dA, where dA~ pi * r * r

is the small surface area of the air atom with r the radius of the atom. The small mass of the atom like oxygen is dm. The pi=3.14159. The the acceleration equation becomes:

a=(dF/dm) * v^n.

The acceleration a is applied in phase with the sound frequency f at resonance. The sound waves with frequency f from a tuning fork are applied to the air in a glass tube. The tube has a column of air. The length of the tube is tuned to the sound frequency. On each sound oscillation the pressure P is slightly increased due to the sound waves being contained and concentrated in the glass tube.

This increases dF. Since energy m*v increases by dF*dF in the equation of velocity v, the energy m*v increases with each sound wave oscillation. This occurs at resonance when a and f are in phase or are reinforcing each other. The sound waves travel or pass back and forth in the glass tube and during each pass, the velocity v is increased by acceleration a. Some of the energy m*v escapes as sound from the tube, and some increases pressure P of the oscillations. This only occurs when the signal sound frequency f from the metal tuning fork exists. The length of the tube is:


for tube with one side open, where z is the speed of sound of air at room temperature. This simple energy system is not yet self-sustaining in energy. The sound energy from the tube should be amplified again be more and larger resonant tubes. The sound amplification may be converted to electrical energy too keep the tuning fork ringing artificially by electrical impulses.

These observations may lead to free energy systems. These observations and conventional theory of energy amplitude amplification at mechanical resonance have to be reinterpreted. The true source of the power amplitude increase at resonance should be investigated by others. The source may be dF*dF and the variation of exponent n from a velocity v equation.



99.76.2 A Big Bang (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: A Big Bang
Date: 01/24/03

A big bang is nothing more than the fountain of musical vibrations releasing its pairs of male/female tones. The fountain is seen to exist at the tri-tone position when those tones are set to scale step. Any ratio will produce the same central fountain. The swap-over ratio is also at the 11th overtone/undertone.

Preceeding each big bang is the Desire of the Creator for letting there be Life, that is, asymmetry coming from symmetry, like a breath of life-giving force.

ONE FORCE = on E F or C E. The ratio 370/369 is the key to unify the beats at the root. The two Circles of Tones born at the tri-tone (and balanced at the Dorian) relate the symmetry within the asymmetry, the Desire that implements the process. The major locks into the minor as a 1/3 counter spinning relationship. The dual light trip is 144 numbers of Pi resulting in 666 either side. Balance is the superstructure, asymmetry is the rippling effect of Desire, blowing where it wills.

Jesus walked on water, that is, levitated, and all ratios existed within his Desire. It was simply enough to be at One with the Will of the Creation. To an awake Spirit water structures itself around that individual, no need to sell it in packets at a grocery store. The Creation was made for Man the Spirit, and not the other way around.



99.76.3 A Big Bang (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: A Big Bang
Date: 01/24/03


I was given the insight on the ONE FORCE last year. I knew that E F was a reference to where the Circle of Tones parts from the Major scale. The C E I wondered about and assumed that it was a reference to the Ionian (1)/Phrygian (3) mirror link. When Lynda sent me this link a few weeks ago I realized the C E was a reference to this:

In case of "Bach/wohltemperirt" the fifths are tempered by the superparticular ratio of 369, being 370/369. This fraction follows as the first approximant via continued fractions to the fifth, amounting to 1,495953506243... Provided the fifth has this value, its corresponding third (from these tempered fifths c-g-d-a-e) and the fifth itself in the central C-major triad beat at the UNISON. >>

Other numbers pertaining to this system, the central C-major triad of which has its third C-E beating at the same rate as the fifth C-G, derive from the idea of the trias harmonica perfecta and the baroque concept of the perfection of the UNITAS =1, and the TRINITAS = 3. >>

Baroque acoustics, numerology, mathematics and gematria of J. S. Bach

Someone commented, after I sent them this info, that Bach's music was uplifting because of this, and one may have stumbled across the correct ratio for inducing certain acoustical effects.



99.76.4 Another insight plus some notes on it (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Another insight plus some notes on it
Date: 01/24/03


A few weeks ago I was awakened from a dream with a voice that proclaimed "It's in the name of the Father".

I got up and picked up a pen and paper. In the name of the father are words like HE/HER/REH, that is, the Dorian Mode (REH) being both male and female.

HE + HER + REH = 75

In the name of the SON = 47 (that is the visible tri-tone at the F+B points of the major scale. This signifies the Word that was used to create. The Word is Holy:

WORD = 60
HOLY = 60

ROOT = 58


HOLY SPIRIT =151 + TONE (=54) = 205


Half of 234 = 117

The Diazeuxis is the tone which separates the two tetrachords, (that is, the Tri-tone axis position).


Also let's remember that the mediator is the holy spirit.

Med = middle, as in central axis point.

MED = 22 (the Dorian/Dorian relationship perhaps)

129+118 = 247

THE MEDIATOR + HOLY SPIRIT = 269 = 2+6+9 =17 (Lynda's number)
ENHARMONIC = 100 + 269 = 369

247 can be seen as the two tri-tones F LYD/LOC + B LOC/LYD.
The note B = 247 cps





From the root note (C) to the Dorian note (D) is a ratio of 9:8 It is the spillage of this 9:8 ratio a total of six times that creates the male and female triangles of the Circle of Tones. This spillage occurs because of the nine number sequences coming into conflict with the eight scale steps (9/8 conflict). The cycle takes six turns.



I thought it was fitting to make it fit how one chooses! Is it a race and is that race a species that exists at the moment?!! Will it be a race created by RA on the unity of CE?!! And, where did I leave that straight jacket?!

RACE = 27
RA = 19
DNA =19

19+19 = 38

Met is RA!!


99.76.5 Note Coil Winding- Scalar (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: healthnow@bodyvibes.com
Subject: Note Coil Winding- Scalar
Date: 01/24/03

In a message dated 1/24/3 9:22:17 AM, you wrote:

<< Can coils be wound as to oppose each other so that if both are fed the same signal simultaneously, their outputs are synchronized exactly 180 degrees out of phase? So that the magnetic aspect would be contained in the core while the electric/scalar waves would emerge 180 degrees out of phase. If so, then could the duty cycle of the input signal be offset to the negative??? >>

Not 180 unless the double universe represents 720 degrees instead of 360. You remember the intrinsic spin momentum (720) of atoms rather than regular angular momentum (360)? I cant quite see if dimensional rotation is actually 180 degrees or the common 90 degrees science talks about...I could use some help from you here.

In another case, here is what I think I know about the 90 degree rotation which is a dimensional change:

1st dimension- electrostatic
2nd dimension- magnetism...must exist first for electricity to exist.
3rd dimension- electricity
4th dimension- gravity.

None of these ever meet at their x, y axis...it is always 90 degrees out of phase....or 180 degrees out of phase if it is intrinsic spin? So the fields spin around each other as they move "forward" but never touch.

<< Can coils be wound as to oppose each other so that if both are fed the same signal simultaneously, their outputs are synchronized exactly 180 degrees out of phase? >>

You tell me...I'm not too sure about 90 or 180. I have never had any experience with electronic equipment. I showed what I believe is reality....a 90 degree rotation of all forces including gravity but gravity is a spheric implosion into the others within a sphere. Upon a torus, the gravity component will be through the axis center of the torus with the bifilar windings representing the magnetic and electric fields. So we can say the gravitic center axis of a torus is 90 degrees to magnetism and electricity. If we open the torus up and make the circular torus straight, we have a scalar laser component that exits out the axis of the straightened counter wound torus.

<< So that the magnetic aspect would be contained in the core while the electric/scalar waves would emerge 180 degrees out of phase. >>

No. What we want to do is copy the EM and scalar components of the earth.Remember how the magnetism goes in the North pole and comes out the South pole? Like longitude lines. Remember how the earths electric field is 90 degrees to earths magnetism? Like latitude lines. So the electric field has to go East-West or opposite..I don't know which....So the gravity is coming in from space...actually gravity IS space disappearing into earths center. All 90 degrees to each other. Same with your toroidal coil.

When you copy a universal system...earth to coil....you create an independent system that "resonates" with the universal system..i.e., earth.

What do you think?



99.76.6 Note Coil Winding- Is space positive? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: healthnow@bodyvibes.com
Subject: Note Coil Winding- Is space positive?
Date: 01/24/03

In a message dated 1/24/3 10:02:33 AM, healthnow@bodyvibes.com writes:

<< Is the attraction gravity/space coming to the mass/earth due to electrostatic attraction, earth being a negative attractor? Or does gravity enter earths proximity from 2 realms in that the earths polar fields of attraction, north-south? >>

For this answer you might like reading about the attributes of negatives, double negatives and the positive-being of the matrix (field) energy, (vacuum) by Harold, at the end of the page. ( 80harold.html ) Positive-being of space is attracted to a negative-planet? Possibly. I heard the sun is positive and planets negative also...attractive (Quartum Organum).



99.76.7 Can Earth Magnetic Field be Canceled? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: healthnow@bodyvibes.com
Subject: Can Earth Magnetic Field be Canceled?
Date: 01/24/03

In a message dated 1/24/3 10:05:08 AM, healthnow@bodyvibes.com writes:

<< Also, is it then possible to cancel the magnetic field of the earth, as in a coil to create scalar levitation? >>

The magnetic field of earth can never be canceled because magnetism is not even in this dimension...it is information from the Diehold (God)......0D......0-Dimension. However another gravity field can be created in a scalar toroidal bifilar winding....which will...repulse from the earth..aka...Searls discs.



99.76.8 Is Positive Space Attractive to Negative Mass? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: healthnow@bodyvibes.com
Subject: Does Gravity Enter Earths Poles?
Date: 01/24/03

In a message dated 1/24/3 10:02:33 AM, healthnow@bodyvibes.com writes:

<< Or does gravity enter earths proximity from 2 realms in that the earths polar fields of attraction, north-south? >>

The information of space, called gravity, enters mass from 360 degrees around the mass.......this space implosion does not cause earth core heat. Hyperdimensional gravity, meaning "contracting space", is cold energy. All overunity machines produce cold Luciferian energy and light. It's called the Luminiferous Aether. There is confusion here also. Space is called Aether to distinguish it from the element ether. There is also an Aether around earth. This Aether is called by many names: Mind of the Earth (Plato), Psi Field (Arguelles), Oversoul (Plato), The Van Allen Belts (Science) to name a few. Technically, the Earth Aether is correct and resides strictly with earth. Space should be called something else, as the root of Aether conveys sensitivity and a consciousness of sorts wherein space is much more unconscious and primeval. I suggest calling space...the Void.

The suns magnetism enters earth mainly at the North pole and exits at the South pole and then circulates through the center of the planet as if earth were........you guessed it......a torus with a hole in the middle!! Magnetism (2D) and electricity (3D) is the cause of the earths core heat, after all the Life Force (space or gravity) is extracted by the earth. The earth is not a dynamo generating magnetism because the poles must be exactly opposite and earths poles are not.

Soooo.......simply create a machine that does the same as earth, and you have a universal machine.



99.76.9 Note Coil Winding- Negative earth/negative disc. Result? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: healthnow@bodyvibes.com
Subject: Note Coil Winding- Negative earth/negative disc. Result?
Date: 01/24/03

In a message dated 1/24/3 10:19:03 AM, healthnow@bodyvibes.com writes:

<< If this to be true as thought, then a strong negative offset should propel one from the earths magnetic field? >>

That's right Sir...negative earth repels negative disc...now what can you think of that is called negative in the atomic world? What was being generated and expelled from the Searl disc? Electrons maybe? hehe...I shouldn't give away secrets so easily.



99.76.10 Gravity a Function of Space? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: healthnow@bodyvibes.com
Subject: Gravity a Function of Space?
Date: 01/24/03

In a message dated 1/24/3 10:14:30 AM, healthnow@bodyvibes.com writes:

<< Or is gravity a function of space/time independent of any polar fields? >>

There is no such thing as spacetime.
There is such a thing as non.space, non.time.
Gravity is not a function of space, time or spacetime but....
Gravity IS the non.time component of non.space.
Space is actually non.space.
Universe has no time.
Gravity is non.space falling into matter.
Gravity is time (John Worrell Keely).
Gravity does not exist if time does not exist in universe.



99.76.11 Non-Linear Scalar Output (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: healthnow@bodyvibes.com
Subject: Non-Linear Scalar Output
Date: 01/24/03

In a message dated 1/24/3 10:24:21 AM, healthnow@bodyvibes.com writes:

<< Scalar potentials can be directed to the negative node of a frequency, which creates a very non linear output as with my technology. >>

Gravity, and its characteristics, as outlined, is the only non.linear "force" in existence on earth. So, can we create a non.linear field of independent gravity by directing a scalar potential to the negative node of a frequency? Remember, I'm doing this in my head...I have never touched an electronic piece of equipment. I have no idea what a "negative node of a frequency" actually is...

<< Disease propagates in a positive field, as in positive ions require anti-oxidants (negative) to neutralize them. >>

Disease is simply a body-destructive virii or bacteria that has a specific frequency. Produce that frequency's dissonant frequency and you kill the virus (Rife Tech). Simple. The scalar part is that expanding bubble of sound that carries the frequency to the virii or bacteria?



99.76.12 Non-Linear Scalar Output (Joe/MetPhys) 

From: healthnow@bodyvibes.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Non-Linear Scalar Output
Date: 01/25/03

Can Earth Magnetic Field be Canceled?
24 3:18 PM

Generating a scalar wave that is negatively charged or biased to the negative node of an electromagnetic wave is what my device is about, at least in part.

When viewing the wave-form that I sent, realize that the energy that you see on top of the square wave from the coil (looks like a burst of light super-imposed on a square wave) is actually the negative node, as the polarity has been reversed, which would normally appear on the underside of the zero point.

Can Earth Magnetic Field be Canceled?
24 4:18 PM

The core of a coil will also capture the magnetic field and release a one dimensional wave.

Can Earth Magnetic Field be Canceled?
24 4:19 PM

One magnetic field, however should be able to be imposed upon another magnetic field and then it will cancel, leaving the scalar component, in my theory, at least. That is what a bifilar counter wound coil is. That's why I use two toroidal coils in the Ultimate Machines link.

Can Earth Magnetic Field be Canceled?
24 4:50 PM

In a message dated 1/24/3 4:43:28 PM, healthnow@bodyvibes.com writes:

<< The core of a coil will also capture the magnetic field and release a one dimensional wave. >>

Yeah, I think that's what I'm talking about....and a one dimensional wave is called what?

Can Earth Magnetic Field be Canceled?
24 4:52 PM


Thank you for contacting Body Vibes,

Joe DeBrouse

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Non-Linear Scalar Output
24 2:35 PM

Scalar and bi-phase EM waves are non linear as with the input signal in regards to the output signal are very different regarding the harmonics. (Beardens' Work) The electronics change the signals rise time and add capacitance.

Also, there is more to the propagation of disease than frequency alteration or aberration within the bio-realm. There is a PH factor as well as a polarity factor that are interrelated with a pathogens specific frequency. By altering the polarity, you affect the PH, and then interject frequency specifics to eviscerate the defiled cells. This also reduces any pathogens, that are not hit with the applied frequency, ability to proliferate due to the increase in PH. Scalar potentials also increase the white blood cell count, which of course, increases immune response and Memory Acquired Resonance.

Negative node is that part of the duty cycle that is below the zero point. A 50/50 duty cycle implies the 50 degrees of the amplitude is positive and 50 degrees is negative, which both are controllable during the recording process. Joe DeBrouse

Thank you. I'm learning more each day. Met


99.76.13 Non-Linear Scalar Output (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Non-Linear Scalar Output
Date: 01/24/03

<< Disease is simply a body-destructive virii or bacteria that has a specific frequency. Produce that frequency's dissonant frequency and you kill the virus (Rife Tech). Simple. The scalar part is that expanding bubble of sound that carries the frequency to the virii or bacteria? >>

If we imagine vibration to be the result of Desire primarily, we then realize that disease is not of a material cause but is manifest materially as an effect of thought in "illusion". Jesus "healed" the sick because he had the charisma to allow people to understand that they could dispel the illusion of illness. So, the way to bypass the need to produce an anti-dote to disease is within Mind itself. If we are held in the Creator's Mind as perfect beings it implies we are held within our own minds as imperfect beings who catch all manner of colds and bugs! I should know , I always have a tummy ache!

It takes a whole new way of viewing oneself to become Resonating Perfection. Yet there must be a medium that carries these frequencies and orders them accordingly. This is why I know in my heart that the Merkabah structure at the Tri-tone is the key, and I need to learn how to apply it. There is no denying where it can be found within the vibrations, I have spent fourteen years now getting to understand it. It is a bit of a "new" thing to a lot of people and I don't mind being taken for a "vague fool" at times! Yet I invite anyone to care to prove the theory of a living Merkabah like structure resident in the Vibrations wrong.

When one reaches the tri-tone on one side of the mode box there is access to the tri-tone at the other side of the mode box (with spins turning from clockwise/male to anti-clockwise/female or vice versa). There is a diagram on this site that shows this. One simply dives in at one side and emerges at the other. This reminds me a little of a time hole. To produce a machine that mimics this may not seem so far-fetched.

I still can't quite imagine how to put this sort of information into practice so that it produces "fireworks" for all to see, but that doesn't mean it has no place amongst other possibilities. The only other theory I "sense" is complete within itself is Mr. Iuliano's.

Let's put it this way, even numbers are testifying to the C and F#'s twin axis involvement. One triangle of frequencies that exists because of mirroring formulas is three leaps of a Minor 6th, 666.The inversion would be 333. The minor 6th is also 8 semitones, so it is also 888. In a gematria book I have called the Apostolic Gnosis this 888 signifies the name of Jesus, made up of 515 and 373.

515 = C
373 = F#

The number 333 is given as "Hope - a dwelling"

333= E

This E note was given as a Neutral centre between the levities and gravities inherent within a musical Scale. D.C Ramsey went into this in great detail, and he and Keely knew each other. I actually believe that Ramsey's method of developing the scales contains the secret to levitation. I bought the book from Dale Pond last year and found the mirror stuff that I had discovered sat with Ramsey's work and did not conflict with it. I recommend the book to anyone. It is called "The scientific basis and build of music". The note C, for example, is not to be taken as the beginning vibration. That first vibration is really the note F, which is the root of the sub-dominant. The Tonic note C is the middle triad and the Dominant chord G is the upper triad. The levities and gravities balance out at the not E. This is according to beliefs that the note C is the terrestrial note and the note G is the celestial note. Therefore the note E is the Neutral centre sitting in the middle. This also gives the vibration of 432 to the note D, and leads one to the Dorian connection where such a frequency belongs. In other words, we have our frequencies out by a 5th!

If Ramsey was right in developing the scales according to the primes of 2 3 and 5, and uncovering the F as first vibration, then he holds the key to levitation because anything built according to his calculations will be according to natural law.

I had worked with Dale Pond for two years in trying to understand Keely and Hughes and Ramsey. We exchanged posts on a regular basis. My stuff and the Ramsey stuff sadly was a little "too musical" for Dale but I am convinced that should not deter the scientists, whom I sometimes consider to be not musical enough..:-)). After all it is a musical universe.

Ramsey's system can be explained fairly easily, and it will be seen to run straight into my mirror music structure. I won't pile into it unless there is someone here that shows any interest, or else I will simply write it in some book and leave it at that.



99.76.14 Schauberger and Cycloid Eggs (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: christian.lange2@tin.it
Subject: Schauberger and Cycloid Eggs
Date: 01/24/03


Victor Schauberger proved the Cycloid form was most easily created by use of an egg shaped flow pattern. Rudolph Steiner also said the heart shaped flow produced an in flowing, life-giving rotation which nature used when building new life, healing or accumulating energy. The life-enhancing effects can be augmented by using magnets, crystals, copper and other elements in the right combinations. Now, there have arisen numerous correlations in the field of inertial and gyroscopic drives from researchers such as Dean, Cook, Laithwaite, Kidd and Thornsen among others.

One must realize that there is a difference between an inertial drive such as promoted by Dean, Cook and Thornsen and the precession effects of gyroscopic drives as investigated by Laithwaite and Kidd. In the case of inertial drives, the ideal system involves the creation of a cycloid motion, currently achieved by a complex mechanical rotation of one or more spinning weights.


99.76.15 Number 373250 / 512 (C) = 729 (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: josepht@tri-county.main.nc.us
Subject: Number 373250 / 512 (C) = 729
Date: 01/24/03

The Toroidal Universe

<< Might there not be an inter-relationship that links the duality of electron spin and polarity with the micro / macro--entropy / syntropy process regarding complimentary forces, which synchronizes Iuliano's' hypothesis of 82944 to 373250; in that 82944 does not appear to fully entail the full range harmonics and potential geometric / toroid potentials, to facilitate the complete cyclic attributes and physical forces encapsulated within the universal realm. >>

<< Hence: 373250 is to D-E-G-A and B, as 82944 is to C-D-E-G and A, which illustrates the full range of fundamental roots in C major attributed to the Pythagorean diatonic scale. >>

<< It would seem the process of birth / re-birth would coincide with a transitional flow that is virtually undetectable that may not be apparent as with C-D-E-G and A regarding 82944, in that the following octave, beginning again with C, would naturally stem from, at least from a musical standpoint, B regarding 373250. Your thoughts. >>


I noticed you almost asked the question but didn't. I took a while to think this over to see what I could rearrange to give birth to your idea but with another twist. See if this makes sense and gives you something to build upon.

I also noticed:

373250 and 82944 are complimentary, according to your data. Birth and Rebirth is complimentary. Notes D-E-G-A and B with C-D-E-G and A are complimentary. micro and macro are complimentary. entropy and syntropy are complimentary.

You call this
<< inter-relationship that links the duality ... >>

The question is,
The duality is what? I'm beginning to think that universe is one toroid which swollows half of itself, macro-expands almost infinately while the other micro-half constantly disappears into the expanding half as material for the expansion, then at a certain half cycle in the total cycle, the expansion stops, reverses and the macro begins to shrink back into the micro as the micro becomes larger and the macro becomes smaller. Im not sure if this would look like a Klein bottle nor do I know what the formal name for this torus would be at this time. 01/26/03.

Lets make a complimentary fraction of the numbers:

373250 = 2 = add 3+7+3+2+5 = 20 = 2
82944 = 9 = add 8+2+9+4+4 = 27 = 9

Now in series = 37325082944 =
902 or 209 with 0, the fountain, in the center.

Now in series = D-E-G-A and B with C-D-E-G and A =
DEGA BC DEGA = DEGA and DEGA with BC in the middle.

Now your unasked question again in the open where we can see it:

Does the duality (mic/mac), (ent/syn) have a musical component and an alphanumeric relationship?

Is the micro and macro (Dual toroidal universe) = to DEGA BC DEGA and Is entropy and syntropy = to a 2/9 alphanumeric relationship?

If not, what do you think is happening and what corrections can you make?



99.76.16 Question: 25,920 and Core of Earth (Joe) 

From: josepht@tri-county.main.nc.us
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Question: 25,920 and Core of Earth
Date: 12/07/03


Regarding the mine shaft experiment you mentioned -- you said

<< this experiment involved a mineshaft into which was dropped two long wires with heavy balls on the ends, each wire was about a mile long. Well, after looking at the divergence of the wires, fully expecting the two ends to be closer together than the surface distance, the scientists found that the ends were farther apart than on the surface, >>

After a little thought, I recalled from electrostatic studies, the experiments using an electroscope. A charge separation will cause the two pieces of light foil to overcome the downward gravitational pull and separate horizontally forming and inverted "Vee".

Whether the charge is neg. or pos. matters not here, but the charge separation ( whether caused by contact or induction) leaves the pieces of foil with the same charge. -- Since like charges repel one another, the leaves separate.

This same principle could occur with two (mile) long wire (conductors) down in the earth because there is always some amount of charge over the surface of the earth. The metal balls on the bottom of the wire only serve to keep the wires from becoming tangled. Earths surface charge can be affected by thunder storms which also undergo large charge separations, leaving the bottom of the clouds with a large neg. charge which induces a large positive charge over the area under the clouds.

What do you think ?


ps. Thanks for your reference help -- I did read some of the material.
BTW , its Turbeville


99.76.17 Question: 25,920 and Core of Earth (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: josepht@tri-county.main.nc.us
Subject: Question: 25,920 and Core of Earth
Date: 12/07/03

In a message dated 1/25/3 8:25:35 PM, josepht@tri-county.main.nc.us writes:

<< BTW , its Turbeville >>

That's right Mr. Turbeville.....I learn slowly sometimes....I was concentrating on getting the "u" instead of an "e" and forgot to look at the "be" and added an "r". Sorry

Regarding the wires of the Australian Mine Experiment.....I recall the Space Shuttle loosing a long wire that was to be used for power in space ...it seems that it glowed like crazy after the space differential broke the 20 mile wire and it drifted away, fully obeying the Faraday homopolar disc principle, only in this case it was the floating wire cutting radially thru earths own magnetic field.

Elsewhere I learned that in a mere 10 feet above the earth, the electrostatic voltage differential is in the thousands of volts.....now if I got it right the higher dimension controls the lower.....so taking Trismagistos' advice, we can say that the 1st dimension electrostatic controls 2D magnetism which controls 3D electric which controls 4D gravity...or....4D is a repeat of either the 0D or the 1D again, going in a spiral.

Now we presume, from our previous studies, that the electric field of the earth is generally E to W or W to E and magnetism is 90 degrees to that or from pole to pole...and gravity is 90 degrees to both so its omnisymmetric, as B. Fuller used to say...sooo that leaves us with the 1D electrostatic which by all rights and law should be 90 degrees from these other previous three....and just what direction is that? At this point I always assume a repeat of the other three dimensions only inward from the other three, inward meaning into the micro. And where is the "kingdom of heaven" and GOD? Inward, of course.

Now the other three dimensions could be 2D or we could begin with 0 dimension then 1D, 2D and 3D, the 4th being the same as 0D.....move the mouth to a round circle shape and say...Ommmm..ni directional...meaning gravity is God ...0D....Zero Dimension.....4D = 0D....add a G to 0D..... G0D......why was G added to 0D? Why not D for D0G which is G0D backwards? I hope you have a sense of humor here.

G0D = 704 in the time honored alphanumeric conjunctions of letters A=1, B=2, etc.

And we all have had a previous run-in with this number 704 at the pinnacle of a certain triangle by Pascal, I believe...

Luigi will recognize the asymmetric 7 against the 4 with the 0 neutral fountain in the middle.

Do a search for number 704 in the onsite Search Engine and see for yourself.

Luigi and Gary will go nuts when they see this, you know.



99.76.18 The 11th Overtone (CodeUFO) 

From: CodeUFO@aol.com
To: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com, MetPhys, susoni@msn.com, secretone144@hotmail.com, christian.lange2@tin.it, healthnow@bodyvibes.com, luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com, Dee777@aol.com, JerryIuliano@aol.com, josepht@tri-county.main.nc.us, Wdestiny44, TomBuoyed
Subject: The 11th Overtone
Date: 01/25/03

In a message dated 1/25/03 10:03:35 AM, MetPhys writes:

<< Lots of work...Ok you can send in those brain bending emails that have something to do with the subjects each author specializes in >>

At entry 99.76.2 A Big Bang (Luigi)
Luigi mentions the importance of the Eleventh Overtone

At entry 99.76.4 Another insight plus some notes on it (Luigi)
Luigi writes:

HOLY SPIRIT =151 + TONE (=54) = 205

Lui, you can add this to it:

Also, (as you may already know),
Nice synch.


99.76.19 The 11th Overtone (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: CodeUFO@aol.com, MetPhys, susoni@msn.com, secretone144@hotmail.com, christian.lange2@tin.it, healthnow@bodyvibes.com, luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com, Dee777@aol.com, JerryIuliano@aol.com, josepht@tri-county.main.nc.us, Wdestiny44, TomBuoyed
Subject: The 11th Overtone
Date: 01/25/03

Yo Gary!


Yeah, that is really neat!! I was thinking of you today and wondered what you may spot!! Well it is way cool if ya ask me, so cheers! Rotate the points at the eleventh overtone! Hey, and that reminds me , there is a 91 floating around somewhere!! Oh yeah, it's the ANV of SPIRIT. So:

SPIRIT FREQUENCY= 205, which is the eleventh overtone, which is the fountain.

Didn't cotton on about the overtone and frequency numbers being similar so thanks for that too. Brains may fry but Words don't lie!! Thanks for the deductions mate (why do they call a summing up a deduction?!)



99.76.20 The Portals, where are they really? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: susoni@msn.com
Subject: The Portals, where are they really?
Date: 01/26/03

Hi Sus,

At your recommendation, I opened Tylers Word BBS and went right to the Grids and Energy Lines Section where I found articles about alignments of earth cities and stars, which prompted me to bring up what I have thought about for years, as follows:

Since you asked me, "See if any of this hits home with you", I will say yes at least the page called "Stars and Wars" seems based in reality:

As one poster quoted Lawrence of Arabia as saying, "I wrote My Will across the sky, in stars".

Correlation's of earth and stars:

This is very true.

The earth / constellations are very real, tied together and are very causal.
Similar effects and affectations happen at every cyclic alignment.
Astrological configurations affect earthy events and people.
The Bibles are actually astrology books written in code...the 3-skip code or 50 skip-letters and more...
    IHGFEDCBA <<<<<<<<<<<< read right to left (Hebrew)
  IHGFEDCBA <<<<<<<<<<<<
IHGFEDCBA <<<<<<<<<<<<
Every time Mars (A) gets near earth, stars affect earth.
The time period between two (A)s represent hundreds of years.
It's the same with every other letter representing a planet.

The Earth Grid:

There is more to it than plotting triangular points and proclaiming,

"See how the star "X" lines up over the city of "x" on the dates Dec 21-25 each year",

for I see that these Becker-Hagens dodecahedral triple points (triangles) represent, for example, energies coming in from the star regions (confirm) to affect earth like the area called The Bermuda Triangle. IN.coming energies also represent the highest psychic point of the year called Christmas, which has many names and celebrations of scores of civilizations all over the earth, but there is more:

We tend to think that the whole Bermuda Triangle has strange properties. We tend to eulogize these points as being the all-and-all of our study, such as the Dome of the Rock, The Khufu Pyramid or a Mayan Temple seemingly aligning with other points, but I also know, from study of geometry and contemplating these anomalies, that if the three angles of these triangle areas (ex: Bermuda Triangle) are bisected, one will find the center of the triangle and this center is the place where energies go out of the earth (confirm) and return to Spirit again...probable cause of disappearances?

So there are points which we know of and highly proclaim.......but no one has extrapolated the "hidden and unnoticed" centers of these points, which may hold even higher mysteries. I've seen the geometry of bisection but, until now, I've heard of no one who said, "the bisected triple points may be the centers of out-going earth energies".

When you find a triangle of points, look again at what's in the center, for the center never moves. And we all love being in the center of our being, the True Portals?

We will still have to (confirm) which is which, the centers or triple points as incoming or outgoing points. Who knows?

I believe all of the correspondants here, with us, know how the centers are between the musical notes and are the Portals leading to higher realms, just as the center Portals are between the triple points on the earths surface.



99.76.21 Your GOD = 704 (Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Your GOD = 704
Date: 01/26/03

Hey Met, you ol RA brain!! That is 1 der full!!

So I went to my guitar to play the B and the F, because in your word GOD the 704 has the B and F either side of the 0.

7 = B
4 = F

I then thought to myself "I wonder if these two notes actually relate to the G dominant chord"? So I played the remaining notes that would make up the dominant chord, and they just happen to be G and D!! So, the chord is

G B D F = G dominant - the 5 chord of C Major.

In England we call father "Pa" or mother "Ma".

PA = 17
MA = 14

The 1 could be placed as axis and represent the note C of the Mode Box:

4  1/1  7

One way to view the info is that the 7 becomes the note B. The 4 would become the note G

7  1/1  4

Here the 4 would become the note F. The 7 would become Db.

In this representation we have two tri-tone partnerships - G/Db and F/B. In musical terms the chord is known as G7b5. In Jazz terms the chord can also be known as Db7b5. That is because Jazz musicians have "felt" the swapping over of the tri-tone for many years.

What PA and MA have implied is that male and female modes and notes reflect symmetrically across the mode box. So words do have a direct link to vibrations. The link above, however , is established along the 45 degree angle. Maybe it is a subtle clue to A MAP!

MAP = 30

30 degrees is associated with the great pyramid. The 45 degrees shafts point to two constellations and perhaps they are the map we are being directed toward? Just rambling btw!

Just got your latest post btw, about section 99.48. (Gary's post). It is another mind blowing deducery investigation by Gary and has made me realize why I too came across the numbers 153 and 306 in particular. Will be concentrating on relaying this to you later on today.


I knew you understand the Mind of God.....or....at least you understand GOD's ear for music...Met


99.76.22 Re: Frequencies for DNA in Bible ?? (Linda / Luigi) 

From: luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
To: Susoni_17@hotmail.com, MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Re: Frequencies for DNA in Bible ??
Date: 01/26/03

Hi Lynda and Met

Yeah these are the frequencies that somebody wrote into the SVP forum about some eighteen months ago, and wanting to know if anyone had anything to say. I wrote in twice as I remember and got ignored both times for saying they were about the mirror music stuff I had discovered!! Anyway some well known doctor on the net uses them apparently (not just the doctor mentioned at this site).

My 144 major scale grid (which I sent to Dale and was promptly ignored for! :-)) shows these numbers flow at the 45 degree angle and are associated with the nine number sequences of the Vedic Square. And they are also representative of the Indig numbers that Buckminster Fuller uses.

I sent the list of these frequencies to Gary when I first met him and he observed that they are laid out like the numeric keypad of a computer. Or perhaps a magic square?

Personally I think they refer to the marriage of numbers and scale formula, the 9:8 conflict which the Merkabah gels together at the 45 degree angle.


----- Original Message -----

From: Lynda Brasier
To: luigi.di-martino ; MetPhys
Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2003 5:56 AM
Subject: Frequencies for DNA in Bible ??

Hi Met .. Hi Lui..

Lui, we have discussed a great deal of things on this page. However, I don't remember hearing anything about the frequencies being recorded in the Bible (Book of Numbers) Lynda

The solfa syllables were originally taken from a Gregorian chant written for John the Baptist called Ut Queant Laxis. The explanation of how these syllables were arrived at will be covered in a later section.

The six sound frequencies in the Bible in the book of Numbers, chapter 7, verses 12-89 were discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo. The frequencies are 396 hz, 417 hz, 528 hz, 639 hz, 741 hz, and 852 hz.

The exact frequencies used to sing the original solfeggio scale are unknown because throughout history different tuning applications have been used.

Solfasound Basics


99.76.23 Re: Frequencies for DNA in Bible ?? (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
To: Susoni_17@hotmail.com, luigi.di-martino@ntlworld.com
Subject: Re: Frequencies for DNA in Bible ??
Date: 01/26/03

SolfaSound Basics

<< When all is complete the frequencies are 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852. >>

Hello Everyone,

There is a pattern in these numbers just like the pattern found elsewhere:

1. All first numbers advance by 1
(3)96, (4)17, (5)28, (6)39, (7)41, and (8)52

2. All middle numbers advance by 1
3(9)6, 4(1)7, 5(2)8, 6(3)9, 7(4)1, and 8(5)2

3. All last numbers advance by 1
39(6), 41(7), 52(8), 63(9), 74(1), and 85(2)

4. All digits only go to 9 and begin at 1 again.

5. If the series of 6 frequencies triplets is extrapolated to 9 we have:
396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852, 963, 174, 285.
285 (9th) then repeats into 396 (1st).

6. If we consider the 9 frequency triplets to be arranges just as B. Fuller's bowtie 9 or Luigi's Mode Box then a middle frequency triplet will represent Fullers 9 and Luigis Dorian, namely, 741 in this series.

7. We can make an assumption that these triplets shuffle themselves according to Luigis Mode Box permutations and / or Fullers Indig Carrier Wave characteristics.

Unsubstantiated example:
396, 417, 528, 639,  741,  852, 963, 174, 285.

Now, I suppose these following attributes could be evoked with these frequencies. By evoke by frequency I mean, defining each number such as 1 = act of stretching out, therefore a triple 417 should be:

4 = Fa - tone to seek out limitations imposed upon us (slaves to mindsets)
1 = Ut - preparatory tone to prepare the body, soul, and spirit to receive the intent of the next five tones (in order to receive)
7 = Ut - preparatory tone to prepare the body, soul, and spirit to receive the intent of the next five tones (in order to receive).

This formulae give emotional, metaphysical or possibly some unknown occult sense to each note from the Tonic 1st to the last 7th.

Anyone have any major changes for me?


<< The Power of Intent and Intuition Applied with Sound Definitions:

  1. Act of stretching out.
  2. Having the mind, attention, or will concentrated on something or some end or purpose.

  1. Quick perception of truth or knowledge without conscious attention or reasoning.
  2. That which is perceived or known intuitively.

  1. A state of equilibrium or equality.
  2. Equilibrium of the body.
  3. Mental or emotional stability; sanity.
  4. Harmonious proportion, as in the design or arrangement of parts.

What is the Intent Behind the Solfa Syllables?

Ut - preparatory tone to prepare the body, soul, and spirit to receive the intent of the next five tones (in order to receive)
Re - tone to begin resonance with the Divine (resound or balance frequencies)
Mi - tone to begin remarkable and extraordinary changes (miracles)
Fa - tone to seek out limitations imposed upon us (slaves to mindsets)
Sol - tone to loosen, release, unbind, untie, open, free (solve, resolve)
La- tone to open the vocal chords (release the lips)

Food for Thought

"When we encode the six ascending frequencies discovered in the Bible into the hidden matrix of the six solfa syllables, focusing our intent upon creating a resonance with the divine mind, we release our own consciousness from the prison of thought restriction."


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