99.50.1 Iuliano Numbers + Mayan Number (MetPhys) 

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From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Iuliano Numbers + Mayan Number
Date: 01/18/02

Iuliano Numbers + Mayan Number


I'm collecting the numbers that you send and am comparing them to Charles William Johnson's Fractal Values of Selected Fundamental Physical Constants, Ancient Reckoning and CODATA Reckoning.

Enclosed are several of your numbers that seem to be tied to Mayan numbers.

If you have time, you may work with these and send any Email of your conclusions or expansions and I will post and add to it, as an exercise.



99.50.2 Labyrinths & Crop Circles in 2002 (Tombuoyed) 

From: Tombuoyed@aol.com
Subject: Labyrinths & Crop Circles in 2002
Date: 01/18/02

As I begin this e-mail, my clock reads 11:11 AM in central Tennessee. I just got off the phone with Helen Curry, who is president of the Labyrinth Society and authored a wonderful comprehensive book on labyrinths called _The Way of the Labyrinth: A Powerful meditation for Everyday Life_ (Penguin Compass, NY, 2000).

I gave her a prediction that I am now going to give you guys. I told Helen about the crop circles around Stonehenge, and she knew of them but had not investigated them. I said that there would be a merging of the labyrinth people with the crop circle people and that for the coming 2002 season -- in that palindromic symmetrical year 2002 -- the theme of the crop circles would be -- labyrinths.

Here is where you more experienced cereologists can help me out. Have there ever been before any labyrinth crop circles? The central issue is symmetry. If you look from afar at say the classic 7 circuit Cretan labyrinth, or even the 11 circuit circular labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, they look symmetrical. However, upon closer inspection, you realize that the essence of the labyrinth is its asymmetry.

Those of you familiar with the work of Arthur M. Young and his 7 stage Theory of Process know that the 4 levels of reality, known to the ancients as (EARTH) mineral, (WATER) plant, (AIR) animal and (FIRE) human kingdoms can be elegantly distinguished by their degrees of symmetry.

(NOTE: In the example below the representatives of each kingdom are the most advanced in that kingdom)

At the 4th level, the mineral is expressed by the cube which has 3 axes of symmetry.

The 3rd level, the plant, has 2 degrees of symmetry, called radial symmetry (when you look down at a plant from the top)

The 2nd level, the animal, has only 1 degree of symmetry, called bilateral.

Now to the first level. What is the difference between the animal and the human? We humans have zero degree of symmetry. We are completely asymmetric. Although we are ostensibly bilateral-symmetric like dogs & cats, when you look closer, you can see a definite asymmetry between the left and right halves of our faces, a fact which RCH noted a long time ago about the Face on Mars.

And of course, inwardly we have the asymmetry of left & right brain, which distinguishes us from the animals. Refer to Julian Jayne's book of 30 years ago _The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind_. In other words, the more asymmetry a being has, the more freedom that being has. The higher the degree of symmetry, the greater the constraint or determinism.

My sense of the crop circles so far, with the exception of the representational face and the accompanying Areceibo message -- is that the circles have been showing great symmetry. Almost all of them show radial symmetry (2 degrees).

Why I am predicting a labyrinth structure theme for 2002 rests with my conviction that since Sept. 11, we need to distinguish the human being from the animal. Not that animals or the animal nature is bad; far from it. We humans have a responsibility to distinguish ourselves from the animal principle for the very reason of allowing animal evolution to continue! We each have a small dose of every animal within us, but we as humans are the most retarded in evolution. We have been held back the most, precisely because the animal kingdom sacrificed themselves for us and we need to awaken to an attitude of gratitude to the animals.

You see, with the loss of symmetry through the levels of evolution, we gain a degree of freedom. The plant overcomes the 3 degrees of mineral constraint by growing freely in the vertical direction. Thus you have the asymmetry of the root and blossom.

But the plant is rooted firmly in the soil and has no mobility. Then the next level, the animal, achieves mobility by developing a nerve sense system. It can detach from the earth and move under its own conscious power. Another symmetry is lost. But the animal has a horizontal backbone, which means it must support its head against gravity. We humans became human by managing to wait in evolution until we could stand erect, that is, gain the next degree of freedom by rising up vertically like the plant. But we also are mobile. We combine the mobility of animals at level 2 with the uprightness of the plants at Level 3 and therefore gain an ontological level of freedom that the single animal does not -- because it has made a sacrifice for us.

I hope this is not too outlandish and disjointed; but I firmly believe that we have crossed a "Rubicon" of sorts in that we must discover what it is to be truly human beings and to learn to depend on the direct evidence of our senses instead of the blind authority of science which has become the stifling scientism of our day precisely because it devalues and does not trust the direct evidence of our senses.



99.50.3 Re: Cymatics & Eurythmy (Dee777) 

From: Dee777@aol.com
Subject: Re: Cymatics & Eurythmy
Date: 01/18/02

In a message dated 1/18/2002 6:48:37 AM Pacific Standard Time, TomBuoyed writes:

<< If any of you are interested in the many manifestations of Steiner's genius, let me know. I've been studying his work for 25 years. I've taught in a Waldorf School and my ex-wife in Colorado and present partner, Sarah are deeply into Bio-Dynamic Agriculture, which is really blossoming in central Tennessee here in the form of two very viable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) groups. I've also had extensive experience in the theater as actor and playwright trying to apply Steiner's ideas to the modern stage and updating his century old Austrian/German to modern American English. >>

Hi Tom: Back in the early 90's I was really interested in the Waldorf school system, but I never got to visit one locally - I was in Milwaukee then. My kids are past school age, so I didn't go, but I was more interested in starting a school in the community I was going to start in Washington State.

I didn't do the community project either, but that's another story - long one.

Thanks for the website.



99.50.4 Re: Labyrinths & Crop Circles in 2002 (Wdestiny44) 

From: Wdestiny44@aol.com
Subject: Re: Labyrinths & Crop Circles in 2002
Date: 01/18/02


Yes, there have been labyrinths as crop formations. I'm pretty sure there was even one in 2001, but the years are running together, at least for me. Interesting that I have walked the labyrinth twice THIS WEEK at a school only a few miles from my home. On Monday, I had one of my "holy cow" experiences there. A really good book on labyrinths is by Sig Lonegren called "Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses".

Over the years there have been many people who have dreamed about formations, gotten impressions that certain patterns would form, etc. When they come to pass, the only one really excited about it is the person having the impression in the first place. In the fall of 2000 I sent a message to most of the major crop circle investigators saying that there were three formations I thought would occur in the 2001 season: the astrolabe, the Mayan calendar, and "something to do with the periodic table of elements". All three occurred this past year. The only person even mildly excited about it was me.

Also, about 2 1/2 years ago, I contacted Francine Blake, Rod Bearcloud and Colin Andrews to ask them if they had ever considered that perhaps crop formations were made through the science of Cymatics. None of them had even heard of cymatics at that time. I think that has changed now.

I was pretty excited about cymatics because I had purchased Hans Jenny's book "Cymatics" (Volume II because it was the only one available at that time) and a video of the same subject that is a 3-part composite tape (which I recommend over strictly the Han's Jenny 30 minute video). The composite tape is entitled "Cymatics: The Healing Nature of Sound". ISBN 1-888138-01-7.

The three parts are:

Bringing Matter to Life with Sound - A film of Dr. Hans Jenny's experiments. 28 minutes

Interview of Dr. Peter Guy Manners by Jonathan Goldman, 28 minutes

Demonstration of the Cymatic Applicator, 23 minutes

I ordered both the book and the video from Source Books in Tennessee. They have a website at: www.sacredspaces.org where they sell mostly hard to find authors (at least they used to be) like Greg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jimmy Twyman, etc.

In closing, here is a little thing I wrote that Francine Blake put in the 2000 crop circle calendar. It came to me a few years ago that EVERYTHING is SOUND. I like the simplicity of that, although the details can become complicated, like the math and musical notes that make sense to those with extra brain cells. Cannot wait to hear how Raphiem's project turns out. I'm glad he's doing it instead of me. :-)

Anyway, here's the simple thought I had a few years ago about sound.


in the beginning
was the Word
and the Word is sound
and sound is vibration
and vibration is pattern
and pattern is geometry
and geometry is the word
which is creation

by Sharon Pacione
August 1999

The crop circle season will be here before we know it. Can't wait to see what wonder the universe comes up with this year.

One last thing about the labyrinth. Simply put, it is a walking meditation, a representation of the journey to the center of our own soul. Speaking of journey, I got all the way to Chartres Cathedral last May and wouldn't you know the labyrinth could not be walked that day because it was Mother's Day and there were chairs even on the labyrinth part of the floor because of the extra people in church that day. It was still beautiful.

Peace and love to all,
Sharon 444


99.50.5 Divide by 7 (CodeUFO) 

From: CodeUFO@aol.com
Subject: Divide by 7
Date: 01/19/02

Hi All,

A friend of mine was curious to know why the number 7 was considered to be such a "holy" number as it is mentions so many times in the Bible and in other religious texts. This piqued my curiosity and so I did a little digging. Here's the thing that intrigued me the most:

Some of you may already know about the so called "mystic" number, 142857. I just learned of it from a web page by Charles Johnson. For those of you who might not be familiar with it, here's how it's derived:

Any number divided by 7 will produce this series of digits.

Ex: 12/7 = 1.7142857142857142....

The purest formula is to divide 1 by 7:
1/7 = 0.142857142857142............

As you can see, any number divided by 7 produces an endless series of these digits. Johnson says no other calculation will result in this particular series of digits.

Some things to notice here:

Interestingly, when 142857 is multiplied by 7 the product is 999999.

Then if we subtract 142857 from 999999 we get 857142, where the two groups of three numbers 142 and 857 have switched places.

Then if we subtract 142857 from 857142 we get 714285, still the same digits, different order. If we keep subtracting we eventually end up where we started with 142857. This is definitely an interesting number.

142857 = 27 = 9, the number I found hidden (encoded?) within the structure of the english alphabet when the alphabet is folded in half and the sum of each of the paired letters is calculated:

A+Z=27=9, B+Y=27=9, C+X=27=9, D+W=27=9, E+V=27=9, F+U=27=9, G+T=27=9, H+S=27=9, I+R=27=9, J+Q=27=9, K+P=27=9, L+O=27=9, M+N=27=9

Now here's something I sure didn't expect:

This set of digits (142857) is the same as I found in my alphanumeric breakdown of the english alphabet (detailed on my web site Synchroni.City) except that instead of numerals they are the alphanumbers, ONE, FOUR, TWO, EIGHT, FIVE, and SEVEN. I won't present the whole formula here by which these alphanumbers are derived but suffice to say these alphanumbers are the result of what I identified as a "group/gap" phenomenon occurring naturally in the alphanumeric breakdown of the alphabet.

This set of digits already had a precedent in the work of Marko Rodin:

Researcher, Marko Rodin, (Marco Rodin's Toroid Sunflower Map ( doubling+3, 9, 6, etc. gap sequence) made an interesting discovery. It has to do with the method of "cross-adding" multidigit numbers (such as 26 for example) to reduce them to a single digit. In the case of this example we see 26 reduces to 8 by adding the 2 to the 6. Rodin showed that a repeating pattern of numbers is derived by the method in the cross addition of the powers of two (1, 2, 4, 8, etc.). The repeating pattern is: 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 . Look familiar??? This pattern continues indefinitely. If we continued from the 5, we'd end up with 1 again, since doubling the 5 equals 10 and 1+0=1. Double the 1 is 2, double the 2 is 4, and so on. (Each number in this series is twice the number just before it. The 7 comes from 8+8=16, then cross-adding the two digits of the number 16:

1+6=7. The 5 comes from 7+7=14, then 1+4=5)

Notice that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 are missing from this set of digits. The missing numbers are thought to be a "gap space" pattern, related to the torus spiral, the shape of which is governed by the Fibonacci sequence. It also happens that in my discovery of the patterns within our alphabet, these alphabet patterns produce the exact same set of digits, 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, except they are in alpha-form (i.e., ONE, TWO, FOUR, FIVE, SEVEN, EIGHT) and in a different sequence. Notice the exact same 3-6-9 gap spacing. That is to say, the "alpha-numbers" THREE, SIX, and NINE are missing. Can this possibly be mere coincidence? If not, then what connections are at play here between Rodin's doubling sequence and the english language/alphabet?

Now, even this 3-6-9 thing comes into play in another related manner. My friend, who wondered about the number 7, mentioned the first instance of this number that appears in the Bible. It's the story in Genesis about the 7 days of creation. My first inclination was to try the following:


The number value was interesting in its symmetry but didn't knock me out. So I thought about the word "creation", since that's what this is all about, and decided to substitute a more accurately descriptive word for "God":


Ah! Now we had something!

When the creator rested he brought out the missing 3-6-9. If it's true that "in the beginning was the word" and we can speculate the word was a "tone" and if all is geometry (shades of Sharon's poem) then we find:

3 x 6 x 9 = 162 = THE THREE TONES = TONE + GEOMETRY
162 / 3 = 54 = TONE!!!

And if we still need to think of the tone as a word, how is a word spoken? With a voice:

And what propels the tone through the voice? The breath:

And what do we end up with? Full circle back to 162:
BREATH + VOICE + TONE = 162 = 3 x 6 x 9

The idea of the "seventh day" made me think about the other six days, so I crunched a table of alphanumeric values with an interesting result:


The sum is 711.

I recognized 711 as the mirror of 117.
Interestingly, I remembered this from some previous work:
YHVH = 63, TONE = 54, then 63+54 = 117

I also remembered 117= NEGATIVE DARK

But where was the light in all of this? C'mon, Creator! Let there be light!
Ah! I found it. The seven days are seven tones:


So now, what do we have here? We have 711+117+171 = 999
Well, could 999 be a triplet version of our 3-6-9?

We'd need 333 and 666 to complete it. Gosh, whaddya know? It's right here:


What about the 666? Turns out it's back in that table of days. I forgot to tell you, when the day values are reduced to single digits they come out to:

3, 9, 8, 1, 7, 2, 6
There are two numbers missing in the sequence: 4, 5
Put them together as 45 and subtract them from the whole number sum of that day table:

711 - 45 = 666


OCTAVE = 66 (the number of books in the Bible)
66 + 7 = 73 = TONES

216 - 162 = 54 = TONE!

The idea of "octave" brought the number 8 to mind:

144 x 8 = 1152
144 and 1152 just happen to be the frequencies in cycles per second (cps) of the musical note "D" on Jimi Furia's "Music Wheel" where the tuning for "A" has been changed from the standard 440cps to 432cps.

162 is the cps frequency for the note "E".

54, and 216 are cps frequencies for the note "A" at various octaves.

Maybe some of this fits in with the crop circle-creation-by-sound hypothesis?



99.50.6 Re: Divide by 7 .. and MORE .. (Milamo) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Subject: Re: Divide by 7 .. and MORE ..
Date: 01/19/02

Gary ...

This is one of the most jaw-dropping .. if not THE most jaw-dropping .. email post(s) I've ever read from you. My eyes are on the screen, while my chin is on the keyboard. The 'word' WOW !! .. seems inadequate, here.

Great Balls of Fire !!


And .. your "282" caught my attention, too.

From true north, the Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau is offset 60 degrees counterclockwise on "The Circle of Churches".. on the circumference. "The Ground Temple", identified by David Wood, in his book, "Genisis", is offset 18 degrees_clockwise_from true north, and is related specifically to "The Circle of Churches" in terms of geometry .. as per 'aerial view'.

So; this means that .. from the perspective of the 'orientation' of "The Ground Temple" .. the Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau is offset 282 degrees .. from the axial-orientation of "The Ground Temple". { 300 - 18 = 282 }.

You have the right-angled, rectilinear "masculine" 'Ground Temple' .. interacting with the circular, "feminine" 'Circle of Churches'.

The azimuth from the 'vulva' of the Extended Star-Pentagram .. to the Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau .. is 306 degrees, or .. (144 + 162) .. the Bruce Cathie light-speed decimal-harmonics.

And; 306 = (2 * 153) .. with the 153 being very related to the 'vesica-piscis'.

And; as you (Gary) and I have written on our website .. mentioned earlier by Gary in this post .. the sum of 360 and 306 is .. 666.


By the way ..

I have revised my figures for Grid LAT and for Grid LONG .. of .. the *center-point* of "The Circle of Churches".

I retain my GPV for the center-point .. of .. 2.35619449

Revised Grid LAT .. Center of 'Circle of Churches' .. 42(deg) * 54(min) * 24.93327503(sec) North .. = 56548.66776 North .. = 18 * (10^3) * Pi. {decimal-harmonic of GPV of "Cydonia City Square Center" on Mars}.

Revised Grid LONG .. Center of 'Circle of Churches .. 28(deg) * 49(min) * 17.49271137(sec) W.Giza .. = 24000 W.Giza .. = 24 * (10^3).

[ E.Greenwich .. 02 deg 18 min 43.30728863 sec ]. GPV .. Center of 'Circle of Churches' .. (56548.66776 / 24000) = 2.35619449

I also note, here, that the actual "intended" circumference of "The Circle of Churches" is 'apparently' .. (18000 * Pi) Royal Cubits .. numerically matching its Grid LAT in the "ASM".

And this Royal Cubit length is my proposed 20.62648063 regular ("British") inches .. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

This Royal Cubit length is equivalent to .. 1.718873386 regular ("British") feet.

(2.35619449 / 1.718873386) = 1.370778388 .. decimal-harmonic of my proposed "Ideal Fine Structure" (constant) inverse .. (Morton, 2001, Internet).

{{ 1 / 0.007295125222 = 137.0778389 }}.

Another remarkable correlation is revealed in the ratio of the figure 8.64 .. and the GPV that I calculated for the Jan.1, 2000 sky-location ("ASM") of the star Gamma Draconis .. "Eltanin" ..

(8.64 / 3.666929889) = 2.35619449 .. where 8.64 is the ratio, in turn, of .. the_APEX_Grid LATs of The Great Pyramid of Giza and The D&M Pyramid of Cydonia on Mars ..

(85788.15751 / 9929.184894) = 8.64

And I also want to mention, here .. yet-another "(18000 * Pi)" entity, involved in this "Rennes-le-Chateau intrigue".

My proposed Grid LONG for the Head (center) of .. "Le Serpent Rouge" .. the earthen-effigy .. 28(deg) * 48(min) * 42.07490161(sec) W.Giza .. = 56548.66776 W.Giza .. = 18 * (10^3) * Pi.

[ E.Greenwich .. 02 deg 19 min 18.72509839 sec ].

How "random-chance-likely" is it .. to have 3 such "(18000 * Pi)" references .. so geographically proximal and also so case-specifically coherent ?

I'll also give, here, my Grid LAT & GPV for the Head (center) of "Le Serpent Rouge"..

Grid LAT .. 42(deg) * 57(min) * 42.74354988(sec) North .. = 102328.0584 North .. = 10368 * (Pi^2).

[ Note; 103680 is Grid LAT of not only the Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau, but also is Grid LAT of the centered-location of The White House in Washington, D.C. .. (Morton, 1998, Internet) ].

GPV .. Head (center) of "Le Serpent Rouge" .. (102328.0584 / 56548.66776) = 1.80955736


If I now take the_ratio_of the indicated .. "apparently intentional" .. decimal-fractional numbers of arc-seconds .. of .. the Grid LAT of the center-point of 'The Circle of Churches', and of the Grid LONG of the Head (center) of "Le Serpent Rouge" .. (42.07490161 / 24.93327503) = 1.6875 .. the "Celtic Unit" .. in terms of regular ("British") feet.

If I now, then, take the_ratio_of this Celtic Unit .. and, the GPV of the center-point of 'The Circle of Churches' .. (2.35619449 / 1.6875) = 1.396263401 .. my proposed GPV for Jan.1, 2000 ("ASM") sky-location of the star Dubhe .. in "The Plough" .. Ursa Major .. which is apparently "marked" (see the book, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven", by author/researcher Greg Rigby; ISBN 1900706 008 ) .. apparently "marked" (via a_gigantic_ancient *aerial-view* display) .. by the centered-location of Chartres Cathedral in France. My GPV for the centered-location .. which, as I have stated as a "prediction", because I have not had 'very' accurate maps nor any GPS readings, as yet, from anyone "on-site" at the Chartres Cathedral location .. is .. 1.273239545 .. equivalent to .. (4 / Pi) .. tangent of the base slope angle of both The Great Pyramid of Giza and of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza; 51.853974 degrees .. yes .. "assuming" the 360 system.

Notice, please ..

(1.396263402 * 1.273239545 * 1.6875) = 3.

Also notice, please ..

(7.441506403 / 2.480502134) = 3 .. where 2.480502134 is the GPV of the "Eltanin Antenna" on the ocean-bottom, off the tip of South America .. (Morton, 2001, Internet) .. and see the works of Bruce Cathie, regarding this "Eltanin Antenna".

7.441506403 .. is the precise decimal-fractional number of arc-seconds in the Grid LONG (W.Giza) of the centered-location of The Washington Monument in D.C. .. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

It is also .. 7.441506403 .. the Jan.1, 2000 GPV that I found for the Orion star Betelgeuse .. (Morton, 2000, Internet). And, still .. it is .. 7.441506403 .. the multiplied-product of .. the Jan.1, 2000 sky-location ("ASM") of the star Sirius .. times the Pi constant; (2.368705056 * 3.141592654) = 7.441506403

And; still .. it is .. 7.441506403 .. a decimal-harmonic of .. the Area, in regular ("British") square feet .. of .. the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge .. (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published; 7441.506403 square feet).

Yet; still .. it is .. 7.441506403 .. the_ratio_of the Jan.1, 2000 ("ASM") sky-locations of .. Galactic Center and Galactic Anti-Center .. (35.53057584 / 4.774648292) = 7.441506403 .. (Morton, 2001, Internet).

[ And I do thank Damon Elkins .. a research colleague .. for assisting in pointing-out, to me, the relevance of "Galactic Anti-Center" as a sky-location ].

There is another entity .. related closely to the "(18000 * Pi)" group .. and that is the GPV of .. "Cydonia City Square Center" on Mars .. (18 * Pi) .. 56.54866776 .. (Morton, 2000, Internet). It is also .. as is the "2.35619449" entity .. at the_center_of an "indicated" CIRCLE .. as best-observed from an *aerial-view* perspective, of course.

This particular 'Circle' is .. the "Marked Celestial Sphere" .. found by Damon Elkins. Yes .. apparently; the_center_of "City Square" @ Cydonia .. is at the center of a huge "marked Circle" .. as viewed from an aerial perspective .. with an "apparently-intended" radius of .. 18 statute miles.

My "ASM" Grid LAT for this center-point is .. 41(deg) * 03(min) * 10.53658537(sec) North .. = 1296 North .. (Morton, 2000, Internet).

[ Note; 1296 is the square of 36 .. the (in-turn) arcCOS of HALF Phi. Also .. 1296 is a decimal-harmonic of the generic Surface Area on a Torus, using a numerical value of 57.29577951 as the_radius_of a given Torus ..

[(2Pi)^2 * (radius squared)] .. = 39.4784176 * (57.29577951)^2 .. = 129600 square arc-degrees.

My Grid LONG for this center-point is .. 22.91831181(min) W.Cydonia .. = (72 / Pi).

GPV .. (1296 / 22.91831181) = 56.54866775 .. (18 * Pi). [ Morton, 2000, Internet ].

There are many very significant details, to say the least .. involving this "Marked Celestial Sphere" at Cydonia on Mars .. found by Damon Elkins. I encourage all of you to email Damon .. regarding any questions, comments, feedback .. that you might have. This "layout" does appear to involve the orbital-path of Nibiru .. referenced specifically against the "background of the stars" .. as observed from *Earth* .. at 2 particular points-in-time .. hence .. "Marked Celestial Sphere", etc., etc.

Damon's email address .. dle33@swbell.net

He can explain the "line-of-sight" alignments better than I can. (I'm the "numbers" guy).

One other thing that I'll mention, here .. in connection with these "center-points" .. at Cydonia and at 'The Circle of Churches' in the South of France.

Using the Grid LONG (center) of the "Marked Celestial Sphere" .. which, remember, is_also_the center-point of "City Square" ..

(22.91831181 * 2.35619449) = 54 .. arcSIN of HALF Phi. And 54 is also the "offset" orientation of the 'vulva' azimuth .. from center-point to the Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau .. 306 degrees.

Then; 54 is also the_ratio_of 1296 and 24 .. where 24 is a decimal-harmonic of the Grid LONG (W.Giza) of the (24000) center-point.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2002


99.50.7 Apparent Major Discovery .. (Milamo) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Subject: Apparent Major Discovery ..
Date: 01/25/02

Hello, Everyone ..

I've just made what I think is a major discovery.

I think the_longitudinal_perihelion of Nibiru .. relative to the ecliptic .. is "marked" as of Jan.1, 2000 .. by .. VEGA.

And I think the_latitudinal_perihelion of Nibiru .. relative to the ecliptic .. is "marked" as of Jan.1, 2000 .. by .. ALTAIR.

I just recalled that my own figures .. show an "ASM" Grid LONG @ Jan.1, 2000 for VEGA .. of .. 180000 W.ALNITAK .. = 159(deg) * 21(min) * 53.9083558(sec) W.ALNITAK.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

(This is roughly 20 degrees Sagittarius .. almost 'directly opposite' the ecliptic longitude of SIRIUS .. which is at roughly Gemini 19.5 deg). And .. my Grid LAT for Jan.1, 2000 VEGA .. 61(deg) * 44(min) * 21.06880319(sec) North of ecliptic .. = (18000 * Pi) North of ecliptic .. a numerical_match_of not only the Grid LAT at the_center_of 'The Circle of Churches' in the South of France .. but also; a numerical_match_of the circumference of 'The Circle of Churches' in Royal Cubits of 20.62648063 regular ("British") inches per Royal Cubit.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

My GPV for VEGA of Jan.1, 2000 .. (180000 / 56548.66776) = 3.183098862 = (10 / Pi).

{Morton, 2000, Internet}.

I do think we now have the_aphelion_of Nibiru .. its location in the Earth-sky, as "marked" by SIRIUS of Jan.1, 2000 .. and the_perihelion_of Nibiru .. its location "marked" by 2 stars .. perihelion ecliptic latitude "marked" by ALTAIR of Jan.1, 2000 .. and perihelion ecliptic longitude "marked" by VEGA of Jan.1, 2000.

Note; "ASM" Grid LONG of ALTAIR is .. 160000, and ASM Grid LONG of VEGA is .. 180000. Their difference in terms of subtraction is .. (180000 - 160000) = 20000 = 10 * 2000.

The 'approximate' longitudinal (ecliptic) arc-distance between these 2 stars .. as of "circa 2000 A.D." .. is .. 17 degrees. Please note .. (180000 + 160000) / 17 = 20000 = 10 * 2000.

Direct Correlation to "Eltanin Antenna"

The 2-star "marking" of the Nibiru perihelion .. @ Jan.1, 2000 in the Earth-sky .. suggests a simple ratio .. of VEGA Grid LONG over ALTAIR Grid LAT .. (180000 / 17225.70927) = 10.44949715

I decided to test this figure .. with the position(s) of the "Eltanin Antenna", and its "northern reciprocal location" in Siberia .. (see the book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space", by researcher/author Bruce Cathie; page 12).

I have calculated the "ASM" figures for both locations .. (Morton, 2001, Internet), and those are .. as I have posted on The Internet many months ago .. 2.480502134 (GPV) for the actual "Eltanin Antenna" .. and .. 8.25059225 (GPV) for its "northern reciprocal location" according to Bruce Cathie's figures. The_ratio_of these figures is .. 3.326178251

Please notice ..

(10.44949715 / 3.141592654) = 3.326178251

Of course .. 3.141592654 is a relatively-precise rendering of the Pi constant.

The (18000 * Pi) figure is_also_a decimal-harmonic of .. the GPV of .. "Cydonia City Square Center" on Mars .. (18 * Pi) .. {Morton; 2000, Internet}.

ALSO .. the_radius_of the "Marked Celestial Sphere" at Cydonia (Mars) is .. 18 statute miles. (Please contact Damon Elkins; a research colleague, for details on line-of-sight alignments, including details about the "Marked Celestial Sphere" at Cydonia. {dle33@swbell.net} The_center_of this Circle (referencing the Celestial Sphere) is, in fact, "marked" by the precise_location_of .."Cydonia City Square Center".

Therefore .. not only is the GPV-location of "Cydonia City Square" a decimal- harmonic of the Grid LAT of VEGA of Jan.1, 2000 .. but the_radius_of the "Marked Celestial Sphere" is a (numerical) decimal-harmonic of .. the_Grid LONG_of VEGA of Jan.1, 2000 .. which, in-turn, "marks" the ecliptic- longitudinal perihelion of Nibiru as observed from *Earth*.

More details, and further corroborations and correlations .. will be forthcoming, in the near future.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton


99.50.8 Re: Coral Castle numbers (CodeUFO) 

From: CodeUFO@aol.com
Subject: Re: Coral Castle numbers
Date: 01/25/02

Michael tells us:

GPV .. Coral Castle .. (155632.484 / 42636.691) = 3.650200809

3.650200809 .. is a decimal-harmonic of the "ideal" Earth year length of .. 365.0200809 days .. (Munck, 1992, "The Code").

But there's a good chance that this could be revised .. I mean the Grid LONG might be .. 155520 W.Giza .. or 6 Earth precession cycles in years.

Then; the GPV would be .. 3.647562611 = (57.29577951 / 30)^2 >>

Note Michael's two results: 3.650200809 and 3.647562611 I found similar numbers:

25920 (earth precession cycle) / 7129 = 3.635853556 a difference of only 0.014347253 where 7129 is the first half of the Leedskalnin number (formula?) 7129 / 6105195

7129/19.5 = 365.5897436

I thought the similarity of the numbers was interesting. May be something. May be nothing. Dunno. Just tossing it out there.



99.50.9 Fwd: [EGH] Apparent Major Discovery .. (Milamo) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Subject: Fwd: [EGH] Apparent Major Discovery ..
Date: 01/25/02

In a message dated 01/24/2002 10:01:18 PM Pacific Standard Time, rabw@nbnet.nb.ca writes:

<< ----- Original Message -----

Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 9:17 PM
Subject: [EGH] Apparent Major Discovery ..

I've just made what I think is a major discovery.

I think the_longitudinal_perihelion of Nibiru .. relative to the ecliptic .. is "marked" as of Jan.1, 2000 .. by .. VEGA.

And I think the_latitudinal_perihelion of Nibiru .. relative to the ecliptic is "marked" as of Jan.1, 2000 .. by .. ALTAIR.

Rab> Both of the constellations in which these two stars are the brightest, Lyra & Aquila, were seen as eagles by the Arabs. Aquila as an eagle in full flight with wings spread wide; Lyra as an eagle diving for the kill, wings tucked in.

"Altair" derives from the early Arabic name for the whole constellation: _al-nasr al-ta'ir_, "the flying eagle" (or vulture). Earlier still, for the Babylonians and Sumerians Altair was "The Eagle Star".

"Vega" also derives from early Arabic: _al-nasr al-waqi'_, "the swooping eagle " (or vulture).

["Short Guide To Modern Star Names & Their Derivations", Paul Kunitzsch & Tim Smart, Otto Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden, 1986; p17, p43].

R >>

Much thanks to Rab Wilkie, for this information and for his references .. which does_corroborate_the idea of an "Eagle" .. or .. "flying reptile/serpent" (?) .. a 2-winged-entity, at least .. appearing in the sky, of course (if it's 'flying') .. and "flying swiftly, in full flight" .. which would be Nibiru_reaching_its perihelion, at its_top_orbital speed .. "leveling-out" .. at an ecliptic latitude ("altitude", above the ecliptic, as in .. "Alt-air") at roughly 30 degrees north of the ecliptic .. and then; at the approximate ecliptic longitude of VEGA, at about 20 degrees Sagittarius .. it "begins" its descent .. not a 'steep' dive, but, still .. the analogy holds, in terms of the lingual references given by Rab Wilkie, above. Nibiru will then be 'in descent' .. all the way back out to its aphelion in the Earth-sky_direction_of .. SIRIUS .. at roughly 40 degrees below (south-of) the ecliptic .. as observed (of course) *from Earth*. Remember that the "observation from Earth" .. is a critical parameter in this entire "ASM".

-- Michael L.M.

P.S. Damon Elkins' research has indicated an ecliptic crossing, incoming .. in Pisces .. and an ecliptic crossing, outgoing .. in Virgo.

-- M.L.Morton


99.50.10 Re: Prediction re: Nibiru's "crossing points" ..(CodeUFO) 

From: CodeUFO@aol.com
Subject: Re: Prediction re: Nibiru's "crossing points" ..
Date: 01/26/02

In a message dated 1/25/02 2:11:35 PM, Milamo writes:

<< In the book by Hancock and Bauval .. "The Message of The Sphinx" .. on pages 233 - 237, they discuss certain "special numbers" related to Earth precession. They explain how it takes 8000 years for 111.11111111 .. (repeating 1s) .. degrees of precession .. roughly 10,500 B.C. to 2,500 B.C. This "repeating 1s" decimal-harmonic is actually quite important in the "ASM". >>

Another Coral Castle Coincidence:

Leedskalnin number: 7129 / 6105195
7129 = 7+1+2+9 = 19 = 10 = 1
6105195 = 6+1+0+5+1+9+5 = 27 = 9
1/9 = 0.111111111

Actually, any number less than 9 divided by 9 results in a repeating series of whatever the divisor is. Ex: 2/9 = 0.22222222 or 3/9 = 0.33333333, etc.

So this Leedskalnin "coincidence" may be just that; a coincidence. But I thought I toss it in there anyway. Ya never know.



99.50.11 Re: Prediction re: Nibiru's "crossing points" .. (ancient_vizier@yahoo.com) 

From: ancient_vizier@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Prediction re: Nibiru's "crossing points" ..
Date: 01/26/02

Milamo@aol.com wrote:

"Nowadays" .. that is .. circa 2000 A.D. .. our equinox points are at 2.2222222 .. (repeating 2s) .. degrees Pisces and Virgo .. which, I'm predicting .. will be shown to be the_relatively-constant_crossing-points of Nibiru .. with respect to the_star-locations_as observed from Earth.This is one reason why, apparently, the "SKY-MATRIX" portion of what I've been referencing as the "ASM" .. is real and relevant.

In the book by Hancock and Bauval .. "The Message of The Sphinx" .. on pages 233 - 237, they discuss certain "special numbers" related to Earth precession. They explain how it takes 8000 years for 111.11111111 .. (repeating 1s) .. degrees of precession .. roughly 10,500 B.C. to 2,500 B.C. This "repeating 1s" decimal-harmonic is actually quite important in the "ASM".

As Z.Sitchin has stated in his research, 3600 Earth years is the "ideal" orbital-period of Nibiru. Please notice .. (2.222222222 * 3600) = 8000.

If I divide 3600 by 2.222222222 .. I get 1620 .. a decimal-harmonic of the Bruce Cathie light-speed of 162000 nautical miles per time second.

If I then multiply the 1620 by 111.1111111 .. I get .. 180000 .. a_numerical_match of the Grid LONG of VEGA @ Jan.1, 2000 in the "ASM". As I said in a previous email, VEGA is apparently a "marker-star" as of Jan.1, 2000 .. for the 'point in the sky', as observed from Earth, at which Nibiru_begins_its 'descent' from perihelion. Note that this_means_that the sky-location of VEGA, in this case, must be accurate to a mere_fraction of an arc-second_in order to have its Jan.1, 2000 ecliptic-longitude figure-out to 180000 W.ALNITAK .. in this "ASM" format .. 180000 W.ALNITAK .. = 159(deg) * 21(min) * 53.9083558(sec) W.ALNITAK. The database-source for VEGA's Jan.1, 2000 location .. gives its longitude to the nearest arc-second .. which then translates (from the location of ALNITAK at 29 deg Taurus 56' 50") .. to .. 54 sec.

As you can see .. this result is less than one-tenth of an arc-second off of 54.


Suppose, instead of using the figure 1620 .. I decide to test the "Bruce Cathie light-speed parameter" .. by using_1440_as a multiplier times 111.1111111 .. I get .. 160000 .. the Grid LONG of ALTAIR @ Jan.1, 2000 in the "ASM". 160000 W.ALNITAK .. = 142(deg) * 54(min) * 20.86593636(sec) W.ALNITAK.

{ See previous email, for additional info on Altair

Wellllll.... I don't know nothin' about this Sitchin or this Nee-beer-u. None of my neigh-beers are named "Nee-beer-u" although if one of them offered me a beer I doubt I'd refuse them.... all I can offer anyone is a caution about interpreting animal symbols... we have a lot of their numbers, but their symbols for electrons and photons for the ancients elude us unless they're those copious quantities of silly animal artworks, which in my humble opinion they are indeed (snakes are like electricity... because... ???? that is right out of Chris Dunn re: the Dendera lightbulbs, too [guess who was there with Marietta when that was excavated by the way], although no one expands on that thought much), but...

2.222222222 has a tendency to try to show up at UK sites to the best of my ability to tell... not that I've cracked a lot of them but it's been showing up in a very high percentage of the attempts... it may well have been something important there...

What may (or may not be) of interest is that some of these numbers are reminiscent of my recent attempt to dissect the Poussin Tomb... and that is apart from my confusion over which map to use.

That includes the 2.222222... ratio as well as the 11664, the latter is 108 Squared which is conjured using the Pythagorean theorem to evaluate the proportions given by Wood and Campbell. I'm keeping the 108 as an actual figure of course. It may relate here because 1440 : 1.111111... : 1.111111... again is 1666.4 and 1440 : 1.111111.. is 1296, which is also readily found in the Poussin tomb. 1440 x 1.111111... x 1.111111.. is 1777.777... which I wrote about here one time, I found that at Stonehenge as 1.777777... and noticed 1.7777777... : 1.44 = 1.234567901

See, it will be hard to keep the Precessional Cycle off of the Poussin tomb, or anything at Rennes I imagine, and 25920 : 11664 is 2.222222... and the same ratio is probably in there in other ways... I mostly ignored the ratios the first time around but it starts at the ground level that 1:2 and 1:3 are prominently featured before it gets more complicated.

In fact, I thought I found both 2.222222... and sqrt 1749.6 at the Uffington Horse together in some capacity... which I also think I found again now at Poussin's tomb. The sqrt 1749.6 shows up at the Miami Square in a better known form that invokes a good number of monuments.

I saw some 160's in the workings that I mostly shined on, but they were there in there somewhere... I had put a large premium on 162 and 1.62231147 at the time...

162 is in there pretty apparently, it's 108 + 54 - length + width of the tomb.

I'm not sure how it's going to work out in the final reel, but I posted my Poussin's Tomb ramblings to "Grid Point" awhile ago...

I'd like to see how Poussin's Tomb relates to D. C. since they are seemingly both later monuments. If I did anything right with the figures for the Tomb, it's oozing with the same intimate initiate knowledge as D. C that "no one is supposed to have", including the "geodetic" part of all that.

Of course the owner dynamited the tomb for some strange reason and all I have now is my copy of "GenIsis" and the Pythagorean theorem, but... I think maybe he was too late with the dynamite. Seeing some of the figures I'm tempted to say, "Man that tomb is dynamite" but that would be in very poor taste under the circumstances, wouldn't it? ;-)

1.111111.. is also found in Bruce Rawles figures for the Truncated Icosahedron (soccer ball). It's the circumsphere to insphere ratio... I'm still hoping that some of the Matrix refers to that very thing via that number as it may be one of the less awkward...

I'm not sure what to think of anything ominous (naturally I'm not thrilled about anything apocalyptic just out of liking life, basically, and I prefer innocuous little caveats like the precession-serpent who holds the egg of atomic precession and all of that, give or take you might be able to see Serpent Mound as an electron absorbing, emitting [well some drawings have that "directional arrow" thing], or releasing a photon... well, you know, I am trying hard to reconcile evidence of people who could put planets where they wanted them with evidence of people who worried frantically about this or that planet cruising around like a loose cannon...) but the peripherals would probably fit in very well with Wood and Campbell's developments no matter how you look at it. Whatever it is, and it is surely *something* of considerable importance, this seems to me to be hot on the heels of it... quite fascinating...

Cheers, Robert


99.50.12 Serpent Mound / Pyth. Theorem / Alchemy (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Serpent Mound / Pyth. Theorem / Alchemy
Date: 01/26/02

From Robert (Chronos) ancient_vizier@yahoo.com

In a message dated 1/26/2 3:04:58 AM, you wrote:

<< naturally I'm not thrilled about anything apocalyptic just out of liking life, basically, and I prefer innocuous little caveats like the precession-serpent who holds the egg of atomic precession and all of that, give or take you might be able to see Serpent Mound as an electron absorbing, emitting [well some drawings have that "directional arrow" thing], or releasing a photon... >>

To All,

Within his response to Prediction: Nibiru's "crossing points", Robert (Chronos) mentions The Serpent Mound, above, associating it with atomic process.


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