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TomBuoyed writes:

Subj: 109.47 Degrees
Date: 07/13/2001
From: TomBuoyed


I hope you are getting some magic matrix numbers out of my analysis of the 4-hedron inside sphere volume & area comparisons. (with the 19.47* angle.)

But what I just realized is one of the "aliases" of the magic 19.47* angle, to wit, the angle that arises when you add 90* to it. Then you get an angle of 109.47*.

Now this is the angle between the 4 lines drawn from the center of mass of the 4-hedron to each vertex.

In chemical molecular bonding, this is the angle between each of the Hydrogen atoms in a methane (CH4) molecule with Carbon at the center of the 4-hedral shaped molecule.

But here comes the real exciting news. In the molecular structure of a diamond, made entirely of carbon atoms, you have this exact same 4-hedral structure in that each carbon atom is 90* + 19.47* = 109.47* apart from each other. Thus this angle expresses the fact that carbon is in its crystal diamond form..

Now where do diamonds come from naturally? Well, under the surface of the earth. If we consider now the 4-hedron inscribed in the earth with the upwelling energies at 19.47* N & S latitudes, then we can picture the 4-hedrons inside the earth as symbolic expressions of the molecular structure of diamond, the hardest natural substance known, fashioned out of carbon, the basic atom of life, which also becomes not only completely transparent, but with a very high index of refraction. (n = 2.417 with yellow light of 589 nm wavelength) (Compare to regular glass n = 1.50 to 1.60)

What this means is that the speed of yellow light going through a diamond slows down by a factor of 2.417 compared to light speed in a vacuum. In terms of miles /second, that is a figure of 77071.74 miles per second.

That number may not mean anything, but who knows?

At any rate, here are the basic trig values for 109.47*

sine 109.47* = sine 70.53* = sqrt(8/9) = sqrt(.88888...) = 0.9428...

cosine 109.47* = (minus) cosine 70.53* = -1/3 = -0.33333....

tangent 109.47* = (minus) tangent 70.53* = (-2) x sqrt(2) = -2.828427....



Important technical note by DG Leahy about his new form of "gematria"




99.24.2 109.47 Degrees (MetPhys) 

Subj: Re: 109.47 Degrees
Date: 07/14/2001
From: MetPhys@aol.com

Re: To Tom, Robert, Gary, Michael:


I have been reviewing your previous Email about angle 109.47 and 90 degrees. I took out the following past research and I'm sure it will bring you some eye opening revelations. I will post your previous interest in 109.47 and this Email from me and will await your response. All recipients may offer comments.

A list of some of the elements that form octahedron crystals when grown in ideal growing conditions:

1. carbon (the diamond you speak of)
2. chromium
3. germanium
4. lead
5. manganese
6. oxygen
7. palladium
8. platinum
9. strontium


More facts:

If magnetism is mostly the carrier wave to matter, then the shape it will produce will be the octahedron shape.

The Giza pyramid is an octahedral crystal.

The transmission dimension of all matter frequencies is an octahedral shape.

The only crystal shape with perfect internal symmetry is the octahedron.

You may not agree with the following as I believe you think there are only three dimensions and no more:

All info existing in universe is stored in the 1st dimension. It is then transmitted to the 2nd dimension- transmitting dimension. As frequencies, it now modulates itself to form the 3rd dimension, manifesting as a specific vector (your 109.47 degrees for a specific crystal- the diamond) which becomes a specific atom.

There is a 4th dimension involving gravity but that is where you will not go.


It is a proven observation that when we have a vertically polarized transmitting antenna (electrical lines of force being transmitted horizontally), we can tell by our receiving antenna how our transmitting antenna is polarized. When our receiving antenna is polarized in the same direction as our transmitting antenna, the signal will be much stronger than if it is perpendicular to the transmitting antenna. relating this to the signal coming from the 1st dimension, the carrier wave that makes up the crystal, is phased in the same way as the sides of the 1st dimension shape, which is acting as the antenna. There really isn't a receiving antenna in this dimension, but the crystal or any other matter is the modulation point for the signal.

As the signals modulate themselves into our dimension, they try to form the same shape as the transmitting antenna, which is the 1st dimension. If the only signal modulating were the carrier wave of all information, then the shape it would produce will be the octahedral crystal based upon pi; but since there are other frequencies that form the elements, all the frequencies together form a 3rd frequency (called hetrodyning), which manifests itself into other vector angles of energy. This, in turn, form the specific angles of the crystal. Each element has its own specific angles to its crystal shape. No two elements of crystals are exactly alike.


An example: QUARTZ

A quartz crystal falls into the trapezohedral class. The quartz unit cell (atom) has 4 sides of equal length and height with angles of exactly 60 degrees and 120 degrees. These cells form a larger hexagon. The angle between each adjacent face is 141 degrees 47'.

This crystal might be expected to exhibit some corresponding angle to the 1st dimension. This is because the carrier wave would try to form its own vector angle of energy. This could be, as long as the other frequencies do not hetrodyne together to form a 3rd frequency that is too disharmonic from the original. To find that angle you must subtract 90 degrees from the 141 degrees 47' and you get 51 degrees 47'. The angle of the slope of an octahedron crystal based on pi is, as you know, 51 degrees, 51' 14.305 sec. The difference here is 4 degrees 14.3 sec, which should be the difference caused by the frequencies that make up the elements that are in quartz (SiO2).

Source: Reality Revealed By Vogt (Found in Bibliography).


Robert Grace
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