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To know what Time is we must consider a few simple concepts; there are an infinite number of dots in a line.

There are an infinity of lines in any plane, and an infinite number of planes in any solid.

Similarly, there are an infinite number of 3-spaces within the 'fourth' dimension - an infinite number of alternative universes in the multiverse.

All you need to prove this is geometry, not quantum mechanics.

'Space' in our universe (timestream) is filled with vibrations emerging from and disappearing into the quantum field - an infinite sea - at all points in 3-dimensional space.

Where these waves rotate to intersect on three axes, matter exists...

Time is a fourth dimension extruding from the infinite quantum sea into our 3-space.

It is a stream flowing eternally into each material (or energy) body and particle in our universe, at right angles from all possible directions to each centre of 'gravity'.

In nature, there is no such thing as, say, the ideal plane.

In nature, all planes have a finite but definite extension into the 3rd dimension.

Likewise, in nature all three-dimensional solids have a finite but definite extrusion into higher dimensions.

Only a small portion of the dimension of Time (Einstein's time dimension) actually intersects and interacts with 3-space; time is asymmetrical in this half of TimeSpace, flowing in only one (apparent) direction - toward the future.

Simultaneously, our 3-space is a cross-section of the 'next' dimension.

The fourth dimension MUST by definition interact╩with 3-space at ALL points in our universe - as, geometrically, this 3-space is a cross section of a higher-order space or spaces.

What obviously impinges upon all 3-space in our experience?

Two effects in conjunction impinge upon all points in our universe, and each intrusion has a finite (1-way) aspect to it - time and gravity.

Time flows in one direction - onward (the future is outward in every direction, while a timestream pours into each body at its periphery).

In Feinmann diagrams (for instance) there is no reason for time to flow one way.

Gravity also acts in one direction - inward from the extremities of all bodies to the centre.

Time and gravity are both manifest effects of fourth-dimensional intrusion into 3-space.

Time as we experience it in 3-space is a fragment of Time on its 'own plane'.

In the dimension of Time there are two time-arrows, not one. In 'hyperspace', there are an infinitude.

One property of Time's intrusion into 3-space is the spiraling of all material forms through time; the action of this 4-space can be apprehended at every point in 3-space, from each body's core to its extremities.

Our universe is constructed of spiraling vortices.

Time extrudes into 3-space at a higher pressure where matter has a higher density.

Time pressure also therefore attenuates outward from each material (or energy) body.

A 'Timestream' flows inward to the Earth at right angles from every vector in the heavens; the signature of 4th dimensional intrusion.

An effect of this intrusion is experienced as gravity.

Another effect is the spherical form of 3D bodies in timespace and their linkage via the forms of most cohesion - Platonic solids and higher frequency dome structures.

A timestream also flows into every 3D body, construct or consciousness.

It flows in one direction because the Time dimension intrudes upon this half of our 3-space vortex asymmetrically; the spin directions in both halves of a vortex are in mutual opposition.

The dimension of time is inextricably linked with potential; the potential unfolding of waveforms that make up 3-space are infinite at the 'quantum' level - the infinite sea - the fifth dimension.

In short, there ARE LITERALLY an infinite number of three-dimensional universes in hyperspace (the quantum field, the zero-point foam).

Our awareness of the third dimension implies that our consciousness is interinked at another 'higher' (non-local) dimension - which is not the asymmetrical dimension of time as we generally experience it.


2. Time Space

Our perception of time is an illusion.

Time can be visualized as a stream flowing at right angles between space and matter, potential and substance; the fourth dimension in 3-space.

We are primates living on a rotating ball which revolves around the Sun; hence we believe there is a yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The slow stroboscope of 'day' and 'night' helps us to believe there is a past, present and future.

If we were living outside this gravity well (planet Earth) in the field of sunlight which surrounds it, our perception of time would be very different.

Emit Time

Time is part of a fluid crystal through which we swim.

'Spacetime' is the medium through which we manifest life; yet (in English at least) we have stapled two words together to describe it.

This indicates we have no current understanding of what it is. We must know a thing to name it.

To understand 'timespace' we must consider time as a fourth dimension.

As we've known for a century, time is relative to motion. It is also relative to mass.

As we rise out of the gravity well of a planetary mass, subjective time moves at a different rate.

The further from the mass of Mater Earth, the less dense the timespace field is.

It helps to visualize spacetime as a latticework constructed of energy in the form of tetrahedra - 'ionized gas' (a tetrahedron is a regular four-sided solid pyramid - the most basic internally symmetrical solid - other than a sphere).

See Graphic 5

The interlacing of this lattice with other potentials is relatively complex around aggregates of material substance - 'atoms' - and it becomes more simple as it approaches a vacuum state.

Within masses like planets (high level energy densities) the lattices are highly interlaced and complex; formed of 'virtual' particles winking in and out of timespaces, they are transformed into higher geometric forms - regular ' Platonic' symmetrical crystalline shapes formed by the rotation of tetrahedra through 'hyperspace' (potential). Of course, no actual lattice exists - it is really intersecting waveforms or fields.

Matter is continually accreting into our continuum out of 'higher dimensions'; as the quantum field (hyperspace, or the aggregate of possible universes - timespaces) interlaces in potential timestreams.

'Soft electrons' and other particles eternally appear and disappear with each moment. Particles are squeezed through on nodal or connecting points on the lattice, to manifest in our timespace continuum - our fluid crystal lattice hologram.

They are artifacts of three intersecting in-phase fields - three dimensions.


These accretion points are much more tightly interwoven in masses of 'matter' than in (relative) space, so mass attracts more mass and the accretion rate of particles is higher within matter than in space because of the increased level of overlap of adjacent hyperspace fields (timestreams) - and the product of the interlacing of each adjacent quantum of energy/mass in the globe of the Earth.

This has major implications for the evolution of stellar and planetary masses

(see Global Expansion Tectonics)!

A tetrahedron constrains four primary vectors - like spacetime's 4D structure.

In 'space' (potential) the lattice is simple; these virtual tetrahedra are less interlaced with local structures.

Beyond the charged 'solar bubble' - the solar field in which the planets exist - in 'vacuum' (zero-point potential), 'objective' time attenuates markedly, relative to Earth.

All around us and here on the surface of the Earth a timestream flows at right angles between substance and potential - 4-space entering 3-space at all points.

Its relative 'rate of passage' is faster the closer one approaches the centre of a gravitic field.

Objects only appear to accelerate as they enter the relatively more dense field that make up a gravity well.

From the perspective of Time they experience no subjective change as they 'fall' - they feel no accelerating force.

They are entering a progressively denser time field, which is why they appear to accelerate under 'gravitic attraction' or 'force' to an 'outside' observer subject to another field density - ie an observer on the planet's surface.

There is no gravitic field - only a progressively denser and more complexly arranged TimeSpace - three-space - mass - in time (Gravitic attraction results from the spiraling curvature encountered by interacting 'particles' as they approach each other - a vortexial effect'.

Local gravity' can be affected by em field modulation -

see Pawlicki).

From a falling object's perspective no accelerative force is apparent - there is no 'force' pushing or pulling it.

See Magic Net and Infinity.

An object experiences no subjective acceleration as it enters a gravity well. Its subjective time remains the same although its velocity appears to be increasing.

It is entering a progressively denser timespace. Time behaves differently near a singularity.

Time flows relative to mass, acceleration, relative motion and direction of spin. Time moves at differing rates depending on the energy density through which it flows.

The modulation of rotating tuned fields in a precise geometric layout can alter timespace flow.

Time is a fourth-dimensional wedge driven through 3-space from the quantum field...


3. Time as a Lens

Speculations on self-referencing

non-local awareness

Consciousness is non-local. We can view objects and occurrences remotely, using cameras and other equipment.

We can also use consciousness itself to remotely view points from other perspectives (to learn about Remote Viewing see the Farsight Institute).

Heisenberg 'proved' that an act of conscious observation alters that which is observed.

We change reality by experiencing it. We also alter the consciousness of beings which we observe.

Many native peoples have been ascribed the belief that to record their image "steals their soul".

It is a commonplace of sympathetic magic belief systems that to view someone's photograph or image provides a current conscious link to them.

At the moment an image which 'will' be viewed or heard in the 'future' is recorded, the consciousness of that future audience impinge upon that moment, directly interfacing/interlacing with the minds of those present.

The more viewers of a work, the more conscious perspectives intersect at the moment of its inception. If a recording or creative work is to be successful in its transmission - ie experienced by a wide audience during or subsequent to its creation - then 'the muse' will be with the artist and the work will appear to produce itself, or by an act of inspiration.

The consciousness of the audience - and creator - is the muse.

The artist is an instrument of the audience.

Time is no barrier, but a medium.

The Egyptian Pharoahs refused to have their countenances (or those of their families) accurately portrayed - with the exception of one notable heretic whose name and visage we almost erased from history before being recovered. Islam and other beliefs dislike portraying even the human form.

Each time we 'remember' the past a part of us is present there. We affect that moment and have 'already' done so.

A memory - or imprint - to which we repeatedly return has 'fixed' itself in our awareness.

It is overlaid with the multiple impressions communing with that moment throughout the 'future'.

The focus of these 'future (often more evolved, aware, wiser) selves' alters the original moment of imprinting radically, cross-linking it.

We are self-referencing in time. Major experiences which we survive will be undergone in a field of intense focus of consciousness, which alters the possibilities - and probabilities - within the moment of imprinting.

When you were young(er) you may have experienced a life-altering event that impressed itself into your memory.

At the time this was taking place you may have had the impression that you were encompassed by something 'larger' than yourself.

Perhaps you experienced a 'guide' or even 'god' or 'higher being' that seemed to be present, guiding or preserving you.

This was you in the 'future'; in fact, all the evolving layers of you who ever returned in their memory to relive that peak experience, overlaying all their alternative perceptions upon the moment of momentum.

The impression of peak experience is created not only by the experience itself but also by the focused concentration of consciousness from different timespace vectors.

Consciousness is non-local. Beings are self-created by focused will, self-referencing in timespace.

Separation in time or space is an illusion based on evolution and life suspended in the waters of a gravity well.

There are no external limits to awareness.

'Memory' is seeing through the fluid.

R. Ayana 11/11/00


4. TimeShift

The virtual lattice matrix can be visualized as the transmission medium of light.

Light does not travel as waves or particles from an emitter; rather, the lattice is vibrated by the emitted information from hyperspace, carrying the local signal as waves are transmitted through water molecules (or another compressible fluid); the water molecules affect each other as they are all effectively adjacent.

Timespace is packed full of vorticles in a fluid crystal 'luminiferous aether' - the zero-point field; its transmission frequency (lightspeed) varies from location to location according to the energy density of the surrounding timespace.

The 'speed of light' is not a fixed value, but varies...

The local frequency of timespace is determined by the spin rate (and diameter) of the vorticles themselves.

Light as we perceive it manifests only at the surface of material bodies (at standing wave locations).

It's transmission speed varies according to the compression of the medium.

Information (light) is traveling at all speeds but can only be viewed or measured using a yardstick made of local material; light manifests to this yardstick at a specific frequency relative to its own density.

Our yardstick will vary in length depending upon whether we are within the field of the Earth, another planet, within the sun's atmosphere or in interstellar space.

The relative speed of light varies constantly, as do the rates of time in relation to each other.

Light only manifests as light at the local observable frequency.

This will not be obvious to a viewer within any given medium; their viewpoint will always determine the local lightspeed as fixed and constant, as any information about an event or field strength outside the local field density will be seen through its lens - and only apprehended at the 'natural' speed of light.

Orbital calculations within a given system will not be substantially affected except concerning objects passing from one planetary field, through space into another; small differences in local time rates will then be observable as unexpected variations in orbital velocity (as viewed from the originating planet).

This makes accurate plotting of planetary missions using ballistic technology (rockets) more difficult than would otherwise be supposed.

Photons - the 1926 name for massless relativistic particles - do not exist.

Massless information does exist - but not traveling at 'lightspeed'. Information traveling though the matrix does so instantaneously from its own perspective.

As it reaches a standing wave (boundary condition) it slows through hyperspatial rotation to lightspeed and can then be apprehended as 'energy' by 'substance'. Vorticles (see C.R.) appear to spin.

Mass is manifested when the vorticle structures are rotated by the presence of a standing wave to 'create' matter (in-phase rotating fields).

These fields make up our material substance - 'protons', 'electrons', 'neutrons' - which are all really interlacing wave patterns creating vorticles oscillating in (and out of) phase. In-phase fields produce apparent regular 3D structures (which can be inscribed within a sphere).

Those which are internally symmetrical manifest as stable standing waves - matter.

Oscillating 3D structures without internal symmetry (parity) appear charged.

Those with it appear neutral. There are only five internally symmetrical solids

(see Illust. 7).

All 14 vorticles in the dodecahedron and cube-octahedron (see Constructing Reality) are aligned around its field centre.

The dodeca's 12 faces are centered on the 12 vertices of a truncated cube-octa (this perfect 'shot pattern' for spherical storage includes an inner 13th sphere).

When stripped of their orbiting vorticle,╩dodeca's loses parity and cohesion (In a packed vorticle field they form hydrogen plasma).

Their 13th & 14th (inner & orbiting) vorticles rotate perpendicularly to the polar (field alignment) facets.

The vorticles are all aligned to the centre of their dodeca structure - this affects the spins of all in-phase surrounding structures; thus matter is a self-referencing standing wave.

The interlacing of parity (cube-octa) and charge (dodeca) manifest material structures, oscillating around the 'ideal' 13-sphere shot pattern of the truncated cube-octahedron.

Rotations of fields in three dimensions at 45 degree angles stabilize 8-beat structures - cubes and octahedrons (which are the inverse of each other); 36 degree rotations produce dodecahedrons and icosahedrons

(See Magic Net).

'Electron flow' - electricity - is a process of vorticle resonance transmitting information.

Magnetism is the effect of vorticle resonance on surrounding timespace flow - it's an artifact of the structures of symmetry; the alignment of structures within a field. These alignments also produce 'gravity

(See Magic Net).

A vorticle is induced to move towards the greatest aggregation of vorticles, drawn through field-lines of progressively increasing interlacing as the field centre is approached.

God doesn't play dice.

She plays music.

R. Ayana 1/1/1



Within the tetrahedral lattice (timespace) two tetrahedra are usually bonded to preserve internal symmetry.

The resultant paired tetra's, rotating through harmonic hyperspatial vectors, form a succession of 'Platonic' (symmetrical 'solid') forms creating denser elements in timespace.


Paired tetra's create the vectors which create 'virtual' cubes, octahedrons and other forms which preserve symmetry, or parity.

The tetra pair forms an intrinsically unstable platform for the spinning vortices - 'vorticles' - which we identify as electrons.

Three axes aligned at right angles to each other create the pair formation, but the equatorial vorticles grind against each other's spin; they don't achieve parity.

The vibration of resonating vorticles give rise to paired tetrahedrons of six bonded vorticles.

This form is created by standing wave resonance at the extreme opposing nodes of possible vibration in the tetrahedral lattice.

Due to lack of parity - the vorticles' spin directions grind against each other - a pair of tetrahedrons joined at the base rotates 60 degrees in relation to one another around the polar axis.

These collapse in vibrational state to an octahedron and cube - the octahedron bonded to its geometric negative.

When in phase, this cube-octa creates a 'neutron' of 14 vorticles - the only 3D structure which can hold 14 spinning vorticles in a meshed, internally symmetrical unit

(see Illustration 10).

Interactions between these clusters and other vorticles creates a proton unit - a dodecahedron of 12 vorticles around a central spinning vorticle, orbited by a 14th vorticle.

(see Pawlicki).

The dodecahedron has a net charge, as the polar vorticles (and facets) rotate in the same direction.

This is neutralized when two dodecahedrons (proton units) aligned in opposite directions bond together to create a hydrogen molecule; due to lack of axial parity the hydrogen molecule remains chemically active.

But the insertion of two neutron units (cube-octa's) between the dodecahedrons on an axis perpendicular to the hydrogen molecule's plane establishes helium as an inert element.

Thus the inner orbital shell of an atom can contain two spinning electrons (vorticles) which will never contact one another while maintaining the same distance from the nucleus.

The next two shells have eight vorticles each - these are arranged in octahedrons. When the second shell is full of vorticles, nearly inert neon is reached and parity is reestablished.

Each facet of the octahedron is a 'quantum unit' relative to the frequency of spin of its component vorticles.

The structure is 'electrically neutral' then the eight facets are filled, as all vorticles are symmetrically arrayed in three dimensions.

The third shell is another octahedron laid over the second, with the successive vorticles aligned at different angles to preserve parity.

These shells' vorticles orbit the space of their octahedronal facets at a constant radius.

The fourth shell is formed by a cube-octa arrangement created when the vorticles 'migrate' to the vertices of the octahedron and four pyramids form around them, giving room (and symmetry) for the 18 vorticles this shell contains.

Symmetry of spin (parity of charge) is maintained when this shell is full.

36 vorticles orbiting the nucleus so far...


The relationship between a square's side and its diagonal is the square root of two - a 45 degree rotation of plane, which is the projection into three dimensions of a 90 degree rotation in 4-space.

This is the same harmonic relationship as the 4th in music - the music of the spheres.

The relationship between the tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, dodecahedron and icosahedron is also a definite rotation through potential (hyperspace) - the transformation of one vibrational frequency to another. For instance - extending the sides of a dodecahedron until they meet, forms the frame of a pair of tetrahedrons exactly twice the size of the pair residing within the octahedron at the core of the dodecahedron - at the second octave of transmutation.

The dodecahedron is the 3D 'negative' or inverse of the icosahedron

A vorticle is a 'spin 2' particle - it rotates twice before returning to its original orientation. 360 degrees of this double rotation occur in 'this' universe.

The second revolution takes place in hyperspace - as the vorticle disappears in this universe it completes its 2nd rotation in alternative reality. Every energy form and material body is linked to alternative realities - the multiverse.

- R. Ayana╩1-4-1


6. Magic Net

'Soft electrons' - virtual spinning particles which follow vortexial pressure flows appear and disappear in and out of timespace continually (vacuum fluctuation).

Vorticles attempt to approach the 'shot pattern' of ideal spherical stacking in space (whereby 12 vorticles at the vertices of a truncated cube octahedron [t.c.o.]- Kepler's solid - touch each other and a central 13th vorticle) but lack of parity (internal symmetry) causes them to jostle their formation around this unsustainable ideal.

The 13 vorticles are polarized to the centre of the t.c.o. and are adjacent to surrounding similar sets of vorticles.

As they rotate 72 degrees through hyperspace the 12 outer vorticles shift to form a dodecahedron (whose facet centers are the rotated t.c.o. vertices), orbiting and spinning within its facets around a central 13th. Orbited by a 14th vorticle, this is a proton (or hydrogen ion without the orbiting 14th).

As vorticles on opposing facets rotate in the same direction around the core the proton is 'charged' - not symmetrical in four dimensions.

It rotates as a cluster, its components' axes aligned to the centre.

Material grows more dense in heavily interlaced (in-phase) hyperspatial fields.

Extra vorticles appear and disappear around and within the structure and are polarized by its existence to the centre of its field.

A 14th vorticle held within the field (or spin event horizon) of the dodecahedron spins in the reverse direction while orbiting it; this 'electron' spins reciprocally around the structure, due to the flow and eddy pressures produced by rotation's effects (like spins repel while opposing whirlpools attract in a polarized field) -

see illustrations and Pawlicki.

Rotating 72 degrees in hyperspace the fields interlace at the next harmonic to flip the 14 vorticles into a stable structure which preserves symmetry - a stable structure of 14 vorticles meshed at the faces of a cube-octahedron (resonating around the 4th harmonic) - a stable neutron.

Where hyperspatial fields (produced radiantly by all centers of matter in this universe - and the multiverse) interlace in tetrahedral matrices in phase and at the correct angles they produce these two structures - proton and neutron - in a dancing series of transformations of arrangements of their component vorticles, attempting to reach the ideal shot-pattern (t.c.o.).

These structures themselves radiate overlaying tetrahedral lattice fields that affect each other and the surrounding timespace; material 'substance' causes polarizations which affect the momenta of surrounding vorticles.

This information (the imparted momentum) is transferred as a 'wave' spreading out through the universe at the speed of one rotation per vorticle - local lightspeed

( see Timeshift).

At lower energy potentials ('free space') the vorticles flash through tetrahedral, octahedral and cubic vector transformations (120 and 90 degree rotations). Aggregates of material substance - sets of dodeca/cube octa's 'flashing' in phase with surrounding sets - produce 'lines of force' spreading outward in tetrahedral tessellations arising from their centers.

The harmonic resonances of the sets allow them to space and pack themselves in further, larger-scale attempts at achieving stable shot-pattern structures and parity - impossible to achieve simultaneously.

Their overlaid field extensions create vector grids for surrounding (free, hyperspatial) vorticles to approach and interface with the harmonically integrated structures.

This overlaid vectoring produces the effect of 'gravity' - an apparent force or pressure on vorticles which attracts matter (or energy) to matter (or energy).

It is an apparent curvature which is caused by the presence of the overlaid virtual lattice-lines of force vibrating in timespace - the overlaid vectors lead a vorticle to the maximum possible interlacing at the centre of the field.

Internally polarized aggregates of vorticles cause other vorticles to 'fall' toward the structure's centre/s as they rotate; none of these interactions occurs in a vacuum - space is packed solid with 'virtual' vorticles (energy, produced by the vibrations that fill the 'void'.

Matter(energy) is precipitating into timespace continually; the converse of its 'disappearance' into singularities (black holes).

Half the vorticle's rotation occurs in 'hyperspace' - the vorticle carries its momentum (inertia) for half its spin before the surrounding in-phase fields impart changes to it, shifting it to a new alignment.

The mutual alteration of momentum causes the whole structure to collapse into an alternate arrangement or state, as a single unit attempting to achieve parity (symmetry).

The 14 vorticles orbiting the facets of a cube- octahedron shift through internal polarization to centre on a dodecahedron, capturing one vorticle within the bubble thus formed and attracting one to orbit, spinning outside it at a harmonic spacing (resonant standing wave node).

The structure rotates to the opposite node (72 degrees through hyperspace) to form another cube-octa.

The vorticles transit via the vectors of a t.c.o. - superimposed through an opposing 72 degree rotation.

Matter - past hydrogen - is the in-phase interlacing of these two nodal fields around the t.c.o. shot pattern - which would by the ideal stacking if the vorticles were stationary.

But they rotate, and the universe is an incompressible fluid crystal hologram of varying density as a result.

The information creating and maintaining the universe passes through the entire structure, from each vorticle through the entire universe, each 10 to the minus 35th of a second (from our perspective).

When struck by a wavefront the vorticles receive more energy; the vorticle orbital radius around a nucleus increases with extra energy.

This creates a standing wave which is the propagation of light. By altering the rotational fields one can alter the properties of matter, energy and gravity.

R. Ayana 3-2-1


7. Time as Vortex

Life on Vortex Earth

A vortex defines the motion of all structures within spacetime.

As an object spins around its axis - a planet, gyroscope or atom - it wobbles.

In the course of its wobbling spin it describes a vortex - a cone-shaped coil which expands╩and contracts in diameter, in turn altering the spin and precessional wobble rates.

A vortex is simultaneously a 3d image and a 4d image of an 'object' (vorticle) traveling through timespace (?).

It's possible to design and produce devices which, operating in harmony with this eternal structure, can produce more usable energy than it takes to make them operate

(see Free Energy, Free Energy 2 & 3).


Using a gyroscope for an example, it's obvious you can't tap more energy from its spinning wheel than you put into it to make it turn.

BUT - the gyroscope wobbles as it spins and you can tap the wobble without slowing or draining the rate of spin.

Viewing this wobble as a motion in two dimensions, a switch can be actuated by the tilt of the axis in one direction and released with its return (the wobble can be tapped in much more efficient ways).

This can be achieved without slowing the gyroscope

(apparently violating Newton's third lore - see Resonance).

Not only that, but the gyroscope itself can be kept turning using the energy returned by tapping the axial wobble.

Using ingenious gearing a simple mechanical device can use a gyroscope to produce useful work - if it is correctly rectified and harmonized using a vortex as a design template

(see artifacts below).

With one notable exception (can you guess which? - email me!) every macroscopic object or microscopic particle rotates on its axis.

The Earth, Sun and stars, particles and atoms all rotate while wobbling - and usually while orbiting.

Spinning particles and objects other than a gyroscope can be used to gain excess potential ('free' energy) using the twin principles of 'tapping the wobble' and 'vortexial (harmonic) rectification'.

This rectification is necessary to reduce impedance and other entropic factors.

More importantly this mode of tapping energy resonates with the universe of which it is a part - and can be the mechanism by which the 'free' energy is actually tapped.

Atoms can also be polarized in a field and caused to spin in the same orientation.

The wobble in this field can be tapped, yielding excess (free) energy.

It's important to realize that a vortex is the negative - the geometric inverse - of a sphere...

The vortex is also a fractal, producing smaller (and larger) vortices by virtue of its spin at resonant angles and distances. This makes the vortex a self-referencing hologram; like the universe itself.

Ram Ayana 11/11/00


8. Resonance


The Earth is a vibrating aggregation of fields in resonance with each other and the universe.

The fields are bound to the planet, be they the material globe itself or energic - the ionosphere, magnetosphere, etc.

The volumes and pressures within these limits define the internal structures of the fields by resonance.

The surface of the globe can be viewed in cross section as the circumference of a circle, a self-bound string resonating in harmony with the energy field which surrounds it - primarily that of the Sun.

The length of the circumference defines the rate (frequency) of resonance, or oscillation.

The field in which it resonance determines the power (amplitude) of the resonance.

The self-tuning string sounds and resounds in a specific note. Other 'strings' vibrating in harmonic resonance with this note can achieve a 'free', 'permanent' vibration - an ongoing note.

Many 'free energy' devices are in fact tapping such a vibrational resonance

(Newton was right; his Third Lore is not impinged upon).

The Earth has a circumference of around 25,000 miles. A wave whose length is 25,000 miles vibrates at about seven and a half hertz - seven and a half times a second a vast beat pulses around us.

A 'string' tuned to this frequency, or a harmonic of it, will vibrate inherently in 'sympathetic resonance'.

The Schumann Layer in the upper atmosphere acts as a waveguide for the 7.83 cycle hum, guiding it around the Earth.

Communication devices tuned to this frequency (ie the Omega global navigation network) make use of this layer, modulating it as it effortlessly carries signals.

Seawater is also permeable to this frequency, making it an ideal channel for submarine communication.

Radio transmission and power transmission have much in common. Information IS power!

The Earth-ionosphere cavity (the volume between the globe's surface and the electrical sheath which binds the atmosphere with surface tension in a self-bounding mensicus) is a resonating chamber, resounding to this beat.

If you erect a transmitter on the surface of the globe and pump an electrical signal into the Earth (using a concentric circular array of grounded antennae) about 7.83 times a second, the signal will travel around the globe to the antipodes, reverse phase and return in time for its own return signal.

The signal strength fed in will be increased in amplitude by the nature and volume of the globe itself, feeding back power which grows exponentially until a concentric series of harmonically spaced standing waves appear around the transmitter, ready to be tapped as 'free energy' from the earth itself.

The spacing occurs at regular degree intervals or harmonic fractions thereof

(see Tesla). This is one reason we divided the globe into 360 degrees originally.

Singing in a bathtub or tiled cavity erects standing waves whose peaks coincide with the parameters of the cavity - when you sing the right note.

The placement of your head (the transceiver) alters both output effect and input volume.

The placement of your transmitter and receivers is similarly critical, depending on factors including the nature of rock substrate and available local potential.

This varies markedly across the Earth's land surfaces.

Crystal Planet

There are more benign ways to tap the earth resonance of the solar potential than pumping electricity into the Mother.

The principles behind crystal radio can be used to create a 'self-powering' system using materials and structures which inherently vibrate in harmony with Gaia, using no external electrical input to carry energic signals of communication or power.

One easy way is to erect large structures of stone, for instance, with shaped resonant cavities inside them.

If these are placed correctly on the globe they will resonate with one another, carrying audible (and other) signals to each other using the 7.83 hertz hum as a carrier.

The maximum available solar potential occurs around the tropics. An equatorial girdle of pyramids placed at 90 and 120 degree intervals could be made to act as transmitters for surrounding receivers or transceivers - concentric arrays in arcs placed at harmonic intervals

(until the Earth tilted).

Corbeled chambers within them would help to focus the signal into a large bath-like cavity where they could be picked up and transmitted as audible speech or other signals.

The amplitude would be attenuated by the structure so that the carrier frequency could deliver audible frequencies. Portable transceivers would also be feasible.

The potential currently available at the Great Pyramid of Giza - now 30 degrees north of the equator - is still 500 volts per vertical meter - your hair stands on end at its summit.

This is roughly the centre of the world's landmass - its antipode is in the Pacific Ocean (about one third of Earth's surface).

If you tilt the globe so that Giza, Bimini, the known Chinese and Pacific pyramidal structures are all in a great circle around the tropics an interesting array appears, particularly when viewed from the perspective of the poles.

The pre-existing potential at these sites can be fine-tuned by erecting antennae atop the pyramids.

These can be further tuned using resonantly shaped crystals.

Coils and wiring are not required to establish resonance; just correctly shaped 'capstone' structures.

The original old world central structure was likely to have been at Giza; the other pyramid civilizations occur at 90, 120 and 180 degree arcs strung around the globe from this centre at the point of greatest potential solar charge.

Then the Earth tilted (see Velikovski).

R. Ayana 11/11/00


9. Crystal Spheres

Universe as Hologram

A 'particle' is a spinning vortex of 'quanta'.

Around an 'atomic nucleus' are a series of shells created at intervals of harmonic resonance.

Within these shells, other spins of quanta occur as a result of energy density displacement; smaller vortices at the interface planes between disparate energy levels are created, smaller fractals of larger spinning forms.

See Vorticles

These smaller vortexes (electrons, planets, etc) are really a byproduct and part of the centralized, encompassing spinning field, enclosed fully within its resonance.

The 'electron' cannot be said to have an actual position and course around the 'nucleus' at any given time (according to the uncertainty principle) when viewed from 'outside' the field of spin. Instead, a cloud of potential positions is visualized around the nucleus, an infinite number of potential positions and vectors - a multitude of potential realities.

Inside the 'timespace' field of the spin, actual positions of these satellite vortices is determinable as spinning, orbiting vortices (the inverse of spheres) around central forms encased in the field.

In the solar system, accretion of matter occurs at 'tidal' trojan points created by vortexial pressures where gravity wells pre-exist in the field

(See Planar Nets).

The solar system is encased in the 'solar bubble', a plasma field; the resonance of this field defines the orbits of the planets - planar nets rolling down the perpetual hill of their orbits (with the exception of Uranus, which spins like a top while doing so).

Neither Waves Nor Particles

Light is information.

It is not propagated via small massless particles, nor directly by waves.

Timespace is packed full of spinning 'vorticles' which affect each other's spin components whenever a signal affects any one of them in a compressible field; 'light' and other frequencies of information are passed through this alteration in the vorticles at the maximum possible speed - that of the spin rate of the vorticles themselves - the 'speed of light'.

This is not a fixed value, as the spin rates themselves are not fixed universally, but alter according to local conditions.

The spin rate determines lightspeed and the apparent rate of passage of time itself

(see TimeShift).

A single vorticle is a model for an electron, an atom, a star and the universe itself.

As Above, So Below

At one level, or scale of resolution, undisturbed galaxies display harmonic spacing between their 'arms' and inherent spin tends to create an equatorial plane where the material will probably lie - a disc shape, often surrounded by a halo of pin-point clusters above and/or below.

At yet another scale of resolution the spinning vortex is so vast that an individual's perspective point sees what appears to be a self-bounding curved spacetime field with a background hum apparently 'left over from a big bang'.

This hum is actually the resonance of the structure of spactime 'lattice' (the quantum field) oscillating between its core and its extremities

(see Constructing Reality & Magic Net).

The frequency of the universe is defined by its volume and mass.

The universe is a hologram.

So are we.

...All that we may see or seem is but a dream within a dream...

The atom is a vortexial field. On the surface of the rolling accretion sphere, deep in the gravity well/lens, walking on the bottom of the atmospheric ocean, the action and attention of human beings is largely flattened onto the horizontal axis. We are polarized into a vertical plane pointing outward toward the source of free light and energy and inward toward patterned matter (Mater/Pater = Creation).

The field density which determines the interface/compaction of the tetrahedral matrix

(see Constructing Reality & Vorticles & Transformation3 and Transformation4 )

determines the 'higher' geometric forms the tetrahedra can transform into, through rotations in four dimensions - potential time - and the interlacing of fields produced at each minimal (quantum) interval as an object travels.

Polarity of charge is determined by direction of the quantum spin. Vortexial flow pressures cause quanta, or vortices, spinning in the same direction to repel each other; those spinning in opposite directions (upside-down in relation to each other) are pushed together and attract each other due to the same energic pressures formed by turbulence and drag.


What is a singularity?

A black hole is postulated to be a singularity, a point with an event horizon and orbiting accretion disc, often with jets above and/or below.

Matter and energy are rended by the suction of these tiny vacuum cleaners. Where does all this stuff go when it 'enters' the singularity after its long cascade through ever-slowing time?

Many believe it comes out of 'white holes' somewhere else.

The universe is also a holographic singularity.

All true singularities have a holographic commonality with each other; they are all the one, single entity.

The universe itself is a vast 'white hole' into which matter is continually accreting from 'higher dimensions' - the energy poured into black holes - singularities - literally squeezes out everywhere.

The 'quanta' - spinning 'vorticles' - are the corollary of black holes.

The universe is a self-maintaining vortex, having no beginning nor end in timespace.

With all the other levels of the fluid, tessellated hologram that comprises timespace, the uni-verse is unique among infinite alternative possibilities - the largely unacknowledged corollary of quantum theory.

A 'particle' is a spin of turbulence in timespace; self-bonded nothingness.

Light is neither particles nor waves - these effects are both by-products of a bonded field of vorticles.

R. Ayana 11/11/00


10. Planar Nets

The planets are balls rolling down a perpetual hill - a node of resonance - on their equators (with the exception of Uranus, which is spinning like a top).

They occupy nodes in the solar field which roll up the ambient material in their paths.

They are rotating, resonating harmonic nodes, self-bound strings.

While they appear to vibrate in tune with the Sun, the planets are in fact integral parts of its field.

They exist where the sun's field - its tetrahedral lattice - is overlaid by internal resonance harmonics producing standing waves in the shape of spherical planar nets.

Surface tension is a standing wave forming a boundary condition; a layer between two separate vibratory rates or energy states; for instance, water and air.

The very existence of the solar 'bubble' field implies internal boundary layers; where opposing waves meet they create standing waves.

Orbital distances are planes marked out by harmonic resonance in a rotating field; at these points energy orbits the sun instead of radiating out from it.

Their spacing reflects musical theory.

The boundary condition determines wavelength at these planes.

States arising from reflection and refraction are also integral to boundary layers (amplitude modulation is easy at a boundary layer).

Octaval intervals are exhibited in the orbits of the planets because a full spectrum of radiation is being transmitted through the solar field - not one specific beat.

The sound of the Sun is white noise.

Long and short waves overlap, reinforcing and canceling each other out at harmonic points, creating the planar orbits.

General Relativity indicates that the Sun's 'gravitational' field contains mass and acts as a single massive structure.

The Sun's field is a latticed mass of energy filling all interplanetary space.

The planetary orbits function as self-bound strings strummed by the 'wind' of the solar field.

The fundamental frequency of the orbit/s is divided into harmonic intervals - loops and nodes of different energy levels.

Harmonic discords cause the pattern to rotate around the field centre, creating the conditions for orbiting planetary masses to exist (an 'atom' exhibits the same standing wave structure and is composed of an infinite spectrum of 'random' vibrations).

A 'material body' carried to any node will be carried along the orbit until it settles in the deepest node.

Material entering the field or existing between the harmonic orbits will gravitate toward them.

The field of the╩Sun's action is contained primarily within the boundary layer of its magnetic field.

This solar bubble contains plasma polarized to the centre of the field.

The local solar gravitic field is also largely contained within this area.

The solar bubble is charged by the Sun, producing a vast array of overlapping fields (wavelengths) which resonate out to the edge of the field and back again.

This creates harmonics centered around the spinning Sun, creating an equatorial plane subdivided by different boundary layers - standing waves - orbital planes.

Hyperspatial (quantum) energy fields proceed from the interorbital spaces between the orbital planes, perpendicular to the solar field, directly inward and outward.

These fields rotate 90 degrees in hyperspace when the reach the boundary layer, slowing down by a factor of local lightspeed; following the spin of the solar field they manifest as energy revolving around the orbital plane.

Within this planar field of resonance, tertiary harmonics at the deepest node rotate them 90 degrees through hyperspace once more, slowing the energy (by a factor of lightspeed) until they coalesce as 'matter' in a gravity well - a planet.

The Trojan Points indicate the existence of these nodes - 'gravity' pre-existing at these tertiary nodes within vortexial turbulence accretes material into them, as with planets.

Gravity does not bind the planets to the sun; the Solar System is a single, massive, self-bound structure in which the equivalent to vortexial pressure creates the planets.

This is implied by the fact that all the planets cover an equal area of their planes in equal time - the momentum of the solar field is constant throughout.

Another indication is that escape velocity is root two times orbital velocity.

A planetary 'gravitic' field is also contained within its own magnetic envelope, polarized to the centre of the field.

The action and attraction of 'local' gravity does not extend appreciably beyond this event horizon.

It is the virtual linkage of masses of matter via hyperspace fields concentrated between them which accounts for 'action at a distance' beyond the inter-orbital zones

(see Magic Net).

The basic frequency of the earthsphere is arrived at by dividing lightspeed per second by the circumference of the planet (which includes everything out to the ionosphere) - this gives a frequency around 7.83 cycles per second.

A (doubled) factor increase (ie 14.336 kilocycles) will resonate with the oscillation of the ionosphere-groundplate cavity - providing 'free' power on a world scale.

R. Ayana 12-12-00


11. TimeSpace Summary

'Hyperspace' is the intersection of all possible versions of the universe.

These versions are separated by potential time differences generated within their structures.

All material structures create hyperspatial (quantum) fields radiating and rotating outward from their forms.

The interlacing of these fields cause small vortices to appear where they intersect and disappear where they rotate onward to a new state.

These 'vorticles' array themselves in a tetrahedral lattice structure whose properties alter depending upon the surrounding energy (and mass) densities.

Where standing waves appear the lattice's tetrahedral structure interlaces with other fields at 45 degree angles (90 degrees in hyperspace), producing higher order geometric structures such as cubes and octahedrons.

These are only created where hyperspatial fields cross in phase at correct angles to create stable 3D structures.

Vorticles arranged in these in-phase structures give rise to the material elements.

This vorticle dance takes place within all matter as well as in 'space'.

The larger the mass of matter the more complex the overlapping of the fields.

The dominant hyperspace fields are those emanating from the largest bodies (greatest energy densities) in the local spacetime continuum.

R. Ayana 1-4-1


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