New Math, New Understanding 
Date: 04/08/04

New Math, New Understanding By DKBaily

Our present systems of counting and figuring have been fine, so long as we were content to stay within the worldly confines in which they were written. As an example, what we have been using as determinates are too directly related and limited to our present limitations in nuclear physics and space / time understandings.

The best example of our present limitations would be any attempt by the best math minds on our planet today to explain three-dimensional light in quanta form. This is in no way any slight or challenge to anyone, just a blanket statement that our present system of mathematics is rapidly becoming inadequate.

To start with, when dealing in very large or small numbers, these things become evident very rapidly, one example is our estimate of the diameter of the galaxy that makes unintelligible numbers even worse.

Another area would be the fact of just exactly what happens to a quark current theory states that it breaks into smaller pieces. This it does not do, and yet just because we are not advanced enough to understand we put out a 'new' set of physical laws to compensate.

Show me a true absolute definition of the force we call gravity. Before anyone gets started, it has not, and at our present level cannot be defined, only because of our mathematics and technical ability, nothing else.

Our research group has been working with all kinds of different numbers and systems, these deal with the basis for many of these fringe area sciences, and at first we could not understand them any better than anyone else could. We had no idea as to exactly what we were dealing with.

First the basic concepts of this new math must be understood before anyone can progress, let alone understand.

Within The Sacred Knowledge of The Ancients it is found and explained.

A man who has done many measurements at the Pyramid of the Sun, Harelston, came up with a new measurement called the Hunab or S.T.U.(Standard Teotihuacan Unit) At first, I thought as many have, that this was a nice convenience, your measurements don't make it, so you make one up. Plus the fact that this does not seem to work anywhere else on the planet. The only problem was, that it did in fact work perfectly at the Pyramid of the Sun site. The same could have been said of the cubit, if anyone could agree exactly how much that was.

In our math theory we have several great theories that make very free usage of a concept called n+1 and n-1. An example of this is the way we keep track of centuries, the 20th century actually means the 1900's, or n+1, 19+1 =20. We are now in the twenty first century, dated 2000, twenty second, 2100, etc.

This is a real, and true form of count that allows for a whole to be counted when its real value is less than 1. In the first hundred years, there were no 100's, but in fact there was 100 years to the first hundred. Mathematically the count looks like this: n +1+1+1,etc. Ordinal count is first, second, third, etc. The n = first +1 +1, etc. This also causes a progressive +1 position, or a hyper-position resultant, when 1 = 2.

When this same reasoning is applied to the Hunab, it starts to make sense. One meter = 39.37 ". However, no matter how this engineer tried to make any of our modern forms of measurement work, none did.

Every one of the measurements came out to 1.0549m. Or 39.37" + 2.32283" = 41.69283". These seem like funny numbers, and to be honest they are just that. If you look at this mathematically you can start to see why they work. When you then add the purpose of the place in which they were found to Mr. Harelstons statement in a video about this site, things start to fall into place much better.

This is in no way an endorsement of the meter. There is another paper that deals with that subject. The Hunab came about as the result of the parabolic shape of both the planet itself and its elliptical orbit in relation to the stars.

He states that when these people refer to a line they are talking about area, an area a volume, a volume time. When carried to its utmost, time and space unify.

This is the place where men became Gods.

This is enough history, Mr. Harelston I solute you and your incredible insight.

If something that is old enough is rediscovered, it is considered new, especially if it works.

This will be a study into a math that has proven to be more accurate than any we have today, in simple whole numbers. It is also unlimited in its capability to handle any numerics of any magnitude or kind as well.

Let's start with that crazy Hunab.

1 Hunab = 1.0549 meters. 39.37 x .0549 = 2.161413. This is to be noted as a true descending count, as to the numbers to the right of the decimal, they get smaller, to the left, is the simple notation of the source being The Two, God and JC.

Now, here is a good solid question for all the experts who might read this.

The meter did not exist at the time that the Pyramid of the Sun was built, so just where might the builders get such knowledge? Now, look at the other part of this same thing, 1.0549 meters is one meter to an accuracy of 9 ten thousands. Just how did they do that? Or is this a simple case where this is the value they used?

If one thinks about this paradox, note some of the things used, and the level of understanding they are linked to. Then think of just one more small item, only a civilization that is at least as advanced as we are could understand what we are seeing. Another point would be that these people were not around long enough to have come up with this knowledge on a normal time line of development.

There are many of these paradoxes that pop up in the middle of our orderly look at our past civilizations.

I will use some of these in references that offer explanations to the use of this new math as we proceed.

In order to get a basic understanding of the profound importance of this 'new' concept of how this math works, having only the basis of it in use presently, some of the rules and laws our present form uses will be changed.

From our present position of advancement, we believe we are very advanced for a planet limited species.

Specifically, we use a coordinate system of reckoning to determine positions in space. Within our system you will notice many fractal components. In this new math only whole digits were used, and the resultants were, and are, as accurate, or more so than our present system.

One part of reality to note in this is that we are forced to launch our missiles opposite the rotation of the earth to assure a successful launch. This creates the double parabolic rise and acceleration needed for true escape velocities.

From what has been recently learned, the Nasca Lines of Peru define a possible gravitational and magnetic launch point. As a craft would dive towards this area, the pull of gravity would enhance its speed. As the craft reached the proper speed and position, it would then go to full thrust while at the same time producing a like field charge while angling upward. Thus using earth itself to aid in the launch.

To start at the beginning and including all the material references would involve a book on this subject alone therefore, I will give a shortened version of this.

One has to break down the numbers being dealt with.

52 number of weeks in a year. 365 number of days in a year actually 365.25).

60 second in a minute. 60 minutes in an hour.

12 number of hours in a day. 12 number of hours in the night.

We freely use n+1 in much of our calculations; this also applies to the ancients' math. As 12 +1 =13, then 365 / 13 = 28.07692308. At the time of this notation, 7 hundredths of anything was beyond the technical capability of that present society, and was considered unnecessary. So 28 defined the Moon Cycle, and in Greek means month. 60^3 = 216000, the Moons diameter is 2160mi. The density is 3/5 that of earth, 3/5 = 0.6, its mass 1/81, its volume 1/49 of earth. As one studies the ancient numbers, these will be found commonly.

216 x 2 = 432 conception, 432^2 = 186624mi / s., the speed of light and 432 x 2 = 864 the number of time.

One of the ways these numbers were encoded or encrypted is transposition, where a number is moved to keep it secret. One is 486 for 864, and this is very commonly done. It takes some practice to recognize these, but with practice, it gets easy. These may be noted as decimal fractions, like 4.86 or 86.4, etc.

In our mathematics we count from 1 to 9, with 0 filling in. The ancients did the same, but in many cases the numbers are exponents. In exponents they used several types, simple addition 1^2=2, simple multiplication 1^4=4, and in compound numbers 213=26 or 3^3=333. More on multiple place numbers later.

Within this, there are also constant counts that just like our system are progressive operations; only they also are used to show the accuracy of what you are doing. In the Hunab mentioned above, you have 1.0549m. The part to the right of the decimal point gives a digital reference thus: 5/49 = .102040816. When this is broken down, it not only matches the binary number system, it stops at precisely the same place most of our computers do in their memory structure.

Just as in the legendary great earth changes that probably formed our planet, the numbers of the ancients are found in planetary studies. To understand this and put it into perspective, the representatives have been kept through two mediums, they are the Magic Squares and Palindromes. When researched for their origins they are found to be from the period of time of the ancients. The attributes are many, but the applications are an effort by those who originally found evidence of, or experienced these catastrophes.

The answer to why the builders of the great monuments oriented them to the cosmos is two fold.

To be able to see at a glance the time of the seasons, and leave a record of catastrophic events for future inhabitants, were their reasons. Within this is contained the basis for several of the ancient cultures numbers. These consist of the 360-day year, 12-month year, and 30-day month. The use of 20 and 15 by the Mayan's shows a close correlation as well.

Due to planetary shift, we now have the difference in the records.

To understand how all this comes together, the Palindrome must be explained as it was used in the origins of these number systems. A Palindrome and Anna-gram are exactly the same in form and related in function. The definition of both are the same, they both read the same when reversed. However, one deals with numbers and the other deals with words.

Here the Palindrome will be used, as we are primarily dealing with numbers.

An example of a Palindrome could be 6336; there are several things within this number. The basic is one of a complex number, 63.36. This is the ratio expression. When the number is written as a whole number, 6336, the application is to the cosmos, again there are many applications. To give another example, in our calendar there are 52 weeks in a year, and four seasons, hence: 52 / 4 = 13. 13 X 20 = 260, a Mayan calendar number. Bear in mind that all these ideas for calendars are related just as these other numbers are. So far we have been dealing with small amounts of time that deal with the earth. These numbers also seem to apply to the cosmos, and because of the difference in distance the larger the distance the more time, you can apply these same numerics only they once again turn into pure ratio's.

We measure small distances in miles, feet, & inches, but what happens when the distance is large? You will hear of people saying that a certain trip is an hour, or fifteen minutes to get to work. We have changed the measure from one of distance to one of time. This is exactly what happens to a distance called a light year. This same context is an expression of space/time unity. To understand this, the perspective changes to one of volume, as expressed in a quantity of both time and space, and their being closely equal enough to be considered one and the same.

The basics of matter in terms of the idea of it, what can be done with it, and its limitations leads into the area where the difference between our ideas and what was practiced in ancient times becomes most obvious.

From the human perspective most things excluding water are considered solid. The atomic structure that we know of today states that there is mostly space in everything just like the solar system has. Rhythms of occurrences are observed as times such as days and seasons. In our advancement we have decided to practice exactness and definition in our technical limits. Just ask any practicing physicist about Planck's constant. Webster's defines it as a universal constant (h) which gives the ratio of the quantum of radiant energy(E) to the frequency(v) of its source: it is expressed by the equation E=hv and its approximate numerical value is 6.625 x 10^-n erg second. Ok, and an erg is defined as the unit of work or energy in the egs (metric) system, being the work done by one dyne acting through a distance of one centimeter. Let's see, a dyne is defined as the amount of force that imparts to a mass of one gram an acceleration of one centimeter per second per second: the unit of force in the egs system. Well now, that sounds well defined. Let's look at the words themselves.

The constant h or proportionality factor called Planck's constant is 6.625 x 10^ -34 J/Hz. J = joule and a joule is equal to the work done by a force of one newton in moving an object through a parallel distance of one meter. The SI unit of specific heat assigns the joule for heat. Mercy. Then note that units of work are the units of force time's distance, and the joule equates to the foot-pound. Again we will go deeper into the definitions. Work is defined in terms of energy. Power is the rate at which work is performed. Simple enough.

Power = work / time. Foot-pounds per second are a unit of power in the USCS system. In SI units it is the watt (W). 1W=1J/sec.

There are two basic problems with these measurements. Even though we have refined the definitions the forces they are based on are variable. The force known as gravity varies at different times and places, so it is not constant. Then the speed of anything moving through the air is subject to what is in the air, another variable. Then horsepower depends on the horse and what you feed him.

I am not taking issue so much with the idea of constants as I am with the accuracy requirements. Think about it.

In our planetary usage of forces this level of accuracy is generally not needed. So long as the water falls through the hydroelectric dam and makes electricity, just how much difference does the variation of gravitational force make? According to a study by Air Force Flight Engineers Bumble Bees can't fly, it is aerodynamically impossible. Who cares so long as it works properly?

I am trying to stress the ideal of simplicity used by the Ancients in most of their applicable science. If it worked don't worry about it.

In contrast to this idea of simplicity, some of the Ancients calculations are more accurate than NASA's. Just bear in mind the representation of this simplicity, as later there will be some very close work of the numbers.

It is in this frame of mind that the Ancients put their knowledge to work.

In measurement it is becoming an established fact that the foot measure standard is the father of measure. To deal with this in the way it was originally based seems speculative, and yet when consideration is given to the origin, it makes sense. Biblically the reference is one of stated dimension, all men are created equal. The implication is that originally we were all about the same size. Therefore when a cubit is referred to it was about the same size, from the extended tip of the middle finger to the point of the elbow, and a foot was a foot. No one has proved that we were genetically engineered, yet. But it doesn't matter.

To look at the accepted number system, and not realize that it is linear in its design, makes one wonder about our perception. A quantity is a volume of something as we see it. This is fine if you are dealing in the amount of water a container can hold. The relationship of sight to our perception is obvious. When I talk about our whole number system, I am referring to all of it. We found a nice idea and name for x amount of whatever by calling it quanta.

There is only one problem with this idea. It is of the first order of magnitude which leaves out the second and third. Magnitude is not the subjective that we use it as, except in the first magnitude. Geometry and mathematics proves this. Even quanta of semi-intangibles are still within the first order.

The second order still deals with reality-based ideas, but also with forces beyond the physical, to include all of the range of the ethereal. Those things that are not readily explainable through a reality base. These are the healings, ghosts, and parapsychology. The healing area can be of both the second and third magnitudes. The third order is the ultimate. This is what I refer to as Gods domain, where one passes over to the spiritual level after death. There are many stories dealing with this, but very little proof. Many records of knowing of the existence, loads of beliefs, and nothing on the shelf to show it.

In the first magnitude resides all of our current technology. After all, we are still using fireworks rockets at NASA. Our communications system is similar to one the Ancients used, and one that not only still works today, but with no apparent apparatus! That's right, you talk to a certain rock and you can be heard miles away. Then there is the open air ball court where a whisper at one end is clearly heard at the other. Just how advanced are we? We are about to enter into that through the second order of magnitude.

The second order of magnitude is an extension and the completion of the physical realm. This is where universal consciousness and parapsychology rule. In this is found telepathy, foreknowledge, and the reading of The Signs. These are reality based as to their implementation by conscious effort or activity. A person does these things on purpose. In some cases you get turned on without any idea as to what happened or what is going on. Most of the time, even genetically programmed sensitives, find these talents slowly over time with practice. In this area we begin to find hints from The Ancients who first taught these things to man. All those secret schools from before Plato taught this knowledge. It was taught verbally and kept very secret. But we are finding evidence that these inner teachings dealt with these subjects. Parts of this are found in the magic squares used. These seem to have come from some place offshore from the Mediterranean area. These came from some wonderland out in the Atlantic Ocean that I believe to be Atlantis.

From what is available, there seems to have been two island continents of Atlantis. There is solid evidence of the one Plato describes in the Aegean Sea, and there is a persistence of one somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic. If a tectonic plate over rides another, then it is possible that the stories of its destruction are true. Metaphysics has not been realistically dealt with in mathematics or physics. The reason being that it has been termed unreliable by most efforts to establish proof. That leaves two questions unanswered.

It does seem to happen which that brings up how, and the other one deals with the perspective of technology. The how is the subject of several systems that all have practical applications of a non-physical nature. All of these have various structures and ideas associated with them. The interesting part is where the ideologies merge to form that generality of the thread of truth common to all of them. The reality relationships of these might be one of simple ratios as shown numerically. Then there is perception. Human beings express individual perceptions from two primary sources, environment and cognition. The first being all of everything we have experienced in life to the point of making our own independent decision. The second is from forming enough decisions to deviate from the environmental influences.

I question the validity of our current technology in application to that which is non-reality based. Emotions are just as real as the way one feels, and some know when their loved ones get hurt at distance. The reality of a person knowing that a situation is dangerous to the extent that they stop and wait while the danger goes by is this area. 'Reading' people in knowing how to sell them something, or to keep yourself on the good side of that significant other. In the extreme there are many accounts of people 'seeing' events, places, and things. Obviously yardsticks and rulers don't fit. How would one go about measuring thought? Everyone has loads of thoughts all the time. What and how would you handle the question, prove it? To make this question difficult, the next part is how does thought become real or affect our reality?

We can 'read' the electrical operation of the brain and we use a lie detector to monitor results of questioning. These are used all the time. As far as we have come in these areas, why is it that no one has taken that last step in dealing with our mind functions to the point of being able to measure what is put in motion by thought? At this point, there is no effort of our finest minds to answer this. However, the growing interest in these areas is beginning to bring pressures to start into these fields. Mankind could use the best and brightest looking into solving these questions.

The proofs we have are recounts of events and great puzzlement by medical personnel over wondrous cures through questionable means. In ancient times there were many records of odd actions resulting in relief of various afflictions. In modern medicine the uses of homemade cures has been deciphered and the working ingredients have been found. Witch doctors, shaman, and holy men regularly exceed these areas through chant and prayer. Pray means to ask. It is used to bring about the power of God. Chant is the action of prayer or the attempt to combine physical activity and prayer. Neither one of these has very much physical evidence as to what actually happens, but they do seem to work.

I have referred to orders of magnitude in the numbers and in our levels of existence. Mathematically these are simple to show but can be very intricate in usage. There are three in both these areas.

1) Physical reality, the first column; 2) Ethereal reality base, beyond physical reality but based from reality; 3) Spiritual reality, non-reality based, but able to affect reality. Numerically these are stated as our own number system in terms of placements. As 000 you have one's, ten's, and hundred's. Each column can have any size number within it. When a meaning or application changes so does the column. The number 432= reality, 4320= Ethereal reality, and 43200= the spiritual reality.

These have been mathematically proven so far to be accurate as the ancients used them. To go along with this they used transposition of numbers either in an encryption or as formula dictated. The mirrored numbers and palindromes mentioned above are an example of this practice. However, when written this specific notation was left out just as dropping zeros was a common practice. The idea of number can be stated as 1= God, 2= God + Son, and 3= God +Son +Spirit. Bear in mind that there is a shift at this point from one level to another, but are related. From the idea of the palindrome you have a definite separation point that we express as the decimal point. This separation creates a whole and fractal number. From all evidence so far we are on the fractal side of these numbers.

As we have found the expression of this separation it can also be applied as the dividing point between real and ethereal. In this context there would seem to be no change except from the physical to thought, then from physical to spiritual. The continuation of this involves realities beyond our ability to define though accepted as real through measurement, herein is time.

According to many records and theories we are heading toward s a major shift in reality. The cycles that our planet travels through are becoming more evident through the observations our science is able to make. One of these deals with polar shifts, and another the cleansing cycles. Just as we are recognizing cycles in our environment, more of these cycles are found. We have sunspots, ice ages, and other conditions becoming apparent. Time is not an easy subject; therefore I intend to use poetic license and philosophical latitude in this explanation.

There are only two evidences that I am aware of to date dealing with time as used by the ancients, the Mayan calendar and the pyramid complex at Giza. There are a lot of theories and postulates concerning time available, but I will try to stay within the confines of reality base.

In the keeping of time The Mayan's record what they call the time wave. It is referenced to a zero point very similar to what is used in electronic wave representation. Over many thousands of years it fluctuates in the positive showing by its movements various events and changes. I will suggest that it never goes into the negative as time never runs backwards in its natural state. There are only two points where it reaches zero. One is in the beginning or at the origin of time itself, and at the point in our future of 2012. This is called the end time, or end of times by the Mayan. The records of this coming change state that at this point everything will go through a great change, physically and spiritually. I know this sounds like Atlantis rising, and it just might be judging by the evidence. These things in and of themselves were something to be noted but didn't seem earth shattering at the time. Then while looking for more evidence of anything dealing with the usage of the math of the ancients, a new piece of evidence was found.

Knowing that there is a great deal of information contained in megalithic sites and because of this new evidence is found almost constantly, watching for new presentations is mandatory if one is to keep up.

It is known that the pyramids at Giza are different sizes. A comparison was made of these differences. When an arc is constructed from the individual heights the three arcs have a convergence point. When time is considered in relation to the physical characteristics and construction, the convergence point of these three arcs matches the Mayan time wave zero point.

Einstein referred to time curvature in his explanation of relativities, and Galileo found reference between linear distance and time in his pendulum experiments in effort to define his new measure the meter. When a graphical of a variant is shown from existence through its normal activity it creates a waveform. The studies in chaos show that there is evidence of order from chaos. Vibratory physics shows that waveform is almost unlimited in its scope. The frequency of the smallest particle to the movement of the cosmos evidences this. The theory of matter being solid light fits very well into this paradigm.

To invert a number is to use the number as the divisor of one, this is termed the inverse relationship. To state this without changing the number itself and show an equation as a whole number the palindrome is used. The best expression of infinity in relation to reality shows a formula expressed as a number ratio called pi. So far this is the only master number formula known. Glyphs from all over the planet use the sun sign of that respective culture to designate the zero that defines which column is referenced. So these people knew these things and used them readily.

The relation of convergence to inversion is simple in plain geometry. You cross the reference line just as a fraction is made of the whole number when its inverse relationship is needed. In one you change what you are dealing with, in the other you change the polarity or meaning. From the point of view of a solid object you must turn it inside out. This is the case with the convergence point of the time wave zero point. The other idea of inverse relationships deals with reverting to what was before. According to what is evidenced from the ancients, that is what we are to do. Becoming more sensitive to the ethereal and oriented as a whole more to mother earth.

Stating ideology in the exacting language of mathematics puts the statement into the area of theory. The difference between legend and myth is the same as the difference between ideology and theory. Conclusions based on at least partially substantiated and proven or observed occurrences. All the proof is not in yet.

The exception to what would seem as educated guesses is proven through the time star's accuracy as it is used today, and a partial view through time into the future.

Being able to convert some numbers from one category to another involves knowing what the number stands for and its present position in relation to the columns. Galileo used a pendulum that completed its arc in one second. The length of the arm of the pendulum determines the swing, which in this case turned out to be the meter. However, this is a time-referenced value, and as such cannot have real bearing on lineal distances. It should be considered as a ratio between the first and second magnitude. To take this number to the third magnitude it must be cubed in the sense of what the ancients did. 3937x3=11811. The relationship between 36 and 39.37, 36/39.37=0.914401829, the usual case presented here is one of nine places with a zero at midpoint. In rounding, if the number preceding the zero was insufficient to warrant a carry that affected the number on the left side of the zero, it was dropped. Therefore, 0.914401829 becomes 0.9144. This number indicates two main things. Nine being the largest single integer, its use indicates a maximum. The number 144 is indicative of time squared, as its base of 12 is the base time number. The implications then are 144x2. A form of this number that is found when working this that is considered a square in effect or resultant. 144x2=288, 288^2=82944.

When you look at this as a whole, you will see three applicational paths. These are the reality bases for each of the three columns mentioned before and should be noted for their respective importance. First you have area in 12^2 and the reality volume expressed as 12^3=1728. In the second you have 144x2=288. This is second magnitude of the origin of 288 found in the ethereal. 288^2=82944 is the mathematical base for the third order of magnitude or the spiritual realm.

To show the relative accuracy of these numbers in application, 39.37x0.9144= 35.999928. How much difference would one millionth of an inch make? In measuring a yard of cloth, would you worry about that amount?

Within the expression of light speed can be found the 3/2 ratio when one converts 186624mi/s to miles per hour.

186624x60=1197440x60=671846400, square root 671846400=25920, and 82944/ 25920=3.2note that the decimal is the designated control point, and remember that this deals with an exponential ratio.

The X factor in dealing with these numbers is the combination of their meaning and column placement. This is shown in our basic number system by a count from 1 to 10. This is considered a full circle count or completion that we loosely call unity, but proves to be only a column change. 9!=362880 and 10!=3628800note the additional 0. There may be more examples of this, but so far they have not been found.

Time in its pure form appears as a scalar quantity, yet has direct bearing upon our being in the physical realm. Just as our existence could be termed a convenience that maintains our sanity, we are captured in a matrix of our own making. Were one to able to cross over into the ethereal realm what conditions would prevail? In many of the spiritual beliefs, it is very flatly stated that one would undergo a tremendous transformation dealing with all realms. The finite would have to vanish into the infinite. In relation to our reality the vibration would be off the frequency scale in both directions at the same time. Reciprocal resonance just as it is found in the number pi, by representing it in its spherical form of its cube, or 31. 360/31=11.61290323, dropping the fractal, you have 11. Another common practice was to use the places as an operator for a formula, then in transposition involving formula, 31-1=30 as in n-1. The base time number referenced in digits is 6.

In numerology there are several numbers that are termed master numbers, the base of these is 11. The reason is that 11!= 39916800, if looked at as 3.99168 it is very close to 4. This is significant, as many of the calculations of the ancients cannot be understood without using what I term quadrature.

Just as a circle is understood to have four quadrants, many of the ancient numbers need to be broken down into their four respective quadrants through dividing by four. These operations are similar in part to the use of Quaternion algebra. The basic difference being that the imaginary numbers are replaced with real numbers of real operators in reality. When looking at the solid tetrahedron as if it was suspended in the air, you have a four-sided triangular solid. When a solid is squared it produces an exact inverted, or inversely related, copy of itself. In this case a Vesica Piscis or a tetrahedral vortex that is the basis for the octahedron that is considered the base shape of all matter.

360/8=45, this is the angle upon which is based the sign wave in electronics, and the angle of rise at the speed of light. 45/1.414=31.82461103, dropping the fractal = 31. Or as stated, pi cubed.

In the study of the numbers there are many pitfalls of encryption, transposition, and definition. One of those that stops a lot of people is that of infinity. The numbers in dealing with infinity become infinite, just as looking into the code encryptions contained in the Bible. Just as in dealing with time, the ideal of a scalar is a vector of magnitude without direction. Yet it can be shown that these are not scalar, but rather interdimensional. When a person who can 'see' another's aura and they watch as a person uses powers of the psychic realm, a special glow is created, this is beyond the normal aura or in addition to it.

The life force is of a basic light pastel green. A persons' aura is of colors ranging from this green to red and varies in intensity. Everyone has an aura. In the case of observation, when a person is sick or injured, the affected area turns red. The intensity and size of the area determines the extent of the affliction. The most noted color of a person who is exercising their psychic or spiritual powers is a royal blue overall. The energy used starts as a sort of field of a golden glow, and can transform into a very bright color with spikes of the color emanating out from it. You have seen this portrayed in paintings of various people, but most noted where a holy figure is represented. The reason that this is usually white is that white is the color that the angels appeared in or with when they were seen.

The mathematical representation of infinity, unity, and spirit is . It is stated in roman numerals as 1=1. The operator of any of the signs of equals, exponential, or ratio is the cross over point from reality base to the spiritual reality. This is exactly the same as an arbitrary starting point, or convergence point, as time is relegated a three cord spiral that is ever changing. It can be noted as 1.0.1 and can be evidenced through chaos order mathematically. The arbitrary value being unity, as stated above 0 becomes the focal point of infinity. The scalar numbers involved can only be calculated within the ancients math. Our calculation systems are not capable of handling infinity, zero, or any operations dealing with negative numbers. The reference to the ideal of a mirrored number is a beginners level. The reference to the ideology of inversion, the clear plotting board used by our navy, explains the starting point. The main difference being that in a true inversion, the subject is actually turned inside out, either in actuality or perception. The observer becomes the mirror at its focal point. This is the energy we would refer to as the binding force in nuclear physics. It is as yet undefined. Just as we measure light in photons, this too is not yet defined. To date all the mathematical formula's dealing with these two forces only deal with the physical reaction to them, or our ability to 'read' their impact in relation to something else. In order to better understand this it will be necessary to understand another concept.

We have found various ways to concentrate energy, the manner in which the energy is produced, the mechanism that produces it, and interactive field interference. In light the photon is considered the best way to represent light, as it is definable in both frequency and particle. For the way in which we use this idea it is both practical and accurate. However, when energy is squeezed, things change. Looking at the photon as a small sphere, what happens when it is required to pass through an area much smaller than its stated diameter? This brings up the question of whether energy can be compressed. So far scientists have put the squeeze on a photon, and derived at least one observation. As the photon reaches its maximum level of compression, it starts to create a shadow. It is this shadow that we are concerned with. When a sphere is reduced in equal amounts from opposing sides it elongates into what is called a paraboloid. At this energies focal point, it is required to pass through a point of 1/57.3=0.017452007 of its original diameter. The Universal Consciousness number is 100; note that the number above could be the fractal representation of this, or the opposing side of the decimal point.

In the ancients math it equates, 17/45=0.377777~^2=0.142716049^7=0.000001206, 120x6=720nm, the approximate lower end of the visible light spectrum. 7.2 nm puts this in the range of x-rays, and .72 into the highest end of our scale, or gamma rays, 720/4=180, 720-180=540, 540-180=360. 540nm is the approximate center of the visible spectrum, a nice green. It should be noted that this color of green is also the average color of green plants, and is the most relaxing color known. There is an example of the correlation of the different areas of these sciences, as each of these areas are complex enough to merit being a science of their own. This idea is based on our programs using accelerators to bombard certain elements or trace chambers with particles. The areas of atomic spectral analysis and frequency interactions giving a solid basis for in depth studies of the interaction between light and matter, supports this assumption.

Dealing with constants we have some basic changes in that ideal of a set being the only one that is applicable. The planetary limitation of our understanding of gravity, as an example, has been seen to be different where some conditions are found. Being thought of as a force that would be only proportional to mass, has been found inaccurate through observations of certain plasmic and star radiations that would preclude this theory. Then too all we have to go by are those standards that we are familiar with, so the allowance is made that there must be a great amount of density difference. Then as density fluctuates within these atomic furnaces, there must be some range to the compression of energy, just as the light varies from these sources. To compound this, a simple campfire defies the logic of radiating from a source when a flame creates a shadow. Therefore, this anomaly hints of a special condition, just as a photon's shadow does as it is squeezed. I note that when a spectrum is used to refract light to its basic colors, the higher the frequency on the spectrum the more it tends to bend back towards its source. This, to me, indicates circularity of the spectrum itself.

The numbers show relationships in everything. The inverse of the energies of an atom gives the energy required for the atom smasher, and others show orbital times for the planets.

At our stage of advancement we have become arrogant in our belief that we are superior through the perception that we are the first to enter into these areas, when all we have to do is use the present technology to look to our past. We have just begun to prove legends and Biblical recounts of events from our past, that something similar to our atomic weapons were used, that we very probably are not an indigenous race on this planet, and much more.

The deciphering of the cuneiform writings provides the insight that we are not only not alone, but that an alien benefactor very well could have aided man early on and is to return at some point in our future. I will propose that as most civilizations on our planet go, so do these visitors. The same diversities must apply. This allows for the door to be left unlocked, just our minds must remain open to the new, so that our imagination might be allowed to provide the impossible dreams required to keep our quest for answers to our curiosities under question.

At this point in time the search into this math is still under investigation as there is a great amount that is still unknown. However, as stated above, it seems that knowing this new way should provide some of the answers that all are seeking, helping us all to continue to progress.


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