From: Dee777 <Dee777@aol.com>

Hello Everyone:

I, (Dee) am the 'so-called' moderator of this list, however, I want this list to be a free exchange of ideas and thoughts and don't want to decide for you what to talk about.

There will some exceptions of course.

I don't tolerate:

 - name calling

 - flaming

 - non-tolerance of other people's thoughts and ideas

    (this does not mean you cannot disagree) but you must disagree by stating your own         opinion, not by saying         the other idea is stupid)

 - don't copy the entire e-mail from some one else and then just say, "Oh, yeah! Me too!"      you can send it to the individual, not the list.

  - you can discuss anything you find on this web site.

  - none of this information is meant to be secret, it is meant to be shared.

  - nothing on the web-site is copyrighted except by certain individuals who state their          copyright or by other linked sites which state their own copyright.

At the outset, I would like you all to know that I prefer that you use your delete key if you don't like a subject topic rather than complain you aren't interested in it.

The topics will be wide-ranging. I have personally been kicked off of other e-mail lists for mentioning a word they didn't like. For instance, I was on a Shaman list and I mentioned UFOs and ET's and they told me that it was off- topic and booted me. On an Abductee list I joined, I was almost booted for posting a channeled message I had received from an E.T.,because they only wanted to discuss abductions, and not other experiences.

This list will not be so narrow minded. We like free-thinking people and I know that people have a WIDE range of experiences in all fields. All fields are potentially significant to the participants of the list.

We believe that all individuals have important things to say regardless of the academic level reached and that LIFE is our school.

We hope you enjoy this list and will be educated by the wide ranging ideas. Please don't be intimidated and feel free to participate. If you would like a particular subject discussed or added to the site, please let us know.

We want to present a positive outlook on the earthchanges, but realize that not everything going on is positive. We do not have our heads in the sand.

We have purposely avoided government conspiracies on the site and do not discuss politics on a partisan basis. However, if a subject comes up that is government oriented, you are free to talk about it.

If anyone has a problem with another list member, please let me know personally rather than flaming on the list.

Joe and I don't agree on everything and we don't expect you all to agree on everything either. Discussion and research of ideas and thoughts are our passion. We hope it will be yours too.

Love, Light, and Joy

Dee and Joe .


If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail Dee777@aol.com