A Nightmare for Everyone and the Countdown to 2000

          This informational site is intended to enhance rational thinking and logic (while using an important anaLOGICal source). Check the reference sources yourself. Do not rely on the interpretations of me or others or the source material as being without any typographical, translational or literal errors. To some this site will be seen to be highly controversial, others will take it in stride... if they already know this subject. Still others' ability to relate is impaired by disbelief, dogma or politics. 

          This website is about foresight, dreams and prophecies plus the practical use of them, rather like the way Joseph used dreams to stop the Egyptians from suffering from a seven year famine given seven years head start on the problem. Many forms of interpretations to dreams exist but Joseph's is the most universally known example of such a practical use of them.  
         Other methods of interpretation are varyingly inaccurate. One method presented as a theory 100 years ago was so bad it should never been given any credibility, that bounder used sexual references to attract an audience who was enthralled or excited by the implications. The damage done by him and those who taught that rogue method still needs repair, more than most people realize.  
         The real emphasis here is on a much older method of dream interpretation, which is more credible and useful. It can make a real difference to everyone's lives. It's historic, scientific and has been long misunderstood. BUT, a key factor is that all major beliefs have a connection to this, and of beliefs Judaism, Islam and Christianity have more and the best teacher of it was Jesus although most Christians would be at a loss to show where or why that was so. (The passage identifying it best is conveyed as something different.) Trained or not, prophets, shamans (in their many names throughout the globe), dukuns, medicine men, gurus, psychics, lamas, kahunas, and formerly, druids (vates) connect to the same Source with varying results. The results are according to their basic knowledge and ability to comprehend and use what they obtain (and as people, some are 'off the track', misapply the information or use it in ways which show their lack of knowledge, experience or intelligence. We all get this information. Some of us are more adept at applying it.) The training may be self taught for some but it's rarely in a vacuum. Factors exist to show their comprehension, ability and to some degree how they conduct themselves... usually with intelligence and integrity. Place more credibility on those whose base of information is scripturally oriented and not limited to one source book. The Bible, even with it's many errors is still the best Source book for prophecies, yet it isn't the only good source unless you believe the Creator puts all His "eggs in one basket".  
         Dreams and/or visions have always been the basis for "The Word of God" once the people who received the information were able to realize the nature of the Source (not being themselves). It's all the SAME God, there is only one.   

          Now you can use a proven method of interpreting dreams taught 2000 years ago (and before) and rediscovered recently. It includes simple means to strengthen relationships, find lost objects, avoid disasters, create, heal and generally foresee. The method is chronicled in ancient writings, although not always understood by people reading the instructions or analogies. This modern equivalent has redeveloped the ancient method's techniques and abilities, and expanded or added a few refinements. A few will be surprized at who taught this before.   

          The content will be enlightening to many, and nightmarishly disturbing to others especially those who are less certain that dreams/prophecies are to be used with intelligence rather than certainties of doom, gloom and future disasters. Whether you enjoy the content or not, what this website contains will affect EVERYONE during the next generation. If you think you can prove otherwise let me know. Disbelief for the sake of disbelieving doesn't count. I wish what I have foreseen was unlikely to be true, but I know better. I also know we do not need to be fatalistic about it. We CAN take a proactive role, we can create our future. (We already do, but at this point there is a need for a collective look and a collective response.) The spectre of knowing the future is not overwhelming. It does however color my whole existence and it WILL influence yours.  

          About the countdown above... it's relatively meaningless. It's only counting to the year 2000, not to the literal moment of a potential disaster. It is a time of alarm, yet fortunately that moment isn't the fulfillment of the "End Time" disaster, only the beginning of the end. It wouldn't give us enough time to deal with the astronomical disaster in advance if it was that soon. We do have enough time to develop a rational plan of action and a sane way averting it, otherwise the ability to foresee would be consist of thousands of years of wasted messages from a Creator intent on giving us both timely cautions and confirming that Source of messages is existent and living, both in us and above us. Paying attention to the signs of the time does not create a negative future, that only happens if we fail to respond to the realities we discover within the analogies of prophecies. 

          The sum of my thoughts on this are not as great as the sum of all those with prophetic ability. (Many readers already have experience with "dreams which have come true". This "project" is little more than an extension of that.) Do participate in this. It may mean lives dear to you will be spared if we succeed, including your own. Everyone has the ability to foresee if they will develop and use it. I'll explain the basics of what you need to know either here or in books. Read through all this site's content then click on the credibility poll at the end of the page. If you write a letter or fax to me (relevant to the topics) it may be published. 

          Please note: the associated pages within this website contain copyrighted material. Written authorisation from the author before copying them for other websites or into other written materials is required, except as allowed for purposes of review or reference. Links to this site are encouraged (use the "banner ad" if you need a linking image). Linking sites are shown. They are greatly appreciated. If you are able to translate the content into another language please contact me by e-mail... 

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