(Noah Henry names Power of Attorney to Ephriam Henry)

North Carolina
Henderson County

Know all men by these presence that I Noah Henry do hereby nominate and appoint constited and confirm my trusted friend and brother Ephriam Henry my true and lawful agent and attorney to transact my business in full and ample a manner as I can do in my own proper person and use my name in a legal manner perticularly with regard to transferring and alienating my land in the County of Mecklenburg, State of North Carolina to use my name and sign the same with a deed for the purpose of transferring my whole interest right title claims and demand of and my whole estate, now in the said County ofo Mecklenburg and the same and all acts relative to the same - to the san __ and shall be as binding on me, my heirs executors administrators assigns forever in as full and as ample as manner as I can or could have done myself at this or anytime and all his lawful acts in reltation to the matter before mentioned and by me now satisfied and confirmed and by these presence I do ratify and confirm by me - the same binding myself my heiers executors administrators and assigns forever as above.  In testimony whereof I have this day set my hand and seal this 15th day of February 1841.

Noah Henry (Seal)

Salomon Jones

State of North Carolina
Henderson County

Court of Please and Quarter Session
Feby. Session 1841

The within Power of Attorney in open court by the maker thereof recorded and ordered to be registered.


Witness  Elisha King C.C.C.

Registered April 16th 1841