Noah Henry et al


B.F. Aiken et al

Appointment of Guardian adlitem

Oct. 8, 1887

cpnd  pg 125

Porter B Orr, Mary I Orr, and Raymond E Orr, and that a summons be issued and the said Thom. Clayton guardian adlitem notified, him and appear and answer.

C. H. Pace

Clerk Superior Court

State of North Carolina
Henderson County

Order Appointment of Guardian Adlitem

Noah Henry, T.R. Henry, and N.C. Henry Plaintiff


B.F. Aiken & wife Rachel Aiken, Ephraim Henry, Patrick Henry, Sophia Henry, William N Henry, Porter B Orr, Mary I Orr, Margaret E Orr, John Henry, William Henry, John McNair and her husband (blank space) McNair

This cause to be heard as this the 8th day of Oct. 1887 and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the above named defendants William N Henry, Porter B Orr, Mary I Orr and Margarett E Orr are Miners and are not represented by guardian either general or testamonitory, and have been duly served with summons in this case.

It is now on motion of S. A. Pickens Counsel for Plaintiff for the appointment of a guardian adlitem and represent the said Miner Defendants, order adjudged and decreed that Thos B Clayton be and he is herby appointed guardian in addition of the said William N Henry.

Noah Henry et al


B.F. Aiken

Order of Publication

part of copy missing

Henry and Jane McNair and her husband (blank space) McNair given name not known, by publication of a notice to them for six successive weeks in the Hendersonville Times a newspaper published in the Town of Hendersnoville N.C. giving the title of the actiion the purpose of the same, requiring them to appear at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Henderson county in the 4th day of Oct. 1887 and asnwer a dem__ the complaint a petition of Plaintiff.

This the 22nd day of August 1887

C. N. Pace

Clerk Superior Court