This legend tells how the two Mayan heroes defeated the earthquake god. All protection against the earthquake god. By reliving the story ritualistically, they could avoid suffering earthquakes.


This is the story about the third son of Vacub-Caquix called Cabracan. Cabracan was a mountain shaker. He said "I can conquer mountains!" Two heroes, Hunahpu and Ixbalanque heard about and wanted to conquer Cabracan. Even though Cabracan was disturbing the land and going around bragging about himself, the two youths were not sure that Cabracan even existed. Meanwhile, Cabracan was stomping mountains. The two youths came upon him one day and asked what he was doing. Cabracan replied, "I'm stomping the mountains and will be doing this forever." Cabracan paused for a moment then continued, " What are you doing here? I don't know you. What are your names?" "We don't have names." they answered. "We are nothing more than hunters with weapons that belong to us. We have seen a great mountain over there where the sky is red. It is the largest mountain we have ever seen. We can't catch any birds on that mountain. Is it true that you can demolish mountains? We could use your help to capture these birds." Hunahpu and Ixbalanque said. Cabracan replied, "Have you seen this mountain that people talk about? Where is it? When I see it I will demolish it!" "It is over there in the East; follow us."answered the two youths. "One of u s will walk on your right and the other will walk on your left because we have the guns and if we see any birds we will shoot them." As Cabracan walked away shaking the mountains, Hunahpu and Ixbalanque shot some birds. Meanwhile, Cabracan walked along praising himself continuously. Soon, though, one of the boys made a fire so they could roast the birds. They spread poison flour on one bird intending to give the bird to Cabracan. This bird was to be his ruin. As the birds cooked, wonderful smells filled the air. It was the smell of ruin. Cabracan was so hungry he began to slobber because of the smell of the roasting birds. Hunahpu and Ixbalanque gave the bird to Cabracan and he ate it. Cabracan got up and began to walk towards the East when he lost control of his arms a nd legs. The two youths captured Cabracan and tied his legs to his neck so he could not move. They dug a grave for him and buried him next to the mountain. The work of Hunahpu and Ixbalanque brought Cabracan's work to an end. They became heroes of the land for defeating the mountain shaker. They also performed many other heroic deeds, too many to list.